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Ganak Bhattacharya


Too many things to do, but very limited time. Either they should have extended the time or reduced the activities. Not everyone can be zealous and enth...


Kumari Desai


A must try for weekend getaway with family. The crowd is all decent and mostly family. Therefore, you can go with family easily without hesitations.

Camping In Panchgani Overview

Camping Location: Panchgani, Maharashtra

Check-in Time: 
12:00 PM 
Check-out Time: 10:00 AM

About the campsite: 
Embark on a stargazing and photography tour at this campsite with tented camping and stay under the stars with the cool breeze from the surrounding natural environment. Panchgani (second highest plateau in Asia), which is located amidst the Sahyadri Ranges is a perfect getaway from the warm and humid summers of Maharashtra. .

The Amateur & novice users can also join in and take the opportunity to get to explore the night sky and observe some of the deep sky objects like Planets, Nebulae, Galaxies, Globular Cluster, Open Clusters, Double Stars and of course our Milky Way Galaxy, etc without any prior knowledge of astronomy.

Other than the stargazing the experience also includes Observatory and Space Museum tour, Telescope Making, Gas Rocketry, Air Rocketry, Creating a Rover Model for Planetary Exploration, Observing the Sun and it's dark spots with the help of Sun-scope, Learning the use of Sundial, Astro Agility Course, etc.

Places to Visit Near the Campsite:
Sydney Point - 3 KM
Table Land - 5 KM
Kate's Point - 7 KM
Dhom Dam - 21 KM

Package Offers: Camping with Meals and Activities
Meals: Lunch, Hi-Tea, Dinner, Breakfast
Activity: 3 Sky-gazing sessions, Astro Photography

How to Reach: 
This Campsite is situated at around 250 km from Mumbai and 110 km from Pune, one can easily reach by any public or private transport.

Child Policy: Children below 5 years can join without any charges, and those between 5 to 10 years can book the child package (half charge).

Camping In Panchgani Itinerary

  • Day 1 -

    12:00-13:00: Arrive at the campsite, Camp briefing, Team Formation, Tents allocation.

    13:00-15:00: Once you are settled down, have your lunch and take rest.

    15:00-16:30: Take rest and have a power nap at the campsite.

    17:00-18:00: Astronomy Orientation (1 hour)

    18:00-20:00: Night Sky Gazing - Session 01 (WEST SKY) - Sun Set, Saturn, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Hercules, Lyra, Cygnus, Cassiopeia, etc

    20:00-22:00: Treat yourself with unlimited dinner at the camp while enjoying the beautiful evening at Hill Top Courtyard.

    22:00-00:00: Night Sky Gazing - Session 02 - Cassiopeia, Pegasus, Andromeda, Aries, Perseus, Auriga, Taurus & Orion "The Hunter".

    00:00-02:00: Astro Photography - Participant to Bring their own DSLR Camera, Tripod and Remote.

  • Day 2 -

    04:45-05:00: Wake up early morning to enjoy the beautiful early morning gazing.

    05:00-07:00: Early Morning Gazing - Session 03 - Gemini, Canis Major & Minor, Cancer, LEO, Venus, Jupiter, Mars, and Moon. Iridium Flares, ISS, Sunrise (6:30 AM) & Solar Observation.

    07:00-08:00: Enjoy sunrise at Asia's second-highest plateau with morning Tea.

    08:00-09:00: Breakfast will be served.

    09:00-10:00: Catch your breath and you can check out from the camps.


  • Tented accomodation with double/triple sharing basis with foam bed, pillows and blankets.
  • 7
  • There are 2 washrooms each for men and women near the activity area and 1 washroom each for men and women near the dining hall.


  • Lunch
  • 7
  • Evening Tea & Snacks
  • 7
  • Dinner
  • 7
  • Breakfast


  • Astro Photography
  • 7
  • Crew assembly training: Simulated critical problem solving used in astronaut training.
  • 7
  • Telescope Making - Understand principles of telescope and make your own telescopes for observation.
  • 7
  • Sun-scope - Observe the sun, it's dark spots and solar flares using safest techniques.
  • 7
  • Sundial - Understand the concept of a sundial and how our ancestors told time.
  • 7
  • Astro Agility Course - A glimpse of real Astronaut training activity.
  • 7
  • Weather Station - Observe and understand the weather station and its uses.
  • 7
  • Star Gazing - A mesmerizing session about mythology – stories the stars tell us.
  • 7
  • Telescope Observation - Observe Stars and Planets through different types of telescopes.

