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Europe Itinerary 3 Weeks

Indulge in an unforgettable journey with your loved ones as you plan your Europe itinerary for 3 weeks with Thrillophilia. From the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul to Charles Bridge in Prague, our all-inclusive Europe travel packages are tailored to give you the best experience. With our carefully curated itinerary, you can fully enjoy the thermal bath in Budapest and a canal cruise in Amsterdam in Europe.

You can begin your Europe trip itinerary of 3 weeks in the fascinating city of Istanbul, Turkey. It allows you to dive deep into the rich history of the country through a hot air balloon ride, with a day trip to Cappadocia. You can then journey on to Greece, Spain, and The Netherlands before taking a tour of Hungary, Denmark, and Sweden. Moving forward, you can witness the cultural epicentres of Paris, Florence and Venice. You can also discover the scenic beauty of Zurich and Geneva in Switzerland through this tour. Our Europe trip also includes visits to Vienna and Krakow, with a wrap-up journey in Prague.

With us, you can relax and enjoy your adventure while we take care of all your accommodations, transfers, meals, and activities. So, get your Europe travel packages from Thrillophilia today and set off on a journey through the beautiful landscapes of the continent.
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Europe Itinerary 3 Weeks | Day 1: Istanbul, Turkey

How to Reach:

The 21 days in Europe itinerary starts with a visit to Istanbul in Turkey. You can take a flight from major Indian cities, like New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai, to Istanbul Airport. It will take you around 7 to 10 hours to cover a distance of about 4,531 kilometres and reach the Istanbul International Airport.

Places to Visit:

1. Hagia Sophia- Hagia Sophia is a famous monument in Istanbul that reflects the Byzantine era. It is a must-visit attraction on your Europe trip if you love the historical art and architecture. Here, you can see mosaics, marble pillars, and beautiful design work on the floor of the mosque.

2. Blue Mosque- The Blue Mosque is a stunning piece of architecture in Istanbul that can hold up to 10,000 people. On your visit, you can find hand-painted blue tiles and a mix of Ottoman, Byzantine, and Islamic designs in the mosque.

3. Topkapi Palace- Topkapi Palace is another beautiful attraction to visit in Istanbul. It is a palace-turned-museum that houses popular items, like the Spoonmaker's diamond and Topkapi dagger. 

4. Grand Bazaar- Grand Bazaar is the highlight of your 3-week Europe itinerary as it is the largest covered market in the world. It has over 4,000 shops that sell everything from clothes to Turkish lamps.

5. Basilica Cistern- The Basilica Cistern is a historic water reservoir in Istanbul. It has 336 columns, with two of which have Medusa heads. This cistern is known to hold 80,000 cubic meters of water for the palaces. 

Things to Do:
1. Take a Bosphorus Cruise- Taking a Bosphorus Cruise is one of the best ways to explore Istanbul. You can take a public ferry or book private tours to enjoy the different perspectives of the city from the waters.

2. Explore Miniaturk- When you visit Miniaturk, you will see the famous landmarks of Istanbul and Turkey in miniature size. You can also find models of historical buildings, such as Hagia Sophia, Galata Tower, and even Cappadocia.

3. Attend a Dervish Show- Watching dervish sufis whirl is a unique experience on your Europe itinerary 21 days. You will be mesmerised to see this stunning cultural act in the Galata Mevleli Museum with your friends and family.

Places to Eat:

1. Mivan Restaurant and Cafe- Mivan Restaurant and Cafe is a convenient stop to curb your hunger near the Blue Mosque. It is a popular restaurant in Istanbul that offers Turkish favourites, like kebabs, steaks, and seafood. You can try the local’s favourite iskender kebab in this restaurant.

2. Tatbak- Tatbak is another local favourite restaurant that is known for its Gaziantep cuisine.  The restaurant is famous for its lahmacun, which is a crispy dough topped with minced meat, veggies, and spices. You can also taste yo?urtlu kebab and lamb skewers here.

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Europe Itinerary 3 Weeks | Day 2: Day Trip to Cappadocia

How to Reach:

The second day of your Europe trip takes you on a day tour to Cappadocia. You can take a direct flight from Istanbul to reach Cappadocia in 2.5 hours while travelling a distance of approximately 565.73 kilometres.

Places To Visit:

1. Goreme Open Air Museum- Goreme Open Air Museum is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that displays impressive Byzantine art. It allows you to see ancient churches carved from the famous stone of Cappadocia. You can explore the rock-cut monasteries, beautiful frescoes, and fairy chimneys.

2. Uchisar Castle- Uchisar Castle is an essential stop on the best Europe itinerary 3 weeks. It is an ancient citadel carved into a natural rock formation that offers panoramic views of Cappadocia. You can discover tunnels, rooms, and caves in the castle that reflect the unique architectural heritage of the city.

3. Kaymakli Underground City- Discover the mysterious Kaymakli Underground City, which is an ancient city carved into volcanic rock. You can explore its intricate tunnels, hidden rooms, and ventilation shafts that show the unique ancient underground lifestyle in Cappadocia.

4. Pasabag- Pasabag is a top spot for hiking in Cappadocia. You can witness the raw beauty of the region here, with exquisite fairy chimney formations set amidst vineyards. It also lets you click selfies against the backdrop of mushroom-shaped rock formations.

5. Love Valley- The Love Valley in Cappadocia is an attractive destination that is renowned for its phallic-shaped rock formations. You can either explore it on foot or take a hot air balloon ride with your soulmate over this valley.

Things To Do:
1. Indulge in a Hot Air Balloon Ride- The top thing to do on your Europe itinerary 3 weeks is a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia. It allows you to fly above this fairytale landscape and enjoy a bird’s eye view of surreal formations, colourful valleys, vineyards, and ravines.

2. Hike to Pigeon Valley- Take a scenic hike through Pigeon Valley and explore its history dating back to the 4th century. You can simply follow the round-about trails of packed dirt, sand, and rocks that maintain a constant elevation along beautiful valleys.
3. Visit Cave Churches in Monastery Valley- The famous Rock Cave Churches are a must-see thing in Cappadocia. You can go on a short 4.5-kilometre trek to Monastery Valley, where these cave churches will transport you back in time.

Places To Eat:
1. Topdeck Cave Restaurant- Topdeck Cave is a popular restaurant in Cappadocia with a wide variety of flavorful traditional dishes. You can try Sarma Beyti Kebab, Testi Kebab, and Mucver while enjoying your dining experience in an actual cave.

2. Dibeck- Dibeck is a top traditional restaurant in Cappadocia that is popular for its delicious Testi Kebab. The meat here is so tender and tasty that it melts in your mouth. You can also taste Mercimek Corba, and Guvec in this restaurant during your Europe trip itinerary 3 weeks.

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Europe Itinerary 3 Weeks | Day 3: Athens + Santorini, Greece

How to Reach:

The next stop on your Europe tour is Athens and Santorini in Greece. You can take a connecting flight from Cappadocia to Athens, which will allow you to cover 969 kilometres in around 5 hours and 40 minutes.

Places to Visit:

1. Acropolis of Athens- The Acropolis of Athens is a famous ancient site with the iconic Parthenon monument that dates back to 447 BC. You can visit the attraction during sunset to see the beautiful views of the Temple of Athena Nike and the Erechtheion.
2. Ancient Agora of Athens- The Ancient Agora is an old marketplace where people gathered for assemblies and events. You can explore the historic buildings and structures around the Agora to learn about their significance. 

3. Plaka- Plaka is a historic neighbourhood in Athens with charming streets, traditional Greek architecture, and a vibrant atmosphere. It is filled with traditional Greek tavernas, shops, and historical sites.

