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Water Sports
1596004425 skydiving.png?w=60&h=60&dpr=1
Day tours.jpg?w=60&h=60&dpr=1
Day Tours
1464256849 chauffeur car melbourne.jpg?w=60&h=60&dpr=1
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Theme Parks
1574057398 tf 190527052434 013705.jpg?w=60&h=60&dpr=1
1595416675 ssssssentry ticketss.png?w=60&h=60&dpr=1
Entry Tickets
1595830413 tag sghtseeing.png?w=60&h=60&dpr=1
Sightseeing Tours
1595396046 cruises and boat tours.png?w=60&h=60&dpr=1
Cruises & Boat tours
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Luxury Experiences
1595832744 tag airport transfer.png?w=60&h=60&dpr=1
Airport Transfers

What to Do in Gold Coast ?

Climb at Q1, Jet Boat Ride, Explore the Jellurgal Aboriginal Cultural Centre, Go for Whale Watching Cruise, Surfing, Take the Brewery Tour, Visit the Majestic Mount Tamborine, Island Kayaking and Snorkeling Tour, Scuba Diving at Wave Break Island and many more.

Gold Coast is Australia’s favorite holiday destination that manages to delight vacationists of all ages by keeping them engaged. With its chill vibes and golden sandy beaches in the limelight, there are several things to do in Gold Coast. For a thrilling and quite a memorable experience, you can climb up the tallest building Q1 and witness a beautiful view of the ocean and sunset from the top. For an entirely different experience, there is also the option for fun brewery tours to get a taste of different kinds of beers.

Gold Coast is also home to many interesting water sports that bring smiles to visitors. Due to this, a lot of locals, as well as tourists, come for a plethora of adrenaline rushing activities to do in Gold Coast. You can Jetski your way through the sea or spend a day surfing on the crazy waves as it is a surfers paradise for many. There is even an option to go on a cruise in the deep blue waters and spot the huge whales. Here you can also get access to the island kayaking and snorkelling tours that provide you with the appropriate equipment as well. For a change of pace, just sunbathe while reading a book on the beach.

For nature lovers as well, there are many activities to do in Gold Coast. Here they can wander around in the lush forests and hike to the majestic mountains. Having fun with the fuzzy koalas in the national parks around is also one of the favorite things to do in Gold Coast among tourists.

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iFly Indoor Skydiving Activity, Gold Coast


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31 Ratings


31 Ratings

₹ 8,017

₹ 5,612 per Adult

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Heli Tandem Skydiving in Gold Coast


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34 Ratings


34 Ratings

₹ 54,212

₹ 31,985 per Adult

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Gold Coast Hot Air Balloon Ride


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40 Ratings


40 Ratings

₹ 26,323

₹ 16,057 per Adult

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Surfers Paradise Afternoon Cruise in Gold Coast


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36 Ratings


36 Ratings

₹ 2,265

₹ 1,404 per Child

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Gold Coast Morning Tea Cruise from Surfers Paradise


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41 Ratings


41 Ratings

₹ 2,035

₹ 1,404 per Child

6h5e326ei2pmthfy5yp8yksnysfw sunset%20cruise 25ucqtxvnb7mel93kprawqw3srqr gold%20coast%20with%20dolphin V3azzks2m082bcxuyxl3ucpkafjl friends on gold coast sunset cruise Gjsp1kujzydvogb05f5wt5cbcr40 gold%20coast%20cruise Qoetj8gf7j4sm3g8r7s9d4fslp81 sunset%20cruise%20river%20surfers%20paradise
Stunning Sunset River Cruise in Gold Coast


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30 Ratings


30 Ratings

₹ 5,398

₹ 1,889 per Child

Wxg6kntlc1sf4gw5hu2a9bp7mj5l mbtyr Chs1tp9ah35brt9a4ab2m4ura2od swc dinner6 Nt1xsownldlce6ezw9naa03quty6 swc dinner8 B57l9eg4xfk99c4w04gvlumfqbnu swc dinner7 Ecxo9leggeajgrz7glsml5lho3ks swc dinner3
Sightseeing Dinner Cruise in the Gold Coast


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38 Ratings


38 Ratings

₹ 5,787

₹ 3,748 per Child

Z7l14ozcjdgxwbk1se4nuvg7gmvc swc lunch1 1 Cmbbb5m1zp6v7do8zs77bztwunki 64 700x394 swc morning mob Po2di8pw2uxh755dk785tdxp1988 swc lunch9 Jzun50jkgofgaa8skdagxvi3gdkw swc lunch6 1 4ys72wey8qia2g0liv6c1f03jnzw swc cbreakfast2 0001 project 202108210031
Sightseeing Lunch Cruise in the Gold Coast


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39 Ratings


39 Ratings

₹ 4,578

₹ 3,171 per Child

Ez91rnfbh7k9k89r1vvta4ife1cu gold%20coast%20whale%20watching%20cruise K0r6gomin6fsnmp03tn94ivnzdpf banner whale watching Hkha0ib05h9w9j3u47gqsghor0ju yuyxmnwa2px4zcljvfpc 2zzhjq6jqg44bzg4a8bw46iywyyq yzbep6s6a50v0d77eqj4 F6c6lakwkupvokhfwkhzi5ierfy1 jpg
Whale Watching Cruise in Gold Coast


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40 Ratings


40 Ratings

₹ 5,370

₹ 3,705 per Child

Uvmlkpaxtjg1ww76lz8t1x8z434r 67 mob swcruises Sgmejs5p1p1b63dw0eqlimu4xa5v shutterstock 11582944 Jum6b1h1hyqw9e3tnz0iu1v5u9zz 47 swc desk v12 2pe1npysgv3im6hvb8gzrrkqw80n dsftrgyuj Ud4vl7qqej6lledh63516yq8b3rz fghtj
Morning Express Cruise in the Gold Coast


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27 Ratings


27 Ratings

₹ 1,791

₹ 1,343 per Child

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Aquaduck Goldcoast Safari City Tour with River Cruise


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51 Ratings


51 Ratings

₹ 3,827

₹ 2,258 per Adult

Hbxoidq4o5s1sb19x52lo7enmp6m swc cbreakfast2 0009 dsc01605 H3nxne2ya3mw4aewbgfkwxg1n5k3 swc cbreakfast2 0000 dsc01579 Uz53cyo3acciw8a5m8tqdl24y1de swc cbreakfast2 0002 dsc01483 0ijsq8gcrdz2hder0lpzsl2ug69m fghtj Nt3nho91yhw16rtzg0lnwb379i2z swc cbreakfast2 0001 project 202108210031
Champagne Breakfast Cruise in the Gold Coast


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38 Ratings


38 Ratings

₹ 2,795

₹ 2,096 per Child

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SkyPoint Climb Tickets, Gold Coast


