Kazakhstan Tourist Places

Taraz, Nur-Sultan, Kokshetau, Turkistan, Shymkent, Oskemen, Aktau, Pavlodar, Aktobe, Semey, Karagandy, Almaty, Baikonur & many more.

If you have been searching for the best and the most scenic places to visit in Kazakhstan, you are in the right place. Right from the Caspian shores in the West, to the Altai ranges in the East, Kazakhstan is a veritable delight for the curious traveler. Often overlooked among tourism spots, it is a rare uncut jewel embedded right in the middle of Central Asia.

From various national parks, biodiversity hotspots, lakes, gorges, and canyons, the vast diversity among Kazakhstan tourist places is a nature-lover’s delight. Irrespective of whether you are out on a backpacking trip, or a family escapade, the country offers you everything that you can possibly dream of. Lazy afternoons by the rolling waves, thrilling treks among gigantic canyons, or an early morning safari in one of the many national parks, there is no shortage of adventures where you can immerse yourself completely. Get ready for a ride of a lifetime, as we show you Kazakhstan as we see it, a land of dreams and wonders far beyond compare.

Here is the list of best places to visit in Kazakhstan:

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After Turkestan and Nur-Sultan, Taraz is the third fastest growing country in Kazakh. It is located on the banks of the Talas river, in close vicinity to the Kyrgyzstan border. Taraz is one of the oldest cities with its history dating back to the medieval period. It is believed that Taraz actively took part in trades with Asian countries via the silk routes. During the excavations in and around the city, innumerable artifacts were found including chest ornaments, bronze statues, caves, and others. All these discoveries proved that Taraz spurred to life before the 1st century BC.

Tara being an ancient city has a lot to offer. Along the silk road, you can visit the Aisha-Biwi mausoleum. The Karahan mausoleum is the house of different ceramic artifacts gathered from excavations. If you want to discover the royal culture of Taraz, the Akyrtas Palace Complex will be an ideal place to start from.

After a tiring day, having some leisure time in Zhengis Park sounds immaculate. For satisfying your hunger and delving into Taraz's unusual culture, the Asti Bar will be a nice place. For those who love shopping, the Shakhristan market should be there in your itinerary. Taraz is seated at a 628-meter height from sea level which is why it experiences a cool climate during summer and chilly weather coupled with rainfall in the winter.

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The city was historically named as Akmola. From 1998 to 2019, it was called Astana. In 2019, it was named Nur-Sultan to honour the former president of Kazakhstan. The city is currently the capital of the nation. It is a well-planned city that underwent modernization on being anointed as the seat of the government. The second-largest city in the land, it is a popular choice among places to visit in Kazakhstan.

What attracts tourists enmasse to the gates of Nur-Sultan, is the fact that it is one of the last places in the world where old and modern architectural styles coexist in harmony. Many have described it as a Eurasian Berlin, a medley of cultures and myriad communities that define the cityscape as vividly as a painting. The city of Nur-Sultan is renowned for its beautifully constructed government buildings such as the Governor’s house, the Parliament House, the Presidential Palace, and the Supreme Court. They are of neo-classical architecture, nestled alongside modern high-rise office complexes and skyscrapers.

You will never run out of places to visit in this city. Be it the iconic Baiterek Tower, the Hazret Sultan Mosque, the Independence Square, or the Nurzhol Boulevard, discovering the entire city for yourself requires a lifetime. Booking a show at the Astana Ballet Theatre, or the State Theatre is one of the most popular tourist choices.

Astana bears the title of the second coldest city in Kazakhstan. It snows feverishly in January and February. The left bank is the colder side of the city, while the right bank is much warmer, due to buildings packed close to one another. Make sure to carry warm clothes if you're visiting in the frigid months of winter. The months of April-May are perfect for tourism, as the weather is amazingly comfortable.

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One of the most Historic cities of Kazakhstan, Turkistan is currently the administrative center in its region. What really attracts visitors and speaks volumes about the rich heritage of the city is its vast variety of architectural wonders. These include, primarily, the Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hailed as the Spiritual Capital of the Turkic world, it is also the site of the famed tomb of Timur.

