Things to Do in Amritsar

A stay at the holy Golden Temple, Take a dip in the holy water around Shri Durgiana Temple, A solemn walk through the Jalianwalah Bagh, Pay homage to those affected during the Partition, Show Patriotic Solidarity at the Wagah Border and many more.

Amritsar is a city which is so rich in its cultural, historical and religious significance that tourists flock in from every part of the country as well as the world to get a glimpse of its resplendent face. There are so many things to do in Amritsar for a visitor that it is difficult to create a comprehensive itinerary that can accommodate everything. The second largest city in Punjab and most important city from trade and tourism perspective, Amritsar holds a prominent place in the list of most visited Indian cities

The prime attraction for Amritsar remains the gold gilded temple - The Golden Temple. The Harmandir Sahib, as the temple is also known, is the most sacred place for the Sikhs but visitors of all religions are welcomed there. The exalted gurdwara built with 750 kilos of pure gold is the main attraction of the city. Certainly no one leaves Amritsar without seeking blessings at this holy place. There are many other gurdwaras in Amritsar which are revered almost equally by all, such as- Gurudwara Dukh Nivaran Sahib, Gurudwara Baba Atal Rai Sahib,  Gurudwara Kaulsar Sahib, to name just a few. 

Not only are there many gurdwara-s to see, there is a place which is mythologically very important for the Hindus. Tourists must visit the Ram Tirath Temple where Rishi Valmiki is believed to have hosted Devi Sita and she gave birth to her sons - Lava and Kusha Tourists get overwhelmed by the multitude of attractive, economical and artistic products sold in the colourful markets here and shopping by market-hopping is definitely an offbeat thing to do in Amritsar.

Amritsar results in bringing this vibrancy and uniqueness to the markets which a tourist is not likely to find elsewhere. Amritsar is not just a place for shopper's fantasies, it is the seat for experiencing culinary delight. The streets lined with eateries offer the yummiest kulcha-s, butter chicken, Amritsari fish etc. Nevertheless, Once in Golden Temple, one should stay back for the langar served at the gurdwara. If possible do look into the kitchen of the gurdwara where everyday, untiringly the devouts cook meals, clean dishes, serve food to thousands of visitors. It is easy to be spoilt for choice with the many things to do in Amritsar in 1 day.
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People Also Ask About Amritsar Things To Do

  1. Which are the famous things to do in Amritsar?

    1. A stay at the holy Golden Temple: There is no one who does not associate the Golden Temple with Amritsar. But apart from paying a day visit to the temple, it is possible to stay here for the night, in special accommodations known as serai-s, built especially for the visitors. The langar or the free food served at the gurdwara remains open 24/7 even though the main temple remains closed between 10pm to 3am.

    It is another experience to watch hundreds of people at this humble service working so hard at the kitchen to feed the hungry visitors. The palki ceremony everyday to bring the holy Guru Granth Sahib to the Harmandir Sahib from the Akal Takht Sahib is a ritual not missed by many devotees.

    2. Take a dip in the holy water around Shri Durgiana Temple: The Shri Durgiana Temple is believed to be the next most visited temple in Amritsar after the Golden Temple and the two temples look similar. The golden done, silver doors and the bridge over the pool to enter the temple are aspects to admire about the architecture of this pious shrine.

    A dip in the holy water of the pool on which this temple stands, is believed to purify the soul and cleanse sins from past lives and is a must-do while in Amritsar.

    3. A solemn walk through the Jalianwalah Bagh: The place is a sad testimony to the ruthless firing opened by Gen. Dyer on the peaceful gathering of Indians at this garden in April 1919. Even today the bullet marks of the incessant firing can be seen on the brick walls of the closed garden.

    The well inside the park where people jumped in can also be seen. For those who are interested to know more about the incident, there is a small museum inside this memorial park where the artefacts related to this horrific event are preserved. The park is situated just 200 feet away from the Golden Temple and is open from 6:30 am to 7:30 pm. 

    4. Pay homage to those affected during the Partition: The Partition Museum was set up by the Punjab government in 2017 and it houses all documents related to the partition of India in 1947.  Visitors to this institution can glimpse through all records and documents related to the incident that affected the lives of  1.4 million people. There are photos and other artefacts that can be seen here which chronicles the tragic event and memorialize those who traded their lives for India's independence.

    5. Show Patriotic Solidarity at the Wagah Border: The chanting of "Vande Mataram" takes a different meaning altogether at the Wagah Border, a place 30 kms from Amritsar with Pakistan on the other side of the gate. Since 1986 the lowering of the national flag to symbolise the closure of the gate between India and Pakistan is carried out with great pomp and show by the India BSF and Pakistani Rangers.

    The show is sure to inspire patriotic feelings which one can display flamboyantly along with thousands of other tourists at the Attari national border. The show begins a couple of hours before sun sets and the timings vary between summer and winter. 