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33 Ratings


33 Ratings

₹ 6,545

₹ 4,516 per Adult

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Scuba Diving in Gold Coast


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37 Ratings


37 Ratings

₹ 10,200

₹ 6,521 per Adult

Dolphin Watching Cruise in Moreton Island

33 Ratings


33 Ratings

₹ 5,346

Uquraecgiwof6sn7uo22zosfhegy 1598952434 shutterstock 1107059627.jpg Axqm9x6tbhsntouoriv5jhjwq43p jet ski 188918 1920 Z940xvroil1frgw8vk847dp9vrqf jetski1243 Qcgr97efshteoanoy8xpyttw34wz jet%20boating%20and%20jet%20skiing%20experience%20in%20gold%20coast Kfjnhx6mwo8h6lagy044q8r6e1b3 0e8a4561
Gold Coast Jet Ski Safari Experience
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Water Sports

38 Ratings


38 Ratings

₹ 8,685

₹ 5,645 per Adult

Half Cabin Boat Rental in Gold Coast
Very Good

30 Ratings


30 Ratings

₹ 4,169

I9kosfkibaxnafg2t36fivyk0d3z shutterstock 1268103970 8lt62mcowt9k07rdula8hizb054a shutterstock 1098122168 Fwj92nrcqtnkd2h7bh24dhdpbn10 shutterstock 222896917 3lmv9pwrvj13ouupyz7uqpcsz0qg shutterstock 228225574 X86ksfpdixqbu1cbhxork8zq28z7 shutterstock 1937764636
Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Gold Coast


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34 Ratings


34 Ratings

₹ 5,564

₹ 3,227 per Adult

Dk1x35de49325infi8ogjk08bm3n 4 world class gear O0ev0yqaz43p8huceydmr7c1n3hp 17 015t3q6q1neqb3gaobj9cfjx4ekq 8 zipline tour 10 people 5vajamu774gdurklt1hvyu3ics9v 6 zipline 70km perhour 9jrchcxzdwyh2gukhpw8ivqp9qw8 2 ziptour tour for 10
Canyon Flyer Zipline Tour, Gold Coast


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61 Ratings


61 Ratings

₹ 11,581

₹ 6,717 per Adult

Zxh7bo72mrknm49nkv4fjifjngng shutterstock 1774990394%20(1) 5rrezbpu28mheugond6xabu21gj6 earokcd5paiwodjv2ufb Epctm32zcxlbfxio4f2llhurok2d a 106%20(1) Qwaok4w1shzk5adr20yt8htjjo8c shutterstock 419025829 8juttukpbd323mnbx20bqkol85we shutterstock 134133569
Half Day Wavebreak Island Snorkeling, Gold Coast


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39 Ratings


39 Ratings

₹ 5,233

₹ 3,762 per Adult

45rcz8jpfp0wybsfye29dd0y1uat shutterstock 183738272 B8dnnma50yxk1xy0k7585403dl5z shutterstock 500641660 Ca37yb66eykdsab584rwa7ozwt8q shutterstock 198636119 Qowcrceik53ii4m42n7wfqned707 shutterstock 233714986 0uj7xvqaiu1z4rggjjc87iqpmugf shutterstock 550881790
Surfers Paradise or Broadbeach Surfing Course in Gold Coast


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Water Sports

37 Ratings


37 Ratings

₹ 4,489

₹ 3,142 per Child

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People Also Ask About Gold Coast Things To Do

  1. What are some of the best things to do in Gold Coast?

    Gold Coast is the best coastal region of Australia housing some of the finest beaches and places in the country. Tourists can walk along the tranquil beaches or feel the adventure in the various amusement parks. From relaxation, exploration, partying or shopping, tourists can do all of these in Gold Coast.

    Below are some of the best things to do in Gold Coast:

    1. Visit the Surfers Paradise BeachRide, Surf and Dive, are some of the best adventurous things to do in Gold Coast which you can enjoy at the Surfers Paradise Beach. Swim in one of the safest beaches under the patrolling of three lifeguard towers.

    Wave along the 2 kilometres stretch of golden sand and rolling surf, to get the most enthralling adventures and explore  more about what to do in Gold Coast around. Make sandcastles, dip in the waters, embrace the evenings, with the soft light strolls at the beach. Or you can enjoy shopping at the Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets on selected days from 4:00 to 9:00 pm. 

    Location: Surfers Paradise, Queensland 4217, Australia

    2. Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Scouting: One of the best things to do in Gold Coast is immersing yourself in the iconic Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, cuddling Koalas and feeding kangaroos. Scout for birds, animals and a variety of fauna in the 27 hectares of rainforests. Be a part of magnificent outdoor themed playgrounds, islands, and open animal enclosures. You can delight yourself with a free-flight bird show, High Rope adventures, Segway tours and a special train for your little munchkins. The extended wildlife include Lemurs, echidna, tamarins, Red pandas, Capybaras and exotic reptiles.

    28 Tomewin Street, Currumbin Queensland 4223, Australia
    Timing: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    Pricing: Average prices range around AUD 50-60 per person.

    3. Enchant in the Sea World Adventures: 
    Sea World Adventures is one of the largest marine parks of Australia. Partake in the prominent activities to do in Gold Coast, like the dolphins feeding and playing the stunts of sea lions, jet skiing and more here. You can be enthralled around polar bears, penguins, tropical fishes, sharks, and rays. Participate in the sea-themed rides, explore mammal park, oceanarium, and theme park to get a wholesome feel of the Sea World adventures. Get the top view with the monorail, for the entire sea adventures magnificence, and get awed.
    Pricing: Average prices range around AUD 90-110 per person.
    Location: Sea World Drive, Main Beach, Queensland, 4217, Australia
    Timing: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

    4. Live in the Warner Bros Movie World
    Have fun in the Warner Bros Movie world where entertainment comes to real life. Amuse yourself in the theme park with the 3D interactive rides, parades of main street, and the Looney Tunes. 

    Special attractions are the rides built around shows and favourite characters like DC Rivals Hypercoaster, the Doomsday Destroyer, and the Green Lantern Coaster. Vibe with the themes of the Scooby Doo, and Spooky Coaster with high-tech special effects and surprises.

    Average pricing ranges around AUD 90-200 per person.
    Location: Pacific Motorway, Gold Coast, Queensland
    Timing: 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM

    5. Kirra Beach Explorations: 
    Coolangatta, the starting point of Kirra Beach is one of the wonders of the region. Catch soothing vibes any hour of the day with activities like swimming, sunbathing, paddleboarding and more.

    You can also explore Cafés and restaurants around for the fulfilment of your aesthetic needs. Experience creatures like moray eels, nudibranchs, octopuses and more playing around the cloaked rocks here.

    10 Charlotte St, Coolangatta QLD 4225, Australia
    Timing: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    6. Seek Dreamworld Mysteries:
     You can enjoy many adventures and attractions of the biggest theme park of Australia.The movie character attractions along with live shows is the best of what to do in Gold Coast. You will  also get hosted by Australian native animals to feel the warmth and love of the country.

    Interact with crocodiles, kangaroos, and dingos at Dreamworld Corroboree. Pick the serene sunset safari to meet endangered big cats at Tiger Island

    Average prices range around AUD 100-140 per person
    Location: Dreamworld Parkway, Coomera, Queensland 4209, Australia
    Timing: Monday to Thursday 10:30 Am- 4:00 PM, Friday to Sunday 10:00 AM - 5:00P

    7. Climb at Q1: 
    Q1 is one of the tallest buildings on the planet. The height of Q1 is 322 metres from bottom to top. One can view the best sunset and sunrise of the Gold Coast at the top of Q1. Q1 is highly visited by tourists who aspire to seek adventure and thrill.

