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Zurich Day Tours
Zurich is a place that conjures up images of breathtaking & unspoiled beauty of the stunning Swiss meadows, alpine forests, mighty Alps, and pristine mountain lakes. The city is forked into two by River Zurich into the Old and New Town areas. The Old Town is dotted with centuries-old churches, cobbled streets, and residences belonging to the Renaissance era. Due to its proximity to France, Germany, Italy, and Liechtenstein, you will see beautiful imprints of these cultures on the architecture here.

You will find the world’s largest clock tower here and a shopping street that’s amongst the world’s most exclusive and expensive shopping destinations.Zurich has beautifully balanced its rich cultural heritage with modernity and houses over 50 museums, art galleries, theatres, and a library that is considered to be the most beautiful in the world. It has some of the most stunning gardens, riverside promenades, hilly vantage points, perfect for a dream Swiss vacation. 

What is a Swiss vacation if you don’t try the famous chocolates! Zurich is known as the chocolate capital of Switzerland and certainly knows how to craft the best chocolates on the planet. Where else will you find a truffle that takes a whole year to make! Zurich also has many Michelin star restaurants that serve hearty and exotic dishes for an amazing fine dining experience.  For those who love to let their hair down, Zurich matches your verve with its spirit to party. It is dotted with amazing places great for ending a day with the best of drinks and snacks.
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People Also Ask About Zurich

  1. Which are the major tourist attractions in Zurich?

    1. Grossmunster (Great Minster): This is the most important landmark in the history of the Swiss Protestant Reformation movement. The twin towers of this 12th-century church pierce through the clear blue skies and offer fantastic views of the city. Inside, the church is adorned with beautiful stained glass paintings; gothic artworks, huge bronzed doors, and bricked walls. There is a crypt inside the church where you can see the original statue of Charlemagne, the founder of the Protestant order. 

    Location: Grossmünsterplatz, 8001, Zurich.
    Entry Fee/Price: There is no entry fee. 
    - November to February: Monday-Saturday 10:00 am-5:00 pm
    - March to October:Every day (except Sunday) 10:00 am- 6:00 pm

    2. Zurich Zoo: This amazing zoo has over 300 species of animals and birds living in habitats that are created closely on the lines of their natural habitats. You will see amazing mimicked natural spaces like seacoast, mountainous cloud forest, savannah & grassland, tropical rainforest, desert & steppe, etc. The zoo houses exotic animals like Emu, Laughing Kookaburra, Rainbow Lorikeet, Southern Screamers, etc. There are beautiful waterworks, ponds, and lush thickets inside.  

    Location: Zürichbergstrasse 221, 8044 Zürich, Switzerland
    Entry Fee/Price: CHF 26, INR 1912
    - March to October: Every day from 10:00 am to 6 pm
    - November to February: Every day from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. 

    3. Zurich Lake: Probably the most famous attraction in Zurich, this beautiful crustal-like lake is amongst the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland. The Lake, nestled amidst the cantons of Schwyz, St. Gallen, and Zurich, it is an amazing place to soak in the crisp mountain breeze and the stunning scenery. There are plenty of fun things that one can do here right from watersports, swimming, bathing, lake cruise, etc. Enjoy skating at the rinks at Wadenswil and Kusnacht. Don’t miss to try fresh butter-fried fish at the cafes near the Lake. 

    Location: The Lake extends on the southeast part of the city
    Entry Fee/Price: CHF 8, INR 588
    Timings: The Lake can be visited anytime. 

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    4. Lindenhof: One of the most-visited places in Zurich, Lindenhof is not only a stunning garden but also an epicentre of major historical events in the country. This is where once a 4th-century Roman fort stood, which gave way to a palace in the 9th-century built by Charlemagne’s grandson.

    The place is loved for its tree-covered walkways, views of the Limmat and the Old Town area, and tranquil ambience interspersed only by chirping birds. This is one of the best places to enjoy a spot of sun picnicking with the family. Join the city’s chess enthusiasts for a game of chess at the giant chessboard inside the garden.

    Location: Old Town area between Limmat and Bahnhofstrasse.
    Entry Fee/Price: There is no admission fee. 
    Timings: Can be visited anytime.

    5. Fraumunster: Another important place that shaped Swiss history, this church was established in the year 853. Translating to ‘Church of our Lady’, this church was founded by Emperor Ludwig especially for the female aristocracy of Europe as a convent to stay and worship. It still has remains of the original church in the crypt.

