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Experiences In Hyderabad Explore All (9)
Explore All (9)
Day Out In Hyderabad Explore All (8)

Dino World Dinosaur Park in Hyderabad offers an immersive experience into the prehistoric era with life-sized dinosaur models, interactive exhibits, and engaging activities for all ages. Perfect for a family outing, it combines education and entertainment in a lush, scenic setting.

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Beating in the heart of the city, Charminar is a precious gem of Hyderabad city, and pride of the country India. It is a heritage left by the Qutb Shahi Dynasty to mark the brilliance of its sultanate. The oldest mosque constructed in the ‘City of Nizams’ is also established in this massive example of Indo Islamic architecture Charminar, which itself means four minarets and justifies the construction of the monument.

Nestled near the bank of the river Musi, this ultimate monument was the idea of
Muhammad Quli Qutb Shahi which became tangible in the year 1591 AD. It was constructed when the Sultan changed the former city to the present Hyderabad due to an extreme shortage of water. However, there are more stories related to it but marking the beginning of a new era sounds the most realistic.

Also considered as the ‘Arc de Triomphe of the East’, Charminar is the heartbeat of the old city of Hyderabad. The monument is taken into consideration to further expand the city so you will be able to notice the development around it. One of the examples is the expansive Laad Bazaar, which is surrounding the elegant masterpiece and brimming with mouth-watering delicacies, authentic street food, colorful lacquer bangles, shining pearls, excellent jewelry and many more things to take home.

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Ramoji Film City is a perfect place for all the Bollywood and cinema lovers. The place was set-up by Ramoji Rao in the year 1991. Since then, Ramoji Film City has been serving as a spectacular getaway for the locals of Hyderabad and tourists worldwide. Sprawling over an area stretch of around 2500 acres, this wonderland has been crowned as the World’s Largest Film Studio Complex under the Guinness Book of World Records. 

At a time, this massive piece of entertainment can accommodate up to 20 different film units. It features several different film locations such as Japanese Gardens, London Street, and Hollywood Signage. Hospitals, buildings, laboratories, and other landscapes are some more add-ons. 
The expansive section of Ramoji Film City has got a wide array of varied activities. As soon as you step into the city, you are welcomed by a replica of the London bus.

The job of this bus is to pick you up and drop you alongside a town that more or less resembles the Texas countryside. Once you had enough of the United States feel, you can then further move on towards the Japanese-roofed buildings and the Eiffel Tower. Close to it lies another palace inspired edifice – the Amer Palace.

If you are lucky enough, you might get a chance to dance to the tunes of melodious Rajasthani-style music. 
After relaxing for a while, you can then board a train that will drive you through the Filmy Dunia – a sequence of tunnels. Your kids will surely enjoy their train ride as it makes its way through the snow-capped mountain ranges and sandy desserts. 

Apart from all the entertainment options, Ramoji Film City has got the best eateries to serve you with some delectable food preparations. Dil Se Restaurant, Hollywood Restaurant, Jimmy’s Drive Inn, Galaxy Restaurant, and Superstar Restaurant are some places to try. 
Excited? With unlimited adventures, studio tours, live shows, Ramoji Film City is undoubtedly a perfect weekend respite for you and your well-wishers.

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With its scenic beauty, endless green grounds, and a beautiful view of Hussain Sagar Lake, the Sanjeevaiah Park resides in the heart of Hyderabad. This place was named after the former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Damodaram Sanjivayya. In 2010, Sanjeevaiah Park was awarded as the Best Open Landscape Award during Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage award presentations.

In addition to numerous leafy neighbourhoods, Sanjeevaiah Park is yet another green place of the city. 

Spread over 92 acres, this place can be found along the banks of Hussain Sagar Lake. This place is a haven for nature lovers, with a staggering range of flora and fauna spread over the whole park. The park consists of an herbal park, rose park, a butterfly park, and much more. If you are lucky enough, then you might also spot some migratory birds. Also, the park has the second tallest Indian flag.

Currently, Sanjeevaiah park is managed by the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority. Their initiative led to the installation of solar lighting in the park. Also, usage and littering of plastic were banned. The park has been an engaging spot for visitors and locals to participate in the necessary social awareness programs.

Apart from its beauty and green environment, Sanjeevaiah park has developed as an attractive tourist spot. Here’s a rundown of the details and things you should know before visiting this place!

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Located in the Santosh Nagar locality of Hyderabad, Paigah Tombs are the resting place of the various high ranking nobles who served to the Nizams. The tombs are an architectural marvel among the various other historic places in Hyderabad. Spanning across an area of around 40 acres, Paigah Tombs have been decorated with the tales of the brave Paigah. These tales are engraved on various palettes and epitaphs across the place and describe the story of the Nizam and Paigah. The structure of the tombs is known for its Indo-Saracenic style, which is a rare piece of architecture. 