    After reaching the top, you’ll be guided and tied with a safety harness. Post that, you can stand along the stairs and see the magnificent sanguine sun setting among the clouds with awe dropping views of the ocean.

    $30 for Adults, $19 for Children

    8. Jet Boat Ride
    With many things to do in Gold Coast, one can opt for the extreme Jet Boat Ride at Surfers Paradise. Surfers Paradise is one of the most popular resorts in Gold Coast. It hosts the most thrilling and exciting Jet Boat ride in Gold Coast. Departing from Surfers Paradise, the Jet Boat ride takes you through the wonderful waters at some thrilling speeds.

    Enjoy the speed and the splashes of water on your face. Ride the adrenaline-packed Jet Ski Ride.

    $168 for Adults (Jet Ski and Helitour) and $136 for Children (Jet Ski and Helitour)

    9. Explore the Jellurgal Aboriginal Cultural Centre: 
    Among the various activities to do in Gold Coast, Jellurgal Aboriginal Cultural Centre is one of the finest places where tourists can learn about the history and culture of the Gold Coast.
    Connect with the unique and indigenous culture of Gold Coast at the Jellurgal Aboriginal Cultural Centre. The centre is covered with rainforests and lush bushes which portrays the way of life of the ancient Yugambeh people of Queensland. If you want to know about the place and Yuganbeh people in-depth with some fine and true stories, it is recommended to hire a local guide.

    $30 for Adults and $15 for Children.

    10. Go for Whale Watching Cruise: 
    Gold Coast is among the finest places in Australia where one can go for Whale watching. The period from June to November becomes the best season to go for Whale Watching as more and more herd of whales swim near the shore of the Gold Coast. There are many cruise options for Whale Watching in the city.
    One can witness some of the rarest humpback whales and Orca whales. Orca whales are said to be the rarest whales among all the species found in Australia. One can also see some dolphins, turtles, flying fish and sharks on the cruise.

    It can vary between $65 to $75.

    Click Here To Book: 
    Whale Watching Cruise

    11. Visit Lamington National Park: 
    One of the finest things to do in Gold Coast is to visit Lamington National Park. If you are keen on bird-watching, Lamington National Park is the perfect place. You can also learn and know about the native Australian birds and animals at the Lamington National Park.
    Inside the park, there is a place called O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat. Located between the wild and lush green forests, O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat is a villa, where one can stay and rejuvenate themself in the midst of the national park. With spa rooms and a mind-blowing observation deck, O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat is one of the finest places in Lamington National Park.

    Click Here To Book:
    Lamington National Park

    12. Surfing: If you visit the Gold Coast, go for a surf lesson in the crystal clear and azure water of the Pacific Ocean. One of the finest activities to do in Gold Coast, surfing in Gold Coast is popular around the globe. People from all over the world visit the Gold Coast to do surfing. With numerous Surfing schools and resorts which offer the finest and the craziest surfing experience, one must enjoy this lifetime experience.

    Surfing becomes more fun and exciting with the wetsuit on and the golden sun in the sky.

    13. Take the Brewery Tour: House of the most famous Brewery in Queensland, Burleigh Brewery Co. is one of the most exciting activities to do in Gold Coast. Explore and taste the various types of beers at the Burleigh Brewery Co.

    The various types of beers one can get here are:

    Burleigh Big Head (4.2% Alcohol)
    Burleigh Twisted Palm (4.2% Alcohol)
    Burleigh 28 (4.8% Alcohol)
    Burleigh Fig Jam (7.0% Alcohol)
    Burleigh My Wife's Bitter (4.8% Alcohol)
    Burleigh Black Giraffe (5.0% Alcohol)
    Burleigh Blonde (5.0% Alcohol)
    Burleigh Mid-Tide (3.0% Alcohol)

    Price: $50 for 2 hours (1-hour tour and 1 hour of tasting)

    14. Visit the Majestic Mount TamborineLocated in the oldest National Park of Queensland (Tamborine National Park), Mount Tamborine is a paradise in itself. Mount Tamborine is a small hill surrounded by waterfall and lakes. It is one of the most picturesque places in Queensland and is an unknown place among tourists.

    Mount Tamborine is around a 40-minutes drive from Main Gold Coast and one can find some of the finest restaurants and cafes near Tamborine National Park.

    Price: $19.50 for adults and $9.50 for children

    Also Book: Eureka Skydeck Tickets

  2. What all adventure sports can be done in Gold Coast?

    If you are wondering about what to do in Gold Coast beaches, you can enjoy many different activities like skydiving from huge heights. These all consuming activities along with the sightseeing from a hot air balloon, the safe and secure indoor skydiving, the adventures of ice skating and hiking & biking alongside the natural trails makes you eager to want more.

    1. Skydiving: 
    Skydiving, one of the most popular activities to do in Gold Coast, as you  can witness the paranomic  view of the  city. You will get all the safety gear and equipment from the vendors at the site so that you can enjoy the activity worry free.

    18 Coyne Street, Coolangatta, Queensland, 4225, Australia
    Pricing: Average prices range around AUD 300-400 per person.

    2. Axe Throwing: 
    Enjoy the lifetime experience of Lumber Punk Axe throwing, one of the unique activities to enjoy in the Gold Coast. You will get professional guidance from the natives on how to throw the Axe which will definitely let you experience the adventure and thrill of a game.

    19 Ozone Parade, Miami, Queensland, 4220, Australia
    Pricing: Average price ranges around AUD 50 per person.

    3. Hot Air balloon ride: 
    Enjoy the Hot air balloon ride in the city which is one of the best activities if you are looking for what to do in Gold Coast. The hot air balloon will let you see the panoramic views of the city  and make you feel the adrenaline rush.

    Also Book: 
    Icebar Melbourne Tickets

    23 Ferny Ave, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217, Australia
    Pricing: Average prices range around AUD 400 per person

    4. Indoor Skydiving: 
    If you are afraid of heights and don’t want to take the risk in the open air of Skydiving then you can try iFly.  This is the best place to enjoy skydiving in an indoor safe place in  the presence of a trainer.

    3084 Surfers Paradise Boulevard, Surfers Paradise, Queensland, 4217, Australia
    Pricing: Average prices range between AUD 100-200 per person.

    5. Canyon Flyer Zipline: 
    Experience Canyon Flyer Zipline, one of the most adventurous activities to do in Gold Coast. During the activity you will enjoy the lush green rainforests in Mount Tamborine, Australia's largest guided zipline activity. You soar and swing through 7 ziplines at a high speed of 70kmph at 60 metres altitude.

    Thunderbird Park, Canyon Flyer Zipline | Tamborine Mountain, QLD.
    Pricing: Average prices range between AUD 110-150 per person.

