Hungary Places to Visit

The long list of places to visit in Hungary, including architectural marvels to natural wonders, makes this country a happening tourist destination in Europe. From the world-famous location of Budapest, beautiful Danube River, majestic Balaton Lake, medieval villages, ancient cathedrals, historical buildings to Bukk Mountains and national parks, each tourist attraction in this lovely country is unique in itself and fascinates with its charm and elegance.

While Budapest is the heart of the country. Its countryside is also very attractive and boasts of artistic to legendary places such as Szentendre, Lillafüred, and Lake Hámori. Similarly, Visegrád and Tapolca are loved for their lakes and Keszthely and Eger have several age-old buildings, Debrecen attracts tourists for its Hortobagy National Park and architectural buildings.

If you are a history enthusiast and looking for some interesting Hungary places to visit? The Hollók?, Aggtelek Karst, and Tokaj are famous preserved UNESCO World Heritage Sites and answer all your queries. Hungary is replete with natural elegance and possesses abundant touristy places that are not only exciting but unquestionably worth a visit! Choose the attractions as per your likings and enjoy a memorable trip to this beautiful European country!

Here is list of best places to visit in Hungary:

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Hungary Tour Packages Explore All (8)

Budapest is one of the most famous holiday destination as there are numerous tourist places in Budapest. Hungary is a country which is very rich in its culture and heritage, and the same can be said about Budapest. Budapest is said to be the ‘Paris of the East’ because of its romantic aura and natural beauty. It is a treat to visit Budapest. Historically, Budapest has been a very literary and artistic city.

The people here love art and this can be witnessed in the many museums which Budapest has. The Hungarian National Museum, located in Budapest, is the largest museum in Hungary. It was built in 1802 and is a museum of art, history, and archaeology. House of Terror is a very renowned museum and it contains things related to the communist and fascist regimes. One place which one should definitely go to in Budapest is the Buda Castle. The Buda Castle has been the historical castle of all the kings who have reigned here. The castle is majestic and one cannot stop marveling the architecture of the monument.

One thing that is unique about Hungary is their bath. Baths are very famous in Hungary and Budapest has some of the best baths in the country. The Gellert Bath is magnanimous. There are different types of pool in this place and also has a world-class spa. Budapest is the best place to visit if one love art and history as the place boasts best the museums in the world. With numerous attractions to admire as well as shopping places to explore Budapest offers you one of the perfect locations to visit for your vacations.

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Known as the intellectual center of the country, Debrecen sits in Hungary's Northern Great Plain region in the central part of Hajdú-Bihar County. Home to the famous University of Debrecen, it is amongst the most popular tourist places in Hungary. Debrecen sits on a flat plain but is complete with natural beauty and a tranquil ambiance. It serves as the base point for a visit to the Hortobagy National Park while its woody surroundings comprise many natural wonders such as the Nagyerd? and Erd?spuszták.

The city boasts of numerous architectural wonders like the 19th-century Reformed Great Church, Museum of Debrecen Reformed College, etc. that are absolute stunners and reflect the cultural and historical significance of the city. The city is a great place to indulge in fun-filled to adrenaline-raising activities and has something to suit the taste of every sort of traveler. From hiking, trekking, sightseeing, exploring museums to tasting local cuisine to souvenir shopping at Piac Street, the things to do here are unlimited and can keep you busy for days.

In Debrecen, summers remain warm, whereas, the winters are dry and freezing. It stays partly cloudy year-round and experiences temperature from 29°C to 2°C. Plan your visit to this city between May until September when the weather is most comfortable for tourist activities.

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Blessed with beautifully conserved baroque structures, Eger is located in northern Hungary. It is a gem of Hungary places to visit and has loads of exciting things to do and see. The town impresses with its charming medieval atmosphere while its vineyards make a picturesque backdrop. Blessed with natural scenery and hilly surroundings, it also has several thermal baths that help soothe your aching muscles and body in Mother Nature's lap.

