Activities to Do in Romania

From witnessing the stunning painted monasteries to exploring the fortified churches and salt mines, the things to do in Romania will surely astound you, leaving you with priceless memories. Plan a visit to the majestic Sighisoara citadel to witness the medieval German architecture which reflects the cultural heritage of the Saxons. Nature enthusiasts can visit the Herastrau Park which is dedicated to Romanian King Mihai and National park of Bucharest that can give you the chance to see wildlife from up close. Plan a trip to Brasov’s old town to witness the picturesque landscape where you can do shopping along with enjoying a relaxing time with your friends and family.

Make sure to reach the Carpathian Mountains which attract a lot of thrill enthusiasts for hiking renditions in its breathtaking beauty. Exploring the torrid peaks that render a very soothing and peaceful environment for camping, stargazing activities, and wildlife watching is one of the must things to do in Romania. Try touristy things like admiring the spectacular Monastery of Horezu depicting renaissance architecture with Mozart art decorations. Take a tour of the Black Church which displays the medieval Roman artifacts, musical instruments, seating areas and splendid interiors. En route to the Calnic Fortified Church to traverse through the several floors which are on public display and the picturesque backdrop is one of the best things to do in Romania.
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Art Museum Brasov Tickets


Mobile Voucher
Activity Location: Bulevardul Eroilor 21, 500030, BrașovOperational Timings: 10:00 AM- 5:00 PM (Tuesday- Sunday)Activity Duration: 3- 4 Hours (Approx)About the Art Museum Brașov:If you are an aesthete then the famous Art Museum Brașov is a must-visit place for you. While exploring various zones, you will be witnessing the wide collection of amazing artworks and masterpieces made by various Romanian artists. Know about the history of the museum as you stroll through different floors with an experienced guide.

33 Ratings


33 Ratings

€ 9

€ 9 per Adult

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Bucharest Sightseeing Tour & The National Village Museum Tickets


Transport Included
Mobile Voucher
Activity Location: Strada Benjamin Franklin 1, București 030167, RomaniaActivity Starting Time: 09:00 AM Activity Duration: 5 HoursAbout the Bucharest Sightseeing Tour & The National Village Museum Tickets:Take a tour of the lovely city of Bucharest, wander around, and check out many of the city's lovely attractions. You will have a live tour guide with you who will introduce you to some of Bucharest's well-known locations and share some intriguing local history. Get dwelled in the past times to understand the culture of the Bucharest by visiting the National Village Museum. So, come along with your loved ones and make some countless memories.

32 Ratings


32 Ratings

€ 42

€ 42 per Adult

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Cotroceni Palace Tickets, Bucharest


Mobile Voucher
Activity Location: Șoseaua Cotroceni 36, București, RomaniaActivity Starting Time: 09:45 AM Activity Duration: 1 HourAbout the Cotroceni Palace Tickets, Bucharest:Take a visit to the official residence of the president of Romania, the Cotroceni Palace. Explore the palace and discover the long and rich history of Romania. Stroll through various zones of the palace including bedrooms of kings and queens, hallways, children's bedrooms, the king's office & a music hall, and admire the impressive interiors.

38 Ratings


38 Ratings

€ 27

€ 27 per Adult

Aevaq5ff3gpg6jte1d21810mzlc0 castelul peles, sinaia   vedere panoramica Cjqk9i36k7hv9g1pfq8qjpo64mqk peles castle hall 1024x768 R7h1vlj61z4jy8pldketezef2246 shutterstock 2083777087 M6614vkwuh5n3x0qq4vix0yhzcm5 peles castle movie theatre 1024x768 71eagj58v3uqy94emdmhkznmz8ac 104458 peles castle
Peles Castle Tickets, Sinaia


Mobile Voucher
Activity Location: Aleea Peleșului 2, Sinaia 106100, RomaniaActivity Timings: Wednesday - Sunday: 09:15 AM - 05:00 PMActivity Duration: 1 Hour (approx.)About the Peles Castle:Visit one of Romania's most famous and beautiful attractions, the Peles Castle, and learn about the Romanian royalty that resided there. Marvel at the German Neo-Renaissance style architecture of the exterior of the castle. Take a stroll through the new castle according to the European castle standards and see the interior of the castle, which reflects the personality of the noble families that resided there. Explore the first-of-its-kind castle, which was entirely powered by electricity and had running water. Book tickets to the Peles Castle and visit the library, which is said to have a secret door.

