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As Cambodia is exclusively beautiful in terms of beaches and scintillating tropical forests, it is also home to some of the most relaxing resorts. They offer contemporary setting with relaxing facilities. This is the reason that people are always offered a quaint atmosphere with qualitative facilities. The beauty of the sea is glamorized with an authentic taste of food and exclusive facilities. The quaint settings make it worth visiting and enjoying the relaxing atmosphere at resorts in Cambodia.

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Known as the best luxury resort in Sihanoukville of Cambodia, the Sokha Beach resort is ideal for peace lovers. Offering sea and garden facing rooms, tourists fell surely feel elated. Virgin waters, white sands, superb interiors and traditional Khmer style of hospitality makes Sokha Beach Resort worth staying.

Hills, beaches and gardens adding to the beauty of Veranda Beach Resort in Kep, Cambodia, it is an ideal place for the tourists to enjoy splendid holidays.

Here are the Best Cambodia Resorts:

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Sokha Beach Resort

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If you can splurge on your travel, you might want to book yourself at one of the best luxury resorts in Cambodia – Sokha Beach Resort.  With excellent sea or garden facing rooms and private terraces in villas, Sokha Beach Resort makes you feel at home right when you land here. Pristine waters, white sands, excellent interiors, traditional Khmer style of hospitality and service, stunning views of the Sokha Beach, tranquil ambience, amazing privacy and relaxing spas are the hallmarks of this upscale resort in Cambodia.

Sokha Beach Resort

Location –

Price –
USD102 to USD290, depending on rooms. Prices are indeed steep; however it is worth every dime of it.

Activities & Amenities –
Spa, swimming pool, gyms, free Wi-Fi, indoor and outdoor pools, complimentary breakfast and parking, beauty salon, kids’ club etc.

Distance from main city –
3km and 8km away from Wat Krom Pagoda and Otres Beach respectively. Airport is 25minues away.

Food –
Three restaurants and 6 bars serving international cuisine and drinks.
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Veranda Natural Resort

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With hills, beaches and gardens surrounding it, it is only natural that Veranda Natural Resort is one of the preferred resorts in Cambodia by local and international tourists.

Veranda Natural Resort

Highlights – This resort has been widely regarded as the best eco-resort in Kep. Located on top of the scenic Bokor Mountain, in the premise of Kep National Park, Veranda Natural Resort provides a panoramic view of the Gulf of Thailand. Come here to enjoy nature and tranquillity in their fullest forms. Get ready to be pampered away to glory at the gardens and spas here.

Location – Kep Cambodia.

Price – USD90 to USD170.

Activities & Amenities – Garden swimming pools, scenic mountain view, Kep Spa offering traditional Khmer and Thai massage and wellness treatments, excellent food, 24/7 room service, private terrace, free Wi-Fi and parking, rental cycles, kids’ clubs and more.

Distance from main city –
135km from Phnom Penh International Airport.

Food –
Western and Asian food available.
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Spring Valley Resort

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If you are looking for a home away from home in Cambodia, Spring Valley Resort is the place to be.  Located in the beautiful Kep area, Spring Valley Resort takes pride in itself as it just doesn’t serve its guests for business purposes. It treats guests quite personally and prepares food just the way guests want it to be served. This is a unique restaurant where you will not find any trace of formality. The warmth and hospitality that you get here is whole-hearted. The path that leads to the resort is filled with fruit orchards and makes for a great relaxing spot.

Spring Valley Resort

Location –
Within the Kep National Park complex.

Price –
Around USD30 per night.

Activities & Amenities –
Free Wi-Fi, private balconies/terraces, complimentary breakfast buffet, outdoor pool, poolside bar, spas, bike rentals and valet parking.

Distance from main city –
6 minutes away from Kep beach.

Food –
Authentic Khmer cuisine served here.
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Knai Bang Chatt Resort Kep

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One of the most relaxing beachfront resorts in Cambodia, Knai Bang Chatt, offers great services to international and local tourists coming here.

Knai Bang Chatt Resort Kep

Highlights –
One of the major highlights of this resort is that it offers private balconies in all rooms, from where you can enjoy a scintillating view of the Chhak Kep Bay with a relaxing drink in your hands and with your loved one for your company. There are lots of spacious rooms in this resort and all of them have excellent bay views.

Location –
Phum Thmey Sangkat Prey Thom.

Price –
Around USD105. Activities &

Amenities –
Here you can enjoy private experiences like excursions, private dining, cooking classes, sailing courses, wind surfing, kayaking, mountain bikes, rental bicylces, indoor and outdoor games, spas, massages, royal treatments and other excellent tours.

Distance from main city –
10km from Kep National Park and 7 minutes from Crab Market.

Food –
Khmer and Western cuisine available at the restaurants here.
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Rock Royal Hotel & Resort

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If you are looking for a hotel in Cambodia with an ancient world charm in it, you have to visit Rock Royal Hotel & Resort situated in Cambodia’s Kep Village. Highlights – This is a majestic white building which attracts tourists to a large extent. With a myriad of features and facilities, this resort is ideal for business and leisure visits. Though this resort was newly constructed, it has got elements of traditional Khmer touch in it, to add to its splendour. Overlooking the Chhak Kep Bay this resort has 125 rooms of full grandeur for its guests. Location – Street 33, Kep Village.

