Things to Do in Bali

Lovina Beach

Lovina Beach, located on the northern coast of Bali, is a serene and enchanting destination. With its black volcanic sand, tranquil waters, and breathtaking sunsets, it offers a peaceful retreat for travelers seeking relaxation. The beach is also famous for its dolphin sightings, making it a must-visit spot for nature lovers.

Tanah Lot
Admire the beauty of Tanah lot, the Land in the sea, which is a famous heritage site in Bali. You will be greeted with a panoramic view of the charming land facing the open sea.Preserving the Balinese culture, the traditional stone carvings at the hindu temples here share some insights about the people of Bali and their folklore.
Gunungan Hill

Feast your eyes with the jaw-dropping views of Candidasa town from the peak of Gunungan hill that is located in the eastern quarter of Bali. From this point, you can gape the exotic scenery of the town where the sea meets the shore. Another striking feature of this place is that it is known for snorkeling and travelers from both near and far come here to explore the bounties of water.

If you are looking for unexploited yet serene beauty then this is the ideal place for you. Make sure that you plan a visit in the months from June to September as the views of the valley are embraced by the plantations that are all covered by the coconut trails.

Highlights: Scenic views, ideal for snorkeling, farming terrains encircled by coconut groves.

Location: Nyuh Tebel, Karangasem, Karangasem Regency, Bali 80811, Indonesia

Timings: 24 hours open

Provincial Public Museum Denpasar

A visit to the Provincial Public Museum Denpasar is one that will give you a deep insight into the history, culture, traditions and the lives of the Balinese people. Known as one of the oldest landmarks of the city, it is also the main museum here, which shows off the island’s rich heritage.

Satria Coffee Plantation

Get a taste of authentic Balinese coffee at the Satria Coffee Plantation, known predominantly for the kopi luwak or civet coffee, which is one of the most expensive coffees on earth. Learn about the unusual production process of this coffee, and enjoy a guided walk around the jungle plantation, often coming across one or more Asian palm civets.

Bali Zoo

Home to one of the most impressive collections of wildlife in Indonesia, Bali Zoo stands out among the biggest highlights of the island city. While the sheer variety of biodiversity is staggering, Bali Zoo is better known for its range of immersive experiences- whether it be dining with jungle beasts, going on elephant safaris, or nighttime tour of the Zoo.

Puri Saren Agung

Home to the former royal family of Bali, Puri Saren Agung is one of Ubud’s most revered attractions. Also called the Ubud Kingdom Palace, the place now functions as a repository of local Balinese arts. Two buildings in the palace grounds are kept open to the public that hold a variety of traditional art and sculpture work.

Manta Point

Settled off the Nusa Penida shoreline, Manta Point is a compilation of several offshore diving locations. As the name suggests, the Manta Point is where a large number of manta stingrays- one of the largest breeds of its kind- congregate. Diving into the depths of the deep blue sea, one is greeted with unobstructed views of these majestic creatures.

Museum Rudana

With an aim to combine art and public life, Museum Rudana is a unique humanist art museum, displaying the best of Balinese and rare international art. The artistic richness of the place is evident just through its architecture, which reflects the best of Indonesian designs. It also hosts several immersive activities for visitors, including painting lessons, art residencies and exhibitions.

Berawa Beach

Located on the Canggu coastline, Berawa is one of Bali’s least explored beaches. While the turbulent waters off the Berawa coast makes it largely unfit for swimmings, the swells are just the perfect fit for surfing sports. The Berawa beachfront also features a number of luxury clubs, restaurants and unique party sports, for those choosing to stay over after sunset.

Kuta Art Market

Celebrating local forms of art, the Kuta Art Market is a vibrant local market with makeshift stalls setting up shops daily. The atmosphere here is energetic, with loud voices of sellers and buyers cutting each other. Handmade curios, artwork, clothing and sculptures are some of the most popular things sold here, at feasible rates with high quality.

Terrace River Pool Swing

Soaring through the stunning green plantations of Tegalalang, the Terrace River Pool Swing is an exotic new adventure located just outside Ubud. The swing offers rides of varying heights, for solo riders as well as couples. The Pool Swing also features 6 lifelike nests suspended from the canopy, which act as photobooths, preceded by a coffee tasting session.

