Croatia National Parks

1. Plitvice National Park
2. Krka National Park
3. Risnjak National Park
4. Paklenica National Park
5. Kamenjak National Park
6. Brijuni National Park
7. Mljet National Park
8. Northern Velebit National Park
9. Kornati Islands National Park
10. Biokovo Nature Park

Explore the stunning national parks of Croatia which is renowned for its turquoise colored lakes, amazing wildlife, thrilling adventure sports and the rich culture and heritage of Croatia. You can also experience scuba diving and snorkeling to explore the variety of stunning aquatic marine life which ranges from rare species of underwater plants, algae, flora and fauna.

Indulge in thrilling hiking trails to explore the picturesque panorama with lush green landscape which is a haven for adventure and nature enthusiasts. Visit the Krka National park to witness the grandeur of its majestic network of waterfalls, including the famous Skradinski Buk falls. Explore the Brijuni National Park to witness the stunning safari, excursions and stunning sightseeing in one of the most visited.

Here are some of the best national parks in Croatia:

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Plitvice National Park

  • Explore Plitvice Lakes National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site is one of the largest and oldest national parks in Croatia to witness the picturesque landscape.
  • Visit the park to spot the vivid wildlife which ranges from brown bears to Wolves and more than 100 species of exotic and native birds.
  • Experience the thrill of hiking and trekking in the deluge of hiking trails which make it one of the best National parks in Croatia for adventure enthusiasts.

Location: Lika-Senj County, Karlovac County, Croatia

All days of the week: 8 am to 1 pm.

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Krka National Park

  •  Explore one of the best national parks in Croatia, the Krka National park to witness the grandeur of its majestic network of waterfalls, including the famous Skradinski Buk falls.
  • You can spot the large variety of fauna and flora, over 800 species of plant life and the animal life around Krka River brimming with vivid amphibian and reptile creatures.
  • The park hosts various activities and environment protection which is intended towards scientific, educational, tourism and cultural activities.
  • You can also experience the boat tours to explore the rest of the stunning waterfalls and its endangered species of bats which is one of the most visited Croatia National Parks.

Location: Lozovac, Croatia

August : 8:00 - 20:00
              September: 8:00 -19:00

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Risnjak National Park

  • Explore the Risnjak National Park to witness the mesmerizing flora and fauna, diverse species of birds, reptiles and the predators, the lynx, bear and the wolf.
  • Risnjak National Park is one of 8 national parks in Croatia, situated in the best mountainous region in Croatia, the Gorski Kotar which is home to the rare lynx.
  • Explore the rocky ridge of Veliki Risnjak peak, Snježnik mountain peak and the source of the Kepariver to experience its stunning beauty and the cultural heritage.

Bijela Vodica 48, 51317 Crni Lug, Hrvatska

Open 24 hrs 

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Paklenica National Park

  • Explore one of the best national parks in Croatia to experience the thrill of hiking trails and deep gorges which is perfect for adventure enthusiasts.
  • You can also walk to the two gorgeous canyons, Velika Paklenica and Mala Paklenica to explore numerous caves of various sizes.
  • The stunning park lets you explore the geological highlights where you can explore the plethora of plant, bird and animal species.

Starigrad, Croatia

6 am to 8 pm

Kamenjak National Park

  • Explore the Kamenjak National Park to experience the home of the fossilized footprints of the dinosaurs and stunning Kamenjak Beaches by visiting one of the best national parks in Croatia. Enjoy snorkeling, swimming and fun paddling where the turquoise waters are crystal clear and explore interesting caves and coves.
  • Enjoy delicious traditional cuisine at the Safari Bar and indulge in adventurous activities like cycling and the adrenaline pumping experience of jumping off the rocks.

Selo 120, Premantura / Croatia

All round the week: 7 am to 10 pm

Brijuni National Park

  • Explore the Brijuni National Park to witness the stunning safari, excursions and stunning sightseeing in one of the most visited National Parks in Croatia.
  • Experience the stunning flora and fauna, dinosaur footprints, the mediterranean garden and dive to explore the vivid submarine world.
  • You can also explore the natural, cultural, archeological, geological and palaeontological culture and heritage sites and various educational programs.
  • Visit the Brijuni National Park to explore the sculptures in the park and stunning museum collections to have an experience of a lifetime.

