Paris Honeymoon Packages

Browse through a wide range of Paris couple packages with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book customized Paris honeymoon tour packages with exciting deals & offers. 

In an attempt to offer you everything you need to make your dream honeymoon come true, Thrillophilia brings you a host of carefully crafted Paris Honeymoon Packages that can make way for romance to spark between you and your soulmate in the arms of the City Of Love.

Paris is known widely as one of the most romantic cities of the world. The beautiful bridges, green gardens, unforgettable nightlife, lavish resorts, narrow streets, and praise-worthy monuments can inspire the honeymooners to swear on loving their soulmates until death pulls them apart.

At Thrillophilia, we take pride in revealing that our Honeymoon packages of Paris from India has a lot to do with love and exploration. Our Paris tour packages for couples include visits to the most romantic destinations, exciting couple activities, exquisite dinners, couples massage sessions, and photoshoots at exotic locations. From the time you begin your holiday trip until the time you are ready to fly back with awesome memories, our Honeymoon Packages of Paris promise to take care of all your pleasures.

So, why not check out our exotic Paris Honeymoon Packages and embark on a surreal honeymoon trip?

Places to Visit on Paris Honeymoon Trip:

Paris has a lot of romantic places to offer to the newlyweds. Some of them are:

1. Eiffel Tower: If you are in Paris and do not pay a visit to the Eiffel tower, then it’s nothing but a sin. Just kidding, though! All the Paris couple packages promise to include at least one visit to the Eiffel tower so that you can spend a romantic time with your partner, not just watching this monument, but also enjoying inside it.

You can surely have a fulfilling romantic dinner with your partner and catch a glimpse of the city together from the top of the tower.

Location: Champ de Mars, 5 Avenue Anatole France, 75007 Paris, France
Timing: 9 AM to 12.45 AM daily from Mid June to September; 9.30 AM to 11.45 PM daily for the rest of the months.
Entry fee: 7 euros for visitors choosing to take the staircase to the 2nd floor and 11 euros for visitors willing to take an elevator to the 2nd floor.

2. Palais Garnier: Operas are loved by every individual who has a thing for acting and music. These shows touch the heart and make us emotional. So, why not take a look at one of the most famous opera houses with the individual who has your heart forever?

Palais Garnier in Paris is a world-famous opera house that features an outstanding architecture. The paintings and sculptures inside the structure are simply mind-boggling. You can visit Palais Garnier at night and appreciate the opera house when there isn’t much of a crowd.

Location: Place de l'Opéra, 75009 Paris, France
Timing: 9 AM to 7 PM (Monday to Friday)
Entry fee: 12 euros 

3. Louvre Museum: If you’re travelling to Paris for your honeymoon, you must have already decided to enjoy walking down the past glory, hand in hand with your partner in the famous Louvre Museum of Paris. This historical structure shelters over 300,000 items from the ancient days until the current era.

You can witness sculptures from various cultures and from various periods. Your visit to the Louvre Museum will be more of a learning tour and what can be better than grasping knowledge with your partner?

Location: Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris, France
Timing: 9 AM to 6 PM on Sunday, Monday, Thursday, and Saturday; 9 AM to 9.45 PM on Wednesday and Friday
Entry fee: 15 euros per head

Must Checkout & Book: Louvre Museum Tickets

4. Notre Dame Cathedral: Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the most famous monuments in Paris. It is counted among the most beautiful structures, showcasing French Gothic architecture. The interior design of the cathedral is truly mesmerizing and praise-worthy.

The beauty of the cathedral can provoke you to take the wedding vows all over again as soon as you enter it. The design and architecture of the Notre Dame Cathedral has not been affected by the passage of time. This can inspire you to promise your partner an everlasting marriage.

Location: 6 Parvis Notre-Dame - Pl. Jean-Paul II, 75004 Paris, France
Timing: April to June and September – 9.30 AM to 7.30 PM
             July to August – 9 AM to 7.30 PM on weekdays and 9 AM to 11 PM on weekends
             October to March – 10 AM to 5.30 PM

5. Montmartre: Located in northern Paris, Montmartre is a very pretty place to go with your partner and capture some stunning views of this beautiful and romantic city. You can stroll together through the beautiful, narrow streets with small shops and cute cafes lined along the borders.