Gunung Lebah Temple

Considered as one of the central landmarks of Ubud, the Gunung Lebah Temple is an 8th century temple that overlooks the eastern side of the Campuhan Valley. Dating back to the times of the Hindu priest Rsi Markandeya, the temple also features a traditional Balinese Padmanasa atop its tower-like structure. It is also a very serene place to visit in Ubud.

Tanjung Jepun

Skip the hustle and bustle of Bali and set out on an extraordinary adventure to Tanjung Jepun, known as one of the best places to dive in the country. Spend the day exploring the location, or take a dive deep into the mysterious world of the underwater, catching sights of wonderful corals, and the rich variety of marine life here.

Yeh Pulu Temple

Tucked in the quaint village of Bedulu, a fertile rice field located in the central Bali highlands, is the 14th century Yeh Pulu Temple, known to have some of the most intricate stone carvings in all of Bali. Accessible by foot on a lush forest trail, Yeh Pulu Temple is one place that will transport you to the bygone eras.

Suluban Beach Cave Bali

Located in one of the most unique coasts of Bali, the Suluban Beach Cave is amongst the most mesmerising attractions on the island. Concealed by natural limestone formations, Suluban Beach Cave also has rocky steps and log ramps that lead to a tranquil hidden beach.

Bali Fun World Ubud

Amongst the most loved vacation spots for youngsters, and children, Bali Fun World Ubud has everything that a child would want in an amusement park. This indoor playground has a lot of exciting things such as rodeo-style bull riding for youngsters, including special toys as well as different types of slides and trampolines, among other things.

Thomas Beach

Rightfully regarded as Uluwatu’s hidden gem, Thomas boasts of long stretches of speckless, white sands, fringed by the waves that break gently against its coastline. Unlike several of Bali’s beaches, the current at Thomas Beach makes it a perfect spot for swimming. It features a good number of water sports as well.

Batuan Temple

One of Bali’s oldest Hindu temples, the Batuan Temple is dedicated to three of mightest Hindu deities- Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Each shrine at the temple is distinctly Balinese in architecture, beautifully constructed with stones and fiber. The temple courtyard is riddled with sculptures, and sometimes hosts a local market held by artisans as well.

Karang Beach

A small and secluded beach located in Sanur, around 1 kilometre south of the Sindhu Beach in Denpasar, Karang Beach is known for its white sands and calm waves, in addition to the colourful coral reefs that you can find here. From swimming and snorkelling, to enjoying beautiful sunsets from the Balinese-style gazebos, Karang Beach has a lot to offer.

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Bali Things To Do FAQs

Which is the best time to visit Bali?

The months of May, June and July are considered to be the most popular and recommended months to be at Bali. However, depending on the kind of vacation you are looking for, you might want to plan your visit during the dry season or the monsoons. For example, if you are a surfer, the monsoon months of May and October present some of the best waves in world. However, it won’t be a great time for historical or cultural tours.

A well planned tour package will include every aspect that must be experienced while visiting Bali.

What is the ideal duration for a holiday in Bali if I want to do various activities?

Bali is one of the most picturesque islands on this planet. There’s something for all kinds of traveler. Whether you are interested in adventure, culture or just a laid back beach destination with good food, there are opportunities that will overwhelm you. An ideal duration at Bali will thus depend on the kind of activities you will want to take part in. While exploring Bali can take a lifetime, honeymooners generally go for a two week vacation to cover the most recommended activities at a comfortable pace. The idea should be to enjoy the vacation and not push yourself to each destination.

Is it worth visiting Bali for a honeymoon? What all activities honeymooners can do in Bali?

