Water Activities in Krabi

Windsurfing, Scuba diving, Snorkeling, Sea Kayaking, White Water Rafting, Wakeboarding, Kite Surfing, Canoeing, Speedboat, Jet Ski and many more. Explore!

The availability of a wide range of Watersports in Krabi has made it one of the most popular destinations among adventure seekers looking for a tropical beach holiday. Awakening the adrenaline rush in people, Krabi boasts of all kinds of water sports and activities that one can indulge in, ranging from the much safer boating and kayaking experiences to the thrilling snorkelling and parasailing activities in the many beaches located here.

It is an ideal location to get the best of all types of underwater activities as well. Some of the most popular Water activities in Krabi include snorkelling and scuba diving, Which offers tourists a chance to dive deep into the ocean waters and witness the hidden mysteries present here.

These activities also help you witness glorious sights of magical marine creatures, from schools of fishes to stingrays, sharks as well as coral reefs. Amateurs can even enjoy swimming and boating in Krabi or try their hands at parasailing, jet skiing and wakeboarding, among other things. From the soothing kayaking sessions amidst mangrove forests to the high-energy activities like surfing, Krabi has a lot to offer to the watersport fanatics who visit the island for a holiday here.
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Kayaking in Krabi


Free Cancellation upto 72 hours
Hotel pickup
Thrillophilia Safe
Meals Included
Activity Duration: 5 hours (approx)Activity Starting Time:Half Day (Morning)- 8:40 AM - 1:30 PMHalf Day (Afternoon)- 1:15 PM - 5:45 PMSunset Watching- 3:00 PM - 8:00 PM (with BBQ dinner) / 3:15 PM - 7:30 PM (without meal)Pick-up & Drop-off details: Services available only for the hotels that are centrally located in Krabi Town & Ao Nang Area's main city.Pick-up Timings: Krabi Town: 08:40 AM / 1:15 PM / 3:00 PM / 3:15 PMAo Nang: 09:00 AM / 1:30 PM / 3:30 PMKlong Muang and Tubkeak: 09:15 AM / 1:15 PM / 3:00 PM / 3:15 PM(Timings depends upon the variant you choose)Note- Timing of pick-up & drop-off might be tentative, depending upon the weather conditions.About Kayaking in Krabi:A once in a lifetime opportunity to witness the beauty of a group of caves and the majestic North of Krabi Province. Sail through the caves welcomed by the plush riches of palms and cycads. Limestone cliffs, beautiful waters, and islands with karst full of stalagmites and stalactites, and the grand entrance will give a peaceful environment in a lush green jungle. Experience the flawless and unreal surroundings, with kayaking all the way through the caves, islands, jungles, and mountains. Have lunch in one of the calmest and most relaxing places in Krabi.

34 Ratings


34 Ratings

₹ 3,100

₹ 1,412 per Adult

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Scuba Diving In Krabi


Free Cancellation upto 72 hours
Hotel pickup
Thrillophilia Safe
Meals Included
Activity duration: 8 Hours (Approx.)Departure Time: 8:00 AM/ 8:30 AMAbout Scuba Diving In Krabi:Home to some of the most beautiful beaches and surroundings, a vacation to Krabi is not complete until you try out scuba diving here amidst the mesmerizing ocean. Limestone crops under the ocean make up for good corals, reefs, and other life forms that nest in reefs. Thailand is a beach destination with a really good number of diving spots. Ao Nang island is the farthest from the coast of Phuket, the marine life around the island is vibrant, full of life and, the most important thing, it is isolated and untouched. A dive here will bring you close to large groups of barracuda, cuttlefish, and even rays. This dive site is suitable for both professional and uncertified divers, especially because of the support staff here.

30 Ratings


30 Ratings

₹ 7,500

₹ 4,000 per Adult

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White Water Rafting Krabi


Meals Included
Hotel pickup
Mobile Voucher
Pick-up/ Drop-off: From your hotel located in the following areas of Krabi: Krabi Town, Ao Nang Beach, Klong Muang Beach, Tub Kaek BeachPick-up Timing: 8:00 AMActivity Duration: 7-9 hoursAbout White Water Rafting Krabi:Have a fun-packed day in Phang Nga province of Thailand by partaking in white water river rafting along with several activities. Accompanied by a English-speaking tour guide enjoy the natural trail of jungle with waterfall and Wat Suwan Khuha temple visit. You can also opt for thrilling ATV Ride to get an adrenaline rush.

