Treks in Mussoorie

Trekking in Mussoorie is considered to be the best sport for discovering the exquisite landscapes of Himalayas. Also known as the Queen of Hills, Mussoorie is a favourite spot for the trekkers to experience a vacation filled with pulse-racing activities. Located in the state of Uttarakhand, Mussoorie is blessed with the beauty of Himalayas and offers an exhilarating getaway from the summer heat. For all the backpackers, trekking tours in Mussoorie offer a fascinating escape away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Some of the famous places where you can enjoy trekking in Mussoorie are Nag Tibba Summit, Bhadraj Temple trek, Har ki dun trek, Yamunotri Saptarishi Kund Trek, Dodikal trek etc. Mussoorie is renowned for its wonderful climate and these trekking trips can be enjoyed by the tourists throughout the year except during the monsoon months.

The thrill of trekking in Mussoorie is something that everyone must experience on their holiday. In the company of expert guides, trekking is a wholesome adventure when combined with activities like camping, bonfire, birdwatching etc. These treks are ideal for both the beginners and expert trekkers and range from easy to moderate difficulty levels. The cost of trekking in Mussoorie ranges from INR 1700 to INR 3500 per person and differs according to the time taken, distance, facilities offered etc.

The natural outdoors of Mussoorie beckon all the thrill seekers to challenge their spirits and rejuvenate themselves with the most adventurous treks. With landscapes that boast of majestic green valleys and gorgeous hilltops, Mussoorie has a surprise in store for every trekking enthusiast. The treks in Mussoorie is a great way to spend some time in the company of nature and revive your senses. Amidst the picturesque setting of Mussoorie, trekking is the most amazing sport to live an adventurous weekend in the idyllic boulevards of nature.
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Roopkund Trek in Uttarakhand


1D Lohajung - Wan Road 1D Didna 1D Ali Bugyal 1D Uttarakhand 1D Kalu Vinayak 1D Roopkund Lake 1D Bedni bugyal
Meals Included

3151 Ratings


3151 Ratings

₹ 18,600

₹ 13,850 per Adult

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76 Ratings


76 Ratings

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414 Ratings


414 Ratings

₹ 94,445

₹ 85,000 per Adult

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Vasuki Tal Trek, Uttarakhand


Meals Included

55 Ratings


55 Ratings

₹ 28,000

₹ 22,400 per Adult

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People Also Ask About Trekking in Mussoorie

  1. Which are the best treks in Mussoorie?

    Benog Hill Trek: The 15 to 20 kilometers long Benog Hill Trek starts from Cloud’s End and takes the hikers to Happy Valley, after an enchanting trekking journey through breathtaking deodar and oak forests. One of the major attractions of this trek is the popular Vinog Mountain Quail Sanctuary,  which shelters rare and diverse fauna and flora and offers the best bird watching opportunity.

    The Aglar watercourse, a tributary of river Yamuna, also flows through this trek, making your Benog Hill trekking in Mussoorie an even glorious experience.

    Difficulty Level: Easy
    Duration: 6 to 7 hours

    Bhadraj Trek: 
    Starting an ending at Cloud’s End and featuring a 20 to 25 kilometers lenient trail, the Bhadraj Trek is one of the most naturally beautiful treks in Mussoorie. The charming trek to the picturesque Bhadraj Hill takes the hikers through thick oak forests while allowing them to soak in the spellbinding views of the mighty Himalayan ranges.

    Some of the primary attractions of the Bhadraj Trek include the quaint Dudhli village, the pristine Bhadraj Forest, and the age-old Bhadraj Temple.

    Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate
    Duration: 7 to 8 hours

    Pari Tibba Trek: 
    Pari Tibba Trek is one of the simplest and shortest single day treks near Mussoorie that is highly recommended for beginners. Extending up to an altitude of about 8,530 feet above sea level, this trek takes you through picturesque forests of oak, pine, deodar, and fir and expanses of rhododendron flowers.

