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Offering you a slice of paradise, Ipoh is a historic city with numerous historical places to visit, things to do along with providing some of the most spellbinding views. The pleasant weather of Ipoh city offers you a state of pure bliss enhancing your experience of planning a vacation to this alluring city making your vacation a memorable one.

From historical cave temples including Sam Poh Tong, Perak Cave Temples to famous museums that provide you insights into the history of tin mining in this city like the tea museum and Han Chin Pet Soo, visiting Ipoh is like gaining tremendous knowledge. You can also visit the beautiful lakes and go on river walks, this city is never going to disappoint you. The colonial buildings in Ipoh also stand firm in all its glory depicting the struggles of the past and yet retaining their charm.

The Kellie’s Castle and Dr. Seenivasagam Park will take you on a spectacular adventure with a fusion of splendid beauty and thrilling activities. Gunung Lake and Kinta river walk on the hand make for one of the most relaxing and mesmerising experiences at once.

You can also visit the Ipoh’s markets and shop till your feet give up and buy everything from amazing handicrafts, white coffee or souvenirs to take back or just relish the authentic, local food in Ipoh that will leave you licking your fingers and craving for more. Plan a trip to this enchanting city if you are looking for a perfect getaway escaping the chaos and stress of everyday life and travel with your friends, family or partner to this city for a perfect vacation.

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People Also Ask About Ipoh

  1. What are the best places to visit in Ipoh?

    1. Sam Poh Tong: Discovered by a Buddhist monk, this temple is home to small Buddha shrines along with a stunning ornamental garden. This temple preserves history and you can also witness the bewitching artwork here.

    You will also get insights into the history of this temple with a cave which is quite interesting. You can also relax by the pond present there which is encapsulated by the rocks. This is one of the must visits while you are on Ipoh tourism.

    Location: Gunung Rapat, Ipoh 30540, Malaysia.
    Timings: 8 AM - 3:30 PM.

    2. Ipoh Railway Station: 
    This is one of the most magnificent buildings to visit during Ipoh tourism even though it is a railway station. With a glorious history that is worth knowing, this railway station is not common and makes for one of the best tourist attractions.

    The timeless glory of this railway station is a colonial and an architectural marvel with a riveting structure. Hearing the tales of the history of this place is so intriguing that you will never be disappointed.

    Location: Jalan Panglima Bukit Gantang Wahab. Ipoh 30000, Malaysia.
    Timings: 8 AM - 4 PM.

    3. Birch Memorial Clock Tower: 
    Built in 1909 in the honour of James Birch, this Memorial Clock Tower is one of the most attractive places to visit in Ipoh city. The 1.95m diameter bell is the major attraction of this place along with the huge sculpture of Buddha, Shakespeare, and Charles Darwin.

    This place allures tourists in huge numbers and is one of the favourites among them. It also retains the colonial charm and is therefore more interesting to visit because you will also get to know about the history of the place.

    Location: Alan Dato’ Sagor, Ipoh, Malaysia.
    Timings: Open 24 hours.

    4. Museum Darul Ridzuan: 
    Dating back to 1926, this museum reveals the history of the past about tin mining which was a famous industry here and also about the art of forestry. While you are in Ipoh city, this is one of the famous attractions that you cannot afford to miss here. Even after being renovated multiple times, the museum retains its charm and is ever beautiful.

    Location: 2020 Jalan Panglima Bukit Gantang Wahab, Ipoh, Malaysia.
    Timings: 9:30 AM -5:00 PM on Saturdays to Thursdays, 9:30 AM -12:15 PM and 2:45 PM – 5:00 PM on Fridays.

    5. Ipoh World: 
    With a lot of handicrafts products that are beautiful and enthralling, Ipoh is a non profit organisation. It promotes Perak tourism and some of the most stunning sites which are worth witnessing.

    Home to the first hakka tin mining museum in Malaysia, Ipoh world is one of the best places to visit during Ipoh tourism. Possessing beautiful antique pieces, it undoubtedly enchants the tourists and is hence one of the most visited places in Ipoh.

    Location: 3 Jalan Bijeh Timah, Ipoh 30000, Malaysia.
    Timings: 9:30 AM – 3:30 PM.

    6. Perak Cave Temples: 
    Dating back to 1926, this cave temple is surrounded by bewitching beauty and landscapes, a sight worth witnessing. This is one of the famous cave temples visited by the tourists who visit Ipoh as it is on everyone’s bucket list. Home to a 40 feet tall Buddha statue, Perak Cave temples allure the tourists into visiting this place. Adorned with colorful frescos and calligraphy, this is a place worth visiting.