39 Ratings


39 Ratings

₹ 2,850

₹ 1,889 per Adult

Ao Thalane Kayak Krabi, Book @ 25% off & Get 700 Cashback
Ao Thalane Kayak Krabi, Book @ 25% off & Get 700 Cashback



A sunset, unlike anything you have ever seen.Travel back to the nature that existed before the development of skyscrapers, malls, etc. The Ao Thalane is filled with mangroves rushing in a wide range of network all over the islands and places, beaten paths and limestone canyons, all in all, giving you an experience of tranquility in the palms of the nature that has been left untouched and beauty that is unparalleled to other exotic locations.Ao Thalane has a slow development pace which makes the place as natural as possible along with the natural beauty in its pristine and mesmerizing way, the place has also become the capital of kayaking in Thailand as you get to kayak through the mangrove forests alongside limestone cliffs and through the various caves. A relaxing, serene yet fun-filled experience with a sunset that will be one of the best you have seen with a beachside BBQ dinner full of Thai delicacies and finger-biting food.The tour will be of 5 hours and will be as follows:3:00pm hotel pick up from Klong Muang and Krabi3:30pm hotel pick up from Ao Nang4:30pm-5:00pm welcome tea and introduction about kayaking5:00pm-7:00pm paddle around limestone mountain and historical painting sea gypsy grave7:00pm-8:00pm enjoy Thai food at restaurant8:00pm return to hotelNote: Pick-up & Drop-off will be from/to Krabi town, Ao Nang. Areas Excluded from transfer option: Klong Muang, Tubakek.

39 Ratings


39 Ratings

₹ 2,950

₹ 2,200

People Also Ask About Water Sports in Krabi

  1. What are the best watersports to do in Krabi?

    1. Windsurfing:  Don’t know whether to go for a sail or surf? Well, we have an ideal choice for you- Windsurfing. It combines both the elements of surfing and sailing on 1 person craft, known as sailboards. Krabi is one of the most famous destinations in Asia that offers an ideal place for windsurfing.

    The picturesque locales, wind conditions and gentle waves are perfect for a breathtaking experience. However, if you feel guilty of not knowing the sport, then don’t be disheartened as you will get to know about it in just a few hours of briefing sessions. Hence be a part of this amazing water sport while holidaying in Krabi.

    Location: Lanta Islands

    2. Scuba diving: 
    Scuba diving is underwater diving in which, the diver can spend a lot more time underwater with the help of scuba apparatus to see, breathe and move. Scuba diving is one of the most famous water sports in Krabi which attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world.

    The place is a paradise for all the divers who love to see marine life closely. Swim with manta rays, reef fishes and namo. The limestone towers and coral reefs make it a gorgeous playground for all the deep-sea divers. The charming surrounding in the water is to die for. All you need to do it, take the basic introductory training and dive into the surreal marine world.

    Location: Ko Ha Yai Caverns and Ao Nang Bay
    Click Here To Book: Scuba Diving In Krabi

    3. Snorkeling: Snorkeling is easier as compared to scuba diving and anyone without any knowledge of swimming can also take part in it. Snorkeling involves swimming on the surface of the water with the help of a breathing tube, called snorkel and swim fins.

    One of the most preferred water activities in Krabi, snorkeling takes you to the dazzling world of sea life. Snorkeling in Krabi is unsurpassed of its kind. The gorgeously formed corals, crystal clear water and the never-ending marine life, entices you to go deeper and never wish to surface again.

    Location: Koh Tao, Koh Pha-Ngnan, Koh Samui in the east and Surin and Similan Islands on the west

    4. Sea Kayaking: Sea Kayaking includes paddling on the water bodies on small boats. It is an ideal way to peek into the natural beauty of the sea and nearby surroundings. Krabi is blessed with awe-inspiring beauty, which makes it among the most favorite Krabi water sports.

    This sport is great for all age groups to explore the verdant jungles, limestone cliffs, mangrove swamps, diverse countryside and stunning lagoons. Thus, unfold the splendor of Krabi and nearby area with sea kayaking and make memories forever.

    Location: Koh Panek and James Bond Island in Nga Bay amid Phuket and Krabi

    5. White Water Rafting: White water rafting is one of the most enthralling water activities which includes navigating through the rough water using an inflatable raft. It is quite risky and needs proper teamwork and briefing.

    If you love rafting, then Krabi will not disappoint you. Songpeek River offers high-speed rapids for the ultimate thrill. Whatever difficulty level you choose, you are sure to experience heart-pumping drops and exciting plunges. The fun of trying to float on the foaming water of the wild river is simply unmatched and unforgettable.

    Location: Songpeek River which is 1-hour drive from Ao Nang
    Click Here To Book: White Water Rafting In Krabi

    6. Wakeboarding: Wakeboarding is a fun water activity which includes, a rider being fastened to a wakeboard and pulled behind the speedboat. The rider ski on the surface of water for an adventurous experience.

