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Scuba Diving

Gokarna Water Sports

In this hippie town, there are a handful of water activities - parasailing, jet skiing, banana boat ride, scuba diving, and surfing. Gokarna is one of the best Indian destinations that have beaches most favorable for these water sports.

Tourists looking to indulge in jet skiing, banana boat ride, and parasailing can head to Om beach. Om beach is considered the centre of most of the water activities in Gokarna. It has many local vendors that offer banana boat rides, jet-skiing, parasailing all around the year. Kudle beach, on the other hand, is suggested for snorkeling and scuba diving.

The water in the sea here remains unspoiled as the beach meets not many number of tourists. Thus, the clear underwater visibility makes the beach a great spot for diving enthusiasts. Similarly, surfing, a rare sport practiced in India is seasonal as per the waves in the sea and can be done at any of these beaches.

This sport of riding on the waves can also be learned and excelled at by approaching the surf schools that provide short-term as well as professional long-term training programs in Gokarna. 
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Scuba Diving In Gokarna
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83 Ratings

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54 Ratings

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Water Sports Activities in Gokarna


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Water Sports

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23 Ratings

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31 Ratings

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37 Ratings

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Gokarna Fishing Trip



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People Also Ask About Water Sports in Gokarna

  1. What are the famous water sports in Gokarna?

    1. Parasailing: Who would not want to see the beautiful coastline of Gokarna along with the majestic Western Ghats from a bird’s eye view? Indeed one of the most popular water sports at Gokarna, parasailing can be experienced at Om Beach. The best time to carry out this activity is between the months of October to April when the sky is pretty clear.

    2. Banana Boat: If you are looking for a fun activity amongst all Gokarna water sports that are not very adventurous, hop onto a banana boat. This banana boat is pulled by another boat against the force of the waves.
    Playing with the waves, the rider of the boat tries to turn the banana boat upside down and the riders get a surprise fun fall into the water! The activity is sure to be loved by all the water babies!

    3. Surfing: In the list of other Gokarna water sports, surfing is a must-pick for most adventure sports enthusiasts. The far-stretching beaches of Gokarna that have strong waves make for the perfect surfing conditions for beginners as well as experienced surfers.
    There are several surfing schools in Gokarna that provide certified training of this sport and qualify an individual to practice surfing across India. There is no reason why anybody would not like to engage in this water sport of riding the waves!

    4. Jet Skiing: Put on your life jackets and get riding on a jet ski where you can play with the waves of the Arabian sea. The activity is absolutely fun and quick to learn. It requires no long-term training, just brief instructions that a rider needs to understand; which are given by the expert professional before going out in the water sport.

    5. Scuba Diving: Take a dip into the underwater world of Gokarna. Swim with the fishes, discover the beauty of corals in this otherworldly experience. The reefs in Gokarna are swamped with a variety of fishes - angelfish, snappers, parrotfish, squirrel fishes, sea urchins, sea cucumbers and so many more!
    If luck is in favor, one can also witness fishing with the hawksbill turtles and dolphins! All these factors make scuba diving one of the best water sports in Gokarna

  2. What are the best places to do water sports in Gokarna?

    1. Parasailing in Om Beach- Take a bird’s eye view of the Gokarna town from a height of 300 ft as you parasail over the vast expanse of the Arabian Sea. If you are looking forward to an adrenaline rush experience, this popular water sports in Gokarna is just your cup of tea. Feeling the refreshing sea breeze caressing all over your face and body as you glide over the blue ocean waters.

    2. Scuba Diving in Netrani Island- The heart shaped island in Murudeshwar is popularly known as the Pigeon Island which is a famous scuba diving spot in Gokarna. You will get a chance to witness the magical underwater life by diving deep into the turquoise waters of the Arabian Sea. The picturesque setting of the island certainly makes it a must visit destination to try
    Gokarna water sports.

