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Brajesh Mehrotra


The walk on ice trek in Chadar was the best trek that I had ever taken. I had a really awesome time trekking and walking in the frozen ice of Chadar mo...


Chandraketu Bharadwaj


The trek is a fine and a nice trek. No matter how many times I visit, this place just captivates me like never before. I do not know what I am attracte...


Trip Starting From: Leh

Trip Location: Leh

About the Destination:

Treating you with an out-of –this-world experience, Zanskar Chadar Trek is no ordinary feat. After all, how often is it that you can pride yourself in walking on ice? The activity takes place in the celestial like location of Ladakh. As if painted in a dream, the terrain here enchants with a black and white landscape laced with grey and blue.

When the winter begins in Ladakh, the gushing Zanskar River that makes its way through the remote canyons congeals into a sheet of ice (hence the name Chadar which means blanket). This is when the brazen set off on what is considered as the toughest and most adventurous trek that entails weathering harsh conditions and bearing templates that can dip to 25 to -35 degrees.

Shielded in snow-capped peaks and clustered among two small alpine lakes, Zanskar is an ethereal place in Jammu and Kashmir. Due to dense snowfall in the winter times, the road to the valley gets shut and the only way to get across is the frozen river.

The Amazing Zanskar Chadar Trek opens up many delights along the way. Pass through frozen waterfalls, explore the charming Nyerak Village, make way through deep gorges and sleep in caves beside the frozen river.

Duration of the Tour: 8N/9D

Altitude: 3680m

Temperature Range: Varies from -10 to 0 °C,  -25 °C, -10 to -30 °C


  • Day 1 -

    Your exciting Zanskar Chadar Trek journey commences. Arrive in the dreamy location of Leh.

    Hop into our vehicle and get transferred to your hotel.

    Since acclimatisation is of prime importance to observe a healthy trekking trip, this day is reserved for the same.

  • Day 2 -

    Dig into breakfast, after which you enjoy a fun drive through stunning scenery.

    Enjoy the sights of Indus River and later the Zanskar River at their confluence at Nimoo.

    Take the route along the Zanskar to the roadhead at Tilat Do. Once at this place, cross the Zanskar and based on the time available, either camp on the other side or proceed a bit ahead before setting camp.

  • Day 3 -

    Start your day at 7am with a piping cup of tea. Indulge in breakfast and wander off to Chadar, your route for the rest of the trek.

    Based on the fitness levels of the group, take on a trek of 10-12 km.

    The end point of the day would be Shingra, however, we can camp earlier in case it gets too difficult. Do note that the schedule of any of the days is flexible depending upon the fitness level of the group.

    Overnight will be spent in trekking tents.

  • Day 4 -

    Get charges with breakfast and proceed to Tibb Cave.

    Make way through deep gorges of the Zanskar valley flanked by sheer cliffs on either side.

    Expect a snowy trail will little trek.

    Your final destination for the day will be a big cave that is used by the locals while travelling through this valley. Set camp here.

    Overnight will be spent in trekking tents.

  • Day 5 -

    Savour breakfast and proceed to a trail amidst gorges to the Nyerak Village.

    Along the way, pass a large frozen waterfall that cascades in full force during the non-winter months.

    It also serves as the stop point rafting trips down the Zanskar River during August and September.

    Pitch tents below Nyerak Village. Come evening and you can explore the quaint hamlet.

    Overnight will be spent in trekking tents.

  • Day 6 -

    After breakfast, start for a return trek.

    Be prepared as though the route will remain the same, there will be a change in the trail for based on the temperature and sunlight, the river changes.

    Set camp in the Tibb Cave.

    Overnight will be spent in trekking tents.

  • Day 7 -

    Today, retrace your steps to Shingra.

  • Day 8 -

    Today will be the last leg of your amazing Zanskar Chadar Trek journey as you head back to Tilat Do.

    Cross the frozen Zanskar for the final time and hop on to your vehicles to transfer to Leh. Check into the hotel and unwind with a hot bath.

    Overnight will be spent in hotel.

  • Day 9 -

    Transfer to the airport and depart for your flight home with pleasant memories.


  • Quality camping arrangements that include alpine tents, good quality sleeping bags, camping mattresses
  • 7
  • Accommodation in ‘A’ category Deluxe hotel with room heating in Leh


  • Nutritious and Veg meals starting from dinner on Day 1 till breakfast on Day 9
  • 7
  • (8 Dinners, 8 Breakfasts, 7 lunches)


  • Trekking

Other Inclusions

  • Charges of 2 guides
  • 7
  • Porter/mule charges for carrying camping equipment & rations
  • 7
  • Forest entry charges, permits & camping fee

Things To Carry

  • Day pack (25ltrs)
  • 7
  • Fleece jacket
  • 7
  • Balaclava and Buff
  • 7
  • Gloves, Warm Socks (with extra pars)
  • 7
  • Water and wind proof trousers and jackets
  • 7
  • Thermal upper and lower (3 pairs)
  • 7
  • Boots, Camp shoes / Sport sandals
  • 7
  • Hand towel
  • 7
  • Waterproof sack cover
  • 7
  • Personal toiletries
  • 7
  • Personal Medications
  • 7
  • Two 1 ltr water bottles (preferably thermos flasks)
  • 7
  • Torch with extra batteries
  • 7
  • Body Moisturiser, Lip balm
  • 7
  • Body Powder / Anti-Fungal (feet and body)
  • 7
  • Sun screen lotion, Sun cap, Sunglasses
  • 7
  • Head torch with extra batteries