When in this amazing little hilly area, you can indulge in shopping, tasting some local wine, and clicking some couple photos for your Instagram account. You can also pay a short visit to the Sacre-Coeur Basilica.

Location: 75018 Paris, France

6. Palace of Versailles: 
Palace of Versailles is a famous landmark in France. The structure was earlier used as the royal residence. However, currently, it is open to the public and attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world. The architecture of the palace looks very inviting. The interior design is also something you would surely fall for.

The palace garden, better known as Gardens of Versailles and its most popular room, Hall of Mirrors are the major attractions of the Palace of Versailles.

Location: Place d’Armes, 78000 Versailles, France
Timing: 9 AM to 5.30 PM
Entry Fee: 15 euros

7. Pont Alexandre III Bridge: Pont Alexandre III happens to be the most grand and stunning bridge of Paris. It connects Champs-Elysees and Les Invalides, the spot where the tomb of Napoleon lies. The magnificent sight of Eiffel Tower from this bridge makes it the perfect place for taking beautiful couple pictures.

You can take a stroll on this bridge with your partner and experience moving through the open museum of the city as you watch a host of excellent sculptures.

Location: Pont Alexandre III, 75008 Paris, France

8. Tuileries Garden: 
Tuileries Garden is one of the trendiest places in Paris. Situated between the Place de la Concorde and the Louvre Museum, it was the very first garden that welcomed the public.

On your visit to this beautiful place, you can walk around the breathtaking garden hand in hand with your partner, take a walking tour to explore the nearby landmarks, and enjoy playing boules inside the park.

Location: Place de la Concorde, 75001 Paris, France
Timing: 7 AM to 9 PM

9. Luxembourg Gardens: Decorated with flowers, fountains, and statues, Luxembourg Gardens cover an area of around 25 hectares. The beauty and serenity of this place attract newlyweds who flock to the spot to walk together while talking about their love. The velvety texture of the green grass and the sweet smell of the flowers in the air makes the atmosphere romantic and cozy.

Location: 6th arrondissement of Paris, 75006 Paris, France
Timing: In summer - 7 AM to an hour prior to sunset
              In winter – 8 AM to an hour prior to sunset 

10. Arc de Triomphe: 
There is probably no one on this Earth who would not be mesmerized by the beauty of Arc de Triomphe. The size of the structure is immensely overwhelming and it cannot really be missed out. Arc de Triomphe was constructed as a token of honour for the fighters who have sacrificed their lives for France.

The structure is a symbol of love and respect for the true patriots of the country. So, if you and your partner love to take a walk through historical monuments, this can be the perfect place to visit.

Location: Place Charles de Gaulle, 75008 Paris, France
Timing: 10 AM to 10 PM

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Things to Do on Paris Honeymoon Tour:

1. Visit Eiffel Tower at night: When in Paris for a memorable honeymoon, you can never afford to miss out on visiting Eiffel Tower at night. The truly stunning view of this lit-up structure in the darkness can surely spice up your romantic night in this city. As soon as darkness covers the sky, the tower gets lit by over 300 spotlights. It appears as if the tower is wearing a golden shroud.

Going to the Eiffel Tower late in the evening also implies that you can enjoy watching the beautiful sunset view as the tower’s lights slowly flicker on. Undoubtedly, this will be a truly magical moment that will surely strike a sense of romance between you and your partner.

Location: Champ de Mars, 5 Avenue Anatole France, 75007 Paris, France
Timing: 9 AM to 12.45 AM
Price: 7 euros for visitors choosing to take the staircase to the 2nd floor and 11 euros for visitors willing to take an elevator to the 2nd floor.

Click Here to Book: Eiffel Tower Tickets

2. Visit Love Lock Bridge: Your honeymoon tour to Paris can never be completed without visiting the world-famous Love Lock Bridge. This bridge sits over the mesmerizing River Seine, which further enhances the beauty of the place. In accordance with a popular belief, affixing a padlock onto the railing and throwing away the key into the river can make the love between you and your partner to last till eternity.

This unique style of protecting your love forever is adopted by every couple who comes to the bridge, ties a padlock and takes a selfie, promising to walk together for the rest of their life.

Location: Pont de L'Archeveche, Paris, France

3. A romantic walk through Pont Neuf: 
Pont Neuf is counted among the most inviting bridges in the world. The bridge offers a sight that cannot be ignored by any traveller. This is one of the most favourite destinations of the couples coming to Paris for a honeymoon.

