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Honeymoon Tours
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Family Tours

Popular Kuala Lumpur Packages

Kuala Lumpur Tour Packages

Duration Price
Glimpse Of Malaysia 4 Days / 3 Nights ₹ 14200.0
Malaysian Highlights With Langkawi 5 Days / 4 Nights ₹ 19800.0
Best Of Malaysia 6 Days / 5 Nights ₹ 25200.0
Singapore & Malaysia | FREE Genting Highlands Excursion 7 Days / 6 Nights ₹ 58800.0
Malaysian Delights - Kuala Lumpur, Penang & Langkawi 7 Days / 6 Nights ₹ 33700.0
Kuala Lumpur tour packages - Browse through a wide range of Kuala Lumpur holidays packages with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book customized Kuala Lumpur vacation packages with exciting deals & offers.

Kuala Lumpur tour packages take you to the capital and the largest city of Malaysia, which was also home to the iconic building of Petronas Twin Towers. If Malaysia is the true Asian experience, then the city of Kuala Lumpur stands at the very heart of it all. A melting pot of three different cultures and ethnicities that call this country home; Malays, Chinese and Indians; Kuala Lumpur is where you can see the best of it all, and the best of them all living in Harmony. The place is a perfect mixture and balance between the towering skyscrapers and the green gardens, making it look like a real jungle between the concrete jungle. And all these facts totally reflect on how many tourists are actually taking Kuala Lumpur packages every year.

The number is almost close to 13 million every year, which brings Kuala Lumpur in the top 10 of most visited cities of the world. Bridging the differences between architectural tourism and nature tourism, Kuala Lumpur knows how to cater to the needs of everyone, and probably that is why the city that is home to what was once the tallest building in the world, is also the home to the mind-blowing Aquaria KLCC, and the city that is claimed to be one of the most famous shopping destinations in the world is also the place where you can experience mesmerizing songs of almost 400 species of birds at the KL bird park. There is so much to experience in the city all through the day, right till the night, when you can experience the crazy nightlife of this city, ready and waiting to dazzle you with the extravaganza.

And with such a roster of experiences in the city, the areas outside are equally amazing and that is probably the reason why they are included in most of the Kuala Lumpur tours. Places like the Cameron Highlands and Batu Caves are a must visit and a must stay at for the best of experiences. In fact, the Cameron Highlands is famous for the Boh Tea Plantations which is a famous avenue for agro-tourism of Malaysia, and where you can stay amidst a coffee plantation and wake up with a tea made of freshly plucked leaves from the gardens. Kuala Lumpur is truly a huge package in a small bundle, and that is enough of a reason to give this place a chance to amaze you.
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Glimpse Of Malaysia


Thrillophilia Safe
Transport Included
Meals Included
Stay Included

51 Ratings


51 Ratings

₹ 26,190

₹ 14,200 per Adult

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Malaysian Highlights With Langkawi


Thrillophilia Safe
Transport Included
Meals Included
Stay Included

38 Ratings


38 Ratings

₹ 31,200

₹ 19,800 per Adult

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Best Of Malaysia


Thrillophilia Safe
Transport Included
Meals Included
Stay Included

24 Ratings


24 Ratings

₹ 36,500

₹ 25,200 per Adult

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Singapore & Malaysia | FREE Genting Highlands Excursion


Thrillophilia Safe
Transport Included
Meals Included
Stay Included

196 Ratings


196 Ratings

₹ 110,232

₹ 58,800 per Adult

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Malaysian Delights - Kuala Lumpur, Penang & Langkawi


Thrillophilia Safe
Transport Included
Meals Included
Stay Included

30 Ratings


30 Ratings

₹ 49,080

₹ 33,700 per Adult

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7 Days Holiday Tour of Singapore and Malaysia


Thrillophilia Safe
Meals Included
Stay Included

386 Ratings


386 Ratings

₹ 51,189

₹ 38,900 per Adult

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Cheapest Singapore Malaysia Tour Package


2D Singapore 1D Sentosa 2D Kuala Lumpur 1D Genting Highlands
Thrillophilia Safe
Transport Included
Meals Included
Stay Included

