Tourist Places in UAE

Burj Khalifa, Dolphin Bay, Wild Wadi Waterpark, Ferrari World, Sir Bani Yas, Fujairah Fort, Snoopy Island, Al-Badiyah Mosque, Bithnah Fort, Ajman Museum, Ajman City Center, Umm Al-Quwain Fort and Museum, Etisalat Tower, and many more.

‘Mashallah’ is a word you can hear quite often while travelling to the top places to visit in UAE which invites tourists from across the world to witness an eccentric culture in all its varied aspects. If you start your UAE trip with Dubai, make it a point to visit the exotic Palm Islands that add to the glitz and extravagance of the country. With postcard perfect beaches, dramatic landscapes, plethora of water activities and bustling pubs Fujairah welcomes you to indulge in a rewarding vacation and have a different taste of life.

If you focus on history and culture in your list of UAE tourist places, consider spending a few more days in Sharjah and get to know its rich Emirati culture. Some of the offbeat places in UAE offer varied adventure options for those willing to try their skills and guts. Visit the mountainous city of Hatta which offers an ideal gateway for hiking and sightseeing. You will get to see one of the best sunsets of your life across the Arabian Gulf in the crescent beach of Khor Fakkan.

Here are some of the best places to visit in UAE:

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One of the largest city in United Arab Emirates, Dubai city is marked with biggest construction of the world, and changes its persona with new built ups almost every day. It is indeed a wonder to see, how deserted zone has grown up with plethora of huge bricks. The city has become a hub to not only undertake business but also caught the attention as a getaway for national as international travelers.

A shopping hub, honeymoon destination, leisure place, entertainment hub, nightlife to remember; what else you want to call this city when you have multiple names to tag it. Home to Burj Khalifa, Palm islands, history and calm sand dunes, Dubai city calls all the tourists from far away lands to as to taste the culture and savor the life differently.

‘Mashallah’ is quite common to hear when people are seeking major attractions in here. Go for Jumeirah beach park to enjoy some beach time or Burj Khalifa to taste the heights in a luxury. Why to stay back in hotel when wonderland family park waits for you with the whole family, not to be missed places like Dubai fountain, Dubai Marina, Deira clocktower, Burj al Arab, and much more.

Once done with them, hop on to the desert zone that are famous for desert safari, be it in 4x4 or camel safari. Let the cars go swish away in the city outskirts and spend a hip hop time on dunes, while enjoying the cultural show at the stopover, relishing barbecued snacks and sipping the drinks off. These dunes do not let you get bored with bland state but let you feel the adventure closely with sand boards, quad bikes and dune buggies.

Studded with lively nightclubs, bars and late night eateries in Dubai, the city have options like Toro Toro, Barsati bar, Gaucho, hard rock cafe, Kasbar and many many more that you may end up, infact, leaving some of them. The most amazing part for some of them is their presence close to beach side and facing towards it, giving a tropical feel.

Face the culture straightaway from the corner of the eye as you visit Dubai museum, World trade centre, Hatta heritage village and Madinat Jumeirah. Romance lies in air of Dubai and one can feel alive with their love when dining together in the sky. Take a cruise away in the sea water and enjoy the delicacies with whole heart. Dubai creek is famous for some fascinating time among modern skyscrapers, traditional as well as historic sites and appealing man-made islands.

Some more of sightseeing attractions of Dubai city combines have names of Al Safa park, most loved within sports enthusiasts where people can just come and enjoy soccer, volleyball, tennis and most loved sports within them.

Winters bring a new grace to the city not just with calm weather and little respite from heat but also with culture blast. Camel race track which opens every Friday and Thursday, one can visit here for races as well as for paddocks. Buy rugs, blankets, souvenir and grab all the things that catch your eye.

If adventure tingles your buds more and more, go for scuba diving, banana boat ride, parasailing and more with advance guidance by expert trainees. Or calm yourself with fishing in Dubai sea. Do not miss visiting Dubai dolphinarium, hot air balloon visit, underwater zoo for a mesmerizing time in Dubai city.

