Nightlife Places in Bangalore

Gear up for a high-spirited night in Bangalore to let your nocturnal side experience the wonder of this amazing city. Nightlife in Bangalore is renowned for its eclectic offerings and casts a spell on everyone who likes to go out after the sun has set in the sky. With so much to do, it is rare for anyone to not find something in Bangalore that suits their preferences.

Also known as the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore boasts of urbane, contemporary vibes with a classy cultural scene. With its bustling energy, Bangalore attracts a lot of party goers who are always looking to explore the best of after dark activities to bring some joy to their lives. Nightlife tours in Bangalore are great whether you want to groove to some swanky beats or take your night jaunt to the road for a long drive.

Whichever activity you go with, Bangalore’s nightlife scene promises to captivate you with its spirited atmosphere. Bangalore is home to some of the ritziest nightclubs in India. These places boast of chic vibes and are always filled with bustling crowds. The nightclubs in Bangalore serve as popular hangout places and offer fantastic parties.

The pubs in Bangalore are the best places to dance your heart out and enjoy a wonderful night with your friends. Lately, many bars have propped up in Bangalore who has taken the nightlife scene in the city to a whole new standard.

A few notable names among the nightclubs in Bangalore include Hard Rock Café, High Ultra Lounge, No Limits Lounge, Slug etc. Along with an amazing dance floor, these pubs and bars are a splendid escape to mingle with the poshest crowds and indulge in a lip-smacking dinner. Many of the music bars also host performances by national and international artists now and then. With an energising ambiance and pulsating music, Bangalore’s nightclubs are an alluring place to be at night.

Nightlife in Bangalore is not short of surprises for those who are looking for a gastronomical adventure. It is filled with some of the best restaurants that excel in offering scrumptious dinners until late at night. Whether you want to pamper yourself with some finger licking snacks or splurge on an exotic dinner, there are various places that fit right into the world of a foodie in Bangalore.

Some of these famous places which you can try for a midnight munch in Bangalore are Richie Rich, South Parade, Empire Hotel, Rasta Café, etc. For the adrenaline junkies, Bangalore is replete with places and activities that will help you enjoy one of the best nights of your life. When the moon shines in the sky and the still silence is your sole company, nightlife tours in Bangalore offer the most adventurous experiences.

Bangalore is a city that is blessed with fantastic outdoors and there are many places for the thrill seekers at night. If you like to get high with a dose of adventure, some of the activities in Bangalore will really get you excited. A night trek to Skandagiri is often cited to be one of the best night activities and offer the most amazing views of the sunrise. Another famous trek which attracts a lot of tourists in Bangalore is Ramnagara Trek which is just 50 kilometres from the city.

Camping can be combined with trekking and offers a surreal break from the ever-buzzing traffic of Bangalore. These nightlife places in Bangalore are best for those who wish to spend some time in the realm of nature and do nothing but gaze at the glittering stars in the sky. It can be combined with activities like river rafting, zip lining, kayaking etc. The most popular places for camping in Bangalore are backwaters of Manchanabele Arkavati River and Bheemeshwari Adventure and Nature Camp.

Venturing out on a road trip in Bangalore is another popular activity which you can try if you are fond of quiet roads and the sound of nothing but your bike. It is considered to be one of the wildest things to enjoy the nightlife in Bangalore. The salubrious climate of Bangalore only adds to the mesmerizing experience of taking a road trip in Bangalore. Some popular places where you can undertake a road trip in Bangalore are Bangalore International Airport, Nice Road, Nandi Hills etc.

For the sports aficionados, there is no dearth of lively places to express your love for the game. The nightlife places in Bangalore are a paradise for sports lovers who can come here and enjoy cricket matches and football games with their mates. The energy here is instantly contagious and attracts a lot of crowds throughout the year. Along with serving scrumptious food, they are fitted with big screens that make the experience of watching the game more enthralling. Underdoggs Sports Bar and Grill, Xtreme Sports Bar, Dugout Rooftop Restaurant and Sports Bar etc, are a few popular names among the best nightlife places in Bangalore.

