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How can I reach Dubai from India?

The easiest way to reach Dubai from India is by flight that connects to the Dubai International Airport which is the busiest in the UAE. From India, you will get a lot of airline services. Emirates Airlines, FlyDubai, Etihad are some of the services from Dubai that provide services from Dubai to more than 100 destinations in the world.

In India, Jet Airways, Air India, Indigo, Spice Jet, Fly Dubai etc are the leading airline services and the flights can be caught from New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad airports.

What is the currency used in Dubai?

UAE Dirham is the currency used in Dubai which is represented as Dhs or AED. US $ 1 is equal to 3.675 Dhs at the current rate. The notes in Dirhams are of different values like 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000. The notes of Dhs 100 can be taken while you travel around and explore and some lower values as well if you would like to do shopping. The coins available are the silver Dhs 1.50 fils and 25 fils.

Do I need visa for Dubai?

Most of the citizens from other countries should need a visa to visit Dubai. Apart from the citizens of Andorra, Australia, Brunei, Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Monaco, New Zealand, People's Republic of China, Russian Federation, San Marino, Singapore, South Korea, United Kingdom, United States of America, Vatican City, nationals of other countries would require a pre-arranged visa. In total, citizens from 48 countries apart from GCC nations can get a Visa on arrival and it cannot be renewed after 90 days of your stay.

How much time does it take to get a visa to Dubai? What is the cost for a tourist visa to Dubai?

Based on the type of visa you are applying for, the duration to get it processed will be varying. There are two types of tourists visas can be availed. One is 30 days normal tourist visa and the other one is express tourist visa. Tourist visa without deposit costs 94.89 dollars and the same with deposit costs 420.06 US dollars. The express tourist visa costs 117.89 USD without deposit and the same costs 443.06 USD with deposit. The deposit will be mandatory to residents of certain countries and it is refundable.

Normal Visa will take around 3 to 4 working days to reach you while Express Visa will be processed in 1 to 2 working days but there is an extra charge than Normal Visa to be paid. You will get the Urgent Visa in 24 hours but it has comparatively more charges than the other two visas.

Do we require a visa for connecting flights in UAE?

You will not need a visa if your connecting flight arrives at the airport within 8 hours of your landing. But there are around 48 countries which would not need a pre-arranged visa. For the nationals from these countries can get a visa on arrival at the airport. But Indians should need a pre-arranged visa if you spend more than the prescribed time at the airport.

Do we require a visa to transit through Abu Dhabi?

Four hours of your stay at the airport will not be a problem for you but if your stay exceeds, then you need to show a visa to transit through Abu Dhabi. You have to check with your airlines to get a transit visa if you are travelling through Abu Dhabi. Nationals from 48 countries that declared by the UAE government would get a visa on arrival at the airport. But others would need a transit visa if you are spending more than the prescribed duration at the airport.

What are the must things to carry to Dubai?

The extensive desert and dry climate make the city experience the extreme heat that will go beyond the level of expectation, in summer mostly. However, you can carry your clothes according to the climate. Carry suitable clothes, sunscreen, sunglasses, lip balm, hats and caps to prevent the harmful sunrays. Since Dubai is an Islamic city, it believes in certain traditions and rules. So it is always better to dress modestly. Sandals are necessary on the road and on the beaches as the sand will be unimaginably hotter.

During December to February, the night time will be cooler in Dubai. Hence remember to carry clothes which prevent the cold wind. Along with clothes, moisturizer and lip balm should also be kept handy. If you are taking part in desert safari and hiking, boots or shoes can be taken with you. Swimsuit, bikinis, flip flops, shorts etc can be worn on the beaches but not in other places.

Carry your ID card, passport, visa documents and enough of cash or debit or credit cards. If you have some medicines, please make sure that the contents in the medicines are accepted there. Some drugs which are legal in other countries are not accepted in Dubai. Camera, phone charger, power banks, torchlight etc are also suggested.

What is the temperature in Daytime and Nighttime in Dubai?