     You will see stunning stained glass paintings by Marc Chagall, as a five part series that depict scenes from the life of Christ, an angel signalling the world’s end and portraits of Moses & Jacob. The best time to view these paintings is during the morning hours as the sun rays falling on them illuminate the church in a million colours. 

    Location: Munsterhof 2, 8001.
    Entry Fee/Price: CHF 5, INR 368
    - November to February: Every day from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
    - March to October: Every day from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

    6. Rosenhof Crafts Market: The best way, its said, to experience a place is to visit its marketplaces. This craft market is a buzzing melting pot of sellers who come here from all over Switzerland to sell their authentic Swiss wares. Pick up antiques, handicrafts, wools, jewellery, paintings, Swiss bells, and ceramic homeware. There are plenty of street-side cafes and shacks that offer delicious local fare like hot chocolates, crepes, pastries, lattes, and chocolates to fill you up after a fun day of shopping. 

    Location: Weingasse, 8001, Zurich. 
    Entry Fee/PriceNone
    - November to February: Every day from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
    - March to October: Every day from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

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    7. Botanical Garden: The perfect place to take a respite from the crowds at the usual tourist places, the Botanical Garden is one of the city’s best-kept secrets. Inside, you will see glass domes that look straight out of a sci-fi movie. These are actually greenhouses that house thousands of varieties of flowers, plants, and trees. Once you’ve explored the gardens, take a breather near the pond where the only sounds that you will hear will be croaking frogs and chirping critters. 

    Location: University of Zurich grounds, 8008, Zurich.
    Entry Fee/Price: Admission is free.
    - March to September: Monday-Friday- 7:00 am to 7:00 pm; Weekends and public holidays: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
    - October to February: Monday-Friday: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm; Weekends and public holidays: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

    8. Ulrich Zwingli Monument: This monument is dedicated to Huldrych Zwingli, one of the most important reformers in Switzerland. He was an intriguing figure who earned the wrath of the pope for this fiery writings in the 15th century. This monument was established in the late 18th century is one of the most visited places in Zurich. Huldrych’s statue is located in the southern part of Wasserkirche. One hand of the statue holds a sword and the other hand holds a bible beautifully depicting his conjoined roles as a warrior and a preacher.

    Location: Limmatquai 20, 8001, Zurich.
    Entry Fee/Price: There is no entry fee.
    Timings: Can be visited anytime.

    9. Old Town: Your Zurich visit is incomplete without seeing the charming old town area that seems to have stopped in the Renaissance era. Amidst the intriguing hidden alleys and cobbled streets that take you back to the middle ages, you will see amazing buildings like the 14th-century Lombard money changer, Lenin’s house, the 13th-century Grimmenturm, and the charming church building complete with ornate ironwork and bricked walls. No wonder, this stunning place was the residence of Einstein, Wagner, and James Joyce. Don’t miss visiting the beautiful antique shops and cafes here. 

    Location: Both sides of the Limmat River.
    Entry Fee/Price: No entry fee.
    Timings: Accessible all through the year.

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  2. Which are the best things to do in Zurich?

    1. Take MyKugelhopf’s Sweet Zurich Tour: Visiting to Switzerland without trying out the luscious Swiss chocolates! This tour takes you to some of the city’s best and oldest confectionery stores to learn more about their history, making, and of course, lets you indulge in them. Try truffles, pralines, macaroons, chocolate-coated hazelnuts & almonds, hot chocolate, homemade ice creams as you walk around these charming stores 

    LocationParadeplatz, west of Bahnhofstrasse. 
    Price: CHF 85, INR 6,237
    Timings: Tuesday-Friday: 2 pm to 4:30 pm.

    2. Hike at Uetliberg Mountain: To get a bird’s eye view of this beautiful city, head over to the Uetliberg Mountain. The trail to the summit goes through the stunning countryside dotted with lush forests and vast bright green farmlands and is perfect for hiking and biking.  The trail has a number of grill pits and picnic spots where you can stop for a quick cook-over. The most interesting thing on this trail is the ‘Path of the Planets’, which has markers to proportionally denote the distances between the 9 planets. Adventure enthusiasts can enjoy paragliding at the top. 

    Location: Western side of Lake Zurich.
    PriceTandem paragliding costs around CHF 50, INR 3670.
    TimingsCan be visited anytime. 

    3. Shop at Bahnhofstrasse: While in Zurich, visiting the world’s most expensive shopping street is a must. This exclusive space houses the world’s top fashion stores, chocolate shops, perfumeries, watch shops and so much more. The highlight of the place is Confiserie Teuscher, which a quaint chocolate shop and a cafe dating back to 1863.  After a day of shopping, enjoy soaking in the views of the Alps, Zurich Lake, and the churches as you sip delicious hot chocolate and spiced wine. 