Located near the popular Charminar, Paigah Tombs is one of the most popular historic sites of Hyderabad. The tombs are the piece of craftsmanship lost in time with beautiful white-marble tombs and unparallel floral designs. Once you see the tombs and the other structures in the area, you would not believe that these are around 250+ years old. The excellent artistry work in the tombs is nothing but a masterpiece. 

The tombs are placed adjacent to each other in a line with names of the Paigah written on top of it. Other than that, several boards highlight some important members of the Paigah’s and the Nizam’s they served for. On several walls of the Paigah Tombs, you will notice some Geometrical patterns and some marvelous work blending the Mughal, Deccan and Persian style of architecture which are one of a kind. 
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Situated in the bustling capital of the state of Telangana, Jalavihar Water Park is a popular amusement park famous for its adventures rides, eccentric attractions and mesmerizing landscapes. Scented with the fragrance of wildflowers and ringing with the humming of bees, the park is extravagantly alluring to all nature lovers. The Park is a sensational tourist destination with larger than life adventure sports and fun rides for both adults and children. 

The idea for this park was conceived in 2000. The project started as a private-public partnership led by Mr RJ Rap with a capital value of INR 200 million. Though it was started in 2000, its construction could not begin until mid-2006 because of some issues regarding partnership and land encroachment. Having officially started in 2007, Jalavihar Park has become one of the most successful public-private partnership enterprises in Hyderabad. 

The park is filled with innumerable attractions that fill people with thrill and adventure. It is an entertainment hub for all kinds of water and dry rides. With entertainment opportunities like wave pools, rain dances, and game zone, the Park offers its visitors a plethora of fun and refreshments. To the delight of foodies, the park has a Food Court inside its premises that has an ensemble of restaurants and food joints serving delicious cuisines to the customers. 

For health and safety concerns, the management authorities of the Park ensure that there are enough lifeguards near every ride and risky zones overlooking everything and everyone. There are multiple first aid stations located inside the park too in case of a mishappening. The Park is extremely secure and the visitor’s safety is given utmost importance. 
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For tourists visiting Secunderabad or Hyderabad, Shamirpet Lake is one of the most popular places in the twin-city. Located amid Secunderabad and Hyderabad, this lake was built during the reign of Nizam. This artificial lake is around 24 km north from Secunderabad and around 34 km from Hyderabad..

Shamirpet Lake is very popular among tourists who wish to go out for one-day picnics or family get-togethers. The popularity of this lake has been because of the various services that are available near the lake. There are enough options for food and stay near the lake like Aalankrita Resort, Leonia Resorts and a few restaurants..

Shamirpet Lake has been a famous place for shooting of many Telugu Films. The lake is surrounded by a road on one side and is open from the other side offering a fantastic view of the surrounding areas. One can witness many birds over the lake as this lake is very popular for bird watching. Birds like hornbill, pelicans, etc. the lake is home to many migratory as well as local birds. Jawahar Deer Park is located near the lake which is operated by the Government of Telangana.

Tourists often visit both the places as they can some fantastic birds near the lake and some animals like deer in the park. 
There is Police protection around the lake as the lake has witnessed a few drowning in the past. Alongside the police, one can also see the various warning and sign boards around the lake.

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The Osman Sagar lake is located on the outskirts of the town of Hyderabad. Osman Sagar, being a famous tourist destination, is gaining immense popularity as a humble abode for locals as well as tourists. Locally, the lake is more popular by the name of Gandipet. The lake is spread across an area of 46 square km and has been a popular abode for tourists since a long time. The artificial lake is a sight of scenic beauty, where a number of locals and tourists arrive to be enchanted by the sheer abundance of natural allure. 

You will find a number of snack vendors doing business, selling hot snacks and tea around the lake. The lake is surrounded by parks and lawns, which are maintained with grandeur,  to match the natural beauty of the lake. Consequently, this location has become a hot spot for picnics and fun activities among the people visiting this lake.

When visiting the Osman Lake, also remember to check out the Sagar Mahal, which is a popular summer retreat and commonly chosen by visitors for residence. Osman Sagar. You will also find a number of low cost cottages lined along the lake, which serve as resting ground for the travellers.

There are a number of facilities available at the site for the comfort of the guests. You will find enough options to purchase food, bathroom, facilities, and accommodation, if you wish to stay for a longer duration. The Osman lake is a wonderful sight for nature lovers and adventure lovers.

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Mecca Masjid, which is located on the south of the Musi River, is one of the largest and oldest mosques in India. It is one of the heritage sites, located in the old city, very near to Charminar, an iconic symbol of Hyderabad city. A preferred destination of Lakhs of Muslim pilgrims, the mosque was commissioned in 1614.

Legend states that Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah invited devout religious leaders for the foundation ceremony of the Mecca Masjid with a caveat that he alone, who never missed his prayers, will be eligible to lay the foundation stone. As no one showed up, Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah himself laid the foundation of Mecca Masjid. It is said that the emperor never missed his midnight prayer from his 12th year onwards.