41 Ratings


41 Ratings

€ 33

€ 33 per Adult

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Palace of Parliament Tickets, Bucharest


Mobile Voucher
Activity Location: Strada Izvor 2-4, Bucharest, RomaniaActivity Timings: 09:00 AM - 5:00 PMActivity Duration: 1 hour (approx)About the Palace of Parliament:Enjoy a guided tour of the Parliament Palace in Bucharest, one of the most impressive structures in the world. The place has 3 sections that are the main halls & galleries; the office area and the Belvedere. Visit and know more about how the palace of parliament was built by the communist dictator of Romania, Nicolae Ceaușescu. As you take a walk in its grand halls, get amazed by the fascinating interior. So book tickets for the Palace of Parliament and see the world's largest & most expensive building.

36 Ratings


36 Ratings

€ 20

€ 20 per Adult

Lmx4kd6wy4e6y45zxg6lzad90kkl dracular castle 2 sm K7idg7hu636upkr6108irl21a0tg gettyimages 618677440 Wja10oc52liw2z5qz9uoih9kidpt bran castle romania Lkghnyd4v189s6h0rpj4o8i4wuvs shutterstock 483660424 72oqgobc9n9glkgy67dnymdo6gqi shutterstock 448074877
Bran Castle Tickets, Romania


Mobile Voucher
Activity Location: Strada General Traian Moșoiu 24, Bran 507025, RomaniaActivity Timings: 09:00 AM- 06:00 PMLast Admission: 1 hour before closingActivity Duration: 1- 2 Hours (approx.)About Bran Castle, Romania:Explore the famous Bran Castle, also known as Dracula's Castle, and get to know about the realm of legends and Gothic allure. Stroll through the beautiful halls & corridors of this impressive fortress and admire its amazing architecture. Gain some insights into the fascinating history & medieval era of knights, princesses, and enchanting folklore while roaming around each room. Explore hidden passages, climb spiral staircases, and admire the authentic furniture that has stood the test of time. Book tickets for Bran Castle and enjoy exploring the home of Vlad "Dracula" the Impaler.

36 Ratings


36 Ratings

€ 19

€ 18 per Adult

People Also Ask About Romania Things To Do

  1. What are the best things to do in Romania?

    1. Visit Bran Castle: During your trip, one of the must things to do in Romania will be visiting The Bran Castle which is well maintained and depicts the real life story of Draculas. Explore the castle to witness the spawning of the Count Dracula, the original vampire legend which was said to roam the shadowy halls. Bran Castle in Transylvania is one of the prominent historic places which is known for procreating the authentic vampire legend of Count Dracula.

    Location: Strada General Traian Mo?oiu 24, Bran 507025, Romania
    Ticket prices: Starting from 9.83 leu
    Timings: Monday: 12PM – 5 PM
    Tuesday – Sunday: 9 AM – 6 PM

    2. Checkout Pales castle: Peles Castle was the first European castle to have electricity in addition to hot and cold running water, central heating and central vacuum system. The main collections which you’ll find here are the ceramics collection, the clock collection, the collection of silver work and common metal and the glassware collection makes it one of the important things to do in Romania.

    Location: Aleea Pele?ului 2, Sinaia 106100, Romania
    Timings: Tuesday: 9:15 – 17:00
    Wednesday: 10:00 – 17:00
    Thursday-Sunday: 9:15 – 17:00
    Monday: closed
    Price: Starting from 24.6 to 49.2 leu

    3. Explore Brasov's old town: Visit Brasov's old town to explore the rich history and culture while viewing from the top basking on the picturesque landscape. You can explore the Mount to explore the stunning mountain views while you seek out skiing.

    Visiting and learning about the history of the Black Church, Tampa Cable Car, Telecabina and historic Council House are some of the best activities to do in Romania. Take a tour to the stunning salt mine, Jesus statue day tour, Prejmer Citadel to experience the majestic sculptures which make it one of the most crucial things to do in Romania.

    Location: Central Romania (Bra?ov County)
    Timings: Mon. - Sun. 11 am - 12 am
    Admission fare: Starting from 9.245 leu approximately
    Children 7 y.o. and younger: free

    4. Admire Painted monasteries: Explore the admirable painted monasteries to witness the beauty and grandeur of the majestic structures depicting ancient history and culture. The stunning Humorului Monastery founded in 1530, contains a multitude of stunning frescoes and a variety of collectibles dating back to the 16th century.

    The most renowned of painted monasteries is the Voronet Monastery, founded in 1488 which was built to commemorate the triumph at the Battle of Vaslui. The monastery features marvelous wall paintings, abundance of frescoes which is popularly known as Voronet Blue.

    Location: Hwy DN2K 732. Arbore
    Timing: 8am to 7pm
    Price: adult - 5; students - 2 lei

    5. Visit Fortified churches: Explore the stunning fortified churches in Transylvania to witness the picturesque scenery and relive the intriguing history dating back to the Roman Empire. These fortified churches were always built in the center of town, and strategically placed on hilltops to protect them from the attackers.