Shopaholic? Gold digger? Well, Dubai city is just right for you. Gold Souk is your first place to catch as you can find all style of jewellery with pure and finished way. Dubai mall, Mercato, Mall of Emirates, Burjuman centre, Gold and diamond park are some shopping places in Dubai that every shopping lover must visit. Shop as many clothes as you wish as the city has famous street clothes as well as highest brands, you just name one!

What is Dubai city famous for in terms of eateries? Shawarma is the first thing you must try as the plane lands! Apart from that, international and national cuisines are all part of your meal as you may ask them. From continental to Indian, Lebanese to Thai, you have it all with your next order.

Dubai city is though far away from the vegetative lands yet it is a blend of everything you may ask for. Not missed by adventure or by peaceful aura, the places to visit and things to do in Dubai combine them all. Be here the very next time you are having vacation and click the cam pictures to take back home, making memories for life.

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The richest emirate and the capital of UAE - Abu Dhabi is an earthier version of its ostentatious cousin Dubai. It is a perfect blend of tradition and modernism, boasts of modernity at its best while maintaining its natural appeal that attracts visitor worldwide. Speaking about tourist places in Abu-Dhabi, from extravagant hotels and posh resorts next to beaches and never-ending mighty desert, Abu-Dhabi has it all. For those looking to engage with Gulf culture, it offers opportunities to understand the UAE's history through museums, exhibitions, tours and food. Although the official language is Arabic, English is widely spoken and visitors will hardly have any communication difficulties.

There’s no shortage of reasons as to why you should visit the United Arab Emirates. Perhaps the best reason to visit Abu Dhabi is that it's gorgeous. It houses Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, one of the most beautiful and picturesque mosques in the world. Visitors can see the Formula 1 racing track and watch world-renowned races. Only a few minutes drive away, you will find Ferrari World, an indoor amusement park themed after the famous car brand. Abu Dhabi has been fast-growing and constantly adding new attractions to its already long list of World Records and unique attractions. The city is incredibly well planned with extra wide streets and smoothly flowing traffic, promising you hassle-free travel throughout the city 24/7. Transport is clean, cheap and efficient.

At the heart of life in Abu Dhabi, are some amazing traditions that are still alive. The locals of the city are deeply devoted to a traditional way of life and it’s something that visitors love to see and experience. The tourist places in Abu-Dhabi have a different offering for travellers, which is completely offbeat and worth experiencing. The local customs are rooted in their rich Bedouin heritage and Islamic religion. The great tradition of Arab hospitality is alive and thriving here, and other cultural elements can be seen in their daily life, such as in their traditional dresses. I’d suggest you should travel out to the suburban neighbourhoods and see the Emiratis sing traditional songs and perform dances. It’s not just a visual delight but it’s something you’ll cherish for life.

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Sharjah City, the one that lies in the UAE district among various other well known destinations, has a lot to offer to its visitors. Cars, luxuries, beaches, people, food, hotels, clothings, markets – there is diversity in every walk of this city. While most of us are only aware of Dubai and Abu Dhabi among other UAE nations – Sharjah city is also gaining increasing prominence in the world as a form of perfect tourist destination in the list.

Sharjah which lies in the northern side of
Dubai is the cultural capital of UAE and is a relevant heritage area. The city is on the creek with well-restored homes and museums devoted especially to Emirati customs. It is also home to Sharjah fort – a 19th century royal residence that has quickly turned the local history around for the Emiratis.

Sharjah is the third largest city in the United Arabs Emirates and is an important portion of the Dubai-Sharjah-Ajman metropolitan area. Located along the southern cost of the Persian gulf, the city is filled with scenic sightings and great, rich traditional culture that promises experiences of a lifetime for those visiting for the first time.

The city of Sharjah shares most of the important segments such as the legalities, political relations, military tie-ups and economic functions with most other emirates that function within the established federal framework among the boundaries of UAE.

Filled with traditional Arab culture, the essence of this place typically revolves around the incredible Islamic architecture, music, attire, cuisine and lifestyle.

