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Israel is the country of a fascinating history and past. Right from Abraham to the present time which is evidently visible in most of the places. The Middle Eastern country which is situated on the Mediterranean Sea, is populated by Jews, Christians and Muslims and is considered the biblical Holy Land that we know as Israel. With the best tourist places to visit in Israel, the most sacred sites which are highly visited by the tourists and visitors in Jerusalem are the Temple Mount complex includes the Dome of the Rock shrine, the historic Western Wall, Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre within its Old City. It is home to Jesus Christ and the world’s largest religions like Judaism, Christianity and som of Islam dwell here.

Tel Aviv is also the financial hub of Israel and is known for its Bauhaus architecture, bars and beaches.  Another similar destination is Haifa, where you can  relax in awe.  Israel has every geographical element to lure its visitors, from mountains, to beaches, to plains, to desert. Check out the best tourist places to visit in Israel, like the passionate Mediterranean sea, the stillness of dead sea, sea of Galilee, the multi colored canyon of Makhtesh Ramon, and  the amazing red sea, we have studied all in our general sciences. If you are visiting Tel Aviv or other parts of Israel in  March, you will witness a week long celebration of Purim Festival, where streets come alive with fascinating parties and celebrations. Here are a few questions answered about Israel, and why it makes for an ideal holiday destination for you and your family:

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People Also Ask About Israel

  1. Travel advice

    • Israel is a place frequently flocked by tourists and hence, you are advised to book your stay in advance.

    • Israel is a place of religious importance and hence, you should not be offensive in any way.

    • Respect the culture and traditions of the place and also the people.

    • Maintain decorum at religious sites.

    • Take care of safety precautions while enjoying on the beach.

    • Make a proper list of destinations and tourist places you want to visit so that you do not miss out on anything.

  2. Drinking law

    The legal age to consume all types of alcoholic drinks in Israel is 18 years and it is advised to carry your age proof all the time when you drink.
  3. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Jerusalem Old City

    Jerusalem, the capital of Israel is the most sacred places for three major religions of the world-Christianity, Islam and Judaism. This city is encircled by stone walls that were constructed in the Ottoman period and contain holy sites at the Western wall. The Dome of Rock and Church of Holy Sepulcher are two most sacred site to visit here.

    Tel Aviv and Jaffa

    The commercial hub of Israel, Tel Aviv is a place which famous all over the world for its vibrant and exciting night life, splendid beaches, incredible restaurants and a lot more. Jaffa, right next to Tel Aviv is a city which traces its roots back to the times when Bible was originally written and hence, is a very important historic site.


    The fortress located on the Mountain of Masada Island, which is a rock plateau in Israel overlooks the Dead Sea and there is a very horrifying story which goes around this monument. Over 1,000 people committed a mass suicide over here when the Romans attacked them. You can take the Snake Path and take yourself on an adventure or take a cable car to reach up there. You can see the remains from ancient times at the top and get a sense of the civilization which once existed here.

    Yad Vashem

    This is the largest Holocaust Museum in the world which was established in the year 1953. There are numerous displays over here which depict reflections of some of the most horrific times faced by people in the world. The most dramatic part over here is the central triangular structure and no tourist can leave Israel without visiting this place.

    The Dead Sea

    The Dead Sea is mainly famous because it is the lowest point on earth, located 1,360 feet below sea level. It is 10 times saltier than other oceans in the world and hence, you can easily float in this water without taking any efforts. You can chill on the beach, take a float in the waters and pamper yourself at some of the most luxurious resorts located on the beach.

    Sea of Galilee

    The Sea of Galilee, located in the northern region of Israel is where Jesus Christ is believed to have walked on the water. The ancient cities of Sefad, Acre and Tiberias as well as the sacred Jordan River are all a part of this region.

    Bahai Gardens

    This is one of the most beautiful sight-seeing destinations of Israel, where the most beautiful gardens of the world can be seen. There are over 19 terrace gardens, hanging gardens and much more, under a large golden dome. This place is also a UNESCO World Heritage site and hence, this surely cannot be missed.

  4. What you will like there?


    Israel is a city of religious and cultural importance for the entire world and hence, the culture and traditions here are worth experiencing. People here are very cultured and composed with manners, which make them some of the most humble people all over the world.

    Desert and Beaches

    Israel is a wonder land of nature where you can enjoy being in a desert and on a beach at the same time. You can enjoy desert safaris on the golden sand dunes of Israel and also enjoy chilling on the beaches of Israel, especially on the Dead Sea.

    Ancient Monuments

    Israel is a home to a lot of ancient monuments from Biblical times and a lot of architectural wonders as well as ruins, which will give you a true sense of the heritage of this country. Each monument will tell you a different story and feed your curious mind effectively.