Moreover, if the mainstream ideas for nightlife no longer interest you after having tried it all, Bangalore is nothing but exciting with so many offbeat things to do at night. One can chill out over some drinks and play a game of pool or bowling. You can also enjoy a scintillating experience watching a movie under the blanket of stars at night and enjoy a romantic date in the suburbs of Bangalore. The vibrant nightlife in Bangalore is one of the best ways to let out your party demons and escape the worries of life.

The top picks among nightlife places in Bangalore will give you a night to remember and will make you always come back for more. Charged with an electric atmosphere, the most enthralling places which you should not miss in Bangalore are Big Brewsky, Hangover, The Humming Tree, Pebble, Blue Frog, Loft 38 etc. Known for their vivacious energy and glamorous crowds, the thrilling nightlife in Bangalore is sure to leave you spellbound with its charming and magnetic vibes.
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Pub Crawl Bangalore


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Starting Point: VB Bakery, Sajjan Rao Circle, V V Puram, BengaluruEnd Point: Vishweshwarapura, Basavanagudi, BengaluruActivity Timings: 1 PM to 3 PM; 6 PM to 8 PMDuration: 2 HoursAbout Pub Crawl Bangalore:Banglore is a lively place full of young people who believe in working hard and partying even harder. There are a number of clubs and pubs that define the nightlife in Bangalore. Perfect for the party enthusiasts, this activity provides a chance to explore some of those pubs within a time duration of 2 hours. Enjoy this pub crawl and explore the nightlife of Bangalore city while getting some tips from the guide.

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24 Ratings

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People Also Ask About Nightlife in Bangalore

  1. Which are some of the famous places to visit in Bangalore at Night?

    If you want to enjoy the Bangalore Nightlife in a calm and peaceful place, there exist beautiful places near to Bangalore.

    - Adventurous Places:

    1. Skandagiri
    This beautiful place offers night trek for tourists. Mostly new-age travellers prefer this destination during weekends. Surrounded by green layers of landscape and a chill climate give a delightful experience.

    2. Ramanagara
    It is notable for rock climbing activities. The place is surrounded by seven majestic hills that give an adrenaline rush feeling in a moment.

    3. Nandi Hills
    It is a hill fortress in Karnataka. The famous Tipu Sultan Fort gives a summer retreat for all kinds of explorers.

    - Hotels/Restaurants:

    1. Big Brewsky
    From Karari Roti to French Fries, this eating house offers a variety of delicious cuisines to customers. The place becomes more engaged during night time with all age groups and ensures a cozy night.

    2. Arbor Brewing Company
    This place is popular among couples. With mouth-watering desserts and courteous service, the restaurant gives a pleasant ambiance to spend time with your dear ones.

    3. Vapour
    This glowing nightspot gives you an extraordinary feeling with an open terrace, nice DJ, and a top-notch dish. Many get-togethers take place here at night time.

    - Shopping Places:

    1. M.G. Road
    One of the busiest shopping places in Bangalore provides a perfect platform to satisfy all your material needs. The place is well known for street shopping.

    2. Chickpet Market
    For sarees, this place is a one-stop destination. Many shopping lovers, especially married couples get their hands into some voguish collections and have a great shopping experience.

    - Party Places (Pubs/Bars):

    1. The Sugar Factory
    A nightclub highly influenced by European culture. This place attracts many club lovers in and around Bangalore when the weekend comes.

    2. Nolimmits Lounge & Club
    One of the classic nightclubs available in Bangalore where they host diverse themed-nights and DJs. There is also a special zone for VIPs.

    3. Toit
    An amazing place for a night hangout. Here, they introduce seasonal flavours during each festival season like Halloween, Christmas, etc. and win their customers' heart easily.

  2. What can we do in Bangalore at night?

    Nightlife in Bangalore offers a variety of options to do. From walking to trekking, shopping to eating, one can fulfill all his life-long desires in one place.

    1. Trekking
    As we know going on a long arduous journey by foot gives immense bliss to our mind and soul. Many wanderers try for night trekking to Skandagiri, Makalidurga, and Anthargange hills with their friends.

