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Europe In March: A Complete Guide For A Trip

The month of March brings a breath of fresh air as winter fades away in Europe. Cities like Rome and Florence in Italy begin to shake off the chill at this time. They present their historical marvels without the peak season crowds. You can walk through the ancient ruins of Rome or marvel at Florence's Renaissance art with ease. Paris, with its romantic streets awakening in spring, ranks among Europe's best places to visit in March.

The early spring weather adds a magical touch to the iconic Eiffel Tower and Louvre. London starts to buzz with outdoor activities, and parks become lively with early blooms. Barcelona's architecture shines under the spring sun, making it a great time to explore Gaudi's masterpieces.

On the other hand, Lisbon's mild weather is perfect for wandering through its hilly, cobblestoned streets. In Berlin, the return of warmer days brings outdoor markets and the remembrance of its rich history to life. This is the perfect time to book your Europe trip packages, offering a mix of blooming landscapes and lively festivals.

When you travel to Europe in March, you will also find fewer tourists and lower prices. This month is ideal for exploring major cities like Paris, London, and Rome more comfortably. Enjoy the beginning of spring at festivals and outdoor cafes. From the blooming gardens of London to the vibrant festivals in Tenerife, Europe in March is full of surprises waiting to be discovered.
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Essential Information About Europe In March


Weather Conditions Of Europe In March

Europe in March undergoes a beautiful transition as the chill of winter gradually gives way to the warmth of spring. Across the continent, temperatures vary significantly, from brisk lows of 0°C in northern regions to pleasant highs of 15-20°C in the south. This period marks an ideal time for travellers to experience the diverse climates and landscapes Europe has to offer.

In northern European cities like Berlin and London, the last traces of winter's chill linger, with temperatures typically ranging between 5-10°C. On the other hand, southern Europe enjoys milder weather. In Mediterranean destinations such as Rome and Barcelona.

You can enjoy sunny days with temperatures comfortably sitting between 15°C and 20°C, perfect for outdoor explorations. Remember to layers for the cool mornings and evenings, and lighter clothes for the daytime warmth in the south.

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Places To Visit In Europe In March



Tenerife's beaches offer the perfect escape with their sun-soaked shores during your trip to Europe in March. Thrill-seekers will find their paradise at Siam Park, renowned for its exhilarating water rides. Animal lovers can get up close with diverse species at Loro Parque, enhancing their Tenerife visit.

The majestic Teide National Park invites hikers to explore its scenic trails under the spring sun. Playa Bollullo and Playa del Pozo become serene spots for watching sunsets, away from the crowds.

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Rome ranks among one of the best places to visit in Europe in March, with cooler temperatures and fewer crowds. The Trevi Fountain, less crowded this month, provides a more intimate moment for wish-making. Vatican City opens up for peaceful exploration of St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums.

The ancient Roman Forum becomes a tranquil historical journey, perfect for springtime exploration. Authentic Italian Gelato and Pizza taste even better in March, with local flavours coming to life.

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With temperatures ranging from 6°C to 15°C, Florence becomes a great place to explore in Europe in March. Here, the Uffizi Gallery allows for a more leisurely appreciation of Renaissance art. The iconic Florence Cathedral, with fewer visitors, offers a more profound architectural experience.

Strolling across Ponte Vecchio provides a peaceful exploration of Florence's historic charm. Florence's outdoor spaces, like Piazzale Michelangiolo, are perfect for enjoying the first breath of spring.

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With fewer tourists and the blossoming Cherry Blossoms, Paris tops the list of Europe in March's best places to go. The Eiffel Tower's shorter queues in March make it a top destination to enjoy cityscape views. The Louvre Museum allows for a deeper connection with art masterpieces like the Mona Lisa.

A stroll through Montmartre reveals the artistic soul of Paris, enhanced by the early blooms of spring. The Palace of Versailles and its gardens start to awaken, offering a majestic yet peaceful experience.

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Early spring bathes London's landmarks such as Big Ben in softer light, with longer daylight hours for extended sightseeing. The London Eye in March presents breathtaking cityscape scenes, with clear views of the Houses of Parliament, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the Tower of London.