Turkestan is located near the Syr Darya river, 160 kilometers North-West of Shymkent. It lies on the Trans-Aral Railway amidst Kyzylorda and Tashkent to the North and the South respectively. You can reach Turkestan on a 20-hour long train journey from Almaty. The nearest airport is two hours away from Shymkent. Walking along the streets of Turkistan will set you far back in time, leafing through the scrolls of history. It is almost as if the city is a mosaic of stone, unchanged through the advancing years. The city also boasts a bathhouse from the medieval eras, accompanied by 4 mausoleums for the khans of Kazakhstan, and Timur’s granddaughter.

Apart from participating in the Holy Pilgrimage every year, there are a number of activities that you can take part in. The Shymkent Plaza, the Park Abaya, and Central Park are popular destinations for curious tourists who want to get a feel of the local cultures and communities. There are several renowned museums that will assist you to relive the days of the past. Overall, one of the most historically relevant cities in Kazakhstan.

The climate is cool and semi-arid, with the summers being hot and clear, while the winters are freezing cold. The general skies are windy, with temperatures between 16 degrees to 94 degrees in Fahrenheit. The ideal tourism timings are from mid-May to late-June or late-July to late-September.

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Located near the Uzbekistan border, Shymkent is a city that was historically a Trade Centre between nomads and settlers. Being highly populated, Shymkent is one of the three Kazakh cities that are equal in significance to separate regions. If you are on the lookout for places to visit in Kazakhstan, Shymkent should be one of the prerequisites in your itinerary. A stroll along the meandering pathways of Shymkent will help you to relive the days in which the city was attacked again and again by several military warlords, including even the legendary Genghis Khan. The Koshkar Ata mosque is one of the most poignant remnants of that era.

Shymkent is one of the most historically significant regions in Kazakhstan. A full Cultural and historical tool off Kazakhstan would be incomplete without strolling through the roads of this enigmatic city. The Old Town of Shymkent remains as an open-air museum that showcases the city planning architecture and infrastructure of the mediaeval eras

However, Shymkent has many other options apart from just historical tools you can also visit Central Park, the Ordabasy Square, or the Cathedral Garden. The well-designed avenues speak volumes about the artistic architectural styles of the era. FC Ordabasy is one of the premier football teams of the region. It is based in the local stadium at Shymkent. Rain and snow are characteristic features of the winter seasons, while the summers are hot and dry. The months between June and August are ideal for tourism.

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Unlike other cities of Kazakh, Aktau doesn't have a direct relationship with the pioneering history of the country. But, as the city is a part of Mangestau, one can witness the glory of the smaller trading routes around the Caspian area. Aktau is a Soviet-founded city, the word having an eternal literary meaning- WHITE MOUNTAIN. The name comes from the chalky white appearance of the Aktau ranges, peering above the Almaty region in the country. Despite being divided into16 political districts, Aktau celebrates a unified culture which is its main source of beauty.

Aktau has seen its fair share of history, which is why the city has several memorials you must take a look at before your departure. The WWII memorial is said to be the seat of an eternal flame that glows constantly. Right down the lane across the MiG fighter plane memorial, you will have the seafront, filled with cliffs and roaring sea wave noises. You can also visit Mikrorayons to watch the statue of the melancholic Ukrainian poet, Shevchenko.

Since Aktau is a part of the Caspian area, you can go on a yacht along the shoreline. For adventurous tourists, the 0.6 biking trail will be a wonderful choice. The main city has a puppet theater for families and children. Aktau has drastic weather, with the summer being hot and arid whereas the winters are cold but long.

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Kokshetau is a multiethnic city, located in the Akmola region. The Kokshetau uplands border the northern boundary while to the south, we have Lake Kopa and Ishim Steppe. In the Kazakh language, Kokshetau means the Blueish Mountain, thanks to the clear view of the blue sky across the uplands. Due to the surrounding natural beauty, this city is one of the best Kazakhstan tourist places that should be included in your itinerary.

The beauty of the city is attributable to the multiple cultures found here, starting from ethnic Kazakh to Russian and German. Here, you will find both urban and rural settlements, which further escalates the magnificence of Kokshetau. Kokshetau is the home to some really charming and external structures, the first of which is the Culture Palace Istoki. For enjoying the regional music and dance, you can visit the Sakhmet Kusainov center. The Oceanarium will take you on a journey across marine life, with several flora and fauna species available throughout the building.

Shopping is one of the most famous activities that both the locals and tourists indulge in. The Central Shopping Mall is the biggest shopping market in the entire Kokshetau. Other than this, you can also enjoy the various ethnic dishes in Kokshetau, both Continental and regional. Kokshetau shares similar weather to that of the surrounding uplands. The summers are comfortable but humid due to cloudy skies. On the other hand, the winters are dry and frigid.

