Kodaikanal Waterfalls

  1. Bear Shola Falls
  2. Silver Cascade Waterfall
  3. Vattakanal Waterfalls
  4. Fairy Falls
  5. Kumbakkarai Falls
  6. Liril Falls
  7. Pambar Falls
  8. Thalaiyar Falls
A hill town located in the southern part of Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal boasts of the misty mountains, gushing waterfalls, serene lakes, valleys and the balmy climate. Amongst such fascinating elements of mother nature, Kodaikanal waterfalls are the most coveted by the travellers who come here.

These cascades are the perfect spots for a serene picnic with your friends and family. Stand under the milky waters thrashing down from an expansive height for a natural back massage or take a dip in the refreshing ponds below them. You can even hike up on some of these falls for an adventurous twist. If not all this, then just come here and admire their beauty from afar.

Here is the list of the best waterfalls in Kodaikanal:

Image description
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Bear Shola Falls

Bear Shola Falls is a seasonal waterfall which exudes with life only during monsoons. The water level is at its fullest around that time of the year. During the off-season, this waterfall gives way to the beautiful climbing path, thereby making it an ideal spot for short treks.

About 1 km trail of unpaved path flanked by wild plants is something to look forward to on this trek. Located amidst the forest, it is quiet and peaceful, making it one of the most preferred destinations for nature lovers.

You may as well come across rare species of animals and plants here.  Situated at around 2 km from the popular tourist attraction-the Kodaikanal Lake, this Kodaikanal Falls is a perfect picnic spot for you.

: Bear Shola Falls Pathway, Kodaikanal, 624103, Tamil Nadu

: Sunrise to Sunset. Open all days

Height of the waterfall
: 2156 Meters

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Liril Falls

Liril Falls is one of the most popular viewpoints in Kodaikanal owing to the popular Liril ad film that was shot here. It is a beautiful cascading fall surrounded by hills which can be trekked to get a picturesque view of the Kodaikanal city.

This place is isolated but is inhabited sparingly by the locals and therefore you will find tea stalls and snacks bars all along. The terrain to this spot is a stretch of about 1.5 kms but is extremely rough.

But once you start your journey on this steep narrow path, you will find a panoramic view of the beautiful mountains and valleys around.

: Golf Links Road, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu-624101

: 8:30 am to 5 pm

Height of the Waterfall: 
2120 m

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Silver Cascade Waterfall

Located on the road from Kodaikanal to Madurai, Silver Cascade is a natural waterfall in Kodaikanal, emanating from overflowing of the famous Kodaikanal Lake. It is a perfect stopover for tourists’ en route Madurai. You can just stop by this fall and soak in the stunning view before continuing on your journey.

You will also find fruit vendors and small shops around this area. Although you are not allowed to go very close to this waterfall, the cool breeze and surrounding lush landscape will leave you speechless.

: Kodaikanal Ghat Road, Tamil Nadu- 624101

: N/A

Height of the waterfall
: 54 Meters

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Vattakanal Waterfalls

Vattakanal Waterfalls is one of the smallest waterfalls in Kodaikanal which is still unknown to the tourist fraternity. You can make an impromptu trip to this waterfall as it barely 3 km away from the main city of Kodaikanal. Surrounded by trees, hills and lush greenery all around, this waterfall presents a spectacular view.

If you are a hiker, you may even come across a small trail for hiking. The best time to visit this fall is during monsoons when the waterfall is in its full bloom.

Since the road leading to this waterfall is narrow, it is advisable to tread the small patch of 1 km on foot. Upon reaching the spot, you may calm your feet by dipping them into the cool water of this waterfall.

: Vattakanal Waterfalls, Dindigul, Tamil Nadu-624101

: N/A

Height of the Waterfall
: 2011 Meters

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Fairy Falls

Fairy Falls is one of the least discovered waterfalls in Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu. There is not much besides this waterfall in the adjacent areas therefore; this place is quite serene with a hint of flora and fauna all around.

Although no direct roads lead to this waterfall, you may still take directions from the locals to reach this place. The surrounding area is clean, unlike most tourist spots. If you want to just let the sound of the falling water soothe your soul, this is the right place for you.