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Bestowed with several natural gems to appreciate and a wealth of activities to embark in, Ras Al Khaimah is one of the lesser-known emirates of the UAE. Located at a distance of about one and half hours from downtown Dubai, the ‘forgotten emirate’ with its virgin beaches, verdant mountainsides and peaceful surroundings make an idyllic gateway for quick staycation. You can spend quality time in spotting the extremely rare Arabian oryx within the city limits that are saved by the environmentalists from the verge of extinction.

Ras Al Khaimah takes fair pride in making its way to the Guinness Book of World Records for having the world’s longest zipline which is located in Jebel Jais and stretches for 2.83 km. If you want to have some eerie experience during your UAE trip, visit the abandoned village of Jazirah Al hamra in Ras Al Khaimah. It is rumoured that the 14th century houses and mosques of the village are haunted by ‘jinns’. Despite its bizarre appearance and hearsays, the orange-coloured dilapidated edifices draw photographers from across the globe to take some of their best clicks.

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Fujairah is the only one of the seven emirates which is not located along the Arabian Gulf. Instead, this popular tourist destination is tucked on the eastern coast of the UAE and separated from the rest of the emirates by the rugged Hajar Mountain range. Besides being the commercial hub of UAE, Fujairah is a big pull for tourists due to its cultural attractions, pristine beaches, wide range of water sports, shimmering coastline and dramatic landscape.

Though a less famed emirate of the UAE, it is a favourite of the real wanderlust souls who look for spending their vacation away from the crowd and litter of the popular tourist destinations. Sea lovers can explore the exotic underwater marine life by scuba diving or snorkelling in the crystal-clear Gulf waters. The postcard perfect beaches lulled by the clear waters of the Arabian Gulf allure beach lovers to hire sun loungers at Dibba and Al Aqah and bask in the sun at daytime and enjoy lavish dining experience at Gonu Bar & Grill.

Fujairah offers great nightlife for the party animals who can spend quiz nights in the McGettigan’s or sip into your favourite cocktail at Tropicana Bar or Zorba Lounge. For the culture aficionados, the must visit places include the Al Bidyah Mosque which is the oldest mosque in the UAE, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque which is the second largest mosque in UAE and the Fujairah Fort which is the oldest stone castle in the Arab world.

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Right from taming the rugged mountainous terrains in a bike to propelling the waves in a kayak, the mountain city of Hatta is one of the must visit places in UAE for adventure buffs. Skirted by the Hajar Mountain range the town of Hatta is with its undulating peaks and trenches making it an ideal destination for hiking and sightseeing. As you trek along the winding valleys on the foothills of Hajar mountain bordering Oman, you can feast your eyes on the shifting vistas formed by the sandy stretches, turquoise water bodies and roughhewn mountains with occasional wildlife sightings.

One of the biggest draws of Hatta city is Hatta Heritage Village which is a restored museum housing relics and documents of a true Emirati life in the earliest times. The museum comprises 30 buildings including huts, houses, a mosque and a fort that you can get to see in a walking tour round the village. Hatta offers a fair range of activities that include kayaking in the tranquil waters of Lake Hatta, trying a hand in archery or axe throwing, freefall jumps, downhill carting and trekking. After a whole day of sightseeing and activities, put up a tent under the starry sky and enjoy overnight camping along with a sumptuous barbeque dinner.

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The smallest of the seven emirates, Ajman is a favourite of nature loving tourists for its pristine beaches, scenic charm and an overall tranquil setting. Tucked on the Arabian Gulf with a staggering 16 km long sandy beach Ajman offers plentiful options of sightseeing, activities, shopping and historical excursions. Dotted with some of the bustling shopping complexes, grandest forts, poshest resorts, significant museums and best sandy beaches, this small nation is growing into a booming business and tourist hub of the Arabian world.