Rock Royal Hotel & Resort

Price –
USD50 to USD130.

Activities & Amenities –
Complimentary breakfast and parking, Huge swimming pool, free Wi-Fi, cars and cycles on rent, gyms, bar, lobby with seating, laundry service and more.

Distance from main city –
3km and 7km from Crab Market and Kep National Park respectively.

Food –
Asian and international cuisine available here.
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Mealea Resort

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There are lots of French style resorts in Cambodia providing authentic French culture and food. Mealea Resort is one of them.  Enjoy the wonderful beauty of nature in the sun-decks from the exceedingly beautiful rooms of Mealea Resort. These bungalows are fully furnished and are ideal for people coming here as couples or as big families. If you are looking for arranging business meetings at short notice, Mealea Resort’s business conferencing facilities do the trick for you. Enjoy nature in its grandest form in your private balconies.

Mealea Resort

Location –
33A street, Cambodia.

Price –
USD36 to USD50.

Activities & Amenities –
Private terrace, balconies, free Wi-Fi, kids’ club, rooms furnished with all basic necessities, free airport shuttles, massage spas, outdoor swimming pool and more.

Distance from main city – Right in the centre of the famous Kep Beach.

Food –
Khmer and international cuisines available here.
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Explore All (48)

Thansur Bokor Highland Resort

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Do you want the best of natural abundance and affordability? Thansur Bokor Highland Resort, an upscale accommodation in Cambodia.

Thansur Bokor Highland Resort

Highlights –
Enjoy the best of Mekong River with the help of Cambodia’s first and only highland resort, Thansur Bokor Highland Resort. With a massive 564rooms, authentic Khmer interiors, private balconies, goodness of the pristine jungles and a pleasant climate all through the year, this palatial resort has been designed with the sole aim of providing ultimate comfort to guests coming here.

Location –
This entertainment-oriented resorted situated on Bokor Hill’s plateau.

Price –
USD47 to USD93. Activities & Amenities – Spas, free Wi-Fi, indoor pools, sauna, casino games, discotheques, Jacuzzi, 24/7 room service, doctor on call, free airport transfers, conferencing and more. 

Distance from main city – 1km and 8km from Bokor hill station and Popokvil Waterfalls respectively.

Food –
3 restaurants and 2 bars serving all kinds of international dishes and drinks.
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Malibu Estates Bungalows

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Located in the midst of greenery and overlooking the sea, Malibu Estates Bungalows is one of the upscale restaurants in Cambodia.

Highlights –
Rooms with garden views and pool views excite tourists beyond their imagination at Malibu Estates. The exteriors and interiors of Malibu Estates Bungalows are done with so much of perfection that they represent the rich culture and tradition of Khmer architecture perfectly. Apart from sightseeing and relaxing at the beachfront resort, guests can take up exciting tours nearby or get rejuvenated at the resort’s spa.

Location –
Kep. Price – USD30 to USD120.

Activities & Amenities –
Gyms, Spas, mini-bars in all rooms, salt water swimming pool, separate pool for kids, baby-sitting, free wi-fi, pets compatible, pool bar, horse rides, kids’ play area, safety lockers and more.

Distance from main city –
Just about 500m from Kep Beach.

Food –
Khmer, Italian and French cuisine available at the restaurant here along with drinks.
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Kep Lodge

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If you want to stay at a beach resort in pure tropical style, Kep Lodge in Cambodia, is the place for you to go to.

Highlights –
With thatched roofs and hammock chairs available in rooms and balconies, this boutique hotel-cum-restaurant, makes you comfortable right from the word go. It has 13 spacious bungalows and located in a rainforest of Krep National Park, filled with amazing flowers. Enjoy Khmer hospitality at its best form at this hotel. The management team of this hotel is of Swiss origin. This is an upscale resort and was earlier known as the “Pearl of the Orient”.

Location –
Pepper Street, Kep Kep.

Price –
Approximately USD26 to USD66. Activities & Amenities – Free Wi-Fi, centralised air-conditioning, sun-decks, sunloungers, saltwater infinity pools, bar and pool table and great customer services.

Distance from main city –
11 minutes by walk from Chhak Kep Bay. 1.5km and 2.4km respectively from Crab Market and Kep Beach.

Food –
Swiss and Khmer Cuisine available.
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Nataya Resort

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One of the best places for guests looking for tranquillity is the Nataya Resort in Cambodia.  With a perfect blend of modern and traditional features and architectural designs, this beautiful beach resort has 8 beachfront, 1 bungalow, 9 deluxe bungalows and 3 pavilion suite type accommodations. With a canopy of greenery all over, these thatched-hut style accommodations provide a cool ambience to guests coming to this resort. Com and enjoy the traditional Khmer style hospitality at the Nataya Roundhouse Coral Bay Resort when you come to Cambodia.

Nataya Resort

Location –
Prek Ampil Village, Toeuk Chhou district, Kampot.

Price – USD60 to USD115.

