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Switzerland Honeymoon Tour Packages

The most beautiful land in the whole world serving as the perfect destination for honeymoon Switzerland is the place to be! Ravel the beauty of this magical world filled with inviting places and generous people. 

Feast on the lovely food while marveling over the most picturesque sites in the world. Switzerland honeymoon Package is counted as one of the most exciting and fun filled.  Relax in the recognized hotel and resorts ranges, taking a spa while sipping your freshly produced wine! 

Witness the revering alpine ranges, meadows, trekking locations or wonderful cities or just admire the lakes and hills from your very stand. Everything on your Switzerland Tour will be breathtaking and worth a click.

This country in Europe offers a romantic getaway with your partner in life. Switzerland is full of most beguiling and lovely spots for couples to escape and make a few recollections.

This Switzerland travel guide will possibly take you to all the places that you’ve just heard of.  However, this is the most expensive country in Europe which is often skipped by the travelers due to budget constraints. Still, Switzerland has been seducing visitors with its rich lands and richer traditions.

This place is glorious to visit in various seasons and is counted as a honeymoon option by the newly wedded. Don't forget to explore Europe trip packages for a comprehensive experience!

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Best Time To Visit Switzerland?


High Season

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Image Credit : worldtravelguide.net


If you are planning your honeymoon in winters, then the best time to visit Switzerland would be in months of January and February as these are the most wintery months. 

You can enjoy a wonderful trip as the days are short and cold, with daylight only from 8 am to 5:30 pm. You will be surrounded by snow, whether you are in a major city or in a valley or a region situated at an elevation of 1500 metres. 

Get ready for some winter sports and activities that are an attraction factor here. You can hike up those picturesque hills in the lower altitude areas, take a city tour and ski in high season months.


The other best time to visit Switzerland for honeymoon would be in the summer months of July and August when you can enjoy panoramic views of greenery that surrounds you. 

Although the weather varies throughout the day, you can still feel the warmth in the air. Some days are extremely hot due to global warming. 

However, you can still enjoy summer things to do in Switzerland like biking, trekking, camping, paragliding, hiking in high terrains and other things. 

As you look around, you will be witnessing the fanciness of this paradise land. The trails will be clear of snow and the pleasant temperature invites for a city tour or a walk through revering gardens filled with flowers. You can also witness popular festivals of the region.

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Low Season

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Image Credit : wildernesstravel.com

Winters: You can witness low season in Switzerland in spring months of April and May. Most of the resorts are closed during these months. 

You will come across manifest charms of spring near lakes and lowland region. However, this is one of the best time to visit Switzerland for a honeymoon as you can hike up the pretty trails that will be open and accessible during these months.

Summer: The low season after summers would be in months of October and November as this is not the peak season month. 

It is the time when summer has ended and is basically a fall period with mild weather and cool breeze experienced from time to time. 

This is also a good time for planning a honeymoon in Switzerland as you can see the advent of snow in the region and mountains. 

Days are shorter starting at 7:30 am and ending at 6:30 pm. There are a lot of things to do in Switzerland at this time, plan a trekking getaway with your lover in the lower trails as high trails might be covered with snow. 

Enthral in the gorgeous vistas of the places in Switzerland or relax at the resorts like Zermatt and Verbier which might still be open.

June:  June is basically the summer month which is perfect for some hiking as the majority of trails open up. You can enjoy rides in cable cars and Cogwheel trains which were earlier closed.

September: September is considered a beautiful time unlike July, this is not a hot month. By the end of the month, you can notice that leaves start to colour. 

This is basically the fall season, which is considered the best month for Switzerland Honeymoon activities such as high altitude hiking.

December:  December has the same weather like the month of November, with winter approaching and shorter days. 

You can experience a full winter in the second half of the month when the temperature drops down and the snow starts to fall. 

This is the Christmas time, until which it is a low season month. However, things start to get lively as Christmas approaches and many resorts and sports open up for the tourists, and this becomes a popular time for tourists.

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Documents Required For Switzerland Honeymoon


Your Passport

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1. Fill the online passport application form by registering or logging in to the government portal.

2. At the appointed time and date, reach and submit the printouts of the application form along with required documents to the respective passport office and get it verified by the Seva Kendra.

3. Take the proofs of your age along with one address proof, one education qualification proof & 3 passport size photos.

4. Further, there will be a police verification, that will be conducted thrice until they submit a clear report.

5. After this, your passport book will be printed, packed and sent.

6. Your passport will be granted in a period of 3 weeks.

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Switzerland Visa

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The general required documents for a Swiss Schengen Visa Application are as follows:

1. Application form: you will have to download the online application form and fill it completely and sincerely.

2. Photos: For Swiss visa, you will have to keep in mind the requirements and specifications for the photos. You will need to provide 2 photos attached to the form; the photos must be of passport format -- a recent whole-face capture with a light background.

3. Your passport and previous visa copies are required. These must be valid for at least 3 months beyond the return date. Further, your passport must have at least 2 blank pages.

4. A copy of your return-ticket reservation. It is not advisable to purchase the ticket before obtaining the visa – if not otherwise required.

5. A cover letter: this must state the purpose of your visit to Switzerland and your itinerary.

6. A medical insurance: travel medical insurance confirmation of minimum  30,000 € coverage within Swiss and entire Schengen area.

7. A proof of accommodation for the stay:  hotel reservation including the name and phone number of hotel

8. Proof of airline reservation for a round trip with dates and flight numbers

9. Proof of sufficient financial funds: for the period of stay in Switzerland. A foreign national who wants to enter and reside in the territory of Switzerland must be able to attest owning at least 100 CHF or 92.34€/day on his disposition during its stay in Switzerland, while, in case the foreigner is a student this amount reduces to 30 CHF or 27.70€/day. 

