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Best Kerala Tour Packages
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Kerala Sightseeing Tour Packages
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Romantic Escapes To Kerala

Kovalam Tourist Places

Samudra Beach, Aruvikkara Dam, Vellayani Lake, Hawah Beach, Valiyathura Pier, Lighthouse Beach, Karamana River, Halcyon Castle, Shri Padmanabhswamy Temple, Thiruvallam Parasurama Temple, Neyyar Dam, Edakallu and many more Kovalam tourist places.

A village set in the coastlines of the Arabian Sea is a popular destination amongst the tourists for there are a host of places to visit in Kovalam. The village is famous for its three immaculate beaches with sea green shallow waters amalgamating into the majestic rocky crescent. Synonymous with coconut trees lined adorning the village further, Kovalam fondly is also known as the “grove of coconut trees”. Much more than beaches, Kovalam has its charm even in the lighthouses that haunt you and remind you of the great times ahead. 

From art gallery visit to savouring cuisines at the German bakery, lovely temples at one end to corals on the other, you can also spend considerable time with a plethora of places. Visit yoga classes and pamper yourself to the expert hands of the marvellous spa and massages offered. When you step here in Kovalam places to visit are innumerable and you are certain to get blown by its beautiful sights and nature’s kindness.

Here are some of the best places to visit in Kovalam:

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Samudra Beach

Samudra beach is the Jewel in the already heavily ornate crown of Kovalam. Regarded as the best places to visit in Kovalam separated from the other beaches by fissures. Massive crowds horde the beach, yet it is one spot for complete peace and serenity.

It is a paradise for couples and lovers who want to be left alone. The horizon gives you amazing sunset views and silhouettes of wooden ships voyaging their way to business.

The Samudra Beach presents tranquillity along with sights you can behold. There are many beach resorts close to the beach that will augment your experience of residing near the coast and vision the beauty of the sea.

Activities to pursue: You can easily lay your hands of different water sports activities like kayaking and water surfing.

How to get there: There are good frequencies of buses that can drop you here from the bus stand.

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Aruvikkara Dam

This is located on the banks of the Karamana River and presents itself as a leisure place for picnics. It is surrounded by lush gardens and resting places that can be used as a perfect spot to rest after a day’s tour.

The dam also has the famous Durga Devi temple and provides a good opportunity for a great drive from the city centre.

Activities to pursue:
Fish feeding is done by many people here apart from taking long nature walks along the border of the dam.

How to get there:
Many buses are available from all the bus stands in Kovalam.


Vellayani Lake

Amidst the thick vegetation of flora and friendly fauna, located at a distance of 9 kms from Thiruvananthapuram is the freshwater lake called Vellayani Lake. The lake also has an interesting story to tell. It narrates the story of a thirsty beggar who saw a meditating saint and approached him for water.

The saint wanted to help the thirsty beggar but had only a few drops of water left in his vessel. The saint then collected the little water in his palms and threw it while reciting a prayer.

The spot where water droplets were thrown by the saint converted into a large beautiful lake as it is now visited. The Lake also hosts snake boat racing competition during Onam which is the best time.

Activities to pursue: You can take a boat ride or a silent and calm walk along the boulevard to envision the unfolding of the beauty.

How to get there: Since it is more than 10 kms from the bus stand, a tourist bus or a cab will drop you here.

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Explore All (31)

Hawah Beach

One of the best beaches in Kovalam, it attracts lots of tourists to see what Kovalam beaches have that others don’t. Also known as Eve’s beach, you will enjoy every little moment spent here day or night. The name behind Hawa beach also has an interesting anecdote.

The Eve’s beach as it was earlier called, many European women went topless to get tanned and that is how it got its name as Hawa beach. The coastlines are stunning and the shacks good which make this a must-visit beach in your itinerary of fun-filled adventures.

Activities to pursue: A boat ride, swimming, suntanned routine and shacks for delectable food is what you will enjoy here the most.

How to get there: The beach is very close to the bus stand and can be a good reason to indulge in taking a walk.


Valiyathura Pier

The Pier has been one of the most famous spots in Kovalam since 1950. The Pier was initially employed for the purpose of cargo transportation and fishermen for installing catamarans but over the years this has also become one place to reckon.

The pier is a strong structure that is made at a height of 703 feet and which is supported by 127 tangible tiles. A visit here in the evenings will present with mesmerising views that will not let you leave the place until night. The coastline is full of exotic Malavu fishes despite the place been deserted for most of the time.

Activities to pursue: Apart from relishing the charismatic views, you can watch the sunset in peace or visit the nearby Shanmugham beach for a stroll

How to get there: You can easily get rickshaws, bus and taxis from the bus stand to reach here.