The construction got temporarily abandoned after the death of the emperor Quli Qutub Shah.
The massive construction continued under the rule of Abdullah Shah and Tani Shah till 1687. Aurangazeb, who conquered the Golconda kingdom in 1694, completed the construction of the Mecca Masjid.The monument is a visual treat to the novice and an architect student to appreciate and admire the pagodas, marble mausoleums, water bodies, vast arches, and black benches.

The Mosque contains an enormous prayer hall and graves of most Asaf Jahi rulers.
Visitors passing through the gateway leading to the entrance of the court come across a huge pond, a cascading water fountain, and 2 black stone benches. Locals have an interesting story to narrate about the magic effect of these benches. They state that whosoever sits on these benches will return one day to sit at the same spot again.

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Things to do in Hyderabad Explore All (40)
Explore All (40)

Nehru Zoological Park is one of the most iconic tourist places to visit in Hyderabad. It is also one of the largest zoos in India. The forest department of Government of Telangana runs the park. The marvellous place is sprawling over an area 380 acres and inhibits over 140 species of birds, mammals, and reptiles. A one-off feature of the park is that all the species here have been kept in their zoological order.

The park is one of its kind where the animals enjoy open enclosures which are similar to the natural spaces in which they tend to live. It adds a tinge of humanity to the park administration and also appeals to the animal-lovers. Wildlife is not the only attraction of the place. There are a plethora of activities for visitors to undertake. You can have a wild adventure at the park on various Safaris viz. Lion Safari, Bison Safari, and Bear Safari.

You can also go on a boating trip in the Mir Alam lake. The toy train ride around the park is also a favourite activity amongst tourists. The park not only provides a fun experience but also imparts education and awareness about wildlife through a range of exciting activities. Some of them include a visit to Jurassic Park, exploring the butterfly park, and touring the aquarium. The park also features a museum where artefacts and evidence of ancient life are put on exhibition.

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Lumbini Park is a small park in Hyderabad city near Hussain Nagar. It is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The park had been developed for entertainment and relaxation in 1994.

 The maintenance and preservation of the park is under the Buddha Purnima project of the Urban Development Authority of Hyderabad. The main reason for naming the park as Lumbini, the birth place of Lord Buddha.

Toddlers, kids and young people visit the park almost every day to enjoy the amusement rides. The garden inside the park is stunning with different varieties of plants and the rock decorations.

The key attraction inside the park is a majestic clock at the entry gate. The musical fountain show is fabulous to watch as the waters dance with the rhythmic beats of the music. A 3D laser show occurs in the evening where you can witness the city being created with the vibrant display of lights. 

The parks are located along the banks of the famous Hussain Sagar Lake. Boating options are available for the visitors from morning till evening. You can ride on a boat or a ferry and reach towards the large statue of Lord Buddha situated in the middle of the lake.

The park offers a perfect refreshment from the humdrum of city life. The location is convenient for the locals and the visitors, being present right at the center of the city of Hyderabad.

 The picturesque landscape of the park along with its several options for entertainment serves a perfect choice for a weekend getaway. People of all ages are bound to enjoy inside the park.
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Situated at a distance of 40 Kms from the city centre, Mount Opera theme park happens to be one of the most favorite places for kids and teenagers in Hyderabad. The park is situated on the Hyderabad-Vijayawada highway close to Ramoji Film City. The park is spread over an area of 55 acres and it has been one of the most premium offering to the visitors in Hyderabad.

The water and amusement park is located at the top of a hill and it offers amazing rides and slides to the visitors to get spoiled starting from the Jumping Frogs to Thrillarium and from Ferris Wheel to Columbus. The park has facilities for rain dance and boating tours. If you do not like outdoor activities, you can relish on the wide range of indoor activities like Billiards, Carrom, Tennis, Chess, etc.

The water sports complex has an open area theatre that can hold as much as 1500 individuals at a single time. The theatre is mainly used for organising children programs and skits. The park has got enough accommodation facilities as well for tourists wishing to spend a night in this amazing fun filled place. Apart from just staying in this atmosphere, tourists can also use Sauna Massage Centres and Bodyline Gymnasium. The Mount Opera water park has some of the best in-house food joints inside the park to serve you amazing and mouth watering delicacies.

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Kasu Brahmananda Reddy National Park, which is also known as the Chiran Palace or Chiran Fort, is a vast spread of lush gardens with rich flora and fauna. It is located in the heart of Hyderabad city, Jubilee Hills.

Named after former Andhra Pradesh chief minister and one of the most popular leaders of the state, Kasu Brahmananda, this park holds the promise of a rejuvenated nature amid thick concrete jungles and chaotic traffic of the city life.

It is situated on 390 acres of land. In 1967, the entire Chiran Palace complex was handed over to Prince Mukarram on his coronation by his father Prince Azam Jah. The fort complex was declared a national park by the then Andhra Pradesh government in 1998.

Vast swathe of open greenery, picturesque natural beauty, refreshing environment and well maintained surroundings are some of the reasons for which you must take a tour to Kasu Brahmananda Reddy National Park during your visit to Hyderabad. This is a perfect place to relax and have a chilled out time with your loved ones.

