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Best Leh Ladakh Road Trip Tours (Upto 40% Off)
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Weekend Treks Near Delhi
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Best Selling Tours Near Delhi: Upto 40% Off
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Group Weekend Getaways Around Delhi

Road Trips near Delhi

Haridwar, Corbett, Rishikesh, Shimla, Manali, Ladakh, Spiti, Surajkund, Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, Manesar, Damdama Lake, Camp Wild Dhauj, Badkhal Lake, Botanix Nature Resort, Karnal, Kuchesar, Garhmukteshwar, Barsana, Kurukshetra, Neemrana, Alwar, Mathura, Vrindavan, Agra, Dehradun and many more.

Looking forward to amazing road trips near Delhi? Stop searching for more and have a look at these spectacular options. With escalating traffics and shrill noise of the city, all you need is an escape to the silence. 

And for the same, the strategic positioning of Delhi makes it an exciting location for embarking the trips to places like Manesar, Damdama lake, and several others where you can also enjoy overnight camping if you wish to clutch for some 100 kilometres. Explore life a true traveller and unveil the architectural marvels of Alwar, Mathura, Jaipur and several other infamous tourists spots located within the vicinity of the capital of India.

And if you think, you have that adventure within, ride towards Ladakh, Nainital and Spiti for an ultimate triumph.  These places are indeed one of the classy options that include religious, natural as well as shopping attractions. You just have to plan and pack while we have done the homework for you.
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Most Famous Road Trips from Delhi


Delhi to Ladakh (1011 km)

Ladakh is blissful with clear water lakes, high peaks, high passes and cavernous valleys. The trans-Himalayan region of India also gives you a firsthand experience of biking up the mountains and camel safari.

The valley is full of Buddhist monasteries which make a deep impact on your heart and mind. There are amazing places to visit in Ladakh like Pangong Lake and Tso Kar lakes are the most enchanting part of the vale with travellers flocking to see it and best visited from September to April.

Things to do:
The valley of Ladakh presents itself as an ideal spot for adventure enthusiasts with pumping activities like mountaineering, cycling, trekking and river rafting.

Distance from Delhi:
It is 1011 km from Delhi

Best Route:
Leh Manali Highway.

Where to Stay: 9 Best Homestays in Leh Ladakh

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Delhi to Rishikesh (270 km)

Your road trip is absolutely incomplete if you haven’t visited Rishikesh. The pleasing city of Rishikesh packs a punch with serene surroundings and thrilling activities.

Visit between October and May to get the best out of rafting and temple tourism.

Things to do:

Go river rafting, trekking, camping or indulge in bonfires, Rishikesh has quite a lot to serve on its plate. Rishikesh is not just a temple abode, it has officially become a popular white water rafting destination, a backpacker's paradise and a Himalayan trekking zone.

Distance from Delhi:
Ride 270 km from Delhi to experience the spirituality of the Ganges and the ghats. 

Best Route:

Where to Stay: 1. 20 Best Resorts in Rishikesh
10 Best Homestays in Rishikesh

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Delhi to Spiti (1021 km)

Celibate beauty is the perfect destination for nature lovers and trekkers. Get hypnotised by visions of stunning valleys, imposing mountains and glaciers. Spiti offers some breathtaking routes, passes for treks and Buddhist monasteries that captivate us to this restrained beauty. It is the best place to enjoy trekking near Delhi.

Spiti or the ‘Land of the Lamas' is popular for Tabo Monastery, a UNESCO heritage site that has some painting marvels on display. Suraj Tal Lake and a plunge into the wild at the Pin valley national park are prime attractions best visited in summers and winters.

Things to do:
You can go trekking, skiing and river rafting in this pure concealed beauty

Distance from Delhi:
1021 km from Delhi

Best Route:

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Delhi to Jaipur (280 km)

The pink city of Jaipur presents galore sightseeing activities coupled with great food to make your break worth it. Valiant battles and resplendent palaces, Jaipur is the union of old historic world and contemporary.

The prime attraction is Amer Fort, City Palace, Hawa Mahal and Jantar Mantar. The local bazaars are full of Jaipuri attraction including shibori and chunari with meticulously etched handicrafts.

Things to do:  Jaipur offers activities like elephant and camel rides, jungle safaris, Zorbing, and a bite into the moto sports park.

Distance from Delhi: Come ride from Delhi only 280 km in the months between October and March to enjoy the most.