Its hilltop castle reflects the rich and notorious past whereas the Ottoman minaret impresses with its grandeur and architect. Several churches and colossal basilica are marvelous ancient structures, however, renovated Turkish baths are popular for offering refreshing experiences. When in Eger, don't forget to taste different wines while exploring different cellars in the Valley of Beautiful Women, especially the celebrated Eger Bull's Blood.

Along with wine, the town is also loved for its adventure sports such as hiking, horse riding, paragliding, and thrilling outdoor excursions. Eger falls in a mountainous area and experiences a nice climate with warm summers and pleasantly cold winters. The summer season is the peak period in terms of tourism and the prices of the attractions and the accommodations soar during that time.

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Located in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County in the northeastern region of Hungary, Miskolc offers a wide array of outdoor adventures, artistic structures, and a unique thermal cave bath. Miskolc is set in the foothills of Hungary’s popular Bükk Mountains and is complete with serene beauty and a refreshing environment. Tourists like to spend a day or two in this lovely city to enjoy a nature retreat and revitalize themselves amidst beautiful surroundings.

The city is a pedestrian paradise and is full of old-world charms along with trendy cafes and restaurants. The Diósgy?r Castle is the pride of Miskolc and must not be missed while in the city. When in Miskolc, don't forget to ride the Lillafüred State Forest Railway, or explore thermal springs in ancient caves, or Miskolc Zoo, or National Park, or have a pleasant time while sailing across Lake Hamori.

If you are an adventure buff, do test your skills with a hiking trip to the Bükk Mountains. The weather of Miskolc is moderately continental with chilly winters and mildly warm summers. Winters are very cold with frequent snowfalls and temperatures can drop to -5 °C or even below. However, summers are pleasant and good for outdoor activities and sightseeing excursions.

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Located on Hungary's south-eastern border, Szeged is known as the" City of Sunshine" for its bright weather and most sunny days throughout the year. Szeged is home to beautiful outdoor spaces and structures that offer stunning architecture and a relaxing atmosphere. It is a bustling city with a lively social scene, magnificent architectural masterpieces, and offers plenty to see and do to satisfy even a discerning tourist.

The Dóm tér, the Votive Church, Dömötör Tower, Art Nouveau Synagogue are a few of the famous attractions while Szeged's Open Air Theatre Festival is an annual festival that attracts thousands of tourists every summer. Its Zoo is Hungary's largest and home to a large number of animals and endangered species.

Other than ancient palaces and buildings, the city is also famed for its River Tisza that offers plenty of chances to indulge in different water sports or boat voyages. The gastronomy scene of the city is also unique, and strong enough to make the trip delightful and extraordinary. The weather of the city remains pleasant and temperate throughout the year but with significant chances of rainfall. But, if you want to explore its beauties in the most beautiful environment, plan a visit in May, June, or September.

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Situated halfway between Budapest and Vienna, Gyor is a charming city of great national and economic significance in Hungary. With plenty of ancient structures and monuments, the city is amongst great places to visit in Hungary with family and learn about its rich heritage and culture. Surrounded by lush meadows and woody hills, Gyor is a perfect location for a day trip from Vienna and Budapest. The town is stuffed with ornate churches, ancient sculptures, and marvelous old buildings that are visible at each corner.

Strolling along its cobblestone alleys allows the visitors to feel its rustic charm and discover some hidden gems. The old town set along the confluence of the Danube, Raba, and Rebca rivers mesmerizes with its picturesque charm while the church of St. Ignatius of Loyola, Györ Synagogue, Carmelite Church, and the Town Hall are a few of the architectural marvels of ancient times. Xántus János Zoo is another must in Gyor which is the home to various species of animals especially the ones from Africa.

From souvenir shopping, relishing Hungarian food, beer, and wine to exploring its small alleys, things to do in Gyor are abundant and make a day trip full of fun and excitement. The weather in Gy?r is warm during summers
while the winters are very cold and windy. Also, chances of rain are fewer during summers and winters. Although it is a destination that can be explored at any time of the year, the best time to visit the city is considered to be from early June to mid-September for the pleasant temperatures and favorable climatic conditions.