The park houses hundreds of varied species of trees, birds, insects and animals. The park, originally the property of the Nizams of Hyderabad, is now maintained by the forest department of the state. The palace was built in 1960 by the royals for their personal accommodation purpose.

However, the entry gate to Kasu Brahmananda Reddy National Park is different to the Chiran Palace entrance. The park, a symbol of the culture and heritage of the Nizams of southern India, draws thousands of tourists round the year.

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The B.M. Birla Science Museum is a major landmark in the city of Hyderabad. It is the ideal place to spend time with your family and friends. Comprising of a planetarium, a science centre, a museum, an art gallery and a Dinosaurium, this place has something for everyone’s interest. It also has an archaeology and doll museum with displays dating back to the 2nd century A.D.

Birla Science Museum also hosts various learning activities and exhibitions for all age groups. Their one-day Astronomy Camp is a major hit with children and adults. The Cosmic Presentation at the planetarium has been rated better than any presentation around the world. Also, the observatory here is the best place to stargaze with a hi-tech telescope.

Standing at the forefront of generating awareness about science, the museum also organises free film shows, telescopic viewing sessions and workshops & seminars. If you are lucky, you may also witness one of their exclusive science exhibitions that are held in collaboration with various global government organisations.

When you have had enough of the stars, the sky and the planets, delve into the depths of the ocean in their 3D universe. Witness the many wonders of the underwater world, marvel at the sight of the coral reef, and discover the many hidden secrets, even if you can’t swim.
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Necklace Road of Hyderabad is one of the most prominent tourist spots for spending some relaxed moments. The structure of this Necklace Road, more or less resembles the one found along the shores of Mumbai – Queen’s Necklace of Mumbai. Admeasuring around 3 kilometers, Necklace Road acts as a connecting link between three significant parks of Hyderabad – The Lumbini Park, NTR Gardens, and the Sanjeevaiah Park.

So, basically, you can see it stretching between the NTR Gardens and Lumbini Park in Hyderabad; and later extending to the Sanjeevaiah Park of Secunderabad. From Sanjeevaiah Park, it further passes through the Tank Bund Road, which also connects with the NTR Gardens. This is how the 3 km long road acquires its shape of a necklace. 
This famous tourist road in Hyderabad is bejeweled with a plethora of recreational activities. Besides, it has got a good number of restaurants and eateries to satiate your stomach cravings. Your children will love the different flavored ice-creams, and other quick bites available at the various stalls lining up the entire stretch of the Necklace Road. 

The lush green stretch marks the tranquil beauty of this road. Go for an evening walk here, and you will see a massive crowd with their kids and families. 
Out of all the exciting things to do here, boating at the adjacent lake is one of the greatest pleasures of visiting Necklace Road. It is good to enjoy boating in the evening to witness the light transformations at the Lighted Buddha Statue. Also, there’s a famous amusement cum water park here where you can spend some quality time with your family, kids, and relatives.

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A delight for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts, the Mahavir Harina Vanasthali National Park is one of the most prominent getaway settings in the city of Hyderabad. This historic park was constructed in the year 1975 as a tribute to a great saint and reviewer of the Jain religion, Saint Mahavir.

The beautiful park is spread across an astounding 15 kms and carried a wide spread of exotic fauna and alluring flora species. The park is well maintained and is developed perfectly for a peaceful tour.

This is depicted in the parks facilities that include various canteen, washroom, viewing tower facilities. The park authorities also provided travellers with a tour of the entire park in a safari ride. The ride is filled with loads of fun and excitement, very much enjoyed with families including kids.

Additionally, one of the most common activities that visitors enjoy here is bird watching. Yes, the places is encapsulated with a number of exotic birds, some common, some migrating from various other regions. 

From endangered animals like the Black Buck Deer to leafy neem trees spread across in acres, the park has some much to explore and can easily be an excuse for a fascinating weekend getaway trip. The drive to the forest is also soothing and follows beautiful landscapes.

Restaurants and cafes also reside in the vicinity of the park. In short, Mahavir Harina Vanasthali National Park is spot on for an exciting getaway site for all.

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Waterparks offer ageless, timeless, unadulterated fun and Escape Waterpark is the perfect place to experience all of this when you are in Hyderabad. Escape Water Park, in Hyderabad, can be found the state of Telangana, near Fort Grand in Shamshabad.

It is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy quality time with your family.

It is even a great place to plan an excursion with your friends if you are short on time and want to do something exciting and memorable within the city limits.

Equipped with a number of rides and games, it attracts visitors from all over the city, and even visitors to Hyderabad find it alluring.

This water park is the first of its kind in Hyderabad which is home to such a huge variety of activities and super fun rides like the wave pool, signature water rides, float rides, rain dance floors and artificial waterfalls.

Another great feature about the park is the rides like Board Slide, where all the family members can have fun together. The kids’ play pool is an exclusive area that is safe and well-equipped to keep the children occupied in a suitable environment.