4. Oia- Oia is a stunning coastal town in Santorini that attracts you towards its whitewashed blue-domed houses and breathtaking views of the caldera. It is a must-visit spot to see the magical sunsets reflecting pin and purple hues on your 21 days in Europe itinerary.

5. Fira- Fira is famous for its pristine beauty, spectacular landscapes, and vibrant nightlife. You can visit the Museum of Prehistoric Thira to learn about the history of the island and stay in boutique hotels along the Caldera rim.

Things to Do:

1. Swim in Lake Vouliagmeni- Lake Vouliagmeni is a great place to swim and relax as it is popular for its therapeutic waters that stay at 24 degrees Celsius throughout the year. You can also chill at the nearby cafe that serves delicious meals.

2. Cruise in the Caldera- The Caldera in Santorini was formed by a massive volcanic eruption over 3,600 years ago. Today, you can cruise in the Caldera and admire the picturesque surrounding landscapes. You can also visit the hot springs of Kameni Island nearby.

3. Do cliff jumping at Amoudi Bay- You can swim and cliff jump at Amoudi Bay on your visit to Santorini. This activity allows you to explore the sea caverns on the beach of Oia in Santorini.

Places to Eat:
1. Varoulko Seaside Restaurant- Varoulko Seaside Restaurant is a great choice to have lunch during your 3-week Europe itinerary. It offers beautiful views of sailboats at Mikrolimano Marina in Piraeus while enjoying Crabmeat with apple and Vegetable Risotto.

2. Pitogyros- Pitogyros in Oia is a family-friendly eatery, which is famous for its delicious gyros. You can taste the delicious and soft Pitas, which are filled with tender and freshly roasted meats and served with Tzatziki and a tomato and onion salad.

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Europe Itinerary 3 Weeks | Day 4: Barcelona in Spain

How to Reach

After enjoying your vacation in Greece, it is time to explore Barcelona in Spain. To travel from Santorini, you can board a non-stop flight to Barcelona and reach your destination for the day in 4 hours while covering 2,084 kilometres.

Places to Visit:

1. Sagrada Familia- Sagrada Familia is the most iconic building in Barcelona created by the architect Antoni Gaudi. It is a massive church that attracts you towards its stunning and intricate designs.

2. Park Guell- Park Guell is a large park with vibrant and mosaic-covered structures designed by Gaudi. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with stunning architecture and beautiful gardens to admire and relax.

3. La Rambla- La Rambla is a must-visit destination for shopping, dining, and soaking up the lively atmosphere on your Europe itinerary 21 days. It is a famous tree-lined boulevard that has attractions like the Columbus Monument and the Modernist Boqueria Market.

4. Gothic Quarter- The Gothic Quarter is a historic neighbourhood in Barcelona with winding streets and beautiful Gothic architecture. It is a fascinating place to learn and explore the rich history of the city through its shops, cafes, and Barcelona Cathedral.

5. Casa Batllo- Casa Batllo is a beautiful palace created by the architect Antoni Gaudi. It has an atypical shape and bright colours. You can explore its beautiful interiors, sculptures, and surrounding shops and cafes. Moreover, you can watch how sound, light, colours, and shape merge well with wood, ceramics, glass, and stone.

Things to Do:
1. Touchdown at the Camp Nou Stadium- If you are a football lover, you should visit Camp Nou Stadium in Barcelona. It is a dreamy experience to watch a live match or enjoy concerts in this stadium with your friends and family. You can also witness 20 Liga trophies and 5 Champions League trophies in the FC Barcelona Museum in the stadium.

2. Take a tram ride to Tibidabo Mountain- A trip to Tibidabo Mountain is a top adventure in Barcelona. You can take the Tramvia Blau tram to the base of the mountain and then a funicular up to the top. At the summit, you can enjoy the Ferris Wheel ride that offers surreal panoramic city views.

3. Shop at Passeig De Gracia- Passeig De Gracia is worth a visit to shop for your favourite brands during your best Europe itinerary 3 weeks. Here, you can shop for souvenirs, such as jewellery, leather goods, gourmet products, and accessories.

Places to Eat:
1. Martinez- Martinez offers stunning panoramic views of Barcelona and the Mediterranean. Its wooden terrace is perfect for outdoor lunches and romantic cocktails. You can enjoy traditional Spanish dishes like Paella, Tapas, and Grilled Meats, paired with the finest local wines here.

2. La Cova Fumada- La Cova Fumada is famous for being the birthplace of the bomba, which is a tasty croquette made with mashed potatoes and aioli. They serve freshly made bombas with spicy salsa. Some of the other must-try in this restaurant are Grilled Squid, Cod Buenuelos, and Gambes.

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Europe Itinerary 3 Weeks | Day 5: Madrid + Seville

How to Reach:

The fifth day of your Europe trip focuses on two beautiful destinations in Spain, which is Madrid and Seville. You can travel from Barcelona via high-speed train to Madrid in approximately 2.5 hours, covering a distance of 503 kilometres.

Places to Visit:

1. Royal Palace of Madrid- The Royal Palace of Madrid is a big palace with 3,400 rooms. Upon visiting, you can admire its beautiful stone base, big windows, and amazing sculptures of royal family members. You can also visit the royal library and see old artefacts from the 13th century.

2. Prado Museum- Prado Museum is a top spot in your Europe itinerary 3 weeks for art lovers. It has over 7,500 paintings from the 12th to the 20th century. You can see famous works by artists like Francisco Goya and Diego Velazquez.

3. Puerta Del Sol- Puerta Del Sol is a famous square in Madrid. It has a cool statue of a bear and a tree, and a famous clock where people gather on New Year's Eve. You can also see a stone slab that marks the starting point of the main roads in Spain.

4. Seville Cathedral- The Seville Cathedral in Spain is the fourth-largest church in the world. When you go inside, you will find art from different eras and a beautiful garden called the Court of Oranges. You can also climb the 104-metre Giralda Tower for an amazing view of the surroundings.

5. Royal Alcazar of Seville- The Royal Alcazar of Seville is an ancient palace built in the 15th century. It has different buildings and beautiful gardens with water features, flowers, and trees. You can soak in the beauty of Islamic-style courtyards and luxurious rooms in this palace.

Things to Do:

1. Admire the graffiti street art in Madrid- Madrid is a city full of amazing street art. You can join a street art tour in your Europe trip itinerary 3 weeks to learn about the artists or explore the neighbourhoods like Lavapies, Embajadores, and La Latina on your own.

2. Go Bar Hopping- Tapa bars are quite common in Spain, which makes bar hopping a must-do activity in Seville. From traditional spots to modern gourmet bars, you will find a huge variety of tapas to try in this city.

3. Witness the Flamenco Show- Experience the passion of flamenco in Seville, which is a graceful dance form with roots in Roma and Moorish cultures. You can hear beautiful singing, see dancers perform intricate moves, and feel the rhythm created by clapping and guitars here.

Places to Eat:
1. La Posada del Nuncio- After enjoying the flamenco show, you can dine in La Posada del Nuncio which serves traditional Spanish dishes. You can taste the authentic flavours of Spain in this restaurant through a delicious chickpea stew called Cocido Madrileno.

2. Taberna del Alabardero- Taberna del Alabardero is a top restaurant in Seville that blends Andalusian traditions with innovative ideas in its menu. It is a great dining choice in your 21 days in Europe itinerary as it offers lip-smacking meals, along with the stunning views of La Giralda.

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Europe Itinerary 3 Weeks | Day 6: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

How to Reach

On Day 6, you will head to Amsterdam, which is located around 1,854 kilometres away from Seville. You can take a direct flight from Seville to Amsterdam in just 3 hours. Start your day early to have enough time to explore the attractions with ease. 