23 Ratings


23 Ratings

₹ 88,500

₹ 54,600 per Adult

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Fajiv1k5tcup2irfffefr875wkt1 shutterstock 1344843080 Hreu7rodikg2l7krsmyiohl65y23 1562912734 1548572166 skyhigh.jpg Gcmbxr3d6q5heatcpgf6l5meub9r 1562912735 1548662358 1548570949 shutterstock 705668692.jpg.png Qleque2rqccmkovaf2eb0894e92k 1594795291 gentng highland buddha Tth4v3u2kxt2q4bp1vi09da36gqc 1562915722 couple
Singapore Malaysia Honeymoon Package


2D Singapore 1D Sentosa 4D Kuala Lumpur
Thrillophilia Safe
Transport Included
Meals Included
Stay Included

35 Ratings


35 Ratings

₹ 89,700

₹ 59,800 per Adult

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Z3abforraenaijq7hduds4c3dss0 1592830609 shutterstock 1109733059 1mhmacmv22ttd8cwh3lv3z5brgpg 1592830610 shutterstock 113540314 Yk9jse5dixre8acszszg0thbelwl 1592830610 shutterstock 202156090 Pfoh9z96yfk6lgj54q9ce7ruvzp7 malaysia%20new%204 V6m5gb0o110hiapsg6quf0dhfgh5 malaysia%20new%206

73 Ratings


73 Ratings

₹ 16,000

₹ 12,000 per Adult

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97 Ratings


97 Ratings

₹ 31,082

₹ 23,000 per Adult

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121 Ratings


121 Ratings

₹ 43,750

₹ 35,000 per Adult

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125 Ratings


125 Ratings

₹ 34,723

₹ 25,000 per Adult

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49 Ratings


49 Ratings

₹ 58,334

₹ 45,500 per Adult

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5 Days Romantic Escape to Malaysia, Flat 20% off

40 Ratings


40 Ratings

₹ 48,125

₹ 38,500

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Singapore Malaysia Thailand Tour Package


Transport Included
Meals Included
Stay Included

106 Ratings


106 Ratings

₹ 56,000

₹ 42,000 per Adult

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Wycwwd4ddp32v3v2b5ee11e3ljy8 1591269869 5750501 18083014440067746193 Zhyovdv83sj8j7z68ydqj5sq6rrh 1591269903 cover penang beaches Nbq33vmjvfdlnoo2accrrtx6law8 1591269903 highlandsguide Sjae7j3bzxh68j9kfm73eoa9wdiy malaysia%203 Hpegez8uvttum2q19tzdxexkha61 malaysia%2010

34 Ratings


34 Ratings

₹ 86,666

₹ 64,999 per Adult

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Z246jlxn0ea1bvjm28mjaar0rbgp 1558691519 3.jpg Qxyge9yi06lp2ua9bh103axt819a 1592826722 singapore genting highlands theme park 1 Ote3gve265nyglbgmkadkqvgs45r 1592826722 singapore genting highlands theme park Xfs3vd4ky9f6mpe0ra1vsucxtih0 ibtq096rxafu3k34l3jjxd18tgo1 1530776221 singapore P7iuuapx8e519nd6p6hafibx07th uahjsq86cljr5rbd68og4vrfj28u 1530776922 chinatown singapore.jpg

23 Ratings


23 Ratings

₹ 33,750

₹ 27,000 per Adult

Send Enquiry - Get 20% off!
Romantic Escapade to Malaysia For Couples, Flat 18% off

23 Ratings


23 Ratings

₹ 58,414

₹ 47,899

Send Enquiry - Get 18% off!
Singapore and Malaysia Honeymoon Tour: a Story of Special Days
Very Good

24 Ratings


24 Ratings

₹ 32,000

Send Enquiry
046rgvnoxfdhsh2cd3voghsgbxc0 1597330976 shutterstock 631736717 Xor7pqg80jy1efw2vtr58oe0k80p 1597330981 shutterstock 1195515691 M96u3kwrnmlbxb9femnuka6uwig5 1597330982 shutterstock 446493934 9un6p8efdmb9gcltzjoweookcdl5 1597331338 shutterstock 475940731 179gbhlliqiw9a938czs0w1y5hi6 1597331339 shutterstock 157702229

37 Ratings


37 Ratings

₹ 35,000

₹ 30,039 per Adult

8 Days Malaysia and Singapore Tour (ex. Kl)

31 Ratings


31 Ratings

₹ 60,608

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People Also Ask About Kuala Lumpur Tours

  1. Which are the best places to visit on the Kuala Lumpur tour?

    1. Menara KL Tower: Surrounded by verdant plantations and exotic fauna, KL tower forms an ideal vantage point for relishing the spellbinding views of Kuala Lumpur. The rich architecture of the tower bears a subtle hint of Islamic heritage with walls adorned with abstract art, Arabic scripture, and Islamic tiles.