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Located in Gy?r-Moson-Sopron County close to the Austrian border, Sopron is a lovely medieval village known for its quirky theatre groups and Hungary Sopron wines. Surrounded by dense forests and located at the foot of the Alps, Sopron is indeed a natural miracle. Its natural beauty is not only exhilarating but energizes you to the core. The city is known for its rich past that is reflected through its ruins of Scarbantia that are next to the Old Town’s Main Square.

Its rustic appeal and diverse culture make it a tourist fascination and a great destination to enjoy assorted food culture but authentic local wines. Moreover, strolling through its cobblestone alleys also make you discover some hidden gems, Croatian pubs, Hungarian cafes, restaurants.

From its baroque Main Square, captivating medieval houses, impressive renaissance architectural ancient Roman archaeological sites such as City Hall, Fabricius, Old Synagogue, St. Michael Church, Liszt Ferenc Cultural Centre to the Fire Tower, the city has lots to explore and see. In Sopron, the temperature typically varies from 27°C (August) to 2°C (January). The summers are warm here and the winters are very cold and dry making summers is an ideal time to visit the city for warm-weather activities.

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Amongst the magical tourist places in Hungary, Pecs is located in Baranya County close to the Croatian border and is full of scenic beauty, magnificent museums, medieval structures, and historical religious buildings. Nestled at the foot of the Mecsek mountains, Pecs is blessed with sparkling natural beauty and fresh ambiance. It is undoubtedly a marvelous getaway from the city's busy and chaotic life.

Pecs is a polished and subdued city with densely built-up alleys lined with elegant Baroque structures and ancient artistic wonders such as Pecs Synagogue and Szchenyi Ter. With attractions ranging from Pecs Cathedral and Mosque of Pasha Qasim like religious places, beautiful parks, impressive squares, Csontváry Museum to the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, the city has something for everyone.

But it is not only its architectural beauty that is alluring. With loads of pubs, cafes, and bars at Király Street offering authentic Hungarian food and wine to international delicacies to drinks, the night culture of the city is also fascinating. The months of May, June, and September offer idyllic conditions for tourism as the daytime temperatures remain pleasant and days are bright and sunny. However, it is recommended to carry a sweater or a jacket for the evenings.

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Popularly known as the 'Garden City', Kecskemét lies halfway between the Tisza and the Danube Rivers in the southern Great Plain. The city is blessed with lush vineyards, verdant orchards, and some of the finest architecture in Hungary. It is a great place to enjoy a refreshing break away from the concrete life amidst greens and fresh ambiance. From impressive Cifra Palota, Old Synagogue, and Town Hall (Art Nouveau and Secessionist buildings) to splendid museums like the Museum of Hungarian Naive Artists, the city has several ancient attractions to satisfy the history and architecture admirers.

On the other hand, the Kiskunság National Park is a haven for nature and wildlife lovers. Opportunities like hiking in the hills, horse shows at Bugac, or exploring the region's horse farms, or tasting the famous barackpálinka (apricot brandy), etc., make the trip to this city more exciting and fun-filled.

The weather in Kecskemét is tourist-friendly during the middle-year months when the average temperature lies between 16.8 °C to 22.9 °C. If you like snowy weather, the city also offers great opportunities from December to February. However, the best time to visit the city is during May, July, August, and September.

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Recommendations for Hungary Explore All (20)
Explore All (20)

Located north of Debrecen in the northeastern Great Plain of Hungary, Nyíregyháza is the municipal center of the Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County. It is a tiny yet one of the prettiest tourist places in Hungary and is an idyllic destination for those who are looking for a break in the lap of nature. Promising a pleasant family vacation or romantic honeymoon, it recharges your energy with its refreshing environment away from the concrete lifestyle.

The Sóstófürd? Spa is its main attraction that promises a refreshing experience while the open-air village museum Skanzen and a Nyíregyháza Zoo are other destinations that make the city a great place to visit with family. It is located close to several small villages having many architectural masterpieces and serves as a starting point for sightseeing excursions. Explore different rides and slides at the Aquarius Spa and Wellness Centre in Nyiregyhaza or relax your mind, body, and soul with spa therapies.

