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Adelaide Beaches

Glenelg Beach, Henley Beach, Semaphore Beach, Noarlunga Beach, Christie's Beach, Aldinga Beach, Maslin Beach, Grange Beach, Seacliff Beach, and many more.

Beaches are often known for their white sands, shells, turquoise blue waters, and scenic beauty. However, the beach that we are going to talk about today is not just about the view and sand, it has a lot more to offer. The beaches in Adelaide have everything that a beach lover may desire for. Apart from the beautiful view they offer, these beaches are known for their compact markets, fine wine and dine, and a lot more. If you are in Australia, the beaches in Adelaide can be your perfect escape from the daily hustle of life. You can see hundreds of people playing volleyball or indulging in a sunbathe, or even kids making sandcastles. 

Talking about the most popular beaches here, Port Willunga is considered the best beaches in Adelaide. This famous beach is known for its calm and soothing surroundings and the market nearby, from where you can collect souvenirs or indulge in a delicious meal at the nearby cafes. However, the list does not end here.

Here is the list of best beaches in Adelaide:

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Glenelg Beach

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Glenelg Beach is the most popular and sought after metropolitan beach of Adelaide city. With easy access, the beach is only a 20 minutes drive from the city center, or all those who love ethnicity can ride the vintage tram in the North terrace and land at Moseley Square to take a small turn and reach the wonderful location.

Sandy beaches, brilliant views, rippling gush of waters, buzzing of shopping strip at Jetty road, beach sports like volleyball, nice eateries, great nightlife, the location is a jam-packed entertainment package for all visitors and it is one of the best beaches in Adelaide.

Apart from all the thriving and buzzing, one can get some good ocean adventures here too which includes snorkeling and scuba diving. Dolphin sailing tours are also quite popular here. For all the enthusiastic hearts the overnight adventure on a fishing carter is truly alluring. Some of the best restaurants are present on the beachside serving a host of cuisines for all to savor. 

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Henley Beach

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When it comes to visiting beaches in Adelaide, one can never miss a trip to the exotic Henley beach and explore the beauty of the location. Similar to Glenelg beach, Henley beach can also be reached by fetching a tram ride from the city center and is much easy to access.

Surrounded by classy, top-rated seafood restaurants the bustling Henley square is one of the best Adelaide beach to enjoy and savor, the mouth melting tastes of versatile sea food cuisines.

The shoreline stretches far away and swimming is allowed here. So take a quick dip and get refreshed enjoying the lovely beach. There are awesome activities that can be done here but one that really feels good is the nature walk following the River Torrens Linear Park trail that starts from the city and goes straight to the Henley beach. One of the best places to spend a quality evening, this is indeed a must-visit destination. 

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Semaphore Beach

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Bounded by a thick border of sand dunes, the popular Semaphore Beach is a place for all those who love to explore the historical side of Adelaide and know more about the rich culture of the city.

Semaphore Beach is a wide long Adelaide beach beautifies with expansive foreshore and boulevard which remains effortlessly adorned by Art Deco buildings. Almost a replica of the grandeur of the Palais, this is undoubtedly a fascinating location to spend quality and experience classic gourmet coupled with best in class wine collection.

Other attractions nearby include Semaphore’s iconic Time Ball Tower, historic buildings, ferry wheel, awesome boutiques, and historic pubs. So go ahead and visit the destination for a good time spend. Accommodation in the nearby location remains available for the interested visitors.  

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Christies Beach

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Based at a distance from the city center, Christie's Beach is another beautiful beach in Adelaide. With crystal clear water and towering cliffs, the place is well beautified to enjoy a fascinating scenic view that mesmerizes every mind.

The beach is long and spacious that makes room for all and never feels too much crowded. Covered with small eateries run by locales this is an excellent sun-soaking beach where one can spend some good time in the serene ambiance, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Beach sports like volleyball is common here.

For all the coffee lovers, Viscous coffee at Christie's beach s quite famous and a must stop. Coupled with great local snacks this is indeed a must-have.

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Noarlunga Beach

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Being a small sea-side suburb in the City of Onkaparinga, South Australia, Noarlunga Beach possesses a population of 2,632 and is located approximately 30 kilometers to the south of the Adelaide City Center. It serves as popular holiday destination presently but was created as a sea port.

