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Nusa Penida ranks as being among the three largest islands that can be found to be situated in the South-Eastern coast of Bali. The other two islands are Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan. This place comprises of a total of 200 square kilometres and although may appear small and petite, there is a lot waiting for the visitors to discover at this beautiful holiday destination. It is much larger than the other two islands and the tourist infrastructure is fast growing.

Interesting part about Nusa Penida is that it lacks abundance of natural, fresh water. Therefore, very little is grown of produced on the lands. However, basic food amenities come via means of boats. Therefore, some places charge slightly higher prices as compared to the rest of Bali. Luxury items won’t be discovered in this place as the island city prevails of being simplistic and rural by nature.

Nusa Penida only recently became the unofficial bird sanctuary for several endangered species of birds such as the Balinese Starling and other Indonesian birds. Looking at how things were panning out especially with the nearing extinction of the Balinese Starling bird, the Friends of the National Park Foundation or FNPF started an introduction program in 2004 that protected near-extinct birds. Under this program 64 birds were released into the wild. Since then, similar release bird projects have been preventing from these birds to become extinct.

When it comes to travelling in this area, there isn’t much to explore. You can catch the daily public ferry or the private speed boat. There are many quite, beautiful and sand-ful beaches that visitors can explore while they are here. Located mostly in the north and north-west coasts, these are among the best ones.

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People Also Ask About Nusa Penida

  1. Travel advice:

    • Keep touts at bay.

    • Do not over indulge in liquor. Drink only as much as you can handle.

    • If you enroll yourself in water sports, make sure you keep a check on the safety gears and equipment. Never neglect your safety at any cost.

    • If you come across a foreigner who is weirdly dressed or anyone who seems like a drug dealer to you, keep away. Do not make eye contact and just walk away.

    • Do not indulge in drugs of any form.

    • Avoid getting in physical or verbal brawls with any local here.

    • Make sure you dress decently when you go to a religious place.

    • Do not wear clothes that are skimpy or over the top revealing.

    • Make sure you acquire all the necessary information before going to any new place.

    • Do not go to any secluded place all alone.

    • Make sure you do not get over friendly with strangers.

    • Keep your valuables safely.

    • Do not leave your valuables and excess cash in the hotel room.

    • Enquire about the room safe where you can keep your valuables.

    • Carry with you at least one identity proof.

    • Take a room or resort in an area that is know to you.

    • Buy only bottled mineral water.

    • Do not buy a bottle that does not have a seal on it.

    • Buy water only from a brand that is known to you.

    • Do not eat from the street vendors without checking the quality.

  2. Drinking laws

    The legal age for drinking is 20 years.
  3. Things to do in Lusa Penida:

    • Visit the Crystal Bay: Visitors can take the western road from the main road of Lusa Penida and visit the Crystal Bay. This beach is white, stunning and perfect for adventure activities such as snorkeling, trekking and tourist chilling. This is among the primary attractions of Lusa Penida.

    • Get mesmerized by the FNPF Bird Sanctuary: The FNPF Bird Sanctuary is a conservation and community development centre that started the introduction program for preserving the endangered species of birds in Bali.

    • Check out the limestone cave at Suana village: This location consists of a unique-looking temple and a limestone cave wherein one can indulge in the art of meditation. If you are lucky enough, you might even be able to witness a ceremony or two.

    • Trekking on Mundi hill: One of the highest points in Lusa Penida is Puncak Mundi or the Mundi hill. One can take part in activities such as trekking or hill-climbing and reach this perfect holiday destination.

  4. What will you like in Lusa Penida:

    • Mountain-biking with amazing coastline views: What would be perfect is if you were mountain-biking with amazing coastline views. This visit is perfect. The island which covers approximately 200km sq. can be covered in a day quite easily.

    • Take part in the culture: The natives are primarily Hindus and the language is spoken over here is an ancient dialect of Balinese. The architecture and dance is also quite unique. Take part in the culture and become one with the locals.

  5. How to reach Nusa Penida from Bali airport? How much is the distance?

    To reach Nusa Penida from Bali Airport, you first have to reach Sanur Beach from the airport. Sanur is on the beachside of Bali and is the closest hub for finding transport to the islands. The Denpasar Airport is in the south of central Bali, and you can board a public bus, hire a taxi, take a car or a bike on rent to reach Sanur. It may take 25 – 45 minutes to reach Sanur, from the airport, depending on the traffic on the road.