A foreigner is obliged to provide such proof of sufficient financial means, the moment applying for a Swiss Visa to the Swiss Embassy or Consulate.

10. Proof of your civil status: proofs like marriage certificate, birth certificate, ration card, etc.

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Transportation In Switzerland


International Airports

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Image Credit : geneva.info

Switzerland is a big country, that has three international airports:-

1. The international airports are seated in Zurich-Kloten (ZRH), Geneva (GVA) and Basel-Mulhouse (BSL).

Also, Zurich and Geneva airports have their own railway stations which provide fast and frequent travel to the heart of these places and are connected to other major cities of Switzerland as well. 

2. The third airport of Basel- Mulhouse is actually situated on the French territory and is shared with the city of France, Mulhouse. 

But the Euro public may reach the airport on a short extraterritorial highway without literally entering France. Apart from these, there are two more airports offering a relevant number of scheduled passenger flights to various European destinations. 

These airports, Bern-Belpmoos (BRN) and Lugano-Agno (LUG) are too small for planes used to inter continental travel. 

Another 61 airports and airfields, among them St. Moritz and Gstaad, may be used by smaller aircraft. However, public buses connect the airports with the central railway station and tram hubs.

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Swiss Federal Railways

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Image Credit : berank.com

The most popular Swiss Federal Railways is the national railway company of Switzerland and is the largest transport company in Switzerland. 

- It is generally recognised by its initials of its French (CFF), Italian (FFS) or German (SBB) Names, either concentrated or separately. 

- The venture has its headquarters in Bern, the capital. It was earlier a government institution but since 1999 its shares are held by Swiss cantons and Swiss confederation.

- The tickets in Swiss federal railways are categorised, into two classes: first and second class. Those who are below the age of 16 and holds a half fare card, are privileged to pay half the price for tickets. 

- The trains are non-smoking and are divided into the locomotive engine and multiple units for passengers.

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Scenic Railroads

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Image Credit : greatsmokies.com

The top things to keep in mind while preparing a travel in scenic roads rails are:

1. For some of the Swiss scenic trains, You need to have seat reservations

2. The ride in scenic railroads is free with most rail passes;

3. The most famous one of all scenic trains is The Glacier Express.

4. Multi day rail holiday packages of railroads allow you to see the Alps entirely by train.

5. There is a huge list of scenic railroads that you can opt for in Switzerland.

6. Each scenic railroad covers a different region or site. For example, the Bernina express is a scenic train ride from the old town of Chur across the Bernina Pass to Italy.

7. The duration of your travel may be a few hours or a whole day.

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Cross-country Buses

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Image Credit : newlyswissed.com

All the villages in Switzerland almost can be reached by the regional bus services, which runs several times a day and mostly per hour. 

The famous yellow post buses are operated by the Swiss post. You can access the tickets and schedules of these all cross country buses from the integrated unique system of Switzerland public transports.  All the necessary information is available on one portal website from where you can plan your journey. This is www.sbb.ch, from where you can even print out a through-fare ticket online. 

- There are no long distance public buses in Switzerland. However, you can take trains that run from time to time.

- You can spend your day in buses running on various routes. In some regions, there are both urban and cross-country night buses on weekends.

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Image Credit : travelsavvymom.com

Waterways in Swiss no longer are the major mode of transportation. There is a limited lot of freight transport that is done, especially of the gravel deposits at the end of the lake by alpine rivers that feed the lake. 

- Now, Switzerland waters are content with small extended navigable rivers and canals and wonderful lakes. The Switzerland is standing on the third position in boats with 10,000,00 boats matriculated and about 8 habitats. 

- Twelve major lakes in Switzerland are navigable. Public passenger ships mostly serve the same purpose as dedicated privately owned pleasure cruise boats. 

- People who wish to get to the other side of the lake, running on water is usually faster than trains and buses.

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Honeymoon Destinations In Switzerland



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Image Credit : flixbus.de

The regional airport in the city of Bern (Berne), is the Bern airport, serving the capital of Switzerland. This airport is located within the town limits and handles flights in Europe and certain leisure destinations. Bern is the fifth most populous city in Switzerland famous for its arcades, streets and fountains. Bern is the capital city and has a list of all the lovely places to visit in Switzerland.

Things to do: You can have a look at the most prominent building, the Parliament house, or visit the famous Clocktower or spend some time at the BearPark.  You can take a dip in the Aare river or even indulge in a rafting experience. Other than other sites like Botanical garden, Bern museum, Cathedral and Old town of Bern.

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Image Credit : premiumswitzerland.com

Lucerne is a stunning town with snow capped mountains and breathtaking views. However there are other things to do in Switzerland, Lucerne is one of the compact cities that cannot be missed. 

It is elevated at a height of 1427 ft above the sea level. It is the most populous town in Central Switzerland with beautiful locations to visit. You can grab the opportunity to witness the famous landmark, the Chapel Bridge or the old beach of Lucerne.

Specialty: This town is a combination of economics, transportation, culture, and media, and is the capital of the canton of Lucerne. Filled with culture and heritage this place attracts a number of tourists all round the year.

Nearest airport: The nearest airport to Lucerne is the Zurich airport. This airport is around 70 km from the town of Lucerne.

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Image Credit : luganoturismo.ch

One of the best honeymoon destinations in Switzerland, Lugano, is the largest city in Ticino with a majority of Italian speaking inhabitants, outside Italy. This city in Southern Swiss is the ninth largest city which is bordered by mountain peaks of Lugano Prealps. 

This city lies in Lake Lugano and has a population of over 1.5 lakhs. This holiday region in Switzerland is the third most important in terms of financial hub and serving as an industrial hub as well.