Depending on the season, the temperature level in Dubai varies. During summer season, the day temperature may go up to 45-47* Celsius and evening temperature around 30* Celsius. During winter, the average high temperature is 30-32* Celsius and low temperature is at an average of 20-22* Celsius.

What are the most important points to be considered while planning our trip?

The climate is the most important thing you should enquire before planning your trip. Try to avoid Dubai during summer as the temperature would go to a dramatic level. It is always better to choose your honeymoon trips between October and February. The tour provider plays a crucial role in making your trip better or worse. So be wise choosing your package and provider. It is good to take a minimum of 4-7 days of trip to enjoy almost all the sights thoroughly.

  • Take as many clothes as possible but try to make your baggage not heavy. Dubai has a population in which majority believes in Islam religion and follow the particular traditions passed down to the current generation. So try to dress modestly there and avoid wearing shorts and sleeveless and transparent clothes in the public.
  • Check for the visa arrangements prior to the panning of your trip.
  • Confirm how many days it will take and how much it will cost.
  • Carry your credit or debit cards and have currencies enough for your local sightseeing tours and purchases.
  • Do not carry illegal items, cooked food or homemade food, drugs, sculptures, books and scriptures which are controversial to the beliefs of Islam people.
  • Do not carry offensive and harmful materials with you. Keep the original documents and photocopies of your visa, passport, valid ID card etc before the travel.

If you follow the customs and respect the dignity of the natives here, you can enjoy the holidays in Dubai well and beautifully.

Which all places are good for honeymoon in Dubai? Which all things are must to do?

Everything revealed by Dubai is a stunning spectacle and honeymoon couples can thoroughly enjoy the colourful city that is being nurtured by the amiable Persian Gulf. The luxury resorts lying on the banks of the glittering cityscapes start arraying the unending sights of beauty of Dubai. A number of skyscrapers like Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Mall and the flamboyant beaches will be some of the most beautiful places you can visit with your beloved. The heritage museums, wildlife reserves, amusement parks and water parks etc are more than beautiful.

The must to do activities for honeymoon couples are desert safari, skydiving, scuba diving, helicopter tour, cruise, adventure theme park visit, water based activities on the beach, sightseeing etc.

Which is the best time to visit Dubai for a honeymoon? What is the ideal duration for a honeymoon in Dubai?

During Dubai Shopping Festival, the city sees an umpteen number of tourists. Except summer that starts from April and extends up to July, every other season is suitable to visit Dubai for honeymoon. Usually, the honeymoon tours take around 6-7 days ideally to cherish all the sights. But there are different packages which give you 14 day tours, 10 day tours and so on.

Why Dubai is good for our Honeymoon?

The picturesque city has a lot of surprising things that equally cater everyone. The luxurious or budgeted resorts with alluring and branded facilities, the adventure and fun activities which are tailor made for the couples, romantic night cruises, candle light dinner offered by the beautiful restaurants and hotels, soothing massages and therapies at the world class spas, the thrill that can be recovered from the adventure hidden dunes of the desert, the pleasant beaches offering you the charismatic ambience and relaxation and the post card like cityscapes and skyscrapers will arrange the most romantic days of your lives in Dubai.

What are the costs of Honeymoon Dubai Packages?

There are multiple costs of honeymoon packages depending on the number of days and inclusions for Dubai tours. Every tour provider gives different types of packages including sightseeing, multiple activities, cruises, flight tickets etc. The price rates start from INR 20000 without flights and it will go up to 40000+ if the round trip flight tickets are also included along with all other inclusions for an average honeymoon tour.

What all romantic things we can do in Dubai?

The umpteen number of activities and sightseeing options would make you confused about how to avoid any place or any activity in Dubai. The most important romantic thing couples have pointed out is the desert camping with BBQ dinner and cultural items where you can spend the most beautiful time of your lives with watching the endless desert dunes and the enjoy the adventurous activities like dune bashing and camel ride.

Other major things you should not miss as a honeymoon couple are the dinner cruise in a traditional dhow, skydiving, scuba diving, seaplane tour or helicopter ride, sky dinner, sightseeing of Burj Khalifa, Miracle Garden, Dubai Mall, Dubai Marina, the Palm Island, Jumeirah beach, Kite beach and the surfing here, Atlantis the Palm water park, Wild Wadi Park, Gold and Spice souks and many more shopping locations in the city.

