United Kingdom Beaches

Camber Sands, Woolacombe Sands, Pelistry Bay, Treyarnon Bay, Porthcurno Beach, Rhossili Beach, Barafundle Bay, Portstewart Strand, Hunmanby Gap, Sandwood Bay, Three Cliffs Bay, Blackpool Sands, West Wittering, Tankerton Beach, Kynance Cove, and more.

Magnificent coastlines, turquoise waters and golden white sands perfectly describe the beaches in the United Kingdom. Offering stunning landscapes and seemingly endless views, these beaches are sure to leave you breathless. Come here on a fun day out with your family or have a secluded romantic time with your partner, these beaches offer all types of experiences.

Indulge in various water sports like snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, sailing and surfing at these United Kingdom beaches and pump up your adrenaline to feel that rush.  Sandwood Bay and Three Cliff Bay are known for their stunning sunset views while beaches like Porthcurno Beach and Woolacombe Sands have roaring waves making them a surfers paradise.

The long stretches of Portstewart Strand and  Camber Sands make perfect sports for horse riding. No matter what your perfect day out is like, these beaches offer plenty of options to choose from.

Here is a list of beaches in United Kingdom:

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Camber Sands, Sussex

This is one of the most beautiful beaches in United Kingdom, located in East Sussex with a long stretch of about 4.8 km. It is an amazing beach with sand dunes and a seemingly endless stretch. Calm and serene surroundings here are best for a peaceful time.

It has become a popular spot for kitesurfing and kite landboarding due to the fact that the winds here are perfect. Owing to the vast stretch you can also try horse riding here. If you have more time in hand then you can also explore Rye, the old Port town near the beach.

Best time to visit- July to September.

Highlights- Sand dunes, Long stretch, Activities like horse riding and kitesurfing.

Woolacombe Sands, Devon

Woolacombe Sands is a 3 miles long beach with golden sands and blue waters. The pounding waves at this beach are perfect for surfing and it is considered as a surfers paradise. You can have a relaxing time at the beach with your family and watch the most mesmerising sunsets here. Waters are clean and clear, so you can enjoy swimming as well. This is considered amongst the best beaches in United Kingdom.

Best time to visit- July to September.

Highlights- Pounding waves perfect for surfing, Golden Sands.

Pelistry Bay, Isles of Scilly

Pelistry Bay is an untouched and calm sandy beach on the eastern shore of St. Mary’s. The calm and soothing surroundings of the beach offer a relaxing time. You can enjoy the breathtaking views of the clear waters and enjoy some fun activities here. Try ample of activities here including swimming, kayaking, diving, snorkelling, sailing, fishing, etc. During low tide, you can paddle to Toll’s island.

Best time to visit- May to September.

Highlights- Snorkeling, diving, kayaking.

Treyarnon Bay, Cornwall

Just a small walk from Constantine is the beautiful Treyamon Bay with small cliffs surrounding it. With clean sands and calm waters, the beach offers a plethora of things to its visitors.

You can enjoy surfing here as the waves are best suited for beginners. Other facilities here include parking, beach shops, and toilets. You can bring your furry friend along as it is a pet friendly beach. There are many rockpools where one can find crabs, shrimps and various small fishes.

Best time to visit- May to September.

Highlights- Calm waves, Beach side shops, Parking facilities.

Porthcurno Beach, Cornwall

One of the best beaches in United Kingdom is Porthcurno beach. If you seek for heaven on earth then this is the place to be. With beautiful soft white sands and gorgeous blue waters that turn turquoise with sun rays falling on it, this place is a paradise indeed.

The beach is surrounded by huge rugged granite cliffs on sides which offer a perfect shade to relax in the day time. You can visit the renowned Minack Theatre as well as Porthcurno Telegraph Museum which are located just near the beach.

Best time to visit- May to September.

Highlights- White sands, Turquoise waters, Pet friendly.

Rhossili Beach, Wales

With a 3 mile long stretch that curves like an arc on the northern side of Rhossili Village, this is one of the best United Kingdom beaches. Backed with sand dunes, this beach has a gorgeous coastline and offers plenty of activities to the visitors.

It is a walker's paradise with beautiful views in all directions. Iconic landscapes and mesmerising views, this beach is a dream. You can also bring your dog along as it is a pet friendly beach.  At the southern end of this bay, is a small gorgeous island called Worm's Head which can be visited.

Best time to visit- March to May.

Highlights- Walker's paradise, pet friendly, golden sands.

Barafundle Bay, Wales

This is a small and untouched bay with the most beautiful surroundings and clear blue waters. Backed with sand dunes and beautiful pine trees one can have a relaxing time in its serene setting.

It is a perfect place to spend some isolated time away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Beautiful golden sands and endless ocean views, you are sure to be mesmerised by the beauty of this bay. It is considered one of the best United Kingdom beaches.