Other Inclusions

  • Tents
  • 7
  • Mattress
  • 7
  • Pillow
  • 7
  • Blankets
  • 7
  • Equipment for above mentioned activities

Things To Carry

  • Camera
  • 7
  • Extra Pair of Clothing(Optional)
  • 7
  • Woolen clothing /jacket
  • 7
  • Comfortable Footwear And Clothes


  • Washroom facilities are common for everyone
  • 7
  • In case of the Cloudy Sky, Event will not be canceled, other activities will continue.
  • 7
  • Mobile & laptop charging points are available on the campsite at a common point
  • 7
  • Listen to the instructions given by the tour organizers
  • 7
  • Do not litter

Tour Type

  • This is a group tour

Camping In Panchgani: Cancellation Policy

  • If cancellations are made 30 days before the start date of the trip, 50% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees.
  • 7
  • If cancellations are made within 0-30 days before the start date of the trip, 100% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees.
  • 7
  • In case of unforeseen weather conditions or government restrictions, certain trips or activities may get cancelled. In such cases operator will try their best to provide an alternate feasible. However a cash refund will not be applicable for the same.
  • 7
  • Cancellations are strictly subjected to cancellation policies mentioned on the website & are irrespective of the date of booking.

Camping In Panchgani: Refund Policy

  • The applicable refund amount will be processed within 10 business days
  • 7
  • All applicable refunds will be done in traveller's thrillophilia wallet as Thrillcash

Camping In Panchgani: Booking Confirmation Policy

  • The customer receives a confirmation voucher via email within 24 hours of successful booking
  • 7
  • Alternatively, the customer may choose to cancel their booking before confirmation and a full refund will be processed.
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    People Shared their Stories
    Story by Ganak Bhattacharya

     Rated : 4.0

    Too many things to do, but very limited time. Either they should have extended the time or reduced the activities. Not everyone can be zealous and enthusiastic. The food was good and some of the activities were really enjoyable. But overall i had an amazing time with my family!

    • Sikkim_tour_covering_gangtok_nathu_la_changu_lake__pelling._way_to_heaven__720p__34.jpg
    • Sikkim_tour_covering_gangtok_nathu_la_changu_lake__pelling._way_to_heaven__720p__37.jpg
    • Sikkim_tour_covering_gangtok_nathu_la_changu_lake__pelling._way_to_heaven__720p__49.jpg
    • Sikkim_tour_covering_gangtok_nathu_la_changu_lake__pelling._way_to_heaven__720p__51.jpg
    • Sikkim_tour_covering_gangtok_nathu_la_changu_lake__pelling._way_to_heaven__720p__52.jpg
    Story by Kumari Desai

     Rated : 4.0

    A must try for weekend getaway with family. The crowd is all decent and mostly family. Therefore, you can go with family easily without hesitations.

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    • Dsc_2465_2.jpg
    Story by Rati Gill

     Rated : 4.0

    Arrangement of food and camp site was very good. The price too wasn’t that costly too. Also the activities such as ziplining and campfire were great fun. I will definitely recommend this.

    • Mvi_5838_02.jpg
    • Mvi_5838_08.jpg
    • Mvi_5838_16.jpg
    Story by Rageshwari Chopra

     Rated : 4.0

    Camping was fun when I saw the plan, but most of my co travelers were intending on having bonfire and games that people would sit and play. My friends and I were more into ziplining and other activities.However, the trip organizer guy was enthusiastic like us and were giving us good company.

    • Sikkim_tour_covering_gangtok_nathu_la_changu_lake__pelling._way_to_heaven__720p__08.jpg
    • Sikkim_tour_covering_gangtok_nathu_la_changu_lake__pelling._way_to_heaven__720p__09.jpg
    Story by Daksha Bhattathiri

     Rated : 5.0

    It was the best outing I had with my family till date. My dad and mom both were sports players and they had participated in more activities then we did. It was an amazing experience and we spent the day full of fun and at night we had an amazing time near a bonfire and there were other families as well and we bonded quite well.

    Story by Gajbaahu Kakkar

     Rated : 5.0

    The campsite has one of the best activities to spend time. There were so many activities to go for that we booked it for 2 days and 2 nights stay. We even opted for Water Rappelling which was an incredible experience and they served very tasty food as well. We loved the campsite and the amazing views it offers specially in the evening.

    Story by Bhushan Gandhi

     Rated : 5.0

    The camps here are very comfortable with proper bedding facilities available. We visited in the spring season and the campsite was completely covered with lush greenery which makes the views beautiful and the campsite was so big to go for a nature walk as well.