Is there any honeymoon point in Dubai?

All the attractions in Dubai are visited by honeymoon couples as well as other kinds of travelers frequently. Every sight can be considered to be a honeymoon point as it represents the most beautiful romantic moments. Especially, the Dubai Fountain, the Miracle Garden, the Palm Islands, the Burj Khalifa and its floors, the sunset and kite beaches, the red dunes etc are some of the unavoidable points waiting for the honeymoon couples to arrive.

Do we need to carry any documents if we are travelling Dubai for a honeymoon?

You have to carry a valid passport which is valid for six months from your entry to UAE. Also a valid visa is need to be shown at the immigration point. If you have anyone living in Dubai as a permanent resident, then have their phone number and address handy. Other than these, you need not carry any document to visit Dubai.

Which all places are famous tourist attractions in Dubai?

There are countless attractions in Dubai both man-made and natural ones. From the glittering skyscrapers to the old heritage house, Dubai is a flamboyant possessor of awe-inspiring attractions. Burj Khalifa, Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, Dubai Mall, Dubai Museum, Burj Al Arab, the Jumeirah Beach Residency, the Dubai Creek, the Gold and Spices Souk, the Jumeirah Mosque, the Flower Garden, the Dubai Opera, Adventure Water Park, the artificial islands like Palm Jumeirah, the Coffee Museum, the traditional house of the old rulers etc are some of the most celebrated attractions every visitor of Dubai would love to witness.

What are the best activities which we can do in Dubai?

Dubai is wondrous location which provide awe-struck moments to those who visit it. Thus there is no doubt in the fact that Dubai is a pulsating activity provider. If you would love to do adventure from the sky, then there are hot air balloon safari, paragliding, skydiving, bungee jumping etc. If you want to spend time on the expansive desert, then there are desert safairs, dune bashing, camel ride, camping options at the famous deserts. For the lovers of water, multiple water theme parks are widely open as well as most of the beaches in Dubai welcome those who love to do adventure and fun activities there.

Scuba diving centres are found in plenty in Dubai. Shopping, sightseeing, cruises, swimming, cultural tour, heritage sites visit, boating, skiing and many more are there in Dubai to entertain you throughout your tour.

What kind of accommodation is available in Dubai?

There are luxurious hotels with branded amenities and world class facilities to the budgeted hotels which are neat and tidy with spacious rooms and all major amenities in Dubai. According to your desires and budget, you can choose the accommodation in Dubai during your honeymoon. Some of the best hotels which give rooms at a starting price of INR 9000 and above are Melia Dubai Hotel, the H Dubai, Taj Dubai, Grand Hyatt Dubai, JW Marriott Marquis Dubai, Grosvenor House Dubai etc. If you wish to stay at completely luxurious hotels, you have the options for that as well.

What type of clothes should we bring with us?

Depending on the climate you choose to visit Dubai, the clothes can be different. If you visit in the months from October to February, take some winter clothes as well as the temperature in the evening can be chilling. Since Dubai is a Muslim country, the natives expect you to respect their traditions and culture. Hence carry a number of modest dresses which are not transparent and short. You can wear any type of dress at your hotel or home but not in public. If you visit in the other months, try wearing cotton clothes mostly as the temperature would be unexpectedly high.

Are there any beaches where we should go?

There are a number of beaches which are highly romantic to have the best honeymoon days in Dubai. The Persian Gulf coast arranges some of the best beaches in Dubai that will give you extreme fun and entertainment. The Jumeirah Beach at Dubai Marina is a crowded yet beautiful beach. The Jumeirah beach residences arrayed on the background of the JBR beach are quite stunning and an extensive stretch of silky sand. With the amazing backdrop of Burj Al Arab, the vast stretch of white sand on the Burj Beach is a relishing space to have a relaxed time. The Kite Beach is the paradise for kite surfers and similar adventure activities. The sunset beach is a favourite destination of honeymoon couples.