Best Route: NH48.

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Delhi to Manali (540 km)

The snow-capped beauty of a hill station Manali will offer you visions of great magnificence. With beautiful flora, lush greens, and exuberant sapphire streams, Manali has been blessed with tremendous scenic beauty.

Tourists every year flock to this wonder to experience snowfall. There are mesmerizing places to visit in Manali, our recommended locations are the Beas Kund trek, Rohtang pass, Hadimba temple, and Solang valley to be visited between October and February which is considered the best period.

Things to do: Adding to the unruffled surroundings there is a splurge of activities like rafting, paragliding, camping and trekking.

Distance from Delhi: From Delhi, you will have to ride 540 km to experience the best road trips from Delhi

Best Route: NH44.

Where to Stay: Best Resorts in Manali for an amazing stay

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Delhi to Agra (235 km)

Ride your way to Agra to see the majestic wonder Taj Mahal with a splendid display of architecture and old world history. But, there is more to Agra than just Taj Mahal.

The historical city can be visited between October and March when you can see all the historical monuments in the pleasant weather.

Things to do: While you are there you can take joy in visiting the Fatehpur Sikri, Agra Fort and the grand tomb of Akbar. You can also go shopping in the old markets where you can get hold of ethereal charms as well as a contemporary artefact.

Distance from Delhi: With just 235 km from Delhi, experience the historic wonder.

Best Route: Taj expresses highway/ Yamuna Expressway.

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Delhi to Shimla (350 km)

Famous for Mall road, toy train and the ridge Shimla poses as the most popular hill stations. Enriched with colonial history, you will be taken aback with the impeccable city full of natural marvels. The toy train takes you through the beautiful valleys and gigantic hills.

For religious seekers visit the numerous shrines or visit the heritage museum to experience old world charm. For the snow, visit here in the winters as it is the best time to visit Shimla but summers too are pleasant enough to plan your trip

Things to do:
mall road shopping, trekking, toy train adventure and exploration ice skating and rafting are the best entertainment here.

Distance from Delhi:
From Delhi enjoy the joyful road trip on the circling roads is positioned just 350 km away.

Best route:

Where to Stay: 20 Best Resorts in Shimla

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Road Trips Near Delhi within 100 km


Delhi to Surajkund (42 km)

Also known as the “Lake of the Sun”, the artificial basin created along with circular embankment is an ideal picnic spot for fun and frolic. The remnants of the sun temple are found around the sun pool along with a beautifully crafted garden.

Road hitters can devour their trip to this place between the months of December and February. Come surrender to the beauty and uniqueness of what is considered as the best road trips from Delhi 

Things to do: Every year in the first week of February, the popular Surajkund international crafts Mela is organised here to showcase some of the best works of craftsmen with pastoral folk dances and musical nights which you can become a part of.

Distance from Delhi:  It is located at a mere 42 km from Delhi.

Best route: Mahatma Gandhi Marg – outer ring road – Suraj Kund road.

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Delhi to Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary (48 km)

A photographer’s paradise and a bird watcher’s secret cloak, this is unquestionably the ideal getaway for the weekend near Delhi. From the melodious tunes sung by vivacious birds, the recently declared national park presents itself as the idyllic destination for road trips near Delhi.

Winters are considered the best time to visit the aviary owing to the presence of a large number of migratory and rare bird species.

Things to do: The entire day can be devoted to the haven while you take long walks amongst the luxuriant jade beauty and bird watching

Distance from Delhi: The home of some of the most atypical birds is just 48 km away from Delhi.

Best Route: NH9 or Dabri Gurgaon road.

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Delhi to Manesar (49 km)

The sleepy village of Manesar and the towering industrial town also has its bag of surprises with lush green sceneries inviting you.

The town gives you a rustic feeling and if you are up for an offbeat experience then driving down to Manesar will be a good change from the usual city life.

Things to do: Damdama Lake is the perfect spot for camping near Delhi. For those birdwatchers who love to hear the chirps of birds, the Sultanpur bird sanctuary is a must visit. The richly designed temple beckons its devotees in full swing.

Distance from Delhi
: Manesar is 49 km away from Delhi

Best route: Gurgaon highway.

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Delhi to Damdama Lake (50 km)

The Damdama lakes pose as the perfect picnic spot near Delhi for those bike lovers who like quick trips. Set against the backdrop of the majestic Aravalli range, there are gamuts of activities to do here.