If you are fond of trying a hand in golf in your UAE tour, the pristine golf course of Al Zorah Golf Club is the best site for teeing off. Desert safari is probably the most popular for tourists visiting the UAE and Ajman is no different. A full day desert safari allows you great experience of the Ajman traditions and real Emirati culture. Those interested in mountain hiking can climb up the Hajar mountain along an easy and scenic trail. Ajman’s corniche is a popular site which is dotted with luxurious beachside restaurants that serve great dining options. It is also a coveted place for tourists who want to enjoy a night out with family and friends.

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Slipped between the Ras-Al-Khaimah and Ajman along the western bank of the UAE, this lesser-known emirate is a bird watchers’ paradise in the true sense. Covering an area of 800 sq. km Umm Al Quwain is an offbeat destination and its consummate natural bounty will take your breath away. Probably it is the quirkiest of all the emirates of the UAE with very low population, which does not bear the footprints of tourists in the high season and where you will barely come across a skyscraper. But if you want to add richness to your travel experience, this quiet city is one of the worthiest places to visit in the UAE.

Whether you are a nature lover or an adventure buff or a wildlife enthusiast, this less-frequented emirate has too many things in its sleeves for each type of traveller. Some of the must-include activities in your itinerary are Mangrove Island Kayaking, Dhow Building Yard Tour, Daytrip to Dreamland Aquapark, Water-skiing, Wakeboarding, windsurfing and banana boat ride.

The lush lagoons and mud beds of Al Sinniyah Island and Khor Al Beidah offer an ideal habitat for exotic marine and wild animals that are a sight to behold. Being blessed with a virgin coastline, it is unfair to complete your trip without taking a stroll to the Umm-Al-Quwain beach and letting the cool sea breeze relax you.

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Located strategically along the eastern coast of the UAE, the Musandam Peninsula is well worth a visit in your UAE trip if you want to have a taste of wilderness after a lot of museum and city tours. The peninsula is a blissful haven with its beautiful ‘kors’ (rocky bays), village idylls, dramatic landscapes and mountains roads. Spending a couple of days in this isolated cape, you can explore the cultural eccentricity and feast your eyes on its beautifully reticulated coastline and the mountains around Jebel Harim.

With mountains standing above 2,000 metres and lulled by the emerald sea waters, Musandam is home to some of the best landscapes in the UAE. It also features one of the best g diving and snorkelling destinations of the world. Whether you focus on a particular type of holiday experience or taste bits and pieces of different experiences in your trip, Oman never fails to satisfy your needs and fulfil your dreams. While adventure lovers can enjoy paddle boarding, mountain biking, camping and other thrilling activities, culture aficionados can have a good time visiting Oman’s traditional souks or the shawarma eateries for some delectable shawarmas.

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Tucked between the banks of the Gulf of Oman and the Bay of Khor Fakkan, the city of Khor Fakkan promises you a fulfilling beach vacation in the land of castles, mosques, museums and forts. With clusters of thriving coral reefs and a plethora of thrilling activities, Khor Fakkan beach is a favourite of the marine sports lovers. On a day trip you can take a leisurely walk along the Khorfakkan corniche, take a relaxing spa or participate in adventurous water sports such as kayaking, sailing and scuba diving.

If you are ready to push your limits, go for an exhilarating jet skiing by hiring skiing gear from the shacks on the beach that give such equipment on rent. Against the rustic backdrop of the rocky Hajar mountains, the crescent beach of Khorfakkan is one of the best places in UAE to witness phenomenal sunrises and sunsets across the Arabian Gulf. Sail across the tranquil Gulf waters in a dhow cruise and enjoy your leisure in elegance and luxury. Take a boat ride up to Shark Island and explore the vibrant marine world dominated by moray eels, anemones, sea turtles, Arabian Angelfish and other fishes.

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The town of Dibba Al-Hisn got its name derived from the ‘hisn’ or port which stands tall in fame and glory as the landmark of the historical enclave. Built by the Portuguese in 1694, the fort is a must visit attraction in the town which allows you to learn about the war chronicles of the emirates. Set against the crystal waters of the Gulf and lined up with palm groves, the postcard perfect cape offers a wealth of marine activities such as snorkelling, deep sea fishing and scuba diving.