    For a taxi ride, you may have to pay somewhere between $13 - $20. From Sanur, you can take a public boat or a speed boat to reach Nusa Penida. A public boat takes around 90 minutes, while a speed boat takes just 40 – 45 minutes.
  6. What are the various modes of transport to reach Nusa Penida?

    As Nusa Penida is an island, and there is no airport on it, the only way to reach here is through the boat, or ferry. The public boats for Nusa Penida are available from Padang Bai, Kusamba and Sanur located in the east Bali. Apart from public boats, speed boats with a seating capacity of 20 people are also available.
  7. What are the public transportation to reach Nusa Penida?

    In order to reach Nusa Penida, the only public transport, which is available is the boat or ferry. Nusa Penida is one of the best places to go to in Bali, and after reaching the Denpasar International Airport, also known as Ngurah Rai International Airport, one can take a bus ride or a taxi to Sanur, from where you can the “Daily Ferry” or a “Speed Boat Service”. The passenger ticket on the ferry is approx. $6 - $15, and the one for speed boat is approx $15 - $25 per person.
  8. What is the best time to take holidays in Nusa Penida?

    May, June and July are considered as the best months to travel to Nusa Penida. The weather is pleasant and cool, and mostly dry in these months. But, which time would be the best for you completely depends on the fact that whether you are a surfer or an explorer. Some of the world’s best waves are created during the dry season starting from May till October each year, and thus, it’s the best time to enjoy water sports activities, especially surfing.
  9. What is the ideal duration for a holiday in Nusa Penida?

    The ideal duration of a holiday in Nusa Penida would be between 5 – 7 days, and if you want to have a long tranquillizing stay, then you can extend your holiday up to 10 days seeing the beautiful island of Bali.
    A well-planned tour of Bali will include all those 'not to miss' things in Nusa Penida.
  10. How is the general climate in Nusa Penida?

    The general climate is tropical, warm and pleasant but not too hot. The average temperature throughout the year is 26-27°C, but, the humidity levels can be as high as 80-90%. The temperature will not exceed 28oC anytime in the year. There are two primary seasons here – dry season and the rainy season. Dry season starts in May and extends till October, and the rest of the year is the rainy season. November is also a good time to visit the place.
  11. What kind of clothing is suitable for Nusa Penida?

    If you are visiting in the dry season, then you need casual clothing for summer like cotton T-shirts and shirts for men, and casual dresses for women. As there are several swimming opportunities, you must carry your swim suits. To visit the temples, you would need a sarong. You will mostly walk in the natural terrain, so, bring the shoes that can cover your feet or in which you are comfortable walking.
  12. Is it safe to travel to Nusa Penida?

    Yes, it's completely safe to travel to Nusa Penida, Bali. However, you need to stay alert about a few things. Like, if you are planning to take a vehicle on rent, ensure complete safety because no one cares for traffic rules in Nusa Penida, and thus, it's not very safe to drive on the roads of this island especially during the peak traffic hours.

    Secondly, towing of vehicle is a real possibility on this island, and you may have to pay hefty fines. Also, snatch thefts are common in areas with heavy rush and busy tourist spots. So, be a little careful about carrying things at busy places.
  13. How expensive is Nusa Penida?

    There are a number of activities to indulge in Bali. It is one of the most inexpensive tourist destinations, and Nusa Penida, being one of the islands in Bali is also an economical travel destination. The luxurious accommodations are competitively priced, and if you don’t mind basic accommodations with minimal amenities, and are good at bargaining, you may not find it expensive at all. The average expense of a solo traveller to Nusa Penida is about $25 - $30, while that of a couple is about $35 - $40.

    An accommodation for two at a decent place with more than average amenities ay cost somewhere between $20 - $25 per day. If drinks aren’t included, then the food expense per person in Nusa Penida ranges between $7 - $10.
  14. Can I rent a motorbike or a bicycle in Nusa Penida?

    Yes, you can easily rent a motorbike or a bicycle in Nusa Penida, as both of them are widely available. Cycling is Bali is an awesome experience. Driving in Bali is on the left-hand side, and there is a lack of formal driving rules. Thus, you should only take a motorbike or cycle on rent, if you think; you would be able to drive comfortably through the crowded roads and streets of Bali. The rented motorcycles or scooters are generally 125cc, and some of them are equipped with automatic transmissions as well.