Attractions: This is a perfect destination which is favourably visited in springs when tourists witness the blooming camellias in the gardens and wander amidst the numerous buildings decorated in Italian style, the exotic monuments, exclusive museums and high peaks and beautiful lakes.

Things to do: You can experience the rich culture along with world class infrastructure all combined. Visitors fondly enjoy all the festivals and events of this cultural city and soak up in the atmosphere of this place.

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Image Credit : jungfrau.ch

Located amid the two municipalities in Switzerland, Interlaken and Fiesch, Jungfrau is placed at 4158 metres and is one of the main summits of Bernese Alps. This massif has been a key attraction and has been luring climbers since early 1800s. Also, there are skiers who try to climb through its 206 km and set against the backdrop of the three known peaks of the Jungfrau massif.

Located: This virgin peak is situated between northern canton of Berne and Southern canton of Valais.

Activities: Sightseers and various adventure seekers get access to the mountains through frequently running lifts and cable cars.

Specialty: The deep snow along with its pretty towns and scenic splendor makes this one of the Switzerland honeymoon destinations that appeal thousands of visitors each year in all seasons to witness this popular land.

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Image Credit : justluxe.com

Zermatt is a beautiful town and is one of the popular honeymoon destinations in Switzerland enclosed between narrow mountains on its sides and is renowned for skiing, climbing and trekking. This green valley is a land of adventures and is a winter sports capital of Valais region, perched up at an elevation of 1600 m.

Activities: Zermatt serves as the base or initial point for various hikes into the mountains. Also, this beauty is dominated by high definite mountain, the beastly curved Matterhorn, which is above the town and makes almost a postcard view.

Specialty: The hamlets that are located in the valleys above Zermatt are not inhabited throughout the year. Zermatt, along with other eleven towns is a member of the best of the Alp community. An important highlight of this town is you can’t drive to Zermatt, as this place has battery driven vehicles which are almost completely silent. This makes the valley more green and sustainable.

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Image Credit : worldtravelguide.net

Fall in love with the lovely city of Zurich, in Switzerland which is also the largest city in the country. This place is a major hub for railways, air and road traffic as it inhabited by 40,0000 people. Zurich has a rich culture and its film festival is one of the most awaited international film events. 

Also, this place has a relatively small population and is a leading global city of the world. This is a hub of Europe’s economy and culture and is one of the main financial capitals. It is a fascinating land for tourists as it is equipped with a variety of places to visit.

Attractions: The main attractions include museums, street parade, the picturesque lakes, the famous rivers, valleys and scenery, the panorama from the skylines and an amazing heritage. This is well preserved old town, with medieval history and Renaissance buildings. This is one of the finest places to visit in Switzerland and arranged for exploring on foot.

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Image Credit : thousandwonders.net

Placed on the shore of Lake Geneva, Lausanne is the biggest city in the canton of Vaud and is also the capital. Lausanne has a population of 146,372 inhabitants who speak French in this part of Switzerland.  This city elegantly rises in terraces on three hills and is the fourth largest city in Switzerland. Also, it is popular tourist spot with a quality of life and economic attractiveness.

Attractions: Lausanne is filled with beautiful museums, libraries, religious buildings, archaeological sites and waterfront monuments. This is another Switzerland honeymoon destination, with scenic terrains and dramatic overwhelming views across the lakes.

Specialty: Lausanne has been quite in news due to Olympic headquarters and Olympic museum. Capture the great environs and roam in this old city like a wanderer.

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Image Credit : infohostels.com

The stunning base location for some of the best locations in central Switzerland, Interlaken is an administrative district in the Swiss canton of Bern. This town is perched at an elevation of 1857 ft and is home to magnificent scenic beauties. Interlaken is one of the popular and oldest summer resorts in Switzerland.

Things to know: This town is full of scenic attractions around it, and even boat and ferry tours on the well known, Thun and Brienz lakes which are at either side of the town. Also, you can experience funicular and amazing train rides to enthralling mountain peaks that surround the town.

Things to do: There is a variety of things you can involve yourself in at this location, from silent walks to calm scenery to adventurous rides to amazing climbs, parasailing, sports activities or just sitting at a lakeside resort.

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Top Places To Stay In Switzerland


Hotel-Restaurant Jardin (Bern)

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Image Credit : restaurantsuche.ch

This exquisite property in Bern is an enjoyable destination for your Switzerland honeymoon. Moreover, you can reach the Rose garden by walking for 10 minutes. Also the old town which is a considerable UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE is just 20 minutes on foot. And the Bern main railway station is also located nearby.

Location: Located just near the old town and city centre, this is still a quiet property which is only a few minutes from the known exhibition center BernExpo and the sports stadiums that can be walked.

Things to know: One unique advantage of staying here is all guests are provided with tickets which can enable you to travel in trams and buses for free.  

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Hotel Seeburg Luzern (Lucerne)

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Image Credit : hotelseeburg.ch

Enjoy a walk along the lake or travel to the old town of Lucerne, this old lakeside hotel, the Hotel Seeburg is a great location for your stay. This place offers you to overlook the lake and witness the beauty of the great Mount Pilatus. Enjoy your stay here at Seeburg hotel in Luzern, and appreciate this exclusive location which offers a unique view of the lake and the mountains.

Location: This hotel is situated on the waterfront. It is a 15 min walk from Lake Luzern and Museum of Swiss transportation to the hotel Seeburg.

Amenities: The rooms are equipped with the basic amenities like sitting areas and coffee makers. Also, there is a flat screen tv along with free newspapers, free wifi, and bottled water. This hotel has 2 restaurants and a bar and coffee shop, and a conference centre, a snacks bar, and free parking.

How to reach:  You can reach Hotel Seeburg from Zurich airport in 4 ways, i.e. by train, a drive, a subway or a taxi or Uber. However, the cheapest would be taking a drive.

