Water Sport Activities in Dubai

Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Jet Ski, Flyboard, Wakeboarding, Deep-sea fishing Tour, Parasailing, Jetpack, Stand Up Paddling, Kayaking, Banana Ride, Subreacher, Donut Ride, Kite Surfing.

For adventure enthusiasts and thrill-seekers, there is a variety of water sports in Dubai to enhance their experience in the Gulf. The global city of Dubai is famous for its high-end shopping malls and a sophisticated lifestyle, but the clear blue waters of the Persian Gulf and immaculate beaches offer a chance to indulge in some of the most thrilling water sports in the world. You will be delighted to know that water sports activities in Dubai are not limited to just the beaches. There are several water parks in Dubai where you and your entire family can enjoy adrenaline-releasing activities. With its vast coastline and flat Arabian Sea waters, Dubai is a haven for thrill-seekers across the world. Exploring the gentle and calm waves with parasailing, cut through the aquamarine waters with a jet ski and take a tour of the immaculate shore of Jumeirah on a speedboat. Feel the wind in your hair as you go fly fishing, and feel like Superman on a flyboard. There is nothing quite like feeling the sheer raw power of the wind and catching it to surf on a wakeboard.

There is no comparison to Dubai, it is so iconic that it is home to the largest suspended aquarium in the world. If you imagine, you are just a glass wall away from entering the marine world. Do not forget to take this jaw-dropping journey while you are in Dubai Mall, one of the biggest malls in this Arab country. Despite having the vastness of an immeasurable desert, there is a sheer volume of water sports in Dubai which are considered best in the world. The shoreline in Dubai offers high chances of spotting marine animals during snorkeling or swimming. The best places where people go for snorkel are Snoopy rock, Dibba rock, the Musandam Peninsula near the entry point of the Persian Gulf and the famous beach of Palm Jumeirah.

There is nothing as high-spirited as a ride on the Banana boats. You can ride an inflated Banana on mostly every beach in Dubai. Kayaking is very common on the waves of Dubai and it doesn't need much training.  Row and scull in the endless water while it splashes the briny ocean. The irresistible water adventure of going high up to 150 meters from the surface water on a parasailing ride or learning to dodge the wind conditions while kitesurfing can be best experienced in this Gulf paradise. Dubai is home to some ultra-modern infrastructures and high-end technological wonders and the theme parks of Dubai are some of the best examples of both. Your trip to Dubai is incomplete without going on some heart-stopping rides of Wild Wadi waterpark and Aquaventure water park.

Aquarium diving might sound a little unusual to your ears but it is done very fondly in the Atlantis The Palm. The aquarium is so magnanimous that it is home to around 65000 marine animals and if you are trying it out make sure that you swim right next to a Shark in Dubai is so phenomenal with its underwater sports that even if you aimlessly surf in the ocean, you will feel rejuvenated and thrilled.

The place is a treasure trove for people from across the globe, from speeding up to reach the top floors of some world-famous skyscrapers to getting on a bumpy ride in a Dubai Desert Safari to the lonesome and long stretch of the  golden desert; from coming out all spluttered and jittery from the magnificent ocean water to sauntering the opulent souks and Malls of Dubai
Water sports in Dubai is something that fascinates everyone who travels to this extravagant city; with an array of options and clear ocean water- it is undoubtedly tough to resist.

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Jet Ski Dubai Marina
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162 Ratings

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Scuba Diving In Dubai


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909 Ratings

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Water Jet Pack In Dubai


Water Sports

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109 Ratings

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Parasailing in Dubai
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115 Ratings

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Shark Walker in Dubai Aquarium


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125 Ratings

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Kayaking in Dubai


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Donut Ride in Dubai
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Water Sports

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32 Ratings

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24 Ratings

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Banana Boat Ride in Dubai
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116 Ratings

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Wakeboarding In Dubai
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149 Ratings

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Scuba Diving in Fujairah


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39 Ratings

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Deep Sea Fishing in Dubai


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131 Ratings

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Fly Fish in Dubai
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Flyboard Dubai Experience
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People Also Ask About Water Sports in Dubai

  1. Which are the best water sports in Dubai?

    1. Scuba DivingExplore the gorgeous and awe-inspiring underwater world of the scenic Jumeirah beach and discover exotic marine life and vibrantly coloured corals. The certified instructors will make the whole activity seamless and you can also take gorgeous pictures of this one-of-its-kind experience.