    Location: Jalan Punchak Off, Jalan P Ramlee, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    Timings: 9:00 AM-10:00 PM.

    2. Kuala Lumpur Bird Park: 
    Want to spend some peaceful hours amidst the exotic flora and fauna? Make your way to this covered bird park and treat your eyes with the views of a variety of bird species. The park houses around 60 species of migratory as well as local birds which include Flamingo Pond, macaws, eagles, and parakeets.

    Location: KL Bird Park, Jalan Cendrawasih, Perdana Botanical Gardens, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    Entry fee: MYR 50 for adults & MYR 41 for kids.
    Timings: 9:00 AM-6:00 PM.

    3. Batu Caves: 
    Add value to the Kuala Lumpur tour by exploring these limestone caves which constitute numerous small and large temples within them.

    Dating back its existence to over 400 million years, Batu Caves speaks a ton about Hindu mythology with its decorative paintings, and statues reigning over its three major caves, namely, Museum Cave, Art Gallery Cave, and Cathedral Cave.

    Location: Gombak, Batu Caves, Selangor, Malaysia.
    Timings: 6:00 AM-11 PM.

    4. Sunway Lagoon Theme Park: 
    Reckoned as one of the most sought-after theme parks in the world, Sunway Lagoon awaits your presence with a wide array of fun activities and thrilling rides. From adventure park to water park and Nickelodeon park, it has everything in its reserve to keep you indulged throughout the day.

    Location: Jalan PJS, Bandar Sunway, Selangor, Malaysia.
    Timings: 10:00 AM-6:00 PM.

    5. Aquaria KLCC: 
    Sprawled over an area of 5000 sq ft, this aquarium in Malaysia fetches your attention with its exotic fauna and unique biosphere.

    The place houses around 150 aquatic species which remain surrounded by coral reefs, marshlands, jungles, and highlands. Garfish, elephant nosed fish, tiger sharks, and blue rays are some of the prominent marine species to be witnessed over here.

    Location: Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, Jalan Pinang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    Entry fee: MYR 46 for adults, MYR 35 for kids, and MYR 35 for senior citizen.
    Timings: 10:30 AM-8:00 PM.

    6. National Mosque Of Malaysia: 
    If you want to witness the grand architecture of Malaysia, look no further than the National Mosque Of Malaysia.

    Presenting an intriguing confluence of art and beauty, this mosque is adorned with colourful decoration that is a subtle mix of light pale and turquoise blue colours. The popular pilgrimage is open to both Muslims, as well as, non-Muslims and forms one of the best tourist spots in Malaysia.

    Location: Jalan Perdana, Tasik Perdana, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    Timings: Saturday-Thursday: 9:30 AM-6:30 PM.
    Friday: 3:00 PM-6:30 PM.

    7. Jalan Alor: 
    Jala Alor forms an ideal getaway spot for all those food junkies who are looking to experience the fun nightlife of Malaysia. From street-side food stalls to air-conditioned restaurants, the place has diverse options to suit everyone.

    As you will usher into this food hub, be ready to be welcomed by the aromatic smell of the delicious food that will leave you craving for more.

    Location: Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    8. Suria KLCC: 
    Looking for some exciting mall excursions in Malaysia? Make your way into the Suria KLCC and get your chance to explore the informative galleries over here.

    The entire mall is subdivided into three major centres which include Park Mall, Suria KLCC, and Ramlee Mall. Apart from being a top-notch hang-out spot for the tourists, Suria KLCC also happens to be the first concert hall of Malaysia.

    Location: Jalan Ampang, Golden Triangle, Kuala Lumpur City Centre.
    Timings: 10:00 AM-10:00 PM.