    Story by Dayaanidhi Devar

     Rated : 5.0

    One of the best places we had visited. All our needs of having fun and exploring the beauty of nature is fulfilled here. Exploring the nearby areas on bicycles was unforgettable and a nice experience. We had an incredible experience there.

    Story by Anal Dwivedi

     Rated : 5.0

    It was an amazing place for the adventure lovers as the camping offers a lot of activities to do and they spend the entire time having fun and participating in different sorts of activities. Such an amazing option for adventure lovers.

    Story by Tejas Bhattacharya

     Rated : 4.0

    In a camp, most people have different needs even if you know them all. This was the first time, I was in a camp with complete strangers in a new place. The camp leader was very charismatic and prompt. He handled people with ease and he also speaks many languages.


    People Also Ask About Camping In Panchgani

    1. What are the check in and check out timings for Panchgani Camping?

      The Panchgani Camping tour from Thrillophilia is a two day package where you will be

      Checking-in at the camp at : 12:00PM 
      Checking-out the next morning at : 10:00 AM.

    2. What activities are included in the Panchgani Camping package?

      The Panchgani Camping package includes a number of fun activities for the guests to enjoy and the list of these activities is as follows.

      Zip Lining
      Commando Crossing
      12 item Obstacle course
      Dust Walk
      Rock Climbing
      Cave Exploration
      Burma Crossing

    3. What is the condition of mobile network connectivity?

      Panchgani as a city has all major service providers and one would not have issues with their phone service.  However, at the campsite, it is possible that the network connectivity is low due to being at a remote site.

    4. Which meals are included in the Panchgani Camping package?

      The details about the meals provided during the Panchgani Camping tour are mentioned below.  Included in the package with no additional cost - Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Buffets
      With an additional cost of 400 INR per person - BBQ and Campfire with 2 Veg and 1 Non Veg with soft drinks

    5. What are the inclusions in the Panchgani Camping package?

      The Panchgani camping package from Thrillophilia is inclusive of 

      Stay - in Waterproof Tents with washrooms
      Meal - Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Buffets
      Activity - Zip Lining, Commando Crossing, 12 item Obstacle course, Trekking, Dust Walk, Burma Crossing

      Apart from these, you also have the option to avail additional facilities and activities by paying an additional amount for the selected feature.

    6. How much does it cost for camping in Panchgani?

      The Panchgani camping package offered by Thrillophilia has different variants available with the lowest costing 2000 INR per person. The rates of all variants are as follows.

      Coleman tents: 2000 INR per person

      Tabins Stay :

      Quadruple occupancy: 2200 INR per person
      Triple occupancy: 2500 INR per person
      Double occupancy: 3000 INR per person
      Single occupancy: 3500 INR per person

    7. What is the best time for Panchgani camping?

      The best time to visit Panchgani for a camping trip is between October to April. These months experience the winter and summer seasons with dry and cool weather.

      While winters can be a bit chilly, summers are just perfect with pleasant breezes. Moreover, you can also visit Panchgani during monsoons from July till September, for a vacation.

    8. How to reach Panchgani from Mumbai?

      There are a few options to reach Panchgani from Mumbai.

      Buses- the cheapest and easiest way is to board a bus from any Mumbai bus-station. Many buses ply to Panchgani each day. The distance between the two places is about 245 km and takes 4-5 hours of travel time.

      Car- Either book a taxi or drive yourself by taking a road trip. Best Route - Mumbai to Mumbai Pune Expressway to NH 4 to Surur on NH 48 to Wai to Panchgani

      Train- Panchgani doesn't have a railway-station the nearest railhead is Satara, from there you can board a bus or taxi to complete the remaining 30-40 km worth of distance.

    9. Is camping and trekking in Panchgani safe for solo and female travellers?

      Camping and Trekking in Panchgani are safe activities for solo and female travelers to try. However, it is best to be aware of your surroundings and take care of your belongings.

      Besides, if you choose Thrillophilia's Panchgani camping package you would be accompanied by many other solo and female travelers as well as a guide, making it a safe experience.

    10. What are the sanitary facilities and at the campsite?

      The Panchgani campsite has proper accommodations that have attached bathrooms. All these bathrooms have basic amenities and 24 hour availability of water. Moreover, it is advisable to carry personal toiletries on the trip.

    11. How to reach Panchgani from Pune?

      Panchgani is at a distance of 98 km from Pune and one can choose between buses, taxi and personal vehicles to complete the journey. The fastest route to take is NH4. Moreover, the travel time to reach Panchgani can be anywhere between 2-3 depending on the mode of transport.

      The cost of buses would be around - 250 INR per person. While taxis can cost 3000-3500 for a day.

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