Places to Visit:

1. Van Gogh Museum- The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam has the largest collection of artworks by Vincent Van Gogh in the world. You can see his 200 paintings, 500 drawings, and 750 letters here. You can explore his famous works like The Almond Blossom and The Bedroom in this museum.

2. Anne Frank House- Anne Frank House is a wonderful place to visit as you plan your 3-week Europe itinerary. This museum displays personal belongings and photos of Anne Frank and his family when they hid during World War II. You can also see the original diary of Anne and attend the Reflections exhibition.
3. Rijksmuseum- The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam showcases Dutch art and history with over 8,000 art pieces in 80 galleries. You can see adorable masterpieces by Rembrandt and Vermeer in this museum, including The Night Watch and The Milkmaid. 

4. Dam Square- Dam Square is a bustling area in Amsterdam that museums, shops, and eateries surround. It hosts daily events like live music, dance, and comedy shows. You can wander through the Royal Palace and Kalverstraat while walking in Dam Square.

5. Jordaan District- Jordaan is a scenic neighbourhood of Amsterdam with beautiful streets and canals. It is known for high-end boutiques, cafes, and renowned artist studios. You can experience Dutch culture in this district before paying a visit to the Anne Frank House. 

Things to Do:
1. See the Royal Palace- When you visit the Dam Square in your Europe itinerary 21 days, you can see the Royal Castle. It is a historic 17th-century building that lets you wander through its elegant rooms to see authentic furniture and learn about the city’s history.

2. Take a Canal Cruise- You can take a boat tour to explore the beautiful canals of Amsterdam. All you need to do is choose between daytime and evening cruises to witness canal homes and bridges illuminated by fairy lights.

3. Enjoy concerts at Vondelpark- If you are a music lover, enjoying concerts at Vondelpark is among the worth considering things to do in Amsterdam. During the summer season, the open-air theatre called Openluchttheater in the park becomes lively with concerts and a festive atmosphere.

Places to Eat:
1. De Kas- De Kas is a remarkable Amsterdam restaurant that focuses on plant-to-plate dining. This restaurant grows its own fresh ingredients in an open-air farm and greenhouse. You can enjoy seasonal dishes prepared from around 300 plant varieties in this restaurant through the best Europe itinerary in 3 weeks.

2. Wilde Zwijnen- Wilde Zwijnen is another restaurant in Amsterdam that provides tasty vegetarian food options. It has a cosy industrial atmosphere with rustic decor. All ingredients in this restaurant are locally sourced, and they regularly update their menu with creative twists on seasonal Turkish, Moroccon, and Surinamese dishes.

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Europe Itinerary 3 Weeks | Day 7: Budapest in Hungary

How to Reach:

The seventh day of your itinerary focuses on the remarkable capital of Hungary, Budapest. You can travel from Amsterdam by a direct flight to reach Budapest in 2 hours. The total distance covered in this journey is 1,267 kilometres.

Places to Visit:

1. Buda Castle- Buda Castle is a historic site in Budapest that houses the Hungarian National Gallery and Budapest History Museum. It has 200 rooms that look amazing when lit up at night. You can see the remarkable artworks in this castle, like the sculpture of Hungaria and the Matthias Fountain.

2. Budapest Eye- The Budapest Eye is a famous Ferris wheel that offers stunning views of the skyline of Budapest. Riding this attraction is a surreal experience that you enjoy during your Europe itinerary 3 weeks.
3. Parliament Building- The Parliament Building is an iconic neo-Gothic structure on the banks of the Danube River. When you step inside this building, you will come across opulent halls that display historical artefacts and artworks.

4. St. Stephen’s Basilica- St. Stephen’s Basilica is a popular attraction in Budapest that is dedicated to the holy king of Hungary. It is the most important church in the country that lets you admire its impressive architecture and breathtaking statues, paintings, and mosaics. You can attend the mass service in the Chapel of the Holy Right in this basilica.

5. Castle Hill- Castle Hill is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that provides panoramic views of the Danube River. You can explore museums, and galleries, and enjoy vistas from Fisherman's Bastion on this hill.

Things to Do:
1. Cruise the Danube River- A Budapest trip is not complete without cruising the famous Danube River. It is a top-rated activity in your Europe trip itinerary for 3 weeks to enjoy the views of the city from the water.

2. Enjoy the thermal bath at Gellert- Gallery is among the largest and most loved spas in Budapest. It has an open-air wave pool, lively swimming pool, Finnish saunas, and plunge pools. You can also treat yourself to a massage or spa treatment here.

3. Explore Margaret Island- Margaret Island is a lovely island in the middle of the Danube River. You can see the music fountain on this island, where water dances to classical tunes. It offers a unique experience to you on your Europe trip.

Places to Eat:
1. Cafe Kor- Cafe Kor is a popular spot to enjoy Soup, Vegetable Stew, Foie Gras, and Veal Schnitzel after an entire day of sightseeing in Budapest. You should also try their cold fruit soup in summer and sweet treats like Chestnut Puree and Sponge Cake.

2. Frici Papa Kifozdeje- Frici Papa Kifozdeje offers local home-style meals in a lively setting. The two-level restaurant is well-known for serving Meaty Goulash, Pork Knuckle, Rabbit Shoulder, and Green Pea Stew. Chicken Paprika and Pasta with Cottage Cheese are also a must-try in this restaurant.

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Europe Itinerary 3 Weeks | Day 8: Copenhagen in Denmark

How to Reach:

You can take an early flight from Budapest to reach Copenhagen, sometime around 7.30 a.m. It will take you around 2 hours to cover a distance of 1,015 kilometres between these destinations. Starting early on your 21 days in Europe itinerary gives you enough time to explore the attractions in Copenhagen without any hassle.

Places to Visit:

1. Nyhavn- Nyhavn is a charming waterfront area in Copenhagen with old townhouses, cafes, and restaurants. You can enjoy a great view while dining on delicious food and drinks from the bars and restaurants.

2. The Little Mermaid- The Little Mermaid statue is located on the Nyhavn waterfront and is inspired by Disney’s fairy tale. You will find historic ships and a museum harbour as well as cafes and restaurants with beautiful views near the statue.

3. Rosenborg Castle- Rosenborg Castle showcases Dutch Renaissance architecture. It garners interest through crown jewels, wax figures, a collection of Flora Danica, and exquisite Venetian glass pieces in Denmark.

4. Amalienborg Castle- Amalienborg Castle is the residence of the Danish Royal family. It has four identical rococo-style buildings around a courtyard with a statue of King Frederick V. You can explore the Amalienborg Museum to learn about the royal history spanning over 150 years.

5. Tivoli Gardens- Tivoli Gardens is one of the oldest amusement parks in the world. This family-friendly destination is a must-visit on your 3-week Europe itinerary as it offers a variety of rides like the Ferris wheel, Classic Carousel, and the Golden Tower. 

Things to Do:
1. Visit Copenhagen Zoo- Take your family to Copenhagen Zoo, which is a vast 11-hectare space with over 4,000 animals. You can see incredible creatures, like giant pandas, elephants, and polar bears, from around the world. 

2. Shop in Stroget- You can shop your heart out on the famous shopping street in Copenhagen called Stroget. It is the perfect place to find unique souvenirs and fashionable clothes, or just enjoy a leisurely walk and a coffee.

3. Hike to Copen Hill- If you are looking for an outdoor adventure in Copenhagen, you can hike to Copen Hill. Once you reach the top, you can enjoy a picnic, watch a sunset, or soak in gorgeous city views from the height of 85 metres.