    The fortified church of Biertan is listed among the UNESCO World Heritage is located in Biertan, Sibiu County. Explore the well preserved stone carved pulpit, original altar, pews which date back to the 16 th Century. The distinct locking system of the marital prison in one of the towers and vestry door is worth noticing.

    Admission fees: Approx 11.61 leu

    6. Mark your presence at Sighisoara citadel: Mark your presence at Sighisoara citadel which currently is the only inhabited medieval fortress in South-East Europe. Explore the Sighisoara citadel to discover the medieval German architecture depicting the cultural heritage which was built in the 12th Century by the Saxons.

    You can also explore the stunning fortress’s walls, visit majestic churches and other historic buildings by availing the walking tour which is accompanied by professional tour guides. Visiting the most attractive tourist destinations like Piat Cetaltti, The Citadel Square, The Clock Tower, The Mayor's House or Casa Primarului, Tinsmiths Tower and Ironsmiths Tower Is one of the most important things to do in Romania.

    Location: Central Romania(Mures County)
    Tour fare: Starting from 163.94 leu approximately.

    7. Witness the Palace of Culture: Explore the Palace of Culture to witness the Gothic Revival and Neoclassical architecture style marking it as the end of Romanticism in Romanian architecture style.

    Exploring the city’s most renowned palace consisting of 298 rooms, four museums, art galleries, crenels, armored cavaliers and historical artifacts is one of the best activities to do in Romania. Checkout the four stunning museums that now reside inside the castle, namely the Ethnographic Museum, Art Museum, History Museum, Science and Technical Museum.

    Location: Bulevardul ?tefan cel Mare ?i Sfânt 1, Ia?i 700028, Romania
    Timings: All round the week from 10 am to 5 pm except Monday.
    Admission fare: Approximately 49.16 leu

    8. Stop by the Statue of king Decebalus: Explore the Statue of King Decebalus to witness the stunning 40 meter tall bearded stone face architecture which looms over the Danube River. The colossal rock sculpture is surrounded by the breathtaking landscape of the Romanian side which overlooks the stunning Iron Gates.

    Witness the grandeur with which it was constructed in the memory of the last king, King Decebalus who protected the land from infiltrators. The base of the tallest rock sculpture has inscriptions in Latin which depict Decebal Rex, Dragan Fecit, or "King Decebalus, made by Dragan.

    Location: DN57 | The Danube's Rocky Bank, Dubova, Romania
    Admission fare: Approximately from 69912 leu.

  2. What are the most romantic things to do in Romania for couples?

    1. Visit Herastrau Park: Visit the most renowned Herastrau Park with your partner and explore the stunning outdoor walks surrounded by nature which was built after the name of the Her?strau river. The mesmerizing place is perfect for relaxing walks, romantic meetings which is one of the best things to do in Romania with family and loved ones. Couples can also rent a rowing boat, paddle boats or water bikes to explore the picturesque scenery.

    Prices: range between 5-10 lei/hour.
    Location: Herastrau Park, Sector 1, Bucharest, Romania
    Admission fare: Approximately 35 lei

    2. Go to Cheile Turzi: Explore the Cheile Turzi to witness the steep limestone cliffs which feature stunning caves and rock towers carved alongside a rushing river. One of the best activities to do in Romania is to explore the protected nature reserve which is popular amongst hikers and climbers due to the stunning steep cliffs. Couples can enjoy the picturesque panorama circled around lush green nature overlooking the hills and a stunning backdrop from and click instagram worthy pictures.

    Address: Str. Dr. I.Ratiu 45 A, Cluj-Napoca 401091, Romania
    Admission fare: Starting from 252 lei approximately.

    3. Explore Corvin castle: Explore Corvin Castle, also known as Hunyadi Castle is one of the most stunning castles in Europe that was designed as a fortress to protect the dwellers from the Ottomans. The three large areas of the castle which you can visit here are The Knight’s Hall which was for feasts, The Diet Hall for ceremonies and the circular stairway. The beautifully decorated marble floored walls attract tourists around the world to witness the stunning architecture.

    Address: Curtea Corvine?tilor nr. 1-3, Hunedoara 331141, Romania
    Timings: Monday: 12:00 PM – 08:00 PM
    Tuesday - Sunday: 09:00 AM – 08:00 PM
    Admission fare: Starting from 10 Lei

    4. Visit the national park of Bucharest: Home to 14 national parks, couples who are also nature enthusiasts can have a wonderful time at the national park of Bucharest. Mark your presence at Buila-Vanturari?a, the smallest national park of Romania and explore its 23 habitats that feature mountain meadows, rivers, waterfalls and more. Stroll around the green space of Mun?ii Rodnei, the second largest national park in Romania with your better half. One can head out to Cheile Bicazului – Hasmas National Park to spot various wildlife including but not limited to bears, wolves, foxes and wildcats, the chamois deer and more.