Activities & Amenities – Indoor swimming pool, gymnasium, sun-lounges, inbuilt bars, day tours to nearby tourist attractions, outdoor showers, cooking class, rental cycles, nature walks, fishing tours, petting farms, massage and spas.

Distance from main city – 16km and 42km from Krong Kampot and Bokor Hill station respectively.

Food –
Khmer and Western Cuisine served at the Reef Restaurant. 
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Vanna Hill Resort

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Looking for a place to chill out to beat away your stress and tiredness? Vanna Hill Resort with its altitude and ambience does exactly this to you, in Cambodia.  Located at a height of 200m above sea level, it is no surprise that Vanna Hill Resort provides great relief from the scorching rays of the sun. Since it is situated within the dense jungles of Kep National Park, there is no dearth for natural extravaganza here. The resort has rejuvenating spas, fitness centres and other options of relaxation, so that guests can unwind here fully to their heart’s content. The wooden interiors of this resort’s bungalows remind guests of traditional Khmer architecture.

 Location – Phum Thmey, Sangkat Prey Thom.

Price –
USD35 to USD260.

Activities & Amenities –
Free Wi-Fi, outdoor pool, private parking, private balconies, spas, cycle rentals, variety of tours, 24/7 room service, excellent customer service etc.

Distance from main city –
1.5km from Kep Beach and 135km from Phnom Penh airport.

Food –
Khmer cuisine served here.
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Victoria Angkor Resort & Spa

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Victorian Angkor Resort and Spa is an upscale 5-star resort in Cambodia, offering high-class luxurious services to its guests. This resort-cum-spa is elegance personified. There is sheer class in every nook and cranny of this resort built in stylish French colonial style of architecture. Situated within the premises of the famous architectural remnants of Angkor temples, this resort has classy wooden interiors and spacious rooms offering pool or garden views. Visit this resort to get into a different world.

Victoria Angkor Resort & Spa

Location – Heart of Siem Reap province.

Price – USD89 to USD214.

Activities & Amenities –
Free Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfast and parking, private terraces, variety of cuisines, spas, outdoor pools, well-equipped bar, outdoor sports, paddle pool for kids, indoor games, classic Angkor tours and more.

Distance from main city –
7 minutes away from Angkor National Museum and 7 km from Angkor Wat Temple complex.

Food –
French and vegan international cuisines available here.
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Situated in a nice tranquil environment, Amansara was once the resort where the Royals stayed. This explains about the ambience and the features of this majestic resort.  Set up in 1962, this resort had French style of architecture and was the place where the King of Sihanouk stayed. However after the political revival during which time Amansara served as military base, the resort has undergone a complete makeover. Today, it has become an architectural marvel containing 24 suites.


Location –
Siem Reap.

Price –
USD1204 to USD1700 per night.

Activities & Amenities –
Experienced remorks who take guests on a tour of the 1000 year old ruins of the Angkor Archaeological Park, tours to the floating village and Mekong River, spiritual tours, nature walks, helicopter rides, relaxing scrubs and massages and more.

Distance from main city –
10 minutes from Angkor.

Food –
Traditional Cambodian and Western cuisine available here.
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Sofitel Angkor Phokeethra Golf and Spa Resort

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True to its name, the Sofitel Angkor Phokeethra Golf and Spa Resort is a complete all-rounder. Highlights - While on the one side, it introduces guests to the serene beauty of the natural extravaganza, on the other side, it helps guests unravel the adventurous side of the historic province of Siem Reap. There are totally 238 rooms in this massive resort and this includes 14 suites. The spacious rooms in this resort overlook a private lake and are located in close proximity to the famous temples and tourist spots of Angkor. Surrounded in a green canopy, this resort has oodles of French culture in it.

Sofitel Angkor Phokeethra Golf and Spa Resort

Location –
Vithei Charles de Gaulle, Khum Svay Dang Kum.

Price –
Starting from USD189.

Activities & Amenities –
Private balconies, view of private lake, rooms equipped with all basic features, French cuisine, outdoor swimming pools, fitness centres, golf course, bike rentals, free Wi-Fi and more.

Distance from main city –
6km from Angkor Wat.

Food –
French cuisine served here.
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Navutu Dreams Resort & Spa

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If there is one place where you can enjoy the best wellness treatments in Cambodia, it is Navutu Dreams Resort & Spa, located in Siem Reap.

Navutu Dreams Resort & Spa

Highlights – If your idea of vacation is to unwind with endless massages and relaxing massages in the midst of abundant greenery, Navutu Dreams Resorts and Spa is the place for you. Located within close proximity to the magnificent Angkor architectural complex, this resort is a luxury accommodation which focuses only on wellness and operates on three important rules – Relax, Rebalance and Rejuvenate.

Location –
Krong Siem Reap.

Price –
USD90 to USD210.

Activities & Amenities –
Traditional Khmer massages at the spas, free Wi-Fi, outdoor pools, garden-view rooms, private balconies, roof terraces, free airport transfers, complimentary breakfasts, yoga classes and more.

Distance from main city –
12km away from Angkor and 16km from Siem Reap International airport. Food – International cuisines served here.

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