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Initially, a fort was constructed on the lands, in 1720 after which several small settlements started to grow surrounding the fort. Soon, it was named the Oskemen city in the Kazakh language. Close to the borders of the city is the confluence of the Ulna and the Irtysh rivers.

Oskemen is a small town, the outskirts of which is filled with different mining and metallurgical companies. Here, one can find the fusion of two different cultures- ethnic Russian and ethnic Kazakh which is why the city is considered to be one of the most visited Kazakhstan tourist places. Oskemen has several points of attraction that will definitely make your Kazakhstan tour memorable. Starting with Zhastar Park, you can have fun while skiing through the slopes of the Altaiskiye Alpy. Another amazing natural attraction is the Kiin Kerish Canyon. Both the Zhambyl Shabayev Park and Skeletal Recreation Park are the both visited recreational centers in Oskemen.

If you want to spend a relaxing day, take a stroll along the sidewalks of the Slavskog embankment. You can even visit the churches and mausoleum present in the city. The Muhammadi city Mosque and the Eastern-Khazaghstan art museum are the two notable constructions of Oskemen. Oskemen enjoy cool and pleasant summers, with the sun here creating an amiable atmosphere. The winters, however, are frigid cold, with snowfall occurring throughout the season almost.

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Semey is a border city on the Russian side. The Irtysh river flows in close vicinity to the city, thereby lending natural beauty to the town. It is believed that during the 18th century, Semey flourished through the trades between the Asian nomadic communities and the Russians through the Irtysh river.

Semey is considered to be a bridge city between Siberia and central Asia, thanks to the Turkestan-Siberia railway. Despite being small in size, the city attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world, thanks to its association with the Russian and Central Asian culture. Semey's history talks a lot about Dostoevsky, a famous poet whose entire lifetime became a notable turning point in Semey culture. That's why visiting the museum built in his memory is a must. If you love art and history, the Fine Arts Museum will be the ideal place as it showcases all the important arts from the 16th century onwards.

For understanding the anti-nuclear movement of Semey, you can visit the Polygon and the surrounding areas. If you are up for a day full of adventure, a visit to Polkovnik Island is a must. The town of Semey experiences a humid climate. Summers are extremely hot, with humidity levels spiking every day. Contrary to this, winters are cold, often accompanied with snowfall.

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Located on the Ilek river, Aktobe got its name from the high elevation where the first settlement was established. In Kazakh language, Aktobe means white hill, which symbolized the snow-covered lands the city experienced at the beginning of the 19th century. Aktobe's beauty comes from it's history where tales of many Asian empires have been noted. Two prominent figures from the Kazakh history- Abulkhair Khan and Eset Batyr were from this Kazakh city. Due to the steppe lands and the numerous rivers flowing around, the city is the epitome of natural magnificence.

Aktobe has witnessed a fair share of battles and downfall of empires of troops. So, having a museum based on a female sniper who killed ninety-one German soldiers is expected. The Aliya Museum will give you a detailed insight into her life and how she conquered the fight against Germany single-handedly. Another major attraction that makes Aktobe one of the best places to visit in Kazakhstan is the Aktobe Regional Museum. It is a scientific haven, delineating every detail about nature, starting with the meteor craters to the local hornless rhino remains.

For experiencing the culture of the city, you can visit The Boulevard of Unity and Accord or the Nur Gasyr Regional mosque. Several cafes and restaurants are there to satisfy your roaring stomach during your trip.Aktobe experiences an almost average temperature, with little to almost no snowfall. However, the land certainly receives a fair share of rainfall during late summers.

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In 1970, the Soviet built the Koryaksky Fort which later came to be known as the town of Pavlodar, in 1861 precisely. The presence of vast salt lakes accounted for the city's rise in popularity as numerous salt production units and agricultural companies were established. Later on, by the end of the 19th century, Pavlodar welcomed urbanization, and soon it became one of the fastest growing cities in the entire country of Kazakhstan.

Located near the Irtysh river, Pavlodar is a multiethnic city, having populations of Kazakhs, Germans, Russians, Tatars and even the Moldovans. The human settlements are widespread in this area, with green trees and vegetation covers adorning the roads and sidewalks. The most notable attraction of the city is the Mashkhur Jusup mosque, having yellow or gold painted walls and blue painted ones and pillar heads. The Cathedral of the Annunciation is one of the most crowded regional structures in Pavlodar. Other areas of attractions in this city are Regional History Museum, Chekhov Regional Drama Theater, Ice arena, and Gaziz.