Things to do: The nature lovers can indulge their mind and body into boat paddling, rock climbing, hot air ballooning, parasailing and trekking. The site presents a confluence of adventure and natural beauty. It is a haven for thrill seekers and camp mongers who love to spend their twilights like a hermit.

Distance from Delhi: Located just about 50 km from Delhi, the heaven on earth will rejuvenate your core.

Best Route: Delhi-Alwar highway.

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Delhi to Camp Wild Dhauj (50 km)

Set in the valleys of the gigantic Aravalli range, camp wild Dhauj offers an exhilarating ride into the most thrilling adventures. The highlight of the camp is its very own forest surrounded by the Kikar trees where activities are organised.

October to March is considered the best time to visit here.

Things to do: Passionate bike riders can also take a forest trek along with enjoying a host of activities like rappelling, wall climbing, flying fox; hill hikes, Burma Bridge and monkey crawling. Die-hard adventure lovers can also participate in mountain biking and zorbing. 

Distance from Delhi: It is only 50 km from Delhi.

Best route: NH 44 or Mathura road (Chennai – Delhi highway).

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Delhi to Badkhal Lake (52 km)

Come visit the paradise of bird lovers on your scramblers this winter. The Badkhal Lake is the fortress of contentment bordered with hills. It is surely positioned as an exemplary spot for water laden sports. 

If you seek peace, then ride your way here between October and March to enjoy the birds, the stillness of the lakes and the abundant thrills.

Things to do: If you are looking for a gratifying boat ride then hire a private jetty or indulge in the adventure facilities of canoeing, Kayaking, rock climbing and trekking.

Distance from Delhi: It is a mere 52 km from Delhi

Best route: NH 44 & Chennai – Delhi highway.


Delhi to Botanix Nature Resort (62 km)

The eco-friendly Botanix Nature resort near Delhi, nestled at the base of Aravalli range and at the edge of the Damdama Lake offers an array of flora collection and themed gardens for you to enjoy.

The unique exposition of beautifully styled gardens running into each other. Since this is predominantly a day outing activity, winters between October and February is considered the best time to visit this magnificence.

Things to do: Get set with your squad of bikers to this blissful spot and enjoy numerous activities like meditation, cliff jump, Nature walk, Trust fall and Rappelling.

Distance from Delhi: The destination is 62 km from Delhi

Best route: NH8.

Road Trips Near Delhi within 200km


Delhi to Karnal (118 km)

The rice bowl of India occupies an important place in Hindu Mythology. Visit the beautiful Karnal Lake that tricks the busy city life, or opt for some religious rumination at the Cantonment church tower.

September to March is a great time to come here.

Things to do: The city also has its fair share of forts among which the Karnal fort and Qualander Shah’s tomb stand tall. If you are looking for your share of architectural charm and fanfare come here to experience the Hariyali Teej festival held in the months of September and October.

Distance from Delhi:  it is just 118 km from Delhi

Best Route: NH44.


Delhi to Kuchesar (130 km)

The trip to Kuchesar will be a rewarding experience for those who seek calm. The key attraction here is the famous mud fort that stands above the village.

When in Kuchesar you can also drive down to Brigat, hailed as a wonderful picnic spot by the Ganges.  Winters are the best time to visit here.

Things to do: The mud fort will be the most fulfilling experience for the range of activities for its visitors. So while you leave our bikes for an enjoyable bullock ride or the village walk, you can see the splendid mango orchids or just explore the village market on a tractor.

Distance From Delhi: It is placed 130 km from Delhi.

Best Route: Eastern Peripheral expressway / NH 9.

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Delhi to Garhmukteshwar (140 km)

The holy town of Garhmukteshwar located in Uttar Pradesh is only 5 km from the holy Ganges. The place is extremely famous for its 80 sati pillars where wives in the ancient times were believed to commit Sati.

Its divinity lies in the temples and ancient palaces lined for your eyes best visited between October and March

Things to do: The month of Kartik is also worth a visit for the bathing fair takes place in full grandiose. The most famous temples are the Mukteshwar Mahadev temple, Ganga temple and the Vedanta temple which you can visit.

Distance from Delhi: The sacred site is located 140 km from Delhi

Best Route: Eastern Peripheral expressway / NH 9.