Or, pray at the Co-cathedral of Our Lady of the Hungarians and feel the spirituality in the tranquil ambiance. Nyiregyhaza weather is moderately temperate, and average temperatures from summers to winters vary drastically. For about half of the year, temperatures are towards the cold side but remain nice for another half of the year, making it a great destination to explore during summers.

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Situated at the southern tip of Lake Balaton, Keszthely is adorned with numerous artistic architectural gems representing Gothic, Baroque, and Transylvanian styles. It is a great destination in Hungary to enjoy a waterfront vacation as it offers a picture-postcard setting and beautiful surroundings of Lake Balaton. Home to several private beaches such as Varosi Strand, Libás Beach, etc., the city offers opportunities to indulge in water sports and activities like boating, fishing, cruising, etc.

Along with these beaches, an array of cafes, restaurants, and pubs also make the visit full of fun and delightful. Other than the picturesque waterfront, the city is also known for its ancient architectural miracles like the Festetics Palace, Main Square, and Balaton Museum. Each of these attractions is the notable treasure of Keszthely and reveals the rich heritage, grandeur, and royalty of the city.

Weather in Keszthely is tourist favorable from April till October when the temperatures are moderate and chances of rain are very less. From November to March, it gets very cold and windy here. But if you love chilly weather, the city certainly has something to satisfy the traveler or adventure enthusiasts in you.

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Other Attractions

The Danube River is one of the world’s great rivers that flows through four European capitals, including Vienna (Austria), Bratislava (Slovakia) Budapest (Hungary), and Belgrade (Serbia). It splits Budapest City in two and offers great views of the city's skyline, pristine water, and sunset scenery from its Freedom Bridge.

Besides, the Danube Bend is one of the most serene places to visit in Hungary for being a popular recreational and excursion spot for hikers and nature lovers. Even the Danube Cycle Path promises extraordinary views of the river as you paddle through the winding trails of the hills between Budapest and Vienna.

Best Time: May, June, July, August, and September

Highlights: Freedom Bridge, Danube Cycle Path, Danube Bend, Danube Boat Cruise
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A world-famous natural treasure, Lake Heviz is the biggest thermal lake in Europe and is one of the most popular Hungary places to visit for a memorable and revitalizing experience. Bathing in the thermal water of this lake gives not only medicinal benefits but also leaves you with cherishable memories of the unmatched surrounding scenery and soothing effects.

The pristine water of the lake is said to be beneficial in diseases such as rheumatic musculoskeletal disorders, inflammatory joints, and spinal conditions. It also remains warm throughout the year making it an all-year-round destination to enjoy a revitalizing thermal bath.

Location: Hévíz, Hungary

Best Time: May until September

Highlights: Thermal bathing having medicinal benefits
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The largest church in Hungary, Esztergom Basilica is set atop a Castle Hill and reflects the impressive neoclassical architectural style. The church complex also houses a treasury, crypt, and colossal church, and represents a great example of red and white marble Italian Renaissance carving and sculptures.

The basilica’s treasury is also considered to be the richest religious collection in Hungary. Don't forget to climb to its 72m-high central dome to witness the outstanding views of the city and the Danube River.

Location: Esztergom, Szent István tér 1, 2500 Hungary

Best Time: April to September (especially during sunset)

Highlights: Dome, Treasury, Colossal Church, Crypt, Panoramic Views from the Dome, Neoclassical architecture
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Settled on the north coast of Balaton, Tihany town not only impresses with its natural beauty and tranquil ambiance but with a rich heritage that dates back to thousand years. From ancient architectural treasures to the surrounding countryside, the town is home to several impressive attractions and exciting adventures.

The Echo Hill is to enjoy a unique echo experience; the Abbey is an ancient architectural example, whereas the Lavender Garden offers an awe-strikingly charming landscape. Besides Lake Balaton, the town also has Inner Lake and Outer Lake and spectacular geyser cones that mesmerize with their beauty and charm.