Bali a global honeymoon paradise, The islands with pristine beaches, lush green forests, volcanic mountains, intimate hotels and a romantic culture sets the pace for a cozy and memorable honeymoon vacation. At Bali, it’s the natural magic that draws in both newlyweds and couples in love to make memories for a lifetime. If you are planning a similar trip with your partner to Bali, here are some things you should definitely want to do:

  • Castaway Cruises to Nusa Penida
  • Excursion through Tanah Lot, Monkey Forest and Mengwi Temple
  • An evening cruise with 5-course dinner
  • Spa treatment
  • Private photo shoot
  • Couple’s Thai massage classes
  • Private horseback riding across Tegallalang Rice Terraces
  • Hand in hand in an Ubud cultural tour
  • Dinner on traditional wooden ship
  • A Private sunset dinner at Tanah Lot Temple

Which all places are best for couples in Bali?

Bali is among the most sought after destinations for couples across the globe. The weather is pleasant all round the year, making it even more popular among honeymooners. When you are in Bali with your partner, you cannot miss a visit to:
  • Uluwatu – temple beaches and cliffs
  • Sanur – beautiful beaches and tranquil nature
  • Ubud – green rice fields, art and passion
  • Batur – for the adventure loving couples
  • Gili Islands – the party island
  • Tegenungan Waterfall – in the middle of jungle and in the lap of nature
  • Canggu – great sunsets, emerald waters, expansive rice fields
  • Jimbaran Beach – good food, beautiful beached, good people and a inviting local culture
  • Pandawa Beach – for surf and that perfect moment with your partner

Is Bali a good holiday destination for a family?

Traveling with your family, especially kids can be quite of a fun at Bali. There are several beaches that offer safe and yet private opportunities for a family to be together. Some of the best regions to travel with your family include Ubud, Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Lovina, Sanur and Nusa Dua. You will want to visit temples, be a part of cultural excursions, trek to the mountains, enjoy water sports, visit the marine park/zoo and lastly enjoy the Balinese cuisine with your family.

What kind of activities I can do in Bali?

The Island of Gods, Bali offers all that you can seek of a tourist destination. From outdoor fun to cozy massage therapies, there’s a wide range of offering. Consequently, Bali is considered as a tourist’s paradise – there is always something to enjoy for everyone.

  • White Water Rafting at Ayung River
  • Barbeque Seafood at Jimbaran Bay
  • Waterbom Bali, Nusa Dua
  • Bali Safari and Marine Park Tour
  • Bali Zoo Tour
  • Sunrise Trek to Mount Batur
  • Devdan Show at Nusa Dua Theatre
  • Ubud / Sightseeing Tour
  • Shopping at Kuta Art Market
  • Pirates Dinner Cruise
  • Monkey Forest Tour
  • Full Day Cycling at Carangsari Bay
  • Three Island Cruise
  • Trek to the Monkey Forest
  • Trip to Blanco Resistance Museum

What all adventure activities I can do in Bali?

  • Scuba Diving at South Kuta
  • Kite Surfing at Sanur, Seminyak, and Nusa Dua
  • Sea Walking at Tenjung Benua
  • River Rafting and Cycling along the Ayung River
  • Cycling tour across Balinese coffee plantations
  • Mountain Biking in Nusa Dua
  • Dirt Biking in Kintamani and Tabanan
  • Canyon Tubing in the Siap River
  • Parasailing in the Tenjung Beach
  • Underwater Scooter at Nusa Dua
  • Jet Ski at Tenjung Benua
  • Flying Fish in South Kuta

How to experience Bali Eat, Pray and Love way?

The Bali Eat-Pray-Love tour can be life changing. Do as Julia Roberts did in the movie! The moment you arrive at the Denpasar International Airport, the scene won’t be too different from what you saw in the movie. The steel grey waters, beaches of Kuta to the umpteen number of foreign tourists in places like Seminyak, it’s a real match. Head on to the Samkhya Villas near the rice paddy fields of Ubud is where you follow Julia Roberts to find a similar accommodation. Follow her footsteps to the Hindu temples, lush rice terraces and get up close with the monkeys in the Monkey Forests nearby. Ubud is where the movie was filmed and this is also the most amazing part of Bali to be in!

The popularity of movie has in fact made most travel agents in Bali come up with a complete Eat Pray Love package. It’s worth considering if you have been inspired enough.

What all water sports I can do in Bali?