    Location - Nemo Dive Center, Atlantis the Palm, Fujairah.
    Price - starting from AED 400 / INR 7700 for a 2-hour dive.

    2. Snorkeling: 
    Get up close and personal with the sea life of Dubai while you swim in the pristine waters under the guidance of trained experts. Witness thousands of vibrant fish, talk to the graceful rays and get a close view of the sharks. The diverse marine life and colorful corals will leave a lasting impression on you.

    Click Here to Book: 

    Location - Ambassador’s Lagoon, Al Boom, Diving, The Dubai Aquarium
    Price - starting from AED 225/ INR 4300

    3. Jet ski
    The thrill of being in the vast Arabian sea waters paired with the sheer raw velocity of a jet ski makes it one of the most pumping Dubai sports. Take a ride along the immaculate coastline near Burj Al Arab and capture stunning pictures of the magnificent structure.

    Location – Nemo Water Sports
    Price – AED 370 / INR 7180 for 30 min, AED 630 / INR 12220 for 60 minutes.

    4. Flyboarding
    If you want to feel like a superhero, try flyboarding in Dubai. Standing on a powerful jetpack and floating high up in the air with the help of a powerful motor is something you will never experience anywhere else except Dubai. The scenic backdrop of the city only serves to enhance the whole experience.

    Location - Nemo Water Sports
    Price - AED 370 / INR 6990 for 30 mins.

    5. Wakeboarding
    Not for the faint-hearted, wakeboarding is an extreme sport involving high speed and extreme danger. If you are an expert at water sports and want to try something more challenging, try some stunts on a wakeboard and polish your skills.

    Location - Wake Evolution
    Price - AED 300 / INR 5800

    6. Deep-sea fishing
    Indulge in one of the most fun and exciting water sports in Dubai as you go deep into the waters of the sea and catch some of the exotic fish. If you love fishing and open-air, this is the place for you. Enjoy the pollution-free environs and deep blue skies as you indulge in this unique adventure.

    Price - AED 1800 / INR 33000

    7. Parasailing
    If you are a calm soul looking for a fun-filled activity that does not prey on your nerves, consider parasailing. One of the most chilled out Dubai water sports, parasailing is equal parts fun and relaxation. Soar into the sky and witness the beautiful city from a unique perspective.

    Location - Arabia Horizons
    Price – AED 420 / INR 8150 

    8. Jetpack
    Combine parasailing and skydiving with skiing and you get the ultimate water sport – Jetpacking. Two powerful jets of water push you into the air as you enjoy the spectacular views around – all under the guidance of certified experts. Indulge in jetpacking on gorgeous waters of the sea and get some memorable photos.

    Location - Popeye Jetski
    Price – AED 350 / INR 6700

    9. Stand Up Paddling
    A water sport that is good for your muscles as well as your mind – what more can you ask for? Stand up paddling is a milder version of wakeboarding, and you can enjoy it without hiring an instructor worrying about your safety.

    Location - Surf House Dubai on Sunset Beach, Ignite Surface on Riva Beach Club
    Price – AED 75 / INR 1500 to 85 / INR 1700 for one hour.

    10. Kayaking:
    if you are looking for a water sport that offers solitude and serenity, give kayaking a shot. Watch the stunning views of iconic Dubai buildings like the Burj Al Arba and explore the Mangrove forests of the city. Witness exotic flora and fauna and play with little fish.

    Location - Hatta Dam, Palm Jumeirah, Eastern Mangroves, Wadi Adventures
    Price - starting from AED 60 / INR 1160 to AED 345 / INR 6700

    11. Water Biking: 
    Water biking is one of the most fun-filled water sports in Dubai to explore the calm waters and beautiful landscape with friends and family. Water biking in the clear waters of the Arabian sea will be a memory you will cherish forever.