    Restaurants and Nightlife

    Not only is Israel a place of culture, heritage and religious importance, but also a place who’s nightlife and themed restaurants are famous all over the world. Serving some of the best drinks and authentic cuisine, these restaurants are a real treat for the tourists.

  5. Recommended reads for destination


    Go Israel


    Discover The Land Of Israel: A Guided Tour In Biblical Israel With Talmud And Midrash

  6. When is the best time to visit Israel?

    The best season to visit Israel are spring (April and May) and autumn (September and October). The temperatures are pleasantly mild throughout the country and if you plan to visit the Negev Desert or the Dead Sea then you must take protection against the sun and should pack hats and shades to avoid the heat.

  7. How to reach Israel?

    You can get direct flights from Mumbai or indirect flights from Bangalore, Hyderabad etc. You need definitely need B2 visa which is for (Business / Tourist) Visa categories.

  8. Do I need a visa for Israel? How does one get an Israeli visa?

    If you are travelling from India then you must know that Israel do not have a visa on arrival system for Indian nationals, so you have to get the visa on your passport before leaving India. Submit your visa application at any of the Visa application centre at New Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore. Make sure that you apply for B2 visa which stands for tourism and business purpose.

  9. What is the currency of Israel and where can I get my money exchanged?

    ILS - Israeli Shekel is the currency of Israel and you can get it exchanged from different exchange outlets at the airport or even from a bank. Please, do not exchange from a local or unauthorized vendor and always ask for a receipt.

  10. What are the things to do in Israel?

    Israel has a vibrant history, a splurgy nightlife and some mesmerising beaches. Some of the ‘must-visit’ sites which you should definitely not leave without visiting are:

    • Holy city of Jerusalem
    • Dead Sea
    • Beautiful city of Haifa
    • Acre (Akko)
    • Golan Heights
    • Tel-Aviv

    In the Jerusalem’s Old City visit:

    • The Burnt House
    • The Wohl Museum
    • The Western Wall
    • The Via Delarosa
    • The Archeological Gardens
    • The Church of the Holy Sepulchre
    • The Virtual Reality Exhibit of the Temple
    • The Tunnel Tours
    • The Tower of David
    • The Israel Museum
    • The Biblical Zoo
    • The Knesset
    • The Supreme Court
    • The Shuk Open Market
    • The Menachem Begin Center
  11. What is the local food of Israel? Which are the best places to taste this food?

    The food in Israel is famous for its authentic taste that can even make a fastidious eater fall in love. The aroma of the delicacies in Israel when floats in your nose, you can not resist on eating these amazing foods there.

    • Hummus masabacha / kawarma
    • Aubergine with baba ganoush
    • Falafel
    • Tahini
    • Shakshuka
    • Lechem Bread
    • Kanafeh
    • Meatballs and Sweet Potato
  12. What is the best public transport to commute around Israel?

    • By Bus: Use intercity buses, cheap, reliable and comfortable. Buses between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem run every 10-15 minutes and t take 50-60 minutes. In the city use buses, taxis and the light rail in Jerusalem.
    • Shared Taxis and Shuttles: Sheruts operate across the country both on local and inter-city routes and are Israel’s shared taxis which cost almost the same as bus but can have flexible stops.
    • By Train:Trains in Israel are reasonable and comfortable but you need to know that the stations are not in the city centers always.
    • By Flights: Internal flights are operated by two airlines, Arkia and Israir on routes like Eilat to Tel Aviv & Haifa.
  13. Do I need to have any vaccinations before the trip to Israel?

    Although Israel is an entirely western country with an advanced level of hygiene, health care, the routine vaccines are recommended to everyone, on top of that, it is advisable to have a Hepatitis A and a typhoid vaccination done if you plan to eat out. However, information of disease risk in Israel is extremely less so there are no specific vaccination mandatory to get.

  14. What is the local language in Israel and which are the most commonly used greetings?

    Hebrew, Arabic, English and Russian, these are the fours language which are commonly spoken by the Israelis population, however, Russia is surprisingly a non-official language which is still spoken by 20% of the total population. Some of the useful greetings and everyday expressions which can be used while traveling to Israel are listed below:


    • Hello is locally spoken as ‘Shalom.’
    • Thank you in Hebrew is said ‘Toda.’
    • Sorry in Hebrew is ‘Slikha.’
    • Good Morning in Hebrew is ‘Boker tov.’
    • Do you speak English? Can be translated in Hebrew as ‘ata medaber anglit’ (to a male) and ‘at medaberet anglit’ (to a female).
  15. Which are the best shopping places in Israel and what are they famous for?