The newlyweds love to take a memorable romantic walk, hand in hand with their partner through this bridge at sunset. In the course of your walk, you can take pictures with your partner against the stunning background. If you visit the place after sunset, you can even take a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower shimmering in the darkness, right from the bridge.

Location: Ile de la Cite, 75001 Paris, France

4. Take a Moonlit Stroll Around Paris Landmarks: 
It can never be denied that there is something really very romantic about taking a stroll around the various landmarks of Paris at nightfall. That being said, taking a walk with your partner along the beautiful banks of the River Seine can induce a magical charm in your romance. Some of the ideal spots to stroll around here include Ile de la Cite, Pont des Arts, and Pont Neuf.

You can also take a walk along the riverbanks that can offer a glimpse of the Notre-Dame Cathedral. The dramatic facades of Notre-Dame will simply leave you speechless. Other places famous for romantic moonlit walks are the Marais and the Rue Montorgueil area.

Location: Paris

5. Romantic Dine at Le Coupe Chou: 
Known for its 18th Century décor, Le Coupe Chou is a truly beautiful restaurant in the city of Paris. Each room showcases a different interior and the air inside the restaurant is filled with a sense of magic.

The place is really cozy and suitable for enjoying the romantic company of your partner as you relish on lip-smacking French and European dishes. The staff is also very courteous and accommodating. You can visit this place with your partner for a private dining experience during your honeymoon in Paris. 

Location: 11 rue de Lanneau, 75005 Paris, France 
Timing: 12 PM to 2 PM and 7 PM to 10.45 PM
Price: INR 1,061 to INR 9,129

6. Get a couple massage at O’Kari: It is a matter of fact that a honeymoon is all about the couple activities. That being said, you can never think of missing out on a couple massage session when on a honeymoon trip to Paris. One of the best places for couple massage in this beautiful city is O’Kari.

This place shelters highly trained and experienced masseuses, who know the right techniques to give you and your partner a relaxing and tranquillizing massage experience. They use the best and the most effective products to ensure a benefitting and long-lasting effect.

Location: 22 Rue Dussoubs, 75002 Paris, France
Timing: 8 AM to 10 PM
Price: 59,000 Euro to 330,00 Euro 

7. Day trip to Versailles: When in Paris for a honeymoon, you should not forget to take a day trip to Versailles. When checking out Paris Honeymoon Packages, make sure you select the one that includes this activity.

A journey from Paris to Versailles will take you just 45 minutes. Once you are in this majestic and peaceful city, you can start your exploration by paying a visit to the Palace of Versailles. You can also stroll in the palace gardens, hand in hand with your partner. Other places you can visit include – the Grand Trianon, Versailles Cathedral, Hall of Mirrors, and the Royal Chapel. You can also visit Versailles’ Market and indulge in shopping.

Location: Versailles

Explore & Book: Versailles Tickets

8. Sunset cruise at River Seine: 
One of the most romantic things you can think of doing in Paris is spending time in a cruise at River Seine in the evening. You can enjoy watching the sunset together from the cruise and click some stunning pictures with your partner.

You can then have a romantic dinner at a cozy table right on the cruise. You can also wear your dancing shoes and spend the night moving your body with your partner with some soft, romantic music playing in the background. This will be an experience that you and your beloved will love to cherish for the rest of your lives.

Location: Paris
Timing: At sunset
Price: INR 1,500 to INR 5,500 

Book Now :  Seine River Cruise

9. A thrilling balloon ride in Parc Andre-Citroen: Hot air balloon ride is one of the most enjoyed activities experienced by couples in Paris. That being said, when you think of a balloon ride you cannot just help thinking of Parc Andre-Citroen. This park is full of greenery and offers couples an opportunity to try many activities, including balloon rides.

The balloon can accommodate 30 passengers at one time and can rise up to a height of 300 meters. In the course of your balloon ride you can experience a panoramic view of the entire city of Paris and of course, collect an unforgettable memory.

Location: 2 Rue Cauchy, 75015 Paris, France
Timing: 8 AM to 8.30 PM
Price: 12 euros

10. Dancing at Quai Saint Bernard: Dancing at Quai Saint Bernard is another romantic activity you can think of enjoying with your partner during your honeymoon trip to Paris. Quai Saint Bernard is basically a waterfront boulevard. Couples usually enjoy walking and clicking pictures on this quay. In the summer season, this promenade becomes a beautiful dance floor and invites couples in the evening to move their body to some romantic music.