Historic tours through the Tower of London become more intimate experiences this time of year. Tower Bridge offers a more leisurely walk, allowing for unobstructed views and photo opportunities. The Tate Modern and other cultural institutions provide a quiet space for art appreciation.

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Spring in Barcelona offers a peaceful moment under the sun on less crowded beaches. Barcelona's La Sagrada Familia reveals its intricate details more vividly under the gentle March sunlight. Park Guell's vibrant mosaics sparkle against sprouting spring flora, ranking it among the best places to travel in Europe in March. The Gothic Quarter's ancient streets whisper tales of the past, more vibrant without the summer crowds.

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The Royal Palace of Madrid in March offers a quieter exploration of Spain's royal heritage. Madrid's Prado Museum presents an opportunity to commune with art without the pressure of crowds. Plaza Mayor's vibrant atmosphere is more enjoyable with the mild weather, perfect for enjoying Spanish delicacies.

With its blooming gardens, El Retiro Park provides a picturesque setting for spring picnics. Atocha Station's tropical garden is a hidden oasis, offering a unique escape within the bustling city.

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Lisbon's historic charm is accentuated in March, with landmarks like the Tower of Belem standing proud under the spring sky. As the best place to visit in Europe in March, Lisbon also hosts different spring music festivals and food festivals during this month.

Alfama's winding streets offer a tranquil exploration of Lisbon's Moorish roots. The city's viewpoints, such as Miradouro da Senhora do Monte, offer unparalleled views of Lisbon's awakening to spring.

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The Brandenburg Gate stands more imposing against the crisp spring backdrop, embodying Berlin's rich history and resilience. Visiting the Berlin Wall during springtime offers reflective moments, symbolising new beginnings amidst historical contemplation.

Museumsinsel becomes a tranquil cultural haven, allowing for an unhurried exploration of Berlin's world-renowned museums. Tiergarten Park blossoms into life, offering peaceful walks and picnics under budding trees.

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Lake Geneva's serene waters reflect the clear skies, making it one of the best places in Europe in March for nature lovers. Strolling through Geneva's Old Town in the mild weather reveals hidden gems and historic sites with fewer crowds.

The Jet d'Eau fountain becomes a striking landmark against the backdrop of the snow-capped Alps. International districts buzz with night markets, offering culinary delights and cultural experiences from around the globe.

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The streets of Seville are laden with the scent of blooming orange blossoms, symbolising the city's vibrant life in March. The gardens of Royal Alcazar begin to bloom and offer a scenic retreat that blends historical magnificence with natural beauty.

Seville Cathedral allows for a more intimate appreciation of its architectural majesty and religious significance. The Mushrooms of Seville (Las Setas) offer spectacular city views, especially enchanting at sunset as the city lights begin to twinkle.

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Dubrovnik is a great place to visit in Europe in March, offering a serene exploration of its UNESCO-listed Old Town without tourist crowds. Sampling fresh oysters and other seafood delicacies becomes a highlight, with the beginning of the oyster season celebrated in nearby Ston.

Walk through Luza Square and enjoy learning about the historic buildings and monuments of Dubrovnik. The mild weather is perfect for outdoor cafes, letting you enjoy Croatian coffee culture amidst the historical ambience.

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Prague's Easter markets fill the city with colour and tradition, offering a unique cultural experience in the heart of Europe in March. The historic Charles Bridge offers majestic views of the city and the Vltava River, as the season changes from winter to spring.

Enjoying Czech delicacies like trdelník and mulled wine at the markets adds warmth and flavour to the Prague experience. Wenceslas Square and Old Town Square turn into festive hubs during Easter, decorated with beautifully designed Easter eggs and handmade items.

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With temperatures ranging from 4°C to 10°C, Dublin comes alive with the onset of spring, making it a great place to travel to Europe in March. The city's pubs offer a cosy retreat with traditional live music, crafting the perfect atmosphere for enjoying a pint of Guinness.

Touring the Guinness Storehouse or Old Jameson Distillery provides a deeper dive into the history of Ireland's beloved beverages. The St. Patrick's Festival illuminates Dublin with events celebrating Irish history, art, and literature, complete with a grand parade.

