Make your vacation special with this exciting tour to the Da Nang and explore something different with your friends and family. From sightseeing, to visiting some of the most loved restaurants Dan Nang has a lot to offer.  

This place is not just comprised of natural beauty but also some gothic style cathedrals to the serene beaches. Soak up in the tranquillity of this place and explore all the amazing places as part of Vietnam trip packages. If you are a history buff then you can learn a lot about the various museums which has some very interesting facts behind the walls. From learning about the details about their culture to trying some adrenaline activities Da Nang is the best place for you.

Check out the list of Things to do in Da Nang and plan for a great vacation

Here are some Best Things to do in Da Nang:

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Ba Na Hills

Ba Na Hills are one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Da Nang, making them a popular choice for Vietnam tour packages. The place has a year round cool climate which is a welcome relief from hot and humid coasts. The top of Ba Na Hills provides a panoramic view of the sea and other adjoining hills and vegetation. You can start your adventure at Ba Na Hills with a ride on the cable car. It ferries passenger up and down the hills. Suspended mid air in the clouds watching mountains and waterfall is breathtaking. Ba Na Hill Fantasy Park is an amazing entertainment zone for kids and adults. Wax museum with statues of celebrities and politicians, Mo stream at the base of the mountain and Le Jordin D’ amour are other interesting places to visit in Ba Na Hills.

Location: The Hills are located in Hoa Vang district, 40 kilometers from Da Nang.

Price: Avg. 1,100,000 VND 

Son Tra Mountain

The breathtaking national park located in Da Nang is located at a height of 693 meters above the sea level. Locally, Son Tra Mountain is known as Son Tra Peninsula, and it is a popular spot for motorcycling and hiking.

Son Tra Mountain
Image Credits : El Coleccionista de Instantes

Highlights: Tourists come here to enjoy the jungles with some rare species of red monkeys that are hardly found anywhere else in the world. Another prominent attraction of the place is Linh Ung Pagoda, which is renowned for the tallest statue of the Goddess of Mercy. The 21 miniature Buddha sculptures within 17 levels make it highly appealing and attractive. The Journey to the top is worth the effort because of the beautiful panoramic views. It is a popular source of retreat for the tourists and locals alike.

Location: It is situated 12 km north of Da Nang in the Son Tra Peninsula.

Price: Entrace is free.

Explore the Marble Mountains in Da Nang

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The Marble Mountains is one of the popular attractions in Nang, and it is a cluster of five hills. These hills are made of a combination of marble and limestone. It is a well-known pilgrimage site comprising of tunnels, caves, peaks and temples.

Highlights: It exists in an area that is famous for stone cutting and sculpture. The caves hold many secrets with bullet holes. Hosts of places of worship and Buddhist sanctuaries make it a must visit spiritual site. The pagoda temples and circular cave offers some of the most panoramic views.

Best time to visit: Getting started early is best so that the weather does not turn out too hot. The total tour might take up to 4 hours and wearing comfortable shoes is must.

Price: The entrance fee is about 22, 300 Dong and an additional 22, 300 extra for entering the caves located in the mountains.
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Visit My Son Sanctuary in Da Nang

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Recognized as a World Heritage Site, My Son sanctuary is indeed captivating and it is enriched with rich cultural values. People, who are interested to know more about the Southeast Asian culture, should take a visit to this place. It is declared as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.

Highlights: The architectural and sculptural remnants greatly reflect history and style of art practised by the indigenous Cham people of Vietnam. The masterpieces reflected here are indeed glorious. The duration and type of tour vary, but in most cases, it takes approximately about 5 hours. The traditional Cham dance at the site is also a special highlight of the place. Real Champa artists will show three different types of dance. The ancient temples of the sanctuary are also worth the visit.

Price: The price of each tour varies, and the approximate cost is about 200, 700 Dong.
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Visit Phap Lam Pagoda in Da Nang

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Phap Lam pagoda attracts the attention of the locals and tourists alike. It features lots of trees, beautiful Buddhist sculptures and manicured gardens. Apart from being a spiritual site, it is also a beautiful site.

Highlights: Regardless its location in the heart of the city, the atmosphere in the Phap Lam Pagoda is very calm and serene. Locals and monks praying each morning is a beautiful site to see. The 1.1 high Buddha Statue present in the courtyard of the pagoda is very appealing. In addition to that, the Goddess of Mercy statues also attracts the attention of the visitors. The cafes and local restaurants here serve vegetarian foods and anyone can enjoy them.