Any other specialty: This is located at about 5 km from the old town and you can even take advantage of its private lakeside beach.

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Hotel Colorado Lugano (Lugano)

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Image Credit : deskline.net

Enjoy your stay at Hotel Colorado in Lugano which is located at about 300 meter from the lake, and at a nearby distance from the area which leads to the city centre.

About: Choose among the wide variety of rooms available at this paradise hotel of Lugano, meeting requirements of the guests : single , double, twin room and triple room, equally equipped with a balcony. All arrangements are done in a 3 star hotel way.

Nearby: this hotel is at a close distance from Lugano art and culture centre. The hotel is at just 850 m from the train station and can be easily reached by Lugano highway.

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Hotel Jungfrau Hotel (Jungfrau)

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Image Credit : hoteljungfrau.ch

Explore the amazing setting in Jungfrau, located in the centre of the city.

How to reach: Board the cable car from Lauterbrunnen Valley and rise up to an elevation of 1650 m above sea level, as you feel the pressure in your ears and fresh air in your lungs. You have reached the resort of Murren, as you pass the stunning mountain views. Jungfrau is a 3 star hotel run by a family.

What To Do: Get surrounded by the magic of the nature while enjoying the peace and tranquility of this place. Meander in the typical swiss village and get views of luscious meadows and captivating mountains while serves as destination for hikers!

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Hotel Mirabeau (Zermatt)

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Image Credit : zermatt.com

Mirabeau is truly a magical place, offering views of highest peaks and valleys and greenery of this region. Stay at this wonderland on your visit to Zermatt.

Things to do: Eat the scrumptious freshly made food by the trained chefs, and experience a fine dining experience at this hotel. 

Dive in the pool in summers, or take a bath in the sun sitting in the vast stretched exteriors of the outside of this mansion. Take a round at the wine cellar with exquisite wine collections and enjoy a swirl smell sip here. Take a spa or a hot bath which are designed as to treat the customers with utmost care and focuses on delivering the best services.

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25hours Hotel Zurich West

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Image Credit : metropolischt

Located at a close proximity from Zurich’s railway station, 25 hours hotel in the west of the city is a marvellous hotel.

About: Enjoy the lavish interiors of this huge place, the magically done rooms and the flexibility of space that its corridors boasts of. All rooms are well equipped and provides a aura of professionalism. The hotel has an home like environment and intensively involved with its location. You can sense the authenticity of city Zurich here. This hotel has a total of 126 rooms duly furnished and equipped.

Things to do: Get enthralled by the magnificent views of the outside, witness the neatly paved city homes and beautiful meadows from your balcony. Also you can enjoy a bike ride and table tennis session or enjoy a delicious meal at the cafe and bar. This place has it all!

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Moevenpick Hotel Lausanne

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Image Credit : hospitalitynet.org

Witness the amazing views of the french Alps from the popularly known Moevenpick Hotel Lausanne, seated on the shores of Lake Lake Geneva or Lake Léman as it is also known as.

Distance from the airport: This luxurious property is 45 minutes drive away from the Geneva-Cointrin International Airport.

Amenities: This lavish 4 star property is offering an accommodation for all family type in the 337 non smoking rooms and suites. These stylish premium rooms are equipped with rain showers and balcony, and Wifi facilities among others.

Things to do: Eat the famous buffet breakfast in that pleasant and inviting restaurant atmosphere. This place is also suitable for events and programs that can be conducted in its 18 huge meeting rooms. Staying at this place is not less than a dream come true!

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Hotel Blume Interlaken AG

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Image Credit : booking.com

Even wanted to stay right in the heart of the city? Well, here’s your chance. This small 12 room beautiful hotel is located in a colorful pedestrian street of Interlaken, right in the centre.

Location: Hotel Blume is just a 5 minutes walk from the West train station of Interlaken.

About: This exquisite property entitles you to stay in the decorative rooms in the perfect family atmosphere. While you take advantage of the special offers of this hotel, you can enjoy stunning views of Jungfrau range.

Special Corner: Enjoy a scrumptious Mexican meal or take a look at the inviting surroundings, this place serves a perfect stay with amazing facilities in Interlaken.

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Romantic Attractions In Switzerland


The Clock Tower Bern

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Image Credit : bern.com

About: The famous landmark in the capital city of Bern, the clock tower is a view-able property. This is situated in the old town of Bern, in the city centre. This popular spot was built in the 13th century is a great thing to see in Switzerland.

Things to know: You will be able to understand the clockwork and the performance can be followed. Experience this unforgettable trip of exploring the insides of the tower and figuring the step by step mechanism of the clock.

What’s unique: On the hour, every hour throughout the day, there is a stunning display of early animatronic technology. A little time before the hour, this act begins with little song and drums by a jester on top. 

As the clock strikes the hour, old bearded king and bears enter the act. This is a very entertaining show that is enjoyed by the kids. This clock tells the time, as well as the month, day, sign of the zodiac and phase of the moon. This place is totally worth a visit if you are a mechanics lover.

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Kapellbrucke (Chapel Bridge)

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Image Credit : wikimedia.org

About: Kapellbrucke means Chapel Bridge which is named after the close by St. Peter’s Chapel, is a beautiful bridge placed in Lucerne. It is a wooden pedestrian footbridge that spans diagonally across the River Reuss in the city of Lucerne in central Switzerland.

History: The world’s oldest covered footbridge is unique as it is filled with numerous boastful paintings dated back to the 17th century. Many of them were destroyed in the fire accident that took place in 1993 along with a larger part of the centuries-old bridge.