Istria County, Croatia

8:00-15:00; Sundays and holidays 8:00-12:00 

Mljet National Park

  • Experience the thrill of kayaking and savor the spectacular picturesque panorama overlooking the hills by hiking up the hills.
  • You can enjoy sunbathing and swimming as the crystal clear waters are warmer which is perfect to swim in the colder months. 
  • Explore the stunning Malo Jezero which is the smaller of the two saltwater lakes which is the most mesmerizing, due to its dazzling, turquoise waters.

Pristanište 2, 20226, Gove?ari – Mljet

Timing: High Season: Every day from 8 am to 8 pm
              Low Season: Every day from 9 am to 5 pm

Northern Velebit National Park

  • Explore the Northern Velebit National Park which is included in the UNESCO’s World Network of Biosphere Reserves which is characterized by the diversity and abundance of stunning landscapes.
  • Visit the remains of numerous cultural monuments, mountain huts and churches of human habitation of the mountain dwellers.
  • Get to explore the thrill of the amazing trails like Premuzic trail and cycling tours to glimpse the stunning waterfalls, culture and heritage of the land.
  • You can also go on an educational hiking tour to explore the Inscribed Stone, watermills, shepherd’s hut and funeral monuments.

Location: Krasno 96, 53274, Krasno Polje, Croatia

Kornati Islands National Park

  • Explore the Kornati Islands National Park to experience the nautical paradise and charming stone walls which makes it one of the most visited National Parks in Croatia.
  • You can visit one of the Croatia National Parks to explore the stunning Memorial crosses, Kornati pastures which are open to visit throughout the year.
  • Witness the rare eagle owl and the dazzling underwater life which consists of numerous pieces of plants, animal species and over 330 species of algae.
  •  You can experience the thrill of scuba diving and snorkeling in the crystal clear waters to explore the stunning variety of marine life.

Adriatic sea, in the northern part of Dalmatia

Biokovo Nature Park

  • Exploring one of the Croatia National Parks, the Bikovo National Parks to experience the stunning panorama which emerges from the sea offering its tips with the Makarska Riviera which is unique.
  • Experience the thrill of hiking, cycling, trekking in the stunning trails which are organized by professional guides who take you to the best spots.
  • You can also visit the stunning Skywalk Bikovo which is 1228 meters above sea level to explore the sea over the islands and on sunny days, you can get to see all the way to Italy.

E65, Makarska 21300, Croatia

7 am to 8 pm

People Also Ask About Croatia

  1. Which is the best national park in Croatia?

    Plitvice Lakes National Park is the largest and best national park in Croatia to witness the stunning waterfalls and picturesque landscape. Explore the Plitvice Lakes National Park to experience the gorgeous view of the mesmerizing waterfalls from lower parts of the ground. You can also indulge in numerous adventurous and outdoor activities to experience the thrill of hiking and trekking while exploring the stunning landscape.
  2. What is special about Plitvice National Park?

    Plitvice National Park is renowned for its stunning caves, the turquoise waters flowing over the limestone which have turned into a series of gorgeous waterfalls, caves and lakes. You can also experience the thrill of trekking and hiking in the beautiful gorges and canyons overlooking the vivid landscape and lush green scenery.
  3. What is the best time to visit Croatia?

    The best time to visit Croatia is in the summer months, from June to September, when nature is in bloom. Visit one of the most renowned national parks in Croatia to experience the sunny days and temperatures are ideal for boating and taking a dip in the sunning turquoise blue waters.
  4. How many days do you need to explore Croatia?

    10 days is the perfect amount of time to fully experience Croatia. Given that, you can visit Croatia for three weeks or even a month if you have more time because it is a really diversified country with lots of things to do.
  5. Which Croatia National Park has the most visitors?

    Among all the national parks in Croatia, the Plitvice Lakes attract around 805 thousand visitors around the globe due to its stunning waterfalls and the variety of wildlife, overlooking the picturesque landscape. It is the perfect haven for adventure enthusiasts who cna experience the thrill of trekking and hiking in the plethora of trails.
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