    Shopping in a middle eastern country is an adventure itself but Israel is a unique place to shop some of the best souvenir to take back home.

    • The Arab souk of Jerusalem’s Old City.
    • Machane Yehuda market for every day’s goods.
    • The Bezalel Arts Fair in Jerusalem’s city center on every friday.
    • Tel Aviv hosts the Nachalat Binyamin Arts and Crafts Fair on every Tuesday and Friday.
    • Carmel Market in Tel Aviv is open every day of the week except Shabbat.
    • The Jaffa Flea Market sells clothing, antiques, art, trinkets, and oddities etc.
  16. Which are some famous museums and churches in Israel?

    Israel is likely to be the newest of the countries in the world but there are old and ancient galleries and collection that you must explore in these famous museums:


    • Israel Museum: it is one of the largest museums in the world with over half a million items in its collection.
    • Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv: It was founded in 1932 and is one of Israel's leading art and culture institutions that displays a unique blend of art architecture and design.
    • Design Museum Holon, Holon: A bustling museum that hosts industrial, fashion, textile and jewelry design weeks, exhibitions and events, constantly. It is just a 20 minutes drive away from Tel Aviv.
    • Museum of Art, Ein Harod: A fine example of Israeli Modernism was first built in 1930 but was moved into a permanent building in 1948 and since then it has been declared as Israel's first museum.
    • Tower of David: In this museum each room is dedicated to a different period and presents Jerusalem across history.
    • Yad Vashem: You can learn about the Holocaust and about its influence on the Israeli society in this excellently preserved museum.
    • City of David: There are a number of walkable underground tunnels leading to the pool Pool of Siloam to the Western Wall. This is an archeological site more than a museum.
  17. Which are some famous archaeological sites in Israel?

    Israel is like a dot in the world map yet it has many UNESCO world heritage site, some of the most famous archeological sites are:

    • Caesarea:one of the best archaeological sites to visit in Israel that houses quaint cafes, ancient galleries and a great visitor center.
    • Old City of Jerusalem: A walled city full of history and culture and is a site that commands your attention through its intricate archeological wonders. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
    • The old city of Akko: The Old City of Akko is designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Israel and is situated on the Mediterranean coast in the north of Israel.
    • Jaffa: Its existence is thought to be since at least the Bronze age and one of the oldest ports in the world
    • Masada: It is situated next to the Dead Sea in the Negev Desert, and the trek to Masada up the snake path is regular activity among the visitors. It s also a UNESCO world heritage site.
  18. Which are some best beaches to visit in Israel?

    The laid back beach culture in Israel is the USP of the country, people love to spend time by the beach and so do the visitors. Some of the best ones are:


    • Beit Yanai beach(Mediterranean)
    • Coral Reef Beach (Red Sea)
    • Sironit Beach (Mediterranean)
    • Dado Zamir Beach (Mediterranean)
    • Mineral Beach (Dead Sea)
    • Banana Beach (Mediterranean)
    • Dor Habonim Beach (Mediterranean)
    • Dolphin Reef (Dead Sea)
    • Aqueduct Beach, Caesarea (Mediterranean)
    • Metzitzim Beach (Mediterranean)
  19. Which are the best wineries to visit in Israel?

    It has very recently that Israel is coming out as wine hub and the wines brewed here can give competitions to some of the known brands.

    • Pelter Winery
    • Netofa Winery
    • Golan Heights Winery
    • Recanati Winery
    • Tulip Winery
    • Carmel Winery
    • Agur Winery
    • Tabor Winery
    • Tishbi Winery
    • Flam Winery
  20. How far is Dead sea from Jerusalem? What is so special about it?

    The distance from Jerusalem to Dead Sea is 40 to 45 KM depending on which side of the dead sea area you want to visit. It can be visited in a day tour.

    The salt concentration of the Dead Sea is staggering 33 % sometimes fluctuates near 31 or 31.5% which creates natural buoyancy and people easily float in the water. There is no life found in the Dead Sea because of high concentration of salt.

  21. Where can I see the Masada ruins in Israel?

    In southern Israel’s Judean Desert an ancient fortress sits in silence which is called as Masada ruins. It's on a massive plateau overlooking the Dead Sea. One can reach there by a cable car ride or by climbing a long, winding path to the fortifications, built around 30 B.C.

  22. Here are the best tips Thrillophilia has to offer for your trip to Israel

      Here are the best tips Thrillophilia has to offer for your trip to Israel
        • Travelling to certain countries with Israel stamp in your passport could be difficult, especially Iran , Saudi , Lebanon and Syria so better to take a paper visa.
        • Always carry your passport.
        • Please note: All the public transports and other businesses are closed on the Shabbat which means you need to plan ahead on your commuting and sightseeing.


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