    These days, wakeboarding has become one of the most famous water activities in Krabi. All you do is, grab the cable attached behind the speedboat, get on the board and zoom through the mounting jets of water. Truly an ideal sport for a fulfilled and thrilling experience.

    Location: Ao Nang beaches

    7. Kite Surfing: Kite surfing is a surface water sport that is wind-powered and is a combination of various water sports like surfing, wakeboarding, paragliding, snowboarding, etc. Recently, it has become one of the most sought after water sport in Krabi which brings in a huge number of tourists from all over the world.

    In this, a controlled kite takes you around in the sea, beach, etc. while you try to balance on the board. It is amid the most adventurous Krabi water sports and the fun is simply unmissable.

    Location: Ao Nang beach

    8. Canoeing: Coming under the same umbrella as Kayaking, Canoeing is a form of water sport which includes paddling a canoe with the help of a single-bladed paddle. Canoeing allows you to explore the sea freely deep into the hidden sea caves, lagoons, mangroves and many more.

    It gives you the pleasure of unwinding and appreciating nature at your own pace. Krabi is considered to be one of the best places for Canoeing and your trip to this beautiful island is incomplete without experiencing it. It is amid the finest water sports in Krabi which any tourist can ask for, in order to see the beauty of the Island.

    Location: Koh Panek and the James Bond Island in Phang Nga Bay

    9. Speedboat: If you desire peace and wish to explore the sea in an adventurous way, then speedboat is just right for you. It is an engine operated modern boat that is an ideal choice for all water sports lovers.

    The speed, rising water jets, and the overall fun give you a double dose of adrenaline rush. If you crave adventure, then this is amidst the best water activities in Krabi.

    Location: Ao Nang beach

    10. Parasailing: Parasailing is an exciting water sport in which a person is hauled behind a vehicle (which is mostly a boat) while tied to a specially made canopy wing which looks like a parachute, called a parasailing wing.

    While touring Krabi, ensure to experience this fulfilled water activity. You can take it individually or in a couple. Have the best time of flying in the air and then splashing into water in a jiffy with your better half that will be remembered forever. Truly an exhilarating sport to indulge in for a memorable time.

    Location: Ao Nang Beach

    11. Jet Ski: A Jet Ski is an engine-powered motorboat which goes on the surface of the water. It is mainly used in beaches and sea as part of water sport activity. If the thrill is Nirvana for you, then you definitely need to experience Jet Ski.

    Fast and furious, Jet Ski allows you to explore the vast sea in a jiffy. Do it solo or in couple, this adventurous sport will bring out the most daring part in you. For the people who do not believe in slow and steady, Jet Ski is just right for you and Krabi is an ideal place for this breathtaking sport.

    Location: Ao Nang Beach

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  2. Which are the best beaches in Krabi for watersports?

    1. Ao Nang BeachYou can enjoy snorkeling, kayaking or simply enjoy the hot spring water at Ao Nang Beach. Comparatively a less crowded beach, it is an ideal place to indulge in water sports and has a relaxed holiday experience.

    2. Railay Beach: Admire the awe-inspiring beauty of marine life in the crystal clear water through scuba diving at Railay Beach. You may also try snorkeling for a fulfilling experience. This beach is one of the best places that offer Krabi water sports with stunning views.

    3. Four Krabi's Island: It includes 4 small islands, Tup Island, Phranang Beach, Chicken Island, and Poda Island. All these islands offer amazing water sports. Try our snorkeling, scuba diving and speedboat rides at these little islands.

    4. Koh Phi Phi IslandIdeal for snorkeling, scuba diving or simply leisure swimming, Koh Phi Phi Island is a beautiful Island to indulge in some exciting water activities.

    5. Long Beach, Ko Lanta: 
    A much less crowded, this beautiful beach provides various water sports which include, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, surfing, etc. It is also an ideal place to simply relax and unwind for a perfect holiday experience.

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  3. What are the best watersports in Krabi for couples?

    1. Sea Kayaking: Generally done in pairs, the experience of kayaking through the stunning emerald waters of Krabi Island is quite unparalleled. Enjoy the best of Krabi’s sea life as you make your way across limestone cliffs, mangrove forests, sea caves, and hidden lagoons.

    2. Scuba Diving:
    Offering a thrilling insight into the rich marine life off the coast of Krabi Island, Scuba diving is one of the most popular water activities here. This guided activity takes you closer to the other-worldly underwater beauty of Krabi, with its fishes, reefs, and coral life.

    3. White Water Rafting:
    If you’re a couple with a taste for adventure, then this activity is made just for you. The sport involves cutting your way across river rapids on an inflatable boat, assuring exciting plunges and drops.