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Delhi to Barsana (150 km)

Ride to the absolute divinity of Barsana considered being the birthplace of Krishna's gopi Radha. Barsana is famous for the celebration of Holi festival known as lath mar holi.

October to April is the best time to visit Barsana where you can become a part of the Holi festival. One of the least discovered places, it is a rare place to enjoy one day trip from Delhi.

Things to do: Sightseeing is the best activity here. The Shriji temple, Radha Kushal Bihari temple, Maan Mandir, Sankari Khor and the Prem Sarovar pond are considered the best places here to take a look at.

Distance from Delhi: Barsana located about 150 km from Delhi

Best Route: Mathura road / NH 19 & 44.


Delhi to Kurukshetra (160 km)

This is a city of extreme historical significance best visited between October and March.

Things to do: The site has many temples and landmarks like the Krishna Museum, Sheikh Chilli tomb and the Mahadev temple being amongst the prime attractions. You can reroute to the Brahma Sarovar especially in the evening for calm.

Do not also forget to see the Bhishma Kund Narkatari where the legendary Bhishm Pitamah rests in peace.  If you want to see the amalgamation of science and religion then devote some time to visit the Panorama and science centre to get blown away.

Distance from Delhi: Kurukshetra is about 160 km from Delhi

Best Route: NH44.

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Delhi to Neemrana (162 km)

Snuggled in the Aravalli ranges, Neemrana is an enchanting historical beauty famous of forts and palaces. The most sought after getaway, the journey to Neemrana presents the most aesthetic ride from Delhi.

The location is celebrated for Neemrana fort which has now been converted into a heritage hotel known for its folk music, camel rides, dry sand and architectural marvel located atop the hill and is most visited between July and March.

Things to do: For photo fanatics and nature lovers, the Siliserh Lake will summon you to experience your walk to remember a moment. You can also participate in the colourful festival to get to know the real Rajasthan.

Distance from Delhi: Neemrana is positioned 162 km from Delhi

Best Route: NH48.

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Delhi to Alwar (167 km)

The pride of Rajputs, Alwar is encompassed with beautiful palaces and ancient forts to take your breath away.

Alwar is popular mainly due to its vicinity to the Sariska tiger reserve where you can go aboard on a safari tour and it is also one of the best places to visit near Delhi in December.

Things to do: The vibrant city of Alwar is the perfect escape to gaze at places like the city palace, Moosi Rani ki Chatri and tomb of Fateh Jang. Wildlife take-off or a camel safari, this place never ceases to enchant you with its ethnicity and colours.

Distance from Delhi: From Delhi, the one road distance would be 167 km.

Best Route: NH 48.

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Delhi to Mathura (180 km)

The birthplace of Lord Krishna, Mathura is known for its narrow lanes and crumbling edifices. Situated in the banks of Yamuna experience nirvana amidst the rich history of Indian culture.

Come riding here to experience peace and harmony at the Krishna Janam Bhoomi temple where Lord was born. The best time to visit Mathura would be between November and March

Things to do: The city is famous for its street food in the constricted lanes served with love. You can also visit the Dwarkadheesh temple and the Gita Mandir or opt for a boat ride at the immaculate Vishram Ghat.

Distance from Delhi: It is situated 180 km from Delhi.

Best Route: Taj expresses highway/ Yamuna Expressway.

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Delhi to Vrindavan (182 km)

Located on the banks of Yamuna is one of the oldest cities of India. Touted as the place where Lord Krishna served his childhood, it is full of temples dedicated to the mischievous Lord.

Every year lakhs of devotees come and visit the scattered temples of this sacred city. It was in this city that the love story of Lord and Radha bloomed. The best time to visit here are the months of winters.

Things to do: Lined with ghats, the best spots of the city are Govind hills, ISKCON Vrindavan, Radha Damodar temple and the Madan Mohan temple for you to explore.

Distance from Delhi: Separated by 182 km from Delhi

Best Route: Taj express highway/ Yamuna Expressway.

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Road Trips Near Delhi beyond 300km


Delhi to Haridwar (250 km)

If you want to go aboard on a spiritual and cultural journey then Haridwar is your next destination.

The city is always overflowing with innumerable tourists yet the best time to explore it is between October and December and between February and May.

Things to do: While you take a dip in the holy waters, you can also opt to go temple hopping or get daring with rafting in the white waters. For those interested in peace, can visit ashrams and go trekking in the woods.

