The great Himalayas are one of the best gifts of nature to mankind. This mountainous range is an earthly example of what heaven really looks and feels like. From thick woodlands to lavish valleys, from tropical wildernesses to compelling slopes, from various types of verdures to the sentimental climate, the Himalayan ranges have it all. If, by any chance, you get to visit the Himalayas just once you will be able to deduce why it's known as the heaven on earth. We step into Himalayan kingdom wonderstruck every time how boundlessly nature has gifted these terrains with beauty and resources. Mile after mile of never-ending virgin greens, the clean air full of oxygen, mineral-rich waters of mountain streams, wildflower carpet and strawberry shrubs—suddenly it is inexhaustible life all around!

Relatively few places on this planet can engage you like the Himalayas. Only one out of every odd place gives you the motivation to be there each season. Be that as it may, at that point only one out of every odd place is the Himalayas. Tourist places in Himalayas are the home to the extraordinary, compared to other enterprise sports zones on the planet.For thousands of years the Himalayas have held a profound significance for the peoples of South Asia, as their literature, mythologies, and religions reflect.

Since ancient times the vast glaciated heights have attracted the attention of the pilgrim mountaineers of India, who coined the Sanskrit name Himalaya—from hima (“snow”) and alaya (“abode”)—for that great mountain system. In contemporary times the Himalayas have offered the greatest attraction and the greatest challenge to mountaineers throughout the world. Likewise enjoy adventurous thrill in the Himalayas like trekking, boating, skiing, mountaineering and numerous others like this. For mountain lovers, the Himalayas are convincingly counted as the delegated peak of nature's greatness.

Tourist places in Himalayas also include notable lakes include Shey-Phoksundo Lake in the Shey Phoksundo National Park of Nepal, Gurudongmar Lake, in North Sikkim, Gokyo Lakes in Solukhumbu district of Nepal and Lake Tsongmo

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People Also Ask About Himalayas

  1. Travel advice

    • When taking any of the Himalayan tours, you have to carry layers of warm clothes, socks, trekking gear, camping gear, sun screen, cold cream, moisturizers, safety and health emergency kit, gloves, hand warmers, many torches, wet tissues, swiss army knife, camera, GPS, snacks, water bottles, and anything else you can think of.

    • Choose a Himalayan trip and plan the itinerary. Whether you choose a pilgrimage trip, or an adventure and sightseeing trip, to any of the places that cover the Himalayan range, plan things you need prior to the travel.

    • Know the laws and regulations of countries like Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet if you are visiting any of them as a part of these tours. They have strict laws with regard to entering religious places.

    • You have connecting and direct flights to most of the places in the Himalayan trips. If you want to visit places like Kailash and Manasarover, or Hilly locations in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Ladakh, Kashmir, or any of the hilly stations and trekking sites, you need to go by walking trails after you reach a nearby station. You can also hire a taxi if it is available.

    • A few sites for adventurous and trekking activities are done in forests, snow laden areas and places near streams, rivers, waterfalls; and might not even have a constructed road. You have to choose your own transportation or hire one to reach these sites.

    • Himalayan tours always need preparation for clothes and other safety items you carry. Most of these places are safe to travel, as long as you are not travelling as a lone backpacker.

    • Drinking and non veg is not preferred in most of the places covering the Himalayan region. You must always ensure, you stay sober and eat fresh vegetarian food that is more hygienic than meat available in these areas.

  2. Drinking Laws

    There are strict laws for drinking in Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, and a few places in the Himalayan range in India. You must never carry liquor while travelling to these places from any other location.

  3. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Outdoor activities
    Trekking on the magnetic hill in Ladakh; taking a stroll by the Manasarovar River, white water rafting, kayaking, canoeing, and every other water sports in the Dehradun and other locations of Uttaranchal. Enjoy treks and view of mountain ranges in Sikkim and Darjeeling. Within India, there are humongous options for taking the Himalayan trips for adventurous activities. You get to do the rock climbing, mountaineering, snow skiing, jet skiing, travelling through cable cars, jungle and jeep safaris, and paragliding. 

    Temples, pilgrimage, and yoga retreats 
    The Char Dham yatra is known to be sacred to Hindus in India. They are all located within the Mountain range of Himalayas. Vaishano Devi yatra is one amongst the most sacred and highly revered pilgrimages that people from all over India take. Additionally, you can visit Rishikesh to experience spirituality through yoga and meditation. It has been a centre for learning yoga and wellness. You can also take the Valley of flowers trip, along with the Badhrinath and Kedarnath trip.

