Located on the shores of the Arabian Sea, Tarkali is a small hamlet in the western part of Maharashtra. This village is renowned for its pristine clear water of the sea and the white sands, which marks the beach.

A newfound weekend getaway from Mumbai and Goa, this place offers a host of adventurous water sports. To the south of this hamlet flows the Tarkarli river lined by dense forest. Take a boat ride in the river to enjoy the serenity of the backwaters where it flows into the Arabian Sea. For a walk through the history, you must visit the Sindhudurg Fort located on the shore of the sea.

A visit to this offbeat destination in Maharashtra ensures that you relax on the beaches lined with suru trees. Other attractions on the beach are scuba diving and snorkeling sessions where you can enjoy the view of the world beneath the sea! What makes this village all more alluring is the tranquil beaches like Kolam, Achara, and Tarkarli where you can watch the sunset down the sea.

The hue of the setting sun will completely enchant your mind and body. In addition to the splendid beauty of the sea, you can also spot dolphins prancing around in the waters. For relishing on some extraordinary seafood and boat rides in the sea, do visit Deobagh, a small fisherman village nearby.

Also, the extensive Dhamapur lake, encircled with lush greenery is ideal for finding solace within nature. Sit and unwind yourself by the lake and enjoy the delicacies from the eateries around. Don’t forget to enjoy the local shark curry and fresh seafood to mingle with the authentic culture of this little beach hamlet!

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People Also Ask About Tarkarli

  1. What are the best places to visit in Tarkarli?

    1. Tarkarli Beach: Famous for its pristine waters, Tarkarli Beach is located at the intersection of River Karli and Arabian Sea. The lovely beach is a nice getaway for nature lovers to enjoy a laid-back day by the beach along with indulging in various water sports.

    One of the reasons why this beach is an integral spot in Tarkarli tourism is the presence of a number of dolphins here. The crystal clear waters of the beach stretch up to 20 feet and promises an enthralling time during the time of sunset.

    Location- Tarkarli Beach, Tarkarli.

    2. Sindhudurg Fort: In Marathi, Sindhudurg translates to ‘fort constructed on ocean floor’ and it is one of the most spellbinding places in Tarkarli city. It was built during the reign of Shivaji with the help of about 100 Portuguese architects and entices all the history lovers.

    This ancient fort is perched beautifully on an islet in the Arabian Sea and mesmerises the visitors with its imposing architecture. The scenic beauty of this place is overwhelming and the history of the fort is a reason to be intrigued while visiting this amazing place.

    Location- Sindhudurg Fort, Malvan.
    Timing- All days of the week from 10:00 AM TO 5:30 PM.
    Entry Fee- INR 50.

    3. Deobagh: For all the sea lovers, Deobagh is a delightful visit in Tarkarli tourism. It is where many fishermen live and offer their boat services to help you go into the deep sea. The refreshing village is a hub of fishing activities as this is where all the visitors come to enjoy sea tours in Tarkarli.

    When you are here, don’t forget to treat your taste buds with the amazing seafood like crabs, fish curry and king prawns which are offered here. Moreover, it is a pleasant respite for nature lovers, as many birds and dolphins are spotted here.

    Location- Deobagh, Tarkali (15 Minutes from Tarkali mainland).

    4. Dhamapur Lake: One of the prominent places in Tarkarli tourism, Dhamapur Lake is a haven for nature lovers and religious travellers. Spread over an area of 10 acres, it is known for its crystal clear waters. The landscape here boasts of an idyllic countryside as you can see thatched huts near the lake.

    Also, there is the famous Bhagwati Temple which is frequented by many localities and surrounded by a landscape of verdant greens. To offer you a refreshing escape, Dhamapur Lake allows you to indulge in a thrilling boat ride along with offering a space where you can sit back and admire the beautiful surroundings of nature.

    Location- Dhamapur Lake , Tarkali.

    5. Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Temple: Built in reverence of Chhatrapati Shivaji, Shree Shivchhatrapati temple is an important historic site in Tarkarli city. The temple was constructed in the year 1695 by his younger son named Rajaram and boasts of a stone idol of Shivaji who seems to be in the kneeling Yogic pose.

    One of the prominent attractions of this temple is the presence of the real footprints of Shivaji which are sculpted into a dome and his palm prints which can be seen on slabs of dried lime.

    Location- Shree Shivchhatrapati Temple, Sindhudurg District, Tarkarli.
  2. What are the famous things to do in Tarkarli?

    1. Shopping in Tarkarli: Apart from being known for its scenic beauty, Tarkarli city is known to be a shopper’s delight. It is well known for offering cashew bars which are available in the Zanytes factory outlet in the Malvan market.