    6. Ice Skating: 
    If you are looking to glide in the ice through wheels, ice skating can be a fun addition to your vacation. As you will get the enthralling experience of ice skating and enjoy the many other games like Ice Hockey, Figure Skating or Ice Dancing even more

    15 Strathaird Rd, Bundall QLD 4217, Australia
    Pricing: Average prices range between AUD 20 per person

    7. Biking and hiking: 
    If you are looking for what to do in Gold Coast, here you can ride and trek along challenging roads, peaks, water streams, downhills and add lifetime experiences. Enjoy the hiking with  the thrill as you will  ride a bike on the hiking trails which will definitely give you an adrenaline rush.

    6/110 Kortum Dr, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220, Australia
    Pricing: Average prices range between AUD 100-200 per person

    8. Island Kayaking and Snorkeling Tour: 
    Visit the South Stradbroke Island and start your day with a superb kayak tour. From the island, visit Wavebreak island and see some beautiful turtles. At Wavebreak Island, go for snorkelling and visit the secluded beaches on the island. Alongside kayaking and snorkelling, one can enjoy the tranquil beaches and the silent waters of the tour.
    In the Island Kayaking and Snorkeling Tour, you will get the hotel pickup and drop service and guide service.

    $100-$110 per person

    Click Here To Book: Kayaking and Snorkeling tour

    9. Parasailing: 
    Among the various activities to do in Gold Coast, Parasailing is one of the most adventurous activities. Float in the sky and get a stunning view of the beaches and various skyscrapers of Gold Coast. With the perfect safety measures available, you can enjoy the finest Parasailing experience.


    10. Jet Boat Ride: 
    Get an adrenaline rush as you set out for the most adventurous Jet Ski ride in Gold Coast. Starting from the main beach of Gold Coast, this Jet Ski Boat Ride will take you through the water of the Pacific Ocean. With the speed and perfect sightseeing, experience some moves like 360-degree spins and many more.
    This 1-hour Jet Ski ride will travel for around 35 km in the tranquil water.


    11. Scuba Diving at Wave Break Island: 
    One of the most exciting things to do in Gold Coast is Scuba Diving at Wave Break Island. Explore the exotic marine life of Wave Break Island in this exciting 4-hour Scuba Diving adventure.
    With hotel pick up and drop-off service, opt for this perfect scuba diving experience.


    Book Now: Legoland Discovery Centre Melbourne

  3. Which are some must-try water sports in Gold Coast?

    Gold Coast is world-famous for its water sports and there are many water sports options available. Some of the must-try water sports in Gold Coast are as follows:

    The beaches are world famous for water activities to do in Gold Coast. You can pick parasailing, go surfing in the tides, try scuba diving on beaches like surfers paradise, rainbow bay or more which can be enjoyed by every age group. Or you can pick a Jet Boat or Jet Ski tour for the watercraft and water bike adventures for thrill.If you are looking for relaxing activities, you can try scuba diving, swimming and many more which will let you discover the underwater world.

    1. Parasailing Wonders: 
    Indulge yourself in Parasailing which is one of the most adventurous activities to do in Gold Coast. You will get towed to the speedboat and a parachute and you will get the panoramic view of the area. You will start with an expert for an hour, who takes you on a short boat journey to the parasailing launching point. And finally while sailing, you will see beautiful sights with the 360-degree vistas from South Stradbroke Island to Wave Break Islands. It is one of the best relaxation and recreational things to do in Gold Coast.

    Average price ranges around $120.00 AUD per person.

    2. Jet Boating Adventures: 
    Embark on the seafaring adventure with jet boating, the absolute favourite family activity to do in Gold Coast. With the adventure, you will get to see wildlife marine creatures like dolphins, wallabies, dugongs and more. Here you will find a constant beach buzzing sound everywhere with insightful information from your trip guide’s commentary. On the journey, you will be amazed by all the sea creatures. The high speed will also add incredible adventure to your Jet boating activity, as it's more than just a thrill ride that sails you through Moreton Bay Marine Park.

    Average price ranges around $59.00 AUD per person.

    3. Leap for Scuba Diving: 
    Jump in the sea water and explore marine life by scuba diving in which you can explore the wonderful ecosystem underneath the sea, after a proper induction. The activity not only relaxes your mind but also you will learn about the different sea creatures. You will be accompanied by the guide who will explain to you about the underwater world like fishes, coral reefs, and many more. There are plenty of vendors who will  provide you all the gear and equi required for the activity.

    Average price ranges around $129.00 AUD per person.

    4. Partake in Jet Ski Tours: 
    If you want to experience the perfect rush of adrenaline through the marine activities in Gold coast, you must try the Jet ski tours. Here you will tour with the professional team handling the Jet ski safaris, and you get to explore the rarefied mangroves, along the way of sand bars through narrow tidal passages. You will be mesmerised as you might find the joyful dolphins playing around during your ski tour. The time duration of your jet skiing tour completely depends on your adventure calibre which generally starts from 30 minutes to full day ride.

    Average price ranges around $130.00 AUD per person.

    5. Enjoy Sailing: 
    Cruise along the boat charter for an unforgettable experience of sailing in the Gold coast. You can voyage around the coasts appreciating the serene beauty, calm atmosphere and the ultimate harbour. With one of the largest vessels to sail, you get to delight your senses for the best life experiences. So relax and rejuvenate yourself, with the scenic shots and by admiring the horizon. Also comfort yourself, by impressing your family with an expansive deck, cabins and spacious cockpits, with every sail.

    Average price ranges around $40.00 AUD per person

    6. Wave Break Island Kayaking, Bushwalking and Snorkeling Tour: 
    If you want to experience the best Kayaking, Bushwalking and Snorkeling Tour in Gold Coast in limited time, go for the Kayaking, Bushwalking and Snorkeling Tour on Wave Break Island.
    Spot some stingray fishes and sea turtles on the silent beaches of Wave Break Island. Enjoy the best snorkelling and kayaking experience on the island. Go for a bushwalking experience in the lush-green bushes of Wave Break Island. Alongside this, eat some of the finest and fresh fruits.


    7. Reef and Wreck Dive Trip: 
    This tour is one of the adventurous things to do in Gold Coast. Reef and Wreck Dive Trip takes you to the shipwreck of the Scottish Prince Ship. One can swim across the majestic Migaloo reef and Palm Beach reef, which are one of a kind.


    8. FlyBoarding: 
    Blastoff in this Flyboarding session ai Gold Coast and fly over the golden beach and azure water of Gold Coast. This is one of a kind adventure and is one of the popular things to do in Gold Coast.


    9. Paddle Board Tour at Surfers Paradise: 
    Surfers Paradise is one of the most popular resort areas of Gold Coast. Running across the Nerang River, see the finest landmarks of the city. Opt for this paddleboard tour and experience a calm water ride through the Nerang river.

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  4. Which things are must to do in Gold Coast during the honeymoon?

    With a laid-back holiday vibe and the most romantic beaches, Gold Coast is the perfect honeymoon destination. Below are some of the must-do things in the Gold Coast during the honeymoon.

    If you want to spend your vacation on an exotic beach with the love of your life, Australia’s Gold Coast has everything. You can surf, swim, dive and explore together for the best activities to do in Gold Coast, to have the best time of your life. With a partner you get to experience the picturesque sights, the adventure sports and the long walks. If you still wonder what to do in Gold Coast, you can visit and explore through small excursions and expeditions. You can visit the breweries and wineries as these are among the other exciting things to do in Gold Coast.