Places to Eat:
1. Brunch at Mad & Kaffe- Start your day in Copenhagen with brunch at Mad & Kaffe. At this place, you can create your own brunch menu with tasty options like avocado cream, fluffy croissants, and colourful drinks like matcha latte. 

2. The Midwestern Diner- You can experience the taste of America at The Midwestern Diner in Copenhagen. This diner serves a juicy double cheeseburger and a special freakshake. For dessert, you can indulge in deep-fried Oreos with vanilla ice cream.

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Europe Itinerary 3 Weeks | Day 9: Norway

How to Reach:

Day 9 of your Europe itinerary 21 days takes you on an exploration journey of Norway. You can take a connecting train from Copenhagen to Oslo in Norway visa Gothenburg. It will take you around 7.5 hours and cover a distance of 804.4 kilometres to reach Norway.. 

Places to Visit:

1. Oslo- Oslo is the capital of Norway that is known for its Viking history and vibrant culture. The city has scenic walking trails, luscious forests, and beautiful lakes. If you visit the attraction during winter season, you can even spot moose or visit the wolf reserve.

2. Tusenfryd Amusement Park- Tusenfryd Amuseument Park is a top attraction in Norway if you are looking for some adventure. It has over 30 rides, like SpeedMonster and ThunderCoaster. You can also enjoy the thrilling pools, rivers, and waterslides in the BadeFryd water park.

3. Arctic Cathedral- The Arctic Cathedral is another worth-visiting attraction in Norway. You can admire the beauty of its modern design and stunning stained glass window that depicts the resurrection of Jesus.

4. Stavanger- Stavanger is a city in Southwest Norway that is popular for its natural beauty and seaside charm. You can see the scenic views of Pulpit Rock and Gamle Stavanger in your Europe itinerary 3 weeks. Moreover, you can learn about the history of the town in Stavanger City Museum.

5. Tromso- Tromso is called the winter wonderland of Norway. It offers Arctic history, delicious cuisine, and snowy landscapes. You can enjoy the views of auroro here and indulge in activities, like dog sledding, reindeer feeding, and snowmobiling.

Things to Do:
1. Witness the Northern Lights- Seeing the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis is one of the must-do activity in Norway. From November to March, you can spot this amazing natural light show in Tromso. 

2. Take the Atlantic Ocean Road Trip- You can take a drive along the unique and dazzling route along the coast of Norway on the Atlantic Ocean Road. This scenic ride offers you a chance to breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, charming villages, and attractive views of the Atlantic Ocean.

3. Visit Geirangerfjord- A tour of Geirangerfjord is one of the top things to do in your Europe trip itinerary 3 weeks. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is known for its natural beauty. Upon visiting, you can admire the pristine waters, snow-capped mountains, and luscious surroundings.

Places to Eat:
1. Mathallen- Mathallen offers a variety of global delicacies in a converted industrial hall in Oslo. Whether you crave meat, fish, or vegetarian dishes from Italian to Japanese, you will find something tasty to enjoy in a shared seating area.

2. Maaemo- Maaemo is a famous restaurant in Norway that has three Michelin stars. This restaurant uses only natural and organic ingredients to create a diverse menu that includes both non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes. Some of the must-try foods in this restaurant are Quail Egg and Razor Clams.

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Europe Itinerary 3 Weeks | Day 10: Helsinki, Finland

How to Reach

On the tenth day out of 21 days in Europe itinerary, you will be taken to explore Helsinki. You can book a direct flight from Norway to reach Helsinki in just 4.5 hours. The aerial distance between these destinations is 787.5 kilometres.

Places to Visit:

1. Helsinki Cathedral- Helsinki Cathedral is a must-see landmark in Helsinki that hosts academic events and national celebrations. If you are a history buff, you will appreciate the apostle sculptures and crypt exhibits in the cathedral.

2. Suomenlinna- Suomenlinna is the largest sea fortress in the world. It provides rustic ramparts, historical tunnels, and a museum with artefacts like the 250-ton Vesikko submarine from World War II.

3. Kauppatori- Kauppatori is the iconic marketplace in Helsinki that you must explore on your 3-week Europe itinerary. It connects the mainland to Suomenlinna, where you can enjoy local seafood stalls, berry drinks, and vibrant stores.

4. Esplanadi- Esplanadi is an urban park in Helsinki that is perfect for picnics, performances, and music. Here, you can admire its scenic views, beautiful trees, flowerbeds, memorials, and historic kiosks.

5. Helsinki Olympic Stadium- The Helsinki Olympic Stadium is a symbol of Finnish pride that hosted the 1952 Summer Olympics. With its tall towers offering panoramic views, it blends architectural elegance with athletic history by hosting major events and cultural festivals to this day.

Things to Do:

1. Visit the Temppeliaukio Church- Visiting the Temppeliaukio Church is a wonderful experience in Helsinki. It is a Lutheran church that is carved from natural rocks with a striking copper dome. Its exceptional architecture and acoustics make it perfect for concerts.

2. Enjoy crazy rides at the Linnanmaki Amusement Park- You can experience thrilling rides at the oldest amusement park in Finland, Linnanmaki Amusement Park. The park provides you with 360-degree city views from the Panorama Tower and allows you to enjoy delicious food in its food court.

3. Pamper yourself in a Finnish Sauna- A sauna is a romantic and rejuvenating activity in Europe itinerary 3 weeks in Helsinki. It lets you dive into the Finnish culture by visiting a wood-built sauna in the lush forests of Helsinki. 

Places to Eat:
1. Doner Harju- If you love kebabs, you should definitely visit Doner Harju in Helsinki. This restaurant offers the finest doner kebabs, and the skewers have authentic mutton, with options like veggie doners and chilli chicken.

2. Ravintola Emo- Ravintola Emo offers a diverse European menu catering to all diets. Whether you opt for a tasting menu or select dishes individually, their quality and service are top-notch. It is a perfect place to stop by after enjoying your Finnish sauna.

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Europe Itinerary 3 Weeks | Day 11: Berlin in Germany

How to Reach

Day 11 of your journey in Europe is in Berlin. You can take a direct flight from Helsinki to Berlin Brandenburg Airport. This travel covers a distance of 1,104 kilometres in just 2 hours.

Places to Visit:

1. Brandenburg Gate- The Brandenburg Gate is a historic landmark in Berlin that is inspired by the Acropolis gateway in Athens. It symbolises division during the Cold War, with 12 Doric columns. You should visit this place in your Europe trip itinerary 3 weeks to see the dazzling light display at night.

2. Reichstag Building- The Reichstag is the parliament building in Berlin that represents democracy. Its unique dome design harnesses natural light and ventilation. You can explore this important art venue through both permanent and temporary exhibitions.

3. Berlin Wall Memorial- The Berlin Wall Memorial honours the division of Germany and the victims of the Berlin Wall. It displays an outdoor exhibition that explains the history of the wall. You should also witness the Marienfelde Refugee Center Museum and the Günter Litfin Memorial when you visit this historical site.

4. Museum Island- Museum Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that houses five museums. Each of the museums, namely Altes Museum, Neues Museum, Bode Museum, Alte Nationalgalerie, and Pergamon Museum, provides a rich cultural experience during your 21 days in Europe itinerary.

5. Alexanderplatz- Alexanderplatz is the largest square in Germany that is filled with shops, restaurants, and attractions. It is also a historical transportation hub that is famous for the novel and movie scenes of Alfred Doblin.

Things to Do:
1. Walk down the East Side Gallery- A visit to the East Side Gallery allows you to walk on a 1,316-metre-long section of the Berlin Wall Memorial. You can see works of famous artists, like Dmitri Vrubel and Birgit Kinder, in this gallery that symbolise peace and love.