    3. Catamaran Ride in Gokarna- Build up a quick rapport with the fishermen of Gokarna and take a short catamaran ride through the sea waters. This is an exclusive
    water sport in Gokarna which you can access from the main beach and promises you a refreshing dose of energy in your veins. The bonus of the trip is knowing about the local culture from the fishermen.

    4. Jet Boating and Dolphin Spotting in Karwar- Dolphin spotting is one of the best
    Gokarna water sports to indulge in especially if you have kids with you. The small town is a popular ecotourism destination which offers a plethora of water sports viz. scuba diving, banana boat ride, kayaking and snorkelling for adventure buffs. Seeing the playful dolphins jumping in and out of water from time to time is a sight to behold!

    5. River Rafting in Dandeli River- Propelling your way through the turbulent course of River Dandeli is your ultimate adrenaline charged
    water sport in Gokarna. You will navigate through lush green forests on two sides of the river that are a real treat to eyes. You will provide life jackets and other safety gears for this sport.

  3. What should I wear for water sports in Gokarna?

    While embarking in the wide ranging water sports in Gokarna you should keep your costume in mind so as not to feel out of place. Whether you want to go parasailing or enjoy the cool sea breeze while sailing across the Arabian Sea, you can go easy with dressing up in funky attires for Gokarna water sports.

    For women:
    -Bikinis or Monokinis
    -Cotton shorts
    -Spaghettis or tank tops
    -Loose fitting trousers
    -Sequined shorts
    -Scarves or bandanas.

    For men:
    -Linen shirts

    What not to wear for
    Gokarna water sports:
    -Clothes made of synthetic fibre
    -Underwear as swimwear
    -High heels or closed footwear.

  4. Is there any age limit to do jet-skiing in Gokarna?

    There is no official age limit to do jet skiing in Gokarna. But, considering your physical fitness it is recommended that participants should at least be above 16 years to do jet skiing. However, those above 60 years are not advised to try this power packed adventure sport which involves a good deal of risks with it. Also, if you have any underlying health condition(s) you should check with your doctor whether you are a suitable candidate for this water sport.
  5. For how much time does scuba diving activity last? And how much does it cost?

    Scuba diving is one of the most thrilling and popular water activities in Gokarna in which you can take a plunge into the tranquil waters of the Arabian Sea. The time duration of scuba diving is approximately 3 hours which includes boat diving  as the coral sites are far from the shores and have high visibility of the underwater flora and fauna.

    The approximate cost is Rs. 6,500 per person.

  6. How much does surfing cost in Gokarna?

    The cost of a surfing course per day depending on the number of sessions provided for a candidate is approximately Rs. 2000 per person. The board rental per 2 hours is Rs. (700-750). You can also visit Om Beach, Kudle Beach and Kotitirtha that are situated near the school.
  7. What kind of fitness am I expected to have for parasailing in Gokarna?

    For the adrenaline junkies parasailing in Gokarna  is the ultimate way to excitement and joy abound. To enjoy this power packed sport you need to maintain a weight level of up to 425 lbs which is obligatory for parasailing. Besides, those suffering from serious ailments (vertigo, cardiac problems etc) should abstain from trying this sport.
  8. How much does banana boating cost in Gokarna?

    One of the best attractions in Gokarna is the banana boat ride in Om Beach. Banana boat riding in Gokarna costs from Rs. 600 per adult for a duration of 2 hours.
  9. Will there be life jackets provided to me during jet-skiing in Gokarna?

    Jet skiing is one of the most popular water sports at Gokarna that tourists look forward to in Gokarna. You will be provided with life jackets if you book a package worth Rs. 1,200 per person per day.
  10. Is Gokarna worth visiting for watersports?

    Yes, Gokarna is well worth your visit if you are a beach lover. It is one of the most preferred beach destinations of India offering a plethora of sightseeing places and water sports for tourists. If you are planning for a 3-4 days trip places such as the Om and Half Moon beaches are highly recommended.