    Starting from Woodstock School, this trek features a hiking trail of 12 to 15 kilometers before finally ending at Barlowganj. Except for a few unmarked stretches, most of the trek features a very easy ascent and descent.

    Difficulty Level:
    Duration: 5 to 6 hours

    Nag Tibba Trek: 
    Lying in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, Nag Tibba Trek is one of the best treks near Mussoorie that can be done by experienced as well as novice trekkers. Starting from Pantwari village, this scenic trek takes the hikers up to an elevation of around 10,000 feet above sea level, passing through lush deodar and pine forests, terraced farms, charming village, and shimmering brooks.

    In addition to nature lovers and adventure junkies, Nag Tibba Trek also attracts pilgrims, owing to its popular religious beliefs that claim it to be the abode of Nag Devta or the Serpent God.

    Difficulty Level: Moderate
    Duration: 2 days
  2. How can I reach Mussoorie?

    By Air: The nearest airport to Mussoorie is the Jollygrant Airport. From here, you can reach Mussoorie in about an hour by road.

    By Road: Mussoorie is well-connected by road. A number of state government and private buses connect Mussoorie with nearby places like Delhi, Dehradun and other important towns of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Buses for Mussoorie are available on a frequent and daily basis, so passengers can choose a bus depending on their convenience.

    By Train: The nearest railway station would be the Dehradun Railway station. This is connected to the major cities like Delhi and Shimla and frequent trains are available.
  3. When is the best time to visit Mussoorie for trekking?

    The most ideal time to go for trekking in Mussoorie is during the summer months of April to July. During this time of the year, the weather of Mussoorie remains salubrious and pleasant and the skies remain clear, offering the trekkers moist free trails and unobstructed views.

  4. Which are some famous winter treks in Mussoorie?

    Some of the famous winter treks in Mussoorie are:

    LalTibba: It is known for its height and is one of the highest mountain treks in Mussoorie. Badrinath temple and Kedarnath Temple Mountains can be easily spotted with a telescope; witness the calmness of sunrise and sunset on this winter trek.

    Bhadraj Forest and Temple is another trek on which you can experience the lush green spreads and serenity in this season.

  5. Which are some famous summer treks in Mussoorie?

    - HathiPaon Night Trek is a beautiful night trek which is just 4 kilometres to George Everest. You can indulge in night activities like star-gazing during this trek. Witness the amazing wishing well on your way back to HathiPaon.

    - Another great summer trek would be Jwala Devi Trek where you can trek to famous wildlife sanctuaries and witness sights of fauna and flora

    - Another great place to trek is the Nag Tibba Trek where you will climb a circular path, passing through villages and jungle.
  6. Is it safe to do trekking in Mussoorie?

    Yes, trekking in Mussoorie is absolutely safe for almost all kinds of trekkers, including novice as well as seasoned trekkers. This is due to the reason that almost all the treks in Mussoorie have lenient gradients and the trails are of easy to moderate level of difficulty.

  7. Which is the highest peak for trekking in Mussoorie?

    LalTibba is the highest peak in the whole of Mussoorie, with a tallness of 9,915 feet, also known as the Serpent's Peak. This is also a picturesque location as you can witness the Yamuna River flowing across the valley. Plan a rafting activity after your tiresome walk.

  8. Can I do Tap tibba Peak Trek? What is the difficulty level?

    Yes, you can experience Tap Tibba trek near the city of Mussoorie. Situated at a height of 10,000 ft., enjoy the spectacular view of the Palla Peak.  Enjoy the thrill of trekking with your loved ones on these rugged terrains of the north.

    The difficulty level of climbing on this hill is moderate. This has an elevation of 3,022 metres (9,915 ft) and is the highest peak in the lesser Himalayas. Witness the snow clad mountains and the cold breeze that takes your heart away. Make sure to carry all your essentials while planning a trek.