Black Palace Beach is the secret gem of Dubai and a lovely beach for families.

Can I see Dubai mall? Is it a good destination for shopping?

One of the best locations where tourists are found in an exceeding number is the Dubai Mall. It is the nineteenth largest shopping mall in the world in terms of total area. It has a wide recognition as it is the most visited building on the planet, the reports came out in 2011 say. Every year it has more than 50 million visitors. To spend a leisure time or to buy quality stuff, Dubai Mall is an option. It is a well maintained space to have fun with your family or friends. The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is the major attraction that surprises both adults and kids equally.

For shopping, this is the best choice in Dubai since it opens a lot of shops with different items on all the floors.

What kind of shopping can be done in Dubai? What is a must thing to buy?

Dubai is a treasure house built with anonymous items came from the different parts of the world. The spices, dry fruits and the gold ornaments as well as the fragrance of perfumes are the major items tourists and outside world really like to buy from Dubai. But a lot of items that you get in Dubai are available in India also now due to the wide range of trading options both the countries have. But the pashmina shawls, shishas, perfumes, dates and nuts, gold ornaments, electronic items are some of the attracting items mostly seen in Dubai shops and you will get at a cheaper rate as well.

Which streets are famous in Dubai?

A storehouse of millions of streets is Dubai and some of them are frequently visited by the tourists in order to enjoy the local life of the city and to observe how the natives are enjoying roaming around these streets. Al Diyafah Street is quite prominent among them and it is located in Satwa, Bur Dubai where you can find a lot of cafes and restaurants. Burj Dubai Boulevard is yet another famous street where tourists are seen in plenty. Textile souk or Meena Bazar is a beautiful local center where you can enjoy some amazing shopping by bargaining. Al Faheidi Street, Karama Shopping Street etc are some of the famous streets people usually visit when they come to Dubai.

Which are some best water parks in Dubai?

There are no limits for adventure cum water parks in Dubai and thus this is the city which makes people adhere to its unlimited thrills portrayed at places like Dubai Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark, Wild Wadi Waterpark, Legoland Water Park, the Beach Waterpark at Dubai Marina, Splash n Party, Ice Land Water Park etc are the top rated waterparks in Dubai which has a lot of adventure activities on water.

What all water activities we can do in Dubai?

The beaches, the water parks, the Dubai Creek and what not; the chances to do water activities in Dubai are unlimited. Flyboard, scuba diving, jet ski, parasailing, boating, cruising, banana boat ride, snorkeling, swimming, fishing, stand up paddling etc are the water based activities available on the beaches and different locations but equally thrilling are the water rides arranged in the water theme parks which are found aplenty in Dubai.

Where can we do desert safari and desert camping in Dubai?

Red Dunes is the famous spot in Dubai where a number of tourists come to experience desert safari and desert camping and it is very close to the city yet distant from the maddening crowd and the rambunctious traffic. There are a lot of local tour providers which give desert safari and camping in Dubai. You can either book the slot through their websites or reach the location and directly book the package as you wish to. Happy Desert Safari, Dubai Evening Safari, Hummer Desert Safari, Haryad Dubai Tours, Arabian Desert Safari, Dubai Desert Safari Rides, etc are some of the leading desert safari providers in Dubai.

Can we do a cruise ride in Dubai?

A cruise ride is one of the most appreciable things to do in Dubai as the Persian Gulf is rather considered to be the friendliest one to have a romantic float on and it is something relatively relaxing and refreshing to do with your beloved. There are a lot of cruise packages available in Dubai, ranging from half day trip to long days cruises. The costs of the packages depend on the company you select and the type of cruise you would press upon. The very familiar cruise is the cruise in the traditional dhow with an unfamiliar, grandeur filled dinner.

What sort of nightlife we can experience? Which all places are best for clubbing?

The nightlife in Dubai is absolutely phenomenal as the skyscrapers will not be sleepy throughout the night and they continue to exhibit the concert of light unabashedly. The majority of the tourists arrive in Dubai wishes to wander about the city’s alluring nightscape. Most of the shopping malls, street shops, beaches will be alive till late night so that any visitor will find its beauty unmatched with anything else.