It is a long beach having ample space for surfing in the South Port area, the surfing can be done at reasonable rates. To the south, it is bounded by the river Onkaparinga and by Gulf St. Vincent to the west. Christie's Beach lies to its north whereas Noarlunga Downs and Noarlunga Centre rest to the east of Noarlunga Beach. Like any other beach, this one also does not lag behind in terms of enjoyment and recreational activities.

Highlights: One can go for activities like swimming, fishing, and fishing and all of them are relatively safe, secure, and available at affordable prices.

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Aldinga Beach

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Based in the southern suburb of Adelaide, the Aldinga beach is one of the sought after beaches in South Australia. Adjacent to Port Willunga, the beautiful beach is about 50 minutes drive from the city center. Especially in the summer days the beach provides great solace and remains quite crowded with both natives and visitors. The greatest attraction of the beach is its lovely blue waters that contrast perfectly with the sandy beaches forming a pictorial location admired by all.

The aquamarine waters are safe for swimming and other water sports which are indulged in by visitors. Snorkeling and diving are also allowed in these waters making it quite popular among adventure seekers.

Cars are allowed n the beach though the speed limit is maintained at 10km/hour. One can also take pets to the beach area only if they are kept on a leash during peak time. Plenty of accommodation is available near the beach area for the people who want to stay here. 

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Maslin Beach

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Located in the suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia, Maslin Beach is one of the best beaches in Adelaide and the tourists can relish the beachside experience with their family and friends. The name of this beach is kept based on the town of Maslin Beach and it refers to the South Australian suburb.

 It offers an alluring scenic walk, serene conditions, as well as crystal clear water. It provides the pleasure to experience one of the most beautiful sunsets of the evening. The best attraction that it offers the visitors cliff-lined recreation reserve starting from Maslin Beach town and ending at the Balance Point in the South. The first official beach whose southern half is declared as Australia’s nude beach and this area is away from the rest of the beach.

Highlights: Less crowd, Lovely sunset, Eye-soothing coastal and cliff landscape, regular as well as Nudist section and more. 

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Grange Beach

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Located 11 kilometers from the Adelaide City Center, in the City of Charles Sturt, Grange Beach is another coastal suburb of Adelaide in South Australia. It is considered to be the quietest beach in the city of Adelaide with a flat surface of the ocean and plenty of shade and it is one of the famous Adelaide beaches. The nearest hotel where the visitors can stay in the Grange Hotel on the avenue at Grange Beach.

Here, one can find all the modern as well as basic facilities essential for a comfortable and peaceful stay. The front area of the hotel provides an amazing view of the calm ocean. Dine-in facilities are also available here. Also, there are few parks and reserves in the suburb that offer a playing field. The green area in the heart of the suburb is said to be the location of Charles Sturt’s cottage.

Highlights: free parking space, waterfront café, a decent pub.

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Seacliff Beach

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Situated in the City of Holdfast Bay, Seacliff Beach is a suburb of Adelaide City and this suburb is adjacent to Brighton, Kingston Park, and Seacliff Park, Mario. Being South Australia’s most popular stretch of beach, seacliff allows the tourists to experience the most amazing beach holiday ever and it is one of the famous beaches in Adelaide.

It is backed by a park in the south direction, two club houses, and a caravan park, accompanied by a boat ramp and a car parking area. It comprises of fronting rock flats as well as a high tide sand section, with a shallow sand bar taking the rocks to the north. Offering good and easy access and a wide range of facilities and utilities, it provides a safe swimming experience with very gentle surf. The visitors will not be able to resist such an enjoyable place where there are water sports as well.

 Highlights: swimming, surfing, fishing, sailing club, life-saving club.

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Second Valley Beach

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Image Credit : Rhoni McFarlane - flickr
A beach located just 90 km's from Adelaide, South Australia, the second valley is sheltered in a valley amidst the farming lands. There is no specific season that one needs to find for going to this Adelaide beach, the tourists can take pleasure in this beautiful beach during any time of the year.

Named after a coastal town on the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia, the second valley has been rated amongst the top ten beaches of this country. It is perfect blend of spectacular scenic view as well as a beautiful beach to bask on. The Jetty Store offers delicious takeaway meals to tingle your taste buds and if you are a fishing fan, it provides you all kind of equipment required for fishing. In fact, the second valley is a beach that offers something for everyone.

Highlights: Be it bushwalking, fishing, or swimming, no one would return without enjoying it.