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Lighthouse Beach

One of the chief attractions in Kovalam is the gangling lighthouse beach where the spiral staircases lead you to the top spot of the lighthouse. When you have ascended the stairs, all you can experience is the evening wonder of the sun setting and orange hues in the sky with refreshing breeze rusting through your senses.

The site also provides the best vantage points to envision the beauty of the coastline of Kerala. Witness the golden sand and the palm trees swaying in the breeze and water as pure as a child’s soul. The beach too is full of shacks with seafood to gobble on.

Activities to pursue: You can get an Ayurveda spa by the seashore or indulge your mind and body in enjoying beach volleyball, sunbathing or swimming deep.

How to get there: From the bus stand it is located at a mere 2 kms and is accessible by bus or any other public transport.

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Karamana River

The pride of Kerala, this river is a must-visit to get a peaceful boat ride amidst the beautiful patches of green delight. The river is blessed with the most serene surroundings and a diversity of fishes you might not have seen before.

Amongst the Kovalam places to visit, this site surely should be there on your list. The river begins its journey from the Western Ghats and voyages through beautiful and fascinating green foliage that will mesmerise you.

The river bank is located only 6 km from Trivandrum and accessible from all locations by local transport.

Activities to pursue: Apart from boating don’t forget to experience canoe rides and Kayaking.

ow to get there: 10.8 km from the bus station, this is accessible by tourist buses and cabs.


Halcyon Castle

Also known as the Kovalam Castle, this has now been converted into a luxury deluxe hotel. This site gives tough competition to the magnetic beaches and churches for its brilliantly imposing structure built in colonial style.

The castle was built back in 1932 which were made to become a family retreat home of the builders. After serving its purpose for a few decades, it was converted into a luxury hotel in the year 1964.

In terms of tourist scope, the place presents an immense promise in terms of magnificent interiors that gives you the old-world charm. Amongst the places to visit in Kovalam, the Halcyon Castle surely qualifies as one of the best.

Activities to pursue: The place doesn’t offer beyond its structure and architecture. Taking short walks in the vicinity is the best activity here while you also marvel at the creation

How to get there: Roughly 500 meters from the bus stand, it takes only 10 mins in traffic to reach via bus or taxi.

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Shri Padmanabhswamy Temple

The beautiful temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu is more than a century old and is amongst the must-visit places to visit in Kovalam for all spiritual tourists. The architecture of the temple is eye-catching and represents the Dravidian and Keralite culture.

The stone slab presents as the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. The interiors of the temple are full of exquisitely crafted murals and paintings. The flag post of the temple is 80 feet high and covered in sheets of gold.

Hindu deities are present in the temple while their sculptures are also finely carved. Visitors have to follow strict dress codes where women have to be sari-clad or in salwar kurta and men’s permissible attire is dhoti.

Activities to pursue: Visit the temple and have a spiritually relaxing time apart from worshipping the Hindu Gods

How to get there: There are buses every 10 mins from the Kovalam bus stop.


Thiruvallam Parasurama Temple

Situated on the banks of the famous Karamana River the temple is solely dedicated to the brave and great Lord Parasurama. The temple is very old and features as one of the heritage sites of Kerala.

The temple goes as old as the 12th century when the then King, Athiyaman Perumal had built this primarily to pay respect to your ancestors. During auspicious occasions, devotees are believed to take a dip in the holy waters and seek blessings from their loved ones who are no more.

The temple now is a protected archaeological wonder that falls under the supervision of government authorities.

Activities to pursue: Since it’s a temple of cultural heritage take a holy dip or sit by the river for a peaceful time

How to get there: If you are travelling from Trivandrum to Kovalam, the temple will fall on your way else it is only 8 kms from the bus stand and easily accessible.


Neyyar Dam

Also one of the best places to visit in Kovalam, this dam cum lake is a charming embodiment of alluring Kerala and pristine waters. The dam also poses as a perfect spot for picnic lovers and gatherers who want to have fun.

The serenity is extremely pleasing and is excellent for nature admirers to take nature walks. You can also visit the Neyyar dam wildlife sanctuary to enjoy the wilderness.

For those who only seek relaxation, you can easily visit the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in the vicinity of the lake to involve yourself in blissful meditation.

Activities to pursue: Safari boats and high-speed boats are available for boating. You can also take long nature walks or take photographs of the abundant flora and fauna in the sanctuary.

How to get there: The location is about 35 kms from the bus stand. Apart from regular tourist buses, you can also take a train ride.

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Amongst the Kovalam places to visit, Edakallu is a beautiful sunset point and a natural beauty for nature lovers. A photographer’s paradise Edakallu has shimmering beaches and vivid waters that will stimulate your desire for romance.