The best night club in Dubai is the award winning People by Crystal which express itself with enduring glamour and extravagance. 360*, Armani Prive, Boudoir, Chi @ the Lodge, Nasimi Beach, Rock Bottom Café, Trilogy, White Dubai, Cirque Le Soir, The Act, Billionaire Mansion, Cavalli Club etc are the top notched night clubs everyone will love to visit while in Dubai.

Which are some nearby cities we can visit from Dubai?

People who come to visit Dubai never miss the annexes of the city which have their own culture and traditions and even their food habits, different to what Dubai eats. There are a lot of unimaginable attractions in these cities. A road trip even can take one to enjoy the nearby cities to Dubai. Sharjah is the closest city as it is located about 20 kms away from Dubai. Ras Al Khaima, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Al Fujayrah, Ash Shariqah, Qaywayn, Jebel Ali etc are the other major cities people love to visit when they come to Dubai for a tour.

What all restaurants we should visit? What cuisine we must try? How expensive meals are in Dubai?

Ossiano for the best seafood, At.Mosphere for the best romantic ambience, Bystro for the best breakfast, Mekong for the best Asian foods, Boca for the best European cuisines, La Petite Maison for the best French delicacies, Rang Mahal for the best Indian food items, the Pierchic for an unforgettable dining experience are the suggested restaurants you should visit if you love to try different delicacies. When you visit Dubai, you must try the traditional Arabian cuisines as there is no place other than the original one to know the authentic taste.

You must try the tasty stuffed camel, Al Harees, Hummus, Al Machboos, Iranian Sangak and Chelo Kebab, Yemen Mandi etc while you are here.

The meals in Dubai are available at different rates from 30 Dhs to the unbelievable rates at the posh restaurants. But you can fill your tummy in 50 to 100 Dhs a day if you are planning to have luxurious dining and delicacies.

Which all places are best to enjoy romantic dinners in Dubai? What all facilities they can provide?

As Dubai is always careful to give the best to its visitors, honeymoon couples need not worry about the days you spend here. Those who wish to make their honeymoon days the most precious and embraced by luxury look for an outstanding dining experience as well. For those who are eager to have a romantic dinner in Dubai, it displays a lot of creative cum charming restaurants where you can lure the unbeatable delicacies.

The dominant romantic restaurants in Dubai are Al Mahara at Burj Al Arab which has a wall to ceiling aquarium and authentic sea food delicacies, At. Mosphere, the attractive dining on 122nd floor of Burj Khalifa, Bateaux Dubai that offers a dinner cruise in a boat, Armani Ristorante, the Pierchic, Karma Kafe, Moana, a pagoda like restaurant, 101 Dining and Lounge Bar that exhibits the skyline views of Dubai, Thiptara that promises an al fresco dining experience, Eauzone with an unmatched ambience, the Observatory which shows the panoramic view of Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina and many more romantically enthused restaurants are there in Dubai every couple can have the best honeymoon moments.

Where we can do sky dinner in Dubai? How much it will cost us?

Sky dinner is a new term introduced to Dubai as well and the first and foremost to make the word reach the society is Dinner in the Sky which introduce an adventure effect to your dining concepts and an array of simply delicious food items on your table. Dinner in the Sky offers you different flight starting from breakfast to dinner at different rates according to the day you choose to have sky dinner.

The various rates of each session is AED 499, AED 599, AED 699 and AED 799. The Dinner in the Sky is located at Dubai Marina near Dubai International Marine Club.

Which spots are best for honeymoon photography in Dubai?

From the extensive fiction like white crystalline shores of the Persian Gulf to the invisible top most part of Burj Khalifa, everything in Dubai has emerged out to surprise its visitors and all of them act as the wildest imagination of a fervent painter.
Some of the best photographic locations and buildings are as follows:

  • Burj Khalifa
  • Dubai Fountain
  • Dubai Marina
  • Palm Islands
  • Jumeirah Public Beach
  • The Grand Mosque
  • Dubai Desert Conservation Center
  • Dubai Canal
  • Dubai Flower Garden
  • The Dhow Yard at Dubai Creek

What sort of culture I can find in Dubai?