Things to know: This famous old wooden bridge, Kapellbrucke was subsequently restored and since then it serves as the main tourist attraction in Switzerland. It is also the world’s oldest surviving truss bridge and is witnessed as a symbol of the city. This place features the most beautiful paintings under one roof and all the featured paintings are in triangular frames stuck to the roof.

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Monte San Salvatore, Lugano

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Image Credit : travel-assets.com

Monte San Salvatore is a mountain top above Lake Lugano in the city of Lugano in Switzerland. This is definitely among the places to visit places to visit in Switzerland for honeymoon which offers stunning views of the Lepontine Alps and city of Switzerland.

About: The funicular of Monte San Salvatore links the city to the summit. The greatness and and magic will entice you to the core.

Things to do: Witness the sanctity of the panoramic views from Monte San Salvatore. Its magnificence and beauty will impress you when you settle on the high summit endearing the views of water and hills extending 360 degrees.The visitors can hike up this fairy land or enjoy a scrumptious meal in the terrace restaurant to dig the spectacular views from atop.

Location: This great location is perched up at an elevation of 2992 ft and is located in Ticino in Switzerland. Enthral in the most beautiful and unforgettable experiences of your whole life.

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Jungfraujoch, Jungfrau

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Image Credit : pinimg.com

About: Jungfraujoch is one of the popular places to visit in Switzerland, is stunning saddle located in the Bernese Alps, is the highest train station in Europe. This is associating the two four-thousander pinnacles Jungfrau and Mönch, perched up at an elevation of 3,466 meters (11,371 ft) above sea level.

Things to know: It is like a small village comprising hotel, passages, research station, restaurants and underground pathway leading to an Ice Palace engraved from the glacier. 

Also, this leads to sports venues for skiing and dogsledding. It is a snow mass seat, on the upper snows of the Aletsch Glacier, and part of the Jungfrau-Aletsch zone, arranged on the boundary between the cantons of Bern and Valais, somewhere amid Interlaken and Fiesch.

Other attractions: The primary stop on the Jungfraubahn is Eigergletscher also called Eiger Glacier, situated at 2,320 meters and surrounded by grand, wild views. Further, you will be reaching on the south face of the Eiger, the Eismeer known as Sea of Ice at an altitude of 3,160 meters with views over the much-crevassed surface of the snow mass towards the Wetterhorn, the Schreckhorn, the Fiescherhörner, and the immense crack in glacier under the Mönchsjoch. As you walk from here, it is an adventure of 50 minutes along the rack-railroad to the Jungfraujoch.

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Matterhorn, Zermatt

Image Credit : matterhornchalets.com

About: The hill which is sitting with legs in Switzerland and Italy, guiding the main watershed, is a part of the great Alps. this large mountain peak is a pyramidal symmetrical peak, in extended Monte Rosa area of Pennine Alps, that makes it one of the tallest summit in the whole of Europe and range of Alps.

Things to know: the Matterhorn has an altitude of 4478 metres that makes it really difficult to climb. The north face was not climbed until 1930 and is a part of the trilogy that constitutes 3 biggest north facing peaks of Alps. However, the west side is the highest among the four and is one of the deadliest peaks in the world.

How to reach: Now, more and more young and fascinated trekkers are attracted to the mountain. Rail and cable-car facilities have been enabled to make some of the summits in the area more accessible. Horni hut is easily accessible and is frequently visited by hikers.

Attractions: The Matterhorn has various layers of rocks that can be witnessed during the hike. This is also one of the most astonishing places to visit in Switzerland, as you trek on the beautiful Alps. the trail continues to numerous old trails that have connected the Swiss and Italian valleys for quite a long time. 

The circuit incorporates snow capped glades, gallery trails, larch woods and frigid intersections and has 6 valleys that grasp together 3 different cultures.


Old Town, Zurich

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Image Credit : nandanathanthetravellers

About: The famous old town encompasses the area of the city of Zurich before and up till the period of 1893. This old town, has a population of about 6000, offers a plethora of clubs, shopping stores and is a beautiful town holding its historic value strong along with its culture and social importance of its medieval time.

Things to do: Explore the maze-like overcrowded charming alleys in the eastern part of the old town of Zurich, across the river. Get the amazing views of the old town from the settlement that Romans built which is now a tree shaded Lindenhof.

This old town offers world class entertainment, despite its renaissance background. The narrow lanes and medieval houses along with cafes and bars make this a beautiful destination for honeymoon in Switzerland.

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Cathedral of Notre-Dame, Lausanne

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Image Credit : lausannenightlife

Get wonderstruck by the beauty of this old gothic church, Cathedral of Notre-Dame in the old town of Lausanne in Switzerland. Wander the winding streets below the cathedral, of this city to get a hint of the 18th century. This cathedral is a unique location serving as a venue for numerous concerts and cultural events.

History: Started in 1170 and completed in 1275, this church was built under the control of three masters.

About: This is the towering symbol of the Vaudois capital, standing at the heart of this tower, the watchman shouts the most known message in the streets of Lausanne, ‘this is night watch the hour has started’ and continues to call out every hour from 10pm to 2 am, from the 72-metre tall building.

Things to know: Another famous feature is the glorious window with 105 panels of finest stained glass that accelerates the beauty of this monument. As you enter the church, the chapel of St. James stands to your immediate right, where they are believed to have prayed and received the tokens. 

The interiors are cordially designed with a great organ of 6000 pipes. This five towers landmark has the crypt where lies the remains of an eighth-century basilica with tombs.

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Hoheweg, Interlaken

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Image Credit : internationaltravelbug

One of the most appealing places to visit in Switzerland, Hohe-Weg in Interlaken is an area warren between two alpine lakes; Brienzersee and Thunersee.

About: This beautiful area of 14 hectares was acquired by 37 hotel owners pact and was left as an open space. Interlaken is not that pretty and scenic in itself but is a good base to explore the natural beauty of the nearby lakes and mountains and valleys.