Don’t worry; you do not have to be a trained dancer to hit this waterfront dance floor. The quay welcomes non-dancers as well to just experience a romantic dance with their partners without caring about the world.

Location: Du Pont d'Austerlitz au pont de Sully - 75005 Paris
Timing: Evening

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Best Time to Visit:

Whether it’s summer or winter, Paris is always beautiful and romantic. 

- Spring (March-June):
This is the most ideal time to visit Paris and indulge in couple-friendly activities like skating, biking, and strolling together. The average temperature remains between 4oC to 20oC.

- Summer (July-September):
The average temperature remains between 13oC to 24oC during this time and the city gets longer sunny days. 

- Autumn (October-December):
The average temperature remains between 5oC to 21oC during this time and the city looks truly breathtaking with colourful leaves scattered all around. 

- Winter (January-February):
During this time, the average temperature remains between 1oC to 7oC and allows you to wander around freely with your partner and hop into cafés to sip hot coffee.

The ideal duration for a honeymoon in Paris would be 5 to 7 days.

How to Reach:

Paris is well-connected to almost all the important and major cities across the world. It has a total of 3 international airports, namely Orly International Airport, Charles de Gaulle International Airport, and Beauvais-Tille Airport.

That being said, Charles de Gaulle International Airport is connected to the maximum number of global destinations, including Delhi, Bangalore, Dubai, Dublin, Beijing, Singapore, Tokyo, and Los Angeles, among others. Located at a distance of about 23 kilometres from the heart of Paris, this airport gets flights from all the major airlines, including Emirates, American Airlines, British Airways, Air China, Qatar Airways, and Lufthansa, to name a few.

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London Paris Amsterdam Tour Package


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26 Ratings


26 Ratings

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Splendid Europe - Swiss, France & Netherlands


2D Amsterdam 2D Paris 4D Zürich
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264 Ratings

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European Extravaganza - Italy, Swiss, France & Netherlands


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334 Ratings

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Delightful Europe - Netherlands, Belgium, France & Swiss


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287 Ratings


287 Ratings

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Best European Trio - Italy, Swiss & France


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357 Ratings


357 Ratings

₹ 207,120

₹ 154,000 per Adult

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European Classic - France, Belgium & Netherlands


2D Amsterdam 4D Paris
Transport Included
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231 Ratings


231 Ratings

₹ 156,599

₹ 117,000 per Adult

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An Odyssey To Europe - Netherlands, France, Swiss, Austria & Hungary


Transport Included
Meals Included
Stay Included

245 Ratings


245 Ratings

₹ 302,200

₹ 250,878 per Adult

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European Gems - Netherlands, France, Swiss, Austria & Czech


Transport Included
Meals Included
Stay Included

234 Ratings


234 Ratings

₹ 301,400

₹ 226,500 per Adult

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7 Days France Honeymoon Package


3D Nice 4D Paris
Thrillophilia Safe
Meals Included
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Airport Transfers

39 Ratings


39 Ratings

₹ 87,690

₹ 79,500 per Adult

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London And Paris Tour Package From India


Transport Included
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Stay Included

25 Ratings


25 Ratings

₹ 151,295

₹ 138,500 per Adult

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Lucerne and Paris Honeymoon Package


Hotel pickup
Meals Included

24 Ratings


24 Ratings

₹ 127,500

₹ 102,000 per Adult

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Amsterdam Paris Switzerland Tour Package


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25 Ratings


25 Ratings

₹ 167,500

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London Paris Tour Package From Kolkata


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Stay Included

23 Ratings


23 Ratings

₹ 196,000

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Klljpgng3io0c2nfnxffciv539uu shutterstock 630924611%20(1) M098hyqtac8zaw4ytiif4nvmprwo 1592816957 europe bern 1 Ol1h6qdxej8ll2g8bo5kzyg5n481 1592816957 europe bern Udx3lkkndao4uo2go1tjfr6mra1h 1592816971 europe venice 1 Avvmjsiuu963kbz2u319vytqi6lu 1592816972 europe zurich 1
Europe Honeymoon Package from India