    About 120 Km far from Gokarna are the famous Jog Falls and Murudeshwar Temple where you can do a daytrip. The popular water sports in Gokarna beach you can indulge in are banana boat rides, jet skiing, surfing and others. If you want to give your adrenaline a push, head towards Om Beach for parasailing. The Om Beach is the hotspot of all the exciting water activities in Gokarna.
  11. What are the essential items that one must pack while travelling to Gokarna for watersports?

    Travelling to your favourite destination can be no better than having your essentials in hand. Here’s a checklist of the things you need to include while backpacking given below:

    -An identity proof
    -Essential papers related to your hotel boarding and adventure activities
    -Medical kit
    -Water bottle
    -Power bank
    -An LED torch (in case you want to stay outdoors in a camp)
    -Mosquito repellent
    -2 bed sheets
    -An umbrella
    -Waterproof slippers
    -Rain sheet (if you are hitting the beach during monsoon)
    -Comfortable bathing suit
    -Sweatshirt (if you are travelling during winter)
    -A thin towel (as it saves space inside your bag)
    -A shoulder bag which you can carry easily while going on day trips.

  12. How can I go to Gokarna from Bangalore?

    The distance between Gokarna and Bangalore is 516 kilometers by road. And there are several ways to reach Gokarna. There are direct trains between the two destinations that take about 16 hours and are very economical. Similarly, regular buses also ply between Bangalore and Gokarna which take about 10 hours to cover the distance.

  13. How many beaches are there in Gokarna?

    Gokarna has five major beaches:

    1. Gokarna Beach: This beach is also known as the main beach of Gokarna. It stretches long and is at the edge of the Karnataka state. On most days, this one is very crowded in comparison to all other beaches of Gokarna.

    2.Kudle Beach: Kudle beach is located between Gokarna beach and Om beach. This beach is known to offer great views of the setting sun and is one of the most preferred one amongst tourists.
    The north end of the beach connects further to Gokarna beach while the south end leads to Om beach, however, it has rocks blocking the path. The beach has many shacks, cafes, and guesthouses which makes it a great pick for tourists.

    3.Om Beach: The beach is named after its shape of Hindu religious letter Om. It is serene with soft sand and is the centre of all water sports activities like surfing, parasailing, banana boat rides, jet-skiing, and all others. The beach is also the best option for swimming; even for a non swimmer.

    4.Half Moon Beach: Just about 20 minutes from Om beach, the Half Moon Beach which is yet another beautiful stretch of sand and sea. It gets its name from its shape which is like a half-moon. The beach has a minimum crowd and is ideal for anybody looking for some time for solitude and peace.

    5.Paradise Beach: Moving further south to Half Moon Beach is the Paradise beach. This beach is a rocky one and thus can be accessed only on foot. Thus, the beach is a lesser known one, and a less crowded one. It suits best for nature lovers looking for some time away from city hustle or crowd.

  14. Where is Gokarna beach situated?

    Gokarna beach or the main beach is located at the end of Gokarna, marking its edge in Karnataka state. The beach is quite a long one as it stretches far along the coastline. It is particularly famous amongst pilgrims as it is located close to the famous Mahabaleshwar temple and is relatively crowded as compared to the other beaches.

  15. What is Gokarna famous for?

    Gokarna is famous for its beautiful coastline, the golden sand on the beaches, the palm trees that enhance its beauty and of course, the sunsets in the Arabian sea. The destination is a traveller's pick as it has less number of tourist footfall, thus allowing one to absorb the serenity here. It is often referred to as Goa, but far less commercialised.

  16. How far is Gokarna from Goa?

    The distance between Goa to Gokarna is merely 145 kilometers. From Goa, the beaches of Gokarna are extremely accessible. There are regular buses as well as shared cabs that run from different parts of Goa, from both ends - south as well as north Goa.
    Thus clubbing Gokarna in a Goa trip is also a great idea for anybody who wishes to see both these destinations that are best known for their beaches. 

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