2. Go for a picnic at Tiergarten Park- You can relax or have a picnic in the vibrant green space of Tiergarten Park in Berlin. After enjoying the lawns and trees of the park, you can grab a chilled beer in the cafe. You can also explore the lantern museum, where over 100 gas lanterns light up the park each evening.

3. Dance the night away at Tresor Berlin- To experience the nightlife of Berlin, you can dance your heart out at Tresor Club. You will love the electronic and dance music scenery in the nightclub.

Places to Eat:

1. Hackethal’s- Hackethal’s is a popular Berlin pub that is known for its traditional German cuisine and homemade beer. This restaurant offers delicious dishes with generous portions, which include Slow-Cooked Goose, Veal Liver, and classic foods like Dumplings and Sauerkraut.

2. Lebensmittel in Mitte- Lebensmittel in Mitte is a charming spot that combines a cooked meal in a cosy neighbourhood café. It specializes in South German classics like Kasespatzle, Schnitzel with Sauerkraut, and Roast Pork with Potato Dumplings.

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Europe Itinerary 3 Weeks | Day 12: Lisbon in Portugal

How to Reach:

The next stop on your Europe itinerary 3 weeks is Lisbon in Portugal, which is located at a distance of 2,337 kilometres from Berlin. You can take a direct flight to travel between these destinations in approximately 4 hours.

Places to Visit:

1. Belem Tower- Belem Tower is one of the must-visit attractions in Lisbon that was built as a defence for the city. On your visit, you can explore its five floors, each with unique features, such as the Governor's Hall and the Roof Terrace. You can also marvel at its rhinoceros-shaped gargoyle.

2. Jeronimos Monastery- Jeronimos Monastery is a 16th-century architectural masterpiece that shows the Gothic, Manueline, and Renaissance styles of Portugal. You can walk through its courtyard and crypt to see the final resting place of explorer Vasco Da Gama and writer Luis de Camoes.

3. Lisbon Cathedral- Lisbon Cathedral is an imposing religious landmark that has massive grey walls and two clock towers. When you go inside the church, you will find Gothic arches, medieval altars, and statues.

4. National Pantheon- The National Pantheon houses the tombs of notable figures of Portugal, including explorers, presidents, and poets. This Baroque monument has an octagonal layout and colourful marble interiors inspired by St. Peter’s Basilica of Rome. 

5. Lisbon Oceanarium- Lisbon Oceanarium is an attractive marine world that displays exotic sea creatures. It provides innovative exhibits spread across four zones, including sharks, manta rays, and colourful fishes. It is a must-visit in your Europe trip itinerary 3 weeks, especially if you are travelling with your kids.

6. Sao Jorge Castle- Sao Jorge Castle is a historic fortress perched on a hilltop in Lisbon. This castle offers breathtaking 360-degree views of the city from its ramparts. It has fortified walls, towers, and courtyards that you can explore in this castle.

Things to Do:

1. Experiment with Portuguese Craft Beer- For beer lovers, trying Portuguese craft beer is a must-do activity in Lisbon. You can wander through local bars to taste sweet-smelling speciality lagers and homemade snacks known as Petiscos.

2. Go beach hopping at Costa Da Caparica- A special drive across the Tagus River, Costa Da Caparica offers pristine sandy beaches which are perfect for relaxation. You can explore the acacia-backed dunes and secluded coves while surfing and sunbathing on these beaches with your friends.

3. Attend the carnival at Coliseu De Lisboa- Visit Coliseu De Lisboa, which is a historic venue that hosts a variety of global and national shows. You can attend the carnival that features spectacular trapeze artists and illusionists if you plan to visit the attraction in December.

Places to Eat:
1. Tasca Da Esquina- Tasca Da Esquina offers a modern twist on traditional Portuguese tapas known as Petiscos in your 21 days in Europe itinerary. This restaurant serves dishes like Octopus Salad with Sweet Potato and Coriander and Deconstructed Bacalhau Salted Cod with Fried Onions and Potatoes. 

2. Eleven- Eleven is another delightful restaurant near Lisbon Cathedral that provides a light and modern ambience with attentive service. You can try their truffle-tasting menu, which has a dessert made with black truffles.

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Europe Itinerary 3 Weeks | Day 13: Paris in France

How to Reach:

You can plan to visit Paris in France on the 13th day of your Europe vacation trip. The fastest way to reach Paris from Lisbon is by flight, covering a distance of 1,456 kilometres in just 2.5 hours.

Places to Visit:

1. Eiffel Tower- The Eiffel Tower is the symbol of romance and architectural beauty in Paris. It gives gorgeous views of the city from its three levels. You can explore restaurants and souvenir shops, and enjoy the sparkling lights that adorn the tower at night. 

2. Louvre Museum- The Louvre Museum on the banks of the Seine River is the most-visited museum in the world. It has a vast collection from ancient civilisations to the 19th century. You can see Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and Napolean’s Winged Victory of Samothrace in your 3-week Europe itinerary.

3. Notre Dame Cathedral- Notre Dame Cathedral is a masterpiece of French Gothic architecture since the 12th century. It provides a unique glimpse into the medieval design through its stained glass windows and flying buttresses.

4. Champs-Elysees- Champs-Elysees is an iconic tree-lined avenue that is the representation of Parisian elegance. It is known for luxury boutiques, theatres, and cafes, where you can witness many historic parades and events.

5. Montmartre- Montmartre is a hub of art and culture with cobbled streets and bohemian charm. You can admire its art galleries, museums, and vibrant nightlife to experience the true essence of Parisian life.

Things to Do:
1. Walk around Palais Royal Gardens- Take a relaxing walk in the Palais Royal Gardens, which is a former royal residence turned elegant garden. It is a peaceful spot to unwind and hop on different designer boutiques, perfume shops, and serene restaurants lining the garden.

2. Enjoy the rides at Disneyland- Having fun at Disneyland is a must-do thing in your Europe itinerary 3 weeks. Here, you can enjoy rides like Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups and Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast and watch attractive shows and fascinating Disney parades.

3. Cruise along the Seien River- You can experience the beauty of Paris from the Seine River on a relaxing boat cruise. This ride allows you to relish gourmet meals and entertainment as you sail past famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, and Champs-Elysees.

Places to Eat:
1. Oh Puree!- Oh Puree! Offers innovative French comfort food using fresh and local ingredients. This restaurant is popular for its diverse purees and dishes like Red Tuna Steak with soy and honey. You must also try their organic wine selection tailored to complement the changing menu.

2. Bouillon Julien- Bouillon Julien has been a go-to spot for classic French cuisine in Paris. You can indulge in traditional dishes here, such as Garlic Burgundy Snails, Veal Head, and Toulouse Sausage, followed by delicious desserts like Creme Brulee or Rum Baba.

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Europe Itinerary 3 Weeks | Day 14: Florence, Italy

How to Reach:

The next stop on your Europe trip itinerary 3 weeks is Florence, located 871 kilometres away from Paris. You can take a high-speed train from Paris to reach Florence in just 8 hours and 40 minutes.

Places to Visit:

1. Riccardo Medici Palace- Riccardo Medici Palace is a Renaissance masterpiece in Florence. This palace-turned-museum showcases the rich history and art of the city created by the legendary artist Michelangelo. Here, you can discover the cultural legacy of the Royal Medici Family and the first Renaissance structure of Florence.
2. Uffizi Gallery- Uffizi Gallery is among the most famous art museums in the world. This historic museum has masterpieces by Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Botticelli. You can admire its vast collection of artworks spanning centuries, including The Birth of Venus.