Those willing to immerse in a more lavish experience can opt for embarking on a dhow cruise and behold a phenomenal sunset in the vista and dancing reflection of the setting sun rays in the Gulf waters. If you are on a family trip to the land of the Arabians, Dibba Al-Hisn is one of the best places to visit in UAE which is blessed with bustling markets, mystical mosques, iconic souks and a lot more to enrich your holiday experience.

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Al Ain

Al Ain is known as the largest garden city of the Emirates, a place where people can enjoy their leisure time surrounded by lush green streets. This inland oasis city is known as the birthplace of the Founding Father, Sheikh Zayed, which makes it one of the most cultural and significant cities of UAE. Apart from being a cultural city, where customs and traditions are followed religiously by everyone, the place is popularly known as the largest inland oasis of UAE. Filled with swirling Date Palm forests, and sizzling natural hot springs, the city provides exotic scenery and calm vibes all over the place.

One can witness this gorgeous beauty up from one of the highest peaks of UAE, known as Jebel Hafeet, or get entertained by feeding the incredibly humble Giraffes at Al Ain Zoo. One can also discover the historical places in Dubai and can get the vast overview of history of Dubai by exploring the oldest museum of the UAE. After exploring the above attractions, hop on to one of the best cycling experiences there in Emirates, where a decent path is fully surrounded by the windy and lush green Palm trees, only at Al Ain Oasis. Later you can enjoy a refreshing day as you jump onto the adventurous water sports including, kayaking, surfing, white water rafting, etc.

With it’s high vegetation, the city is famous for its humid summers and dry and comfortable winters. The summers are comparatively longer than the winters, hence making October- April as one of the best times for tourists to visit.
Suggested Read: Things to do in Dubai in Summer

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Other Attractions

Louvre Abu Dhabi, an iconic as well as a universal museum is renowned as a premier cultural institution built in the heart of Saadiyat Cultural District. The museum opened its doors on 11th November 2017. Designed by Jean Nouvel, Pritzker prize-winning architect, this museum covers an area of about 9200 sq. m galleries which include both the Permanent and Temporary galleries.

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One of the most famous mosque in Abu Dhabi that is a must-visit for you is the Grand Mosque. This architectural show-stopper is one of the world's biggest mosques, with a limit with regards to a surprising 40,000 admirers. It highlights 82 vaults, over 1,000 segments, 24-carat gold overlaid light fixtures and the world's biggest hand tied cover.

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This time remain awestruck while you visit one of the most wonderful theme parks of Dubai - The Ferrari world. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is the ultimate fun destination situated on the Yas Island. It is the primary Ferrari-marked amusement park and has the record for the biggest space outline structure at any point assembled. The recreation center additionally holds the Formula Rossa, the world's speediest crazy ride.

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Jebel Hafeet is a sole mountain in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, acclaimed as one of the exorbitant mountains in the country. This well-known landmark in the Tawam region is noted for a variety of reasons, including several cave systems to explore, ridges stretching to the inner section of Al-Ain city, and several archaeological and historical findings..

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Dubai Creek is one the emirate's most beautiful areas that especially stand out for its conventional atmosphere and appeal. Regardless of the record-breaking points of interest involving tall structures and exciting settings that dab over the city, this serene area still exhibits the brilliant past architecture and vibe.

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Kite surfers and its audience would love to head to Kite Beach, stretching along the Jumeirah Road. With its silky, lazy white sand, this beach remains active with the array of numerous fun activities and thus keeping its visitors entertained throughout. The shimmering colours of the sea in front and the eye catching view of different skyscrapers of Dubai at the back further increase the beauty of this beach.

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When you are visiting Dubai sightseeing is a must for you. With all the incredible places around you would definitely want to explore some. Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood is an incredible chance to get to know the old lifestyle, which was predominant in Dubai, with its rich esteems that can be found in the outline of the structures and the way they are dispersed.