    Location: Jln. Kuala Kangsar, Kawasan Perindustrian Tasek, 31400 Ipoh, Negeri Perak, Malaysia.
    Timings: 9:30 am - 04:00 pm.

    7. Dr. Seenivasagam Park: 
    One of the best places to visit with your family, Dr Seenivasagam Park makes for a perfect spot with a peaceful atmosphere. Nestled in the lush greenery, it was built in 1960 and was named after a politician.

    Consisting of a nursery, a children’s play area, Japanese Zen Garden and garden lake, this park makes for one of the best picnic destinations where even your kids will have a great time. You can engage in bike riding or just relax in the tranquility surrounding the park.

    Location: Alan Keliling Dalam, 30300 Ipoh, Negeri Perak, Malaysia.

    8. Kellie’s Castle: 
    Situated on a hilltop, the ruins of Kellie’s castle is believed to be haunted and makes for one of the most mysterious yet interesting experiences. The castle is surrounded by lush greenery and possesses several passages, underground tunnels and hidden rooms.

    The high quality furniture, bewitching victorian gardens, Hew Lorimer sculpture exhibit and woodland walks are some of the highlights of this castle and is on a lot of bucket lists. Visit this beautiful place and it is sure to steal your heart.

    Location: 31000 Batu Gajah, Perak, Malaysia.
    Timings: 9 AM - 6 PM.
  2. What are the best things to do in Ipoh?

    1. Visit the Movie Animation Park Studios: Visiting this amusement park  is one of the best things to do in Ipoh because it is one of the most fun and thrilling places. Providing recreation at its best, this park is perfect for families with kids to visit as they will enjoy the most here.

    One of the parks with more than 20 interactive attractions and rides, you can enjoy characters like smurfs etc along with stunt vehicles and shows. Boasting of 6 theme zones, this park also offers entertaining water rides.

    Location: Bandar Meru Raya 3.
    Entry Fee: INR 845 per adult.
    Timings: 10 AM - 10 PM.

    2. Shop at Ipoh Markets: 
    Shopping at Ipoh city is one the best things to do while you are in this city for a beautiful vacation. You can buy the very famous white coffee, Tambun Pomelos and a variety of antiques at the Ipoh markets.

    Local handicrafts and other souvenirs that you can take back for your family and friends is also widely popular in Ipoh. The flea market is also tremendously famous here and will offer you the best time.

    Location: Multiple locations.
    Timings: Night Markets  from 4 PM - 1 PM and Flea Market from 1 PM - 6 PM.

    3. Kinta River Walk: 
    Once a famous place for tin mining, Kinta River is a famous attraction in Ipoh. The Kinta River walk is one of the most splendid things to do in the city because it offers a refreshing and rejuvenating experience.

    A majority of the tourists love walking along the river as the weather is pleasant with cool breeze lapping your cheeks. Kinta River is surrounded by lush greenery and offers a tranquil atmosphere that will woo you providing you with the best experience.

    Location: Jalan Lim Bo Seng.

    4. Relax at Gunung Lake: 
    Offering breathtaking views and surrounded by serenity, Gunung lake offers pure bliss and relaxation to its core. Visiting this lake while in Ipoh makes for a perfect lazy day and you can visit with your family or your partner to make moments to be relished forever.

    Encapsulated by beautiful green hills, this lake also offers boating which is a mesmerising experience in such a beautiful atmosphere. You can also explore and visit the riveting waterfalls that are there.

    Location: Jalan Damai.
    Entry Fee: INR 50 including boat ride.
    Timings: 8:30 AM - 6 PM.

    5. Relish the Food: 
    With abundance of authentic local food in Ipoh, you cannot run out of things to taste and relish here. Tasting the scrumptious food is one of the best things to do in this city while enjoying the stunning views.

    You cannot miss out on white coffee which is a highlight of Ipoh and some of the other famous dishes like the classic chicken and bean sprouts. The flavours of the food here will embrace your tongue in the most palatable way and you will have the time of your life here.

    Location: Taman Jubilee.

    6. Explore the Ipoh’s Museums: 
    Preserving the history of the city of Ipoh, visiting the museums is one of the best things to do while on a holiday to this city. The tea museums are a great way to get insights and knowledge about various kinds of tea and you will also get to taste the sample tea at the end of the tour. The Han Chin Pet Soo museum on the hand narrates and reveals the history of tin mining here and is quite intriguing.

    Location: Jalan Bijeh Timah.
    Entry Fee: INR 75 for the Tea Museums and INR 170 for Han Chin Pet Soo.
    Timings: 10 AM - 4 PM for the Tea Museums and 9:30 AM to 5 PM for Han Chin Pet Soo.