Things to know: This boulevard length from west to east boasts of magnificent views of Jungfrau, surrounded by hotels, restaurants, boutiques, gardens, valleys and flowering gardens. 

This is also a meeting place since its infrastructure and rail system makes it easily accessible from major cities in Swiss by trains and cars. This prominent place is bouldered by shading trees, water and restaurants which make it an ideal place to stroll..

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Things To Do In Switzerland


Visit The Federal Palace of Bern

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Image Credit : wikimedia.org

Discover the great city of Bern, which is also the capital of Switzerland. This is the home of the most prominent building, that is, the House of Parliament, also known as the Federal palace of Bern. This is a small town but is equally romantic and full of history and culture. This houses the Swiss Federal Assembly and the Federal Council.

Distance From Nearest Airport: Bern is connected to Zurich Airport which can be reached by train or car. It is about 75 km to Zurich airport and will take about an hour and a half to travel from Bern.

Nearby Beaches & Attractions: You can plan a trip to the famous Clock tower in Bern, locate the Munster Cathedral, the Bear Park, ski or play at the Gurten mountain, watch numerous types of roses in the Rose Garden, and enjoy a good view on the Old Town and river Aare.

Location: this is situated at Bundesplatz 3, 3005 Bern, Switzerland

Price: The entry in the parliament house is free.

Any Other Specialty: The great building was built between 1894 and 1902 and has two wings where National assembly and State Assembly meets, and this is known as Hall of the Dome.

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Explore Museum Bellpark, Lucerne

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Image Credit : myswitzerland.com

A perfect place for art, history and photography lovers, where you can find exhibitions featuring motorways, clubs, refuges and barracks, bunkers and mopeds. The Museum Bellpark produce an ambiguous impression on the visitors as this assembles a collection of local history themes and  contemporary Swiss drawings.

Distance From Nearest Airport: The nearest airport from Lucerne is Zurich, which is about an hour ride from the train. However, you can land at Basel airport and can take frequent buses or trains to reach Lucerne in about 1.5 to 2 hours.

Nearby Beaches & Attractions: The museum is perfect for anyone who is interested in photography, history or art. You can visit the famous wooden bridge, the Chapel bridge or get astonishing views from Mount Rigi. the other attractions include Mount Pilatus and Lake Lucerne, or picnic spots like Echo trails and Stanserhorn- Bahn.

Price: The ticket price to visit this place is 10 CHF per person.

Location: The exact location of the museum Bellpark is Luzernerstrasse 21, 6011 Kriens, Switzerland. This is situated in the famous city of Lucerne.

Any Other Specialty: This museum opens from Wednesday to Saturday from 2 to 5 pm, and on Sundays from 11am to 5pm. It takes about an hour to walk through the whole place. Also, this place can be hired for private events.

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Sit Near To Lake Lugano

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Image Credit : lakeluganohomes.com

Spend some time sitting near the tranquil glacial lake of Lugano. Enjoy the zesty and splashy ambiance of the Mediterranean lake lugano which is a scenic short ride away from the German and french regions of Switzerland. however, this place is nothing thrilling but you can surely enjoy the luxury of sitting under the palm trees at the lousy beaches and its many beautiful gardens along the waterfront.

Distance From Nearest Airport: This is one of the places to visit in Switzerland, which is about 50 km from the Malpensa airport, or  Lugano-Agno which is a domestic airport located at a distance of 6 km from the city.

Nearby Beaches & Attractions: The various places that can be enjoyed in Lugano other than its lake are: Monte San Salvatore, Monte Bre, San Lorenzo Cathedral, Swissminiatur, Hermann Hesse Museum and Olive trail. Morcote is another popular destination for shoppers apart from Parco Scherrer gardens.

Price: There are no entry fees, however, subsequent charges have to be paid for boating and other activities near the lake.

Location: The glacial lake of Lugano is situated on the border between southern Switzerland and northern Italy in the region of Ticino and is named after the city of Lugano.

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Bath In Waterfalls of Trummelbach Falls, Jungfrau

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Image Credit : italyandcentraleuropejune2013

On your Switzerland honeymoon take a bath in the valley of 72 waterfalls, situated at Jungfrau, can be reached from Zurich airport. Hear the gurgling sound of water and enthral in the mystic view of 20000 litres of water that flows from the melting glacier in a second. End your visit by eating at the cafe situated just outside this location.

Price: The entry fee to these waterfalls is CHF 11 per person.

Location: These are supposedly Europe's largest subterranean waterfalls which are located in the Lauterbrunnen Valley in Switzerland.

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Travel In Swiss Train - BVZ Zermatt-Bahn

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Image Credit : wikimedia.org

Hop up in an amazing ride on your stay in Switzerland. Enjoy travelling in Swiss trains that are famous across the world. The Brig–Visp–Zermatt-Bahn was a Swiss narrow-gauge railway company which joined with the Matterhorn–Gotthard-Bahn in 2003. These are long laid down lines that run from Brig to Zermatt. Whereas MGB runs from Zermatt to Disentis and from Andermatt to Göschenen.

Price: If you have a pass, a number of tickets will be 216 CHF for unlimited rides. However, 146 CHF has to be paid from airport to destination. If you are eligible for a half fare you will be paying 120 CHF.

Location: The Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn is located in the heart of the Alps and covers a distance of 144 km.

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Lake Zurich

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Image Credit : ytimg.com

Take a boat ride to witness the beauty of this picturesque lake in the Alps of Switzerland. This is also known as lake promenade, due to its combination of promenade, parks and gardens.

How to reach: The nearest airport is the Zurich Airport (ZRH), which can be reached in 5 ways. The cheapest one is, however, a drive which will take about half an hour to the lake of Zurich.