3D Paris 1D Brussels 3D Amsterdam

349 Ratings


349 Ratings

₹ 145,542

₹ 131,500 per Adult

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39 Ratings


39 Ratings

₹ 219,999

₹ 189,999 per Adult

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40 Ratings


40 Ratings

₹ 120,900

₹ 93,000 per Adult

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23 Ratings


23 Ratings

₹ 131,485

₹ 109,800 per Adult

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57 Ratings


57 Ratings

₹ 253,000

₹ 193,000 per Adult

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J3mjredx9nh1gav75itbgdvzl745 louvre%20museum min Ghusql30zy6dmpcd0ivb594sfsmd eiffel%20tower min 2oy0mbz2p8hgdqe9g4wsc2cbhx7h paris%202 min M7m6mnkd5zpfy4ybi9kilwtcv38p orsay%20museum%201 min 9pgkblu64knvdti5mc6l2qpvcu59 sacre coeur%20basilica min

34 Ratings


34 Ratings

₹ 157,777

₹ 101,999 per Adult

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Ao1ukcs09a8qf0toshefyhb6swcz italy%20and%20france%20honeymoon%20couple min Whq2cgywtbii6ouaahz7r1g7fxjm italy7 min Spxcgeha4hbdaehmre90z99uxoak italy5 min 5lhh3kvb1k09mzxpgruxv7ugepvk rome%203 min 05dysp2nchn4pv0xqkbetzazvsth venice%205 min

33 Ratings


33 Ratings

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People Also Ask About Honeymoon in Paris

  1. Which are the best Paris honeymoon packages?

  2. How much time does it take to get a visa to Paris? What is the cost for a tourist visa in Paris?

    It may take you around two to three weeks to get your short-term tourist visa and around two months to get your long-term tourist visa to Paris. The cost for a short-term tourist visa is around 60 euros and the cost for a long-term tourist visa is around 99 euros.

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  3. What is special about Paris?

    Starting from its incredible beauty to the sense of romance filled in its air – Paris is a unique travel destination that is popular among tourists for various reasons. Some of the things that make this city special include magnificent bridges, rich Parisian culture, exquisite food, crazy nightlife, romantic destinations, cute cafés, interesting cultural heritage, the Parisian metro, mesmerizing street arts, and lovely gardens and parks.

    Apart from all these, the world-famous Eiffel Tower, trendy fashion, gardens, and lavish hotels makes this place even more magical. All these attractions put together, make Paris a dream destination for everyone who loves travelling and exploring.

  4. Is Paris a good place for honeymoon?

    Yes, Paris is one of the best travel destinations for couples. It is known popularly as the most romantic destination. From cozy restaurants to poetic parks, you will find romance everywhere in the city. Hence, the place is frequently visited by honeymooners, who travel to the city with the best Paris honeymoon packages.

  5. Is Paris expensive for tourists?

    Although the cost of living in Paris is considered to be on the higher side, yet the expense factor largely depends on your choice of accommodation, dining, and mode of travelling. If you choose to have a luxury trip then surely the city will be a bit expensive.

    However, if you want a budget trip, you can find hotels and restaurants at a lower cost and can take public transport for sightseeing. You can also check out some budget Paris tour packages for couples.

  6. What is special about Paris?

    Starting from its incredible beauty to the sense of romance filled in its air – Paris is a unique travel destination that is popular among tourists for various reasons. Some of the things that make this city special include magnificent bridges, rich Parisian culture, exquisite food, crazy nightlife, romantic destinations, cute cafés, interesting cultural heritage, the Parisian metro, mesmerizing street arts, and lovely gardens and parks. 

    Apart from all these, the world-famous Eiffel Tower, trendy fashion, gardens, and lavish hotels makes this place even more magical. All these attractions put together, make Paris a dream destination for everyone who loves travelling and exploring.
  7. What are the most important points to be considered while planning our trip to Paris?

    There are a few points you should keep in mind while planning your trip to Paris:
    - Ensure you check out Paris honeymoon packages for couples that have all the activities you want to experience in the city.
    - Learn some basic French words
    - Have an idea of the weather condition of the place
    - Choose an accommodation that is in proximity to the important places you want to visit in the city 
    - Do not forget to pack the necessary documents.

  8. Why is Paris famous as a honeymoon destination?

    Some reasons why Paris is considered as the perfect honeymoon destination are its unmatched beauty, mad nightlife, luxurious hotels, and top-class restaurants. 