You can take part in several sports arranged throughout the year in this city. Pavlodar is full of shopping malls and markets like the Koktem, Barys Mall, Vesna, and Shyolkovy Put. Pavlodar is known for its winter season as the temperature drops further below the freezing point. Skiing, ice races, and several other sports are practiced during the long winter months.

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A bustling metropolis at the heart of Kazakhstan, Almaty was the cultural and trading capital of the land till 1997. The Central State Museum is a prominent landmark in the cityscape, with several hundreds of famed artefacts from Kazakh history. The Zenkov Cathedral in Panfilov Park is an orthodox church established by the Russians in the Tsarist Era. Walking along the picturesque roads of the city, the enigmatic traveller can come across graceful arches and spires, Neo-Russian in style. The city is a maze of architectural feats from prominent artisans like Paul Gourdet, Andrei Pavlovich Zenkov and many more. It is akin to walking through the pages of history, watching a grand civilization manifest into opulent architectural wonders at the peak of its success.

What attracts travellers and tourists is that the city retains its historically well-planned structures, with wide avenues, meticulously planned residential areas, and a profusion of scenic lakes and forested parks. The joy of walking along the winding roads, and discovering historical monuments hidden in plain view, is almost comparable to childlike wonder. Almaty is known not only for its beautiful sights but also for a variety of adventures that you can embark upon. Sitting on the shores and skipping stones on the Big Almaty Lake might serve as blissful relaxation, while the particularly adventurous souls can pay a visit to the Medeu Ski Resort and Skating Rink. The Kok-Tobe Hill and the White Mountains of Altyn-Emel are star attractions in Almaty. 

Almaty bears slight snowfall in the months of October to April. However, the snow is thin, and melts easily, causing almost no problems for the city-dwellers. The best time for tourism is June to September when the temperature remains a standard 20-30 degrees Celsius.

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Being the fourth populous city in Kazakh, Karagandy is one of the main tourist attractions. In 2014, this historical city completed eighty years. Its history is mainly related to WWII, and that's what makes the city so precious and incredibly beautiful. Despite the city still having several ruins from the world war, its beauty and magnificence are unparalleled. The lanes are guarded by greyish buildings and in most places, the sidewalks have formed several cracks indicating the torment this city went through. Despite all these, the city has its own charm, all thanks to the deep-seated historical roots.

As Karagandy has a never-ending connection with the Soviets, you will find building walls painted with murals, depicting their cultures. The Gagarin monument is another attraction in the city that draws flocks of tourists every day. It was built as a memoir to cherish a space mission. If you want to delve deeper into the city's history, you must visit the Regional Museum. Evidence and facts from the nomadic time to the Soviet repression are present in the museum.

Karagandy's nightlife is heightened by Elvis- the best place to rock and roll with music and drinks. Taking a stroll around the lake in Central Park is the best way to relax your mind. Karagandy has a soothing weather pattern, with a windy and comfortable summer season and snow-covered winters.

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Baikonur might have a long history associated with the Soviets. But the roots of the city are deeply embedded in the mining industry as the original place was used for digging up innumerable mines. Located on the northern riverbank of Syr Darya, Baikonur is now the home to Cosmodrome- a Russian leased spaceport. The city is mainly known for the space centers which are managed by the Russians. On the other side, human settlements have been established, and yet, almost thirty percent of the soil is barren.

Coming to Baikonur and not visiting the space cosmodrome is definitely not acceptable. After getting approval, you can take a guide to discover the hidden mysteries including the initial launch pads, the Soviet missiles, the control towers, and so on.

You can even take a stroll along Cosmonaut Grove. It's a single avenue, bordered by trees that were planted by the Cosmonauts prior to their departure from Baikonur Cosmodrome. Baikonur experiences a cold desert climate even though the mercury levels rise above normal during the months of May to July. The winters are harsh and cold to a great extent.

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Other Attractions

One of the tranquil and serene places to visit in Kazakhstan is the Ile-Alatau national park. Almost seventy percent of the land is covered with spruce type of vegetation while the rest of the topography consists of the glaciers and Alpine meadows, mainly in the northern slopes of the famous Zailiysky Alatau mountain ranges. The park has become famous for the colossal number of wildlife species including the famous snow leopard, the mountain goat, lynx, and even the Tian Shan brown bear. Apart from this, you can also see over three hundred avian species scattered throughout the park. 

Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan 
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If you are looking for the best places to visit in Kazakhstan having pristine natural elegance and beauty, no other place will be as perfect as Altyn Emel National Park. Even though the location is quite remote, one can find diverse landforms, starting from rocky floors to humongous sand dunes, and several bordering mountains.

This park is the habitat for over 230 avian species and hence, birdwatching is a popular activity. No matter what time of the day it is, lone horses roam around the park's land, including the przewalski horses. The presence of stone steels and petroglyphs proves the existence of Saka and Scythian tribes.

Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan

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Located along the northern edge of the famous Tuan Shan Ridge, the Kolsai Lakes National Park is one of the most placid and auspicious attractions in Kazakhstan. From here, one will have a crystal view of both the Kaindy and the Kolsai Lakes. If you are planning to go on an adventurous trip, you can either camp or stay in the guest houses.

Here, the main vegetation covers are that of the Alpine and spruce types, along with crystalline frozen lakes in the middle portion. Twelve different rate flora species are present in the national park, mainly in the protected region. Apart from this, several other animals are also found like the Turkestan Lynx, Tian Shen bear, Rainbow trout fish, and others.

Location: Grigorievka, Kazakhstan

Entry fee: 750 tenge per person and a surplus of 1000 tenge for personal cars

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Being the 15th largest lakes in the world, Lake Balkhash is one of the great spots for adventure and relaxation. The lake receives water from seven prime rivers of Russia and Kazakhstan, including the river Ili. Fresh water is available on the western part while the eastern part is saline.

Due to this unique feature, Lake Balkhash is one of the famous Kazakhstan tourist places. It’s popular for photography and birdwatching, all thanks to the never ending vastness of the lake.

Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan

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Turgen Gorge is definitely one of the most exquisite places to visit in Kazakhstan. The Turgen vegetation is most spruce type, with the waterfall washing away the soil from in between. Right after the entrance gates, you can visit the trout farm followed by the nomadic Asy highlands. Deeper into the woods of the Turgan Gorge are several fauna species including marmots, deer, ibex, and golden eagles.

Location: From Turgen village to the foot of Asy Pass

Entry fee: 200 tenge per person

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Also known to be the sunken forest, Lake Kaindy is one of the major attractions in the Almaty district of Kazakhstan. The lake is quite deep, the depth almost reaching thirty meters. Filled with fresh mountain river water, the lake is the home to submerged Schrenk's spruce trees. During the summer and autumn seasons, the water is so transparent that you can view the submerged roots of the plants.

However, during the winter season, the lake freezes in certain areas which is why it’s a great spot for ice diving. Trout fishing is also a popular activity in this region.

Location: north of Kolsai Lakes National Park, Almaty, Kazakhstan

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Most of the Kazakhstan tourist places are full of wonders and mysteries. But, somehow, Tamgaly Tas has outsmarted every one of them, making itself known as the most enigmatic spots in the country. It’s an open air temple, whose popularity is the result of rock carvings and paintings. Five immaculate images of deities as per the Buddhism doctrines have been carved out of the rocks, making it quite charming.

Other than these, you will also find several carvings belonging to the different Kazakh clans. All these petroglyphs depict the richness of the Kazakh history and establish the relationship between this country and the Central Asian culture.

Location: Ili river banks, 120 kilometres north of the Almaty district, Kazakhstan

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If you are visiting the Tamgaly Gorge, stopping at the Nomad's Land will be worth your time. Also known as the City of Nomads, this is one of the best places to visit in Kazakhstan. The Nomad's Land is nothing but an old, abandoned, and almost deserted movie set for those plots revolving around the nomadic lifestyle.

The buildings and other structures replicate the real-time palaces and forts in the most inexplicable way. Apart from this, the small streets, houses, and courtyards are designed in a wonderful way. You can roam around the set, taking pictures, and observing this old movie set which is hardly being used nowadays.

Location: Tamgaly Gorge, Kazakhstan

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Covering most of the north eastern region of the Tian Shan mountain ranges, the Aksu-Zhabagly is the oldest natural reserve in the entire Central Asia. In close vicinity to this area is the famous Aksu river flowing while the Zhabagly range is located towards the northern side.