Distance from Delhi: To attend the Ganga Aarti or explore the wild, visit Haridwar located 250 km from Delhi

Best Route: NH334.

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Delhi to Dehradun (255 km)

From the shiny revered shrines to zoological parks and waterfalls, Dehradun offers many sightseeing options. The Tapkeshwar temple, Mahadev temple, caves and the deer park presents as the most visited places in Dehradun here.

Apart from the ancient charms, there is a lot of local tourist attraction in the city. Visit Dehradun between October and June to take pleasure in everything it has to offer.

Things to do: You can get the adrenaline rush by paragliding, trekking and engaging in many water sports goings-on.

Distance from Delhi: Touted as one the best road trips from Delhi, it is only 255 km away from it.

Best Route: Saharanpur road.

Where to Stay: 1. 10 Best Resorts in Dehradun
                          2. 10 Best Homestays in Dehradun

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Delhi to Corbett (260 km)

Features as the best places for road trips from Delhi, Corbett offers many types of safaris including Elephant Safari, Canter Safari and the Jeep safari to take you into the deep wilderness.

You will enjoy the dense jungles bundled with Flora and Fauna, rough hills and grassland.

Things to do: Spot the deadliest of animals including the handsome Royal Bengal Tiger, enjoy jeep safari, explore the paradise for photographers and wildlife freaks with camping options at various buffer zones in the premise.

Distance from Delhi: Only 260 km from Delhi visit here between November and June to explore the wilds.

Best Route: Upper Ganga Canal road.

Where to Stay: 30 Best Resorts in Jim Corbett

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Delhi to Mussoorie (320 km)

The queen of hill stations is nuzzled at the foothills of the Himalayas. If your idea of a holiday is tranquil hills and unscathed nature then ride your way to the most sought after road trips from Delhi.

The undulating green gradients juxtaposed with the snow-capped beauty are sure to make your jaws drop. The city offers a distinct colonial vibe with traces of archaic surroundings. Mussoorie can be best explored during winters and summers.

Things to do: Envision heavenly bliss at Cloud’s end, calm at the Lake Mist, Lal tibba and the Mall standing tall amongst the best places to visit.

Distance from Delhi:  The perfect retreat is 320 km from Delhi.

Best Route: Saharanpur Road.

Where to stay: 1. 14 Best Resorts in Mussoorie
10 Best Homestays in Mussoorie

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Delhi to Landour (320 km)

Away from noise, into the mystic lays the cantonment town of Landour. Inhale fresh air with deodar forests lined up for you to take a glance at the thick.

Landour is peaceful all year round but April to June is the best to visit 

Things to do:
The sleepy town will give you the best experiences especially when you have a chance meeting with Mr Ruskin Bond at the Ivy Cottage. You can also taste some delectable meals at the Char Dukan near Sister's bazaar when you can shop non-stop.

To experience the wonders of gothic architecture you can go to the Kellogg’s church located amidst wilderness.

Distance from Delhi:
It is located only 320 km from Delhi.  

Best Route:
Saharanpur road.

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Delhi to Nainital (350 km)

There are amazing places to visit in Nainital and the valley envelopes the captivating Naini Lake best visited throughout the year but the best in March till June.

Things to do: Go boating in the freshwater lakes or trekking or opt for nature walks and discovering wildlife. Come with your friends and enjoy camping by the lake or just go on a shopping spree at the Tibetan market for great deals.

The ropeway ride gives a holistic view of the town that makes this place a must experience for road trips from Delhi.

Distance from Delhi: Located at about 350 km from Delhi

Best route: NH9.

Where to Stay: 16 Best Resorts in Nainital

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Delhi to Ranikhet (400 km)

The queen’s farm is a British developed hill station surrounded with colourful temples and the heaving Himalayas. There are amazing tourist attractions in Ranikhet like Kumaon regimental museum, Nanda Devi peak, vast trekking ranges, and arduous climbs to the mountains, orchards and golf courses.

Ranikhet is outstandingly beautiful in winters when you unravel the beauty of Ranikhet this coming winter.

Things to do: Fishing and Paragliding are the most popular activities here with tall conifers and delectable wildlife that swathes you. You will be swayed by the hilly ranges and verdant greenery for your nature walk and aggressive treks.

Distance from Delhi:  located around 400 km from Delhi.

Best Route: NH9.