Supervision and safety measures are always in place for the children’s area. There are lifeguards and park officials in all the gaming and pool sections to help you navigate the park and assist you in case of emergencies.

The large wave pool replicates the waves of the ocean and creates the simulation of being on a beach.  In between your stint at the various rides in the waterpark, you can also recharge in the food court that can be found on the premises and enjoy a delicious range of food and beverages.

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Hussain Sagar Lake spreads across an area of 5.7 kilometers and is situated across a tributary of River Musi. The lake separates Hyderabad from Secunderabad. A gigantic statue of Lord Buddha sits in the middle of the lake. This exquisitely carved, monolithic statue stands on Gibraltar Rock and was erected in 1992. The maximum depth of this man-made lake is 32 feet.

The artificial lake was built in 1562 by Hazrat Hussain Shah Wali, as a token of gratitude for the then emperor of Andhra Pradesh. The attraction also features a 3 kilometer long dam, known as the Tank Bund, built across the lake. The Tank Bund is one of the most popular waterside promenades in Telangana. Named after its maker, Hussain Sagar is the biggest artificial lake in all of Asia

Hussain Sagar was declared as the Heart of the World, by UNWTO in September 2012, for its shape. Mr. Taleb Rifai, Secretary General of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation inaugurated the logo for the “Heart of the World” for Hussain Sagar Lake, in the year 2013, in Madrid.

According to the United Nations, Hussain Sagar is the most 'wonderful’ Heart Shaped lake in the world. It is in fact the largest heart shaped landmark among the 78 heart shaped lakes and 9 similar shaped islands that have been marked elsewhere over the globe.

Flanked by landscaped parks on three sides, namely the Lumbini Park, Indira Park and Sanjeevaiah Park, the Lake provides a unique tourist attraction. Hussain Sagar is also a very popular go to spot for water sport activities in Telangana, offering boating, yachting, and sailing opportunities.
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Durgam Cheruvu Lake situated 15 km off Hyderabad, also called the Secret Lake as it is hidden between Madhapur and Jubilee Hills. It is a 63-acre retreat or oasis surrounded by granite from all sides and hidden by rock formations.

The lake dates back to millions of years ago and is Hyderabad’s most picturesque spot, away from the noise, crowd, and concrete jungle of the city.

The lake used to provide drinking water to the Golconda Fort inhabitants during the regime of Qutub Shahi Dynasty.

The expansive lush green landscape boasts of stunning boating spots and activities like trekking and camping with your family and friends. You will find numerous boating options at Durgam Cheruvu including mechanized boats, pedal boats, and water scooters.

The lake lets you unwind and spend some quality time in the lap of nature beside a serene water body. Durgam Cheruvu also features a floating fountain and artificial waterfall, thus attracting visitors from the city and other parts of the country. 

The tourists frequent Durgam Cheruvu Lake for activities such as fishing, which is uncommon in the city of Hyderabad.

You will also find a rock garden and Amphitheater that attracts visitors from all over the city. The lake is also a popular filming location in Hyderabad because of its splendid surroundings and scenic beauty.

You will find a refreshment center and cafeteria situated here, where you can eat and hang out with your family and friends after taking a tour of the lake. 

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Located in the city’s western part, Golconda Fort is one of the most famous attractions in Hyderabad. Built at an approximate distance of around 9 kilometers from the popular Hussain Sagar Lake, this fortress is a beautifully preserved monument of the country.

Constructed in the sixteenth century, the fort is known to have sheltered the majestic Kohinoor diamond at some time in the past. It is believed that if one claps his hands at the fort’s bottom part, its echoes can be felt even at the top of the structure.

 The classic architecture, the rich history, and the potential mysteries of the fortress adds to the charm of the monument and invite a huge number of tourists from across the globe.The breathtaking glamour of Golconda Fort can impress anyone within no time. The sturdy body of the structure coupled with the highly advanced architectural style can leave any visitor awestruck and spellbound.

Tourists visiting the fort can also catch a glimpse of the jaw-dropping sunset view from the topmost part of this fortress. Visitors can also capture the unparalleled grandeur of the fort in photographs and carry them home as beautiful souvenirs to remember their visit to the monument.

Another highlight of Golconda Fort is the amazing sound and light show held here. Presented beautifully in front of the audience in three different languages, this show is sure to provide you a truly unforgettable and magical experience.

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Alluring visitors for its untouched beauty and uncluttered serenity, NTR Gardens happens to be one of the major and famous attractions in Hyderabad. Spread across a huge area of around 55 acres, this garden is home to the beautiful memorial of Andhra Pradesh’s former Chief Minister, Late NT Rama Rao.

This stunning garden was developed by the state government with a huge capital of around 40 crores, for honoring the commendable and legendary leader. At present, this garden is considered as an appealing entertainment and leisure destination of Hyderabad.

Situated close to the very popular Hussain Sagar Lake, NTR Gardens is an easy escape from the tiresome activities of daily life. The green trees and shrubs and the colorful flora add to the charm of the garden, which is enough to leave visitors awestruck.  In addition to the serene and tranquilizing atmosphere, the garden even offers umpteen varieties of amazing recreational activities for the entertainment of the visitors.