There are lot of enthralling water sports to do in Bali:
  • Scuba Diving at South Kuta
  • Kite Surfing at Sanur, Seminyak, and Nusa Dua
  • Sea Walking at Tenjung Benua
  • River Rafting and Cycling along the Ayung River Canyon Tubing in the Siap River
  • Parasailing in the Tenjung Beach
  • Underwater Scooter at Nusa Dua
  • Jet Ski at Tenjung Benua
  • Flying Fish in South Kuta
  • Donut Boat Ride at South Kuta
  • Surfing at Bukit Peninsula
  • Reef Surfing at Legian Beach

Can a non-swimmer do various water related activities?

You don’t really need to be a swimmer to enjoy the water sports opportunities in Bali. In most of the activities, you will be accompanied by a trained instructor and will be given safety equipment and clothing to ensure that you don’t drown. Except some activities like Reef Surfing and Category 3 White Water Rafting, you should be able to participate in most of them. Bali water sports is fun!

Where can I do Scuba Diving and Snorkeling in Bali and what will be the cost?

Bali’s beaches are one of the cleanest across the globe. You will literally be tempted to get underneath and check out the marine life for yourself.

Some of Bali’s best snorkeling and scuba diving locations are at PadangBai, Nusa Dua, Mejangan Islands, Amed, Candi Dasa, Nusa Penida, Nusa Ceningan, Nusa Lembongan and Tulamben.

For the more experienced divers, the locations would be Crystal Bay, Gamat Bay, Manta Point and Toyapakeh.

A basic dive at places like Tulamben would cost you about Rp 1,306,800

What sort of activities are enjoyable by children in Bali?

Bali with kids is fun! Check out the following places for a great family time:
  • Waterbom Bali
  • Rip Curl School of Surf
  • Bali Safari and Marine Park
  • Ayung River Rafting
  • Bali Wake Park
  • Kemenuh Butterfly Park
  • Banana Boat Rides
  • Bounce Ball Trampoline Center
  • Dream Museum Zone Trick-Eye Gallery
  • Bali Treetop Adventure Park

Which are some famous sightseeing options in Bali?

Some of the interesting sightseeing options in Bali include:
  • Tanah Lot Temple, Tabanan
  • Uluwatu Temple, Uluwatu
  • Besakih Temple, East Bali
  • Tegallalang Rice Terraces, Ubud
  • Ubud Monkey Forest, Ubud
  • Ubud Art Market, Ubud
  • Mount Batur and Kintamani, Central Bali
  • Bali Safari and Marine Park, Gianyar
  • Jatiluwih Rice Terraces, Tabanan
  • Goa Gajah, Gianyar

Where can I do Seawalking in Bali? How much it will cost me to do Seawalking in Bali?

A sea walking adventure is a perfect way to check out the marine life around Bali and is suitable even for participants with little or no knowledge of swimming. The best sea walk experience can be had at Sanur. You can also check out the sea diving facilities at Kota Denpasar and Nusa Dua.

In most cases, a sea walking adventure can be arranged by the hotel you are staying at.

The basic cost of the activity will be around US$75 for adults and US$ 60 for kids between the ages of 10 and 12.

Can I do kayaking in Bali? How much it will cost me? Where can I do it?

Kayaking is easy fun and completely safe for any kind of participant. Even kids can enjoy kayaking. Kayaking is organized at Nusa Ceningan, Legian, Nusa Lembongan, Singaraja, Tanjung Benoa, Kuta and Ubud. You also have the opportunity to enjoy the only sea kayak at Pandawa Beach.

The rate of a Sea Kayak is US$35 per person. That will also be the average cost on other locations around Bali.

Can I do horse riding in Bali? Where can I do it?

Horse riding in Bali is an amazing way to check out the countryside and rice terraces around Bali. It is also a must recommended activity if you are traveling with your partner. Several operators will be able to arrange private horse riding tours. The best places to go horse riding in Bali include the east coast of Savannah Bay, Gianyar, Nusa Penida, Papuan Village, Badung, Tegallalang, Payangan, Menjangan, Canggu, Tabanan, and Mount Agung.