    Location - Adventure Leisure Tourism, Jumeirah Beach
    Price - starting from AED 125 / INR 2500

    12. Private jet boat cruise: 
    Adrenaline rush seeking tourists must partake in the thrilling jet boat cruise. The jet boat cruise is a true adventure and not for the faint-hearted. Embark on a journey involving speed, screams, and water splashing around. Take your camera along catch spectacular shots of the magnificent Dubai skyscrapers.

    Location - Jetboat cruises are offered from the Burj, Palm Island, Atlantis, and Dubai Marina.
    Price - starting at AED 200 / INR 3800.

    13. Speedboating: 
    The 90-minute hair raising and goosebumps-inducing rides on a speedboat are one of the most popular water sports in Dubai for the entire family. Witness the beauty of the marvelous city from a different perspective and cover world-famous sites like Burj and Palm Island. If you take a tour in the evening, you can also catch some stunning views of the tangerine sunset.

    Location - Speedboat tours start from JBR The Beach, hosted by Water Adventure Dubai
    Price - AED 175 / INR 3300 for 30 minutes, AED 450 / INR 8730 for 60 minutes.

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  2. Which are the famous beaches in Dubai for water sports?

    1. Kite Beach: Offering thrilling and memorable water sport activities in Dubai, like kite surfing, swimming, beach tennis, beach volleyball, kayaking, etc., Kite Beach is a paradise for adventure seekers. Plan a visit to this amazing destination to be mesmerized by the scenic coastline and oceanic beauty and enjoy hair-raising water experiences.

    2. Sunset Beach: How about swimming through the soothing water waves while enjoying one of the most beautiful sunset scenery? Visit this only surf suitable beach in Dubai and relish the amazing thrills that come in a package with it. Swim, surf, and enjoy the city beach, while having the fascinating Burj Al Arab in your backdrop!

    3. Marina Beach: Test your adrenaline rush along with your family through the Dubai water sports activities offered at the Marina Beach and create the best memories. Have a good adventurous family time at this beach while indulging in activities like Jet Ski, yacht cruise, speed boating, parasailing, and much more.
    With so many exciting activities to do here, this is indeed one of the most popular water sporting destinations in Dubai.

    4. The Palm Jumeirah Beach: Hopping onto every water sport all at one destination, sounds perfect, isn't it? If that is what you fancy for, The Palm Jumeirah Beach must be on your bucket list.
    Look at the picturesque and magnificent views of palm-shaped archipelago and palm-covered beaches, and test your boldness by indulging in Dubai water sports activities offered in abundance at the pretty beaches.

    5. Jebel Ali Beach: Offering soft white sand and a pleasant atmosphere, this beach is a secluded location for all who like to indulge in watersports without crowds. It offers a vast variety of water sports that you can enjoy all alone or with your family or friends.
    Be it water surfing, kite surfing, windsurfing, waterskiing, parasailing, or even diving, you get a hook to all prominent adventure activities here. Head to this beautiful beach to enjoy thrilling watersports and alongside adore the magnificent surroundings!

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    Places to Visit in Dubai at Night
  3. When is the best time to visit Dubai?

    If you are planning to visit Dubai then most of you might be wandering about the best time to visit Dubai. The best time to visit Dubai is between November and April. At this time the heat of the sun will be much lesser and the cool windy breeze makes it more welcoming. The temperature remains in between 24-35ºC (75-95ºF) during this time.
  4. What are the best water sports in Dubai for couples?

    1. Jetski Ride: This can be an adrenaline-fueled experience for you and your partner in Dubai. These powerful jetskis will take you out to the sea, from where you can see the magnificent Dubai skyline and famous spots like Bulgari Island, Dubai Ain, Burj Al Arab, etc.

