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Hill Stations Around Shimla

Manali, Dharamshala, Chail, Kasauli, Mcleodganj, Solan, Kufri, Mandi, Nahan, Sarahan, Sirmaur, Tirthan Valley, Fagu, and many more.

Whether you prefer sightseeing or indulging in adventure sports, there are numerous
hill stations near Shimla that offer a wide array of delights for all kinds of travellers. The exquisite capital city of the Himalayan Indian state Himachal Pradesh, Shimla has several hill towns and villages at short distance from it. From ancient Hindu temples visited by thousands of devotees everyday to challenging Himalayan treks that are perfect for thrill seekers, these hill stations have it all. Furthermore, their breathtakingly gorgeous landscapes also make these hill stations interesting for landscape photographers and nature lovers.

For a laid back vacation plan paired with some sightseeing excursions, Kasauli, Kufri, and Shojha are some of the best
hill stations around Shimla. Not only these hill stations have places of interest and an impressive collection of hotels and resorts, but also feature untamed nature. And if your ideal vacation plan involves enjoying untainted Himalayan aura by partaking in adventure, you have choices such as Manali, Mandi, and McLeodganj where trekking, paragliding, and camping can be enjoyed.

Here are some of the best hill stations near Shimla:

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Strikeout an amazing hill station from your bucket list and visit Manali. Marking its presence in the list of best hill stations around Shimla, it is a place with unmatched grace. This picture-perfect destination is just a treat to the eyes and soul, where you can unwind in the tranquil surroundings. Not only this but here you can also get spellbound by the array of snow-capped mountains showcasing splendid displays. 

Things to do: 
Visit the Hidimba Devi temple, Manali sanctuary or explore the enthralling adventures at Solang valley like paragliding, skiing etc. 

How to reach: 
The most convenient way is to hire a taxi but one can also opt for a direct bus to Manali.

Distance from Shimla:  
Located at a distance of almost 247 km.

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Quench your thirst of quietude in the slice of Himalayas, Dharamshala. The wholesomely enriching experience which will leave you contended, as the wonderful backdrops of Dhaulandhar range accompanied by snow-covered peaks are just a feast to the soul. Besides offering amazing vistas it also owns bewildering trekking trails in its proximity, which will leave you in awe with the place.

Things to do:
Here one can embark the Triund trek or can visit the Tibetian monastery and museum. 

How to reach:
You can opt for a convenient way which is hiring a taxi but you can also reach out by bus.

Distance from Shimla:
Located away from Shimla, it is at a distance of 236 km.

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                     Tour Packages To Shimla From Delhi

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Explore the scenic beauty of the verdant hills lying in the laps of the Himalayas. Surrounded with virgin forests and architectural marvels this place will never disappoint you. The weather of the region is always pleasant and can be toured anytime. Here you can also find distinct species of flora are fauna which attracts the nature lovers.

Things to do: 
Seek the blessings of Kali at Kali temple, Gaze at the exotic wildlife at the sanctuary etc.

How to reach: 
Both buses and taxis are available to reach out to the hill station.

Distance from Shimla: 
Lying in the vicinity of Shimla, it is located at a distance of almost 46 km.

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About the place: Seated at an altitude of 1,800 m this quaint little town is one of the best hill stations near Shimla. With cedars and pine forests sprawling all over the region, its beauty is just beyond one's imagination. Here one can easily spot various forms of British influences like the Victorian buildings, carvings, and various other signs.

Things to do:
With an abundance of things to do in here, one can delve in Trekking, nature walks, enjoy the toy train, savor the lip-smacking delicacies, and unwind at the sunset point.  

How to reach:
One easily access the hillock by hiring a private taxi as there are no direct buses or trains.

Distance from Shimla:
Located at a distance of almost 71 km.

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Nestled amidst Kangra district it is one of the most visited hill stations near Shimla. Adorned with umpteen numbers of monasteries, it is also renowned as the “Little Lhasa”. Are you a handicrafts lover? Then you are in the right place, as the markets are jammed with handcrafted articles. 