    For the foodies, it is a treasure trove of delightful items like amba poli, amba wadi, kokam wadi and karvande wadi. Moreover, when you are here, you can also shop for clothes and footwear from a range of shops.

    Location- Malvan Market and others.
    Timing- 9:00 AM TO 10:00 PM.

    2. Scuba Diving in Tarkarli: Promising to enthral you with its fascinating beaches and its natural treatise, Scuba diving in Tarkarli is a delightful highlight of Tarkarli tourism. Dive deep into the crystal clear waters of Tarkarli and witness the marvel of rare fishes and the beautiful coral reefs.

    The spectacular marine life here will leave you surprised along with the training facilities which are offered here in the presence of expert scuba drivers and proper safety equipment.

    Location- Tarkarli Beach.
    Timing- 9:30 AM TO 3:30 PM.
    Entry Fee- INR 850.

    3. Boat Ride in Karli Backwaters: Located near the confluence of Karli river and Arabian Sea, this stretch of water presents a scenic ride for the boating enthusiasts. Replete with the playful dolphins and the scenic backdrop, this activity is definitely not to be missed when you are in Tarkarli.

    When you are here, try to engage with a guided tour as you will get a good deal on it and get to know more about the landscape from the local tour operators. To indulge in a more extravagant retreat, partake in the houseboat ride which will remind you of the beautiful backwaters of Kerala.

    Location- Karli Backwaters, Karl Creek, Tarkarli.
    Timing- Sunrise to sunset for all days of the week.

    4. Stay in a Houseboat: Have a refreshing retreat in a houseboat when you are in Tarkarli. Promising the calming ambience of Tarkarli backwaters, this activity will help you explore the scenic sea waters of Arabian Sea in a whole another way. These houseboats are equipped with all the major facilities and satiates all your needs for a comfortable holiday with loved ones.

    Location- Karli River, Tarkarli.

    5. Banana Boat Ride: One of the bustling water sports in Tarkarli tourism, banana boat ride is a must-do for all adventure seekers. Sitting in these yellow colored banana shaped boats with your loved ones will help you enjoy a delightful respite. This inflatable boat can easily fit in about 8-10 people and offers a fun activity for people of all ages.

    Location- Tarkarli Beach, Tarkarli.

    6. Sightseeing in Tarkarli:
    This beautiful city is famous for its amazing places and one can enjoy many scenic landscapes here. For the best views of the sunset, Tarkarli beach is a place which should not be missed. Tourists here can enjoy a tour of the bustling markets and capture some nice photographs at the Rock Garden. Also, sighting the dolphins and birds is one of the significant highlights of sightseeing in Tarkarli.
  3. What are the best beaches in Tarkarli?

    1. Tarkarli Beach: One of the best beaches in Tarkarli tourism, this beach is famed for its natural beauty. The charming beach boasts of glittering white sands which are brushed occasionally with the crystal clear waters of Arabian Sea.

    While standing here, you can easily see the clear waters up to a stretch of 20 feet. Moreover, sunsets here are something which should not be missed. Also, nature lovers here will be delighted to see the frequent flight of birds along with the playful dolphins and turtles.

    2. Achara Beach: A haven for adventure lovers, Achara Beach is one of the must visit places in Tarkarli tourism. It is situated 22 km away from Malvan in Maharashtra and offers a plethora of activities for all kinds of tourists. Whether you want to sit back and relax to admire nature. When you are here, you can indulge in birdwatching or see the dolphins from the shore.

    3. Chivla Beach: One of the smaller beaches in Tarkarli is the famous Chivla Beach which stretches to an area of 1.5 kms. It is famous for its beautiful landscape which comprises the golden hues of the sunset and the glittering blue waters. A serene scene, Chivla Beach must not be missed if you wish to escape the hustle and bustle of life.

    4. Nivati Beach: Blessed with clear and shining sands against the backdrop of turquoise blue waters, Nivati beach can be found at a distance of 32 kms from Tarkarli. The picturesque beach boasts of having the famous Nivati fort and invites all the tourists for a fascinating getaway.

    5. Devbagh Beach: Located in the pristine village of Devbaugh, this beach is famous as the place which is the confluence of Arabian Sea and Karli River. It is located away from the buzz of tourists and blessed with a landscape of breathtaking greenery. When you are here, you can look forward to enjoying some surreal moments basking in the glorious sunshine or just looking at the beautiful sun setting down the horizon.

    6. Tsunami Island and Beach: A haven for nature lovers, Tsunami Island is a deltaic island which can be seen in the middle of the river. It is a fascinating spot for adventure lovers as a range of activities are offered here. If you are seeking an adrenaline rush, you can look forward to indulging in kayaking, banana boat ride, jet skiing and bumper boat rides in Tsunami Island and Beach.
  4. What are the adventure things to do in Tarkarli?