A lot of regional avian species can be found here, which is why birdwatching and photography are the two most crucial activities here. Apart from this, one can also find several insects in the reserve. The ecosystem of this Aksu natural reserve is very diverse, which is why it is one of the most visited tourist spots in Kazakhstan.

Tulkus, Kazakhstan

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Being one of the most popular Kazakhstan tourist places, Burabay National Park is a place to remember. The total area of this park is around 835 square meters which consist of small lakes, steppe vegetation, lofty mountain ranges, and dense forest covers.

Horse riding along the steppe land is one of the most famous activities that you will certainly enjoy. Over 757 species of plants are found here, which accounts for the diversity in the fauna. You can even take photographs around the area and enjoy the tranquil weather while taking a stroll around the Park.

Akmola region, Kazakhstan

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Lake Alakol is a saline water body, whose main water supply is from the inland river drainage system. The Alataw Pass is the extension of this lake, which is why you will have clear views of the Alatau ranges. It’s a protected land since several wetland bird species can be found here during the breeding season.

Relict Gill is the most famous avian species you can find here, making Lake Alakol one of the best places to visit in Kazakhstan  for photography and sightseeing. Flamingo is another bird species which can be seen too often around the lake.

Location: In the Almaty and the Saghyz province of Eastern Kazakhstan

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Located close to the town of Shetpe, the two major tourist attractions and natural wonders of Kazakhstan - Mount Sherkala and the Valley of Balls. Lying in the middle of a flat desert, this mountain sits as a giant blockage. However, visiting this place is considered one of the best things to do in Kazakhstan due to its enormous size and the variety of flora and fauna it holds. The Valley Of Balls on the other side gets its name by the large collection of stones shaped like balls in it.

Location: Shetpe, Kazakhstan

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Preached at a height of 1100 metres above the sea level, Kok Tobe is one of the many famous mountains and hills in the Almaty Region. While people may consider this place as just a mountain, Kok Tobe has become a hotspot among fun lovers and adventure seekers. Reaching here is a joyous activity in itself, as one needs to take a cable car to the top.

On the way, one can enjoy some of the most serene views of the town of Almaty. The hill also has a playground, a rollercoaster, and various eateries where you can relish upon numerous local delicacies prepared by some excellent chefs.

Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan

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Also known as the ‘Grand Canyon of Kazakhstan’, the Charyn Canyon is a geological wonder, formed over 12 million years ago. It is an impressive formation that stretches over 154 km and includes several other exciting sections for you to explore. Some of the must-visit sections include the Valley of Castles, Charyn Eco Park, Charyn River, Temirlik Canyon, Yellow Canyon, Red Canyon, and Bestamak Canyon. Apart from being an ideal spot for all adventurous travelers, photographers, and wildlife enthusiasts, it is also a common research site for scientists. For those interested in exploring this natural marvel, various Kazakhstan packages offer one-time visits to Charyn Canyon, making it easier to experience the beauty and diversity of this unique landscape.

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The Karkaraly National Park is said to be one of the most intriguing places to visit in Kazakhstan. Here, you can enjoy the flora and fauna exhibit shows in the nature museum built within the park boundaries. Near the boundary of the park is the Lake Basin which is accessible through a pine tree covered alpine trail.

A hike to the Zhiren Sakal peak within the national park is yet another exciting activity that you can get engaged into during your visit. Several animals and birds have their habitats in this region including bats, Siberian roe deer, elks, Palla cats, Argali, and others.

Location: Karkalay, Karaganda district, Kazakhstan

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Lake Issyk, nestled in the breathtaking mountains of Kazakhstan, is a mesmerizing natural wonder that captivates visitors with its serene beauty. Fed by glacial streams and surrounded by lush greenery, this alpine lake boasts crystal-clear turquoise waters that reflect the surrounding peaks like a mirror. Its tranquil ambiance and pristine environment make it a haven for nature lovers and adventurers alike.

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The Green Bazaar in Almaty, Kazakhstan, stands as a vibrant hub of culture, commerce, and community, enchanting visitors with its kaleidoscope of colors, aromas, and flavors. Nestled in the heart of the city, this bustling marketplace offers a sensory feast for the senses, inviting travelers to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Kazakh traditions and hospitality.

As you step into the Green Bazaar, you are greeted by a symphony of sights and sounds that ignite the imagination and awaken the spirit of exploration. Rows of stalls brim with fresh produce, aromatic spices, and exotic delicacies, showcasing the bounty of Kazakhstan's fertile lands and diverse culinary heritage. From succulent fruits and vegetables to fragrant herbs and spices, every corner offers a treasure trove of gastronomic delights waiting to be discovered.