    Location: The Street starts at Bahnhofplatz and ends at Burkliplatz.
    PriceThere is no entry fee.
    TimingsMost of the shops are open till 8:00 pm every day. 

    4. See Art at Cabaret Voltaire: One of the most prolific and revolutionary war movements, known as Dadaism, began in Zurich in 1916. Combining pop art, punk rock, and surrealism, all shrouded in absurdity, this movement was started by artists like Hugo Ball, Hans Arp, etc. to challenge war ideology at Cabaret Voltaire. 

    The place offers an amazing tour that will take you through this movement through audiovisuals & recitations and a walking tour to important landmarks like Zunfthaus zur Waag and Zunfthaus zur Meisen. Besides the tour, you can enjoy alternative film screenings, jazz music concerts, and art exhibitions at the café.

    Location: Spiegelgasse 1, 8001, Zurich.
    PriceThere is no admission fee. 
    - Monday to Thursday: 5:30 pm to midnight
    - Friday to Sunday: 11:30 am to 2:00 am
    5. Take a Bike Tour: Zurich has dedicated bike tracks that allow you to see the place up and close where cars cannot venture. You can see amazing attractions like the biggest train station in Europe, the Old Town area, Lake Limmat promenade, Lenin’s residence, Opera house, bank street and so much more. You can either do this tour on your own or book a 3 hour guided tour with English guides. 

    Location: The tour passes through Zurich’s most important cultural and historical places. 
    Price: You need to make a refundable deposit of CHF 20, INR 1468.
    Timings: Can be done anytime. 

    6. Fine dining: Zurich has a really impressive restaurant lineup that offers unforgettable & unique dining experiences. Try delectable vegetarian cuisine at Hiltl, which is the world’s oldest vegetarian restaurant. Zurich has numerous Michelin-star restaurants for a first-class dining experience. 

    You can choose from places like Ecco, Rico’s, Pavilion, Equi-Table, etc. or their hearty and exotic fare. If you are more of an outdoorsy kind, enjoy a relaxed Sunday brunch as you linger for hours over your food and coffee. Some of the best for these places are Café des Amis, Nordbrucke, and Markthalle. 

    Location: Most of the restaurants are located around Bank Street. 
    PricePrices generally start at around CHF 35, INR 2568 per meal for a person.
    Timings: Most of the restaurants are open until 9:00 pm every day. 

    7. Enjoy the Street Parade: Zurich comes alive during August at the time of this world-famous street parade. One of the best attractions of Zurich, the parade is often referred to as the largest techno party in the world. The atmosphere is infectious with thousands of people dancing, eating, and drinking to the sounds of thumping electronic music belted out by hundreds of DJs.  The parade is followed by underground parties at places like Rentenanstalt, Limmatquai, etc. This is also the time when the ‘Lethargy’ festival is celebrated in the clubs, and is a great thing to experience.

    Location: The parade’s 2.4-kilometer route starts from Utoquai and passes through Bellevue, Quaibrucke and arrives at Hafendamm Enge. 
    Price: There is no admission fee. 
    TimingsThe parade will take place on 8th August 2020 starting at 1:00 pm and ending at midnight.

    8. Get a Bird’s Eye View of Zurich: One of the best ways to soak in the magnificent beauty of the city is to take a cable car tour to get uninterrupted panoramic sky-high views of the stunning vistas. This cable car tour is a part of a city tour that includes a boat ride on the Limmat River and a walking tour around some of the best attractions in the city.  You will see the Opera House, Old Town area, and Grossmunster along with sweeping views of the surrounding hills and the breathtaking Swiss meadows. The cable car ride takes you up to the Felsenegg vantage point.

    Location: The tour starts from the Sihlquai bus parking. 
    - Per adultCHF 58, INR 4256
    - Per childCHF 29, INR 2128
    Timings: The 4-hour tour starts around 10 am every day.

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  3. What are the best museums to visit in Zurich?

    Zurich has over 50 museums dedicated to different aspects of Swiss art, history, and culture. Some of the must-visit ones are: 

    1. Swiss National Museum: It houses century-old exhibits like manuscripts, weapons, houseware, etc. that showcase the history of Switzerland.  

    2. Museum of Fine Arts: A must-visit for art lovers, this museum houses rare artworks from native Swiss artists including others around the world like paintings, murals, sculptures, photographs, etc. 