Things to do: 
Here one can indulge in various adventures like parasailing, trekking etc. and can also visit the monasteries.

How to reach: 
One can either opt for a direct taxi to the spot or can take a bus to Kangra and then hire a taxi.  

Distance from Shimla: 
Seated at a distance of almost 241 km, it is a must-visit tourist destination.

Must Checkout & Book - Shimla Tour Packages From Ahmedabad
                                           Shimla Package From Pune

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Feed your wanderlust with the awe-inspiring beauty of Solan. Famed as the mushroom city of India, it has an abundance of mushroom farming. Apart from this, it is also known as the “City of Red Gold”, as here there is bulk production of red tomatoes.

This place extends jaw-dropping displays of nature and must be visited with your folks! 

Things to do: 
It houses several pilgrimages sites, one can visit Jatoli temple, Shoolini temple, and various others.

How to reach: 
You can reach out to the hill station by hiring a private taxi as there are no direct buses or trains.

Distance from Shimla: 
Lying in the vicinity of Shimla, it is located at a distance of almost 46 km.

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Satiate your adventurous soul in the extremity of Kufri. Jam-packed with a plethora of exciting adventures, where one can rejuvenate in the snow-clad peaks. Being one of the best hill stations around Shimla, it invites travelers from near and far. With the literal meaning “lakes”, it owns several trekking trails and natural wonders.

The best time to visit here is in February, as at this time an adventure festival is celebrated which is witnessed by enthusiasts from around the globe.

Things to do:
With countless adventures activities here you can dive in skiing, parasailing, and Heliskiing.

How to reach:
One easily access the hillock by hiring a private taxi as there are no direct buses or trains.

Distance from Shimla:
Lying in the vicinity of Shimla, it is located at a distance of almost 17 km.

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Delve in the unprecedented beauty of “Varanasi of Hills”, Mandi. Loaded with oodles of pristine lakes and pious temples, it is frequented by tourists from all the highs and lows. Housing 81 temples, this hillock has remarkable spiritual importance.

Also known as the “Kashi of Himachal”, it is one of the amazing hill stations near Shimla.

Things to do: 
Visit the Pandoh dam, Prashar lake, Rewalsar lake and various other sites where you can indulge in several adventures activities.

How to reach: 
Both buses and taxis are available to reach out to the hill station.

Distance from Shimla: 
It is located at a distance of approx. 125 km from Shimla.

Must Book & Visit - 
Shimla Honeymoon Packages From Delhi
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Emerging as one the best hill stations around Shimla, Nahan is an excellent epitome of untouched beauty. With several unexplored corners still existing, it calls globetrotters from each and every vertical. This segment of Shiwalik hills presents mind-blowing displays of nature and owns several mysteries of the ancient era.  

Things to do: 
Housing several places, where one can visit the lakes, nature parks, temples, and various other places.   

How to reach: 
There are several regular buses to Nahan, but one can also opt for a private taxi. 

Distance from Shimla: 
It is located at a distance of almost 132 km from Shimla.

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Located at an altitude of 2,313 m this hill station is known as the “Gateway to Kinnaur”. Holding the relics from history, it possesses the Bhimkali temple where the placidity is interwoven in the aura of the region.

Rimmed with Sutlej river, where one can experience an ultimate freshness in the air.

Things to do: 
Housing several pilgrimage sites, where one can visit the Bhimkali temple, Shrai Koti temple, and several others,  

How to reach: 
One easily access the hillock by hiring a private taxi as there are no direct buses or trains.

Distance from Shimla:  
It is located at a distance of almost 163 km from the heart of Shimla

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Brimming with several villages, where one can take a deep look in the lifestyle of rural areas. Apart from this, the simplicity and originality of this untamed district will draw your attention. If you are seeking for peaceful time to rediscover yourself, then this is a perfect destination for you.  