    7. Heritage Walk: 
    Visit the thirty different places and spots famous among the tourists on this heritage trail. One of the most enchanting things to do during your visit to Ipoh is to explore the glorious heritage of this city which is worth knowing and witnessing.

    Some of the most famous tourist spots will narrate stories of the past and reveal things unknown to you otherwise. You cannot leave this without knowing about its interesting history through this heritage walk. Ensure that you go on this heritage walk visiting all the famous attractions that preserve the remarkable heritage of Ipoh.

    8. Funtasy House: 
    This is one of the most famous and entertaining places for tourists and also comprises one of the best things to do in Ipoh. Funtasy House is nothing less than enchanting in any way and creates curiosity among the people travelling to this city.

    You can get your pictures clicked in unusual and fun ways like you can be clicked upside down or pretend to be eaten by a shark. One of the favourites among the tourists, this place is most visited by families with kids who love this Funtasy House.

    Location: Jalan Market.
    Entry Fee: INR 340 for adults, free for children under 4.
    Timings: 9 AM - 8 PM.
  3. Why Ipoh is famous?

    Ipoh is a historic city, home to numerous major attractions to be visited. Renowned as ‘Gateway to the Cameron Highlands’ it is a beautiful hill station surrounded with tranquility and peace. Ipoh was also known for being an important center of the tin industry and is a unique place to visit.
  4. How to reach Ipoh?

    The best way to reach Ipoh is to take the Gold Service train that takes approximately two hours and twenty minutes and another option is the Silver Service train. These are the most convenient options to reach the beautiful city.
  5. What is the best time to visit Ipoh?

    December to February are the best months to visit Ipoh as the weather remains pleasant and is appropriate for tourists to visit the city. You can easily roam around and explore the city during these months as the weather remains ideal for the same.
  6. Is it safe in Ipoh?

    Yes, Ipoh is safe to visit and is tourist friendly. However, it is not advisable to go out alone at night in the secluded areas that might not be that secure to visit. Otherwise it is a nice and a safe place to go to for a vacation.
  7. Is Ipoh worth visiting?

    Yes, Ipoh is absolutely worth visiting as it has a glorious history and culture that you can explore along with a number of famous tourist attractions to visit. Possessing some of the famous cave temples and other places, the city is worth witnessing.
  8. How many days do you need in Ipoh?

    Around 3 days and 2 nights are enough to visit Ipoh and explore the place to your heart’s content. Visit the famous temples, museums and recreational parks during these days and you will enjoy your time making it your best vacation.
  9. Do I need a visa for Ipoh?

    You do not need a tourist visa to visit Malaysia and hence Ipoh as you can get an eNTRI visa which is a single entry e-visa.
  10. How to reach Ipoh from India?

    You can reach Ipoh from India through a direct flight either from Chennai or Bangalore, Delhi etc. It is the most convenient way to reach Malaysia and then travel to Ipoh through train.
  11. What is the best public transport to commute around Ipoh?

    The best public transport to commute around Ipoh is the bus which is the most convenient and the cheapest option. Travelling by the bus is the easiest and is viable for everyone to travel around the city and witness the major attractions.
  12. What should I buy in Ipoh?

    There are several things you can buy from the city of Ipoh like the famous white coffee, egg tarts, Tambun Pomelos, various kinds of antiques, some of the most beautiful local made handicrafts and various souvenirs to take back home for your friends and family.
  13. What are the best adventure activities to do in Ipoh?

    1. Water Rafting: Experience the thrill and adventure on your trip to Ipoh and engage in the water rafting through the Kampar river’s raging water and gushing waves. It is completely safe as safety instructions are provided before the activity. You are also provided with a luscious barbeque meal after the activity so that you have a good time.

    2. Gua Tempurung Cave Tour: Engage in a variety of activities of multiple difficulty levels and explore the limestone caves. You will also witness the rock formations leading to stalagmites and stalactites. Explore the caves, narrow passages and walkways that will take your breath away. A guide will also accompany you and offer you insights about the caves.

    3. Belum Temenggor Forest Reserve Tour: A tour to Belum Temenggor is one of the most adventurous tours to experience and witness the world’s largest flower which is Rafflesia flower. Witness the most rare and unique species of flora and fauna like the Malaysian Sun Bear, Sumatran Rhinoceros and many more.

    4. Kandu Cave Exploration: One of the most thrilling activities to do in Ipoh city is the Kandu Cave Exploration where you will witness the rock formations and walk through the challenging caves. You will also be accompanied by a guide who will narrate stories and insights about the history of the caves.
  14. What is there to do in Ipoh at night?