Can I visit the Elephant Safari Park?

The Elephant Safari Park allows you to get up-close with the majestic Sumatran Elephants and will be an experience of a lifetime. Cared in a healthy and stimulating environment, the Elephant Safari will take you across the tranquil botanical gardens and a paradise of a jungle. The best thing is that you can enjoy the elephant back ride with your whole family.

Which all waterfalls I can see in Bali?

  • Tegunungan Waterfall, Gianyar
  • Gitigit Waterfall, Kabupaten Buleleng
  • Aling-Aling Waterfall, Kabupaten Buleleng
  • Blahmantung Waterfall, Tebanan
  • Singsing Waterfall, Buleleng
  • Munduk Waterfall, Kabupaten Buleleng
  • Tukad Cepung Waterfall, Kabupaten Bangli
  • Kanto Lampo Waterfall, Gianyar
  • Nungnung Waterfall, Kabupaten Badung
  • Tibumana Waterfall, Kabupaten Bangli
  • Dusun Kuning Waterfall, Kabupaten Bangli
  • Banyumala Waterfall, Buleleng
  • Sekumpul Waterfall, Kabupaten Buleleng
  • Golden Valley Waterfall, Buleleng
  • Air Terjun Waterfall, Badung

Can I do Campuhan Ridge Walk?

An easy but highly rejuvenating nature walk, the Campuhan Ridge Walk is highly popular among all kinds of visitors to Central Bali. The activity offers a great retreat and escape from the contemporary boutique scene in Bali. Sometimes, you just need some time alone and in peace!

Which places are best for trekking in Bali?

Some of the trekking options in Bali includes:
  • Mount Batur, also famous for its active volcano and an amazing sunrise
  • Trekking in Sambangan in Northern Bali
  • North Bali Appreciation Tour to Kintamani
  • Mount Agung Sunrise Trek, Kintamani

Which are the best water/amusement parks in Bali? How much is the entry fee?

  • Waterbom Bali, Kuta – entry: US$ 35
  • Jawa Timur Park 2 – entry: US$ 10
  • Taman Safari Indonesia Cisarua – entry: free
  • Batu Eco Green Park Fun and Study – entry: free

Can I visit the Ubud Royal Palace? Is it worth watching Royal Palace Cultural Night Performances?

One of the most popular attractions in Ubud, it’s the focal landmark of Bali. The architecture goes back to the 1800s and is well kept through upkeep and regular cultural activities and festivals being organized in its premises. It is highly recommended that you become a part of the Royal Palace Cultural Night Performance to get a glimpse into the secret and enchanting Ubud. Apart from the very well preserved Balinese architecture, and he charming garden setting, the dance and the music can be an explosive experience.

Can I do river rafting in Bali? Is it safe?

River Rafting in Bali is one of the most recommended adventure activities. The best thing is that anyone above the age of 10 can be a part of it. Rafting instructors come highly trained and you will be well geared up to be safe for any kind of eventuality. It is necessary that you follow the rafting guidelines recommended by organizers.

Can I do a cycling tour of Bali? Which places are good for cycling?

Cycling is a much more laid back way to get across Bali and can be a great way to check out the country. There are several trails all across that let you experience the natural setting. Cycling is also one of the recommended ways to do a tour if you are traveling with your partner. The best cycling tours can be found in:
  • Ubud
  • Kintamani
  • Bongkasa Village
  • Sanur Village
  • Batur Village
  • Kerobokan
  • Yeh Gangaa
  • Putung to Virgin Beach
  • Sangeh Village

Can I see Bali Trick Art Gallery? How much is the entry fee?

The Trick Art Gallery or Museum is a unique experience for anyone in Bali and is especially loved by kids. It’s a museum show casing illusions and a variety of magical enfeeblements.

The entry fee to the Trick Art Gallery is IDR 100000.

Which beaches are must to visit in Bali?