  • Do note that the schedule of any of the days is flexible depending upon the fitness level of the group
  • 7
  • Climatic conditions in the high altitudes vary from the plains; take adequate time to get acclimatized to high altitudes
  • 7
  • Pay heed to the guidelines given by trek leader or instructor in order to enjoy a safe and sound trekking experience
  • 7
  • Consumption of alcohol or any other intoxicating products are prohibited during this trek
  • 7
  • Avoid trekking during the nights
  • 7
  • Consult with a physician if you are fit to undertake the trek
  • 7
  • Carry basic medications and a first-aid kit during the trek
  • 7
  • The trek takes place through eco-friendly zone; do not encourage littering the local sites or campsites.
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    People Shared their Stories
    Story by Brajesh Mehrotra

     Rated : 5.0

    The walk on ice trek in Chadar was the best trek that I had ever taken. I had a really awesome time trekking and walking in the frozen ice of Chadar mountains. The amazing trek covered a lot of major peaks, and in my opinion, this is the best thing to do in Ladakh. I recommend this trek to all trek lovers.

    • 1461677534_frozen_river_chadar_trek_036.jpg
    • 1461677534_frozen_river_chadar_trek_155.jpg
    • 1461677534_frozen_river_chadar_trek_228.jpg
    • 1461677534_frozen_river_chadar_trek_241.jpg
    • 1461677534_frozen_river_chadar_trek_242.jpg
    Story by Chandraketu Bharadwaj

     Rated : 4.0

    The trek is a fine and a nice trek. No matter how many times I visit, this place just captivates me like never before. I do not know what I am attracted to: charming mountain peaks, or the sapphire lakes; the exigent trekking trails or the charming valley; this trek is awesome and brilliant for all of these obvious reasons. What an amazing trek to take! That being said, I wish that the food was better.

    • 1461677621_frozen_river_chadar_trek_195.jpg
    • 1461677622_frozen_river_chadar_trek_215.jpg
    • 1461677622_frozen_river_chadar_trek_219.jpg
    Story by Kartik Reddy

     Rated : 4.0

    Ladakh is always a mesmerising place. This was a fine and a nice trek. This place has its own magical charm and beauty; that’s a big positive of this spot. The adorable thing about this trek was the snow clad mountains.

    • 1461677596_frozen_river_chadar_trek_109.jpg
    • 1461677596_frozen_river_chadar_trek_193.jpg
    • 1461677596_frozen_river_chadar_trek_209.jpg
    Story by Aashritha Mahajan

     Rated : 4.0

    I have taken this trek a few times now. Once in summer and a couple of times in the winter! If you want to experience the ice walk, take only in winter as in the summers, the region will be vibrant but obviously there will be no ice. It was all filled with colours of the nature, flora. It will be charmingly beautiful. I have taken this trek during August to October for a couple of years. When I took this trek in the October month, i.e., during the winter, it was awesome. It was indeed the right time to do trekking. This place was totally filled with ice and snow.

    Story by Draupadi Varma

     Rated : 4.0

    You will definitely love this trek. This place is nicely snuggled deep within the snow-filled mountains and ice. This area feels like a blanket of ice on the town. The beauty of this trek is the frozen river. This river is WOW. It tempts thousands of travellers to visit this place. There are trekkers from across the world here. Even when I was on this trek, most of my co trekkers were from various parts of the world.

    Story by Yoginder Bhattathiri

     Rated : 3.0

    I feel that this trek is not that great as it is hyped. This trek is all about usual trekking stuff. Plus there is no year long ice walk. Thanks to global warming. I don’t even know why this is marketed and known as an ice trek, when the ice or snow is very less. I am an avid trekker, and I have taken superior treks abroad. This is just a basic and same in comparison to those. The trek is challenging, that is a welcome relief.

    • 1461677569_frozen_river_chadar_trek_104.jpg
    • 1461677569_frozen_river_chadar_trek_129.jpg
    • 1461677570_frozen_river_chadar_trek_149.jpg
    • 1461677570_frozen_river_chadar_trek_196.jpg
    Story by Girja Patel

     Rated : 3.0

    This is one of the toughest treks I have ever been. The trek is quite tedious. When this blanket of ice formation happens, our one and only way to continue with our trek was to hike through the snowy rocks. It was tedious. Or other option was crossing rivers, i.e. walk on frozen river. That was risky too. Also, this trek is quite tiring. Thanks to the climate conditions that are bizarre. I still love this trek. This is a trek that you should not miss.

    Story by Dhara Kocchar

     Rated : 3.0

    The reason for this name, Chadar Trek, is due to the formation of a dense, thick blanket of the snow. A kind advice is that if you are not a pro trekker, then do not do this trek. I struggled a big time with this trek. It is not an easy job. I saw people who are doing it for 5 years now, feel exhausted and worn out.

    Story by Mahesh Arora

     Rated : 4.0

    While the trek is fun and challenging, the climatic conditions are bizarre. This makes life tougher. However, with proper equipments for stay being provided, we did not feel that cold at all. It is always better to be well equipped for the bizarre climatic conditions during the trek, despite the fact that the organizers will provide.

    Story by Rita Butt

     Rated : 4.0

    This trek is also popularly known as the 'Chadar Trek.' WOW is the word. This trek is such a brilliant trek for anyone to take. As a trekker I loved it totally. Take this trek to know how amazing it is. That being said, this is considered as one of the challenging as well as tricky treks in the world. I am so amazed by the beauty of this trek.


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