    Click Here to Book Now:
    Jet Ski Ride in Dubai Marina

    2. Boat Tour:
    The boat tour in Dubai is a great way to spend some romantic moments with your partner. You can drive these boats by yourself as they are easy to operate. From the boat, you can see the Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, and Burj Al Arab.

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    Boat Ride Tour To Dubai Marina Palm Jumeirah And Burj Al Arab

    3. Parasailing: Soar into the sky and get a bird's eye view of the city while parasailing with your partner in Dubai. There are experts to advise you regarding equipment and safety.

    4. Donut Ride:
    This is a fun ride you can find at Jumeirah beach. Here, a tube shaped like a donut is pulled by the boat.
    Click Here to Book: Donut Ride in Dubai

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  5. What are the essential things required for water sports in Dubai?

    If you want to enjoy the wide selection of water sports in Dubai, here are some things you must carry:

    -An additional pair of dry clothes, towels, and other linen
    -Swimsuits and wetsuits to be worn underwater
    -Padlock if you want to avail a locker
    -Waterproof case for electronics
    -Camera and charger
    -Insurance documents
    -Passport and other documents

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  6. What are the best adventurous activities in UAE that you can book via Thrillophilia?

    Following are the best adventurous activities that you can book via Thrillophilia:
  7. Is it worth visiting Dubai for water activities?

    Yes, it is definitely worth it. There are number of activities like surfing, wake boarding, banana boating etc which are considered as the best here. With the perfect views and the beckoning waves you adventure will be a lot more exciting than you can imagine.

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  8. Where can I do Scuba Diving in Dubai?

    1. Jumeirah Beach: Offering small sites, this beach is perfect for those who are beginners or amateurs. The turquoise waters and enchanting marine life make it perfect for a scuba experience.

    2. Martini Rock: The most spectacular natural aquarium of Dubai, it offers vibrant aquatic fauna and clean waters and is great for Dubai water sports activities. 

    3. Zainab:
    A shipwreck lying 70 m under the sea, it offers around 20 m of a diving spot. The site is full of colorful fishes and coral reefs and offers you the best possibilities to experience the underwater world.

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  9. Is it safe to do Scuba Diving in Dubai?

    Yes, scuba diving is completely safe in Dubai. With the coral reefs and the vivid flora and fauna, scuba diving is the most sought adventure activity here. Discover the underwater world of Dubai while you scuba dive in various places. The best time is the winter season although it is available throughout the year.

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  10. Can a non-swimmer indulge in water sport activities in Dubai?

    There are plenty of ways to enjoy the pristine waters in Dubai even if you cannot swim. Underwater walking, as the name suggests, is simply walking on the sea floor under the watchful gaze of the instructor. Or engage in a high-speed thrilling adventure of jet skiing. You can also enjoy banana boat rides, deep sea fishing, and kneeboarding. Snorkeling will let you experience the sea life up close and you can hire one of the speedboats to experience the thrill of speeding through the water.

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  11. What kind of health precautions must be taken care of for Scuba diving?

    Scuba diving, as well as other water sports activities in Dubai, can pose several dangers. Following precautions must be followed to avoid any problems:

    - Always dive with a professional diver.
    - Check your equipment beforehand.
    - Do not drink any alcohol before diving.
    - Take necessary medications with you to the beach.
    - Obey all the instructions by your instructor.
    - Do not hold your breath while ascending. Keep it slow and normal.
    - Do not panic when underwater.
    - Do not fly at least 12 hours after the dive.

    Get Thrilling Experience By Booking Bungee Jumping In Dubai

  12. What are other things to do in Dubai?

    There are plenty of amazing things to do in Dubai:

    1. Visit Burj Khalifa: At a total height of 829.8 meters, the Burj is the tallest building in the world. Its observation decks offer stunning views of the city, so book your tickets for Burj Khalifa. You can also dine in the highest restaurant in the world for a truly mesmerizing experience.

    2. Go to Dubai Aquarium & Underwater zoo:
     You can also explore the marine life of Dubai without ever stepping into the waters with this underwater tunnel created under a tank filled with sharks and rays. By booking Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo Tickets magnificent creatures you can look at closely and learn more about snakes at the creepy, crawly zone.