    6. Walk through the grandeur in the Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum: The famous summer palace at Ram Bagh was converted into a museum to preserve the visual documentation from the life of the great Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the founder of the Sikh Empire. The garden around the museum has the iconic statue of the brave king and his horse. One must definitely step into this lovely building which houses the archives of the Royal Heritage of Sher-e-Punjab (the Lion of Punjab, as he was known).

    Right next to the main museum building is the Maharaja Ranjit Singh Panorama, where one can catch a life-like visual display of the several wars fought and won by this great ruler and his Khalsa army. The museum remains closed on Mondays.  

    7. Experience life in a vibrant Punjabi village at Sadda Pind: Among the many offbeat things to do in Amritsar, a visit to this resort which encapsulates the essence of a typical village in Punjab is a must. Sadda Pind offers many activities for adults and children along with experiencing mouthwatering Punjabi cuisine.

    The authentic feeling of being in Punjab is replicated through the mud hours, charpai-s, churning of buttermilk, clay Craftsmen and performers who break into bhangra jig. Sadda Pind is very close to the Guru Nanak Dev University and it remains open from 11AM to 11PM.
  2. What are the things to do in Amritsar at night?

    1. Catch a glimpse of the sparkling Golden Temple: The night view of the Harmandir Sahib is breathtaking. The 750 kgs gold-gilded dome of the temple sparkles against the night sky like a vision in dreams. It may be easier to stay back at the serai-s within the temple complex which offer free accommodation for a maximum of three days to visitors.

    There are many who also stay back to watch the ritual of carrying the Guru Granth Sahib from the Akal Takht Sahib (the Holy seat in the temple complex) to the Harmandir Sahib at late night and in the early morning. To be able to view this ritual, is one of the perks of being at the Golden Temple at night.

    2. Late night stroll through the markets: The markets in Amritsar remain open pretty late up in the night. A walk through one of these at night can help catch many attractive wares at cheaper prices which were missed in the morning crowds. In the absence of nightclubs rarely a city is as bustling as Amritsar.

    3. Dinner at one of the many Punjabi Dhabas on the streets of Amritsar: Walking through its markets at night and picking up finger licking chicken curries, oven fresh kulchas and Amritsari fish at a late night Punjabi dhaba are certainly some of the offbeat things to do in Amritsar. Amritsar is known for its delicious ensemble of tastes that create magic in its local food.

    The dhabas lining the temple Street remain open till very late in the night and serve hot, freshly prepared food to those who drop in. Whether a gastronome or not, it is a sin to tour Amritsar without tasting their stuffed kulchas, or chicken butter masala, or lassi.
  3. What is famous for shopping in Amritsar?

    Among the multiple things to do in Amritsar, shopping is the most important one. Not only does Amritsar have malls and boutique shops as is found in every other city in India, but also there are multiple roadside shops, flea markets, and traditional mandi-s which are famous and unique for specific items. 

    - Pashmina shawls available here are of very good quality
    - "Phulkari" embroidered textiles which are famous in Punjab
    - Woolen garments 
    - Bridal wear of different variety, color, price range, and design
    - Hand-woven carpets or durries 
    - Punjabi-styled shoes for women or jutti-s
    - Brass, ivory or wooden decorations for the home such as lamps, candle-stands, key holders, chessboard pieces, figurines
    - Silverware
    - Kundan sets of precious and semi-precious stones
    - Unstitched or semi-stitched dress materials for suits, lehengas, sherwani-s
    - Amritsari papads and pickles
    - The secret is to travel light so that there is enough space to bring back everything that ought to be bought from here. Hall bazaar and Guru bazaar are two of the most visited markets in Amritsar.
  4. Which are the famous temples to visit in Amritsar?

    1. Harmandir Sahib: The Golden Temple holds the highest position among all sacred gurdwaras of the Sikhs. The temple receives thousands of devotees each day from across the world irrespective of religion, caste, creed and the atmosphere of peace and reverence fills up every visitor's mind. Such is the magic of the place. It was built by the fourth Guru Shri Ram Das in the late sixteenth century. 

    2. Sri Ram Tirath Temple: The Ram Tirath Temple is a sacred place for the Hindus. It is believed that at this place Lord Valmiki had given shelter to Devi Sita where she gave birth to her sons - Lava and Kusha. This temple has a small cottage and a sarovar or tank and is visited by many tourists. 

    3. Durgiana Temple: The Durgiana Temple is an important temple built in the style of The Golden Temple in Amritsar. The golden dome of the temple, the silver doors and the bridge over the holy pool to enter the temple are the key architectural attractions. Lord Rama's sons - Lava and Kusha are believed to have tied Shri Hanuman ji to a tree in this holy site. 

    4. Gurdwara Kaulsar Sahib: This sacred temple for the Sikhs is one of the few holy shrines that was built to commemorate a woman saint. The pious Mata Kaulan who is worshipped by many was a Muslim woman whose religious inclination towards Sikhism made her to seek refuge under Guru Hargobind Singh ji.
  5. What is the best time to visit Amritsar?