Best Time: End of June

Highlights: Echo Hill, Abbey, Lakes, Geyser Cones, Lavender Garden, Open-Air Ethnographic Museum, Mini-train, etc.
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One of the most romantic places to visit in Hungary, Lillafüred is a resort village that lies in the Bükk Mountain region in Eastern Hungary. Famous for its renaissance castle turned hotel, the town is home to several caves and full of outdoor adventures and lovely scenery.

The pristine Lake Hamori Lake mesmerizes by its picturesque scenery of azure waters, a peaceful forest, and the castle. It also offers boating facilities in summer and snow adventures in winters. The Lillafüred State Forest Railway is another attraction of the area as it allows you to discover the scenic beauty of the Bükk forests.

Location: Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County, Hungary

Best Time: May, June, August, and September

Highlights: Lake Hamori, Lillafüred State Forest Railway, Caves, Hunguest Palace Hotel, etc.
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The Hortobágy National Park is amongst the most quintessential Hungary places to visit for its diverse animal life, diverse culture of natives, and stargazing opportunities. The park is a part of Hungary's Great Plain and falls under Europe's biggest protected natural grassland for its puszta, marshes, and meadows.

Home to diverse species of wild animals and exotic birds, the park is a great place to enjoy the natural surroundings and fresh environment. Its Neoclassical Nine-Span Bridge, an animal sanctuary, museum of shepherding and a narrow-gauge railway are other attractions of the park.

Location: Debrecen, Hungary

Best Time: May, June and Sept (from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm)

Highlights: Nine-Span Bridge, Sanctuary, Museum, Narrow Gauge Railway, Diverse Flora & Fauna, Stargazing, etc.
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If you want to discover traditional Hungary, plan a visit to the Hungarian Open Air Museum, one of the world-class places to visit in Hungary. Featuring the country's largest outdoor collection, it exhibits Carpathian folk architecture along with tradition, art, and culture of various areas of Hungary.

The museum comprises eight distinct sections depicting different regions and time periods of Hungary. Moreover, Ethnographic Study Collection, Skanzen Gallery, and Skanzen railway are other attractions that must not be missed while touring this open air museum.

Location: Szentendre, Sztaravodai út 75, 2000 Hungary

Best Time: May, June, and September

Highlights: Skanzen railway, Skanzen Gallery, Ethnographical Study Collection, Protestant Church, Great Plain, Hungarian animals, including Hungarian Grey and Mangalica, etc.
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One of the most fascinating places to visit in Hungary, the Eger Castle is an example of artistic Romanesque architecture. The castle is a huge complex having a huge collection of ancient artifacts and royal belongings placed in the former Bishop's Palace.

The collections are displayed in Castle History Exhibition and depict old-era traditions and culture. Famous as the site of the defeat of 1552, Eger Castle now serves as a museum depicting its great past and offers panoramic views of the city from its over the hill location.

Location: Eger, Vár 1, 3300 Hungary

Best Time: Early June to early September (during sunset)

Highlights: Castle History Exhibition, Gothic 12th-century St John’s Cathedral, Castle Casemates, Dark Gate, Heroes’ Hall, Dobó Bastion, Dungeon, Panoptikum, and castle grounds
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One of the most splendid Hungary places to visit, Pecs Cathedral boasts to be the most magnificent example of Romanesque architecture in Central Europe. Originally built in the eleventh century it was destroyed and rebuilt several times and also served as a mosque during the Turkish invasion.

The current building was constructed by the end of the nineteenth century and impresses with its mixed architectural styles and wonderful frescoes. The cathedral also organizes organ concerts and festivals that attract tourists from across the world.

Location: Pecs, Szent Istvan ter 23, 7624 Hungary

Best Time: late May to mid-September (10:00 am - 01:00 pm)

Highlights: Impressive architecture and yearly concerts
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Located close to Budapest and on the banks of the Danube River, Szentendre is a great destination in Hungary to escape city life. Replete with magnificent museums and galleries, the town is a true cultural hot spot. With so much to explore and do, it is one of the most exciting places to visit in Hungary.