    The rent per day varies between Rp 40,000 – 100,000, ($3 – $7.5) but, if you need these for more days, you can bargain on the price. Also, bicycles are available for rent for a much lesser price, and some of the hotels even offer their guests free bicycles during their stay. Also, you don’t need an International Driver’s License to ride a bicycle.
  15. What are the popular places to visit in Nusa Penida?

    Bali offers many places to see and experience. Apart from countless Hindu temples, there are many other travel sites and popular places in Nusa Penida which you can explore during your stay on this island:
    • Crystal Bay, which is a stunning white sand beach with crystal clear water
    • Goa Giri Putri is the name given to the large limestone caves. There is also a very sacred temple here.
    • Pura Penataran Ped is a holy Hindu Balinese temple and is one of the pilgrimage sites
    • Angel Billabong is a natural infinity pool near the broken beach
    • Broken beach is a beautiful landscape that got developed from a large cave that eventually lost its roof
    • Pura Batu Medahu and Pura Batu Kuning are the two beautiful temples
    • Puncak Mundi is the highest point of the Nusa Penida Island
    • Tembeling Forest is a leafy green rainforest area which is home to many species of unique birds
  16. What are the different activities one can do in Nusa Penida?

    One can enjoy some thrilling activities in Bali. Some of them in Nusa Penida includes:
  17. What are the various budget hotels and Homestays in Nusa Penida?

    • Bungalow Pemda
    • Losmen Trang
    • Made’s Homestay
    • Ubu Ganesh Guesthouse
    • Rumah Pohon
    • Yuda Homestay
    • Timbool Bungalow
    • Somayan Bungalows
    • Krisna Guest House
    • Ananta Bungalow
  18. What are the various luxurious resorts available in Nusa Penida?

    There are many pleasing luxurious villas in Bali. Some of them in Nusa Penida includes:
    • Coco Resort Penida
    • Nyuh Bengkok Tree House
    • Ari La Casa
    • Mae Mae Beach House
    • Penida Dive Resort
    • Gepah Garden Cottage
  19. What are the various private villas in Nusa Penida?

    Bali offers a range of villas to enjoy your holidays. Some of them in Nusa Penida includes:
    • Nusa Garden Honeymoon Bungalow
    • Nusa Garden Quadro Bungalow
    • Nusa Garden Lotus Bungalow
    • Bintang Bungalow
    • Jati Bungalows
    • Kulkul Bungalow
    • Mahkota Homestay
  20. What types of water-sports are available in Nusa Penida?

    There is an array of water sports activities which can be done in Nusa Penida, including:

    • Snorkeling
    • Diving
    • Island Tours
    • Water Biking
  21. Where can we do Diving and Snorkeling in Nusa Penida?

    The most famous places for snorkelling and scuba diving in Bali include the Crystal Bay and Manta Point. At Crystal Bay, one can see the monstrous size sunfish, also known as Mola Mola, which can easily be spotted during dry months. At Manta Bay, you get a unique opportunity to explore the vivid underwater life and swim with giant manta rays. Apart from these, there are many other diving and snorkelling sites like Manta Point, Toyapakeh, SD, Ped, Gamat Bay etc. There are about 562 species of fish and 247 species of coral to be explored.

    There are four diving centres on the island as well. These include:
    • Penida Dive Resort
    • Octopus Dive
    • Nusa Penida Watersport
    • Blue Corner Dive Penida
  22. Is surfing recommended in Nusa Penida?

    Bali has always been a spot for surfers. Yes, you can surf in Nusa Penida, but, sometimes the waves can be too high. Thus, in order to surf there, one needs to be very good at surfing.
  23. How can we reach Friends of the National Park Foundation (FNPF)?

    All the three islands, Nusa Penida and two other islands comprise the FNPF. You don’t have to do anything to reach there, as the entire island is under the National Park area. You can spot the bird anywhere on the island.
  24. How can we reach Crystal Bay? What's so special about Crystal bay?