Best time to visit: It opens daily from 5 am to 11:30 am and from 1 pm to 11.30 pm.

Location: The location of this pagoda is 574D Ong Ich Khiem Street, Da Nang

Price: Entry is free for all.
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Take a Tour to Museum of Cham Sculpture

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In order to witness the culture, language and heritage of Vietnam, one must take a tour to Museum of Cham Sculpture. The indigenous people of Vietnam, Cham and their lifestyles are greatly reflected and displayed in this museum.

Highlights: The museum houses some of the largest Cham sculptures with more than 300 works of stone and terracotta works. The interior works of the museum are no doubt an added attraction. Apart from that, even the external building itself is crafted with different items of worship like holy animals and idols. The museum is a great example of the Cham architecture with some flowing and simple lines from the French architects.

Best time: It is open daily from 7 am to 5.30 pm.

Location: It is possible to access the Museum of Cham Sculpture at 02, 2 Thang 9 Street, Da Nang.

Price: The price for students is 5,000 Dong and for adults, it is 40, 000 Dong.
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Explore Imperial City,Hue

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It goes without saying that the Imperial City, Hue has some promising places to visit and attractions to see. Deeply steeped in history, it comprises of some of the rich historical and architectural facets that attract the attention of the locals and tourists alike.

Highlights: Some of the prominent places of attractions include the Imperial Citadel, the imperial tombs, the Thien Mu Pagoda, etc. Every visitor would love to be a part of the culture and heritage reflected in this beautiful place. In addition to that, it also offers the opportunity to carry out hosts of activities like boat riding or shopping in the local markets. A motorbike tour can also be a great point of interest.

Best time to visit: The months from September to March are ideal for tourists to this place.

Price: Most places do not require any separate entry free in the Imperial city.
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Enjoy at Da Nang Hi-tech Park

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After two other Hi-tech parks located in Vietnam, the third one, the Da Nang Hi-tech Park was established in 2010. It is the ideal destination for both local as well as foreign investors looking forward to boosting the development of science and technology.

Highlights: The ecological township offers a tour to the interested visitors so that they can have a great idea of the harmony between R&D, manufacturing, training and the overall scientific and cultural environment. The eco-friendly park boasts of beautiful landscapes and undeveloped land.

Location: The park is located in Hoa Lien and Hoa Ninh Commune in the district of Hoa Vang. It is situated at a distance of 22 km from the downtown of Danang and 17 km from the Da Nang International Airport.

Price: There are separate tours conducted in the park, and the prices vary from one to another.
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Dragon Bridge

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Renowned as the longest bridge in Vietnam, the Dragon Bridge offer some amazing display of fire, lights and water. Any visitor to this place should not miss out the wonderful display that will give a lifetime experience. The bridge is about 666 meters in length and it is constructed in the shape of a golden dragon.

Dragon Bridge

Highlights: The Bridge crosses the Han River and appeals to the travel photographers. The dragon signifies nobility, power and good luck, as per the belief of the locals.

Best time to visit: The Bridge is magnificent to witness at any time of the day, but during the evening, it becomes more beautiful. This is because of the colourful LED lights. On weekends, the dragon breathes out fire. Plenty of restaurants, cafes and bars overlook the bridge and add to the beauty.

Location: The Bridge can be seen at Da Nang City Centre.

Price: There is no entry fee.
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My Khe Beach

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This beach is one of the most picturesque beaches in the entire Vietnam with a long stretch of white sandy coastline. My Khe Beach is currently reaping the benefits of international flight connections due to which it has attracted the attention of large numbers of tourists in the recent times.

My Khe Beach

Highlights: It offers excellent surfing facilities in the off shores. Apart from surfing, sun bathing is another popular attraction. It is a great place to try some local delights like shrimp pancakes. It is listed as one of the most luxurious beaches.

Best time to visit: The best season is from May to October when tourists can enjoy the season.

Location: The beach can be accessed from the Danang International Airport, which is at a distance of 25 minutes. Its location is Nguyen Van Thoai.

Price: There is no fee, but separate price is required for getting extra delights and activities.
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Linh Ung Pagoda

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Linh Ung Pagoda is a famous temple and the largest pagoda in Da Nang. In the backdrop of beautiful hills and primitive forest this architectural masterpiece is an interesting tourist spot. The main attraction here is the 67 meter tall statue of Goddess of Mercury( Shakyamuni Buddha) standing on lotus platform. The 17 levels of the building at different heights provide excellent panoramic view of the surroundings. It also contains 21 different Buddha statues. The courtyard is no less impressive with 18 Arhat statues arranged in two rows on both sides of the path to protect the main hall. The picturesque surroundings, the awe inspiring structure and the mysticism of Buddhism are sure to stir up the spiritual side of the visitors.