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Munich's Starkbierfest, or Strong Beer Festival, presents rich traditions and robust beers, embodying the essence of Europe in March. Historical breweries like Paulaner Nockherberg become centres of merriment, with live music and hearty Bavarian dishes.

Fewer crowds make museum visits like the Pinakothek der Moderne or Nymphenburg Palace more appealing. The chill of March offers chances to enjoy late-season skiing adventures in the nearby ski resorts.

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Zurich is a place that conjures up images of breathtaking & unspoiled beauty of the stunning Swiss meadows, alpine forests, mighty Alps, and pristine mountain lakes. The city is forked into two by River Zurich into the Old and New Town areas. The Old Town is dotted with centuries-old churches, cobbled streets, and residences belonging to the Renaissance era. Due to its proximity to France, Germany, Italy, and Liechtenstein, you will see beautiful imprints of these cultures on the architecture here.

You will find the world’s largest clock tower here and a shopping street that’s amongst the world’s most exclusive and expensive shopping destinations.Zurich has beautifully balanced its rich cultural heritage with modernity and houses over 50 museums, art galleries, theatres, and a library that is considered to be the most beautiful in the world. It has some of the most stunning gardens, riverside promenades, hilly vantage points, perfect for a dream Swiss vacation. 

What is a Swiss vacation if you don’t try the famous chocolates! Zurich is known as the chocolate capital of Switzerland and certainly knows how to craft the best chocolates on the planet. Where else will you find a truffle that takes a whole year to make! Zurich also has many Michelin star restaurants that serve hearty and exotic dishes for an amazing fine dining experience.  For those who love to let their hair down, Zurich matches your verve with its spirit to party. It is dotted with amazing places great for ending a day with the best of drinks and snacks.

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Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and has 14 islands and 50 bridges. It is closer to the Baltic Sea. You will find cobblestone streets, ochre buildings, cathedrals that are from 13th century, Royal Palaces, museums, boat and ferry rides for sightseeing and many things to do in this city. This is a cosmopolitan city and has picturesque parks, landmarks, scenic spots on the islands, and many historic sites. There are many waterways and lush green sites in and around this city. This is a city where you can see classical as well as modern architecture. There are many places of attraction, buildings, streets, and landmarks that can be visited.

Fashion and beauty in Stockholm is top notch. This is also a great place to shop for clothes, accessories, souvenirs, and gifts. Gamla Stan is the town to be visited as it has been depicted in many of the story books. There are also forests and umpteen spaces of archipelago that can be visited. The climate of the city is usually mild throughout the year. Summers have a dramatic sunlight and July and August are monsoon months. Arlanda is the international airport in Stockholm. Within the city you can take the bus and rail to commute. 

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Located in the heart of Switzerland, occupying the banks of the Reuss River, the14th-century Lucerne is considered to be one of the most picturesque places in the country.

Miles of emerald-green meadows dotted with charming houses, church spires, and ancient towers edge around the sparkling Lake Lucerne with snow-capped mountains in the background. All these make Lucerne look straight out of a picture postcard making it one of the most astounding places to visit in Switzerland. The place even inspired Mark Twain and Leo Tolstoy to write about its beauty.

The city has beautifully preserved architectural relics from a lifetime ago, which lend an amazingly romantic and old-world charm to it. The Old Town area still seems to have held on to its 17th-century charm with its medieval-era buildings, red thatched-roof houses built of stone, charming town square areas, twin towers of the Hofkirche, the Lion Statue, and the 900-year-old St. Peter’s Church all dotted along cobbled streets. The area is known for its striking murals like that of Jesus turning water into wine and a meat cleaver outside an old cluster of butcher houses.

There are lovely cafes for one to enjoy decadent Swiss chocolates, coffees, and cheese and plenty of souvenir shops.  The 13th-century Chapel Bridge, the oldest wooden bridge in Europe, with its flower-laden walls, art gallery-like sidewalks and astounding views of a setting sun behind the Water Tower.

You also get amazing views of the Lake and swans over the water framed by the Alps in the distance from the Chapel Bridge. There is the 17th-century Jesuit Church, famed for its gorgeous Baroque architecture and is a major landmark in Swiss history. Lucerne’s Glacier Garden is famous for its 20,000-year-old remnants like mussels & fossils from the Ice Age. 