3. Ponte Vecchio- Ponte Vecchio is a classic bridge over the Arno River. It is a symbol of the cultural heritage of the city with unique shops and boutiques. You can walk across this historic bridge to enjoy the views of the surroundings and shop for exquisite jewellery and crafts.

4. Piazza Della Signoria- Piazza Della Signoria is the main public square and political hub in Florence. It is an open-air museum that remains surrounded by stunning sculptures and the Palazzo Vecchio. You can enjoy the lively atmosphere, frequent fairs, and concerts here during your 21 days in Europe itinerary.

5. Galleria Dell'Accademia- Galleria Dell’Accademia is a prestigious museum that offers a journey through the artistic heritage of Italy. It is home to Michelangelo’s David, where you can also explore an impressive collection of paintings, sculptures, and a unique Musical Instrument Museum.

Things to Do:

1. Explore the Bargello Palace National Museum- Dive into history at the Bargello Palace National Museum in Florence. It is a visual retreat for art and history lovers as you can admire the masterpieces by Michelangelo and discover fine artworks by Carrand, and Ressman.

2. Tour the winery at Renaissance Villa- You can experience the beauty of Tuscan countryside vineyards on your Florence sightseeing journey. All you need to do is ride through scenic olive groves turning into luscious vineyards and visit Renaissance Villa to taste delicious olive oil, wine, and other Tuscan specialities.

3. Visit the Boboli Gardens- After exploring the Galleria Dell’Accademia, you can spend your evening in the Bovoli Gardens. Here, you can discover fountains, an amphitheatre, and a maze, where you can play and relax your senses in your Europe itinerary 3 weeks.

Places to Eat:
1. Trippaio Del Porcellino- Trippaio Del Porcellino is a must-visit place to go for food lovers. It has been serving Lampredotto since the mid-20th century, which is a classic Florentine sandwich made from the fourth stomach of a calf. Vegetarians can enjoy it with Puttanesca or rice with cabbage.

2. Cibreo- Cibreo is a Florence staple since 1979. The seasonal menu of this restaurant includes ingredients like wild cardoons in spring, tomatoes in summer, fig-based dishes in autumn, and cabbage-focused dishes in winter.

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Europe Itinerary 3 Weeks | Day 15: Cinque Terre + Milan

How to Reach:

Day 15 of your Europe trip covers the other two beautiful destinations in Italy, Cinque Terre and Milan. You can take a Cinque Terre Express train from Florence to reach your destination for the day in 2.5 hours while travelling for 187.2 kilometres.

Places to Visit:

1. Vernazza- Vernazza is a charming coastal village in the Cinque Terre region of Italy. It is famous for colourful buildings on cliffs by the Ligurian Sea. Upon visiting, you can explore its narrow streets, savour local food, and hike scenic trails to neighbouring villages.
2. Monterosso- Monterosso is the largest village in Cinque Terre that attracts you towards its seaside charm. It has beautiful beaches, historic architecture, and bustling markets. You can wander along its winding streets, enjoy fresh seafood, and taste regional wines in your Europe trip itinerary 3 weeks.

3. Manarola- Manarola is another scenic village that is popular for its gorgeous harbour and the Gothic church of Nativita Di Maria Vergine. You can dine here overlooking the harbour, explore the church with its Carrara marble rose window, and admire the 16th-century watchtower and bell tower.

4. Milan Cathedral- Milan Cathedral is an important cultural and religious landmark. It is the second-largest cathedral in Milan that reflects Gothic and Renaissance architectural styles. You can appreciate its imposing structure, intricate design, and naturally lit interiors.

5. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II- Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is a 19th-century shopping arcade and a symbol of Milanese elegance. This luxurious destination houses premium brands, and chic eateries that offer a glimpse into the high-street fashion of Milan.

Things to Do:
1. Explore the Five Villages- You can explore the beautiful small villages on the coastal cliffs of Cinque Terre during your 21 days in Europe itinerary. Each of these villages allows you to see their unique personalities with colourful buildings and charming alleyways.

2. Enjoy boating in the canals of Navigli- Boating on the Navigli canals is a peaceful and exciting experience in Milan. Through this activity, you can explore small art galleries, quaint shops, and serene restaurants along the canal. 

3. Go window shopping in the Quadrilatero d’Oro- Since Milan is the fashion capital of Itali, your trip will not be complete without glamorous shopping experiences in the Quadrilatero d’Oro. You can explore the luxury boutiques and stores in this attraction and shop for your favourite souvenir.

Places to Eat:
1. Nessun Dorma- While exploring Manarola, you can stop by Nessun Dorma to enjoy a mouth-watering dining experience in Cinque Terre. It offers delicious and affordable food in its scenic outdoor patio, including Aperitivo spreads of focaccia, sliced meats, cheese, and bruschetta. 

2. Da Giacomo- Da Giacomo offers an elegant 1900s-inspired dining setting in Milam. It serves classic food items like Veal Cutlet Alla Milanese and Artisanal Panettone with chocolate, mascarpone cream, and rum. You can also taste their fresh seafood and handmade pasta.

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Europe Itinerary 3 Weeks | Day 16: Edinburgh in The United Kingdom

How to Reach:

Edinburgh in The United Kingdom is the next destination on your Europe itinerary 3 weeks. You can take a flight from Milan and travel for 1,426 kilometres to reach Edinburgh in around 2.5 to 3 hours.

Places to Visit:

1. Edinburgh Castle- Edinburgh Castle is a famous fortress in Scotland, which was once home to Scottish monarchs. You can enjoy panoramic views of Edinburgh and see bronze statues of heroes like Robert the Bruce and William Wallace from the castle.

2. The Royal Mile- The Royal Mile is an interesting stretch of streets that is renowned for its role in Avengers: Infinity War and Outlander. It connects two royal residences and houses parliaments, law courts, and churches.

3. St. Giles' Cathedral- St. Giles’ Cathedral is a stunning example of Gothic architecture and an important religious site in Edinburgh for 900 years. It has memorials like those of Montrose and the Marquises of Argyil from the mid-17th century.

4. Palace of Holyroodhouse- At the end of the Royal Mile, the Palace of Holyroodhouse is the official residence of the Queen of England in Scotland. You can explore its 14 historic chambers, State Apartments, and the romantic relics of Holyrood Abbey in your Europe itinerary 3 weeks.

5. Arthur's Seat- Arthur’s Seat is an ancient extinct volcano that forms part of Holyrood Park. It is a favourite spot for hikers and cyclists that provides scenic panoramic views of Edinburgh. You will be surprised to know that seven coffins with different clothes were found buried here in layers in 1836.

Things to Do:

1. Go on a shopping spree at Victoria Street- If you are a shopping lover, Victoria Street in Edinburgh is a top spot that is filled with unique boutiques. These boutiques offer everything from trendy fashion at Swish to classic tweed styles at Walker Street.

2. Visit the famous Camera Obscura- You can capture the essence of the Old Town of Edinburgh in Camera Obscura. This Gothic-style building allows you to enjoy a live visual tour of the city using optical illusions.

3. See a show at the Edinburgh Festival Theatre- You can attend historical performances by the Scottish Opera and Scottish Ballet in the premier theatrical venue of The Festive Theatre. From musical productions to intimate rock concerts, this place hosts a variety of events.

Places to Eat:
1. Martin Wishart- A classy dinner at Martin Wishart is the best thing to do in Edinburgh at night during your 21 days in Europe itinerary. This restaurant offers elegant dining with a mix of traditional and modern French cuisine using fresh Scottish ingredients.