    9. Tugu Negara: 
    Reckoned as the tallest freestanding group of bronze sculptures, Tugu Negara is a historical attraction that was built as a tribute to all those Malaysians who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of Malaysia. The monument is located at a walking distance from Lake Gardens and several other touristy spots including Deer Park, Butterfly Park, and Kuala Lumpur Bird Park.

    Location: Jalan Parlimen, Kuala Lumpur.
    Timings: 7:00 AM-6:00 PM.

    10. Berjaya Times Square: 
    For all those family vacationers who are looking for a one-stop destination for entertainment, shopping, and great dining experiences, Berjaya Times Square is the best bet.

    Being one of the largest indoor theme parks, it encompasses an adult zone, as well as, the kids' area called Fantasy Garden where your little one can have the time of his life.

    Location: Level 5, Berjaya Times Square, Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur.
    Timings: Monday-Friday: 12:00 PM-10:00 PM, Saturday-Sunday: 11:00 AM-10:00 PM.
    Entry fee: RM 70 for adults, RM 65 for kids, and RM 30 for seniors.
  2. What are the best things to do during the Kuala Lumpur Tour?

    1. Bargain at the bustling Chinatown: Famous as the ‘bargain hunter’s paradise’, Chinatown is an unmissable attraction in Kuala Lumpur tours. One can find anything and everything here ranging from fake-label fragrances, handbags, shoes, sunglasses, watches, souvenirs and spices and enjoy the vibrant market on the streets.

    Location: The Chinatown is located on the Petaling Street, also known as ‘Chee Cheong Kai’.

    2. Have an adventure at Batu Caves: 
    One of the most visited attractions in Kuala Lumpur tour packages, Batu Caves is a 100-year-old temple with limestone formations. It is a set of three caves that can be reached by a 272-step trek to see the numerous Hindu statues and paintings which are there. The ancient caves are inhabited by wild macaques which makes the trek even more thrilling for the visitors.

    Location: Batu Caves, Sri Subramaniam Temple, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    Timings: 06:00 - 21:00.

    3. Enjoy a fun-filled day at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park: 
    Offering a number of entertaining activities, Sunway Lagoon Theme Park is a great place to have a fun-filled time with Kuala Lumpur Tour Packages for family. It boasts of amazing water slides and rides for everyone. To add to the fun experience, there are also live shows, animal exhibits and multiple dining options.

    Location: 3, Jalan PJS 11/11, Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya.
    Timings: 10:00 - 18:00.
    Entry fees:
    -Adult: RM 202 , INR 3070,
    -Child and Senior Citizen: RM 170 , INR 2835.

    4. Savour street food at Jalan Alor: 
    Relish the culinary delights of your Kuala Lumpur tour at the hawker stalls of Jalan Alor. Presenting unique dishes, this place boasts about the culture of Malaysia that is deliciously represented in its food. The famous street food street is a great visit if you want to grab a quick bite of lip-smacking barbecue meats, noodles or desserts at the most economical prices in Kuala Lumpur.

    Location: Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    Timings: Evening to Midnight.
    Price: Varies.

    5. Admire nature at Perdana Botanical Gardens: 
    Savour a slice of a peaceful getaway in Kuala Lumpur tour packages by visiting the Perdana Botanical Gardens. It is renowned for its landscaped gardens with a lake and offers many free attractions for having a quick getaway amidst nature in the city.

    The garden is centrally located and it contains the biggest collection of flower gardens and animal parks in the city.

    Location: Jalan Kebun Bunga, Tasik Perdana, Kuala Lumpur.
    Timings: 07:00 – 20:00.
    Entry fees:
    -Adult : RM 15/INR 250,
    -Child : RM 10 / INR 165.

    6. Treat your curiosity at National Science Centre: 
    A must visit for science lovers in Kuala Lumpur tour packages is the National Science Centre. This place is a treasure of scientific knowledge where you can enjoy 1000 interactive, hands-on exhibits arranged over 12 galleries.

    To add to the fun experience, there is also an aquarium, a section on computers and telecoms and an outside area with gardens and water plaza.