    The best time to visit Amritsar is during the winter months. Between October to March, the climate in Amritsar is very welcoming and good for market hopping, crowded queues in the Gurdwara and gastronomic experience. Being in the North-Western part of India's semi-arid belt, Amritsar experiences extremes of temperatures.

    The summers are too hot for the offbeat things to do in Amritsar as the temperature scorches upto 47 degrees Celsius. Tourists should avoid visiting during this time as the hot dust storms prevail in the city. The monsoons between July to September are pleasant but rains can impact sightseeing as most of the things to visit in Amritsar are open air.
  6. Can we visit the Golden Temple at night?

    The Golden Temple is a sight to behold both during the day as well as at night. It is open to visitors throughout the day and even at night, all days of the week. For those who wish to avoid the rush hours and the long queues at the temple must definitely plan to visit during the night. 

    The illumined golden dome of the temple and its reflection in the adjacent pool in the backdrop of starry night sky, is actually breathtaking. Among the many offbeat things to do in Amritsar , admiring the Golden Temple at night is on top of the list.
  7. What is the best time to go to Wagah Border?

    The Wagah Border opens up at 10:00 am in the morning. However the visitors flock there to watch the lowering of the national flag and the retreat ceremony every afternoon. The winter timing for the ceremony is 4:15 pm and during the summers it begins at 5:15 pm. 

    As there are no seat reservations for the gallery to watch the spectacle, the seats are filled on a first come first serve basis. It is advisable to reach there early to avoid crowds and queues. Also the entrance gate is closed once the gallery fills up.
  8. How many days are enough for Amritsar?

    To do justice to this beautiful place, at least 2-3 days are required. Many suggest that a day is enough to visit the city, however with so many things to do in Amritsar in 1 day, a tourist will find it exhausting and may not savour the experience.
  9. What can I buy in Amritsar?

    The markets in Amritsar are a shopper's delight. If there are 100 things to do in Amritsar in one day, shopping should be on top of the list. Jutti-s, beautiful dupattas with the traditional phulkari work, pashmina shawls, trendy woolen garments are not to be missed at any cost. The Amritsari markets also have a wide variety of silver bric-a-brac, decorative pieces made of sandalwood and ivory, chessboard pieces,  electronic devices which are budget friendly.

    A lot of tourists visit the markets here to do wedding shopping. Contemporary as well as traditional kundan-sets of precious and semi precious stones, bridal wears and accessories, gowns of all kinds, sherwani-s are available in different hues, designs and price range. Amritsari papad-s and a wide variety of pickles are culinary souvenirs which are worth buying here.
Newly Added Amritsar Experience
Amritsar is really a beautiful place once you must-visit, the tour we had from Delhi to Amritsar was perfectly planned, arranged and managed by Thrillophilia... we get full support from the team at any time... All the sightseeing were breathtaking
Chandraayan Shah Wagah Border Tour
A must visit a place once in a lifetime. Loved the feeling of Being Indian and seeing the handshake of Indian officer. Shouting the slogan with the top of the voice feels the best. Do not miss this part when on a trip to Amritsar.
Rati Embranthiri Bike on Rent in Amritsar
Driving a bullet in Amritsar is a must-do thing. We don’t feel like we are visiting this city for the first time. A bullet gives the impression of living here as Punjabi are really obsessed about bullets and we had an amazing time roaming in the city and enjoying the local markets.
Having online tickets for this water park was really hassle-free as we were going there on Saturday and as my friend suggested we have to wait for hours in line to get the tickets but with online tickets, we entered inside the park in no time.
Our driver was waiting outside for us and he was really polite and helped us with luggage as well. He was friendly with my child as well and was really kind to her. We reached the hotel in 20 minutes only and it was a really comfortable and hassle-free drive.
19 February 2020
I booked Taj Swarna from Thrillophilia at a very reasonable price when compared to other online platforms. Our stay was comfortable, the food was very good. The hospitality and ambiance were amazing. Good experience. We loved their pool and jaccuzzi everything was clean and well maintained. We had a good time exploring the city. A must visit if you want a proper hygenic and calm place to stay in Amritsar.
20 December 2019
Deepali Menon Taj Swarna Amritsar
Recently went to Amritsar with my family and we booked this hotel from Thrillophilia. An excellent experience that I would remember for a long while. The rooms were clean and spacious. Food was great. A must choice for anyone !!!
Sightseeing is the main part of our tour, by the way, well-arranged, up to the mark from the transport, driver, and guide. Beautiful-sights located at Amritsar. The place attracts many tourists each and every year... Affordable-package with lots of memories.
Deeksha Chattopadhyay Amritsar Walking Tour
During this Amritsar Walking Tour, we visited all the prominent places of Sikh community and learned a lot about battlefields. The tragedy happened there, the museum with the best architecture and golden temple all of which were really amazing places that hold the beauty of the city of Amritsar.
Ramaa Malik Amritsar Food Tour
Amritsar Food Tour takes us to the most visited food street where the guide showed us the best of food shops and we eat one of the most famous dishes there which was lip-smacking. The first best food tour ever.

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