    1. Parasailing: 
    If you want to conquer the fear of heights along with your partner the Parasailing adventures are for you which is one of the romantic activities. As you will  spend 10  minutes in the sky with your partner and observe the panoramic view of the area.

     74 seaworld drive Marina Mirage, Main Beach QLD 4217, Australia
    Price: Average price ranges around $125 - 250 AUD per person.

    2. SkyPoint Climb Experience: 
    Sky point climb experience takes you to new heights with the tallest buildings of Australia, the 322-metre Queensland Number One (Q1) Tower. You can take a sneak peek of the beautiful view with your lady luck that will amaze you completely.

    Level 77, q1 building/9 Hamilton Ave, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217, Australia
    Price: Average price ranges around $85 - 110 AUD per person.

    3. Natural Bridge and Springbrook Waterfalls Tour: 
    Natural bridge and waterfall tour is one of the romantic activities to do in Gold Coast. You will get amazed as you enjoy the lush greenery,  waterfall with your loved ones. Or you can walk hand in hand with your lady luck at the natural bridge.

    Bakers Rd, Natural Bridge QLD 4211, Australia
    Price: Average price ranges around $100-110 AUD per person.

    4. Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary: 
    You can visit the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, the home of the highest collection of Australian animal species in the world as this is one of the best activities to do in Gold Coast. You can spend some quality time with your loved one in the middle of lush greenery.

    28 Tomewin St, Currumbin QLD 4223, Australia
    Price: Average price ranges around $60 AUD per person.

    5. Evening Rainforest and Glow Worm Experience at Tamborine National Park: 
    One of the most romantic things to do with the love of your life is spend the night under the stars. Spend your night in the Tamborine National Park glow, where you will be surrounded with tropical greenery under the clear sky.

    Cedar Creek QLD 4207, Australia
    Price: Average price ranges around $70 AUD per person.

    6. Hot Air Balloon Ride: 
    The best food, the perfect warmth and the sky with the experience of a Hot Air Balloon makes an ideal date for your partner. You will observe the aerial view of the area which will definitely make you skip a heartbeat.

    23 Ferny Ave, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217, Australia
    Price: Average price ranges around $250 - 350 AUD per person

    7. Jet Boat and Helicopter Adventure: 
    The Jet Boat Helicopter Adventure combo rides fulfil you with the best adventures of all times. Impress your partner with speed rides, 360 degree spin tricks, and amazing views to enjoy the vacation completely. You can have the fascinating experience of finding the wild dolphins at Moreton Bay Marine Park too.

    30-34 Ferny Ave, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217, Australia
    Price : Average price ranges around $120 - 200 AUD per person.

    8. Currumbin Beach: 
    Visit the sandy shore, surf with professionals along the waves of Currumbin Beach. You can explore Elephant Rock, one of the largest formations in the nearby area, with your partners. Also embrace the quietness around magnificent views and have the perfect quality time alone.

    : 828 Pacific Parade, Currumbin, QLD, 4223.

    9. Discover the Markets of Gold Coast: 
    One can find organic beauty items and fashion items at the Surfers Paradise Market made out of cane toad skin. Near the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, one can visit the Sanctuary Market which is held from 4 pm to 9 pm every Friday.
    This market has several shops and restaurants which offer cuisines from the kitchens of Japan, Italy, Brazil and South Africa. Visit Carrara Market which is home to the largest market of homemade brooches and books in Australia.

    Gold Coast City Centre, Gold Coast
    Price: Varies from market to market ($20-$50)

    10. Go for Hinterland: 
    One of the most popular things to do in Gold Coast during your honeymoon is to visit the Tamborine National Park. The national park is home to places such as large farms, calm villages, a superb coastal strip and massive vineyards.
    Visit the most picturesque mountain of Gold Coast, the majestic Mount Tamborine. Offering the finest views of the distant skyscrapers and dense forests. One can drive to Goomoolahra near the park which is one of the finest picnic areas for a romantic barbeque lunch.

    $100-$200 (Villa Stay and other things)

    11. Sunrise Stroll on Rainbow Bay: 
    Take a long walk and stroll alongside your partner on the wonderful Rainbow Bay. Visit the nearby Froggy Beach which is covered by high perched green rock. Froggy Beach is one of the most beautiful and picturesque places on the Gold Coast.

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  5. Which are the best places for surfing in Gold Coast?

    Gold Coast is the hub for learning Surfing. Below are some of the best places for surfing in the Gold Coast with the cost of learning surfing in Gold Coast.

    1. Rainbow BayAmong the best things to do in Gold Coast, learning how to surf at Rainbow Bay is the best thing to do. Rainbow Bay is the best place for beginners to learn surfing. With a clean and quiet beach to spend a day in peace, Rainbow Bay has many surfing institutes which teach basic to professional surfing.

    Spend a day learning how to surf and after sunset, enjoy a tasty dinner at the Rainbow Bay Surf Club and other nearby restaurants.

    Location: Gold Coast, Queensland.
    Price: $40-$50 for 2 hours (Group lesson)

    The private lesson is $130 for 1 hour and a half hour.

    For 2 people - $95 each.
    For 3 people - $80 each.
    For 4 people - $70 each.
    For 5 people - $55 each.

    2. Currumbin: 
    Currumbin Surf School located at the Currumbin Beach started in 1993 and is one of the most popular surfing schools in Gold Coast.

    There are many surfing lessons. The details are as follows:

    Group Lesson - $35-$40
    Private Lesson - $110
    Ladies Lesson - $40
    Performance Surf Coaching- $220
    Kids Combo (Private lesson + 3 Group lessons) - $195 to $225
    Adults Combo (Private lesson + 3 Group lessons) - $210 to $220

    Location: Currumbin Suburb, Gold Coast

    3. Burleigh HeadsBurleigh Heads is a coastal suburb in Gold Coast that houses many surfing schools. Among them, Godfathers of Ocean is the best surf school. One can opt for the following surf lessons:

    Kids - $130 (1-2 days)
    Ladies - $40 (90 minutes)
    Family Surf Lessons - Family of 4 $275 - 90 minutes
    Family of 5 $325 - 90 minutes
    Family of 6 $360 - 90 minutes
    Private Lesson- Kids $150 and Adults $165 for 90 minutes.

    Location: Burleigh Heads Suburb, Gold Coast.

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  6. Which are the best places for scuba diving in the Gold Coast?

    Scuba Diving is one of the most adventurous things to do in Gold Coast. There are many scuba diving options in Gold Coast.
    Here are some of the best places for scuba diving in the Gold Coast with prices.

    1. Wave Break Island: Popular for snorkelling and kayaking, Wave Break Island is also a hotspot for scuba diving. Near the island, one can see some reefs underneath the water. Scuba Diving at Wave Break island lasts for 4 hours. You will be guided by a PADI instructor who will be with you the whole time. Wander in the underwater world of Gold Coast at Wave Break Scuba Diving.