2. Heron- Heron is a buzzing dine-in restaurant with stunning views over the Water of Leith. It focuses on farm-to-table dining with its fresh and seasonal menus like hand-dived Orkney scallops with blood orange and Mackarel with fig leaf and hazelnut. 

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Europe Itinerary 3 Weeks | Day 17: Zurich in Switzerland

How to Reach:

On the seventeenth day of your Europe trip, you can visit Zurich in Switzerland. You can fly directly from Edinburgh to reach Zurich Airport in 3 hours, covering a distance of around 1,250 kilometres.

Places to Visit:

1. Fraumunster Church- Fraumunster Church is a historic attraction in Zurich. It has stained glass windows by Marc Chagall and a unique blue spire clock tower. You can explore its rich history and artistic brilliance during your Europe itinerary 3 weeks for a memorable visit.

2. Bahnhofstrasse- Bahnhofstrasse is a luxurious shopping street in Zurich that is famous for its exclusive fashion brands, Swiss chocolate shops, and art galleries. It offers a wonderful shopping experience from world-class brands, like Apple, Chanel, and Gucci.

3. Lindenhof Hill- Lindenhof Hill is a serene escape from the bustling city life to a scenic viewpoint. This historical attraction has charming pathways, cobblestone walkways, and luscious green spaces. 

4. Swiss National Museum- The Swiss National Museum is a treasure trove of the cultural history of Switzerland in Zurich. It provides insights into the art and culture of the country from the late Middle Ages to the present with over 8,40,000 objects.

5. Lake Zurich- Lake Zurich is a picturesque Swiss lake that allows you to enjoy recreational activities, boat rides, and stunning panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes. It provides a serene atmosphere for relaxation and enjoyment in your Europe trip itinerary 3 weeks with its forested hills, vineyards, and orchards.

Things to Do:

1. Take a Mount Titlis Day Tour- Explore the stunning Swiss mountains with a Mount Titlis tour. You can hop on a panoramic cable car to relish the spectacular views of Titlis. Moreover, you can click pictures with your friends and family here for your social media feed.

2. Explore the Chocolate Factory- Visiting the Chocolate Factory is a must-do activity in Zurich. You can dive into the world of chocolates, learn about their making, and even create your own chocolates. It is a delightful journey in your Europe itinerary 3 weeks that provides a unique chocolate experience beyond just tasting.

3. Enjoy the views of the Rhine Falls- You can witness the beauty of the Rhine Falls on a scenic sightseeing journey from Zurich. This trip offers a refreshing cruise tour to enjoy the majestic waterfalls for nature lovers. 

Places to Eat 

1. Alpenrose- Alpenrose offers authentic Swiss culture with a twist. This restaurant focuses on using only local produce that allows you to enjoy original Swiss dishes from various regions. It is the must-visit restaurant on your Europe trip to Zurich.

2. Rive Gauche- Rive Gauche blends modern brasserie trends with classic options, catering to both meat lovers and vegetarians. It is rare to find diverse choices on one menu in Zurich. This restaurant has a stylish terrace that is perfect for enjoying summer aperitifs.

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Europe Itinerary 3 Weeks | Day 18: Geneva in Switzerland

How to Reach:

Geneva is another destination that you will visit in Switzerland on your 18th day of Europe itinerary. You can take a flight or a train from Zurich to Geneva in around 50 minutes to 3 hours while travelling a distance of about 230 kilometres. 

Places to Visit:

1. Jet d'Eau- Jet d’Eau is a beautiful water fountain in Lake Geneva that shoots water up to 140 metres high. It attracts you towards its mesmerising water display, especially when illuminated at night. It is a must-see on your Europe trip itinerary 3 weeks.

2. Old Town- The Old Town is a serene spot in Geneva that is filled with history. Its cobbled streets and 16th-century buildings offer a timeless charm. You can explore antique shops, bookstores, and cafes while enjoying the warm community atmosphere of this historic area.

3. St. Pierre Cathedral- St. Pierre Cathedral overlooks the Old Town of Geneva. Its Romanesque and Neoclassical architecture tells a story of its rich history. You can climb to its heights for panoramic views of the city, including the Jet d’Eau.

4. United Nations Office- The United Nations Office is a hub for diplomacy and international cooperation in Geneva. This place works towards global peace, human rights, and sustainable development in its high-level meetings and conferences. You can take a guided tour of this building to explore the halls and rooms where crucial decisions are made.

5. Parc Des Bastions- Parc Des Bastions is a popular green space in Space that features the Reformation Wall, Palais Eynard, and the first university of the city. This park offers recreational areas, a playground for kids, and a variety of dining options.

Things to Do:
1. Pamper yourself at Bains Des Paquis- Go to the Bains Des Paquis to enjoy the ancient public swimming baths on Lake Geneva. It is the highlight of your Europe itinerary 3 weeks as it lets you relish events like morning music and poetry readings in the summer season.

2. Explore the Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum- Visiting the Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum allows you to learn about the humanitarian world of the people in Geneva over the past 150 years. You can see a touching exhibition to understand global problem-solving in this museum.

3. Have fun on the Saleve- You can escape the hustle of the city with a short ride to Saleve Mountain, which is known as the local mountain in Geneva. Here, you can enjoy hiking, paragliding, bird-watching, picnicking, or relaxing at a cafe with views of Mont Blanc.

Places to Eat:

1. Chez Ma Cousine- Chez Ma Cousine serves tasty spit-roasted chicken served with Provencal potatoes, salad, and gravy at a reasonable price. It is a popular restaurant in Geneva for all things chicken.

2. Izumi- Izumi offers Japanese-fusion cuisine in a cosy setting in Geneva. You can enjoy beautifully prepared Sashimi, Tuna Tartar, and Tempura, followed by fusion dishes, like Lobster with Teriyaki and Truffle. You should also try their Black Cod Miso Zuke and Chocolate Bento Box with Matcha Ice Cream.

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Europe Itinerary 3 Weeks | Day 19: Vienna, Austria

How to Reach:

Day 19 of your Europe trip itinerary 3 weeks takes you to Vienna in Austria. You can book a direct flight from Geneva in Switzerland to Vienna International Airport. This journey will cover around 818 kilometres in just 4 hours.

Places to Visit:

1. Schonbrunn Palace- Schonbrunn Palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that was once the summer residence of the Habsburg rulers. You can explore its staterooms, triumphal arch, maze, gardens, and Children’s Museum.

2. St. Stephen’s Cathedral- St. Stephen’s Cathedral is a magnificent Gothic and Roman Catholic church. It has impressive height, mosaic roofs, and elaborately designed exteriors. You can admire its towering spires and 18 altars during your visit to the attraction.

3. Belvedere Palace- The Belvedere Palace is a museum complex that has been divided into Upper and Lower Belvedere. It houses a remarkable collection of Austrian art. You can observe the medieval art at Upper Belvedere and the collectables of the Prince at Lower Belvedere.

4. Vienna State Opera- You can immerse yourself in the luxurious ambience of the Vienna State Opera. This attraction allows you to experience world-class opera and ballet performances by renowned artists that let you dive deep into the rich cultural heritage of Vienna.

5. The Hofburg- The Hofburg is a medieval castle that has served as the residence of Austrian sovereigns for over 600 years. On your visit, you can wander through its large complex, courtyards, and rooms to appreciate the Habsburg Palace and the Spanish Riding School.

Things to Do:
1. Go on a Segway Tour- The Segway Tour is a fun way to explore the famous attractions of Vienna for the whole family in your Europe itinerary 3 weeks. No matter what your age or gender is, you can enjoy these morning and afternoon tours with an experienced guide.