  9. Will we stay in camps during trekking in Mussoorie?

    Yes, the treks near Mussoorie offer good campsites for the hikers to enjoy an amazing night camping experience in the lap of nature, under the twinkling dark sky.

  10. What all things must I carry while going for trekking in Mussoorie?

    You must be well equipped with all your essentials while going for trekking. The things you must carry while going for trekking in Mussoorie include:

    • Walking stick
    • Map
    • Fleece jackets
    • Binoculars
    • Sleeping bag
    • Hiking shoes : lightweight and hard sole boots
    • Woolen clothes
    • Water, juices and energy drinks
    • Easy to eat snacks
    • Electric torch
    • Scissors
    • Sunglasses
    • Medical kit : equipped with medicines for motion sickness, fever and food poisoning
    • A good compass
    • An extra pair of clothes
    • Battery backup
  11. What sort of sleeping bags will be there during the trek?

    You will be provided with proper and comfortable sleeping bags. These will have long foamed mats on which a person can sleep with ease. Moreover, if you are already familiar with heat and insulation, these bags will help insulate your body from the cold ground and keep you from shivering. Further, you can carry your own sleeping bag during the trek.

  12. What are the different things apart from trek which can be done in Mussoorie?

    • Plan a visit to Mussoorie Adventure Park: take amazing rides and dive in the pool at the Adventure Park in Mussoorie.
    • Go on a shopping spree along the Mall road
    • Experience Nightlife of Mussoorie: see the local markets and dancing clubs.
    • Get enthralled by the spectacular scenic valleys and waterfalls.
    • Locate the Tibetan Market and explore the famous tibetan culture
    • Experience the local culture of Mussoorie
    • Visit the Soham heritage centre to admire the artworks
  13. Which are some famous sightseeing spots in Mussoorie?

    Some of the best sightseeing spots in Mussoorie are:
    • Enjoy the picturesque Jharipani falls and enchanting Kempty Waterfalls
    • Visit Christ Church
    • Walk on Camel’s Back Road
    • Explore Tibetan Market
    • Visit LalTibba
    • Beautiful Lake Mist
    • Discover wilderness at Benog Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Picnic at the Cloud’s end and Happy Valley
    • Pay a visit to Jwala Devi Temple
    • Go on an expedition in Mussoorie Adventure Park
    • Admire the wildlife at Vinog Mountain Quail Sanctuary
  14. What adventure activities are famous in Mussoorie?

    Mussoorie is a house of adventure and if you visit this place, be sure to partake this opportunity and get indulge in the activities like Rafting, Climbing and Trekking.