    Wildlife tours in the Himalayas
    May be if you are not up for a lot of water sports, you can go bird watching at various locations in Himachal Pradesh and places near Delhi. You can choose Sangla, Tirthan Valley, and Banjar Valley in Himachal Pradesh to view exotic species of birds, flora, and fauna. You can also take jeep safaris at the Corbett National Park, near Delhi. 

    Cross Country tours
    You can also take trekking, cultural, and sightseeing tours to Bhutan, Nepal, or Tibet. You can get a glimpse of the Eastern Himalayan culture when you visit this Dragon Kingdom of Bhutan. It is an autonomous country that has distinct culture and religious beliefs. Nepal has its culture similar to that of Hinduism. You can visit Kathmandu in Nepal for experiencing the Himalayan tour in this country. The experience of Tibet would be somewhat challenging, as it has the harshest cold climate and lesser population compared to that of other countries. 

  4. Recommended reads for destination

    Himalaya- The exploration and conquest of the greatest mountains on earth by Philip Parker
  5. When is the best time to visit Himalayas?

    The Himalayas being a mountainous range, experiences harsh winters. Hence, it is advisable to be aware about the weather changes throughout the year and best time to visit this heavenly region.

    • March to June is a good time to visit the Himalayas as the temperatures rise after the intense winters from December to February.
    • You can also visit during the months of September to November as the climate changes here in accordance to the elevation.
  6. How to reach Himalayas?

    The Himalayas are a vast mountain range and has many entry points such as Delhi in India, Kathmandu in Nepal, Paro in Bhutan, Lhasa in Tibet and Islamabad in Pakistan. People usually consider Delhi in India as a convenient and safe entry point to the Himalayas. It also depends on which place in the Himalayas do you desire to visit.

    • You can take a flight to Delhi or travel by railways from any destination as Delhi being the capital of India, is well connected to all regions.
    • By Car from Delhi - There are various routes available from Delhi via Hapur, Moradabad, Rampur, Moradabad, Haldwani, Bhimtal, Bazpur, Nainital etc. Drive upto 350 kms from Delhi which is a 6-7 hour journey.
    • By Train from Delhi - This is one of best options for travelling to the Himalayas. You can travel by train from New Delhi or Old Delhi station and arrive at Kathgodam. From Kathgodam you can reach by car in 1.5 hours.
  7. Which are the most famous attractions to visit in the Himalayas?

    The Himalayas has so much to offer in terms of tourism. There are a variety of tourist destinations here and each place has a unique beauty of its own.

    • Gulmarg - An enormous glade, rich and green with inclines where the quietness is broken just by the tinkle of cowbells, Gulmarg resembles a dream set in a film and it is a place where many movie scenes are shot.
    • Srinagar - The capital of Jammu and Kashmir and the biggest city in the state, Srinagar (1,730m) is well known for its waterways, Houseboats and Mughal Gardens.
    • Auli - Auli is settled in the lap of the snow-capped pinnacles of Garhwal in Himalayas in the Chamoli District of western Uttar Pradesh, close to the world well known religious sanctum of Badrinath.
    • Ladakh - Ladakh is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the Himalayas. With breathtaking views and picturesque landscapes, Ladakh is regarded as heaven on earth.
    • Manali - It is a thriving plantation industry, a famous special honeymooners destination and trailhead for various treks.
    • Shimla - Shimla has been honored with all the characteristic bounties, one can consider. Harping on an all encompassing area, this beautiful town is encompassed by green fields and snow-capped pinnacles.
    • Kullu - Kullu was once known as Kulanthpitha.In the past rose the restricting statures of the Greater Himalayas, and by the banks of the sparkling waterway Beas, lay the mythical 'Silver Valley'.
    • Dharamshala - A snowy region with various streams and cool sound environment makes the surroundings extremely appealing. A bustling bazaar town, Dharamshala has set up itself as the voyagers base camp, who come to tour the close-by mountains.
    • Darjeeling - Darjeeling a lovely town, has been a well known hill station since the British time frame. The vacationer’s dream to explore Darjeeling city has been expanding step by step.
    • Kailash Mansarovar - For a thousand years, travellers have ventured Kailash Mansarovar to pay reverence to the mountain’s.
  8. What are the different things to do in the Himalayas?