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Delhi to McLeodganj (470 km)

Move ahead from Delhi and as your bike or car slowly begin to hike up in ranges of Himalayas, it will bring you closer to serene and cool environ of Mcleodganj.

An ultimate road trip from Delhi has Mcleodganj within its ambit due to a distance of 480 km. It is one of the best tourist places to visit near Delhi within 500 KmsPass through the crowded city, tiny villages, hamlets of plains to scattered areas of Himalayas! While you move ahead, enjoy the views and reach.

Things to do:
Trekking, Head Out to Dal Lake, Camping, Boat Ride, Shop at the Local Markets etc.

Distance from Delhi:
The destination is 470 kilometers from Delhi

Best Route:

Where to Stay:
 1. 20 Best Resorts in Mcleodgan
                          2. 10 Best Homestays in Mcleodganj

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Delhi to Dharamshala (475 km)

Wishing to take an ultimate weekend road trip from Delhi? Then your perfect destination has the shining name of Dharamshala, indeed! A distance of 475 km, which requires an approximately one-night journey, will let you land at Dharamshala.

From plain landscape to hills while rivers and dams crisscross the path become your partner all through the way. As one enters this yoga capital from Delhi, calm yet tall trees, Tibetan flags and lovely cafes in local style welcome each of the travellers. A road trip to Dharamshala with a group of friends is worth to cherish!

Things to do: 
Sightseeing, shopping, camping, heritage walk, trekking, mountain biking, etc are the main activities that can be done in Dharamshala.

Distance from Delhi:
Located at about 475 kilometers km from Delhi.

Best Route:

Where to Stay: 14 Best Resorts in Dharamshala

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Delhi to Udaipur (665 km)

The city of lakes is rife with rich culture and traditions. The city Palace takes you through the marvels of structural design and planning.

Get an aerial view of the city on the ropeway. November to June is considered the appropriate time to visit here.

Things to do: Udaipur is full of lakes, palaces and gardens with engaging activities to do. You can take a sunset boat ride on Lake Pichola and visit nature in Saheliyon ki Badi. The Hathi Pol Bazaar will endow you with traditional Rajasthani collection.

Distance from Delhi: Hop on your bikes just 665 km from Delhi

Best Route: NH48/58.
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Delhi to Bhopal (775 km)

The city of lakes, Bhopal is the historic beauty with architecture to hanker after. Enveloped between hills and two wondrous lakes, Bhopal is a worthy destination for road trips from Delhi.

Awarded the second cleanest city in India there is a plethora of lakes and rich heritage to watch out here to be seen in Winters.

Things to do:
Bhopal surprisingly offers a host of water sports activities in its water bodies like Upper lake and Bhojtal. You can also do street shopping in Chowk bazaar and market Haat. A tour of the Van Vihar national park is the most popular things to do.

Distance from Delhi:
775 km from Delhi by road.

Best Route:
Taj Express Highway.

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Delhi to Jaisalmer (830 km)

The Golden City of Rajasthan invites you to take a tour of the golden sand dunes of the Thar Desert on the Camel. The city is embellished with lakes, and castles with golden hues.

The prime attractions are Jaisalmer Fort, Badal palace and the very many beautifully adorned Jain temples.  October to March is inarguably the best months to visit here in order to become a part of the unique desert festival full of festive colours and folklore.

Things to do: Jaisalmer offers Paramotoring, quad biking. Dune bashing and a patriotic visit to the India Pakistan border.

Distance from Delhi: The city is only 830 km from Delhi.

Best Route: NH11.

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People Also Ask About New Delhi

  1. What are the best road trips from Delhi for a solo trip?

    1. Neemrana: Located at a distance of 122 kilometers from Delhi, Neemrana is an age-old historical town of Rajasthan. The primary attraction of this place is the majestic Neemrana Fort, which now serves as one of the most ancient heritage resorts of the country.

    2. Agra: 
    Famously known for the Taj Mahal, Agra has always been one of the most sought after solo road trip destinations from Delhi. This place is also known for its parks, gardens, and of course, it’s a sweet delicacy “Pettha”.

    3. Lansdowne: 
    Counted among the nearest hill stations to Delhi, Lansdowne is known for its unspoiled beauty, quiet environment, and colonial vibe. Backpackers visiting this quaint hill town usually enjoy casual hikes, photography, and bird watching. 

