If you are planning to explore the essence of Madhya Pradesh, the best way is to start with a wide range of exciting things to do in Jabalpur. Cradled on the banks of the holy river Narmada, Jabalpur stands among the prominent cities of Central India. A scuttling city known for its flourishing industries and historical importance, Jabalpur has it all to leave you in awe of this place.

From taking a holy dip in the Narmada to experiencing the adventure of boat ride at Bhedaghat, there are countless activities that define the spirit of Jabalpur. Whether you are a history buff or a nature lover, Jabalpur city embraces and serves everyone with the same love and warmth. With its surreal beauty and imperial history, it has also reserved a name in folklore and history of India.

Witnessing the confluence of modernity and ancient values, the cultural city will truly amaze you with its splendour. If you want to slow the pace of life down a few notches, the breathtaking places to visit in Jabalpur such as Dhuandhar Falls and Dumna Nature Park are always there to restore your inner peace.

Not to forget the popular white marble rocks perched along the pristine Narmada that can fire anyone’s imagination. Majestic mountains, pristine rivers, scenic waterfalls and bountiful of historical sites majorly sum up this tourist city of Madhya Pradesh.

However, there are some enthralling activities too that can further elevate your experience of the city. So, before heading towards Jabalpur, know about all the exciting activities that the place offers and add more fun to your trip.

Here is the list of 15 best things to do in Jabalpur:

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See the Mesmerising Beauty of the Dhuandhar Falls

Also known as Smoke Cascade, Dhuandhar Falls are perched at a distance of 30 Km from the main city. This place has gained recognition due to its mesmerizing views of River Narmada falling from the height of 98 feet.

Another magnificent beauty that one can enjoy at Dhuandhar Falls is its marble rocks. Even in the scorching summer heat, Dhuandhar Falls manages to please the visitors with its extraordinary splendour and wealth of adventure sports options.

From trying out boat ride and cable car to enjoying the picnic on the riverside, Dhuandhar falls have everything that makes it an ideal hangout destination to visit in Jabalpur.


-Alluring sunset view while taking a boat ride along the river Narmada.

-Collection of marble rocks and other marble-made stuff.

-The scenic beauty of Dhuandhar Falls.

Location: Dhuandhar Falls are perched in Bhedaghat, Jabalpur.

Price: There is no entry fee for Dhuandhar Falls. However, if you engage in boat riding here, the charges are INR 100 per person.

Timings: You can visit the alluring Dhuandhar Falls between 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Visit the Tallest Statue of Lord Shiva in Kachnar City

Attracting a large number of tourists and devotees, this 76-feet tall Lord Shiva statue is truly a sight to behold and among the best temples of Madhya Pradesh. The statue presents an exact replica of around 12 Shivalingams from some most popular Shiva temples in the country.

The charismatic idol of Lord Shiva is nestled in the Kachnar city and is reckoned among the most sacred tourist spots in Central India.

Due to a unique blend of panoramic surroundings and spiritual aura, it also forms a perfect spot for a family outing. If you are a Lord Shiva devotee, visiting this temple is certainly one of the most crucial things to do in Jabalpur.


-The spectacular and holy idol of Lord Shiva.

-Peaceful surroundings of the temple away from the city hassle.

Location: The temple falls in  Vijay Nagar area in Kachnar city of Jabalpur.

Price: The entry to the temple remains free of charge.

Timings: One can visit this temple between 5 PM to 8 PM.

Enjoy a Cable Car & Boat Ride at Bhedaghat

Incredibly popular for its enticing landscapes and gushing waterfalls, Bhedaghat is the best place to get a view of beautiful marble rocks which stand 100 feet high. The beauty of this place exponentially rises when the rays of sunlight fall on these white-coloured marbles.

On the land of Bhedaghat, you can also enjoy boat rides between the months of November and May. A cable car or ropeway is also there that takes the visitors through the gorge and gives them an unforgettable experience.