    3. Beyer Clock and Watch Museum: Switzerland is the home to some of the best watch brands in the world and this museum stands as a testimony to the ‘history of time’. It has a great collection of time-keeping instruments dating back to the 14th century and some of the most modern clocks and watches in the world.

    4. FIFA World Football Museum: A must-visit for the lovers of the game, this museum houses the original FIFA World Cup trophy, team jerseys, and memorabilia. Don’t miss attending the special virtual reality enabled football screenings here.

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  4. What is Zurich famous for?

    Zurich is one of the most important banking and financial centres, not only within Switzerland but also in the world. Despite that, this largest city in Switzerland is famous for its unique character and impressive beauty. It is popular for its hundreds of galleries and museums, ancient & futuristic architecture, pristine lakes, and beautiful gardens, lying cosily amidst the Swiss Alps.
  5. What is the best time to visit Zurich?

    June to November is the best time to visit Zurich. This is when the daytime temperatures range between 10-20°C and the weather is pleasantly cool. It is a great time to be outdoors to enjoy the stunning natural beauty and indulge in exciting activities like watersports, hiking, and walking.
  6. Which are the best places to enjoy hiking in Zurich?

    1. Uetliberg Mountain hike: This is famous for its ‘Path of the Planets’ trail and magnificent views of the city. 

    2. Rigi Mountain hike: Starting from Arth-Goldau train station, this hike will take you through a charming old railway bridge where you will pass through a tunnel and see an antique railway carriage. This offers stupendous views of lakes like Zug and Lucerne.

    3. Pfannenstiel Ridge trail: This trail takes you through this lush wooded ridge area, Friedberg Fortress, and a huge waterfall. Climb up the 100 ft high lookout tower to get 360-degree views of Lake Zurich and the surrounding hills.

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  7. How to reach Zurich?

    Air India and Swiss Air International operate direct flights between India and Zurich. Carriers like Ukraine International Airlines, Aeroflot, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, and Finnair operate single stopover flights between the two countries.
  8. Do I need a visa for Zurich?

    Yes, Indian citizens planning to travel to any place in Switzerland need to apply for a visa. If you are travelling to another country within 48 hours of your arrival at Zurich and don’t leave the transit area, you don’t need a transit visa.

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  9. How much time does it take to get a visa to Zurich? What is the cost of a tourist visa in Zurich?

    It takes around 8-10 working days to get a Swiss tourist visa. The cost of a visa for an adult (valid for 3 months) is approximately Rs. 4,400.
  10. Where should I stay in Zurich?

    Zurich has plenty of options for you to choose from. If you intend to spend your vacation in luxury, stay at the super-luxury hotels like Park Hyatt Zurich, Baur au Lac, or the Hotel Schweizerhof Zurich. All these hotels are located near the city centre area.

    The mid-range hotels are located in the picturesque Old Town area and include those like Hotel St. Josef, Hotel Adler, and Zurich Marriott Hotel. You will find budget hotels near the main train station. You can choose from Walhalla Hotel, Limmathof, or other family-run hotels.

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  11. Is Zurich expensive to visit?

    Yes, Zurich is one of the most expensive cities to visit. The cost of staying in a hotel, local transportation, and food is pretty high here. However, there are ways to save and make the most of your vacation. Either you can choose to travel in the off-season i.e. the winter months from November to March.

    Or choose experiences and activities that can be done for free. These will ensure that while you don’t burn a hole in your pocket, you have as much fun and make memories to last a lifetime of your Swiss vacation.
  12. Can I use euros in Zurich?

    Yes, you can use euros in most department stores, cafes, and restaurants, and for commuting within the city. However, we advise you to get your currency converted into Swiss Francs. This is for two reasons. One, the euro exchange rate is quite unfavourable.

    Secondly, most of the time you will receive your balance payment in Swiss Francs. You can get your currency converted at bank branches, UBS & Credit Suisse, & exchange bureaus at the airport & main train station.

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  13. What type of food is famous in Zurich?

    Most of the Swiss food is created around varieties of cheese, milk, and chocolate. Some of the must-try foods include herbed cheese fondue, Zurcher Geschnetzeltes (veal prepared with mushrooms, onions, and wine), and Zurcher Eintopf (bowl meal of pork, carrots, and potatoes in white wine). Also try Rosti (buttery potato pancakes) and deserts like pralines, macaroons, rose champagne truffles, and spice-infused hot chocolate.
  14. What can you do in the Zurich for free?