One can't ignore the group's tend to security that can be felt in the shortage of front windows, their restriction and height. Likewise, the winding and contorting back roads and pathways, and additionally raising the greater part of the area structures confronting south west towards the qibla, notwithstanding various esteems and rule that will unwind once the guest encounters Al Fahidi Neighborhood for them.

The structures of the region are as of now utilized as a part of brooding various differed social and creative exercises running from workmanship shows, specific exhibition halls, social and aesthetic social orders, ateliers to social focuses. The area likewise has various regular social and imaginative occasions, for example, Sikka Art Fair, Artists-in-Residence Program, Heritage Week, National Day Events and religious festivals. Delightful and comfortable bistros, eateries and motels flooding with legacy are scattered everywhere throughout the locale.

Location: Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood is located at Al Fahidi Street, Bur Dubai.

Timings: Opens 24 hours

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Discover the riveting history of Islamic Civilisation from its establishment in the 7th century CE to the 20th century at the UAE’s Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilisation. Ranked among the top places to see in Sharjah, the museum is home to thousands of stunning artefacts and artworks showcasing centuries of civilisation’s past.

As you step into the magnificent museum, you are transported into a world of artistic wonders, cultural landmarks, scientific achievements and much more through the displays. Spread across seven galleries and display areas, the permanent collection of Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilisation has been organised to show events chronologically.

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One of the first contained leisure, nature and educational destinations of its kind in Abu Dhabi’s Emirate has to be the Jubail Mangrove Park. In this park, you can explore and visit a haven for marine and avian species which is indigenous to Abu Dhabi. Jubail Mangrove Park is basically a mangrove sanctuary. It aims to enhance the understanding, appreciation, and awareness of the mangrove.

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Sir Bani Yas Island is the largest natural island located off the coast of Abu Dhabi, and used to be the private island of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founder of UAE. As of today, the island is the abode of thousands of animals, in addition to numerous indigenous plants and trees. Furthermore, it is also a wildlife reserve and a bird sanctuary, and is a major hotspot for adventure activities like hiking, kayaking, diving and more.

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A green oasis of palm groves and green turf make this aqua park a dream destination for family day trips. The park houses over 30 exciting rides and attractions catering to visitors of all age groups that include a mini zoo, a tennis court, a volleyball court and a basketball court.

Inside the park precinct there is a plethora of recreational options with multiple restaurants, VIP lounge, jacuzzi, conference room, pool bar, cabana rentals and overnight camping service to name a few.

Location: Al Shebeakah, Umm Al Quwain 655, United Arab Emirates

Best time: November- March
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The Fujairah Fort is one of the oldest monuments in the UAE built in 1670.This masterpiece is spread over an area of 610 square metres and is located 4 kilometres away from the Fujairah Airport.The fort remains open from 8 am to 5 pm daily and is free of any entry charge.It takes 2-3 hours for a complete viewing of this architectural jewel.

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The Snoopy Island lies on the northern side of the Emirate of Fujairah on the Gulf of Oman.This place is a splendid choice for watersports,where the tourists can come across a vibrant marine wildlife including blacktip reef sharks.This island is considered to be one of the most fascinating locations for beach camping and is easily reachable from Dubai via a 2 hour long drive.

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The Al-Badiyah Mosque also known as the Ottoman Mosque is one of the eminent monuments in the Emirates of Fujairah,UAE.It is considered to be one of the most ancient mosques of the UAE and is listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tourists can reach the location from the Fujairah airport by car.The place is free of any entry fee

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The Bithnah Fort is situated in the village of Al Bithnah,which is located at a distance of 17 kilometres from Fujairah.This fort was built in 1735 and is an exquisite and prominent example of Arabic art and architectural style.The Bithnah fort was a result of strategic planning and was constructed to protect the adjoining areas from the Wahabi attacks.This tourist attraction is free of entry charges.

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The Ajman Museum is an athenaeum located in the City of Ajman.The Museum houses relics and antiquities from the bygone era of the Ajman City.It is 22 kilometres from Sharjah and 28 kilometres from Dubai.Tourists can also visit the location via a bus and get down at the Ajman Bus station which is 500 metres from the Museum.Tickets are 5 and 1 AED for adults and kids respectively.