Things to do: 
Visit the various spiritual sites like gurudwara, monasteries temples and explore the beauty of Renuka lake.

How to reach: 
You can reach out to Sirmaur by hiring a taxi or you can take a train to Nahan and then take a local bus.

Distance from Shimla: 
It is located at a distance of almost 152 km from the heart of Shimla

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Tirthan Valley

Seeking for a splendid getaway? Uncover the spectacular backdrops of the Tirthan valley. This offbeat destination caters to all sorts of adventures be it trekking or camping under the starlit sky. It is a perfect escape from the hectic life, where one can surrender themselves to the rustic charm of nature. 

Things to do: 
Here one can indulge in the river crossing, trekking, trout fishing or can visit the Jibhi waterfall, Jalori pass, and several other sites. 

How to reach: 
One easily access the hillock by hiring a private taxi as there are no direct buses or trains.

Distance from Shimla: 
Located approximately 205 km away from the center of Shimla.

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Soaked in natures beauty this beautiful upland destination is a home for countless tourists. This place has drawn its name from the fog, as the surroundings offer dewy backgrounds clubbed with trails of cedar and pine, which is a surreal view. The snow clad peaks are a plus to the bewitchery of this silent town.

Things to do:
 Here there are very fewer things to do but one can visit the temples and nearby places like Jakhoo which has enchanting beauty.

How to reach: 
Reaching out to Fagu is very easy, one can opt for a taxi as it lies close to Shimla.

Distance from Shimla: 
Lying very close to Shimla, it is at a distance of almost 21km.

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Fringed on the ledges of Sutlej, it is one of the must visit hill stations near Shimla. Here one can enjoy the hot water spring, which is said to have immense curative powers which cure joint pain and improper blood circulation. It is a perfect place to hit with your friends as it has an abundance of adventures which will make your heart stop thumping.  

Things to do: 
With countless activities to do here one can experience camping, trekking, river water rafting, mountain biking or can take a dip in hot spring water.

How to reach: 
One can easily access the hillock by hiring a private taxi as there are no direct buses or trains.  

Distance from Shimla: 
It is lies at a distance of almost 57 km from Shimla.

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                      Himachal Pradesh Tour



Escape to the land of emerald green pine and oak forests, Mashobra. Decked up with enticing displays and plenty of thrilling activities, it is a power packed destination. From rappeling to quad biking here you can find every little thing. The charm of this place adds a new dimension to a holiday experience.

Things to do: 
Here you can indulge in camping, trekking, paragliding, rappelling, river water rafting, quad biking, and various other adventurous activities.

How to reach: 
Reaching out to Mashobra is very easy, one can opt for a taxi as it lies close to Shimla

Distance from Shimla: 
Located at a distance of only 13 km from Shimla.

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Don’t just mark your impressions on this place, soak all of it, as the elegance of Naldhera is worth remembering. Tucked at an elevation of 2,200 m, it displays eye-opening vistas of nature. This suburb of the Himalayas is a perfect blend of mesmerizing backdrops and attracting adventures.

Things to do: 
Here one can indulge in golfing at the Naldhera golf course, or can visit the temples and rejoice in the beauty of nature.

How to reach:  
One easily access the hillock by hiring a private taxi as there are no direct buses or trains.

Distance from Shimla: 
Lying close to Shimla, it is at a distance of almost 26 km.

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                                  Manali Trip From Goa



Soothe yourself in the refreshing atmosphere of the whimsical town, which is a noteworthy chunk of the Pir Pranjal range. Garnished with outstanding artistry of nature, it is surrounded by lush green orchards and age-old architectures, which exhibit the extraordinary skill-set of the ancient times. This amalgamation of nature and beauty is worth-experiencing.    

Things to do: 
Visit the Pangna fort, Shikari Devi temple, and various other spiritual places.

How to reach: 
One easily access the hillock by hiring a private taxi as there are no direct buses or trains.  

