Bhadrakali Temple Overview

If you’re looking for the religious places to visit in Gokarna, then Bhadrakali Temple should definitely be on your list. Dedicated to Goddess Uma who is the main deity, this temple is a popular pilgrimage centre.

It is a popular legend which says that when a demon known as Vetrasur seized control of the three lokas, the trinity of Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva created a female warrior called Durge. She was given various powers by the gods to defeat the demon and after that Lord Shiva re-christened her as Bhadrakali.

She was sent to Gokarna and now believed to be known as the protector of the town. Another legend associated with the temple says that Lord Cishnuto requested the goddess to stay in Gokarna after Ravana abandoned her.

Sri Bhadrakali Temple, Main Rd, Gokarna, Karnataka

Best Time to visit:
The temple can be visited any time throughout the year in Gokarna

Bhadrakali Temple is open from 5:00 AM - 12:00 PM and 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM 

Distance from Gokarna Bus Main Stand, Banglegudda:
It is just 650 metres (approximately 8 minutes) away from the bus station in Gokarna.

The Bhadrakali temple was built in honor of Goddess Uma who turned into Mother Kali. Her incarnation as the fierce and brutal is worshipped here with much devotion because she is considered as the protector of the silent town of Gokarna. The presence of the Bhadrakali temple is considered to be a significant part of the town primarily because of the various tales attached to the formation of the temple. It is surely one of the strongest identities of Gokarna. 

The temple is a part of the MAHABALESHWAR complex and is located about 1 km away from Gokarna. Over the years Bhadrakali Temple has gained the position of a temple where people plan and go because people believe that mother Kali listens to all. The temple is a humble built structure and its entrance has 2 ferocious lions and two warriors on either side of the main gate.

The statue of the Goddess depicts Kali in a livid mode with huge eyes staring out in anger and with weapons in one hand. Mythological beliefs point out that the main reason for the existence of the temple was because Goddess Uma was discarded by Ravana and Lord Vishnu instructed her to remain indoors. This later took the form of a temple. 

The commercial town centre and the popular Shree Narayana temple are located within the vicinity of the temple. Friday, as we all know, is the day of all Goddesses and this day holds special importance here. Devotees from all over the world come here to pay respects, offer flowers and Prasad along with doing puja for their overall well-being. The temple has an imposing presence and due to the tales attached to the presence of the temple, it has been an important place of worship. 

History of Bhadrakali Temple

Bhadrakali temple has a rich history to share and the events associated with the formation of the temple are mystical. The locals of the town have interesting tales to tell about why the temple came into being. Many people say that Goddess Uma was abandoned by Ravana and it was Lord Vishnu who asked her to remain inside. There are other stories that are doing the rounds about the temple.

It is said that Goddess Kali was created by Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, - 'Trinity’ Gods to destroy Vetrasur who was a powerful demon. The demon had been wreaking havoc in the world and was destroyed by the powerful Goddess. Then on the orders of Lord Shiva, Goddess Kali left for Gokarna to protect the town and its people. It was from that time onward that the deity is a part of the temple and an important part of the town.

How To Reach

The Bhadrakali temple is located only a km away from the bus stand. From the bus stand, you can take an auto which will take close to 5 minutes to reach the place. 

Best Time To Visit

The temple can be visited throughout the year. Although, you can visit in the months between October and March for the best experience. In the monsoon season, the rain is excessive in Karnataka which might make it a tad inconvenient to visit the temple due to heavy rains, yet even in this season, several devotees come here.

Other Essential Information

Location: The temple is located in the prime area of Gokarna very close to the town center and right opposite the Shree Narayana temple. The complete address is Main Road, Gokarna, and Karnataka – 581326

Entry: Entry to the temple is free. If you want to perform special Pooja then the cost will be according to the puja ceremony performed.

Timing: The temple opens at 5.00 AM and is shut at noon. It opens again at 4.00 AM and is open till 4.00 PM

Distance from Gokarna city center: The temple is not far from the city center and is located at an estimated distance of 2 km from the same.

Places to Eat Near Bhadrakali Temple

Visiting Gokarna is a complete experience. When you come here on your visit to the temple you can engage in a host of activities including eating in some good places to satisfy your taste buds.

1. Namaste Cafe: This is one of the most popular places to eat and is located at Om Beach. The cafe is an open thatched place which offers magnetic views of the sea while you munch on your favorite snack. The Cafe also has an option for a relaxing stay with packages designed to benefit the enthusiastic traveler.

2. Love the vegetarian delights at the Dolphin view restaurant. The Masala cashew curry with rice is its best dish along with other South Indian cuisines that are considered its specialty here. 

3. Mahalaxmi Restaurant: Eat at the Backpacker’s paradise, the Mahalaxmi Restaurant, which serves some of the best Banana pancakes with several other breakfast delights. The restaurant also serves Indian cuisines like Mughlai, Punjabi and much more at reasonable rates.

Places to Stay Near Bhadrakali Temple

1. Paradise Holiday Cottage
: Stay Comfortable at the Paradise Holiday cottage at reasonable rates. The rooms are simple and have the basic requisites with all the necessary facilities. There is only one type of room available here and is considered a good place to live amidst nature. The place is located on the right of the Om Beach with the stone cottage providing a queen-sized bed, small dressing table, AC and much more.

2. Experience the aura of a relaxing stay at Gokarna International Beach resort.
The location of this hotel is one of its highlights. The balconies of the rooms overlook the sea and are quite spacious too. Close to Kudle Beach, this resort stay is value for money. 

3. Stay at the orange-hued Sanskruti Resort
with all modern amenities you will ever find at Gokarna. The rooms are standard sized but its interiors are contemporary with other facilities like modern bathrooms, massage center, Bar and lounge, safe deposit box, conference room, and even Airport Shuttle if required.

4. Relax at just 10 mins away from Kudle Beach
at the Kudle Beach View resort. It is a great place to spend your holiday with good clean rooms, impeccable service, and tasty food. There is a place to perform yoga overlooking the beach view making it one of the most pursued activities here. For trek lovers, the Kudle trek is a great activity to engage in and is located just 10 minutes away from the resort.

Travelers' Tip before visiting Bhadrakali Temple

1. Bhadrakali temple has special relevance for Fridays as it considered as the day of all Goddesses. If you want to do a special offering or a puja, Friday is a good day. But, be prepared for the crowd.

2. Mother Kali is the destructor of demons and the festival of nine nights ‘Navratri’ is considered an auspicious time to visit here. 

3. If you want any special puja done, it is important to research well about the puja before taking it. The local priests of the temple can be contacted directly for the same.

4. We suggest you wear ethnic outfits when you come here for worship.
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Bhadrakali Temple FAQs

What is the entry fee for Bhadrakali Temple?

The entry to the Bhadrakali Temple is free of cost. For the various pujas and ceremonies, there are separate costs else there are no charges for the temple.

Is the Bhadrakali Temple worth visiting?

Yes, the temple is worth visiting. The stories and myths surrounding it are interesting and give the temple a cult status. The temple is also considered an important landmark because Goddess Kali is considered to be the protector of the town.

What is Bhadrakali Temple famous for?

The temple is famous for the tales surrounding it. One of the tales talks about Goddess Uma being instructed by Lord Vishnu to reside in the temple after she was abandoned by Ravana. There is yet another story that surrounds the temple that Mother Kali was created by the powerful trilogy of Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma to destroy a demon. After the successful mission, Lord Shiva sent Kali to the town to protect its people from all adversities.

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