    From clicking a couple pictures on the beautiful bridges to having a candlelight dinner at a romantic restaurant – Paris can offer you the best of everything for a memorable honeymoon experience. This is the reason why the newlyweds flock to the city with their dream Paris Honeymoon Tour Packages. 
  9. What are the important documents we need to carry if we are travelling to Paris for a honeymoon?

    When traveling to Paris for your dream honeymoon with the best Paris couple packages, you need to remember to carry important documents, including: 
    - Photocopy of your driver’s license 
    - Your plane tickets
    - Photocopy of your travel insurance
    - Your visa
    - A photocopy of your passport
    - Your credit card
    - List of emergency contact numbers
    - A guidebook
    - And some magazines or books, if you like reading.

  10. What are the best ways to commute in and around Paris?

    During their stay in the city with the best Honeymoon Packages of Paris, tourists can commute from one place to another by various ways. You can choose to walk up to the nearby places or take a Velib’ on rent. If you want to travel to far off places, you can take the metro, city bus, RER train, Batouxbus, taxi, or Paris tour bus.

  11. Which are the best places to enjoy shopping in Paris? What is a must thing to buy?

    Being a home to the world’s trendiest fashion and leading luxury brands, Paris offers an ample amount of opportunities to shop till you drop. When in this city with your favourite Paris Honeymoon Packages, you cannot stop yourself from heading to the best shopping destinations of the place and buying all the items from your wishlist.

    That being said, in order to enjoy shopping in this beautiful city to your fullest, you need to know the top shopping spots to head to. Here is a list of the most recommended shopping destinations in Paris:

    - Les Halles
    - Boulevard Saint Germain
    - Le Marais
    - Rue Du Commerce
    - Rue De Rivoli
    - Boulevard Haussmann
    - Triangle d’Or
    - Saint-Ouen Flea Market
    -Avenue Des Ternes
    - Avenue Des Champs Elysées

    Although Paris offers the best of everything, one of the most recommended things to buy is the traditional Parisian chocolates. These chocolates will simply melt in your mouth and will offer an unforgettable taste. They will satisfy your sweet tooth and hit the right taste buds to cater to your cravings for delicious chocolates. Apart from this, other unique things you can buy in Paris include – homemade perfumes, Reblochon cheese, antique champagne buckets, and French wine.

  12. Which are the best restaurants to visit in Paris? What cuisine we must try?

    The top restaurants to dine in Paris for a romantic meal with your sweetheart are:

    - Restaurant yam’Tcha
    - Bistro Grands Boulevards
    - Le Mary Celeste
    - La Bouteille d’Or
    - Le Relais de L'Entrecôte
    - Café Constant
    - Le Laurent
    - Bouillon Chartier
    - L’Oiseau Blanc
    - Les Grands Verres

    When in Paris, you should never forget to try the delicious local French cuisine. That being said, some of the must-try local delicacies include Baguettes, Macarons, Croissants, Falafel, Couscous, and Duck Confit. In addition, you can also try other international cuisines in the city, including American, African, European, and Asian.

  13. Which spots are best for honeymoon photography in Paris?

    Some of the beautiful spots for shooting the perfect honeymoon pictures in Paris include Eiffel Tower from Av New York and Trocadero, Luxembourg Gardens, Tuileries Gardens, Louvre Pyramid, Sacre Coeur, Arc de Triomphe, Petit Palais, Pont Alexandre III, Galerie Vivienne, Palace of Versailles, Pont de Bir-Hakeim, Square Jean XXIII, and Quaint Cafés. 

    Make sure you check out Paris Honeymoon Packages that include couple photography or offer you ample amount of time to click some good pictures with your sweetheart.

  14. What are the essential items that one must pack while travelling to Paris?

    The important items that you should consider packing for your tour to Paris include:

    - a small backpack
    - your power bank
    - your camera
    - a universal adaptor
    - your valid photo ID
    - your jacket or sweater
    - your credit carda pair of comfortable shoes
    - reusable water bottles
    - copy of insurance policy
    - copy of passport
    - your headphones or earphones
    - a pen

    Other things that you may carry include your medication (if you take any) and a lightweight paperback book (if you like reading).

    It is recommended to avoid carrying food items, bulky books, and too many clothes.
  15. Which are the romantic places to stay in Paris for a honeymoon?