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Brighton Beach

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This is the most popular  Adelaide beach among swimmers as it’s safest and has a Surf Life Saving Club right at the beach. The center of attraction here is the surrounding. The beach has several options to satisfy your hunger. The beach is most crowded during the morning as it permits you for early walks with a delicious breakfast along the coast. You can also walk down by the cliff to get the scenic vistas of the city.

Activities: Camping, Sailing, Swimming, Hiking

Location: 15.4Km from Adelaide city center

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Moana Beach

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This is regarded as the beach in Adelaide among families. The small tides make it safe for kids as they can easily enjoy water sports and swimming here. The best part of the beach is that you can take your car along the shore with a charge of just $6. Families love this as it’s easier to arrange shade as well as pack and unpack goodies. The sand is compact here, so one can enjoy building castles over here.

 Beach cricket, Beach ball, Totem tennis, Boogie board, Board surfing, building sandcastles, play with your dog.

Location: 37.5 km away from Adelaide city center

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Carrickalinga Beach

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Like any other Adelaide beaches, Carrickalinga Beach is also known for its Buena vistas, white sands, temperate waters, and rocky pools. This is among the best beaches in Adelaide for nature fans as it lets you pander in hiking or cycling to explore the beach to the fullest. The beach is less crowded so that you can have a great quality time with your near and dear ones. But always remember to take care of kids as it’s isolated. There is hardly anyone to monitor at the beach in case of any mishappenings.

Activities: Kayaking, Swimming, Fishing, Hiking, Cycling, Sun Bathing.

Location: 75 kilometers from Adelaide

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Sellicks Beach

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Sellick Beach is the most loved beach among families as it lets you drive right towards the sandy beach, making it a perfect picnic spot. You can park your car right at the beach where you want to relax and unwind. The beach is surrounded by Sellick ranges of hills which adds to the beauty of the beach. Sellicks beach is ideal among adventure lovers as it lets you enjoy boating and windsurfing. You can also lay down in Sun and enjoy your day lazily, just admiring the surroundings. An eaterie also surrounds this beach for you to satisfy your hunger while sunbathing.

Activities- Fishing, Swimming, Nature-Gazing, Boating. Windsurfing

- 53 kilometers from Adelaide

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Port Willunga

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Port Willunga is the most picturesque beach in the city. The beach is famous for its soft white sand, which engulfs your toes, giving you the best beach vibes. The center of attraction here is the golden cliff faces and lucid waters. Port Willunga beach is ideal for nature walks. The port is also surrounded by a Bustling market which includes cafes, boutiques. The star of Greece restaurant is the most loved eatery here so try not to miss this.

Activities: Beach walk, Spot aquatic wildlife, Horseback riding,

Location: 46kms south of Adelaide

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People Also Ask About Adelaide

  1. Which are the romantic beaches in Adelaide?

    1. Henley Beach: If you want to spend some time in solitude admiring nature with your partner, then Henley beach is the perfect place. This Adelaide beach is known for its desirable location and tranquil surrounding.

    2. Noarlunga beach:
     If you and your partner are looking for some thrill along the beach, then Noarlunga beach is a must-visit. Along with the scenic vistas, the beach lets you indulge in multiple activities.

    3. Glenelg beach: This is known among the best beaches in Adelaide and is a perfect spot for a day outing. Glenelg beach is surrounded by a bustling market where you can indulge in shopping and enjoy delicious meals at the nearby cafes, which promise a great beach view.

    4. Aldinga beach: This Adelaide beach is the most picturesque and often referred to as a painting of nature by tourists. The beach offers several water sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, and many more.

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  2. What is the best time to visit Adelaide beaches?

    The best time to visit Adelaide beaches is from March to May or September to November. During this time, the weather is favorable, and you can spend most of the day at the beach without worrying about the Beach tan.

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  3. Which are the best beaches in Adelaide for water sports?

    1. Seacliff beach: Located in the countryside, this beach is well known for its high tides, which lets you indulge in multiple water sports.

    2. Aldinga beach: This is the most popular beach in Adelaide among thrill lovers. It permits you to enjoy the rapids through scuba diving, snorkeling, etc.

    3. Geleng beach: The most loved beach in Adelaide offers multiple activities like camping, swimming, snorkeling, etc. Cafes and restaurants surround the beach.

    4. Noarlunga beach: This beach was once the famous port of the city, but now it has been the best bustling fishing ground of the town. Likewise, you can also go surfing.

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  4. Which are the best attractions and activities in Australia that you can book through Thrillophilia?

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