    To reach Crystal Bay, you need to take the small road towards the west from the Sakti Village’s main road. Sakti village is easily reachable from any part of the Nusa Penida Island. Crystal Bay is one of the best places to visit in Nusa Penida as it offers a beautiful white sandy beach with crystal clear water, and is an excellent site for diving and snorkelling. It’s a picturesque spot where you can spend some tranquillising time while indulging in the water sports activities.
  25. How can we reach Goa Giri Putri? What is the speciality about Goa Giri Putri?

    One can hire a taxi from the hotel or resort you are staying, and reach the Goa Giri Putri caves which are located near the village of Karangsari, at a distance of about 4 Km from the Suana village on the northern side. Goa Giri Putri is a temple located in one of the largest caves in the Nusa Penida. The entrance to the cave is very small but, inside the cave is very large and there is a big hall which is maintained for worshipping and prayers.

    One can see some amazing limestone formations and stalactites in the cave. Many people meditate here, and you can also witness religious ceremonies in the cave.
  26. How to reach Ped Village? What is special about Ped Village?

    The Ped village is located between the two main towns of Nusa Penida – Sampalan and Toyapakeh. Ped Village is famous for a holy Hindu Balinese temple where people come to pray and also for their annual pilgrimage. The temple is quite beautiful and vast. There is also a gallery near the Ped village with some shops where one can buy the local stuff.
  27. How to reach Puncak Mundi? What is special about Puncak Mundi?

    The Puncak Mundi is located in the Puncak Bukit Mundi. The Puncak Mundi is famous for a Hindu Balinese temple located on the top of the Mundi hill which is the highest point on the Nusa Penida Island. It offers a spectacular view of the Nusa Penida Island, and is stunningly beautiful place. There’s also a legend associated with the temple, and that’s why it is considered the mythologically significant site to visit.
  28. How to reach Broken beach? What is special about Broken beach?

    Broken beach is located on the south-west side of the island and can be reached through the Sakti village, as it's located quite near to it. It is one of the most spectacular geographical attractions you will come across. It is a coastal cliff from where one can look into the sea from the height, and can spot the Manta Rays and turtles. There are many high cliffs which surround the sea on the Broken beach, and thus, it looks like a giant pool. Many believe, it was a cave whose roof got disappeared, so now there are walls and the water inside them.

    The unusual appearance of the broken bay is because of the volcanic activity. The entrance of the beach or the giant pool is through a natural bridge of rocks, and it is one of the most striking and quaint locations on the entire Island of Nusa Penida.
  29. How to reach Angel Billabong? What is special about Angel Billabong?

    Angel Billabong is a natural water pool located at a walking distance of 200 metres from the Broken Beach. It’s a kind of infinity pool with crystal clear water. The high tides fill the water in the Angel Billabong. But, the high tides can be quite high, so, one needs to be very careful before trying swimming in this natural water pool. A rogue wave can easily pull you into the ocean fom the pool.
  30. How can we reach Tembeling Forest? What's special about Tembeling Forest?

    Tembeling forest is located near the Batukandik, on the western side of the Nusa Penida Island. You can either hire a motorbike to reach here or can look out for tour and excursion organisers for a trip to the forest. This forest is the last remnant of the virgin rainforest on the island. It is one of the coolest and greenest spots on Nusa Penida where one can spot a lot of birds. As it's located on the southwestern coast, there is a refreshing natural pool formed by a spring.

    There are two pools, one for men and one for women, and both are naturally formed pools offering outstanding views. The Tembeling beach is also famous among visitors and is just 25 metres from the pool.
  31. Which is the best place to see birding in Nusa Penida?

    Nusa Penida is one of the best places for bird watching. Being a part of the bird sanctuary, one can see a variety of unique birds here. The entire island is the part of the Bali Bird Sanctuary, and thus, birds can easily be spotted at all the places on the island. One can see the endangered Bali Startling, Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, Mitchell’s Lorikeet and Java Sparrow.
  32. What kind of shopping can be done in Nusa Penida? Which markets are good for shopping?

    There are a lot of shopping options in Bali. The two primary towns on the Nusa Penida Island are Sampalan and Toyapakeh. In both these towns, you can find supermarkets and morning markets. You can buy the usual stuff like toiletries, footwear, clothes, etc. from the supermarkets, and if you are looking for some Indonesian clothes, bags, fruits, vegetables and fabric, then you need to visit the morning markets. The markets in Sampalan are a bit more extensive than the ones in Toyapakeh.