    Location: Persiaran Bukit Kiara, Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur.
    Timings: 9 AM – 5 PM.
    Price: INR 50 – INR 100.

    7. Watch the birds fly at Taman Burung: 
    Having more than 3000 local and foreign birds, Taman Burung is a hotspot for ornithologists in Kuala Lumpur. In the natural surroundings, it is a wonderful delight to watch the birds flutter their wings and catch a flight in this scenic spot. It is also hailed for having the largest free-flight walk in aviary in the world.

    Location: KL Bird Park, 920, Jalan Cendrawasih, Perdana Botanical Gardens, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    Timings: Daily 9:00 to 18:00.
    Entry fees:
    -Adult: RM 63/INR 1050,
    -Child: RM 42 /INR 700.

    8. Shop till you drop at Pavilion KL: 
    One of the best places for shopping lovers in Kuala Lumpur holiday packages is the Pavilion KL. This place sprawls over 1.37 million square feet and boasts of more than 450 stores. The tourists are in for a surprise as there are numerous luxury brand shops, indoor and outdoor shopping options along with dining places and cinema hall.

    Location:168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100.
    Timings: 10:00 – 22:00.

  3. What is Kuala Lumpur famous for?

    One of the most commercialised cities in the world, Kuala Lumpur is famous for its towering skyscrapers, bustling local markets, mouth-watering street food and a number of cultural tourist attractions.

    It is renowned for having a multicultural community with people from different nationalities like India, Malay, Chinese etc living harmoniously together. It is also known for its dazzling shopping scene where you can buy anything from homemade handicrafts to designer labels on a great deal.
  4. What is the currency of Kuala Lumpur?

    The currency in Kuala Lumpur is the Malaysian ringgit.
  5. Do I need Visa for Kuala Lumpur?

    A visa isn’t needed to visit Kuala Lumpur if you are visiting for tourism purposes the duration of which is for 90 days or less. When you arrive at Kuala Lumpur, you will get an entry stamp in your passport by the immigration officials which is also called a social visit pass authorised for up to 90 days.

    For the Indian nationals, there is the Electronic Travel Registration & Information (eNTRI) which can be applied in advance of travel and valid for 90 days after issued.
  6. How much time does it take and cost to get a visa to Kuala Lumpur?

    One should apply for a visa to enjoy Kuala Lumpur tours at least a month before the actual date of visiting. The cost of processing the visa is INR 1000 along with INR 335 (Approx) which is charged as service fee by VFS and INR 2000 as VLN fee.
  7. How many days in Kuala Lumpur is enough?

    A vacation of 3 to 5 days is enough to visit the prominent tourist attractions and enjoy a number of activities of the city with Kuala Lumpur Packages.
  8. Which are the best places to experience wildlife in Kuala Lumpur?

    The best places to experience wildlife with Kuala Lumpur Tour Packages are:

    1. Zoo Negara: This place is famous for having more than 470 million species of different plants and animals. It is a great family friendly getaway for the tourists in Kuala Lumpur and features many unique animals like orangutans, Malaysian tapir and the giant panda.

    2. Lake Gardens Park: Escape the hustle and bustle at the Lake Gardens Park  when you are in Kuala Lumpur. This is a great spot to appreciate wildlife in Malaysia amidst the landscaped gardens of the city. The place is a wonderful location to spot various species of butterflies and birds.

    3. Orchid Gardens: Boasting of a landscape filled with exotic orchids, this place is where you can see dozens of wild macaque monkeys in Kuala Lumpur. Usually spotted on trees and archways, these macaques are notorious for thievery, nevertheless a delight for the wildlife enthusiasts.

    4. Batu Caves: Known for its religious significance, Batu Caves is also a famous getaway for spotting wildlife in Kuala Lumpur. These hillside caves are known for having a number of wild macaques and bats in the temple caves. One can enjoy a thrilling trek here to the hill and enjoy the company of some wildlife on the way.