-Captivating waterfalls and scenic beauty of Bhedaghat.

-Peaceful hours in the sacred temple of Chausath Yogini.

-The breathtaking view of Dhauladhar Waterfalls from Cable Car.

Location: Bhedaghat is a small town situated in Jabalpur district of Madhya Pradesh.

Price: The price for enjoying a boat ride in Bhedaghat is INR 50 per person for shared boat rides, while a private boat starts at INR 400 and cable car ride costs around INR 55 per person.

Timings: Boat and cable car ride starts at 10 AM in the morning and continues till 5 PM.

If you are an adventure lover, you can check these amazing water adventure activities of Madhya Pradesh.

Go for Jungle Safari at Kanha National Park

What can be a better way to explore the thick forests of Kanha National Park than going for a jeep safari? Reckoned among the best things to do in Jabalpur, jungle safari is itself an exhilarating experience.

The safari becomes even more eventful with the group of other tourists and expert naturalists. If you are a photo fanatics, you can also take back a wealth of memories on your way back home by capturing the rich wildlife and vegetation of Kanha National Park.

Jungle jeep safari is the best way to explore those areas of the park which cannot be accessed by the other modes of transportation.


-Jeep Safaris along the national park.

-A huge variety of flora and fauna.

-Wild animals sighting.

-Elephant Safari.

Location: Kanha National Park is spread over Balaghat and Manada districts of Jabalpur.

Price: Entry ticket for Kanha zone is around INR 2400. While to get an entry into Kisli, Sarhi or Mukki region, one needs to pay around INR 1200. The cost of hiring a jeep comes around INR 2200.

Timings: The park remains open from 8:00 AM in the morning to 10:00 PM in the night.

Where to stay in Kanha National Park: Resorts & Places to Stay in Kanha National Park.


Enjoy Speed Boating, Paddle Boating and Bird Watching at Bargi Dam

A massive dam situated in close proximity to river Narmada, Bargi Dam is used for multiple purposes. Though its basic use is for power generation and irrigation projects, it has also emerged lately as a popular tourist spot in Madhya Pradesh.

The backwaters of this dam are altered into a huge lake. Seeing its immense popularity, an opulent resort has also been built here. Tourists, in large numbers, visit this place to enjoy the activities such as paddle boating, speed boating, and bird watching.


-The picturesque location of the dam.

-Water sports and boating.

-Splendid resort for accommodation purpose.

Location: Bargi Dam is built on the Narmada river in Jabalpur.

Price: The entry charges for the Bargi Dam is INR 60.

Timings: The dam could be visited anytime between 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Other Adventure Activities in Madhya Pradesh: Click here to know more about other adventure sports in Madhya Pradesh.


Enjoy the Street Food of Jabalpur

Central India is known for its spicy and scrumptious dishes and when you are in the city of Jabalpur, you can’t miss out on its street side delicacies. Yes, the street food outlets in the city introduce you to the local cuisine of the state and leave you amused by its taste.

From Aloo-Chat, Samosa, and Vada to Poha-Jalebi and Mangoda, you can serve your taste buds with a variety of cuisines. Some popular street food corners of Jabalpur comprise Gupta Chat, Ramnath, and Deva Ke Mangode.


-Local Chat at Sadar Choupati.

-Crispy hot Mangode at Deva Ke Mangode.

-Hot delicious Samosa served at Shyam Samosa corner.

Location: The street food stalls of Jabalpur are spread over the entire city market. However, most of these stalls are located in Sarafa Bazaar.

Price: you can enjoy these Central India delicacies at quite an affordable rates.

Timings: These street food stalls get operational since 10 AM in the morning and remain open till 11 PM.

Looking for places to stay? We have compiled a list of best resorts to stay in Jabalpur. Click to know more.


Attend the Auspicious Arti at Narmada River

If you wish to gain some spiritual experience on the land of Jabalpur, head to the popular Gwarighat and partake in the evening aarti.