Some of the major attractions of NTR Gardens include Japanese Garden, Desert Garden, and Roaring Cascade. The garden also has amazing in-house souvenir shops as well as multiple food joints. One of the very interesting food outlets is the Car Café, which is a mobile café and can accommodate six people at a single time. 

The offerings of NTR Gardens are not limited to this. The garden also has a toy train facility that can take visitors on a short ride across the entire garden. Furthermore, visitors can also experience boating during which they can get a chance to access the nearby Hussain Sagar Lake.

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Ocean Park is located near the famous Gandipet Lake in Hyderabad. The whole complex of the park is divided into two halves - one half is dedicated to the water activities and the other half is dedicated to an amusement park. You will fall in love with the wide range of activities inside both water and amusement park. 

The park not only offers some of the state of the art facilities but it also offers few exhilarating water features that comply with the international standards. Park is known all over India to present some of the unique fun-filled experiences to adults and children as well. Adults can try adventure sports like jet skiing and scuba diving where as children can spend playful time in the water slides and pools. 

The park not only offers amusement options to the visitors, but it also offers amazing accommodation facilities to the visitors who long to spend some time in this fun filled environment. You can choose to stay in the deluxe suites and soak in all the fun of this amazing place.

The Ocean Park offers amazing packages at the time of booking entry into the park. You can choose the packages that best suits you. Most of the rides and activities are included in the entry ticket for the park and there are still some of the rides for which you need to pay extra. 

You don’t need to worry about the safety of your loved ones inside the park. All the necessary safety precautions have been taken while curating the park for visitors and most importantly this park is built as per international standards. of engineering and safety. Visit this premier water park in the course of your Hyderabad tour.

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Built between 1857 and 1869 in Hyderabad, the Chowmahalla Palace is almost 200 years old and was once the official seat of the Asaf Jahi dynasty. Now, it is one of the major tourist destinations in Hyderabad, and is known for its magnificent architecture and awe-inspiring beauty. For history and art lovers, the palace is an unmissable destination, what with its historical significance and rich heritage.

The name of the palace literally means “Four Palaces”. Chow means four and Mahalat is the plural of Mahalel, which means palaces in Urdu. The magnificent palace acted as the official residence of many Nizams of Hyderabad during the time they ruled the city, and people often say that it resembles the Shah Palace in Tehran, in Iran. 

The palace grounds are massive, and it has two huge courtyards with a magnificent dining hall which is known as Khilawat. The palace is still registered as the property of Barkat Ali Khan Mukarram Jah, who is considered as the heir of Nizams. Chowmahalla Palace was decorated with the Asia Pacific Merit award in 2010 by UNESCO.

One of the most impressive things about the palace is its imposing architecture. The façade is made of an intricate network of beautiful domes, large windows, dramatic arches and delicately carved out designs. The grounds of the palace feature lush green gardens, marvelous fountains, and numerous smaller palaces. There is a Clock Tower, Roshan Bangla, and Council Hall here.

The palace features some of the most renowned buildings in Hyderabad. The royal seat was laid in Khilwat Mubarak and this is where the court proceedings of the Nizam took place. The administrative wing, also known as Bara Imam offers some of the most impressive views of the palace gardens. 

The architecture of the palace takes heavily after Persian, Rajasthani, Indo-Saracenic, and European styles. All four palaces within the complex - Aftab Mahal, Afzal Mahal, Tahniyat Mahal and Mahtab Mahal are worth checking out.

The palace construction started in 1750, under the orders of Salabat Jung, and the whole complex was finished during the reign of Afzal ad Dawlah, Asaf Jah V, who was the fifth Nizam of Hyderabad and ensured the construction completed in 1969.

After its construction was finished, the palace became the main residence of the Nawabs of Hyderabad. They started holding royal court at the palace soon, and the center for all major tournaments and activities related to the Nizam rule. Festivals and ceremonies were held in the Chowmahalla palace on a regular basis, and the Nizam hosted several welcome parties here for his esteemed guests.

The palace was also used as a stopover for Grand Khilafat, and would often be used as a guesthouse by other royal family members. It is said that the architecture, design, and layout of the palace is heavily influenced by Juveria Khan Rahimullah.

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With more than 400 temples globally and 140 temples in India, the International Society for Krishna Consciousness or ISKCON is one of the largest and popular religious organizations in the world. The organization has its reach in almost every continent on Earth. ISKCON is known for its spirituality, mindfulness and marvelous religious structures.

Among its many temples in India, one can find a beautiful ISKCON Temple in the city of Hyderabad. Located in the central region of Nampally, the main deity of the ISKCON temple is Lord Krishna alongside idols of Sri Radha-Mohana, Sri Jagannatha Baladeva-Subhadra, and Sri Gauri-Nitai.