: Fairy Falls Road, Kodaikanal-624103

: N/A

Height of the Waterfall: 
61 m

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Kumbakkarai Falls

Kumbakkarai Falls is one of the unexplored waterfalls in Kodaikanal situated at around 9 kms from Periyakulam at the foothills of Kodaikanal Hills. This waterfall has an interesting origin at the Kodaikanal Hills as at first, water collect in huge recesses and then the Pambar River flows before falling as the main waterfall.

Travelers throng this waterfall mostly to take bath. Surrounded by forests, you can smell the herbal plants around. There is a nominal entry fee to this fall as there are restrooms around the place. You can visit this waterfall with your family and spend long hours just enjoying the gentle water there.

: Kumbakkarai Road, Tamil Nadu-624101

: 8 AM till 4 PM

Height of the Waterfall: 
400 m

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Pambar Falls

Pambar Falls is one of the tiniest Waterfalls in Kodaikanal situated in the Dindigul district of Kodaikanal. Also known as the “Grand Cascade”, this fall poses a magnificent sight. At the end of the fall, there is a good site for bathing in the fresh water.

Situated amidst the forest, this waterfall provides an excellent trekking trail. The view of the adjacent Giant Mountain Squirrel and Lion’s Cave is also spectacular. Apart from this waterfall, tourists can also venture out to these places for more activities.

If you are a nature lover, you will love this place for its rich flora and fauna. Easily accessible from the main road, Pambar Falls, this spot can be reached using public transportation like bus or cab.

: Golf Links Road, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu -624101

: 10 am to 6 pm

Height of the Waterfall: 
2120 m

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Thalaiyar Falls

Also known as the Rat Tail Falls, Thalaiyar Falls is situated in the Palani Hills Ranges in Dindigul District of Kodaikanal. It is the highest Waterfalls in Kodaikanal, sixth highest in India and 267th highest in the world.

You will see this magnificent waterfall on your way to Kodaikanal. It comes to its full glory during monsoons. Nestled between the surrounding lush green hills, this waterfall is bestowed with the best of nature’s landscapes which you will not fail to notice on your way to Kodaikanal.

It appears as a long silver line amidst the mass of foliage surrounding the mountains. Hiking is also allowed near this waterfall but only during the dry season. It is a popular tourist spot and most people enjoy the sight from the View Tower situated at the nearby Dum Dum Rock.

: Thalaiyar Falls, Tamil Nadu 624101

Visiting Hours
: 10 am to 6 pm

Height of the Waterfall
: 297 m

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People Also Ask About Kodaikanal

  1. What are the best waterfalls treks in Kodaikanal?

    1. Pambar Falls Trek: Fascinating you with beautiful rock formations amidst a picturesque landscape, Pambar Falls trek is one of the exciting opportunities in Kodaikanal for adventure lovers. While visiting here, you can take delight in watching a number of birds and butterflies along with enjoying a refreshing bath in its cold waters.

    2. Bear Shola Falls: This beautiful Kodaikanal waterfall can be reached by an upward hike of 1 km amidst the forests. This short trek is an excellent way to enjoy a day picnic with your loved ones and spot some rare species of flowers and grasses on the way.

    3. Vattakanal Waterfalls: One of the hidden waterfalls in Kodaikanal, Vattakanal waterfall offers a splendid hike of 1 km for the adventure seekers. This place is a must visit during the monsoons and promises to enthral everyone with some picturesque sights of nature.

    4. Thalaiyar Falls: Allowing you to soak in a thrilling retreat during the dry season, Thalaiyar Falls is one of the best places for hikers in Kodaikanal. It is surrounded by dense green forests and offers a spectacular sight for all the nature lovers travelling to Kodaikanal.

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  2. Are all the Kodaikanal waterfalls accessible to the public?

    Yes, most of the waterfalls in Kodaikanal are accessible to the public. However, you will need to confirm with the locals before visiting a particular waterfall if any specific activity is allowed there or not like bathing, swimming, fishing etc.
  3. Is there parking available at Liril waterfall?