    • Raft your way on Yamuna waters
    • Marvel at the amazing waters from Kempty waterfalls
    • Indulge in a rock climbing experience
    • Rappel your way through the mountains
    • Take a cable car ride and admire the beautiful view from the top
    • Trek on some of the highest peaks in India
    • Take a zip line sky trek which is as interesting and fun as it sounds
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Abhijeet Saxena Roopkund Trek
"Roopkund is a beautiful trek with heart-filling views throughout the trek. You travel from forests to meadows to rocky areas to snow in a matter of 4 days with landscape changing every day. Trek though tiring is worth trying even for beginners & first timers (like me). You just need to follow the trek leaders' guidelines and nothing can stop you from reaching the summit. Everything was decently arranged by Thrillophillia & UTT (local agency whose part we were). The only downside was that our group size was large around 28 people and we were mostly running behind the schedule. Food was okay, you can really not expect a lot when in mountains.Prepare for the trek in advance and if possible keep a day extra in reserve. Carry spare clothes and prepare for rain extensively because the weather in the bugyals & beyond is very unpredictable and you should be ready for everything. Must do trek. All the Best...."
16 June 2018
Pradeepta Mohanty Roopkund Trek
The awesome journey started from the station Kathgodam itself where we could see the ubiquitous Pine and Fir trees that we had seen previously only in TV. We had a warm welcome from the UTT staff in Lohajung where we plucked some peaches and relished along with the briefing. We met the trek leaders, cook, support staff and fellow group members with whom we were to live like a family for the next 7 days. Along with the heavenly environment, the people with their simple ways won permanent place inside us. On the 2nd day we trekked to Didna village via Kuling - 12 kms stretch, half road and other half mountains and valleys. The family who had given us home stay in Didna village welcomed us with Rhododendron drinks. By this time natural spring water had been inveterate to us. Next day trek was to Bedni Bugyal via Ali Bugyal, the most beautiful and largest meadows of Asia - 12 kms stretch. For the first time I saw real snow before my eyes when Mount Trishul and Nanda Ghunti came in front of us. We faced heavy rainfall along the way where the ponchos and waterproof shoes became handy and saved us the whole trek. Next day was a 4 km trek to Pathar Nachauni. Each place has its own fascinating fable and folk lore described to us by the Trek leaders - Raghu, Rajat, Pradeep, Uday, etc. Next was another 4 km trek to Bhagwabasa where a little AMS started to peek in and temperature dropped steeply. Folowing early morning 0300 hrs, we started on the steep 3km trek to Roopkund crossing land, waterfalls, snow and ice; and it was all heavenly out there when we could see the ice covered lake with snow surrounding it like a white glass. We returned to Bhagwabasa the same day by evening. And next day descended to Lohajung via Wan village - 12 kms. Now having returned it feels, some part of our lives could never come back from those mountains.
15 March 2016
Himadri Bhat Roopkund Trek
The trekking experience was great. I had a really really fun filled trek. The beautiful surrounding, the bird’s eye view of the place, and everything else added more beauty to the travel experience. the roopkund was mostly frozen, and when we went close you could actually see the skeltons on the bed of the lake. oThis trip is something that I can never ever forget the final climb to roopkund was very difficult and tedious but it was worth it. I totally loved this trek. I wish I could take more such treks in the future.
19 November 2015
Chandan Somayaji Roopkund Trek
Many Many thanks to our tour guide whole instriction made this long trip possible. i miss my camping moments at bhagwabasa and ali bugyal... i was so relaxed there... magnificient mountain views followed me everywhere but when we reached roopkund, the peaks were damn beautiful....the roopkund lake was frozen too. one of the best ever experience of my life.
Amay Rathore Roopkund Trek
"A must have experience Roopkund the mysterious lake was really an unforgettable journey that has given us the chance to know more about art of the god i.e. nature. It changed our lives in terms of understanding about that is within us."
11 November 2020
Experience overall was good. But since this is a covid situation we had local porters who were quite new to the trek and were reaching the campsite almost in our pace. Because of this the food we got was getting a bit delayed and lot of times we were starving after the long day of trek. But trek leader was good and he took care of everything in case of any problems.
14 March 2020
Nimit Bandopadhyay Roopkund Trek
I did this trek with my friends and we all enjoy this very much, the view was superb, the guide and food were fantastic, the adventure activity was amazing, but the best part was the Roopkund Lake. The very beautiful whole covered with ice. Mesmerizing. camping was very comfortable and I never forgot this adventure. Worth doing it.
05 March 2020
Gajadhar Gandhi Roopkund Trek
It was a unique experience when I was surrounded by the snow so we friends start playing with it and we trek nicely. camping was good and we take many pictures for memories, the guide was professional but the food was a little bit spicy but overall we can say this was one of the best vacations I spent.
11 March 2020
Mukul Ahluwalia Roopkund Trek
When I was in Uttarakhand with my friends so one of them suggest me to do roopkund trek so I book the trek from Thrillophilia and this gives me lifetime experience, the location was good relaxing, the guide was funny and polite in nature and food was ok-ok but we had a memorable experience.
07 March 2020
Adhrit Menon Roopkund Trek
The guesthouse was the best to stay, the food was ok on all the times. The guide was good and well experienced, this place is for those people who seek for adventure. I was there with 3 other solo travelers, try to go with bigger groups.

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