The sunset view from Edakallu will remind you of the picture perfect paintings you witness in art galleries. Evenings turn golden when the sun is about to set and you will see that it is the perfect time to rejuvenate your senses by playing in the water with your loved ones.

It is not just a beach; it will offer you an experience that you will always remember. Afternoons and mornings might get warmer and stickier; hence evenings are the best time to visit.

Activities to pursue: Swimming seems to be the best activity here but if you want it to be a memorable one then take long shore walks to take the best out of your visit,

How to get there: Located in the heart of the city, all public transport is easily available.

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Chowara Beach

Famous for its fishing spots, Chowara Beach is a beautiful destination which attracts a lot of tourists.

It also has an ayurvedic resort nearby which you must visit for an amazing ayurvedic experience. Chowara Ayyappa Temple is the highlight of this beach which gives an amazing hilltop view of the shores.

How to reach: Just 10 km from the city, Local transit is also available for you to reach there.


Vizhinjam Village

The village is a natural port full of colourful boats embarking on its mission. The village offers you galore options to enjoy like Vizhinjam marine aquarium which houses rich marine animals. You can also visit the rock-cut cave which is an 18th-century cave temple.

The fishing harbour here also is a prime attraction mainly because it has a conversion plant here that converts sea wave energy into electricity. The place has a rich biodiversity and its popularity for initiating eco-friendly projects is on the rise here.

The Vizhinjam lighthouse too offers a spectacular view of the evening sea when the sun’s falling rays almost lightens up the water.

Activities to pursue: Swimming and photography are the best activities to do here

How to get there: You can reach via bus or hire taxis and cabs for this small journey of 8 kms from the bus stand.

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Vizhinjam Rock Cut Cave Temple

Located in the Vizhinjam village this is an 18th-century cave temple which has unfinished sculptures of Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati. The rock-cut cave temple is one of the best places to visit in Kovalam and now comes under the supervision of the archaeological survey of India.

The temple is very near the Kovalam beach and is located at a distance of 17 kms from Trivandrum. This is also one of the smallest rock shrines in the entire south of India.

Activities to pursue: You can explore the entire village and also see the harbour and marine aquarium

How to get there:  Buses and cars are found here in volumes which will ensure you don’t have a hard time reaching here.


Ashoka Beach

Away from the crowd of lighthouse beach, Ashoka beach is one of the most secluded beaches in Kovalam which makes it a perfect place for a quiet getaway.

The absolute calm and peaceful atmosphere of this beach is the reason why you'll find many ayurvedic resorts nearby.

How to reach: It's around 3 km from Kovalam Bus Stand.


Kovalam Juma Masjid

Also known as Juma Masjid, Kovalam Juma Masjid is one of the most important travel destinations in Kerala. It is famous for its location at Ashoka Beach.

This mosque has a profound religious essentialness among the Muslim community of Kovalam. Juma Masjid also attracts people with its noteworthy architecture.

How to reach: It's a short drive from the main town. Local transit is also available.


Artificial Off-shore Coral Reef

Do not consider your tour done if you haven’t visited this man-made wonder which easily qualifies as a must-visit place to visit in Kovalam. India’s first off-shore reef, the location has gained immense popularity.

The setting has been developed in association with the state government to provide an environmentally friendly zone but it later became a popular destination for tourists. The reef provides a friendly marine ecosystem to all sea life and is open throughout the year for your exploration.

Activities to pursue: Underwater diving with safety types of equipment provide a wonderful activity to pursue

How to get there: It is well connected by bus networks and cabs.


Kovalam Art Gallery

If you are a connoisseur of art then don’t miss out your visit to the Kovalam art gallery. Located at close proximity to the Hawah beach the gallery houses some of the most intricately painted portrayals and artefacts that speak about the culture and the roots of the artists.

There are some rare collection of Fresco paintings & art and is loved by foreign tourists from across the world. Traditional Indian art is displayed in abundance which will make you take pride in the talent our country possesses.

Their art deserves a right place because it represents our country and what better than taking a good look at the Kovalam art gallery.

Activities to pursue: While you are feasting your eyes on the paintings you can also visit nearby beaches and savour on the lip-smacking seafood delicacies available nearby.

How to get there: Located only 1 km from the beach bus stand, it is accessible by all means of public transport.


The German Bakery

Located in the lighthouse beach is where some finger-licking dishes are served with love. A treat for taste buds, and a haven for wonderful ambience, they serve a delicious range of cakes, milkshakes and cookies.