    1. Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris: Bask in the contemporary elegance of Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris to admire the most mesmerizing scenery of Paris. It offers 11 suites which are equipped with all major amenities. The most striking feature is the Michelin starred restaurant Le Cinq along with a spa and sauna to help you relax.

    2. Hôtel Residence Henri 4: Bid goodbye to all your worries and enjoy the chic interiors of this hotel on your honeymoon. It is one of the most romantic hotels in Paris tours from where you can enjoy places like Boulevard Saint-Germain and Luxembourg Garden.

    3. The Pavillon de la Reine: Witness one of the most picturesque boulevards of Paris from this amazing hotel which was once the former house of queen of France. This 4-star hotel is known for its gorgeous design which dates back to the 17th century and lets you enjoy a wonderful stay. It has amenities like spa, steam bath, fitness center etc.

    4. Hôtel Saint Jacques: In the hub of all the bustling cultural activity, Hotel Saint Jacques is a wonderful romantic retreat to pick among Paris Honeymoon Packages. The hotel will enthrall you with its amazing art collection dating back to the 18th and 19th century.

    5. La Tamise: This is a popular 19th century mansion which was home to the French family de Noailles. It is set in a beautiful location where the couples will cherish an intimate time with its soothing vibes.

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  16. Which are the famous monuments to visit in Paris on your honeymoon?

    1. Eiffel Tower: One of the most romantic places in Paris Honeymoon Packages, Eiffel Tower is a dazzling spectacle to behold when you are in Paris. When you are here, you can’t resist but click away along with enjoying a romantic time by popping a champagne at the Champagne Bar.

    2. Parc-Temple of Love: Appreciate a laid back time under the stars at The Park which offers a romantic time for the couples. It is known for being a place where couples come to renew their wedding wows. It is considered that if you kiss your significant other at the folly’s centre, your love will be strengthened.

    3. River Seine: Spend some time along the enchanting banks of River Seine to cherish some memorable moments of Paris tour. Decked up by a thousand lights, this river is perfect for a romantic stroll and enjoy some quiet moments.

    4. The Louvre: A must visit for history buffs in Paris couple packages, the Louvre is the largest museum in the world. The museum is built in baroque style and allows you to appreciate the most excellent art in Paris.

    5. Luxembourg Gardens: Boasting of a verdant green carpet and breathtaking nature, Luxembourg Gardens is one of the most romantic places in Paris Honeymoon Packages. At Luxembourg Gardens, don’t forget to admire the colorful flowers and an exciting puppet show.

  17. What you should avoid in Paris?

    You should avoid spending too much time on the most-touristy things when you are in Paris like roaming around Eiffel Tower and Champs-Elysees.  You should try to explore more offbeat places and interact with the locals to get to know about the culture.

    Also, avoid having your meals at the food stands, popular food-chains or random restaurants. Instead, explore the beautiful Parisian cafes or relish a meal in a Michelin starred restaurant when you are in Paris.

  18. Why is the Eiffel Tower a symbol of love?

    Eiffel Tower is often hailed as a symbol of love since it is one of the most popular places for the couples in France.

    Its attractive design which presents a superb vista during the night with the help of 20 thousand lights, mesmerises all the honeymooners. Many couples make their marriage proposals at this gorgeous tower every year and therefore hold a significant place in the hearts of the romantics in Paris.
  19. Is it expensive in Paris?

    Paris is an expensive city to visit. However, the actual expenditure differs from person to person depending on advance flight bookings, budget for hotels/hostels and the experiences you want to indulge in during your trip. A general one day expenditure may cost around 14,000 INR for one person.
  20. Which are the some of the best Paris attraction tickets that I can book at Thrillophilia?