    After the completion of your scuba diving at the island, you will be awarded a certificate of participation and completion. This lifetime experience is one of a kind.
    Location: Wave Break Island, Gold Coast

    Price: $110-$130

    2. Open Water Certification Course on the Gold Coast: 
    This 3-day certification course will give in-depth knowledge about the scuba diving world. From the classroom to practical training, this course is one of the popular courses among visitors who wish to get a Scuba Diving Certificate.

    Not only do you get to learn a lot about Scuba Diving but also explore the wonderful waters of Gold Coast. The course spans for 3-days and in these 3-days, one can learn all the skills that are necessary to become a professional scuba diver.

    The certificate obtained at this institute is of international importance.

    Price: $490-$510

  7. Where can I go for wildlife safari in Gold Coast?

    Gold Coast is not only a hub of water sports and surfing but is also one of the finest places in Queensland to explore wildlife. Native to many rare birds and animals, Gold Coast has many wildlife safari places.

    Here are some wildlife safari places in Gold Coast.

    1. Mount Tamborine National Park: Mount Tamborine National Park is the oldest national park in Queensland. A unique tour, one can enjoy the experience camping and exploring the areas near Mt Tamborine National Park. This one of a kind tour consists of forest walk and special glow worm tour.

    During the cold nights, one can enjoy some hot drinks and barbeque food items. In the tour, you will be guided to do some bushwalking in the rainforest. After sunset, you will encounter some beautiful glow worms.

    Location: Mount Tamborine National Park, Gold Coast.
    Price: $100-$120

    2. Springbrook National Park Tour: One can explore the UNESCO-listed Gondwana Rainforests in this 5-hour tour of the Springbrook National Park. Look-out for some ancient caves, magical lakes and tall forests. On this tour, you will be guided to places like Purling Brook Falls, Rainbow Falls and Numinbah Valley.

    Get away from the hustling life and spend a magical afternoon at the Springbrook National Park tour.

    Location: Springbrook National Park, Gold Coast
    Price: $90-$110

    3. Segway Safari Adventure: This 90-minutes safari tour will take you across the Gold Coast. Take your Segway and ride through the beaches and the paths of Gold Coast.

    Location: Gold Coast
    Price: $110-$130

  8. What are the famous hiking trails in Gold Coast?

    Hiking is one of the primal things to do in Gold Coast. Gold Coast is home to many popular hiking trails. Here are some of the famous hiking trails in Gold Coast.

    1. Mount Warning: This 8-km back and forth trek is one of the most popular treks near Gold Coast. Many hikers summit this trek in the night to see the wonderful sunrise from the top. It takes roughly around 4-5 hours to climb. Near the top of Mount Warning, one would find the most difficult part of the trek.

    From the top, one can see the 360-degree view of the Gold Coast and its nearby areas. At the base of the trek, one would find Mavis’ Kitchen. Eat some hot and fresh food at the restaurant.

    Location: Northern River, New South Wales
    Price: $10-$20 (travelling cost, no entry fee)

    2. Killarney Glen: Owned by the Australian Defence Department, Killarney Glen is a popular trek among tourists. One would find a heart-shaped lake near the trek. It was not a popular trek place until the boom of social media came to the Gold Coast. On the way to the top, one would find a waterfall. This waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Gold Coast.

    It is located on Beechmont Road and is close to the main Gold Coast area.

    Location: Beechmont Road, Gold Coast
    3. Coomera Circuit: A popular attraction in Lamington National Park, Coomera Circuit is a full-day trek that is a popular trek on the Gold Coast. This trek passes through a caldera, a gorge and ending near a river and meeting the Binna Burra tea farms.

    Location: Lamington National Park, Gold Coast

  9. Which are some of the famous beaches in Gold Coast?

    Golden sand, misty winds and the majestic vibe - all in one at the various beaches of Gold Coast. There are many beaches on the Gold Coast. Below are some of the famous beaches in Gold Coast. The beaches are well known for activities to do in Gold Coast like adventure, sightseeing, explorations and more. Some of the most popular and spectacular beaches you get to see are Rainbow Bay, Currumbin Beach, Kirra Beach, Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach and more.

    In all of these beaches, you can go swimming, surfing, relaxing or trying adventure sports. On Snappers rock, one of the beaches here, you get to experience some world famous surfing competitions. Also at Rainbow bay you as a surfer get opportunities to learn safe and exciting thrills.

    1. Visit Rainbow BayRainbow Bay is one of the wonderful stretches of sand adjoining a water body, loved by swimmers and surfers likewise. If you are confused about what to do in Gold Coast, then you immerse yourself in the natural beauty of  the beach. You can enjoy sheltered swimming, perfect diving moments and make it a must visit beach while being in Gold Coast. 

    2. Sneak Peek to Currumbin BeachOne of the country's smallest suburban beaches, Currumbin beach is an extension of the pacific ocean. If you ever wanted to try thrilling activities like stand up paddle boarding, this is the perfect place for you. The beach also has safety features in which they use red and yellow flags to warn the visitors about the depth of the water level. You can explore the local shops and find amazing eating points too. 

    3. Kirra Beach AdventuresKirra beach is one of the cleanest and prettiest beaches of Gold Coast, with crystal clear waters. You can experience exquisite serenity, calmness by sunbathing on the edges. And if you are a water baby, you will have the best time to surf, swim and paddle board here. You will also have fun with the happy and simple local natives and weatherboard shacks on the beach. 

    4. Scout Surfers ParadiseSurfers Paradise is one of the most popular international beaches of the Gold coast. This beach is covered with crystal clear water, golder sand with lush greenery which makes the perfect  spot for the surfers. The picture perfect background, arcades, shops and the incredible natural shadows in the afternoon, is always there to charm you.

    Explore the Pandanus palms and Tamarisk pines, the scenic beauty spots and you can take a simple walk to a boulevard lining too. 

    5. Broadbeach ExplorationsIf you want to explore the most glitzy and sunny beaches of the gold coast, visit the Broadbeach. Here, Pratten Park has the kids playzone, on the coastline, and a Pacific Fair Shopping Centre for you to take souvenirs. Also, you get to experience the most exciting and fun filled events like Blues on Broadbeach and Groundwater Country Music Festival. 

    6. Surfers Paradise Beach: The most famous beach in Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise Beach is visited in large numbers. The popularity of this beach is because of its proximity to the main attractions, shopping centres and other important places in Gold Coast.

    One can find many restaurants and hotels near the beach. The beach is a surfer’s paradise as it is the most suitable beach for surfers.

    7. Palm BeachThe cleanest beach in Queensland, Palm Beach is one of the hidden beaches of Gold Coast. Palm Beach is mostly visited by families and groups who often long walks on the clean golden sand.

    The beach also houses a few playgrounds and open areas which have a few picnic tables and barbeques for public use.

    8. Nobby BeachNobby Beach is a tranquil beach located on the coast of Gold Coast. There is a big park near the beach which is often visited by families. Surfing in Nobby Beach is pretty good as it gets some big waves.

    Tourists often visit this beach to practice fishing. It is a popular spot for a one-day picnic.

    9. Duranbah Beach: Duranbah or D-Bah beach is regarded as the best beach for surfing in the world. Tourists mostly visit the beach to surf and enjoy the waves. One can get a magnificent view of the beach on Point Dagger, which is located on the top of a cliff near the D-Bah beach.