Apart from some beautiful places to visit in Bali, there are n number of beaches which are an added cherry to the cake. These includes:
  • Pedang Pedang Beach
  • Suluban Beach
  • Balangan Beach
  • Pandawa Beach
  • Dreamland Beach
  • Bingin Beach
  • Green Bowl Beach
  • Nyang Nyang Beach
  • Melasti Beach
  • Tegal Wangi Beach
  • Blue Point Beach
  • Pandawa Beach

Can I see Mount Batur? What is special about it?

Mount Batur or Gunung Batur is located North West to Mount Agung in Bali on the southern side of the mountain is the Caldera Lake. Mount Batur hosts an active volcano and the eruption is visible across the year. In fact, it is one of the most forceful eruptions on this planet. Mount Batur is also believed to be one of the most sacred mountains by the locals and several adventure tourists take on the fairly physical Mount Batur trek. The peak is about 1000 meters above sea level and takes about two hours to reach on foot.

Can I do canoeing in Bali? Where can I do it? Is it safe?

Canoeing in Bali is one of the most recommended adventure activities. The best thing is that anyone above the age of 10 can be a part of it. Canoeing instructors come highly trained and you will be well geared up to be safe for any kind of eventuality. It is necessary that you follow the rafting guidelines recommended by organizers. The best places for canoeing include:
  • Amed
  • Kuta
  • Lombok
  • Taman

Can I visit Bali Safari & Marine Park? What is special about it?

A perfect fun day for family and couples, the Bali Safari and Marine Park holds wildlife adventures that include elephant trekking, cycling through forest roads. It is one of the most visited animal parks that was opened back in 2007 and since then it has been one of the most visited places in Bali. It is home to over 60 species of wildlife that roam freely around, thus offering you an experience that is livening.

What sort of Cruise activities can be done in Bali?

A cruise ride across the Bali Ocean is a must. It has been one of the most popular activities among honeymooners. Consequently, you seek a range of cruise rides, ranging from whole day cruises to night cruises and even private cruises. Cruise rides are always accompanies by 4 course meals, cocktails and a lot of fun, music and dance.

Where can I watch dolphins in Bali?

The best place of watch dolphins is the Lovina Beach. A cruise ride will let you experience dozens of them in unison!

Can I do a helicopter tour in Bali? How much it will cost to me?

Helicopter rides will be a unique way to check out the Bali Islands. You can soak in the bird’s eye view of the smoking volcanoes, stepped rice fields, long stretch of pristine beaches, enchanting lighthouses, cliffs, old temples, surf breaks and highland lakes.

The price of joy tours that covers the Kuta and Legian beaches is about IDR 4,571,250 per person. This is the basic package but you can always choose to customize your tour. The duration of a basic helicopter tour is about 60 minutes.

Which are the best restaurants of Bali? What cuisines I must try?

There’s a range of restaurants that you can find across Bali. Ranging from luxury to budget, the food in most is awesome. It would be great to experiment with the local food around.
Top restaurants to try out when on a honeymoon include:

  • Mozaic in Ubud
  • Mozaic Beach Club at Seminyak
  • Metis Lounge at Seminyak
  • Sarong at Seminyak
  • Mama San at Seminyak
  • La Lucciola at Seminyak
  • Cuca Flavor at Jimbaran Bay
  • II Ristorante at Uluwatu
  • JuMaNa at Uluwatu
  • Warung at Uluwatu

What kind of nightlife I can enjoy in Bali?

Bali offers a very happening nightlife. Soon as the sun sets in the horizon and over the Sea, several nightclub open their doors to extravaganza. The nightlife ranges from sports bar to dance floors and crazy clubbing!

What are drinking, smoking and drug laws in Bali?

The legal drinking age in Bali is 17 years. It is however not recommended to drink in public places. Alcohol is however always available across private beaches, resorts and restaurants. Similarly, smoking too isn’t recommended in public places. However, cigarettes are widely available in local shops.

Which all places are good for yoga and meditation in Bali?

Some of the best yoga retreats in Bali include:

  • Fiveelements, Badung
  • Soulshine Yoga Retreat, Ubud
  • Desa Seni Yoga Retreat, Canggu
  • Abing Terrace, Gianyar
  • Floating Leaf Eco Gianyar
  • Naya Ubud, Ubud

Which spas are good in Bali? How much will be the cost?