  21. Which are some of the best Paris city tours to book from Thrillophilia?

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Paris Top Attractions

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Arc De Triomphe, paris Palace Of Versailles, paris Montmartre, paris Palais Garnier (The Opéra Garnier Grand Hall), paris Latin Quarter, paris Disneyland, paris Parc Asterix, paris Centre Pompidou Paris Aquaboulevard Paris Mont Saint Michel France, paris Moulin Rouge Paris Place De La Concorde, paris Sainte Chapelle, paris Musee D'orsay, paris Champs Elysees, paris Petit Palais Paris Le Manoir De Paris Place Des Vosges, paris Paris Zoological Park National Museum of Natural History Paris Parc de la Villette Paris Bois De Vincennes, paris Musée Jacquemart André, paris Le Crazy Horse Paris Musee Carnavalet Paris Menagerie du Jardin des Plantes Paris Aquarium de Paris Les Invalides, paris Champs De Mars, paris Louvre Pyramid, paris Musee de lHomme Paris Musee de la Vie Romantique Paris Parc Des Buttes Chaumont, paris Pont Neuf, paris Pont Des Arts, paris Rue De Rivoli, paris Le Marais Paris Saint Germain des Pres Paris Musee Zadkine Paris Palais de la Porte Doree Paris Chateau de Chambord Paris LAtelier des Lumieres Paris Palais De Tokyo, paris Paris Flea Market Conciergerie, paris Montparnasse Tower, paris Musee des Arts et Metiers Paris Seine River, paris Chateau de Fontainebleau Paris Canal Saint-Martin Paris Philharmonie De Paris Louis Vuitton Foundation, paris Musée De L'armée, paris Elysee Palace Paris Galerie Vivienne, paris Pont Alexandre Iii, paris Grande Mosquee de Paris Paris Plages Chateau de Chantilly Paris Parc Montsouris Paris La Coulee Verte Rene Dumont Paris Bois de Boulogne Paris Parc Bagatelle Paris Place Dauphine, paris Place Vendôme, paris Rodin Museum, paris Parc Andre Citroen Paris Eglise Saint Roch, paris Grand Palais, paris Tuileries Garden, paris Musee de la Magie Paris Musee Marmottan Monet Paris Chapelle Expiatoire Paris Père Lachaise Cemetery, paris Luxembourg Palace, paris Dali Paris Avenue Des Ternes, paris Musée National Picasso, paris Parc Monceau, paris Quai Branly Museum, paris Maison de Victor Hugo Paris Sacré Cœur Church, paris Jardin D'acclimatation, paris Domaine National Du Palais Royal, paris Catacombs Of Paris Jardin Du Luxembourg Garden, paris
It's a wonderful, unforgettable, and joyous trip to Europe thanks alot for making my honeymoon an awesome one which was once in a lifetime experience and you make it memorable. All arrangements and plans are well implemented without any lies and all the hotels were too good at a good location with a calm ambiance, great hospitalities, and on-time service. All the vehicles arranged for an airport and city tours were excellent along with a skillful driver's this is really great. Loved everything on this tour. I recommend Thrillophilia to book for any tour. Lots of blessings to the team.
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Archan Nambeesan Paris Honeymoon Package From India
The best destinations for a honeymoon, My partner and I recently we had this honeymoon trip, let me tell you that this trip was very well-planned and very well-executed, Everything stated in the itinerary was very fulfilling which we miss not even a single thing from it... The places we covered were truly amazing and beautiful with its people, culture, history, and heritage site... We had the most romantic tours in Switzerland as the place has many natural beauties... We had the most fun tours in Disneyland Paris which we enjoyed the rides, roller-coasters, attend events, theme activities, shows, foods, and souvenirs overloaded fun there with my partner... Overall all the places we covered were breathtaking... The arrangements of hotels, transport, and candlelight dinner for us was excellent and we love it... I would like to suggest this package to all the couples who plan for their successful honeymoon trip...
Gandharv Malik Paris Honeymoon Package From India
Such an amazing honeymoon trip!!! On this trip, we covered the amazing and famous country on earth like Rome, Switzerland, and Paris... We had a great experience at each with many photographs we took, The tours were organized very well and they even provided a great service at any time we need any helps, They already arranged everything for us which we never faced any problems at all the entire trip... It was a special and memorable trip for us...
Anuja Butt Paris Honeymoon Package From India
It was our first trip and it was amazing. Everything was planned and people with us were really supportive. Thanks for making our trip memorable.
Everything was perfectly arranged for us, Thrillophilia helped us in all ways wherever we needed
Chandrakala Achari Paris Honeymoon Package From India
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A perfect destination for a honeymoon or for a family, friends, or any type of a group for a perfect vacations once in a lifetime. We booked this with Thrillophilia the price they offeres was going well with the experience we had. This platform gave full guidance 24/7 which we really enjoyed the tour without any issues at all... Well-planned and well-executed tour... We were very happy with our experience. Don't think twice this is a succeded honeymoon tour.
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