Distance from Shimla: 
It is located at a distance of almost 109 km from Shimla.

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                                Manali Packages From Bhopal



These hillocks speak volumes about the charm of its beauty. Here one can create a bag full of memories which can be cherished lifelong. With Jalori pass and various other temples dotted on its map, it is a must-visit vacation spot. The endlessly sprawling blue skies and lush greenery make it a picture-perfect destination too.

Things to do: 
With countless things in its vicinity here one can experience camping and trekking at Serolsar lake or can enjoy cycling at the Jalori pass.

How to reach: 
Both buses and taxis are available to reach out to the hill station. 

Distance from Shimla: 
Seated close to Shimla, it is at a distance of 60 km.

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Embark an everlasting vacation to the calm and placid hilltop, Shoghi. Possessing several unexplored sections and untouched marvels it is a perfect destination for solace seekers. The weather of this hillock is just splendid, which will relief each and every segment of the soul and mind. 

Things to do:
You can witness the Chadwick falls, Tara Devi temple, Mahasu temple, and various other sites.

How to reach:
Both buses and taxis are available to reach out to the hill station.

Distance from Shimla:
Lying in the proximity of Shimla, it is at a distance of 15 km.

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                                          Manali Trip Packages From Nagpur



Surrender yourself to the unexploited beauty of Parwanoo which is one of the best hill stations near Shimla. With plenty of things do in here, one can create unforgettable memories. Here one can find delicious fresh fruit products as the hill holds alluring orchards. One can also witness the view of the entire town as they ride up the cable car to the temple.

Things to do: 
Enjoy a nature walk at the Gilbert trail, and visit the Kali Mata, Baba Balak temple.

How to reach: 
Regular buses and taxis are available to reach out to the hill station. 

Distance from Shimla: 
It is located at a distance of 84 km from the heart of Shimla.

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                                  Surat To Manali Package



One of the most beautiful hill stations near Shimla, Kiarighat is a quaint spot to relax overnight on your Himachal excursion. The small hilly abode also encompasses a Dak bungalow which is now altered into an inn that has all the amenities required for a brief stay.

Being close to popular sightseeing spots such as Dagshai, Parwanoo, and Jatoli, Kiarighat forms an ideal escape for nature lovers and peace seekers.  If you are looking for a budget getaway to invigorate in the laps of nature, Kiarighat is the best bet for you. 

Best Time to Visit: February-May & August-November

Dak Bungalow

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One of the most panoramic hill stations near Shimla, Naldhera awaits your presence with its verdant cedar forests, misty clouds, and lush green hills. With an enticing golf course covering most of its area and pristine Sutlej flowing through its valleys, Naldehra is no lesser than a natural landscape painting.

While here, you can either go for a scenic stroll around its thick deodar forests, explore its alluring environs on a horseback or soak in the serene vibes at one of its sacred temples. Want to steal a bird’s eye view of the region?  Trek your way towards the glorious Shaily Peak and treat your eyes with the 360-degree view of Himalayan landscape.  For a day full of adventure and fun, make your way to the nearby Chabba village where you can indulge in activities like river rafting.   

Best Time to Visit: March-June & September-November

Mahunag Temple
Mahakali Temple
Chabba Village

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                            Manali Tour Package From Pune


Located 32 Km away from the beautiful town of Shimla, Theog is a charismatic destination known for its unspoiled views and tranquil atmosphere. If you are hunting for some serene hill stations near Shimla to escape from the crowded city streets, Theog is an ideal pick for you. The leisurely and calm vibes of this hilly town allows you to take your life down a few notches and unwind in peace.

From soaking in the mesmerizing views of the magical Himalayan landscape to rejuvenating your senses amidst its peaceful environs, there are a bunch of activities that one can enjoy on their Theog getaway. If you are missing some adventure, feel free to camp under the starlit sky. Banthia Devi Temple, Hatkoti, and Fagu are some of the popular attractions to be explored in the town.