    1. Visit the Tong Sui Kai Hawker Street: Relish the local street of Ipoh city from the Tong Sui Kai Hawker Street which means ‘Dessert Street.’ The street offers various kinds of delectable desserts owing to its name. These are some of the dishes you should not miss out on while in Ipoh.

    2. Visit Brick and Barrels: Enjoy your time at one of the best bars in Ipoh city and dance to the tune of the famous music by popular DJs. Tickle your taste buds with the most scrumptious food and a wide variety of beers at this bar.

    3. Take in the mesmerising views from Rooftop Bars: There are various night rooftop bars in the Ipoh city that provide surreal views along with the exotic cocktails and lip smackingly delicious food. This is one of the best things to do at night while in this gorgeous city.

    4. Witness the Heritage Buildings at Night: Preserving the colonial heritage and charm, visiting the heritage buildings is one of the most amazing things to do at night. Some of these buildings to visit are Dewan Bandaran Ipoh, Riverwalk Bridge, Birch Clock Tower and many more.
  15. What is the best area to stay in Ipoh?

    1. Old Town: This is one of the best areas to stay on the Ipoh tourism as there are numerous colonial buildings of historical and glorious heritage. Along with a huge number of restaurants and hotels to explore, Old Town is a happening area to live in. Some of the best hotels in this area include M Boutique, Seemsoon and Bedrock Hotels.

    2. Gunung Rapat: Home to several renowned cave temples including Sam Poh Tong, Kek Lok Tong Cave temple and many more makes for one of the most stunning areas to stay while on Ipoh tourism. With close proximity to these cave temples, this area is famous to stay when on a vacation. Symphony Suites, Merton and Impiana Hotel are some of the good options to stay here.

    3. Tambun: One of the favourite areas among the tourists to stay in Ipoh city is Tambun which is famous because of its proximity to natural hot springs, water parks and the pomelo fruit which is native to Ipoh. The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat, Atlantis Pool Villa and Xscape are the great accommodation options here.

    4. Jalan Yang Kalsom: This is also one of the best areas to stay in Ipoh city because this area is at a short distance from some of the major attractions in the city. Also possessing some of the most exquisite hotels and resorts like Ritz Garden, Mu Hotel and Majestic, this is considered to be one of the best areas.
  16. What are the best areas to shop in Ipoh?

    1. Jalan Teh Lean Swee: One of the most happening areas to shop in Ipoh city, Jalan Teh Lean Swee is home to Kinta City From various brands to all kinds of things. This place has various famous malls and complexes that offer everything you can imagine along with famous restaurants and cafes.

    2. Station 18, Pengkalan: One of the most beautiful and buzzing areas to shop in Ipoh, Station 18, Pengkalan has various shops and one of the famous ones being AEON Station 18 where you can shop to your heart’s content.

    3. Jalan Meru Bistari: Possessing one of the biggest malls in the city, Jalan Kampar makes for a famous shopping attraction for all the shopaholics. Mydin offers all the brands that you can choose from while in the city and spend as much time as you want shopping.

    4. Jalan Laksamana: Shopping complexes in this area offer everything ranging from technology, apparels, health and wellness, salons, accessories etc. There is one famous complex called Yik Foong where you can find most of the things you are looking for.
  17. What are the essential items that one must pack while travelling to Ipoh?

    Do not forget to carry your best clothes as this is one of the places to be dressed well and get clicked here. Carry your camera to capture the beautiful places and attractions that you will visit along with all the other essential items like comfortable shoes, water bottle and your toiletries.
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Ipoh Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Ipoh
I good place to bond with your family members and make memories and spend weekend.
Amazing service Loved the whole tour, enjoyed it
What a sight was seeing world’s largest flower Rafflesia in full bloom. Amazing Experience
Visited Movie Animation Park Studios with my kids. Had a fun-filled time.
Acharyasuta Khanna Lost World of Tambun Tickets
This is my 2nd time to Lost World of Tambun and it is just a wonderful experience! My kids love the water activities so much and we have a great time together
It was Full of excitement and many activities to enjoy and superb facilities and rides. To those have kids definitely should experience this. Highly recommended!
28 November 2019
Really good experience, actually park is not that much big compare to Sunway Lagoon. But we enjoyed a lot, especially My Kid and My Wife.
The rafting experience was completely amazing..the guide was good and professional..we have conquer 7km of kampa river's raging waters..would like to visit again!
Dhanpati Khatri Gua Tempurung Cave Tour
This place is best for cave lovers, adventure seekers, nature lovers and photographers and the trip was nice and interesting
Abhirath Prajapat Kandu Cave Exploration
the guide was so friendly and he gave good explaination in every section. we were so amazed by the cave...super worth to visit.

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