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Nature Camping
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Mountain View Camping

Igatpuri Camping

Touchwood Bliss, Wild Camp Resort, Igatpuri Dam Camping, Swara Camping, Wandering Soul Riders, Treks and Trails, and many more.

If you're looking for a quiet getaway from the city, Igatpuri camping might just be the activity for you. Nestled in the very heart of nature, the campsites in Igatpuri offer a natural, crowd-free respite away from the bustle of the busy urban life.

From full-fledged camping resorts to tent-based campsites, camping in Igatpuri offers it all. From well-established resorts such as Wild Camp Resort to the more natural campsites such as Treks and Trails or Igatpuri Dam Camping site, there is enough to suit everybody's tastes and interests. Staying at the camps can range from luxury cottages to Swiss twents, and depends on the campers’ choice entirely.

While camping near Igatpuri, campers can engage in a number of other activities as well. Water sports and adventure sports are some of the more popular facilities available at the campsites here. From trekking at Swara Camping to trying your hand at water sports at Igatpuri Lakeside camping, your stay at and of the camps is bound to keep you on your feet. Some of the camps also include luxury facilities such as swimming pools, pet friendly rooms, birdwatching gear, and more.
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Igatpuri Camping


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Thrillophilia Safe
Meals Included
Mobile Voucher

741 Ratings


741 Ratings

₹ 1,560

₹ 1,250 per Adult

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Camping at Kalsubai | The Highest Peak of Maharashtra


Transport Included
Meals Included
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333 Ratings


333 Ratings

₹ 1,377

₹ 999 per Adult

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Xz3kkvay2p1cw5bwgn9ipcnxeze1 sandhan%20valley%20valley%20of%20shadows%204 Dnkth6616erzqhg20zagf5o519hr sandhan%20valley%2014 Qbd53315x0m3qpvc16xgnyjsceql vo17n32sac2sot104qp7ny9uzz45 uttari1 Hc6zvje74dxs01xapjs74ddpxgrm 289292929 558293275705415 8136187592490713970 n Punwysk7p9u092wl98u1oglte492 sandhan valley trek and camping
Sandhan Valley Trek and Camping with Rappelling, Igatpuri


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Meals Included
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651 Ratings


651 Ratings

₹ 2,699

₹ 2,299 per Adult

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Secret Camping Igatpuri


Meals Included
Mobile Voucher

51 Ratings


51 Ratings

₹ 1,499

₹ 1,199 per Adult

People Also Ask About Camping in Igatpuri

  1. What are the best camping sites in & near Igatpuri?

    1. Touchwood Bliss: The Touchwood Bliss is one of the most famous Igatpuri camping sites in the area. The site is located amongst the hilly regions of Igatpuri, adding to the aura of mystical and natural beauty. Visitors find themselves in a paradise of atmospheric bliss amongst the hills, which is an experience not only Mumbai residents, but people all over the country would envy. The restaurant on site is vegetarian and also serves Jain friendly food.

    - Amenities: Free parking, free breakfast, air-conditioned rooms, pet-friendly, non-smoking rooms
    - Location: Bhavali Dam Road, Bhagatwadi, Igatpuri
    - Price: Starting from approximately 7,000 INR per room per night

    2. Wild Camp Resort: As the name suggests, the resort is amidst the greenery of nature and is a great choice of site for camping in Igatpuri. The property is located atop the Khodala hill station, at a mesmerizing height of 1,800 feet above sea level. The rooms are extremely comfortable and are furnished with all the needs for a pleasant yet adventurous stay. The property features a luxurious cottage surrounded by forests, and provides an unmatched experience.

    - Amenities: Free parking, swimming pool, bar/lounge area, game room, child-friendly, fireplace
    - Price: Starting from approximately 2,500 INR per room per night

    3. Igatpuri Dam Camping: The Igatpuri Dam Camping is one of the more adventurous choices for Igatpuri camping, and is perfect for a getaway with your loved ones. The campsite is the Bhavali Dam in Igatpuri. Nature is found at its best here, with the property and amenities built to ensure a stay away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The visitors can bring their own camps or use the accommodations set up near the Igatpuri Lake. Favourite activities include bird-watching and star-gazing late into the night in the open campgrounds. 

    - Amenities: Safe and comfortable tents, boating service, trekking service, quality food and hospitality
    - Location: Bhavali Dam, Igatpuri
    - Price: 1,200 INR

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    4. Bhandardara Camps: The Bhandardara Camps provide a very comfortable service for travellers looking for a trip beyond the village of Igatpuri. The Igatpuri camping is undoubtedly one of the prime attractions for people living in Mumbai and Nasik, but Bhandardara is a location near Igatpuri which is just as perfect for your ideal getaway. The forests and lakes along with the mountains make for a perfect weekend retreat. Guests can enjoy bonfires at the campsite apart from the usual activities of natural bliss including birdwatching.

    - Amenities: Sturdy camps, efficient camping and trekking gear, quality meals
    - Location: Bhandardara Dam
    - Price: Starting from 2,000 INR

    5. Swara Camping: Swara Camping is one of the most well-known sites for camping near Igatpuri, and is located in Bhandardara. The camping site is specifically set up by the pristine Arthur Lake. The scenic beauty is simply unmatched and the camping experience focuses on community-based living amidst the lap of nature.