The city is also famous for operating the world’s steepest cogwheel train up to the summit of Mount Pilatus, translating to ‘cloud-capped’, famous for mystical stories about its resident dragons and spirits. Another snowy peak that you can visit is Mount Titlis via the world’s first revolving cable car. The summit offers undulated views of the surrounding peaks, rocky crevasses, and stark glaciers. 

The summers in Lucerne are comfortable and the winters are freezing cold. The warmest month is July with temperature averaging around 24°C and January is the coldest, with temperatures plummeting to around 3°C. 

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People Also Ask About Switzerland

  1. Is March a good time to visit Europe?

    Yes, it is a good time to travel to Europe in March. This is when spring starts to bloom, bringing warmer weather and beautiful landscapes. Tourist spots are less crowded, making visits more enjoyable. Additionally, you can find good deals on flights and hotels. The month of March offers a perfect mix of pleasant weather and peaceful exploration.
  2. How much does it cost to visit Europe in March?

    Visiting Europe in March can cost between INR 85,000 to INR 3,15,000 per person for a trip lasting 7 to 10 days. This price range depends on your travel style, where you stay, and what you do. March offers a chance to explore Europe's beauty without spending too much.
  3. Is Europe still cold in March?

    Yes, Europe in March can still be cold, especially in northern parts like Scandinavia and central regions such as Germany and Poland. The temperatures in these regions in March range from cool to mildly warm. However, southern Europe, including places like Spain, Italy, and Greece, starts to warm up, offering more pleasant weather. Expect temperatures between 5°C to 15°C, depending on the region. It is a transitional month, welcoming the first hints of spring.
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Switzerland Top Attractions

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23 January 2020
The Mount Titlis Day Tour with Cable Car was a delightful experience for me. I was traveling with my spouse. The views were gorgeous and something that I can never forget about, it was dramatically gorgeous. If you are visiting Switzerland then Mount Titlis cable car ride is a great way to spend some time in the arms of nature and enjoy a great time. I was also able to capture some really good photos of the cute little snow penguins.
10 February 2020
The fully rotating cable car experience topped with interacting with the snow penguins makes for a really fun time to enjoy. I recommend everyone should once visit the Mount Titlis and do the Cable Car ride. And I must say that the view from the cable car was amazing.
04 November 2019
It was great to spend such a great evening enjoying a ton of fun activities. I had a lot fun sledding and I must say that the fondue dinner was delicious. Fun and food, a great way to spend a night indeed.
10 December 2019
Anilaabh Bharadwaj Night Sledding Interlaken
The dinner was on point, the activities were really fun and I along with my kids had a lot of fun exploring the night night sledding experience. If you are in interlaken you have to take one night out and enjoy this thrilling adventure with your family or your friends. The drinks served were also delicious.
19 September 2019
The best fun I had at night in Switzerland was with sulwald Sledding experience at Interlaken. The activities are really organized and the guide gives thorough instruction about the details of the night. I must say that these instructions can get really boring but the guide found a way to make it really fun. I and my partner I was able to get into the action really fast with Sledging which followed dinner. All in all, I must thank Thrillophilia for making our night adventurous.
24 October 2019
Chamonix Mont Blanc Day Tour was an amazing experience. We could visit a number of tourist attractions and sight the mesmerizing views of the white mountains. A delightful and fun filled tour indeed. Thanks to the team Thrillophilia and our guide for making it happen.
13 November 2019
The overall service was satisfactory and very cost effective at the same time.
05 October 2019
Girindra Pillai Zurich Airport Transfers
The experience of being received at the Zurich Airport was very smooth. The car had arrived at the location on time and we had a very comfortable ride.
10 February 2020
The place is perfect for half a day trip. It takes around 5 hours to completely enjoy every part of the museum and it is the place worth visiting. Everything about the museum is great, I mean the first thought in my head when I heard the museum was boring but the Swiss Museum Of Transport is completely opposite. There are a ton of fun activities to do and cars to admire.
28 August 2019
We took a ton of pictures and explored a number of ancient and modern transportation vehicles. Overall, a fun place to visit.

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