The temple is a marvel with modern architecture and lush green gardens around it. The temple also houses many water-fountains that make the temple more magnificent and enigmatic. One will always hear the hymn of “Hare Rama Hare Krishna” in various corners of the temple.

The temple authorities organize devotional and religious lectures in the halls of the temple and teach the preaching of Lord Krishna. Alongside the lectures, the authorities organize Pujas daily with some special programs on Sunday to attract more and more devotees to the temple.

ISKCON temple is the epicenter of cultural and spiritual well-being and various social activities for the local people residing in the temple. The authorities sent the residents of the temples to various corporate centers and institutes to teach various spiritualization techniques. The aim of the people of ISKCON is to raise the importance of spiritualization in oneself and learn the true value of life.

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Located in the centre of Hyderabad, Indira Park is situated near Lower Tank Bund Road near the famous Hussain Sagar Lake. Spread over an expanse of 76 acres, the park has been named after former Prime Minister of the country, Mrs. Indira Gandhi. Amongst the oldest parks in Hyderabad, Indira Park is also one of the most popular tourist spots in the city, frequented by children, adults as well as the elderly on a regular basis.

Even though it is located in the middle of the city, it is still quite idyllic and tranquil, where you can spend some time amidst lush green nature in solidarity, away from the chaos of the bustling city. 

Indira Park is a great place for enjoying picnics with your friends and family. Moreover, it boasts of lush greenery as well as immense natural beauty, which adds to the magnificence of the park. In addition to the lush green and well-maintained garden areas in the park, you can also find many other attractions, such as the dancing fountains, food stalls and much more.

The park also has computerised musical fountains, along with a rock garden and a nursery, where you can buy exotic plants for yourself. One of the most unique facts about Indira Park is its construction. The park has been constructed in a way such that its design does not disturb the natural elements already present here.

At Indira Park, you can find a lot of great fruit trees and other flora. Some of these are date palm trees, mango trees, blackberry and sandalwood trees as well as kevda plantations. The exteriors of the park are further designed in the Hindu-Islamic styles of architecture, making the overall look of Indira Park even more grand and magnificent.
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Wonderla Amusement Park is not just an amusement park in Hyderabad but an amazing world of breathtaking charm. It is a place where people can come and celebrate their happy moments with family and loved ones. It has a water park, amazing rides, places to eat delicious food and much more for all to enjoy.

You can have unlimited fun in a safe and sound manner as this park takes proper steps to ensure your safety while you enjoy any rides or simply chill inside the water pool. Wonderla also has a proper dress code of a swimming costume enforced for security and hygienic reasons which the visitors must follow. And, if you don’t have a swimming costume, you have the option to buy it from the shops inside the park.

The rides are divided into different sections to avoid any confusion among the visitors.The divisions are: water rides, kids rides, thrill, rides, and land rides. You also don’t need to pay for each time you wish to enjoy a ride. Wonderla has a hassle free system of one-time entry ticket by which you can enjoy any ride multiple times without facing any kind of problem.

This park even offers you pick up and drop off service from different locations around the city which you can avail. Wonderla Amusement Park should be on the must-visit list of everyone because it will leave you with a lifelong amazing experience.

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Salar Jung Museum of Hyderabad is a prominent art museum in India. It has gained substantial popularity in hosting the largest one-man collection of exquisite antiques and art pieces. The museum is considered as one of the renowned tourist destinations of Hyderabad, alluring tourists from all across India and abroad.

The unique characteristics of the museum are to preserve the heritage of India by improvising on digital techniques. It is a perfect place for ardent lovers of art and history. It hosts some of the exotic collections of art, literature, and science demonstrating the exclusive achievements of renowned people from all over the world.

Salar Jung Museum is essentially a treasure house with an immense repository of books, manuscripts, art collections, precious materials, statues from countries of Europe, Asia and others. Several seminars and workshops are conducted inside the museum for fostering academic interests in the people.

It collaborates with several International museums as well for hosting exhibitions. You can also find a substantial number of miniature paintings of 14th
 and 15th century India. The museum is easily accessible from anywhere in the city of Hyderabad due to its proximity to the other famous tourists' spots.

The museum has received accolades and fame due to its exclusive collections on the different fields of history. 
It is essentially the zeal and passion of the Salar Jung generation which resulted in the huge collection of artistic achievements from different countries of the world, especially of Europe and Asia.

They had a special fascination with preserving the diversity of the rich old traditions and heritages dwelling among various eminent personalities of the world. 

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Snow World is located in Hyderabad, Telangana, and serves as an amusement park. It is spread across an area of 2 acres and attracts many visitors who want to escape the heat of the sun primarily during summers. 

The facility was designed by the renowned art director and architect Nitish Roy, who spent an equivalent of INR 20 million on its construction. The place is swamped with 200 tons of artificial snow on layered floors in order to avoid melting or seepage. The top layer of the snow is cleaned every day, after which an additional 2 or 3 tons is added. 