    - Amenities: Safe tents, boating, trekking, campfire, quality food, and hospitality
    - Location: Shendi, Rajur, Ahmednagar
    - Price: Starting from around 1,000 INR

    Click Here to Book Now: Igatpuri Camping
  2. What are the best lakeside camping in Igatpuri?

    1. Igatpuri Lakeside Camping & Watersports: Enjoy a day by the lake filled with adventure, watersports and a camping experience unlike any other, starting at just 999 INR.

    2. Swara Camping: Swara Camping provides a unique experience of camping in Igatpuri, with all the basic requirements met for an adventurous experience with your loved ones. The camp site is located by Lake Arthur.

    3. Bhandardara Camps: The Bhandardara Camps provide a unique experience of camping near Igatpuri, with their camping site being set up by the Bhandardara Dam itself. Travellers are sure to get the best out of nature during their stay.

    4. Wandering Soul Riders: Wandering Soul Riders or WSR provide a detailed and extensive experience of camping in Igatpuri. Their facilities include the tents and camping equipment, along with provisions for water sports like kayaking and swimming.

    5. Treks and Trails: They are one of the most well-known and trusted agencies you can opt for if you are looking for a lakeside experience during Igatpuri camping. The organizers provide all the necessary equipment and training for an exhilarating experience.

    Checkout & Book: Kalsubai Camping
    Harihar Fort Trek
  3. What facilities will I get in Camping in Igatpuri?

    - Safe and reliable tents
    - Beds
    - Hygienic toilets
    - Water Sport facilities
    - Meal packages
    - Basic first aid 
    - Free parking
    - Free breakfast
    - Some campsites are pet friendly
    - Smoking area

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  4. What activities can we do while camping near Igatpuri?

    - Travellers can engage in watersports like swimming or kayaking with proper guidance

    - Birdwatching is a favourite pastime for campers

    - Stargazing in the night is an exhilarating experience

    - Campfire activities include music, dancing

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  5. What is the best time for Camping in Igatpuri?

    The best time to go camping in Igatpuri is undoubtedly during the winter season as the winter temperature of Maharashtra is perfect for camping. During this time, the weather here remains cool and pleasant, making it ideal for outdoor activities. That said, Camping in Igatpuri can be undertaken all through the year, and the best time actually depends on the preference of the travellers themselves.

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21 March 2020
Gati Dhawan Igatpuri Camping
It was an amazing experience the location was good we all friends enjoy igatpuri camping very much and bonfire with live music is a superb idea, guide was also there to give us a good company and the best part was the time of sunset and sunrise. Overall this camp is one of the best I ever stayed.
09 March 2020
Swami Patil Igatpuri Camping
I and my friends visit for camping last weekend and it was a great experience we all friends do camping, a bonfire with live music and BBQ. The food was yummy and the guide was a good experience holder. You can go there without any doubts, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
15 March 2020
Hiranmaya Sharma Igatpuri Camping
Very beautiful place, so relaxing environment and the BBQ makes it even more memorable. You can really feel the wind blowing. I haven’t slept there as I was enjoying there, the bonfire was just wow. Truly recomendedddd….!!!!
09 March 2020
Akshainie Kaniyar Igatpuri Camping
I book this camp from Thrillophilia to enjoy it with my friends and we all enjoyed a lot, the camp was surrounded with mountains and there was a river nearby, the food, guide and transport service was good and the camp was very comfortable and we decide to visit this place again.
02 March 2020
Aadinath Somayaji Igatpuri Camping
This experience is unique as the campsite is very beautiful especially at night and we also had an awesome night walk. The food was up to the mark and the staff was helpful. Will visit again.
Yugesh Samant Igatpuri Camping
"Excellent host, good food... "
24 February 2021
Shivani Latkar Kalsubai Camping
It was a wonderful experience... Thank you Team for this amazing experience
04 January 2021
Vikas Pawar Igatpuri Camping
It was first experience with family on camping and was really awesome experience during entire stay. Fully relaxed and enjoyed during stay. Food, snacks are also homemade and tasty. Staff is really co-operative and polite. Ultimate experience. MUST visit at least once as it really different than other tours.
29 December 2020
Adity Chakraborty Igatpuri Camping
Awesome place to hang out with friends. Must visit the camp, as the location is settled near to dam. One can experience mesmerizing natural beauty of western Ghats, beautiful sunset, then live music along with BBQ. Refresh yourself with tea in the morning and go out for trekking with guide. You can avail all the necessary items just in one call, the guides and hosting is superb. It was altogether an awesome experience.
Kartik Masrani Igatpuri Camping
"awesome experience. must visit this camping once in life. beautiful place. it is at Kaluste Dam near Igatpuri. live music, snacks, BBQ, born fire, full night enjoyment along with very good dinner and refreshing tea and breakfast in the morning. awesome from this place you can view Alang, Madan,Kulang hills also you can take guide for trekking. excellent experience."

Igatpuri Travel Guides

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