The picturesque town mesmerizes the visitors by its magical beauty of cobbled streets and colorful Baroque houses. Its traditional cuisine is also a must try to make your trip a true delight.

Best Time: May, June, and September

Highlights: Szamos Marzipan Museum, Margit Kovács Museum, Blagovestenska Church, Main Square, The Hungarian Open Air Museum, Ur Eleonóra Batik Galeria, etc.
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Famed as one of the finest palaces in Europe, Visegrád Royal Palace is a 13th-century castle situated atop a hill overlooking the famous Danube River. The place now has the ruins of the former summer palace of King Matthias Corvinus of Hungary and displays the Gothic and Renaissance architecture of ancient times.

The terraced building complex of the palace consists of three main parts: the northern Matthias Palace, the Royal Chapel, and the Palace of Beatrix. It also offers great views of the river and the city from its hilltop location and is a great destination to enjoy a pleasant time in Hungary.

Location: Visegrád, Várhegy, 2025 Hungary

Best Time: Early June to early September

Highlights: Renaissance and Gothic architecture, breathtaking views of the city and Danube River
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Nestled in the Aggtelek Karst region of Northern Hungary, Aggtelek National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site replete with magical caves and spectacular trails. Its Baradla Cave is the largest stalactite cave in Europe and part of it lies in Slovakia thus visitors need to cross the border to explore it completely.

Moreover, visitors can opt for guided walks, horse or bicycle rides, village tours, handicraft programs, or bread-making classes to learn about the nature and cultural heritage of the Aggtelek region. The Aggtelek region is also home to several castles, forts, palaces, and museums.

Best Time: June

Highlights: 280 caves, variety of wildlife species, birdwatching, hiking, etc.
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Known as the Hungarian Sea, Lake Balaton is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Hungary for its stunning beaches, majestic volcanic hills, gorgeous resort towns along its 197 km cyclable shoreline. It is the largest freshwater lake in Europe and is a center of attraction for nature lovers, foodies to water sports fanatics.

Though an all-year-round destination, it becomes ultimately charming during summer and offers several lakeside resorts to cool off the Hungarian heat.

Best Time: May to September

Highlights: Balaton Uplands National Park, Cycling trail, Lakeside resorts, Thermal Spas, Szigliget Fortress, Herend Porcelain Factory, Heviz Spa, Festetics Palace, Balaton Sound Festival, etc.
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If you are looking for a weekend getaway destination from Budapest or in search of a peaceful location in the Hungarian countryside, then Tapolca is the answer to all your needs. Tapolca is a little quaint town located on the northern shores of Lake Balaton and known for its Tavasbarlang Lake Cave and serene surroundings of hills and vineyards.

The town’s most famous Tavasbarlang Lake Cave is a network of underground caves, which offer crystal clear water and beautiful settings for boat rowing and cruising. There is also an exhibit where visitors get the chance to learn about different types of rock formations as well.

Location: Veszprém County, Hungary

Best Time: May to August

Highlights: Lake Malom-to, Lake Cave, Little Princess Statue, Szent Gyorgy Hill, Kotenger
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A historical town in Northern Hungary, Tokaj is the heart of the Tokaj-Hegyalja wine district where the world's oldest botrytized wine ‘Tokaji aszú’ is produced. Also, a declared World Heritage Site, the town is preserved under the name Tokaj Wine Region Historic Cultural Landscape.

Other than wine, the town is also home to several ancient structures, museums, and recreational areas making it a great destination for spending a weekend with a lover or friends.

Location: Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County, Hungary

Best Time: late April to September

Highlights: Tokaji aszú wine, Great Synagogue, World Heritage Wine Museum, Tokai Museum, Church of the Sacred Heart, Cellars, Wine tasting Tours, etc.
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From majestic mountains, ancient buildings, castle ruins to a delightful food scene, this tiny village in the northeast part of Hungary has lots to discover making it a traveler’s delight. It is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site and houses several preserved heritage homes and buildings and serves as a “living village”.