    3. Experience Desert Safari
    Experience the authentic Arab culture and witness spectacular views of the Arabian Desert at the desert safari. You will also get to ride camels, go dune bashing, eat a sumptuous barbecue dinner and witness a live entertainment show.

    4. Visit Ferrari World
    The indoor amusement park at Ferrari World is famous for housing the largest space frame structure in the world. It also has the fastest roller coaster in the world, known as Formula Rossa, where you go from 0 to 240 kmph under 5 seconds.

    5. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon: 
    The unforgettable experience of riding in a hot air balloon over the spectacular Arabian Desert will forever remain etched in your memory. If you wan to catch an early ride, Book the hot air balloon ride and glimpse the surreal views of a tangerine sunrise through the clouds.

    6. Skiing:
    The indoor ski resort by the name of Ski Dubai is spread over 22,000 sq meters and despite the scorching desert temperature, inside the resort, you will feel as if you have stepped into another world. Enjoy skiing, snow fights, and various other fun rides at this famous park by booking Ski Dubai Tickets.

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    7. Explore Dubai Miracle Garden:
    The flower garden is the perfect spot for couples to enjoy a romantic and intimate moment with each other. Spread over 72,000 square meters, it houses over 50 million varieties of flowers and 250 million plants. However, it is only open during winters, so plan your trip accordingly and Book your Dubai Miracle Garden tickets now.

    8. Experience Zip Lining:
    For the adventure enthusiasts, there is nothing quite like zip-lining through the skyscrapers of Dubai in a rush of adrenaline and dopamine. Dubai has launched the steepest and fastest ziplines in the world, and it is a must-try for thrill-seeking souls.

    Click Here to Book Now: 
    Zip Lining

    9. Go for a Helicopter tour of the city:
    Enjoy the privilege to soak in the stunning views of Dubai’s skyline from a helicopter. The aerial adventure will take you from Burj Al Arab to The World Island, and will also fly over the Palm Jumeirah, and Burj Khalifa. Book your helicopter tour now for a mesmerizing view of the town

    10. Explore Dubai Marina:
    The beach at Dubai Marina offers stunning views of the Persian Gulf and is one of the favourite hangout places for tourists. There are several cafes and pop up shops here which you can explore. Luxury fashion brands, yacht cruises, jet skiing, skydiving – the marina offers a host of entertainment options.

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    Dhow Cruise Dinner in Dubai Marina

    11. Visit Theme Parks: From Bollywood Parks to IMG World of Adventure, Dubai has a buffet selection of theme parks to pick from. They are family-friendly places where you and your kids can enjoy a wholesome evening of holistic fun and adventure. Rides, stunt shows, live performances are quite common.

    12. Dubai Fountain Lake Ride:
    The Abra water taxis of Dubai Mall are the perfect way to enjoy the dazzling displays of Dubai Fountain Show. Using 6000 lights and 22000 gallons of water, it is the largest performing fountain in the world. The cruise lasts for 30 minutes and offers an awe-inspiring 360-degree view of this dazzling phenomenon. 

    Click Here to Book Now: Dubai Fountain Lake Ride Tickets 

    13. See Dubai Frame:
    One of the most iconic landmarks of Dubai, the Dubai Frame has been described as the biggest picture frame in the world. It is 150 meters high and 93 meters wide. The architectural masterpiece needs to be seen to be believed.

    Click Here to Book: Dubai Frame Tickets

    14. Explore Dubai Garden Glow:
     By booking 
    Dubai Garden Glow Tickets, Take a unique phenomenon where you will get to witness the largest glow-in-the-dark garden in the world. It is made by using millions of energy-saving light bulbs as well as recycled luminous fabrics.

    15. Enjoy the Global Village:
    The elaborate and opulent global village is a theme park famous for its wide array of shopping, dining and entertainment options that will leave you mesmerized. It is one of the largest cultural extravaganzas held in the UAE every year and is an unmissable event for every tourist. Get your early bird tickets now for the annual show.