    1. Parasailing: One of the most recreational activities in Tarkarli city is parasailing. It involves being harnessed with a parasail on a boat and then flying up in the air as the boat moves forward. The activity offers a bird’s eye view of the beautiful surroundings and a fun-filled experience for adventure seekers.

    2. Kayaking: This activity in Tarkarli can be enjoyed as a part of testing your physical strength paddling through the crystal clear waters. It also offers beautiful views of the dolphins and offers a refreshing escape to be enjoyed with your friends and family.

    3. Jet Skiing: Jet skiing is one of the most enthralling water sports offered in Tarkarli tourism. The rush of air and the bustling waters will help you cherish an experience of a lifetime. The best place to enjoy this activity in Tarkarli is Deobagh and Tsunami Island.

    4. Banana & Bumper Boat Rides: One of the most astounding adventure activities in Tarkarli city is enjoying a banana boat ride. It is a suitable activity to be enjoyed for a group of 4-6 people. The adventure activity offers many fun-filled memories for both adults and children.

    5. Scuba Diving: It is one of the most enjoyable activities in Tarkarli which lets you witness the beautiful underwater life. One of the popular dive sites in Tarkarli is the Joshua’s Scuba diving site which offers a serene experience for all water babies.
  5. What is Tarkarli famous for?

    Tarkarli is most famous for its natural beauty as it has pristine beaches with clear white sands and azure blue water. Encompassed by suru trees, the beaches are hailed as the cleanest beaches on the Konkan coast and offer sumptuous seafood. It is a paradise for adventure lovers as it has on offer various activities like scuba diving, parasailing, jet skiing, banana boat ride, houseboat tour etc.
  6. How to reach Tarkarli?

    The various ways to reach Tarkarli are:

    - By Air: The nearest airport is Dabolim in Goa which is 80 km away from Tarkarli and well connected by private cabs through road.

    - By Rail: The nearest railway station is Kudal which is at a distance of 45 km from Tarkarli which is well connected to all the major cities like Mumbai, Pune and Goa. From Kudai, you can hire a cab or take a bus to reach Tarkarli.

    - By Road: One can go by bus till Malvan which is at a distance of 6 km from Tarkarli and offers connectivity via road through bus or cab. Malvan is well connected to cities like Kolhapur, Sangli and Kudal.
  7. How far is Tarkarli from Mumbai?

    The distance between Tarkarli and Mumbai is about 540 km which can be completed in a 10 hour journey by road. The best way to reach Tarkarli from Mumbai is to go via your own vehicle through Mumbai-Pune Expressway or take a bus to Malvan and then take a taxi from there to Tarkarli.
  8. What is the best time to visit Tarkarli?

    The best time to visit Tarkarli is during the winter season which is witnessed from the month of October to March as the weather is pleasant and it is a good time for scuba diving. You can also plan a visit during the monsoon season to escape the crowds as it rains during this time and the beaches are less crowded.
  9. Is it safe to visit Tarkarli?

    Yes, Tarkarli is safe to be visited as it is a well-known beach getaway on the Konkan Coast. However, you should always try to avoid any unwarranted situations which can hamper your security.
  10. Is Tarkarli worth visiting?

    Yes, Tarkarli is worth visiting as it has some of the most non-commercialised beaches in the Konkan Coast. The beaches here are well known for their clear white sands and turquoise blue waters.

    Deal getaway for solitude seekers and backpackers to explore something new and indulge in a range of adventure activities like scuba diving, parasailing, houseboat rides etc. You can also indulge in shopping here and buy products like cashew nuts, Kokum drinks, amba poli etc.
  11. What to buy from Tarkarli?

    The most popular items to buy in Tarkarli are cashew nuts, amba poli, Malvani Masala, Kokum drinks, Kokum wax etc. There is a popular market called Malvan Market where you can also shop for dresses and footwear in Tarkarli.
  12. What are the romantic things to do in Tarkarli?

    Savor some intimate moments at Tarkarli Beach: One of the most famous beaches known for its golden sands and crystal clear waters, this place is a must visit for all the lovebirds. You should visit this beach during sunset and enjoy one of the most beautiful views of Tarkarli while holding hands with your significant other.

    1. Scuba Diving: One of the most unmissable things in Tarkarli tourism is scuba diving. Dive deep into the azure blue waters of Arabian Sea and witness the breathtaking beauty of underwater wildlife. It is untouched from civilization and offers some of the most stunning getaways for nature lovers.

    2. Go on a Houseboat Tour: One of the best ways to see the glorious natural beauty of Tarkarli is by hopping on a houseboat tour with your partner in the backwaters of Karli River. These houseboats are equipped with all the modern amenities and offer a serene retreat for all the leisure seekers.