  9. What are the essential items that one must pack while travelling to Kuala Lumpur?

    The most essential things to pack when you are going to Kuala Lumpur are:

    1. Light cotton clothes like t-shirts, skirts, shorts, sundresses etc.,
    2. Comfortable footwear like sneakers or converse style shoes,
    3. Swimwear along with goggles and swimming caps,
    4. Sunglasses, hat and sunscreen,
    5. Essential medicines,
    6. Raincoat and umbrella,
    7. Day backpack with portable mobile charger, earbuds etc.
    8. Camera bag with lens and battery,
    9. Power adapters,
    10. Face wipe tissues,
    11. Luggage locks,
    12. Passport case,
    13. Basic toiletries (toothpaste, soap, deodorant, moisturiser etc).
    14. Mosquito repellent etc.

  10. Which are the best waterfalls to visit in Kuala Lumpur?

    Waterfalls in Kuala Lumpur will help you feel close with nature. It is one of those places where you can go backpacking with your friends and family and have a delightful day.

    Some people like to frolic and swim around in the pools of these waterfalls, while others are content to simply enjoy the continuous splashing and roar of the crashing water, always in full flow following a rainy spell. 

    Here's a rundown on the best waterfalls in Kuala Lumpur:

    Chamang Falls
    Kanching Falls
    Komanwel Falls
    Sungai Tua Falls
    Sungai Ampang Falls
  11. Which are the best areas for a food tour in Kuala Lumpur?

    If you’re a connoisseur of food roaming the streets of Kuala Lumpur, you’re definitely going to be spoilt for choices. Kuala Lumpur is often listed as one of the best places in the world for foodies and you’ll be left craving for more after every bite. Here’s a list of the best places to appreciate a food tour in Kuala Lumpur:

    Nasi Kandar Pelita
    Hakka Restaurant
    Coliseum Cafe
    Saravanaa Bhavan
    Restoran Han Kee Bak Kut Teh
    Soo Kee's Son Restaurant
    Taman Paramount night market
    W.A.W. Restaurant 
    Pavilion Food Court
  12. Which are the best areas for shopping tours in Kuala Lumpur?

    Kuala Lumpur has numerous places providing bargain hunting as well as luxury shopping. Tourists may find it difficult to decide which of them are absolute must-visits and which are the ones that can easily be skipped during their stay in Kuala Lumpur.

    If you are visiting Kuala Lumpur with the sole purpose of going on a serious shopping spree, then you must be ready to splurge some from your pockets. Some of the best areas for shopping in Kuala Lumpur are listed below:

    Pavilion KL
    Suria KLCC
    Midvalley Mega Mall & The Gardens
    Plaza Lowyat
    Flea Market at Amcorp Mall
    Petaling Street
    Central Market

  13. What are the best tours to experience nightlife in Kuala Lumpur?

    Nightlife activities in Kuala Lumpur are ample as the city is overflowing with bars, bars and clubs in the city, and swanky rooftop eateries and bars arranged inside five-star accommodations.

    After the sun sets, the city winds up plainly buzzing with nightspots offering a triumphant mix of enthusiastic and benevolent mood, broad mixed drinks, and gifted DJs making you groove with commendable tunes.
    Some of the best areas to tour for experiencing the nightlife in Kuala Lumpur are:

    Changkat Bukit Bintang
    Jalan Alor
    Rooftop Bars
    Petaling Street
    Night Markets

  14. Which are the top tours for a cultural experience in Kuala Lumpur?

    Kuala Lumpur is a melting pot of cultures and traditions, the city is a modern and cosmopolitan capital with the three dominant ethnicities populating the city. The cultural attractions in the city are suitable for all ages and can prove to make your trip to Kuala Lumpur a fruitful one. Here are the best places to engage in a cultural experience in Kuala Lumpur:

    Little India or Brickfields
    Batu Caves
    Merdeka Square at night
    Fort A Formosa in Malacca
    Islamic Arts Museum
    National Monument
  15. What are the best island-hopping tours in Kuala Lumpur?

    Malaysia is teeming with islands to explore, especially if you just want to enjoy a good dive in a beautiful coral reef. However, the islands of Malaysia are not just about beaches and diving.

    There is much more to experience here such as colonial villages, beautiful temples, vibrant resorts and adventurous activities. Here are the best places to island hopping in Kuala Lumpur:

    Perhentians: Hippie hideaway
    Tioman: An island for flashpackers
    Langkawi: Best for luxury
    Penang: Food and heritage
    Labuan: An isle of bankers
    Layang-Layang: Isolation guaranteed
    Sipadan: For hard-core divers
    Redang: For a 'Summer Holiday'
  16. Which are the best tea estates tours in Kuala Lumpur?