Best Time to Visit: October-November 

Nature walks
Banthia Devta Temple

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Do you want to experience the real beauty of Himachal on your excursion to the hill stations near Shimla? If yes, make your way to Barog, a quaint hilly escape in Solan and let nature heal you in its own magical ways. A perfect getaway destination for honeymooners, as well as, solo travelers, Barog has its railway station located on the UNESCO World Heritage site, i.e, Kalka- Shimla Railway.

From soaking in nature's glory at Choor Chandni Peak to camping at Pine Hill Eco camp, and treating the taste buds at Spencer Restaurant, the list of activities to do in Barog goes on and on. For all those vacationers who want to dive deeper into the customs and traditions of Tibetan culture, Dolanji Bon Monastery comes as an ideal retreat. 

Best Time to Visit: April-September

Choor Chandni Peak
Dolanji Bon Monastery
Grave of Barog

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People Also Ask About Shimla

  1. What are the best hill stations near Shimla to visit in summers?

    1. Kullu: Escaping from the scorching heat, most tourists' go-to destination is Kullu. This hill station offers the perfect mix of majestic natural views, grand waterfalls, lush greenery, and mesmerizing trails for the trekking lovers.

    2. Dharamshala: Offering solace from the summer heat, Dharamshala is enigmatic in ways more than one. Cited as the residence of the renowned monk Dalai Lama, the hill station offers a picturesque beauty of the Dhauladhar ranges, age-old monasteries, and dense green forests.  

    3. Mashobra: One of the most popular summer destinations across the globe, Mashobra displays the alluring beauty of nature as well as numerous thrill-seeking activities. The dense green forests of oak and pine provide the rustic charm. 

    4. Nahan: Nestled cozily on the Shivalik range, Nahan provides cool weather and is a popular summer destination. The panoramic beauty of nature, view of the lofty mountains, and the diversified wildlife make the getaway quite satisfying and memorable. 

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  2. What are the best hill stations near Shimla to visit with friends?

    1. Kasauli: With a convenient location, Kasauli offers a magnificent view of nature and the serenity that can only be accessed when surrounded by nature. This quaint little town has several attractions like the Gilbert Trail, the Gurkha Fort, and many more. 

    2. Manali: Blending rustic tranquil charms with the thrilling adventurous activities, Manali offers a mesmerizing experience. Beautiful green valleys, dense forests, rich history with religious significance, and the overall grandeur that the place exhibits make it absolutely breath-taking.

    3. Kufri: Moderately developed, the small hill station of Kufri offers peace and adventure in equal measures. With opportunities for adventurous physical activities and the highly regarded Himalayan National Park, Kufri has a lot to offer.

    4. Chail: Secluded from the tourist buzz, this seldomly visited hill station is a massive retreat to offer your soul peace and have a relaxing time with friends. The village is spread across Rajgarh, Sadh Tiba, and Pandewa.

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  3. What are the best places to visit near Shimla?

    There are so many interesting places to visit near Shimla. Some of them are-

    1. Narkanda: Known for some prominent tourist attractions, namely Hatu Temple, Hatu Peak, and Tani Jubber Lake, Narkanda is one of the finest places to visit near Shimla.

    2. Kufri: Set at an altitude of 2720 meters, Kufri in Himachal Pradesh receives regular snowfall during winters. Highlights of this hill station are the Himalayan Nature Park and Kufri Fun World.

    3. Chail: Chail is tucked away in the lush green forests of deodar and pine. Established in the year 1893, at an altitude of 7500 feet above sea level, Chail ground is the world's highest cricket ground. Other places to visit here are Royal Palace Hotel, Kali Ka Tibba, Chail Sanctuary etc.

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  4. Is there snowfall in Shimla?

    Yes, Shimla receives heavy snowfall during the winter season. Usually, Shimla receives its first snowfall in the month of December and snowfalls can usually be witnessed here till the end of February.
  5. How far is Manali from Shimla?