    The different things to do in Himalayas are:

    • Whitewater rafting - There are loads of crevasses rising up out of the highest point of the mountains in Himalaya, which implies water boating is precisely what you require feel that you're living.
    • Trekking - Trekking is likely the most widely recognized sort of action to experiment with while in Himalaya. There are different courses accessible for both experienced and starting mountain dwellers.
    • Yak safaris - This kind of movement is select to Himalayas Ladakh locale. Yaks are enormous creatures local to Ladakh, and numerous voyagers are quite recently intrigued by them.
    • Skiing - No outing to the Himalayas can be finished without testing the inclines of Kumaon and Garhwal in winter. This regular skiing spot has turned out to be very celebrated in India
    • Gondola rides - Gulmarg Gondola is the world's second most elevated and longest link auto in Asia. The rides start from 9,000 feet and they climb to 10,000 feet, in this way offering explorers the most mind blowing scenes
  9. Which are the best resorts to stay in the Himalayas?

    Luxurious resorts with enchanting views and over-the-top services are all that you can want for during your holiday in the Himalayas.

    • Khyber Himalayan Resort and Spa - Spoil yourself in this extremely lavish Resort and Spa in Jammu & Kashmir. They also offer many outdoor activities like skiing, hiking, horse riding etc.


    • The Himalayan Resort - A romantic and luxurious resort in Manali Himachal Pradesh will leave you with wonderful memories of this trip.


    • Shakti 360 degrees - This resort offers panoramic views of the beautiful mountainous ranges. It is located in the Kumaon Valley region of Uttrakhand.


    • Wildflower Hall - A honeymoon resort which will double the romance is famous for its exquisite interiors and over-the-top facilities. It is located in Shimla.


    • Mayfair Spa Resort and Casino - One of best hotels in Sikkim is the Mayfair, surrounded by snow-capped mountains and lush green forests.
  10. What are the best public transport modes to commute around Himalayas?

    Himalayas are accessible from the North and the South. Due to the wide increase in tourism, good roads and railways have been constructed in the Himalayas.

    • The best way to reach any destination in this region is by roads which have been constructed for the convenience of tourists.
    • You can also reach quite a few major tourist destinations in the Himalayas by railways.
    • Buses and private cabs are available for you and are the most convenient ways to travel by road.
  11. Which are the best places for shopping in Himalayas?

    Himalayas has a lot to offer in terms of shopping. When you explore the bazaars in this region, you may just get tired as there is so much to shop and it can be endless.

    • Chowk Bazaar, Darjeeling - All shopaholic women will love this place as it offers a lot of exquisite clothing, handicrafts, special darjeeling tea and woollens.
    • Mcleodganj Streets, Dharamshala - This place is famous for it Kashmiri shawls, woollen clothing, ethnic jewellery and a lot of stuff for Yoga and Meditation.
    • Manali - Manali a famous hill station is popular for its exclusive Pashmina shawls. The are beautifully pieces of woven and designed cloth.
  12. What are the most adventurous treks in the Himalayas?

    The great mountainous region offers obviously, the best trekking adventures and is one the most famous regions for an adventurous trip in the world.

    • Singalila Trek - You can expect magnificent view here. The trekking trail navigates through the Singalila National Park, which is an energizing aspect of the trek.
    • Zanskar Trek - Strolling on the ice-secured waterway of Zanskar is an extreme affair for adventurous people in the Indian Himalayas.
    • Markha Valley Trek - A standout amongst the most renowned in Ladakh, this trek navigates mountains to remote towns and devout settlements in the colossally lit lunar landscape of the Markha Valley.
    • Hampta Pass Trek - It is the best trek in Himachal Pradesh to seek after with family. Simple access, open glades, valleys and lavish green pine woods, you can appreciate with your children the magnificence of unblemished nature and pristine environment.
  13. What are the adventure activities one can enjoy in the Himalayas?

    This enchanting destination has a lot of adventure activities to offer for all adventure enthusiasts. Your trip would be a memorable one even if you try any one of these.