Things to do: In Zurich, you can visit the places like a museum of art, Uetliberg mountain, Bahn of Strasse, the old town of Zurich, the zoo of Zurich, Minster of Our Lady Church, among other tourist places.

Other attractions: There are boat rides that are conducted throughout the year and are free for Zurich card holders. This is one of the Switzerland honeymoon destinations located in the extended southeast part of the city of Zurich.

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Hang Out In Ouchy, Lausanne

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Image Credit : wikimedia.org

Ouchy is a popular lakeside resort area in the south of the city of Lausanne. You are likely to notice a wealthy man cruising in his car near this place and myriad well-groomed elderly ladies with handbag-sized dogs. There is romance in the air that this place flows this.

Things to do: It serves as a perfect place for evening strolls or calming views. You will notice a number of visitors sitting by the lake and the Lausanne people enjoying the lake of Geneva with an ice cream in hand. Some people like to swim in this lake or enjoy the open air pool.

Other attractions: Visit the flashy Olympic museum, a famous sight of the city. Go boating or enjoy a peaceful lunch at Ouchy sitting on the lovely terrace.

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Paragliding With The Snow, Interlaken

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Image Credit : outdoor-interlaken.ch

Interlaken paragliding is Switzerland’s leading activity equipped with a team of professional and experienced pilots. Paragliding Interlaken Ltd. is the company offering tandem paragliding flights.

Things to do: Get an experience of the lifetime by taking up one of the adventures like river rafting, paragliding in Interlaken, canyoning, aeroplane skydiving and much more.

Other specialty: Whatever be the season: summer or winter, the weather: hot or snow or the location: ground or mid air, these will provide you with the thrill that you have been missing. Interlaken’s prime adventure is located in the centre of Swiss Alps that makes it easily accessible to get into the natural playground in Europe. Be sure of having some fun playing with snow in Interlaken on your trip to Switzerland.

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Best Places To Eat In Switzerland


Altes Tramdepot, Bern

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Image Credit : bern.com

Altes Tram depot is a famous restaurant and hotel in Bern Switzerland. If you are on your honeymoon then this place must be on your list of ‘places to visit in Switzerland’. They serve a variety of delectable food and if you’re planning to come here for dinner, it is advisable to make a reservation as this place gets full at 5 pm itself. They have a micro brewery which makes them special as they serve only 4 kinds of beer.

Attractions and things to do: If you are seated outside, you can enjoy the amazing view letting you explore eastward of the city from where you probably came. And south side gets you to see the south bridge, which leads to the Bern History Museum, and the Natural History Museum of Bern.

What’s unique: Altes has been a meeting destination for the young and old generations in Bern and is thoroughly visited by the tourists as well. This is an old tram station of Bern, which is quite a popular tourist destination. It is swarming with visitors as it is situated near the Bear park or bear Pit as it is called as.

Specialty:  Their specialty includes their perfect home brewed beer. The food is exceptional and the place is great for lunch, dinner or a light meal with beer with a few friends.

Address: Grosser Muristalden 6, 3006 Bern, Switzerland

Hours: 10AM–12:30AM

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Old Swiss House, Lucerne

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Image Credit : irishmba

Visit this landmark old swiss restaurant which lies in the beautiful area of Lucerne near Dying Lion Park. This restaurant tops in serving Swiss cuisine and is a popular eating location in Switzerland.

Location: A special dining place located just near the famous building, lion monument in the heart of Lucerne, is Old Swiss house.

What’s unique: One of the things that make it special is Wiener Schnitzel that is, they prepare the food beside your table, letting you have a look through the whole operation of creating various meals.

About: This place boasts of interiors from the 17th century with carved wall panels, solid oak doors, brightly polished silverware, oil paintings, stained-glass windows, and a porcelain-tiled stove and has been profound in serving authentic Swiss food. 

It is a must visit destination for many, as the management has been kept upright to maintain the standards over the years. This place remains closed on Mondays and it is better to make a reservation if you plan to visit.

Address: Löwenpl. 4, 6004 Luzern, Switzerland

Hours: 11:30AM–12AM

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La Cucina di Alice, Lugano

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Image Credit : arredamentiannagiupponi.com

Relax at the well known La Cucina di Alice restaurant in Lugano, sip the fresh wine and enthrall over the gorgeous views of the city. If this doesn’t impress you, you can marvel at the scenery of the lake.

Things to know: This place has an issue with getting booked early so make sure you book your table before arrival. The food is supposed to be delectable and it is a highly recommended restaurant by the locals of Lugano. The staff is very welcoming and the tables and toilets are properly arranged.

Location: This restaurant is situated at the waterfronts from where you can feast on the scrumptious meal along with the inviting views. Everything from its Tiramisu to its Ravioli is freshly produced at the restaurant. The service is great and this is a perfect destination for chilling on a sunny day.

Address: Riva Vela 4, 6900 Lugano, Switzerland

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Restaurationsbetriebe Jungfraujoch AG, Jungfrau

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Image Credit : jungfrau.ch

Visit this unique alpine setting in Jungfrau region of Switzerland. This restaurant serves a variety of lip smacking cuisines and offers to hold a range of events at this very destination. The special Alpine setting along with a great service creates a combination of exclusivity and natural friendliness.

Things to know: This place has two floors, where the first floor has the Aletsch self-service restaurant, offering a huge range of food and drinks for its guests from all around the world. This is suited for quick meals. 

This setting allows you to get inspired by the majestic Aletsch glacier views and that of its surroundings. You can also feast in the Crystal Restaurant located on the second floor. This setting treats you with some of the best of the international and local cuisine of Switzerland. Indulge in the atmosphere of great views and amazing menu and wine ranges.