    16. Shop in the Souks:
    The traditional souk markets of Dubai are famous for selling the best of gold, spices, textiles, home décor items, perfumes, and many more things. Shop till you drop and get the best prices at these vibrant and fun bazaars.

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    17. Visit the Palm Islands:
    Jutting out into the Arabian Gulf is a haven for people who love to relax in style. The world’s first artificial island, the Palm Jumeirah is one of the most stunning man-made creations you will ever witness.

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    Best Things to Do in Dubai at Night

  13. How much it will cost me to do Scuba Diving in Dubai?

    While you are visiting Dubai you would not want to miss out the amazing scuba diving experience here. There are a lot of places in Dubai where you can go for scuba diving. For scuba diving the cost will be around 300 AED per person.

    Explore The Beautiful City With Car Rentals In Dubai
  14. Which are best water parks in Dubai?

    For the adventure seekers, there are a lot of amusements park and water parks in Dubai which is a must-visit for you. All these parks offer a wide variety of water sports. Few of the park which you should visit here are:

    - Aquaventure Waterpark: 
    Aqauaventure is one of the most popular parks famous for hosting a variety of water sports activities in Dubai. The adrenaline-inducing rides like Aquaconda and Tower of Poseidon are famous, but you can also just float lazily in the waterways at your leisure.
    Timings: 9.30 am to 5.30 pm
    Click Here to Book: Atlantis Aquaventure Water Park And Lost Chambers

    - Legoland Water Park:
    The family theme park is one of the best places to try water sports in Dubai for the whole family. There are a host of fun zones where your kids can enjoy the rides and races, build model skyscrapers and have fun to their heart’s content.
    Timings: 10 am to 8 pm
    Click Here to Book: Legoland Dubai Tickets

    - Wild Wadi Waterpark:
    Based on the legend of Juha, this water park has some truly unique slides and rides that will blow your mind. Drop from 120-meter height, participate in a simulated flash flood, and try wave pool and surfing.
    Timings: 10 am to 6 pm
    Also Checkout and Book: Wild Wadi Water Park Tour, Dubai

    - Yas Water Park:
    Yas Waterworld is one of the best places to enjoy water sports activities in Dubai as it offers a variety of water slides and surfing waves. In fact, the park has 40 rides and slides, along with a host of other attractions – perfect for adults as well as kids.
    Timings: 10 am to 10 pm
    Click Here to Book: Yas Waterworld Tickets 

    - Laguna Water Park:
     The beachfront water park comes with 5 loaded water slides and four distinctive zones perfect for the whole family. You can go surfing, relax in the lounge, enjoy the slides, or simply splash around in the cool blue waters.
    Timings: 10 am to 6 pm
    Click Here to Book: Laguna Water Park Dubai Tickets

    - AquaFun:
    It is the largest inflatable park in Dubai, with some of the longest and highest water slides. Unlike other water parks, AquaFun is centralized around outdoor activities suitable for the entire family.
    Timings: 9 am to 6 pm

    Also Checkout: 
    Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi

    - Dreamland Water Park:
     Offering some of the most fun rides and thrilling water sports in Dubai, Dreamland is a spectacular water park with winding rides that will excite and please you. It also has a special lawn for lounging and various dining spots where guests can enjoy some local delicacies.
    Timings: 10 am to 8 pm
    Click Here to Book: Dreamland Aqua Park Tickets Dubai
  15. Can I visit the Atlantis Water Park? What is special about it?

    Yes you can definitely visit Atlantis Water Park. While in Dubai this is one of the most sought water park which has a number of water rides. The best thing about this park is that you will have all the facilities and free wifi in this waterpark.
  16. Where can I watch the dolphin show? Can I visit Dubai Dolphinarium?

    If you have been long planning to swim with the dolphin or enjoy a dolphin show then nothing can be a better place than Dubai Dolphinarium. Watch the friendliest creature on earth performing different shows and book tickets now for Dubai Dolphinarium tickets . Not only you get a chance to watch the dolphin show but there are seals as well which makes your visit more entertaining.
  17. Can I do Donut Ride on Dubai?