    Yes, Liril waterfall is only accessible by a hired car or jeep. However, you will need to park the vehicle at a distance while visiting this Kodaikanal waterfall and then follow the trail on foot to reach the waterfall by navigating through the slippery rocks.
  4. Can we take a bath in Silver Cascade waterfall?

    No, there is not a provision for bathing at Silver Cascade Waterfall. This waterfall in Kodaikanal is barricaded for the tourists while visiting and the flow of water here is also quite less to enable bathing by the visitors.
  5. Which is the best time to visit waterfalls in Kodaikanal?

    The most suitable time to visit waterfalls in Kodaikanal is from the month of October to March. This is when the weather is most pleasant in Kodaikanal and the season interlays between the summers and monsoons enabling the best sight for the waterfalls.
  6. What is Kodaikanal famous for?

    Kodaikanal is famous for its scenic beauty and is often cited as ‘Queen of Hill Stations’. It has various charming lakes, roaring waterfalls, mountain views and verdant meadows that enthral the tourists. Kodaikanal also offers various adventure activities and shopping expeditions with items like homemade chocolates, ethnic clothing and wooden handicrafts.
  7. Is Kodaikanal safe?

    Yes, Kodaikanal is quite a famous tourist spot in South India and attracts a number of visitors throughout the year. However, you must make sure to avoid any unsuitable situation which can hamper your safety during your vacation.
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Kodaikanal Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Kodaikanal
12 March 2020
Ashlesh Khanna Camping in Kodaikanal
A very good place perfect to visit with family or with friends group. The food was nice and beds were comfortable, an on-time pickup was there and the staff greeted us well right from the entering in the campsite. We had a wonderful stay with no problems and with good co-travelers. We will visit again for sure. Recommended.
06 March 2020
Nirbhay Nair Camping in Kodaikanal
My first camping experience was excellent, I was with my friends. The campsite is easily reachable and had good facilities, washrooms were clean and the caretaker of the place was a nice person.
03 February 2020
Chandrakin Mukhopadhyay Camping in Kodaikanal
This place is very beautiful with all the basic facilities provided. This place has amazing views of near around and give relaxing vibe. Very decent place with good food with good guide for trekking.
14 February 2020
Aaryan Gowda Camping in Kodaikanal
The trek was amazing as had an god scenery . the guide was helpful and stay was comfortable. We reached the camp timely and had a fantastic bonfire. Highly recommended .
Prema Bhattathiri Kodaikanal Village Tour
The Village Tour was just amazing throughout the day. There are many sightseeings to cover, and the place was extremely beautiful and charming. The local people are so friendly, and our driver cum guide was professional and very informative. We had a great experience.
I recently went to Kodaikanal with my family and it was a nice trip. We enjoyed a lot on our little hill vacation. The forest and greenery make this place so beautiful and the weather was so pleasant. It was a nice break from the hustle-bustle of the city. we went for sightseeing the tea and spice plantations, dam, lake, and many more places. The hotel was also very nice and even the food was delicious. It was a good experience.
Anal Pothuvaal Kodaikanal Package from Chennai
The trip to Kodaikanal was an amazing experience. The city is so beautiful and clean with greenery everywhere. We enjoyed a lot there. It was fun exploring the caves, temples, and other places. The stay and meals included in the trip were really nice. Thanks Thrillophilia for the wonderful experience!!
Kodaikanal is so alluring and captivating. The soothing weather makes it more charming. We recently went to Kodaikanal and we had a good time on the trip. We had fun exploring the places, the temples were so beautiful and we even enjoyed boating.
The Trip to Kodaikanal along with Ooty was a great experience. The weather was so nice there. It was so mesmerizing to stay near so greenery and fresh air. We had so much fun exploring the different places like caves of Guna, temples, Ooty lake and the best was visiting the wax museum. The stays and transports were well organized. It was a wonderful trip.
24 February 2020
Geetanjali Sethi Camping in Kodaikanal
It was a nice experience and the campsite is very well maintained as per the location. The staff here is helpful and the bonfire was amazing. We enjoyed our time here and performed many activities. Our camps were big enough and properly hygienic. We stayed here for one night but worth it, Highly recommended.

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