Best time to visit- March to May.

Highlights- Sand dunes, Clear waters, Unspoiled beauty.

Portstewart Strand, County Londonderry

This is a  beautiful 2 mile long beach located in between Portstewart and River Rann. It is one of the last remaining beaches in Ireland where you can take your cars and enjoy a fun picnic on the beach.

The beach is maintained and managed by the National trust so you can find plenty of facilities. Also, the water on the beach is cleaned regularly. Hence can enjoy a range of activities like swimming, surfing, long strolls and horse riding on this beach.

Best time to visit- March to May.

Highlights- Long walks, horse riding, surfing.

Hunmanby Gap, England

Hunmanby Gap is a 5 km long beach in North Yorkshire and is one of the best beaches in United Kingdom for long walks. The beautiful golden sands and calm waters of the beach provide a great time to the visitors.

You can enjoy long walks on the beach and also bring you dogs along. Beach is surrounded by cliffs which offer a picturesque setting. Due to the suitable winds blowing here, kite surfing is a famous activity. This beach is considered as an ideal place to spend some fun time with children with a cafe nearby to have some delicious food.

Best time to visit- March to May.

Highlights- Long Stretch, Kitesurfing.

Sandwood Bay, Scotland

One of the most beautiful beaches in United Kingdom having an endless view, crashing waves and backed by huge cliffs, this is a must visit. The iconic landscapes and beautiful blue waters offer an unparalleled experience to the visitors.

The beach is not accessible by road and you have to hike through some rocky terrains for about 4 miles to reach the beach. Once you are here, all the efforts seem worth it as you can enjoy long walks, serene sunsets and stunning views altogether.

Best time to visit- March to May.

Highlights- Hiking, Gorgeous blue waters, Stunning sunsets.

Three Cliffs Bay, The Gower Peninsula

Three Cliffs Bay is situated on the South coast of the Gower Peninsula and is one of most beautiful beaches in United Kingdom. It is named so because of the three limestone cliffs just out in the bay. Pennard Pill is the biggest stream which flows in the middle of the bay.

The bay offers the most picturesque views and stunning landscapes to the visitors. Horse riders come here very often due to the long stretch and many hikers love to climb on the cliffs.There are individual beaches on both sides of the bay namely Pobbles Bay and TorBay on the east and west of the Three cliffs respectively.

Best time to visit- March to May.

Highlights- Long walks during sunsets, Pennard castle, Limestone cliffs.

Blackpool Sands, Devon

Blackpool Sands is Blue flag beach situated in a beautiful part of Devon. The beach is privately managed and hence has maintained high standards. You will always find the beach clean, neat washrooms and lifeguards are available for your utmost safety making it one of the best United Kingdom beaches to visit with your family.

There are plenty of sports available including kayaking, paddleboarding, swimming,etc. The beautiful surroundings and clear waters of this beach are sure to leave you relaxed. You can also enjoy some delicious food at the famous Venus cafe nearby.

Best time to visit- March to Aug.

Highlights- Clean beach, Food and toilet facilities available, lifeguards, watersports.

West Wittering, England

If what you urge for is a relaxing day out at the beach and getting a good tan then this is the place to be. The white sands and clear waters of the beach provide a tranquil setting.

The beach is not crowded and hence you can enjoy some isolated time here. There are many cafes located near the beach where you can find a variety of food including hot drinks, chips, seafood, etc. You can also enjoy surfing, kite surfing, swimming, snorkelling at the beach.

Best time to visit- March to May.

Highlights- Serene surroundings, Surfing, Kite surfing.

Tankerton Beach, Kent

Tankerton Beach is a beautiful shingle beach with clear waters and low tides. Wooden groynes give an old charm to the beach. You can enjoy long walks here on The Street and the beach is also a great spot for dog walkers.

The beach is well managed and is kept clean at all times. You can easily find parking at the beach hence making it easily accessible by car. Come here and enjoy various activities sailing, swimming,etc.

Best time to visit- March to May.

Highlights- Easily accessible by car, Shingle beach, Long strolls.

Kynance Cove, Cornwall

Kynance Cove is the most beautiful coves on the western side of Lizard Peninsula and is a must visit amongst the beaches in United Kingdom. The beautiful white sands, turquoise waters, small cliffs and islands make up for the most picturesque setting.

The place has an otherworldly charm and is sure to leave you speechless with its beauty. You can find various green and red serpentine rock formations along with a pinnacle in the north of the beach. During low tide you can explore the caves with unusual names like The Parlour and The Dressing Room.

Best time to visit- March to May.

Highlights- Green and red rock formations, caves, turquoise waters.

Holkham Beach, Norfolk

Holkham Beach is a beautiful white sand beach with many sand dunes and pine trees surrounding it. It is an unspoiled beach with beautiful long stretches suitable for relaxing walks.