2. Ride the Hop On Hop Off Bus- If you do not want to go on a Segway Tour, you can explore the sights of Vienna aboard the red and yellow Hop On Hop Off buses. It allows you to see over 60 attractions at your own pace, covering popular spots like the Imperial Palace and Vienna Zoo.

3. Attend a Mozart Concert- Experience the magic of a Mozart Concert at Schonbrunn Palace. It lets you book a tour for an evening of classical music, Austrian culture, and a 3-course meal. You can also enjoy an audio tour of the palace before the concert.

Places to Eat:
1. Schnitzelwirt- Schnitzelwirt has been serving tasty schnitzels for over 40 yers. They offer around 15 schnitzel dishes, including options for both vegetarians and meat lovers. You should definitely try this delicious local favourite food on your Europe trip.

2. Leberkas- Pepi Wien Operngasse- Leberkas-Pepi is a popular spot for Austrian comfort food, It serves delicious beef and pork dishes sourced locally and free from gluten, lactose, and allergens.

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Europe Itinerary 3 Weeks | Day 20: Krakow in Poland

How to Reach

The Europe trip itinerary 3 weeks focuses on Krakow in Poland on the 20th day of your journey. You can take a direct train from Vienna to travel for 321 kilometres and reach Krakow in just 6 hours. Begin your day early to avoid last-minute hassle during your Europe trip.

Places to Visit:

1. Wawel Royal Castle- Wawel Castle displays Renaissance, Baroque, and Medieval architectural styles. It houses Renaissance art, sculptures, and period furniture. The castle also has sections, like the Lost Wawel, Crown Treasury, and the Royal Private Apartments.
2. Rynek Glowny- Renek Glowny is a major public square in Krakow that has been a hub for political, social, and cultural events since the 13th century. It is among the largest medieval squares in Europe that has the Cloth Hall, St. Mary's Basilica, and St. Adalbert Church.
3. St. Mary’s Basilica- St. Mary’s Basilica is a 13th-century Gothic church that provides scenic views from its two tall towers. The Main Altar of the basilica, created by artist Veit Stoss, depicts scenes of Mary and Jesus.

4. Wieliczka Salt Mine- The Wieliczka Salt Mine is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with subterranean lakes and vast halls. It is a must-visit on your Europe itinerary 3 weeks that lets you pass through nine levels of 300 kilometres of passages. 

5. Kazimierz- Kazimierz is a Jewish district in Krakow that offers old-world charm with its historic buildings and late-night food joints. The Christian part of the district has the market square, St. Catherine’s Church and Corpus Christi Church. On the other hand, the Jewish part includes the different synagogues.

Things to Do:
1. Wander around Market Square- You can wander around the Market Square of Krakow to witness the stunning Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque architecture. It lets you enjoy the ambience of the square with cafe tables, horse-driven carriages, and the festive Krakow Christmas market. 

2. Shop in the Cloth Hall- Browse souvenirs, crafts, and jewellery stalls within the vaulted arcades of the Cloth Hall in Krakow. Here, you can enjoy a meal at Sukiennice Restaurant or a drink on the Cafe Terrace overlooking the square in your Europe trip itinerary 3 weeks.

3. Climb the Town Hall Tower- You can climb the 110 steps of the Town Hall Tower to see the panoramic views of the Rynek Glowny. While climbing, you can explore photos and a model of the original Town Hall that was demolished in the 19th century.

Places to Eat:

1. Szpitalny Rynek- Szpitalny Rynek offers a dining experience in a stunning location overlooking the Rynek Glowny. It is a perfect spot for delicious meals along with a cup of coffee. You can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere in the restaurant with a blend of modern and traditional designs.

2. Restauracja Gody- Restauracja Gody provides an exciting dining adventure with over 1,000 unique dishes. It serves traditional Polish cuisine that provides great value for money. This restaurant takes you on a journey through the rich flavours of Poland with its meat dishes.

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Europe Itinerary 3 Weeks | Day 21: Prague, Czech Republic

How to Reach

The last day of your Europe itinerary 3 weeks wraps up with a visit to Prague in the Czech Republic. You can take a comfortable night train from Krakow to reach Prague in 5 hours, covering a distance of approximately 535 kilometres.

Places to Visit:

1. Prague Castle- Prague Castle is a stunning ancient fortress that dates back to the 9th century. This UNESCO World Heritage Site showcases a blend of Gothic, Romanesque, and Baroque architectural styles. You can explore its courtyards, cathedrals, and gardens for breathtaking city views. 

2. Charles Bridge- Charles Bridge is a historic Gothic bridge over the Vitava River in Prague. It has 30 statues of saints and provides stunning views of the city. You will find numerous street performers and artists showing their craft on this bridge.

3. Old Town Square- Old Town Square is a medieval attraction surrounded by architectural marvels of Prague, such as the Astronomical Clock and Tyn Church. It is a lively hub with colourful buildings, markets, and street performances.

4. Jewish Quarter- The Jewish Quarter is an essential stop on your Europe itinerary 3 weeks. You can visit four historic synagogues in this quarter, including Maisel and Spanish Synagogue. The Prague Jewish Museum in this quarter allows you to learn about Jewish culture and heritage.

5. Wenceslas Square- Wenceslas Square is a bustling boulevard in Prague that is lined with impressive architecture. It offers great shopping and dining experiences, along with a visit to the National Museum and trendy stores.

Things to Do:
1. Take a cruise on the Vltava River- Enjoy a relaxing cruise on the Vitava River in Prague with your friends and family on the last day of your Europe itinerary 3 weeks. You can see the city lights shimmering against the starry sky in Prague at night.

2. Climb Petrin Hill- An adventurous climb to Petrin Hill offers panoramic views of the city. It allows you to wander through dense gardens and admire the mini Eiffel Tower replica in Prague.

3. Check out the Mind Maze- Experiencing the excitement of the Mind Maze in Prague is a thrilling activity for puzzle lovers. In this activity, you are locked in a room for 60 minutes to solve riddles and puzzles to escape. 

Places to Eat:
1. La Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise- La Degustation is a 1-Michelin-starred restaurant in Prague that serves modern Czech cuisine. It crafts daily-changing menus based on fresh and seasonal ingredients from local markets. You can enjoy a 3-course meal that has unique dishes like boar, pigeon, and snails.

2. Kampa Park Restaurant- Kampa Park Restaurant allows you to indulge in gourmet seafood and traditional meat dishes in Prague. You can choose from their 5-course degustation menu, which includes lobster, seared duck, and crispy vanilla cream puffs.

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    The cost of your Europe itinerary 3 weeks is approximately INR 5,20,000 to INR 8,20,000 per person. This price includes your hotel stay, meals, transportation, and sightseeing. However, the final cost depends on the activities and experiences you choose. For a hassle-free trip, you can consider booking Thrillophilia’s Europe tour packages.
  2. What is the best time to visit Europe for 21 days trip?

    Europe is a popular tourist destination that can be visited throughout the year. However, the best time to plan your Europe itinerary 3 weeks is during the summer season, from June to August. This season offers warm weather conditions, which makes it ideal to visit countries like Greece, Croatia, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, and France.
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It is beautiful country to visit, with various beautiful places with natural diversity. Loved the places and how it was managed.
It was truly one magical trip we had with the team of Thrillophilia. As also we were completely dependent upon them and I must say they are reliable and trust worthy for your trip and everything related to it. Thank you.
Keeping in mind the no. of days we had and everything we wanted were almost included in this package. Everything was already planned beautifully executed and managed by the people. It was amazing!
Tanushri Bhattathiri Cheapest Turkey Tour Package
Turkey being the full package of cultural heritage and popularly known its exceptional beauty. We loved the place and its culture. Also the team and planning for more.

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