    4. Gwalior: 
    Known popularly for its rich history, Gwalior is home to a plethora of majestic palaces and mesmerizing temples. Travelers visiting this city enjoy sightseeing, boating, and relishing local ‘namkeen’.
  2. Which are the one day road trips from Delhi?

    The list has all the top places that are perfect for a one day road trip from Delhi.

    1. Mathura: Situated on the riverbank of Yamuna, this holy city is the birthplace of Lord Krishna. A one day road-trip here would let you tour the archaic and worn-out edifices, tapered lanes, temples and many beautiful spots along the river.

    2. Corbett Park: This national park is located in the Nainital district and is a paradise for those who want to spend some time in solace amid nature. Here, you can go on several safaris, animal spotting excursions as well as try out other activities.

    3. Landour: Take the Saharanpur road to get to this quiet town. The sights of the dense deodar forests and other vibrant flora, great weather and some quaint attractions would make the trip worthwhile.

    4. Kuchesar: Head to this village on the NH-9 route for the best road-trip experience. Upon reaching, you can enjoy a visit to the famous Mud Fort, the mango orchards and a nearby picnic spot - Birgat.

    5. Banaras: The ultimate spot for spiritual seekers, a road trip to this pilgrimage city would offer the bustling and cramped lanes, many crumbling structures, temples and views of the Ganges from the several Ghats.
  3. What are the best road trips from Delhi in winters?

    1. Vrindavan: Lord Krishna’s birthplace Vrindavan is packed with a plethora of mesmerizing ancient and modern temples. Many travelers from Delhi take road trips to this place especially during Holi and Janmashtami.

    2. Corbett National Park: 
    Established back in 1936, the Corbett National Park makes for the country’s most ancient national park. Travelers visiting this place take jeep safaris here and enjoy spotting the majestic Bengal tigers.

    3. Jaipur: 
    The capital city of Rajasthan, Jaipur showcases the perfect amalgamation of the old world charm and modern progress. You can explore a number of exotic palaces and taste the delicious Rajasthani cuisine the next time you take a road trip to the ‘Pink City’.

    4. Varanasi: 
    Dating back to more than 5,000 years, Varanasi is counted among the world’s earliest inhabited cities. Travelers visiting this place enjoy strolling along the peaceful ghats, taking boat rides, and participating in the evening aarti by the river.
  4. Which are the best short road trips from Delhi?

    Go on a short road trip to some of these exquisite places near Delhi.

    1. Damdama Lake: This lake with the Aravalli hill ranges in the backdrop make for a popular picnic spot. Plan a road-trip to get here and then spend the day indulging in a range of activities.
    2. Manesar: A quaint industrial town near Delhi, it is famous for the handicrafts and wooden artefact. Hit the road to and enjoy the more lush and natural topography of Manesar.
    3. Surajkund: This artificial water basin is also known as the 'Lake of the Sun'. Located a few kilometers from Delhi, road-troopers can plan a trip here to enjoy the remnants of the sun temple and the well-kept gardens.
    4. Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary: Spend a day amid nature and the melodious chirping of the birds. Take pictures or go bird-watching after your fun-filled road trip to this park near Delhi.
    5. Badkhal Lake: This lake is bordered by fortressed hills and a plethora of natural vistas. A haven for bird watching, you can also try various water-laden sports and activities after your road-trip here.
  5. What are the best weekend getaways near Delhi ?

    55+ Weekend Getaways from Delhi Starting from INR 899/- Only. Click Here to Checkout More!

    1. Rishikesh - 237 Km from Delhi (Known for River Rafting, Bungee Jumping, Flying Fox)
    2. Manali - 538 Km from Delhi (Known for Camping, River rafting, Trekking)
    3. Shimla - 343 Km from Delhi (Known for Mountaineering, River rafting, Paragliding)
    4. Kullu - 497 km from Delhi (Known for Paragliding, Camping, River rafting)
    5. Kasol - 519 km from Delhi (Known for Kheerganga trek, Adventure camping)
    6. McLeodganj - 470 km from Delhi (Known for Kareri River Trek, Camping)
    7. Auli - 388 Km from Delhi (Known for Skiing, Trekking, Camping)
  6. Which are the best road trips from Delhi by bike?

    Head out on a bike road trip to some of the most popular places near Delhi.

    1. Ladakh: A bike trip to Ladakh is the most exhilarating experience that takes you through some enchanting landscapes. Moreover, the snow-capped mountains, clear and serpentine roads, icy lakes and many other attractions make the travel even better.