  10. Where can I enjoy the nightlife in the Gold Coast?

    Gold Coast is popular for its nightlife and is home to many clubs, pubs and parties. Here are some of the finest places to enjoy the nightlife on the Gold Coast.

    1. Melba’s On The Park: An underground nightclub located on Surfer’s Paradise Beach. Melba’s on the Park is home to a restaurant, a bar and a night club. On the ground floor, there is a restaurant and a bar and on the first level, one will find a wonderful club. With different lights and music of all kinds, Melba On The Park is a popular club on the Gold Coast.

    11 AM to 3 AM
    Price: $40-$50 per person
    Location: Melba’s On The Park, Surfers Paradise Beach.

    2. Platinum Nightclub: Located on Broadbeach, Platinum Nightclub has hosted International artists like Will Sparks, Timmy Trumpet, New World Sound, Kyro, Brooklyn and many others. The club hosts an annual Psy-trance festival called The Eden.

    Timing: 9 PM to 2 AM
    Price: $80-$100
    Location: Broadbeach, Gold Coast

    3. Vanity Nightclub: Vanity Nightclub is a very popular night club among the youth of Gold Coast. The club offers services like advance booth booking and quieter VIP rooms. It is one of the pocket-friendly clubs in Gold Coast and is visited in high numbers by tourists.

    Timings: 9 PM to 5 AM
    Price: $50-$60
    Location: Surfers Paradise Beach, Gold Coast.

    4. Sin City: One of the most popular nightclubs of Gold Coast, Sin City is motivated from the various nightclubs of Los Angeles. Sin City is also one of the biggest nightclubs of Gold Coast and once hosted Justin Bieber.

    The Ciroc Bar is the VIP lounge of Sin City and is one of the silent rooms of the club.

    Timings: 9 AM to 5 PM
    Price: $40-$50
    Location: Surfers Paradise Beach, Gold Coast.

    Safety: Gold Coast is a very safe place to travel during the night. The city has rarely witnessed any incident happening in the night.

  11. Which are some best cycling trails in Gold Coast?

    One of the adventurous and exciting things to do in Gold Coast is Cycling. The city is home to many adventurous and beautiful cycle trails. Below mentioned are some best cycling trails in GC.

    Mount Tamborine - 43 km round trip from Canungra to Canungra.
    Little Nerang Dam to Springbrook - 24 km trail starting from Little Nerang Dam to Springbrook.
    Hinze Dam - 60 km round trip starting and ending at Little Nerang Dam
    Currumbin Valley - 20. 4 km round trip from Currumbin to Currumbin.
    O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat - The biggest cycling trail which starts and ends at Canungra.

  12. Can we go for kitesurfing in Gold Coast? What is the cost of kitesurfing?

    Yes, you can go kitesurfing on the Gold Coast. Gold Coast experiences a clear and pretty, sunny sky. There are various providers who teach Kitesurfing. They are as follows:

    - Kite surfing on Gold Coast
    - Surf FX
    - Sky High Kitesurfing
    - Naish Gold Coast Kitesurfing

    The cost of kitesurfing varies from place to place. One session of Kitesurfing can cost around $200-$250.

  13. Which are some famous places for snorkelling in the Gold Coast and how much does it cost?

    These are the famous places for snorkelling in the Gold Coast:

    1. Stradbroke Island: Snorkelling in Stradbroke Island is one of the finest snorkelling experiences in Gold Coast. One can enjoy snorkelling and kayak tours on the island. With dolphins and turtles around the island, one can experience the best snorkelling experience on Stradbroke Island.

    Price: $70-$90

    2. Wave Break Island: Home to over 50 fish species, Wave Break Island is one of the best places for snorkelling. Dive into the water and feel the fish swimming with you.

    Price: $60-$80

  14. Which places are good for kayaking in Gold Coast?

    Kayaking is one of the finest water sports to do on the Gold Coast. The city is famous for its surfing, snorkelling and kayaking experiences. Here are some good places for Kayaking in Gold Coast.

    1. Wave Break Island: One can experience the finest and pocket-friendly kayaking experience on Wave Break Island. An average kayaking experience costs around $40-$60 on Wave Break Island.

    2. South Stradbroke Island: Another popular destination for kayaking in Gold Coast, South Stradbroke Island hosts kayaking and snorkelling activities. Kayaking on South Stradbroke Island costs around $70 to $100.

  15. What are the best free things to do on the Gold Coast?

    1. Relax at The Golden Beach: One of the best things to do in Gold Coast is to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the coast itself. You can stroll, relax and unwind with your loved ones on the golden sand and watch a glorious sunset behind the blue waves.

    2. Visit the National Parks: Amongst some of the most adventurous things to do in Gold Coast, is to visit the national parks such as the Springbrook National Park, Lamington’s National Park, Mount Barney National Park and the Burleigh Head National Park, most of which are free to access.

    3. Chill at The Currumbin Rock Pools: Situated at the Currumbin Valley, this natural spa can be your most coveted destination for free. You can relax in the pools amidst the picturesque gardens, local farms and adorable cottages.

    4. Whale Watching: Whale-watching is one of the most popular activities that you can enjoy completely free of cost, where you can spot majestic whales along the coastline of Greenmount, Kirra Hill or Currumbin Rocks.
  16. What are the best things to do in Gold Coast for couples at night?

    1. Catch the view from SkyPoint Observation Deck: At the SkyPoint Observation Deck, you can witness a mesmerising panoramic view of the Gold Coast, from a dizzying height of the 77th level of the Q1 Tower.

    2. Play Twilight Mini Golf at Putt Putt Mermaid Beach: Trying out your golfing skills with your partner at sunset with the glow of the setting sun as the backdrop is one of the best and most romantic things to do in Gold Coast after sundown.

    3. Cabaret Night at Dracula’s: Cabaret nights at Dracula’s is a popular night time activity on the Gold Coast, where you can listen to soothing music and splurge on delicious snacks and beverages with your partner.

    4. Evenings at the Bowling Bar: Visiting this swanky Bowling Bar featuring ten bowling lanes, AV projectors, a karaoke room, pool tables and a mouth-watering array of food and cocktails is amongst some of the most memorable and adventurous things to do in gold coast with your partner.

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  17. What are the best things to do in Gold Coast with kids?

    1. Drive to Tamborine Mountain: Driving to Tamborine Mountain is one of the most adventurous things to do in Gold Coast with your kids. You can also indulge in a rejuvenating hike to the Cedar Creek Falls, Witches Falls and Sandy Creek Circuits.

    2. Explore Sea World: If you are looking for things to do in Gold Coast with your kids, then you must visit Sea World. Here, activities such as swimming with the dolphins, petting seals and observing sharks can be very memorable for children.

    3. Visit Warner Brothers Movie World: The Warner Brothers Movie World features a WB Kids Fun Zone and popular rides like DC Rivals Hyper Coaster Rides along with replicas of famous superheroes.
  18. What are the best unique things to do in Gold Coast?