Linh Ung Pagoda

Location: The pagoda is situated in Son Tra Peninsula, 10 km north east of Hoang Sa street, in Son Tra District of Da Nang city.

Price: N/A 
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Han River Bridge, Da Nang

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Han River Bridge is one of the four impressive bridges in Da Nang and a major tourist’s attraction. It is a cable supported swing bridge that not only provides transport but also represents the city as well. Rightly considered as the pride of the city it is the first swing bridge built in Vietnam by the people of Da Nang.

The city of Da Nang is at the west of the bridge and the beaches are at east. At night, when brightly lit up, it looks fabulously beautiful with its changing colors. During midnight one can have the stunning view of the bridge when it swings on its axis to allow the shipping traffic to pass. If you wish, you can take a river cruise to enjoy the intriguing bridge.

Location: Han River Bridge is located across the Han river in the city of Da Nang in Vietnam.
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Golf in da nang

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Da Nang with its world class golf courses is drawing golfers from all over the world. The four main Golf courses are sprawled from north to south of the city on white sandy beaches. Da Nang Golf Club is opened in 2010 and has been placed among the 15 best new golf courses in the world by USA golf magazine. The golf course not only provides the best golfing experience but due to its central location it is also great for going out on an expedition after the game. The world class amenities, great hospitality and amazing food make it a hotspot of Asia’s golf destination.

Golf in da nang

Location: Da Nang golf courses are extended in 34 miles of the central coast with world class golf courses of Danang Golf Club, The Montgomerie Links, Languna Lang Co and Bana Hills Golf Course.

Price: The price ranges from 1,550,000 to 39,000,000 VND.
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Surfing is an adventurous water sport where you ride the mighty waves of the ocean. If you are looking for the adrenaline rush, there are some pristine beaches in Da Nang, which provides excellent surfing conditions for both beginners and experienced surfers. Though the weather conditions are ideal for surfing all year round, the perfect time is from November to March. The long sandy stretch of China Beach or My Khe beach is the central for surfing in Da Nang. It is an excellent spot to enjoy surfing. The weather condition here is just right for those who wish to learn surfing. Da Nang Surfing School on the beach is ideal for beginners.


Location: The China Beach is located south of Da Nang. It is a half an hour taxi ride from the Da Nang International Airport.

Price: You can hire a variety of surf boards starting from 100,000 VND.
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Spa Treatment

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A trip to Da Nang cannot be completed without getting a rejuvenating spa treatment from one of its many luxurious and comfortable spas. You can indulge yourself in some refreshing massage, full body exfoliation, foot bath, body therapy, purifying facial, body cleansing, detoxification and a whole range of other treatments for your complete wellness. The spas in Da Nang are the ultimate destination to get indulged and relaxed. The staffs are skilled and friendly, to ensure that you get the best experience of your life.

Spa Treatment

Location: There are a number of Spas in Da Nang. Some of the notable spas are HARNN Heritage Spa at Intercontinental Da Nang Sun Peninsual Resort, Queen Spa located just a short distance from My Khe beach, and The Spa Riverside located at Han riverside.

Price: The price varies from Spa to Spa and treatment to treatment. You can get bespoke services starting from 400,000 VND.
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Danang Cathedral, Da Nang

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The Danang Cathedral is an impressive structure which is a bit intriguing in its candy pink colour. It is an important religious site in Da Nang. Locally the cathedral is known as ‘Rooster’ (Con Ga) Church. It got its name due to a rooster perched atop its tower. Built in 1923, the cathedral is a famous place for daily worship.

If you arrive late, it is highly unlikely for you to get any place to sit. The church has Gothic style architecture, with a number of gorgeous stained glass windows. From inside, the church is much bigger and beautiful than it looks from outside. A grotto of the Blessed Virgin Mary is located right behind the church.

Location: The Danang Cathedral is just a short walk away from the Da Nang CBD. It is also just a few minutes’ drive away from the Da Nang International Airport.
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Site Archeologique de My Son, Duy Phú village

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Image Credit : dalbera
For someone who loves to explore ancient ruins, Site Archeologique de My Son is the perfect place to visit in Da Nang. The site was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999. Site Archeologique de My Son is abandoned ruins of more than seventy Hindu temples constructed between 4th Century to 14th Century AD.