The artificial snow is made with water that goes through a rigorous filtering process four times in order to avoid any harm to its visitors. The park takes a step-wise approach towards exposing the visitors to the sub-zero temperatures, starting from 20 degrees Celsius. Gradually, the visitors explore the Cryo Zone which maintains a constant temperature of -5 degrees Celsius. The visitors are provided with heavy and warm clothing such as sweaters and jackets in order to help them get acquainted with the changing surroundings.

The park is interspersed with various zones and things to do like the Snow Merry-go-round, Snow volleyball, Snow basketball, and Snow dancing. Apart from that, there are several rides that visitors can enjoy, including Bumper Cars, Snow Wars, Snow Play Area, Snow Tube, and Sleigh Slide.

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Alluring tourists from across the globe, Sky Zone Hyderabad happens to be the first ever trampoline park in the country. Spread across a huge area of around 10,000 square feet, this indoor amusement park offers its visitors a plethora of exhilarating and adrenaline-pumping activities.

These activities allow visitors to jump, hop, skip, and of course burn a good amount of calories. Some of the major attractions that propel athletic junkies, fitness freaks, and experience seekers to Sky Zone Hyderabad include Freestyle Jump, Foam Zone, Sky Slam, Sky Ladder, Sky Joust, SkyLine, Ultimate Dodgeball, Warped Wall, and The Warrior Course.

All the activities available here can be experienced and enjoyed by people of all age groups, including kids. Every activity provided here is absolutely safe and supervised by professional instructors, who offer significant amount of training as well as safety instructions required for the doers before they try an act out.

In addition, the park also offers a special type of socks to visitors in order to keep them from falling off and getting injured. The activities offered by this park help in reducing stress, rejuvenating the body and the mind, making the body flexible and strong, increasing blood circulation, and reducing body fats.

Sky Zone Hyderabad also allows you to take a room or its whole facility on rent and have your personal events and celebrations. People like to organize birthday parties, get together parties, corporate events, and special indoor activity classes in this trampoline park of Sky Zone Hyderabad. The park also offers add-ons such as water bottles and goodie packs to visitors at an additional cost. 

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Qutb Shahi Tomb is one of the most iconic Islamic sites that hold the prominence of being the oldest monuments in Hyderabad. With a magnificent blend of Indian and Persian architectural styles, these tombs are revered as one of the most important historical sites in India. These tombs were laid as a solemn reminder of the glory and grandeur of Golconda and great kings who were buried over here.

They are also said to form a golden triangle with Golconda Fort and Taramati Baradari. They stand at the center of Ibrahim Bagh that consists of planted pathways and ponds. There are around thirty tombs in the enclosure besides some beautiful open-air tombs that vary in size. The largest of all of these tombs is the Mohammed Quli Qutub Shahi tomb.

Qutb Shahi Tombs is a group of beautiful mosques that were built during the rule of Qutb Shahi Dynasty. These tombs are built on a raised platform and have a splendid dome-shaped structure. The best thing is that all the domes over here are unique, with fine details and intricate design. The beauty of this place is so appealing that people often forget that they’re in a royal graveyard once they’re over here.

A small temple and two mosques are also located on the premises of these tombs, where people come to pray and seek the blessings of God. These tombs are surrounded by landscaped gardens where people often come for a picnic. Every dome, arch, and gallery of these tombs speak of its architectural excellence.

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Newly Added Hyderabad Experience
16 October 2015
The first thing that comes to your mind when you enter this resort is the fact that it is absolutely beautiful! The rooms are spacious and comfortable. The resort has many different areas where you can just sit and relax. There are a lot of activities that you can be a part of or you can just relax by the pool. The resort is close to the city and can be visited anytime. One of the best places to have a relaxing weekend.
Chandraayan Bharadwaj Hyderabad Tour Package For 2 Days
Everything was arranged as promised. Including entry tickets to all the attractions in the package. I would highly recommend to everyone.
Uttam Kaniyar Dhola Ri Dhani
Foods there was good with different varieties, amazing shows, and the staffs there were highly professional, A highlight of Hyderabad.
Great place to hang-out with friends on a holiday, the ticket price is 499 which really matched with the experience.
Abhaidev Gowda Hyderabad City Tour
Good service!!! The guide was knowledgable and all the sightseeing in Hyderabad is simply awesome...
01 September 2020
I happened to spend a weekend with my immediate family in July. They have taken appropriate measures to contain the virus there. After thoroughly checking all that we went there and stayed. The environment, the staff, food & beverages, and their hospitality were excellent. I recommend this place to everyone looking to spend outside your home safely during this pandemic.
Had a great experience, they showed us a good time. Would go back any time to book more trips with thrillophilia.
Amazing and nice tour. Everything well planned and nicely arranged. Food served during entire trip was good and pickups and drop-offs all were on time.
The timing was perfect throughout the trip. We met the guide in the morning. He took us to visit all the places mentioned in the tour package. It was a lovely day spent amidst the city of pearls. We have a lot of fun there.
Well planned, Well-coordinated and equally efficiently executed. Amazing trip with a lifetime of memories. Kudos to Thrillophilia and a big thank you to Tani once again

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