    1. Spend a relaxed day at Zurich Lake’s promenade as you soak in the views and watch the world go by.
    2. Hike to the Uetliberg Mountain summit as you pass through beautiful trails and ‘Path of the Planets’. 
    3. Soak in the sights and sounds of the Old Town area as you walk on the cobbled streets and see the magnificent churches.
    4. Enjoy a spot of chess at the giant chessboard at Lindenhof.
    5. Window shop at Bahnhofstrasse.

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  15. Which are the best shopping places in Zurich and what are they famous for?

    Zurich is a haven for shoppers who love fine things in life. Here are some of the best places to shop in Zurich:

    1. Kreis 5: Popular with the young and the urbane, Kreis is the home of independent boutiques that store unique pieces of timeless fashion items. What initially was an industrial warehouse area now houses labels like Freitag famous for bags made of seat belts and tire tubes, Vestibule for accessories, and other limited item stores.

    2. Bahnhofstrasse: World’s most exclusive shopping destination, Bahnhofstrasse houses high street fashion stores, concept stores, and luxury brands outlets like Hermes, Chanel, Burberry, LVMH etc. 

    3. Street markets: To pick up kitschy handicrafts, antiques, clothes, jewellery, and accessories, head over to the craft and street markets like Burkliplatz flea market, Rosenhof market, etc. They’re also famous for fresh flowers, Swiss cheese, and chocolates. 

    4. Altstadt: Located in the old town area, Altstadt houses the Oberdorf and Niederdorf areas. It is famous for its shops that store souvenirs, antique watches, handmade picture frames, Swiss bells, etc. Don’t miss to see the old bookstores, florists, hairdressers, perfumeries, etc. some of which are hundreds of years old.

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  16. Which are the best adventurous things to do in Switzerland?

    Here is the list of best adventure activities that you can book while in Switzerland: 
    1.  Paragliding In Interlaken
    2.  Paragliding in Zermatt
    3.  Mount Titlis Cable Car Tickets
    4.  Mt Pilatus by Cable Car, Cogwheel Train & Lake Cruise
  17. Which are the best day tours in Zurich?

Newly Added Zurich Experience

Zurich Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Zurich
We booked this package from Delhi, it is one beautiful place to be visited by anyone. Interlaken is the most romantic places I've visited, specially with bed breakfast everyday with the view we had from the hotel room were stunning. Loved the trip would definitely recommend.
I went to Switzerland with my partner.The place has magnificent beauty of snow capped mountains We had driver right at the airport for our pick-up. The hotels had dine-in facilities and the friendly companions made the journey more beautiful.
Vasudeva Marar Europe Group Tour
It was a nice trip. Everything went off well and systematically thanks to Thrillophilia for this trip
I visited Zurich with Thrillophilia with their planned trip, and it was worth the try as everything was pre-planned and only thing i was supposed to do was just join the group !! And it was beautiful.
18 January 2020
Uttam Pandey Zurich Tuk Tuk Tour
Comfort, beauty and pleasure; three words that describe my E Tuk Tuk Experience. Totally worth the price. This awesome experience took us to some of the best places in Zurich like Sechseläutenplatz, Niederdorf, the National museum and many other places. Enjoyed the picturesque steers of Zunich and loved capturing the beautiful buildings.
13 November 2019
The overall service was satisfactory and very cost effective at the same time.
05 October 2019
Girindra Pillai Zurich Airport Transfers
The experience of being received at the Zurich Airport was very smooth. The car had arrived at the location on time and we had a very comfortable ride.
09 October 2019
The Jesuit church, Lion monument, and the Chapel Bridge were so beautiful! On top of that, you also get to see the picturesque Lake of Four Cartons with its crystal clear water! Of all the Lucerne day trips, this one is undoubtedly the best! The train ride from Zurich to Lucerne is a must as it offers the best views of the city of Lucerne and also gives a slightly off-beat experience! Overall me and my friends enjoyed the trip.
03 January 2020
If you wish to get a good look at the Alps in a single day trip, then this Zurich city tour is for you! The Thrillophilia sales team got me on board with their description of the trip. We saw the Swiss national museum, the Opera House, and even toured the Bahnhofstrasse shopping avenue, which has a plethora of items! And at the end then we took a ferry ride across Lake Zurich. The cable car takes you to Felsenegg- for the most stunning views of the Swiss Alps!
18 December 2019
This is the perfect day trip to Zurich for someone who just wants to relax! It was the most scenic day trip to Switzerland for sure! I got to see the Opera House and National Museum and take in stunning views of the lake. The view of Zurich during the ferry ride and a view of the Alps at Felsenegg was awesome.

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