    When speaking of tea production in Malaysia, one place frequently comes to mind: Cameron Highlands. Cameron Highlands is prized for its fresh, highly affordable produce, but more than that, it is also one of the biggest tourist highland resort destinations in Malaysia.

    In Cameron Highlands there are two major tea estates- BOH Plantations and Bharat Group and both are a splendid place to enjoy a tea estate tour.

  17. What are the top national parks in Kuala Lumpur?

    If you wish to see nature, in its most natural and untouched form, take a tour of national parks in Kuala Lumpur. The wildlife in National parks of Kuala Lumpur is designated a part of its heritage and all wildlife enthusiasts will appreciate a visit here. The top national parks in Kuala Lumpur are:

    Bako National Park
    Mulu Cave National Park
    Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park
    Kinabalu Park
    Taman Negara National Park

  18. What are most romantic things to do on a honeymoon in Kuala Lumpur?

    Malaysia’s capital city is an ideal holiday destination for travelling couples, where they can enjoy sightseeing tours to iconic landmarks such as Petronas Twin Towers and Menara KL Tower, sample a wide range of local delicacies, followed by a pampering spa session at the end of the day.

    There is a wide array of things to do when you’re in Kuala Lumpur keeping you occupied for the entire vacation.

    Here’s a rundown on most romantic things to do with your partner on your honeymoon in Kuala Lumpur: 

    Romantic 3-Course Dinner at Bijan Bar & Restaurant
    Chocolate Spa Treatment Package
    Dining in the Clouds at the KL Tower with Transfer
    Private Fireflies Night Excursion with Dinner
    Private 2-Day Cameron Highlands Experience
    Half-Day Private City Tour with 6-Minute Helicopter Ride
    Night time City Tour with Petronas Twin Towers, Chinatown & Dinner
  19. Which are the best places for a caving tour in Kuala Lumpur?

    One of Malaysia's most distinctive geographical features is the labyrinth of spooky caves found within the country's limestone abutments. One of the best places for a caving tour in Kuala Lumpur is the Batu Caves which are about 13 kilometres from the city.

    The place is a series of caves in a hill and also home to a Hindu shrine and full of temples and Swamis. Its main attraction is the large statue of the Hindu God at the entrance, besides a steep 272 climb up its steps to finally view the stunning skyline of the city centre. 

  20. Which are the most popular heritage tours in Kuala Lumpur?

    For anyone who wants to understand the many facets that make up Malaysia today, start with a stroll through Kuala Lumpur's oldest neighborhood. 

    A heritage tour in Kuala Lumpur not only provides an insight into how this British colony emerged into a buzzing cosmopolitan but also offers a chance to sample the best delicacies of Kuala Lumpur.

    Some of the best places to go on heritage tour in Kuala Lumpur are:

    Merdeka Square
    Royal Selangor Club
    Sultan Abdul Samad Building
    Pasar Seni (Central Market)
    Jalan Hang Kasturi Shophouses
    Medan Pasar (Market Square)
    Lebuh Ampang
    Jalan Tun H.S. Lee
    Chinatown (Petaling Street)
  21. Can I travel solo in Kuala Lumpur? What are the precautions I must take?

    Kuala Lumpur is one of the best places around the world to enjoy a solo vacation. The people here are very friendly and welcoming. With so many top attractions, there are a plethora of places to visit and it is also called the shopping capital of the world.

    People travelling solo will also enjoy the culinary experience in Kuala Lumpur. Of course, like travelling any other city in the world, common sense prevails when it comes to precautions.

    Some precautions which you must keep in mind are:

    If something or someone gives you an uneasy vibe, don’t hesitate in walking away or saying no. 
    Keep it to a few drinks at most if you’re alone without anyone to look out for you. 
    Keep a dummy wallet and whistle
    Before you visit a country, research common scams and dangers on a travel information website.
    Dress appropriately
    Don’t go out alone at night
    Keep your important documents like passport, visa etc safe
    Know the local emergency numbers
    Always tell a friend back home about your whereabouts.
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