    2. Bike Riding
    An unmatched experience comes when you take a ride to a long distance at night. Bangalore is traffic-free at night where one can grab his helmet, a trendy jacket, and a friend to accompany.

    3. Indoor Games
    Many recreational sports are open at night for game lovers. Many try the bowling, pool, shuttle badminton, and cricket to some extent.

    4. Late Night Food
    One can fill his appetite even late at night in Bangalore. There are a number of awesome eateries for foodies where they get everything from a hot chai to a full dum biryani.

    5. City Walk
    To enjoy time with you, one can take a stroll in the city lane. The chill weather and beautiful buildings on both sides give a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere.

  3. What are the best night clubs and pubs in Bangalore?

    Bangalore is more than heaven for clubbers and partiers who love enjoying their nightlife in Bangalore.

    1. The Humming Tree
    Located in a cosiest place, the place invites an elite group and taste some of their best dishes like Sangria, Chicken Salad, etc.

    2. Blue Frog
    Located at Church Street, it is unique for its music and service. Here, one can try Chicken Wings and Potato Skins at ease.

    3. Toit Brewpub
    One of the famous clubs in the city, it welcomes all party lovers to accentuate the mere place into a paradise.

    4. Xtreme Sports Bar
    Located at Indira Nagar, if offers a special DJ night and a live match for sports enthusiasts.

    5. High Ultra Lounge
    This cocktail bar gives best nightlife experience. This place is perfect for dancing in a posh set-up.

    6. Indigo XP
    With a vast panoramic view, one can enjoy a cool beer with their gang. It is also one of the attractive night clubs in Bangalore.

    7. Three Dots And A Dash
    This European fashioned club is prominent for good food and fancy interiors.

    8. Sutra
    Located at Kumara Krupa Road, one of the most-visited nightclubs for women. With utmost comfort and limitless drinks, one can enjoy to the fullest.

    9. Loveshack
    Echoed with best Karaoke music, the place is absolutely perfect for singing and dancing. It also offers live scores for spectators.

    10. Bling
    Situated on top of the Zuri Hotels, it has a chic atmosphere to spend time with your friends and dear ones.
  4. Where can we eat in Bangalore at night?

    Rather than ordering a dish in food app, what if one hang out with friends and have nice seafood late at night? Let’s try.

    1. The Cubbon Pavilion
    A modern bistro for 24- hour eats. It is best for both buffet and Ala Carte. The nice environment gives a perfect mood to enjoy the food.

    2. Midnight Foot Point
    A highly recommended dish here is Punjabi chicken curry for non-vegetarians. It is one of the best places at night to fulfil your hunger.

    3. Midnight Mania
    If you want to eat Pizza at midnight, rush to this place before everything gets sold. The chefs make a variety of pizzas to the individual’s needs. Thus, it becomes a pizza hub for pizza lovers.

    4. Night Café
    To taste the top-notch quality of food late at night, come to Night Café’ and have an excellent dish at your ease. The food is best for its quality and aroma. It is worth coming.

    5. Rim Naam
    Are you a sea-food enthusiast? Rim Naam is an ideal place for you. One can enjoy the tasty crab rice with lobster in the middle of the night.

    6. Lakeview Milk Bar
    Want to chill? Get some creamy ice cream in Lakeview Milk Bar. Here, the hot chocolate fudge with various toppings is the best.

    7. Sajjan Rao Circle Eat-Street
    Last but not least is the great street food place. Open till 2 am where one can hang out with friends and have a savoury-rich food.

    Hence, the food lovers, you are loaded with numerous hotels and restaurants at your budget which makes your nightlife in Bangalore unstoppable.

  5. What are the best night treks in Bangalore?

    1. Skandagiri Night Trek
    This breathtaking mountain fortress tops the list in night treks, many trekkers start their trekking trail during weekends and have great refreshment.

    2. Ramanagara Night Trek
    Located in the silk town, Ramanagara is yet another thrilling destination for night trekking. The scenic beauty in its surroundings gives a visual treat for all trekkers.

    3. Anthargange Night Trek
    This place is famous among new-comers to trekking. Encircled by mighty rocks and thick forest, it promises an unlimited bliss to our mind.