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The Ajman City Centre is the largest shopping mall in the Emirate of Ajman and is owned by Majid Al Futtaim.This Plaza is laid over an area of 34000 square metres and accommodates a huge number of international and domestic brands including various restaurants and a number of cinema halls.This shopping mall is said to be frequented by almost 10.5 million visitors every year.

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The Umm Al-Quwain Museum formerly known as the Umm Al-Quwain Fort was built by Sheikh Rashid Bin Majid Al Mualla in 1768 as an abode to the Mualla family.The most striking object one can see in this Museum is the gold glazed family tree.The entry fee of the Museum for anybody over 15 years of age is 5 AED.Entry is free for visitors below the age of 15.

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The Etisalat Tower 2 is a 33 storied high rise building located in Dubai whereas the Etisalat Tower 1 is 17 floors high.One of the factors that differentiates both of these skyscrapers from the others are their ball-like structures above the tower.These are two of the most popular buildings in Dubai devoid of any entry charge.

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The Al-Hayl Castle is situated in the Wadi Hayl,15 kilometres from Fujairah,close to the Hajar mountains.It was built in 1830 and was the residence of the ruling family of Fujairah.The Castle provides a marvellous view of the surroundings.Currently,it is listed under the Department of Antiquities and Heritage for maintenance and preservation purposes.

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Masafi-Masafi sits between the border of Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah at the cliff of the Hajar mountains.Renowned for its natural source of water,Masafi is the leading producer of water to the Gulf’s mineral water company called Masafi.The Village of Masafi is also well known for its local market that sells souvenirs,carpets,fruits,vegetables etc.

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Spread over an area of 5 kilometres, the Al Dur Archaeological Site is located at a distance of 27 kilometres from Ajman and 57 kilometres from Ras Al Khaimah. When the excavation was started in 1974, numerous gold, silver and bronze coins were found. A temple with signs of worshipping the Sun at the site was also discovered. It is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the UAE.

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The Al Jarah Cultural Centre gives the tourists an insight into the rich heritage and magnificent history of the UAE.Although most of the books and documents available in the library are written in Arabic,visitors can ask for translated versions.The Centre remains opened from 10 am to 6 pm and is free of any entry charge.

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The National Museum of Ras Al Khaimah showcases the rich heritage and culture of the Emirate. Located in the heart of the city, it offers visitors a journey through time, with exhibits highlighting the region's history, traditions, and way of life. From archaeological artifacts to traditional crafts, the museum provides insight into the Emirate's past, including its maritime history, pearl diving industry, and Bedouin heritage. Interactive displays and multimedia presentations engage visitors of all ages, making it a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. The National Museum of Ras Al Khaimah serves as a testament to the Emirate's enduring legacy and cultural identity.

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Khor Fakkan Beach, nestled along the UAE's eastern coast, boasts golden sands kissed by the Gulf of Oman's azure waters. Surrounded by majestic mountains, it offers a serene escape for sun-seekers and water sports enthusiasts alike. The beach's tranquil ambiance and stunning vistas enchant visitors, creating unforgettable memories.

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Ras Al Khaimah Mall: Iconic shopping destination offering diverse retail, dining, and entertainment experiences, embodying the essence of luxury and culture in the heart of the city.

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The Sheikh Mohammed Bin Salim Al Qasimi Mosque, a striking testament to Islamic architecture, stands majestically in the heart of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Adorned with intricate carvings, towering minarets, and a glorious dome, the mosque is a beacon of spiritual enlightenment and cultural heritage.

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Dhayah Fort, located in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, is a historical site perched atop a hill overlooking stunning landscapes. Built in the 16th century, it served as a strategic defense post against invading forces. The fort's architecture and commanding position offer visitors a glimpse into the region's rich history and cultural heritage.

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The first themed amusement park in the Gulf region, Hili Al Ain Fun City opened in September 2009. This amusement park is located in Abu Dhabi's Garden City of Al Ain and is a huge favorite with children because of its thrilling rides, adventure attractions, and several attractions that parents also enjoy.