A spa in Bali in the backdrop of the blue ocean can be a rejuvenating experience. Check out the following places:

  • Thermes Marins & Spa on the Rocks, Jimbaran – US$ 500
  • Riverside Spa at Maya, Ubud – US$ 50-85
  • Royal Kirana Spa, Ubud – US$ 375
  • Fiveelements, Puri Ahimsa, Mambal – US$ 188
  • Lembah Spa, Ubud – US$175
  • Karma Spa, Ungasan – US$112
  • Mango Tree Spa, Ubud – US$102
  • Soori Spa, Tabanan – US$155
  • The Spa at Bulgari Resort Bali – US$750
  • Prana Spa, Seminyak – US$5

Which places are good for shopping? What I must buy from Bali?

The best places for shopping and the things each is famous for include:

  • Seminyak / Petitenget for designer threads
  • Seminyak / Ubud / Kerobokan for Home wares
  • Kuta / Legian / Seminyak and Ngurah Rai for surf gear
  • Seminyak / Denpasar and Kerobokan for Furniture
  • Ubud / Canggu / Gianyar and Denpasar for local markets and souvenirs

How much it will cost me if want to rent a villa in Bali? Which place is good for villa stay in Bali?

Renting a villa in Bali offers you privacy amidst all kinds of amenities. There are several properties available all across the country and you can choose depending on the location and budget. Look for Airbnb for the best offers. The average price you pay for renting a villa is about $1400 for a month. A 1 bedroom villa on the other hand will cost about $750 a month. You can find cheaper properties with a bit of a search. Advanced booking also allows you discounted rates. The best places for your villa search in Bali include:
  • Kuta
  • Seminyak
  • Sanur
  • Ubud
  • Uluwatu
  • Lovina

What kind of health precautions one should take before participating in any activity? Do I need to have some medicines along with me?

For anyone traveling to Bali, you might need to take medication before, during and after your trip. Recently, Zika Virus has been announced as a risk in parts of Indonesia. Pregnant women are recommended to take extra precautions. Apart from that, all travelers should take steps that prevent any mosquito bites and sexual exposure during and post trip.
  • Routine vaccines for general travelers include MMR, DTP, Chickpox vaccine, polio and your annual flu shot
  • Hepatitis A vaccine as there is a likely chance of exposure from contaminated water and food
  • Typhoid vaccine since water sanitation is a problem in Indonesia
  • You might also want to consult your doctor before your visit for other recommended vaccines that may include Hepatitis B, Japanese Encephelatis, Malaria, Rabies and Yellow Fever.

The key to health safety in Bali is:

  • To get vaccinated
  • Eat and drink at hygienic places
  • Keep away from animal contact, especially the domestic ones
  • Prevent any kind of bug bite
  • Use insect repellents
  • Avoid non-sterile cosmetic equipment
  • Avoid sharing body fluids

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Bali Things To Do Reviews

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Reviewed: 08 Apr 2023
The itinerary was decently planned and worked out well overall. After the initial communication problem with the sales team communication, the Bali operations team were able to solve the issues and gave us the vouchers and details in time. We selected our own hotels and asked them to book the same i... Read More
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Abdalla Abougazala
Abdalla Abougazala
Abdalla Abougazala
Abdalla Abougazala
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Reviewed: 16 May 2023
entrance fee was not included but we were aware of it. but we each paid 50k rupiah for the entrance which adds up to the amount which made it very expensive. just for the kecak performance, there are cheaper options in bali. but it was a fun and good cultural experience and performance. we all enjoy... Read More
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It was so nice to enjoy Waterbomb at a low cost. The sale price here was the cheapest. I will refer to it when I buy another activities ticket next time.
Anusha Devi
Reviewed: 28 Dec 2022
Lovely experience with thrillophilia, driver was friendly and took great pictures for us and whole experience is memorable and the locations were awesome
Anusha devi
Anusha devi
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Reviewed: 28 Aug 2023
The Garuda Wisnu Kencana is a beautiful sight to behold and I recommend it a must to understand the hinduism roots in Bali and Indonesia

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