    4. Kunti Betta Night Trek
    This landscape is surrounded by paddy fields, coconut trees and green layers of natural vegetation. This is also an easy trek for all adventurers, so don’t miss this wanderlust.

    5. Savandurga Night Trek
    It is the largest monolith in Asia where one can easily reach the top who has full of vigour and enthusiasm. Each trekking has its own distances, prices, and best seasons. So, one should be aware of everything before booking a trek trail. You can go for trekking at different seasons. For instance, Savandurga Night Trek is best during winter, whereas Manchinbele Night Trek is best through the year. So the choice is yours.
  6. Is Bangalore a safe place to party at night?

    When compared to other cities in India, Bangalore is a relatively safe place to party at night. However, certain precautionary measures are inevitable.

    Many night clubs and pubs in Bangalore taking extra care for their customers to reach their homes safely.

    Some of the precautionary measures are having a fully-charged mobile phone while leaving the house, keeping informed your closed circle, carrying a handy weapon if you come across a lonely place, travelling in groups might portray you as a hard target for wrongdoers, and finally, following your instincts.

  7. What are the famous night markets in Bangalore?

    When you hear the term ‘Bangalore Nightlife’, the first thing that comes to your mind is shopping other than pubs and restaurants.

    Shopping in Bangalore gives a ton of joy to shopaholics; there is no doubt in it. Places like Commercial Street and National Market have an array of options. You can find all kinds of products, starting from hats to shoes, bracelets to bangles, and clothes to ornaments in one place at cheapest prices.

    However, most of the shops close at 10.30 pm maximum as per the city municipality rules.

    If you want to buy eatables, the Russell Market near Shivajinagar will be open. Similarly, there are restaurants in Mosque Road of Frazer Town which are kept open till 1 am.

  8. Are there any night tours in Bangalore?

    1. Night Treks
    This amazing sport cum tour is largely famous among new-age travellers. If you want to lose some weight with your friends, try this exercise.

    2. Night Cycling Tours
    It is the most different activity one can do in the night. If you’re ready to do, you will be accompanied by hundreds of like-minded people instantly.

    3. Pub Crawling Tour
    Since Bangalore has a variety of pubs, you can try this activity for a change with your friends.

    4. Night Food Walk
    Similarly to the above, here you can have a walk and reach a hotel or restaurant and enjoy the toothsome dishes at your ease.

    5. City Walk
    If you come to Bangalore, you should the City Walk at least once. To your surprise, sometimes you can reach your destination faster than a 1000 cc motorbike does due to heavy traffic. Sounds funny, isn’t it?

    One can enjoy his ‘Bangalore nightlife’ to the fullest with the amazing night tours.

  9. Where can I go in Bangalore with family at night?

    The Silicon Valley of India (Bangalore) introduces you to some of the coolest places to visit at night with your family.

    1. Restaurant
    There are beautifully decorated restaurants, coffee shops and midnight dhabas that welcome you with their famous dishes. Many family restaurants and cafés are available in Bangalore at night.

    2. Long Drive
    If you want some leisure place to hang out with your family, take a long drive to the International Airport. It is nearly 35 km from Majestic Bus Stand. No traffic and no pollution, you are set to have a nice drive.

    3. Night Club
    In Bangalore, there are certain night clubs absolutely friendly for families. If you want to have a rooftop view or a swimming pool view, you can very well have it via advance booking.

    Now you don’t need to stare at the boring TV anymore at night, hang out with your children and create some pleasant moments.

  10. Can we get local buses or transportation facilities Bangalore at night?

    Yes. With limited bus services at night, you can travel to places in Bangalore. Buses are provided at regular timings by connecting all major routes.

    When it comes to Metro, the last train from the terminal of Baiyappanahalli will start at 11.00 pm, and from Mysuru Road it starts at 11.05 pm.

    In major railway stations, there are Pre-Paid Auto Services available. It is a fully government owned service where you can book an auto at affordable rates and reach your destination. Here, the service starts from 5.00 am.

    Finally, yet importantly, there are private vans and autos near certain bus deports. Travellers coming from other places to Bangalore at midnight, often use private vans to reach their home.

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