    Yes, donut ride is definitely a must for the adventure seekers in Dubai. Hold on tight as you take this amazing donut boat ride through the crystal clear waters of Dubai. The speed and manner depends on the riders. For children the ride will be slower than the usual.

    Have A Fun Experience By Booking Dubai Mall Ice Rink Tickets
  18. Can I do Banana Ride in Dubai?

    Yes, you can definitely head out for a banana ride in Dubai. Banana ride is considered another favourite water sports in Dubai. Make your Dubai trip a special one as you break the waters blue waters of Dubai. Hold on tight as you bounce on the waters and the waves. There are a lot of places in Dubai where you can enjoy this thrilling activity.

    Also Checkout Best Time To Visit Love Lake In Dubai
  19. What is special about Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo?

    If you want to experience the maximum water adventure in Dubai then Dubai Aquarium & Underwater zoo is a must visit for you. In this underwater zoo is the largest water park in Dubai. Here you can find 33,000 aquatic animals the largest collection of sand tiger sharks. What could be a better way to explore the underwater world than this zoo? Not only can you enjoy the aquatic life but you can also head out for snorkeling and swimming with the sharks.

    Click Here to Book Now: Hatta Heritage Village Tour From Dubai with Kayaking

  20. Can I do Jet Ski ride in Dubai?

    Yes, you can definitely enjoy a thrilling Jet Ski ride in Dubai. The Dubai beaches are very famous for water sports. Whether you are a swimmer or non swimmer Jet Ski ride is a must for you in Dubai. There are lot of places in Dubai where you can try this activity. A few of the places are SeaRide Dubai, Nemo Watersports and Jet Ski in Dubai. Speed past the iconic sites of Dubai and get Guided Jet Ski Experience In Dubai

    Discover Dubai’s Iconic Center Of Arts By Booking Dubai Opera Tickets
  21. Where can I do Skiing in Dubai? What all equipment are provided?

    The best place where you can head out for skiing in Dubai is Ski Dubai Resort. Ski Dubai has 5 runs that vary in difficulty, height and steepness. In the scorching heat of Dubai, this resort will be your best friend during your stay. All the equipments required for the ski activity will be provided the resort. Winter clothing, ski and snowboard equipment will all be there. Also a chairlift will also be provided to make your ski smoother.

    Have A Perfect Bowling Experience At Dubai Bowling Center
  22. Can I do Wakeboarding in Dubai? Is it safe?

    Yes wake boarding is another activity which is a must try for you in Dubai. You can definitely do wake boarding in Dubai. It is completely safe to try this activity. You will be provided with safety gears during this activity like helmet and life jacket. Also, there will be an instructor with you who will be there for your safety. Few of the places where you can indulge in these activity are Wakesummer wakeboard club, Xtreme wake Dubai Maina, Xtreme Wake Ghantoot Marina.

    Have A Extraordinary Experience At Dinner In The Sky Dubai
  23. Can I do Flyboarding in Dubai?

    Yes you are can do Flyboarding in Dubai. There are a number of places where you can try this activity. Some of the places where you can go for this activity are Nemo WaterSports Jet Ski & Flyboard Dubai, Searide Dubai. Fly board UAE etc.

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  24. Can I do snorkeling in Dubai?

    Yes, you can indulge in a heart thrilling snorkeling activity in Dubai. Few of the places where you can do this activity are:

    -Atlantis, The Palm
    -The Lost Chamber Aquarium
    -Dubai Aquarium & Underwater zoo
    -Al Bloom Diving Al Quoz

    Suggested Read: Popular Things To Do In Abu Dhabi
  25. Can people with special needs and/or physical problems also enjoy water sports?

    Yes, water sports in Dubai can be enjoyed by people who have physical impairment as well. However, you need to confirm with your tour operator for exact details. They must also be accompanied by other adults.

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Newly Added Dubai Experience

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