    4. Kite Surfing:
    A fairly new sport, kite surfing involves surfing on the waves while attached to a kite flowing overhead.

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  4. Which are the best beaches for snorkelling in Krabi?

    1. Beaches in Phi Phi Island: Snorkelling is one of the best Water activities in Krabi, and there is no better place than the beaches in the Phi Phi Islands to indulge in a great snorkelling experience. The water around the islands is quite clear and offers unparalleled views of beautiful coral ridges, various species of sharks as well as a wide range of other fishes and marine creatures.

    2. Hong Island Beach: 
    Known as one of the most beautiful beaches of Krabi, Hong Island Beach is another top place for snorkelling. In addition to exuding a tranquil ambience, the beach has crystal clear waters, where you can find hundreds of colourful fishes while snorkelling.

    3. Ao Nang Beach: 
    Located in the mainland of Krabi, Ao Nang Beach is another great place for snorkelling. All you have to do is take a longtail boat to the middle of the ocean, and dive deep into the waters, to witness the magnificent underwater world.

    4. Koh Poda Beach: 
    Located on an offshore limestone island, the Koh Poda beach is the perfect spot to enjoy snorkelling in Krabi. The beach is a part of a national park and offers some of the most spectacular views of a wide range of fish species, sharks, corals and other marine wildlife to snorkelers.

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  5. What is the best time to visit Krabi for water sports?

    If you are a water sports lover, then you are sure to experience the best water sports in Krabi, however, the weather plays a very important role. Hence, it is important to choose the time to visit very wisely. The best time to visit Krabi for water sports is during the non-monsoon season which is between October to April.

    So, plan out your trip between these months if you do not wish to miss out on any of the water activities. Have a fun-filled and memorable trip to Thailand with adventurous water activities and lip-smacking cuisines. 

  6. Can I wear spectacles/contact lenses during water sports in Thailand?

    Yes, you can wear spectacles or contact lenses during numerous water sports in Thailand, however you need to take care of a few things before that. For instance, if you go for scuba diving, ensure to keep your eyes closed while clearing your mask; else you might lose your lenses. Hence, different water sports will have different conditions and following the guidance is a must. 

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  7. What is the minimum age required to do water activities in Krabi?

    Kids as little as 5-6 years can take part in various water sports in Krabi. They can experience snorkeling, boat rides, white water rafting, diving, etc. However, proper parental guidance is important. Also, kids who are not physically fit should not take part in such activities. This is in the interest of the safety of kids.

  8. What water activities can small kids do in Krabi?

    The water in Krabi Islands and beaches are very clear and not very strong. Hence, kids can undertake a lot of water sports. They can try kayaking, snorkelling, canoeing, speedboat (with others), swimming, etc. However, a little guidance and observation are recommended by the adults for their safety and wellbeing.

  9. Which are the best waterparks in Krabi for watersports?

    Yes, there are some very famous water parks for water adventures in Krabi. They are:

    1. Brill's Fishing & Water Park
    2. Poppy's Minigolf & Kebab Café
    3. Lanta Haven Water Park & Mini Golf

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  10. What is the average cost of scuba diving in Krabi?

    Being one of the most popular water sports in Krabi, the average cost of scuba diving here is between 300 THB to 2,300 THB. This ranges between INR 675 to INR 5,200. The cost of scuba diving in Krabi varies from one location to another, and also depends on the number of dives one wishes to make. 
  11. What are the important things to remember while going scuba diving in Krabi?

    - Since scuba diving is one of the best water sports in Krabi, there are many operators offering the activity to visitors. However, it is best to dive with a certified diving operator to ensure that all safety procedures are being upheld.
    - Always ensure that your travel insurance covers scuba diving.
    - To enjoy a completely immersive scuba diving experience, try to book a stay at a resort that offers scuba diving training and activity.
    - Always make sure that you conduct all the safety checks before getting ready for a dive into the water.
    - Since you should not fly for up to 18 hours after a scuba diving session, ensure that you book your flights after a considerable time frame post your final dive.

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  12. What is the average cost of Kayaking in Krabi?

    The average cost of kayaking in Krabi depends upon the destination, age of the kayaker as well as the time of the day when you avail the activity. It typically ranges between 400 THB to 1000 THB per person. This estimates to around INR 900 to INR 2,300 per person for one kayaking session.
  13. Why is river rafting in Krabi so famous?

    White water rafting is amongst the top Water activities in Krabi. Still relatively new in the region, white water rafting has become quite famous in Krabi owing to the gradual and thrilling rapids. Usually done on the Songpraek River in the Phang Nga province, white water rafting here is great for amateurs as well, since the difficulty ranges between Grades 2 and 4, and offers spectacular views of the stunning jungle landscapes here.

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