Address: Eigergletscher, 3823 Eigergletscher, Switzerland

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Chez Vrony, Zermatt

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Image Credit : lux-mag.com

Plan a trip to Zermatt, a statistic town in Switzerland and feast in this amazing Chez Vrony restaurant on your visit. Experience the warm welcome, the hospitality, astonishing views of Matterhorn at Zermatt and enjoy some time devoted to yourself. Discover the history of this small sparsely furnished mountain farmhouse which has now turned to a multi award winning culinary location, while grubbing over your meal.

About: The idyllic setting with a vibrant history, this restaurant embodies a family history for over 100 years. Enjoy at Chez Vrony, situated at 2100 meters altitude above Zermatt, one of the few restaurants still serving organic home produce from livestock which is grown only on alpine grass.

Things to try: Some of the specialty includes the dried beef, sausages and alpine cheeses that are made according to their traditional recipes which have been handed over generations.

Address: Chez Vrony, Findeln, 3920 Zermatt, Switzerland

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Zeughauskeller, Zürich

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Image Credit : travelandleisure.com

Enjoy your meal at one of the popular places in Switzerland, the Zeughauskeller of Zurich. One of the unique things which they have is a menu in 8 languages. The food is appreciated by its regulars as well as tourists who would like to enjoy a traditional meal.

About: The place was established in 1487 in Zurich and is an intrinsic part of the city and culture. This place boasts of its decorative interiors along with the amazing service and scrumptious food. This place carries a rustic ambience and a pleasing atmosphere. The prices are not that high and thus, it attracts a lot of locals and visitors.

The special course of Zurich such as sliced veal in gravy Zürcher Geschnetzeltes and veal paillards wrapped around a sword blade Bürgermeister Schwert are served here.

Address: Bahnhofstrasse 28A, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland

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Eat Me Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge, Lausanne

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Image Credit : blaastylur

Eat at this popular location, eat me restaurant and cocktail lounge in Lausanne in Switzerland. Explore the vast menu that caters to everybody’s need, as cuisines are curated from all around the world and reflect a list of widely popular street food to modern and inspired gastronomical dishes.

About: This place offers an amazing ambiance for a tranquil eating experience as well as for young and loud generation. This place serves an interesting mix of various international cuisines and is known to serve a blend of diverse cuisines along with popular textures and flavors.

They uniquely treat their guests in small plates that can also be shared, so that people can explore the diverse cuisines. Embark on your culinary journey by witnessing the interesting and magically prepared dishes with the freshest seasonal and local ingredients.

Address: Rue Pépinet 3, 1003 Lausanne, Switzerland

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Husi Bierhaus, Interlaken

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Image Credit : mycityhighlight.com

Explore this hidden treasure in Interlaken, Husi Bierhaus, which is a unique bar and restaurant. Interlaken’s restaurant is one of the famous honeymoon destinations in Switzerland offers a wide range of fresh drinks and amazing food with high-quality standards.

About: This place is cosy and comfortable with stylish and upbeat interiors and flexible bar areas. This accommodation is designed to make you feel like you’re gorging at home due to its flexible settings and high level of service.

Location: This pretty set is located in the heart of the beautiful Swiss Alps. This serves as a perfect location for a light lunch or a private party and a family meal and is totally worth a visit.

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Newly Added Switzerland Experience

Switzerland Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Switzerland
23 January 2020
The Mount Titlis Day Tour with Cable Car was a delightful experience for me. I was traveling with my spouse. The views were gorgeous and something that I can never forget about, it was dramatically gorgeous. If you are visiting Switzerland then Mount Titlis cable car ride is a great way to spend some time in the arms of nature and enjoy a great time. I was also able to capture some really good photos of the cute little snow penguins.
10 February 2020
The fully rotating cable car experience topped with interacting with the snow penguins makes for a really fun time to enjoy. I recommend everyone should once visit the Mount Titlis and do the Cable Car ride. And I must say that the view from the cable car was amazing.
04 November 2019
It was great to spend such a great evening enjoying a ton of fun activities. I had a lot fun sledding and I must say that the fondue dinner was delicious. Fun and food, a great way to spend a night indeed.
10 December 2019
Anilaabh Bharadwaj Night Sledding Interlaken
The dinner was on point, the activities were really fun and I along with my kids had a lot of fun exploring the night night sledding experience. If you are in interlaken you have to take one night out and enjoy this thrilling adventure with your family or your friends. The drinks served were also delicious.
19 September 2019
The best fun I had at night in Switzerland was with sulwald Sledding experience at Interlaken. The activities are really organized and the guide gives thorough instruction about the details of the night. I must say that these instructions can get really boring but the guide found a way to make it really fun. I and my partner I was able to get into the action really fast with Sledging which followed dinner. All in all, I must thank Thrillophilia for making our night adventurous.
24 October 2019
Chamonix Mont Blanc Day Tour was an amazing experience. We could visit a number of tourist attractions and sight the mesmerizing views of the white mountains. A delightful and fun filled tour indeed. Thanks to the team Thrillophilia and our guide for making it happen.
13 November 2019
The overall service was satisfactory and very cost effective at the same time.
05 October 2019
Girindra Pillai Zurich Airport Transfers
The experience of being received at the Zurich Airport was very smooth. The car had arrived at the location on time and we had a very comfortable ride.
10 February 2020
The place is perfect for half a day trip. It takes around 5 hours to completely enjoy every part of the museum and it is the place worth visiting. Everything about the museum is great, I mean the first thought in my head when I heard the museum was boring but the Swiss Museum Of Transport is completely opposite. There are a ton of fun activities to do and cars to admire.
28 August 2019
We took a ton of pictures and explored a number of ancient and modern transportation vehicles. Overall, a fun place to visit.

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