There is a semi-circular basin behind the shoreline which fills up like a lagoon during high tides. When here you can also visit the Holkham National Nature Reserve which has a wide range of rare flora and fauna. Plan a day at Holkham Beach and take back home tons of memories.

Best time to visit- March to May.

Highlights- White sands, Unspoiled beach, Holkham National Nature Reserve.

Compton Bay, Isle of Wight

Compton Bay is in the south of Isle of Wight and is one of the best United Kingdom beaches. This is a 2 mile long beach with golden and brown sands and blue waters.

Surfers visit this place very often but you can enjoy plenty of other activities too other than surfing. Go for butterfly spotting or pick up some fossils of dinosaurs. You can also explore the  open expanse of Compton Downs and admire some beautiful wildflowers. The beach is dog friendly so you can bring your furry friends along and have a fun day.

Best time to visit- March to May.

Highlights- Butterfly spotting, Dinosaur fossils, Surfing.

Watergate Bay, Cornwall

Watergate Bay is a beautiful golden sand beach just 15 mins drive from Newquay. It is a large beach with enormous sea waves offering a perfect spot for indulging in activities like surfing and kite surfing. On the beach here are several restaurants and cafes offering great food. You will find toilet facilities as well as lifeguards on the beach. Beach is suitable for a fun day out with family.

Best time to visit- March to May.

Highlights- Watersports like surfing and kite surfing.

Studland Bay, Dorset

A popular beach amongst the United kingdom beaches, this is a sandy beach on the coastline of Purbeck. With beautiful golden white sands, clear waters and long coastline, this is a heaven for nature lovers.

You can enjoy some water sports like kayaking, snorkelling, paddle boarding at the beach or relax and explore the nearby surroundings including Old Harry and Purbeck hills. Some beaches at Studland bay include Shell Bay, Knoll Beach, Middle Beach and South Beach.

Best time to visit- March to September.

Highlights- Water Sports like Kayaking, snorkelling, paddle boarding.

Bournemouth Beach

Bournemouth  beach an 8 mile long beach nestled near a stunning cliff line. The beach is visited by a lot of people as it offers plenty of facilities to the visitors. You can hire sunbeds or beach huts.

With beautiful golden sands and miles and miles of unhindered views, you are sure to have a relaxing time. Have some lip smacking food at the nearby cafes and restaurants or indulging in some fun watersports, the choice is yours.

Best time to visit- March to May.

Highlights- Cafes and restaurants nearby, Sunbeds, beach cuts and toilet available.

People Also Ask About United Kingdom

  1. Which are the best beaches near London, United Kingdom?

    1. Camber Sands: It is a beautiful 4.8 km long beach which offers a serene and peaceful time to the visitors. Indulge in kite surfing and kite landboarding here.

    2. Tankerton Beach: It is an old charm shingle beach that offers splendid views and vast coastlines.

    3. West Wittering: With white sands and clear waters, this beach is a perfect place to spend some time relaxing in a calm serene environment.

    4. Botany Bay: Backed by huge cliffs and having golden sands, this is a perfect place to enjoy a fun day with family..
  2. Which are the famous sandy beaches in Uk?

    1. Cuckmere Haven, Seaford: Situated on the south coast, it is one of the wildest beaches offering splendid views of Sisters chalk cliffs.

    2. Whitstable beach, Kent: It is a beautiful beach with alluring blue waters offering mesmerising views. People flock here for various activities including swimming and bird watching.

    3. Brancaster Beach, Norfolk: This is a beautiful golden sand beach with a long coastline suitable for long strolls. Also, there is a cafe nearby to enjoy great food.

    4. Watergate Bay: Watergate Bay is a stunning beach with golden sands and crystal clear waters. Waves here are roaring offering perfect opportunities for surfing.
  3. Does the UK have good beaches?

    Yes, the UK has most splendid beaches that offer perfect sunset views, iconic landscapes and blue turquoise waters. You can enjoy plenty of watersports here like snorkelling, diving, kayaking, surfing etc. The beaches are well maintained with lifeguards on duty.
  4. Can you swim at Holkham Beach?

    Yes, you can swim in the calm waters of Holkham beach. But always be aware as the currents tend to change here.
  5. Is Holkham Beach still a nudist beach?

    Yes, Holkham is a nudist beach but that is only restricted to the beach and not the sand dunes.
  6. Is Blackpool Sands a sandy beach?

    Yes blackpool sands is a sandy beach with coarse golden sand and is backed by some beautiful palm trees. The shape of the beach is crescent and it offers the most splendid views.
  7. How far is Newquay from Watergate Bay?

    Newquay is 3 miles away from Watergate bay that is just 15 min drive or a 45 min walk through rough terrains.
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