    3. Go for Dolphin Spotting: Spot these lovely creatures on the shores of Tarkarli beaches. This area is blessed with an abundance of dolphins and poses a delight for all the nature lovers. There are also many dolphin tours which are arranged in Tarkarli to increase the excitement level of the guests.
  13. What are the best places to stay in Tarkarli?

    1. Blue Sea Resort: It offers a wonderful accommodation for all kinds of travellers and offers the best of Tarkarli city as it is located in a peaceful area of Malvan. Here the rooms boast of traditional décor and an amazing design. When you are here, enjoy the Konkani cuisine  while soaking in the surreal views of shuru trees.

    2. Siddhivinayak Beach Resort: This resort is one of the most luxurious resorts in Tarkarli. It is located in a scenic backdrop between Tarkarli and Devbagh sangam. When you are here, don’t forget to enjoy activities like parasailing, dolphin watching and boating.

    3. Devbag Kinara Resort: It is one of the best Malvan resorts which will give you imposing views of the Sindhudurg fort. The hotel is located near the beach and offers well-furnished rooms for the comfort of the guests.

    4. Fantasea Beach Resort: Offering amazing views of the ocean, this resort is well known for its luxurious ambience and offers a number of amenities. The guests here can enjoy a stay in the well-appointed and spacious cottages.

    5. Blue Water Resort: An ideal getaway for backpackers, Blue Water Resort boasts of a peaceful and calming ambience. It is a great visit for beach lovers as it is located near to the beach and offers great views of the sunrise and sunset.

    6. Shripad Beach Resort: Surrounded by scenic landscapes of verdant green forests, Shripad Beach Resort is a haven for nature lovers. It offers five cottages which are equipped with all the modern conveniences. The various adventure activities that can be enjoyed here are scuba diving, swimming and dolphin spotting.

    7. Shree Ganesh Beach Resort: Have a stay at the beautiful Shree Ganesh Resort near Tarkarli Beach. It offers a nice getaway by offering comfortable and homely amenities to its guests. It is an ideal pick for both couples and backpackers to enjoy the natural beauty of Tarkarli.
  14. Is scuba diving safe in Tarkarli?

    The scuba diving activity in Tarkarli is super safe. During the activity, all sorts of precautions are taken and you will be provided with all sorts of safety gears to ensure your safety. You will be assisted by a professional diver who will also explain the use of the scuba gears for a professional dive.
  15. What is the cost of scuba diving in Tarkarli?

    The cost of Scuba diving in Tarkarli starts from INR 817 per adult. The cost of scuba diving activity is Tarkarli depends upon the depth you would wish to go.
  16. How far is Tarkarli from Goa?

    The distance between Tarkarli and Goa is about 150 km by road via Hathkhamba-Goa Rd. One can easily cover this distance in just 4 hours.
  17. How far is Tarkarli from Pune?

    Tarkarli is located at a distance of 385 km from Pune which can be covered within 7 hours and 50 minutes by road via AH47.
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Highly recommended adventure to all the people who love thrill... This experience really worth everything the money, time, and energy.
Ranjit Kakkar Scuba Diving In Mumbai
The best experience, our coach was very professional and knowledgable and as well as has very good experience with this activity which makes us felt safe and secure and very kind enough to help us throughout the dives. I can see many cute creatures, the beautiful and colorful corals were truly breathtaking lots more I experience during this activity. The best part also was that the package was included with a picture and videos and just after the activity shared with us and I must say that they are good photography as well...Overall it was a good and amazing experience...
Shantanu Arora Scuba Diving In Mumbai
Thank you so much for this best tour. The price is already cheaper and that also very beneficial as the package offered by Thrillophilia comes along with the complimentary videos and pictures which was really great, we were so impressed... we took part in this Scuba diving and I must say that this activity was much far better than snorkeling. We have a wonderful experience with good photos to cherish for the whole life. Grab this package and have fun...
Bhaswar Dubashi Scuba Diving In Mumbai
Super fun! the expert was very nice and accommodating always there beside me and help me with the activity, The day I took part on-this the weather was good and the seawater was very clear in which I get to see many colorful fishes and the water world was truly beautiful than I can't even imagine... Totally worth the experience.
Himadri Bhat Scuba Diving In Mumbai
One of the best experiences for a life-time with my whole family. We had a great time in the water and really appreciates the professional instructor who was doing a very good job. Best thrilling adventure to cherish. Worthy Experience.
Rudra Tandon Scuba Diving In Mumbai
Definitely an amazing experience I ever participating, Scuba diving is truly awesome and breathtaking, Would recommend this really to all.

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