    There is a gallery near the Ped Temple, where there are some small shops from which one can buy traditional and local goods along with some Indonesian souvenirs.
  33. What all types of cuisines I can find in Nusa Penida? Which ethnic food is special in Nusa Penida?

    You can find an array of traditional Indonesian cuisine and some international dishes as well in the Nusa Penida. Bakso and Siomai are among the most famous dishes.
  34. Which restaurants serve the best food in Nusa Penida? Is vegetarian food easily available in Nusa Penida?

    One can enjoy in some amazing restaurants of Bali. But, there aren’t many restaurants in Nusa Penida, but, you can get some good options to eat.

    • Many restaurants and eateries are located in the Ped Village
    • Wayan's Warung on the Ped Village’s beach side
    • Warung Pondok near the Sameton Inn with a wide range of Indonian food
    • Queen Fried Chicken for fast food
    • Ulam Segera in Sampalan
    • Warung Makan and Restu Toyapakeh on Toyapakeh Beach Front
    • Jungle Warung on Crystal Bay
    • Penida Colada
    • Tarzan Marriot
    • Namaste Bungalows
    • Mola Mola Waroeng
    • There are a lot of other restaurants on the Crystal Bay

    While the restaurants serve the vegetarian dishes, but, you may not find a huge variety in the vegetarian menu, and also, there aren't’ any specifically vegetarian restaurants.
  35. Which are some of the best bars Nusa Penida?

    • Penida Coloda
    • Tarzan Marriott on Penida
    • Ring Sameton Resort Hotel
  36. What kind of nightlife I can experience in Nusa Penida?

    Although Bali offers best glimpses of nightlife, there are a few clubs and bars in Nusa Penida where you can enjoy the nightlife. Apart from these, the resorts also have bars where you can spend your evenings. But if you are an avid nightlife lover, then Nusa Penida is not a place for you as there are no exciting casinos or night clubs. Of all the bars, the Penida Colada Lounge Bar is most famous.
  37. Does one have easy access to alcohol in Nusa Penida? What is the legal drinking age?

    Yes, one can easily get alcohol in Nusa Penida, but, there is a restriction on the age. You may not get alcohol served unless you are 17 or above in age. You may be asked to show your identity proof when you go to a market to buy alcoholic drinks. Public drinking in Nusa Penida is not considered good, but, you can easily drink in private parties or clubs.
  38. Is smoking legal in Nusa Penida?

    While smoking isn’t prohibited by law, but, it's always good to avoid smoking in the public places and the no smoking zones, as it may attract heavy fines. There are smoking zones in the resorts and hotels in Bali where you can smoke.
  39. What kind of laws are there in Nusa Penida regarding drug usage?

    The laws pertaining to the drug usage in Nusa Penida are quite strict, and one cannot brig drug to the island. Also, you cannot buy these drugs from the petty sellers on the street. If any tourist is caught using, selling or buying drugs, he/he may have to face strict legal action, a hefty fine and a jail sentence as well.
  40. Are there any money exchangers in Nusa Penida?

    There are no money exchangers in the Nusa Penida. You can either change the money either at the airport or near it, or at Sanur. There are some money changers located in the nearby island, Nusa Lembongan.
  41. What do I do in case of any medical emergency in Nusa Penida? Are there enough Hospitals in Nusa Penida?

    In case of medical emergency, there are some hospitals and health centres located in Nusa Penida which can provide initial medical treatment, and if one requires extensive treatment, they are referred to the hospitals located in Denpasar. The hospitals in the Nusa Penida include:
    • Puri Medika, Nusa Penida
    • Puskesmas Nusa Penida III
  42. What are some important laws that I should keep in mind while visiting Nusa Penida?

    There are certain laws that the tourists and visitors are required to follow in Nusa Penida, Bali. These include:

    • If you want to hire private vehicles or want to rent a car, bring in your International driver’s License.
    • While driving a two wheeler, wearing a helmet is mandatory.
    • While visiting temples, ensure that you don’t wear shoes inside the temple, wear casual or normal clothes, don’t enter the temple if you are on your periods, or aren’t wearing proper clothes and don’t step over any ceremonial offerings.
    • Do not bring in any drugs or buy them when you are in Nusa Penida.
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