The culture of Dubai always revolves around the strong religion that is Islam. The natives believe in the preaching of Muslim religion and they embrace their traditions close to heart whatever happens. The families are the core factor behind the good vibes found in the city. All the people believe in the strong relationships between the family members.

What kind of religious restrictions are there in Dubai?

The official religion of Dubai is Islam but every other religion in the world except Judaism is accepted by the natives here. Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism are the majorly found religions in Dubai after Islam. However, they don’t allow anyone to compel anybody to change their religion or adopt new one. So Dubai is a completely free city for any religion.

Do I need to follow a dress code in Dubai?

Since Dubai is an Islam country which preserves its tradition and culture so intact, they prefer those who come to visit should respect the culture and values. Hence it is always good to dress modestly in public. It is better to avoid shorts and transparent clothes while you come to visit the main attractions and comparatively crowded places. At the beach and parks, swimsuit and bikinis are allowed but kindly avoid wearing those to visit the restaurants and pubs nearby.

For men also, there are some restrictions like you are not allowed to walk without wearing shirts or T-shirts in public. But at the beach, there is no restriction like that. Shorts till knee are also advised.

What type of food will we get? Is vegetarian food easily available in Dubai?

Dubai is a melting pot of hundreds of culture and traditions since it started accepting tourists and business people from other parts of the world to come and settle here. Hence, the food items you get here have no limits. All major types of cuisines are available here, ranging from the traditional Arabian to Indian to Chinese to Thai to English.

As the number of vegetarians are quite high in today’s world, Dubai is well prepared to cater those with the vegan hearts. Almost everywhere, you can ask for vegetarian dishes as there are so many options provided exclusively for vegetarians.

Are there any bus services which provide a sightseeing tour in Dubai?

Sightseeing in Dubai can be done with the help of hop on- hop off buses available. You can avail the tickets for 1 day to 3 days and there are three major routes. In all these buses, you can hear a commentary about Dubai in 12 different languages. On this sightseeing tour, you will come to enjoy Atlantis the Palm, the Dubai Museum and the fragrance of the spice souk just comes to visit your nose.

There are three different tickets available viz. Classic, Premium or Deluxe and you have the option to switch your seat from the AC deck to the open air area at the rear side of the bus. Deluxe and Premium tickets will give you a remarkable chance to enter the Dubai Museum and enjoy a Dhow Cruise. There are 38 stops as well for each ticket.

What kind of taxi service is there in Dubai?

Dubai possesses a wide and structured taxi system and by far it is the frequently used method of transportation by natives as well as tourists. There are both government and private cab services and the Government taxis are of cream colour and the major private companies are Metro Taxi, Citi Taxi, National Taxi etc. The meter starts from Dhs 12.00. Compared to other metropolitan cities, the taxi service in Dubai is cheaper and frequently available.

What kind of public transportation is there in Dubai?

Currently, Dubai is the most crowded city in the UAE. Hence the public transport system has a major role to play in the day to day lives of Dubai people. Dubai Metro is a useful transportation mode used by tourists as well as the natives. The large and systematized bus service system of Dubai is really appreciable. The Roads and Transport Authority maintains these buses that commute 30 million people on a daily basis. Trams services are the recent addition to the public transportation system of the city. It can also reduce the travel time of daily commuters. But tourists of the city depend on the extensive taxi system available because of the comfort and privacy promised by the service. Water transport is yet another important mode where traditional dhows as well as boats are used.

Is there metro facility in Dubai? What is its timings? Is there any metro map for it?

Dubai metro is an influential public transport system in UAE. One of the two lines, called Red Line, goes from Dubai International Airport to UAE Exchange and Green Line goes from Etisalat Metro Station to Umm Hurair. Red Line operates from 05:30 am to midnight on the working days from Saturday to Wednesday and from 05:30 am to 01:00 am on Thursdays and from 10:00 to 01:00 am on Fridays. Green Line is open on all working days from Saturday to Wednesday from 05:50 am to midnight and from 05:50 am to 01:00 am on Thursdays and from 10:00 am to 01:00 on Fridays.