    2. Agra: Take up the road to see the marbled wonder and epitome of love - the Taj Mahal that is housed in this city. Moreover, you can also tour the other parts of Agra and it's monuments, garden, markets and more.

    3. Neemrana: This town, nuzzled between the Aravalli hills is known for the historic palaces, forts and havelis that are now functional as heritage hotels. Take a bike trip here, to tour the age old architecture and spend some leisurely time.

    4. Rishikesh: A spiritual hub, it is one of the Places near Delhi that can be traveled to on a bike. Here, you can explore the many attractions such as bridges, temples, riverbanks/Ghats, monuments, waterfalls and the meditation centers. As well as attempt adventure sports and activities.

    5. Dehradun: This hill-station in Uttarakhand is ideal for a short road-trip on a bike from Delhi. Along the way, you are accompanied by the spectacular and pristine scenery and amicable weather. While, upon reaching, you are welcomed by the sight of the gigantic mountain peaks.
  7. Which is the best road trip from Delhi?

    The best road trip from Delhi is to the snow-capped landscapes of Ladakh which gives you a lifetime experience of thrill and adventure. The mystical world of Buddhism unfolds before you as you drive up the five highest mountain passes of the world along the Manali Leh Highway after you have reached Manali from Delhi on road.

    Your road trip to Ladakh will take you along some of the adrenaline charged sites at Manali, Kullu, Rohtang Pass, Baralacha Pass, Lachungla Pass, Tanglang La Pass, Khardung La, Darchu, Sarchu and Upshi. On return journey you will come across Kargil, Drass, Srinagar and Anantanag.
  8. Where can I go for a long drive from Delhi?

    The mythological twin cities of Uttar Pradesh Mathura and Vrindavan can be a good destination for a long drive from Delhi. Mathura being the birth place of Lord Krishna and Vrindavan being his abode of childhood are two popular tourist destinations of north India. The distance of Mathura is approximately 183 Km via Taj Express Highway from Delhi.
  9. Which is the best month to visit Delhi?

    The best month to visit Delhi is in the months between August-November. Summer in Delhi is too scorching which makes travelling around the city difficult. The winter months in Delhi are chilling and foggy. It is difficult for tourists to go for road trips due to dense fog.
  10. Where should I go for a 2 day trip near Delhi?

    There are a number of mind-blowing weekend destinations within 200 km radius of Delhi for a 2 days' trip. We have shortlisted some of the highlighted tourist spots near Delhi:
    - Alwar
    - Vrindavan
    - Mathura
    - Sohna
    - Garhmukteshwar
    - Sariska Tiger Reserve
    - Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary
    -  Agra
    - Neemrana
    - Simla
    - Bharatpur National Park
  11. How to plan a road trip from Delhi to Rishikesh?

    Rishikesh is an ideal destination for a road trip which is at a distance of about 235 Km via NH334 and 288 Km via NH9 from Delhi. There are 2 routes from Delhi to Rishikesh taking you through the picture perfect landscapes of the lower Himalayas.

    Route 1 via NH334: New Delhi- Meerut- Muzaffarnagar-Roorkee- Haridwar- Rishikesh
    Route 2 via NH9: New Delhi- Hapur- Chandpur- Najibabad- Haridwar- Rishikesh
  12. How to plan a road trip from Delhi to Ladakh?

    You can break your 13 days, road trip itinerary as follows:

    Day 1- Delhi- Nalagarh (320 km approx. via Karnal, Ambala and Pinjore)
    Day 2- Nalagarh- Manali (275 km approx.) Stay overnight
    Day 3- Manali -Jispa via Rohtang Pass (140 Km approx.) Overnight stay at Jispa
    Day 4- Jispa- Leh (330 Km approx.)
    Day 5- Sightseeing at Leh
    Day 6- Leh- Pangong Lake (320 Km approx.)
    Day 7- Pangong Lake- Nubra Valley (120 Km approx.)
    Day 8- Nubra Valley- Leh (120 Km approx.)
    Day 9- Leh-Kargil (230 Km approx.)
    Day 10- Kargil- Srinagar (210 Km approx.)
    Day 11- sightseeing at Srinagar
     Day 12-Srinagar- Amritsar (460 Km approx.)
    Day 13- Amritsar- Delhi (460 Km approx.)
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