If you want to try German sausages and pizzas, go nowhere but rush here to the German Bakery which is one of the most popular Kovalam Places to visit. You can plan a romantic dinner in the starlight and let the shiny cold water present an exotic view amidst the white light of the moon.

Food is rated amongst the best in Kovalam and when it is packed with great location, good crowd and one hell of a beach, then you surely do not want to miss one among the best places to visit in Kovalam.

Activities to pursue: Since it is on the beach itself, a quiet walk is surely the best activity apart from beach bath and sunning yourself to brown.

How to get there: The Lighthouse beach is an accessible area and can be reached using all public transports from the bus stand.

People Also Ask About Kovalam

  1. Which are the popular attractions to visit in Kovalam?

    1. Samudra Beach: The Samudra Beach in Kovalam, located along the Arabian Sea, is one of the best places to visit in Kovalam. With its white-sand beaches and tranquil ambience, Samudra Beach is perfect for everyone’s tastes. You can enjoy and relish along the crystal blue waters and pristine sands with palm trees, all just a few hours away from Chennai Airport.

    2. Neyyar Dam: The Neyyar Dam in Kovalam is an excellent place for you if you want to relax and take into India's beauty from a different perspective. There are many things that visitors can do here: You can wake up to a breathtaking view over Kerala’s coastline from the top of one of the dam’s hills, spend all day exploring what nature has to offer at Rameswaram island or enjoy a serene picnic by the shore during sunset.

    3. Kovalam Fish Market: One of the must-visit Kovalam Tourist Places is the Kovalam Fish Market. Since Kovalam is famed for its seafood, you can either shop for fresh catch or you can enjoy a nice seafood dinner at one of the following restaurants: The Esquire Hotel, The Leela Kempinski, Four Seasons Resort, the Oberoi Raj Vilas.

    4. Vizhinjam Rock Cut Cave Temple: Visit Vizhinjam Rock Cut Cave Temple in Kovalam if you wish to witness a large natural well. While visiting you will know that the cave temple is quite large and is formed by the spire of boulders that are carved into the rock. You can witness the shrine that feels like it is in the sky because it has never been properly excavated and there have not been any human remains found within them. You will also see many birds that come here to rest, leaving behind their feathers which are now part of the ceiling inside the cave interior.
  2. What are the best activities to do in Kovalam?

    1. Scuba diving: Kovalam is a small town with few tourist attractions, but it offers some of the best scuba diving sites in India. The water around here is warm and clear, the marine life is plentiful, there are many great wreck dives nearby, and opportunities for night diving are minimal.

    2. Catamaran Ride: One of the best Kovalam Tourist places allows you the joys of Catamaran Ride. Catamaran ride at Kovalam is one of the most enjoyable experiences you can have in India. It takes you along with its beautiful white beaches, blue water, and lemon groves. If you are looking for a trip for your family or friends to enjoy this summer then look no further than a Catamaran ride at Kovalam!

    3. Artificial Offshore Coral Reef: You can find the artificial coral reef at Kovalam beach which is an exclusive experience for the ones who love to see all sorts of marine creatures in their natural habitat. You will feel like you are in a fantastic underwater world with rich colours. The coral reef has been created by taking care of marine life for a long time on Kovalam Beach so that it can survive.

    4. Vizhinjam Marine Aquarium: If you are visiting Kovalam to indulge in some underwater leisure, then you should head to one of the best Kovalam Tourist places, that is, the Vizhinjam Marine Aquarium. The aquarium is situated on an 8-acre plot and offers you to witness over 100 species of tropical fish including varied groupers and catfish, sharks and stingrays (mostly seen during 4 pm feedings). You can also see a jellyfish tank that has both moon jellyfish and sea nettles that put up quite a show during feeding time.
  3. What is the best time to visit Kovalam?

    As per the climatic factors, and keeping in mind all the Kovalam Tourist places, the best months to visit Kovalam are February, April, June, September, and October. Moreover, these times are less likely to see much rain, making them ideal for travellers who prefer a dry holiday and also those who enjoy external activities such as swimming, which do not need rain gear or wet clothing and allow them to experience India's most stunning beaches.
  4. What is Kovalam famous for?

    Kovalam is a tourist coastal town on the Bhagirathi River and known for its sandy beaches as well as the pristine river. "The Beach by the Sea" is how the name Kovalam is rendered. It is well-known for key attractions such as Ganesha's Mala Mandir temple and Perumal Temple, and travellers from all over the world travel here every year to enjoy the shorelines and fauna.
  5. How to reach Kovalam?

    The best way to reach Kovalam is by taking a train to Trivandrum Railway Station. The said railway station is located at a distance of just 15 KM from Kovalam city centre, hence one can easily cover the distance by taking the roads.
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