The town's old village is a great place to discover rich Hungarian heritage, customs, traditions, and culture and is home to several museums, shops, restaurants, St. Martin Church, and Hollókő Castle.

Location: County of Nógrád, Hungary

Best Time: June to August and during Easter, Pentecost, August 20th and Saint Martin Day

Highlights: St. Martin Church, Hollókő Castle, Village Museum, Post Museum, Doll Museum, The House Of The Weavers
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One of the most popular holiday places to visit in Hungary during summers, Siofok is a small but bustling town located on the southern side of Lake Balaton. Its friendly locals, Balaton’s pristine water, excellent hotels, sports facilities, and lively ambiance make it a preferred choice amongst Hungarians to foreign visitors.

Along with several landmarks present in the town, Siófok’ golden beach is the major attraction for nature admirers and water sports lovers. Besides, the Petőfi walkway is another popular destination among tourists for its lively bars, restaurants, cafés, and nightclubs.

Location: Somogy County, Hungary

Best Time: March to May, October, and November

Highlights: Water Tower, Mineral Museum, Evangelic Great Church, Petőfi walkway, Golden Beach, Water Sports, Nightlife, etc.
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Located in the heart of Fertőd village, Esterházy Palace or the Hungarian Versailles is a brilliant Baroque castle built by Miklós Esterházy the 'Glorious' in the 18th century. The original palace perished during World War II and was later restored to its present structure.

The facade, Music Room, Ceremony Hall, Miklós's court to chapel, all areas of the palace are impressively decorated and present opulence and grandeur of ancient times and are sights to behold and capture.

Location: Fertőd, Joseph Haydn u. 2, 9431 Hungary

Best Time: Early hours from 9:00 am to 10:00 am

Highlights: Impressive interiors, facade, rooms, halls, gallery, and recently restored chapel
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A scenic lake sharing its borders between Austria and Hungary, Lake Neusiedl is a great location to spend some cherishable moments with family, friends, or a partner. Its microclimate makes it suited for bird watching and wine-making while well-paved trails and shallow water make it good for biking, boating, windsurfing, etc.

Its banks also have several recreational points offering restaurants, cafes, pubs, play areas, and entertainment zones which are popular amongst locals to visitors for being lively and cheery. However, the lake waterfront can be visited any time of the year but witnessing the setting sun over the horizon from here is truly extraordinary.

Best Time: June to August (during sunset)

Highlights: Boating, Biking, Windsurfing, Dining, Nightlife, Sunset Views, etc.
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Balatonfüred is a little but very charming resort town located on the north shore of Lake Balaton in Hungary. The town is known for its recreational activities such as yachting, fishing, water sports, and adventures and is also a popular spa center.

With two marinas, 18th and 19th centuries-old buildings, grand museums, galleries, a waterpark, recreational centers, and a thermal spa, the Balatonfüred town is indeed one of the most beautiful Hungary places to visit to have a refreshing vacation.

Location: Veszprém County, Hungary

Best Time: July, August

Highlights: Marinas, Thermal Spa, Gyógy tér, Kossuth Pump House, Balaton Pantheon, Tagore Sétány, Jókai Memorial Museum, Vaszary Gallery, Kisfaludy Gallery, Anna Ball, Annagora Waterpark, Loczy Cave, etc.
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People Also Ask About Hungary

  1. Which are the best places to visit in Hungary in Summer?

    1. Budapest: If you are interested in learning about the history of Hungary, then Budapest is the best place that you must visit. Among the many Tourist Places in Hungary, Budapest houses several historic and ancient buildings and is famous for cruising over the Danube River. Visitors can enjoy authentic Hungarian cuisines and the opera house on their visit here.

    2. Szentendre: 
    Popular for its many museums, and artist’s colony with cafes and galleries, the picturesque town invites visitors to explore its cobbled streets that are lined with baroque houses in unique colours. There are many places to visit after you reach this place on a boat.

    3. Lillafured: 
    Famous for trekking in the Bukk National park and the Miskolc zoo, Lillafured is a base destination from which, visitors can advance to view more than 1000 caves, astonishing freshwater lakes and thick blooming woods. Ideal for hiking, this spot is also popular for cave bathing.