    The distance between Manali and Shimla is about 245 kilometres. It takes 6 hours to reach Manali from Shimla by road. Aerial distance between these two hill stations is approximately 128 kilometres.
  6. What are the best Himachal treks that we can book with Thrillophilia?

    Here is the list of the best Himachal treks that you can book with Thrillophilia:

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Explore All (13)

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30 November 2016
Rahul Singh Bhabha Pass Trek
Beauty can't be described in words but pictures do very well.
19 February 2020
The location is perfect for nature lovers. We enjoyed the view from our hotel rooms. The breakfast buffet was delicious. It is indeed a well-maintained property.
07 November 2019
Rakesh Nambeesan Uptown Boutique Homes
Thanks to Thrillophilia fro arranging this awesome trip package with stays and complimentary activities. I loved and enjoyed the sightseeing tour to Kufri with this comfortable stay package.
03 January 2020
Jyoti Bhattathiri Uptown Boutique Homes
Place is good. If you are expecting a break from city life. It was organized very well. The food has options and games are interesting. Perfect place to be in nature.
16 January 2020
Hiranmaya Sharma Dwarika Residency, Shimla
I visited last week with my family. the stay was very comfortable, the food provided was delicious. Staff was also very helping. We enjoyed hike to Pabbar River and guided pine forest walk. The room was very clean. We enjoyed the view from our room.
27 December 2020
Prashant saini Tree House In Shimla
The host and his team are very friendly and they provide the best of their best service and stay to u Thanks to property owner and his team they serve delicious food in the jungle ???????? Overall they are best in terms of luxurious camping sort of things keep up Danyawad
24 November 2020
Koshmi Yadav Camping In Shimla
The camp is located near Chail which is around 45kms from Shimla. This is amidst of the forest which gives you a sense of peace and relax your mind. Quality of food is superb with delicious taste.
15 December 2019
Ganak Chopra Apple Farm Stay
Had the best day there with my family. We enjoyed every moment of our stay, especially the hiking. The food provided was delicious with quite a variety. All thanks to the Thrillophilia for providing such a user friendly online booking platform with discounted deals..
13 February 2020
Anjushree Singh Apple Farm Stay
It is a village style resort between the lush green apple orchards. Experiencing Khaddu lifestyle was totally a different and new thing for us. Thanks to Thrillophilia for combining stays with such amazing inclusive activities at the best online deals.
15 November 2019
Kamalesh Chopra The Corner House Shimla
It was a gift from my side to my parents for their 25th wedding anniversary. On special request, the staff has arranged a cake and had also arranged a small decoration room to celebrate the evening for my parents. They were very friendly and I loved their hospitality. Thank you Thrillophilia for providing instant booking confirmation.

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HRK - kn
Croatian Kuna
Haitian Gourde
HUF - Ft
Hungarian Forint
IDR - Rp
Indonesian Rupiah
Israeli New Sheqel
JMD - $
Jamaican Dollar
Kenyan Shilling
KGS - som
Kyrgyzstani Som
Cambodian Riel
KYD - $
Cayman Islands Dollar
Kazakhstani Tenge
Lao Kip
LBP - ل.ل
Lebanese Pound
Sri Lankan Rupee
LRD - $
Liberian Dollar
Lesotho Loti
MAD - د.م.
Moroccan Dirham
Moldovan Leu
MKD - ден
Macedonian Denar
Myanmar Kyat
Mongolian Tögrög
Macanese Pataca
Mauritian Rupee
Maldivian Rufiyaa
Malawian Kwacha
MXN - $
Mexican Peso
Malaysian Ringgit
NAD - $
Namibian Dollar
NIO - C$
Nicaraguan Córdoba
NOK - kr
Norwegian Krone
NPR - Rs.
Nepalese Rupee
NZD - $
New Zealand Dollar
PEN - S/
Peruvian Sol
Papua New Guinean Kina
Philippine Peso
Pakistani Rupee
QAR - ر.ق
Qatari Riyal