The aarti begins at 19:00 Hrs and bears an uncanny resemblance with Ganga aarti of Varanasi and Haridwar. As the aarti concludes, the Deepdan container is set to float in the river. The well lit Deepdan adds to the charm of river Narmada.


-Aarti of the sacred river, Narmada.

-Boat ride in the holy Narmada after Aarti.

-Gurudwara situated on the opposite side of Gwarighat.

Location: Gwarighat is situated on the banks of Narmada river nearby the city of Jabalpur.

Price: One can attend the Gwarighat Aarti without paying any entry fee.

Timings: The Puja ceremony begins at 7 PM in the evening and continues for 1 hour.

View the Rare Natural Occurring the Balancing Rock

Apart from a neverending list of entertaining things to do in Jabalpur, the city also throws some light on a rare natural phenomenon popular by the name of Balancing Rock.

Perched at the distance of 6 KM from Jabalpur, balancing rock stands as an independent rock. The upper rock remains balanced on the lower rock and displays huge rock formations.

This is a unique sight of the city which attracts natives as well as outsiders in equal numbers. The balancing rock is also said to have sustained a huge earthquake without falling apart and is counted as the best natural wonder of Madhya Pradesh.


-Spectacular rock formations.

-The uncommon topography of the site.

-The treacherous trail up to the Madan Mahal Fort.

Location: Balancing Rock is located at the base region of Madan Mahal Fort, near Shailparna, Jabalpur.

Price: Entry into this place remains free of cost.

Timings: This place can be visited at any time throughout the day as it remains open 24x7.

Get an Amazing View of the City from Madan Mahal Fort

Apart from natural landscapes and religious temples, Jabalpur is also a home to several historical monuments and if you are a history buff, you certainly have a potpourri of things to do in Jabalpur.

Madan Mahal Fort is one of such monuments which give you a brief account of the historical past of this marble city.

The fort was built by a Gond ruler, Raja Madan Shah in 1116 AD. This majestic fort features war rooms, a stable, and a small reservoir which set a live example of the architectural beauty of the place.


  • The rich history of the fort and panoramic view of its surroundings.

  • A serene old pond which is situated inside the fort.

  • Other ancient monuments around the fort.

Location: The fort is situated in Gurudev Colony in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh.

Price: There are no charges for entry inside the fort.

Timings: The fort can be visited anytime between 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM.

Have a Glimpse of History at Rani Durgavati Museum

From detailed photographs of Mahatma Gandhi to fine sculptures from Chausath Yogini Temple, one can get to see a plethora of things in this museum. Situated nearby the Russell Chowk, this museum also houses an enticing gallery of artifacts and Adivasi culture.

Rani Durgavati Museum also comprises some of the most beautiful copper and stone inscriptions. So, if you are an art lover, a visit to this museum must be on your list of the best things to do in Jabalpur.


-A beautiful collection of ancient coins and prehistoric relics.

-Old photographs of Chausath Yogini Temple.

-A special section comprising the pictures and letters of Mahatma Gandhi.

Location: The museum falls in Napier town of Jabalpur.

Price: The entry charges are INR 10 per person.

Timings: One can visit the museum on any day of the week between the duration of 9:30 AM and 6:00 PM.

Get Lost in Nature at Dumna Reserve Park

Do you wish to get a view of the rich flora and flora of Jabalpur? Well, Dumna Reserve Park is the perfect place to begin this exploration. Dumna Reserve Park is a well-known eco-tourism site which houses a humongous variety of flora, fauna, and avian species.

The park also comprises guest resorts and tent houses for accommodation purposes. With its splendid surroundings and umpteen adventure sports activities, it attracts a large number of travellers throughout the year.


-Recreational activities such as fishing, swimming, and toy train rides.

-Rich flora and fauna

-Activities such as bird watching and nature walk.

Location: Dumna Nature Reserve Park is situated on Airport Road, near IITDM, Jabalpur.