    4. Tokaj: 
    Along with the Tokaj museum and wine tasting tours, this destination is a popular UNESCO world heritage site at the center of the wine country, filled with pretty houses and the famous Zemplen hills. The 15th century-old sweet wine-producing town attracts visitors in large numbers who come here to relish the exciting views of the landscape.
  2. Which are the unusual places to visit in Hungary?

    1. Eger: Among the many Places to Visit in Hungary, Eger visitors come here to witness the remains of Turkish invasion, which manifests in the architecture of the town. Visitors can also stroll down to the Valley of Beautiful women where visitors can find the best Hungarian red wine which is popular as ‘Bikaver’.

    2. Tihany: 
    Among the most unique Attraction Places in Hungary is Tihany, which is a tiny village located in the Lake Balaton region. Known for its abbey where the very first records of Hungarian language are found and a lavender garden. Tourists can also visit the Loczy nature trail and the lakes for bird watching.

    3. Lake Balaton: 
    Visitors can take public transport to visit the lake Balaton which is beautifully circuited by a cycling path where they can cycle. Surrounded by resort towns and attractive forests, it is a must to visit the Herend Porcelain Factory and Festetics Palace.

    4. Aggtelek: 
    The Aggtelek cave system is a village getaway, also popular as a World Heritage site. This is one of the most interesting places to visit in Hungary where visitors can get a chance to view stunning formations of stalactites. The cavern’s Giant hall is one of the best treats for anyone who loves nature. 

  3. What is there to do in Hungary in the winter?

    1. Enjoy a warm soak at Miskolctapolca: Soaking yourself in the salty and warm bath of Miskolctapolca Cave, amongst the best places to visit in Hungary in winters, is soothing and warms up your body in chilly weather.

    2. Sunbathing at Lake Balaton Beach: Sunbathing in winters is loved by all and when it is done amidst the beautiful surroundings of Lake Balaton, it leaves you with cherishable memories and a relaxed body and mind.

    3. Explore Aggtelek National Park: Exploring diverse flora and fauna in the park and discovering the beautiful formations inside the caves of Aggtelek Karst is a truly amazing experience. The caves present picture-perfect snowy surroundings in winters and amongst the most beautiful places to visit in Hungary.

    4. Visit Festetics Palace: A Baroque masterpiece, this palace reflects its glorious past through its remarkable architecture, grand interiors, and splendid library. Plan a visit to this palace in winter as its outer appeal multiplies manyfold during winters.

    5. Explore the Christmas Markets of Budapest: Open around the middle of November until around December 31st, these Christmas Markets are considered to be the most affordable in Europe. Explore these markets to buy some great stuff for yourself or as a gift for others.
  4. What Hungary is famous for?

    Hungary is a beautiful city replete with ancient buildings, medieval villages, grand forts, palaces, thermal springs, rivers, and pristine lakes. It also serves Europe's finest cuisine and is a paradise for foodies. Its folk traditions, culture, art, and annual festivals are other delights for travelers.
  5. Is English spoken in Hungary?

    Yes, English is widely spoken in Hungary's big cities and travelers do not face any problem in conserving with locals there.
  6. How many days in Hungary are enough?

    Although it totally depends on your choice of places, still 7 to 10 days are sufficient to explore major attractions of Hungary, including Budapest, Eger, Keszthely, Lake Balaton, Pecs, etc.
  7. What is the best time to visit Hungary?

    The best time to visit Hungary is considered to be summers (June to August) as during that time climatic conditions are tourism-friendly. With mild temperatures and fewer chances of rain, the weather becomes perfect for outdoor activities and excursions. Winters in Hungary are very chilly and windy but if you love this weather, explore this snow carpeted country in November or February.
  8. How to reach Hungary from India?

    Hungary has two international airports namely Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport in Budapest and Airport Debrecen in Debrecen. Major cities in India, including Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Tiruchirappalli serve frequent flights to Budapest Airport.
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