You can download the metro map available on different sites like, etc.

What is the cheapest mode of travel in Dubai?

Use the metro service of Dubai, the cheapest travel mode to explore Dubai. You can buy a No1 card and top it up with Dhs 1.8 for a short trip and Dhs 5.8 for a long trip. But remember, it would be shut Friday morning and after midnight. Now, you can rent a bike for rates starting from Dhs 15 for 30 minutes either to roam around Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Boulevard or along the Dubai Marina promenade. The next option is hiring a taxi

Can we do a helicopter/plane tour of Dubai?

You can do a helicopter ride in Dubai to enjoy the panoramic view of the city that is overfilled with glittering skyscrapers and shimmering Persian Gulf. Emirates Helicopter Tours, Helicopter Tour Dubai, Heli Dubai, Ultimate Charter, Aaida Tours, Aerogulf Services are some of the leading helicopter tour providers in Dubai. There are rides for fifteen minutes or more and thus the costs of the rides will be varying. The starting price is around 200 US dollars. There are seaplane rides also available here in Dubai at different rates which would be an atypical example for the bird’s eye view of Dubai.

Can I find alcohol easily in Dubai? Is it legal to smoke in Dubai?

The age limit to have alcohol is 21 and the availability is limited to hotels and private clubs which serve the best alcohols. But none can drink alcohol on the street or in public. During the month of Ramadan, the consumption and selling of alcohol are strictly prohibited because for the natives, this is the holiest month in their calendar when they fast for the whole day and have food only at night and early morning.

Smoking is prohibited at public places like workplace, restaurants, pubs and bars, shopping malls and similar places.

Can we get a local mobile connection in Dubai? Can we make international calls?

You can get temporary local SIM card at local service providers found at busy shopping places and main centers. Eitsalat and Du are the most prominent service providers which give multiple choices of pre-paid calling and internet usage. Also, there are tourist SIM cards available at the airport or the hotels you choose to say which are specially designed for tourists with special offers.

You can call to your home country and international calls but the rates would be exceptional. It is always good to use wifi connection available at the public places and restaurants to use Whatsapp and Skype to avoid large bills on your phone.

What kind of ATM facility is there in Dubai? Can we find International ATMs? What about money exchangers?

Around Dubai, you can find many ATMs of both local and international banks. At the airport, at shopping malls, public places etc, you can find different banks’ ATMs. Some of the ATMs give an option to withdraw US dollars as well in order to make you further travel to other countries from UAE easier. HSBC, Standard Charters, Barclays, ICICI, State Bank of India etc are the main international banks you can find in the city.

There are several money exchangers in Dubai. Travelex is a popular money exchange center that has an outlet at the airport as well as in the town. It is good to exchange currency in the town as the rates will be comparatively lesser. Al Ansari Exchange, Al Ghurair, GCC Exchange, UAE Exchange are some of the most important money exchange centres you can find frequently in Dubai.

What should we do in case of any medical emergency?

You can use the emergency number 999 for a government ambulance or to call the police for any help. If you need a private doctor to come to your home and consult, then use the number 800-DOCTOR or 800-362867 used by a private group Lifeline Healthcare. But it is always better to seek help from the locals or neighbours and visit the nearest hospital at the earliest. The police or ambulance will be easily available only on road accident cases and other similar emergencies.

How good is police and security services in Dubai?

The police force in Dubai is a strong one with 15000 persons with high performing vehicles and proper arms and the police force in UAE in general is the toughest yet friendly one in the world. They spread in an area of 4114 square kilometers and a population of 2,106,117 people. Since the country and city follow strict rules related to Islam, the police force is vigilant always and immediate actions or arrests happen in case of any malpractices or any controversial act that hurts the Islamic beliefs done by anyone, be it a native or a tourist.

The security systems in Dubai is also quite sturdy as plenty of tourists visit the city every day. All the shopping malls, public places, restaurants, pubs, hotels, attractions, public transport systems have equipped with high quality security systems and CCTV camera. As the rules are very stringent, people usually will not dare to do anything inappropriate.

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