Price: The entry fee for Dumna Reserve Park is INR 20 per person.

Timings: The park remains open on all days of weel between 10:30 AM and 6:00 PM.

Apart from Dumna Nature Reserve Park, there are other very beautiful places near Jabalpur which you should not miss.


Visit the Gurudwara at Gwari Ghat

Perched on a small hill across the river Narmada, Gwarighat Gurudwara is a unique confluence of religion and scenic offerings. From the hilltop, you can enjoy the 360-degree view of Gwarighat which appears to be ardently beautiful.

If you want to experience the real enthusiasm of celebrations in the gurudwara, visit here on the occasion of Holi. The gurudwara also organizes Akhand Path Bhog on every Sunday when a large number of devotees gather to seek the blessings of God.


-Bird’s eye view of Gwarighat from the top of the hill.

-Celebration on the birth anniversary of Guru Amardas Ji.

-Boating experience across the holy river of Narmada.

Location: Gurudwara is located right in front of enticing Gwarighat, across the river Narmada.

Price: Gurudwara has free entry.

Timings: The gurudwara can be visited at any time of the day. However, the Aarti begins at 7 PM in the evening.

Splash through Rides at Sea World Water Park

Apart from sightseeing and exploring the dense reserve forests, there are many adventurous things to do in Jabalpur. One of them is visiting the only water park in the city, i.e, Sea World Water Park.

With its fun-filled wave pool and water rides, Sea World Water Park forms a perfect hangout spot for teenagers and children. Not to forget the food stalls inside the premises where you can get a quick bite of snack or other refreshment food items.


-Adventurous water rides.

-Dry and wet slides

-Food Stalls

Location: Sea World Water Park falls on National Highway 12, Kuda, M.P.

Price: The ticket price for an adult is INR 360 while it costs INR 270 for children.

Timings: The water park remains open throughout the week from 10:00 AM in the morning to 6:00 PM in the evening.

There are various other things to in Madhya Pradesh which you should not miss. Click to know about them.


Go Shopping at Treasure Island, South Avenue Mall or Samdariya Mall

If you are a shopaholic, save some time to explore the popular malls of Jabalpur which can cater to all your shopping needs. From Treasure Island Mall to South Avenue and Samdariya Mall, there are numerous choices available when it comes to shopping in this city.

So, give a break to your sightseeing routine and add shopping to your list of things to do in Jabalpur. From multiplex cinema halls to best food courts, one can have it all at these places. Don’t forget to try the stylish accessories and apparel available at the Samdariya Mall.


-Apparel and accessories

-Gaming zone for the kids

-Food courts and restaurants.


Location: While South Avenue Mall is nestled on Narmada Road, Treasure Island mall and Samdariya Mall are situated in Bhim Nagar and Awadhpuri respectively.

Price: The entry into these malls remain free of cost.

Timings: Samdariya Mall operates from 10 AM to 11 PM. while Treasure Island and South Avenue Mall remain open from 10 AM to 10 PM.

Spend some Quiet Time amid Nature at Sangram Sagar Lake

Most of the people search for a quiet space to leave behind the city hassle and rediscover their inner self. If you are also a peace-seeker, Jabalpur has an impeccable spot for you in its reserve.

Situated 15 km away from the Jabalpur city, this lake lies in close proximity to a fort called Bajnamath. The fort is known for its medieval style architecture given by King Sangram Shah.

Apart from its vicinity to this stunning fort, the lake has also gained an extensive popularity for its rich aquatic species including pin-tailed ducks and coots.


-Rich aquatic life of the lake.

-The proximity of the lake with a beautiful fort built under the leadership of King Sangram Shah.

-Serene location away from the bustling city life.

Location: Sangram Sagar Lake has situated nearby the Bajnamath fort in Jabalpur city.

Price: There are no entry charges for this lake.

Timings: The lake could be visited at any time throughout the day.
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