The temples are said to be built by Champas and are the remnants of the rich history of Cham Clan. The people of the clan were majorly Hindus. The temples constructed on the site are devoted to Lord Shiva. Much of the ruins were destroyed during the second Indochina war, due to US carpet bombing.

Location: The temple complex is located in a valley near Duy Phú village. The area is surrounded by picturesque mountains and overlooked by Hon Quap Mountain.

Price: You can get inside the complex by paying a fee of 150,000 VND.
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Asia Park

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Asia Park is situated at a beautiful resort in the central coast of Vietnam. It casts as a  comprehensive amusement and culture park with many distinctive features which can be significantly associated with East Asian Flair. The Asia Park is divided into three: an Amusement Park, a Cultural park and a Central Zone. A 115 meter Sun Wheel (a clock tower basically) can be seen standing tall in the centre of the park that displays time zones of different countries and is surrounded by a breath-taking garden. The Amusement Park features shows, events, restaurants, rides and other interactive and adventurous activities. The Cultural Park throws light on the historical values  such as performing arts, folk dances, crafts, architecture and cuisines of 10 prominent Asian countries.

Location: Phan Dang Luu Street, Hai Chau District

Hours Open: 5 pm to 11 pm

Ticket Price: Adults 200 VND and Children 150 VND
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Con Market

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Con Market is the largest commercial shopping centre in the city with more than 2000 shops selling various produces such as apparels, footwear, house hold items, kitchen wares, handicrafts, books, movies, accessories etc. at a wholesale price. It is one of  the busiest shopping centres of Vietnam which was established atop a highland in the  year 1940. Earlier it was a prime trading place for fishermen and farmers but later in  1984 it was renovated to make it more modernised and accommodate other prominent produces as well.  Goods here are sold in rates as cheap as it can get and offers room for more bargaining as well. You also have the craziest opportunity to taste best and authentic  Vietnamese cuisine such as banh mi, goi cuon, mi quang at a very affordable price.

Con Market

Location: Ong Ich Khiem Street, Hai Chau District

Entry: Free

Hours Open: 8 am to 8 pm
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Cao Dai Temple

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The Cao Dai temple is one of the holiest and sacred places according to Vietnamese people. As history recalls Cao Dai was a religious movement incorporated in 1933 that involved various aspects of Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism and Catholicism. The architecture of the temple clearly depicts an amalgamation of different traditions. The temple features three principle colours: yellow for Buddhism, red for Christianity and blue for Taoism. The 28 dragon encrusted columns that runs down the main aisle depict each avatar of Buddha. The Divine Eye is the prominent feature of the temple representing Yang. The Interiors are gorgeously architected with significant symbols, paintings and images. There is a live orchestra in the premise that performs prayers and hymns at four different hours (ceremonies) of the day.
Cao Dai Temple

Location: Tay Ninh

Entry: Free

Hours Open: 6 am to midnight

Restrictions: Visitors are allowed to wear only trousers and skirts that cover the knee
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Red Beach

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Also known as the red Beach base Area, this coastline was formerly used as a prominent base for Army of Republic of Vietnam and Americas Marine, Navy and Army military camp. It was set 8 km northwest of Da nang on the Red Beach. Today all you will get to see are ruins of the base front and a plethora of resorts and other beach activities happening around the place. The name red is derived from the pleasant red hue that reflects on the water during sun rise and sun set. Although many activities happen in and around the place, the coastline always appears to be calm and clear of habitants.  The Red Beach Resort and Spa, Red Beach Hotel and khach San red Beach are few well known places to stay over the weekend here. Also the clean water and the right temperature make it apt for keen swimmers to carry out snorkelling.

Location: Nyugen Tat Thanh

Best Time: January to June
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Gift & Speciality shops

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Da Nang offers a plethora of options to carry back as reminiscence of this attractive and buyout city. Travelling to Da Nang does not confine to stunning beaches and extremely cheap yet delicious Vietnamese cuisines; but for your loved ones who are waiting back in your home country, you can select one of the many souvenirs sold in Da Nang’s popular Gift and Speciality Shops. Da Nang shops offer different kinds of souvenirs serving various purposes. You have promotional gifts, business souvenirs, tourism artefacts etc. However listed here are few of the Da Nangs specialities without which you must not end your Da Nang holiday. They are; Art Stone Non Nuoc, Dried Beef, and Shrimp and Squid, Mrs. De Tre, Nam o Fish sauce and shopping markets like Stone Village, Danang Souvenirs and Café, Con Market and Han Market.