    1. Jet Boat Rides In Gold Coast: Experiencing a thrilling Jet Boat Ride is one of the most unique things to do in Gold Coast, while you are spending a vacation in Australia. It is completely safe and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

    2. Treetop Challenge At Tambourine Mountain: The Treetop Challenge at the Tamborine Mountain is the perfect outdoor activity for adventure freaks. You can indulge in activities like the Skyfall jump, suspended bridges and zip lines, to name some.

    3. Gold Coast Canyon Flyer Zipline: The Canyon Flyer Zipline is one of the most popular and thrilling things to do in Gold Coast with your loved ones during your holiday. It features seven enormous zip lines that cross over the breathtaking Cedar Creek canyon.

    4. Go on a Natural Bridge Glow Worm Tour: Experience the tour of a lifetime as you explore the mind-blowing caves and the Natural Bridge smeared with larvae emitting a luminous green light. This tour also includes stargazing at night and an enriching walk through the Springbrook national park.
  19. When is the best time to visit the Gold Coast?

    The best time to enjoy a vacation on the Gold Coast is between May and October. This consists of the late autumn and winter season, as well as the start of the pleasant spring season. This is the time when you can avoid tropical storms and experience the immense natural beauty of the beaches and forests of the Gold Coast.
  20. How to reach the Gold Coast?

    1. Flight: There is no direct flight to the Gold Coast. However, the nearest airports are the Gold Coast Airport (19.7 Kilometres), Brisbane Airport (75.2 Kilometres), Ballina Byron Gateway Airport (93.7 Kilometres) and Lismore Airport (93.9 Kilometres).

    2. Train:
    – Main cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are connected to the Gold Coast with efficient railway networks.

    3. Bus: The most efficient bus route which connects the Gold Coast plies only from Brisbane. Services from other cities are slow and expensive.

    4. Road: You can travel to Gold Coast via self-driven cars and rental cabs.
  21. What is the best public transport to commute around the Gold Coast?

    The best public transports to commute around the Gold Coast are the G: Link Trams, Surfside Buslines and the Queensland Rails.
  22. What is there to do in Surfers Paradise for free?

    Some of the activities you can enjoy at Surfers Paradise for free are:
    ·    Spend a day at the Surfer’s Paradise Beach
    ·    Shop at the Cavill Mall
    ·    Macintosh Island Park
    ·    Visit the Beachfront Market
    ·    Shop at Chevron Renaissance Shopping Centre
    ·    Explore the Evandale Park
    ·    Pray at the St. Vincent’s Catholic Church
    ·    Stroll down the Soul Boardwalk
    ·    Visit the Opal Gallery
    ·    Relax at the Surfer’s Paradise Beer Garden
  23. How many days do you need on Gold Coast?

    You will require a minimum of 5 days to enjoy the magical charm of the Gold Coast and visit all the picturesque tourist destinations and enjoy all the water activities that they have to offer.
  24. Can we go for Underwater Scooter adventure in Gold Coast? How much is the cost?

    Yes, you can go for Underwater Scooter adventure in Gold Coast. It is one of the adventurous and exciting water sports on the Gold Coast. Underwater Scooter adventure is conducted and on an average, it costs around $140 to $150.

  25. Is it worth visiting the Gold Coast as a teenager?

    Yes, it is worth visiting the Gold Coast as a teenager because the city has some of the finest activities that teenagers can do. The activities are as follows:

    1. Amazing Night Clubs
    Clubs like Vanity Nightclub, Sin City, Platinum Nightclub, Melba’s On The Park and many more which are open till 5 AM in the morning, enjoy the best clubbing experience in Gold Coast.

    2. Best Water Sports in the world
    With water activities like surfing, snorkelling, kayaking, parasailing, etc. one can enjoy the best water sports in the Gold Coast.

    3. Adventure and Beaches
    With Lamington National Park and Mount Tamborine National Park attracting the adventure seekers and beaches like Palm Beach, Surfers Paradise Beach, etc. a teenager can surely have some adventure in Gold Coast.

  26. Can a non-swimmer do water activities in Gold Coast?

    Yes, a non-swimmer can do water activities in Gold Coast. The safety measures and the staff at various water activity centres are masters of their work. One can totally enjoy the water sports at Gold Coast. With the perfect swimming costume and safety gears, you will be totally safe.

  27. Is it worth visiting the Gold Coast for a family trip?

    Absolutely, it is worth visiting the Gold Coast for a family trip. Gold Coast is home to many places which are perfect for a family trip. They are:

    Best Water Sports in the world
    With water activities like surfing, snorkelling, kayaking, parasailing, etc. one can enjoy the best water sports in the Gold Coast.

    Adventure and Beaches
    With Lamington National Park and Mount Tamborine National Park attracting the adventure seekers and beaches like Palm Beach, Surfers Paradise Beach, etc. a teenager can surely have some adventure in Gold Coast.

  28. What are drinking, smoking and drug laws in Gold Coast?

    Drugs, smoking and alcohol are banned at public transport places like bus stands, railways station, taxi stand, ferry jetty, etc. Also, smoking is banned in National Parks and tourist places.

  29. What are the best water sports in Gold Coast that we can book through Thrillophilia?

  30. What are the best adventure activities in Gold Coast that we can book through Thrillophilia?

Newly Added Gold Coast Experience

Gold Coast Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Gold Coast
Chakravartee Butt Gold Coast Water Sports Combo
We chose jet ski and flyboarding option on this tour and are very happy with the experience. Flying above the waters and in the middle of beautiful views added a cherry to the cake. Thank you thrillophilia for providing Gold Coast water sports combo ticket at cheap prices
60 metres above the ground gave me chills. The instructor was very good and he gave me all the necessary information. After he helped me wear all the safety gears, I was confident. I am glad I was able to do it and I am glad I choose this.
Adventurous zipline and too above most beautiful views, it was a perfect combination. Going above the greenery at a great speed and winds blowing on my face refreshed me. Gold Coast canyon flyer zipline tour was better than perfect.
The driver was very friendly and he helped us reach the airport without letting us miss the flights. It was a budget transfer option that we could choose and value for money as well. The vehicle was clean and air-conditioned. Thanks to the driver and thrillophilia
Shared Gold Coast airport transfers was a comfortable and convenient package. We did not have to worry about being transferred to the hotel as the driver was at the right time. Would recommend this over taxis
Alex took care of me while I was surfing. He was so friendly and knowledgable and helped me learn from scratch. He even showed us his skills which were amazing. I would recommend beginner surf experience in Gold Coast to all.
Being a beginner I was worried about availing this tour at first. But Thrillophilia did what it promised. I was so excited when the experience started. I could learn the basics of surfing and show off my moves to all. Thank you Thrillophilia for this package.
It was a thrilling time. From booking tickets to availing it everything was very easy. This was my first time and at first I was scared but then I I started to get the hold of it, I enjoyed it throughly.
this experience in Gold Coast was one the most memorable . Driving a jetski gave me goosebumps and being an advance one, we could do so many things. At that moment I could feel the adventure reaching at max level.
The ground staff which helped us throughout this package was super friendly and supportive. We enjoyed thoroughly and had a great overall experience. I personally liked parasailing and will recommend to all the travellers.

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