    • Paragliding in Ladakh - Feel thrilled by a surge of excitement and unadulterated bliss paragliding over Ladakh. Situated in the Indian province of Jammu and Kashmir, is an amazing getaway for adventurous activities.
    • White Water Rafting in Rishikesh - Whitewater rafting in India resembles a wrestling match with mother nature which can be delighted in by all who set out to acknowledge the test of the turbulent rapids of River Ganga.
    • Chadar Trek - Chadar Trek in Ladakh falls into the tough category of trekking activities. The most extreme peak of the trek is around 11,123 ft and it covers approximately 40 miles.
    • Heli-Skiing in Auli - Heli-Skiing is an experience movement which has increased significant fame in the Himalayas as the years have progressed.
    • Hiking in Har ki Doon Valley - The broad inclines of Garhwal and Kumaon locale are covered with thick layer of crisp snow in winter and turn into a regular problem area for skiing in India.
  14. What are the famous hill stations in Himalayas?

    With snow-capped peaks and spectacular views, these famous hill stations must be on your travel list while visiting the Himalayas.

    • Gulmarg - A colossal meadow, rich and green with slants where the calm is broken just by the tinkling of cowbells, Gulmarg takes after a fantasy set in a film as many films have been shot here.
    • Ladakh - Ladakh is a standout amongst the most renowned visitor goals in the Himalayas. With stunning perspectives and beautiful scenes, Ladakh is viewed as paradise on earth.
    •  Manali - It is a flourishing estate industry, a popular exceptional honeymooners goal and trailhead for different treks and adventure activities.
    • Shimla - Shimla The uneven town is enveloped by green fields and snow-topped zeniths.
    • Darjeeling - Darjeeling has been a popular hill station since the British time span. The vacationer dream to Darjeeling city has been ever expanding.
  15. Where can one enjoy skiing in the Himalayas?

    Spots, for the most part over 7,000 feet height, get great measures of snow in the winter season and wind up as plainly fantastic spots to appreciate skiing. These spots have turned out to be so mainstream that numerous resorts have come up there, with many providing this brilliant sport.

    • Solang: Solang, the winter sports capital of Himachal Pradesh, has an rise of 8400 feet above ocean level. Cable cars available here will transport you at a stature of more than 1500 feet from its base station.
    • Auli: At a height of roughly 10,000 feet, Auli is truly outstanding and the most noteworthy skiing goals in India. With a cable car from the town of Joshimath, you can go to this captivating snow capped region.
  16. What are the famous destinations for river rafting in the Himalayas?

    The streams in the upper Himalayas are among the best on the planet for waterway boating sports.The most mainstream boating locales are Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir, the Garhwal Himalayas in Uttaranchal, the Beas River of Himachal Pradesh and Teesta River in Sikkim.

    • Ladakh river rafting - This thrilling experience starts from the Indus river in Ladakh.
    • Zanskar river rafting - It is one of the most difficult yet exciting whitewater rafting experiences.
    • Gange's river rafting - Enjoy rafting in the sacred river Ganges, which is one of the best adventure activity.
    • Garhwal river rafting - You can also go for rafting in Garhwal Uttaranchal where this sport takes place along the mighty Ganges river.
  17. Which are the best biking routes in the Himalayas?

    Himalayan biking tours are one of the super adventurous and challenging experiences for riders. You can opt for various biking tours here.

    • Riding tours from Delhi to Leh - An amazing tour to Leh while stopping on various other famous hill stations.
    • Riding tours from Delhi to Manali - You must try this tour as Manali seems different when you explore it on a bike.
    • Riding tours from Leh to Pangong Lake - One of the most exciting biking tours in the leh-ladakh is this one as the picturesque Pangong Lake is a must visit.
  18. What are the things to keep in mind while travelling to Himalayas?

    As the weather here is cold here and harsh sometimes, it is a necessity to plan your trip with all required commodities required during travel.

    • Warm clothing - Make sure you carry sufficient warm clothes here as the weather is pretty cold and unpredictable, especially when you go on a trek.
    • Camera - You must keep in mind to carry a good camera to capture the beautiful scenic views of the Himalayas, as you will encounter many of them.
    • Trekking shoes - Special shoes are available for trekking and as you will be visiting many snowy regions here, it’s better to carry a pair.
    • Travelling gear - You will need a rucksack and other accessories on your trip, so don’t forget these and pack accordingly.
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