Location: Da Nang, Vietnam

Price: Starts from 200 VND

Best Time: The best time to visit these places is during Vietnamese festival season
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Pham van Dong Beach

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Pham van Dong Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the city. Its beauty attracts a lot of different people, locals and tourists alike. This beach is famous for different movies being shot here. You can go ahead and have a nice stroll on the beach. It has very soft sand and if you walk on it bare feet then you will feel a lovely sensation on the feet. The water is very clean as well. You can take a nice dip in it. If you are planning on a swim then do be aware of the jellyfish that are present in the water. There are many good hotels around the area. If you are looking for small eateries, you will get many of them at a stone’s throw from the beach.

Pham van Dong Beach

Location: da Nang, Vietnam

Highlight: There are many different activities that you can take part here. There are a few exercise equipment on the beach as well that you can utilise.

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Thanh Binh Beach

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Image Credit : DulichVietnam360°
Thanh Binh Beach is situated right in the center of the De Nang village in Vietnam. If you are into adventure sports then this is the place for you. One of the best thing about this beach is that though it is situated in the heart of the village yet you are bound to get a lot of free space on the beach. The beach also has many different eateries strewn across the perimeter of the beach that allow you to try some authentic Vietnamese delicacies that are on the menu. On the whole this beach is definitely one of the best places to visit while you are in Vietnam and visiting the De Nang area.

Location: central Da nang in Vietnam

Highlight: It has on offer many different activities like canoeing, windsurfing and paragliding. There are trained professionals in the area who have all the gear required for you to take part in any of these sports.
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Lady Buddha

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Da Nang’s Non Nuoc Stone carving village is a must visit tourist spot when you are travelling to this beautiful town of great beaches and picturesque landscapes. The 67 metre long statue of Bodhisattva of Mercy (Lady Buddha) on the Son Tra Peninsula is recognised worldwide. It is made out a single piece of marble. The Lady Buddha statue has vast significance to Buddhism. The diameter of the statue is 17 ft. and encompasses 17 floors. Each floor worships a different Avatar of Buddha. The highest floor has a flight of stairs that leadsto the statue head.

The marble statue can be seen from any part of the city. Each story beautifully captures each life of Buddha. Enjoy the gorgeous and breath-taking view of the city from the top of the lady buddha’s head.

Da Nang

Best Time:
Between Jan and May
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14 February 2020
I was so impressed with the fluency of language of the guide. Had no trouble in interacting with him. He helped us get over our fear and spent the day with adventure and joy.
14 February 2020
Rukhmani Gandhi Da Nang City Tour
There was no trouble in hotel pick up and I recieved a call in the previous day about the location of my hotel. I did not have to wait much, the driver was on time. The service was great
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Durgeshwari Deshpande Da Nang City Tour
The Cham sculpture museum was so beautiful and we enjoyed a lot throughout the whole day. The guide was very supportive and told us many stories about Da Nang. I got exactly what i expected.
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Devi Marar My Son Sanctuary
My son got really happy and was talking endlessly with the guide for knowing more facts about the place. The guide was really patient and told us about a lot of new things. Glad that I chose the package with Thrillophilia!
14 February 2020
Anjushree Singh My Son Sanctuary
My son got really happy and was talking endlessly with the guide for knowing more facts about the place. The guide was really patient and told us about a lot of new things. Glad that I chose the package with Thrillophilia!
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I had some doubts related to the inclusion and just after my enquiry, thrillophilia support team quickly called me and cleared all my doubts. I'm glad that i booked with them. The speedboat ride was comfortable and we loved the breeze that was greatly relaxing. The environment was silent and pleasant and we could spend our ideal vacation. A must buy!
14 February 2020
I could swim as much as I liked and the water was warm and peaceful. I am still not able to get over from the charm of the Cham island. Wish to go back and book again with Thrillophilia.
14 February 2020
I Loved the entire ambience! A must thing to do in Vietnam. Definitely a 5 star experience!
14 February 2020
Charuvrat Ahluwalia Han River Cruise in Da Nang
I expected a lot of crowd there but the place was not much crowded and we also could spend great time with each other without any interference. Thanks to Thrillophilia for gifting me my best night in Vietnam.
14 February 2020
Aditeya Varman Surfing Lesson in Da Nang
It was so awesome to surf on the water bodies! This was my first experience and I have never experienced something like this before and now i can ay that i am a quick learner :D Looking forward to book again with Thrillophilia!

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