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The Park of 28 Panfilov Guardsmen in Almaty, Kazakhstan, honors the heroic deeds of the WWII Panfilov Division. It features a memorial complex, statues, and the iconic Zenkov Cathedral.

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Kok Tobe in Almaty, Kazakhstan, is a popular recreational area offering panoramic views of the city, a cable car ride, amusement park, and the iconic "Kazakh Eli" monument.

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Nestled in the scenic Tien Shan mountain range of Kazakhstan, Kolsai Lakes are a breathtaking trio of alpine lakes. The first lake, Kolsai-1, welcomes travelers with its serene turquoise waters, reflecting the surrounding forests and peaks. As you ascend, Kolsai-2 reveals itself, its beauty amplified by its higher altitude and crystal-clear waters. For the adventurous souls, a challenging hike further leads to Kolsai-3, the most remote and pristine of the three, offering a tranquil retreat amidst untouched nature.

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People Also Ask About Kazakhstan

  1. Which are the best attractions in Kazakhstan?

    1. Baikonur Cosmodrome: This is one of the most famous space centers in Kazakhstan. The land is leased to the Russian authorities as the cosmodrome is managed and controlled by the Russian space center. Here, you can notice the rocket launcher, rockets, missiles, and so many other things.

    2. Nomad's Land:
    It's another amazing attraction, located along the path of the famous Tamgaly Gorge. It's an abandoned movie set which depicts the old, nomadic lifestyle of Central Asia.

    3. Tamgaly Tas: This place is the home to many rock carvings and petroglyphs. Starting from Kazakh clan drawings to the famous five Buddhist deities, you will find several pictures done on the rocks.

    4. Charyn Canyon: Located on the Charyn river, this canyon is made after continuous weathering of the red sedimentary rocks. Several structures have been carved by nature itself, making it one of the best Kazakhstan tourist places.

    5. Kolsai Lake: For a tranquil day tour, you can definitely visit the Kolsai Lake. Surrounded by steppe mountain slopes, this huge water body is one of the most charming places in the country.
  2. Which are the best places to visit in Kazakhstan at night?

    1. The Sky Bar Street: If you want to get the best out of Kazakhstan's nightlife, this is the best place to visit. The bars have partially covered, colossal rooftops which are always filled with a buzzing crowd at night.

    2. Gan Bei: This is one of the best places to visit in Kazakhstan  during the night time. The bar is mainly known for its hip hop culture that most people enjoy the most by letting themselves flow with the music and dance for the night.

    3. Friday club: Another amazing place to socialize and experience the buzzing nightlife of Kazakhstan is the Friday Club. It is mainly filled with office workers, elite businessmen, and other high class people. The ambiance is perfect and quite soothing here, which is why you should pay a visit.

    4. Ooh chic: If you are looking forward to taste some amazing wines, the Ooh Chic will be one of the fantastic Kazakhstan tourist places for the night time. Even though it’s quite simple, the loud music and the flow of alcohol and wines are what makes this place so popular.

    5. Territory of The United Bars: Located in Almaty, this bar is famous for several drinks, both alcoholic and normal mocktails. Special smoking zone is present at the rooftop.
  3. What is the best time to visit Kazakhstan?

    Depending on your purpose, the best time to visit Kazakhstan will vary. If you want to enjoy the outdoors and bask in nature's beauty, May to September will be the ideal time. But for those who love winters and want to ski and enjoy the ice covers, December to February will be best.
  4. Is Kazakhstan expensive to travel?

    Kazakhstan tours are mostly affordable, and hence you won't have to worry much about the expenses. Based on the itinerary and the number of days you will be spending there, the total. the cost will vary. A one week’s vacation costs around KZT55,903 for one person.
  5. How to reach Kazakhstan?

    Kazakhstan is a landlocked country and hence, there is no water transport route. The only option to reach the country is via international flights. Several such flight options are there to different airports in the country and hence, you have to plan it accordingly. Air Astana is the major flight carrier to Kazakhstan.
  6. How many days are enough for Kazakhstan?

    If you are planning to explore the Almaty region completely, the tour itself will take almost two weeks to be completed. For the rest parts of the country, you will need an extended tour plan of another two weeks.
Newly Added Kazakhstan Experience

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