  3. Which are the adventurous activities to do in Romania?

    1. Hiking: Crisscrossed by a maze-like hub of forestry tracks and marked paths, the stunning Romanian countryside has several amazing hiking places. The enthralling hike trails span across the Carpathalian mountains in the continuation of the majestic Alps suit all types of experience holder.

    2. Trekking: Explore one of the most challenging trails to experience the gorgeous waterfalls, the lakes nestled amongst the mountains and the stunning gorges. Trek to the top of Moldoveanu Peak, from where you can witness the picturesque surroundings making it one of the adventurous activities to do in Romania.

    3. Scuba diving: Scuba Diving is one of the best things to do in Romania by which you can enjoy by taking a dive into the Black Sea and discovering the stunning hidden caves. Dive in the numerous mountain glacier lakes to explore the ship wrecks which are perfectly preserved due to its high salinity.

    4. Cycling: Explore mesmerizing Romania and pedal through the epic Transylvania, Dealu Mare Vineyards and Delta Dunarii to witness Romania’s vivid landscape. You can also cycle through the fortified Churches and the Saxon villages to get to know more about their culture and lifestyle.

  4. Which are the best things to do in Romania at night?

    1. Try the Local cuisines: Romania is renowned for its vibrant and bustling nightlife accompanied by authentic Romanian cuisine which makes it a go-to place. Try lip smacking food in some of the hidden cafes with secret architectural treasures like Lente and VacaMuuu which are perfect to visit with family and friends.

    2. Visit the squares: Explore the stunning Squares in Bucharest, Romania to witness the 10 squares namely Victory Square, Charles de Gaulle, University Square, Pia?a Constitu?iei and Quito Square.The best activities to do in Romania at night is exploring the picturesque Revolution Square and Victory Square where you can witness the Monument of Freedom and also have some delicious traditional cuisine.

    2. Walk Along the Macca-Vilacrosse Passage: Experience the mesmerizing view of the glass-covered Macca-Vilacrosse Passage to explore the awe-inspiring architectural accents making it one of the best things to do in Romania. The traditional Parisian cafe-style chairs and tables cover the Romanian streets along with blues cafe, bistro and an Egyptian restaurant.

    3. Take a Guided City Tour: Explore the mesmerizing Romanian city to learn about its rich history and culture by availing the guided city tour round the clock. The nights are fun-filled with pubs while you can explore the food tour of the authentic cuisines and locally brewed beers. While exploring the Bucharest Market one can encounter the stunning National History Museum, Palace of the Parliament, CEC Palace and Old Town which offer the best view after the sun sets.

  5. What is the best time to visit Romania?

    The best time to visit Romania is during the spring and autumn seasons which is between the months of April to October. During these months, the weather is very refreshing as it offers stunning views across the castle-studded landscape and cultural trips among the churches.

  6. How many days are enough for exploring Romania?

    On an average 3-4 days are considered enough to explore Romania and visit its most renowned places like the Squares, the majestic castles, churches and stunning architecture depicting historic significance.

  7. What are the weather conditions of Romania?

    Exploring Romania is perfect for any weather conditions throughout the year as it has the best things in store for every type of traveler. In the Spring season, between the months of March and May, the temperature is fairly mild allowing you to explore the stunning mountains, picture perfect landscape and the exquisite beaches.

    The summer months which range from June to August allow you to experience thrilling adventure sports like hiking and relax in the countryside as the weather is torrid and dry. There is frequent snowfall between the months of December to February which attracts ski enthusiasts around the globe and have some serenity away from the city hustle.

  8. What is Romania famous for?

    Explore the stunning Romania to witness the majestic castles, the Palace of the Parliament and its vibrant nightlife which ticks all the boxes for a perfect vacation with family and friends. Explore the Bucharest Market and the foot city tour to experience the authentic Romanian cuisines with locally brewed beer which fill up the streets.

  9. Is there a nightlife in Romania?

    The nightlife in Romania is exciting and fun filled with its increasing number of nightclubs, pubs and traditional cafes providing its visitors with the experience of a lifetime. You can take a long walk to explore the historic National History Museum, the Palace of the Parliament, CEC Palace and Old Town which is perfect to visit after the sun goes down.

  10. How to reach Romania?

    By Air: You can fly to the Bucharest Henri Coanda International airport from most European cities as well as various cities across the world.

    By Train: You can easily get to Romania by train as the City of Bucharest is well connected by a rail network with the rest of Europe.

    By road: There are plenty of bus networks that operate from various European cities to Bucharest, Brasov, Sibiu, Cluj Napoca and many other important Romanian cities.

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