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People Also Ask About UAE

  1. What are the best places to visit in the UAE for couples?

    1. Bollywood Park Dubai: If you want to explore the entertainment paradise with a lot of action, romance, adventure, music and comedy, visit Bollywood Parks Dubai which is one of world's largest amusement parks. With thrilling rides, live shows, shopping outlets and dining options there is a complete entertainment package within the precincts of the park.

    2. Dubai Miracle Garden: Dubai Miracle Garden is world's largest natural flower garden which promises you of a verdant escapade with family and friends. Sprawling over 72,000 sq. metre and landscaped with more than 150 million flowers in full bloom it is one of most popular UAE places to visit for nature lovers.

    3. Aquaventure, Atlantis The Palm: Although designated as world's largest water park, Aquaventure Atlantis has much more to offer. Some of the best features of the water park are Shark Lagoon, Mini Marine Biologist, ShuiQi Spa and Underwater Yoga to name a few.

    4. Black Palace Beach- The Black Palace or Al Sufouh Beach is one of the must visit places in UAE given its intriguing location and pristine setting. Tucked between a series of royal palaces the beach is ideal for beach sports and snorkelling.
  2. Which are the best museums in the UAE?

    1. Dubai Museum: For history and culture enthusiasts, Dubai Museum is a key attraction in UAE. The museum is a part of the Al Fahidi Fort which is the earliest building of the UAE standing tall as a testimony to the rich Arabian heritage and culture.

    2. Louvre Abu Dhabi: The most impressive feature of the Louvre Abu Dhabi is its architecture, especially the roof of the museum which looks spectacular when light reflects through it. The museum houses a dedicated kid's section featuring an array of art installations and paintings by the acclaimed artists for inspiring kids in artwork.

    The museum also organises temporary exhibitions in its 20,000 sq.ft. of space where tourists can get to see the masterpieces of the great painters.

    3. Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization: For those interested in Islamic history and culture the museum is a must visit place in your UAE trip. Apart from housing an astounding collection of 5,000 rare Islamic artefacts, manuscripts, weapons, astrolabes and other relics it also proudly accommodates the famous Sitara- a gold embroidered curtain hung on the door of the Holy Kaba.

    You will be left mesmerised to see the intricate mosaic inside the central sepulchre replicating the zodiac constellations in the sky.
  3. What are the best beaches to visit in the UAE?

    1. Jumeirah Public Beach: Jumeirah Public Beach aka Sunset Beach and Umm Suqeim Beach makes a perfect setting for snapping and taking selfies with the iconic Burz Al Arab in the backdrop. Considered as one of the quieter beaches along the Arabian Gulf coast, the public beach offers an ideal hideout with a lot of sun, sand and tranquil sea waters.

    2. Ajman Beach: The shimmering coastline dotted with numerous luxurious hotels and resorts make Ajman Beach one of the coveted places to see in UAE. Some of the highlighted beach activities include dolphin spotting After a full-day dolphin spotting, splurge on a delicious Arabian meal in any of the beachside restaurants and let yourselves soothe by the pleasant sea breeze.

    3. Saadiyat Public Beach, Abu Dhabi: One of the most desirable UAE tourist places with shimmering white sandy beach and eco-friendly water activities for sports lovers. It is home to the critically endangered Hawksbill turtles who have made the beach their nesting ground.
  4. What is the best time to visit UAE?

    The best time to visit the UAE is between the months of October-February when the climate is pleasantly cool. Carrying a light sweater or a jacket will suffice your requirement while visiting the prominent UAE tourist places.

    However, if you want to indulge in beach activities, summer is the best time for that i.e., between the months of April and May.
  5. Is UAE safe?

    In general, the UAE is a very safe country for tourists and is ranked 31st among the safest countries of the world. Person-on-person crime is not of much concern to the tourists who visit UAE due to the fact that it is a heavily monitored country.

    According to the 2020 Global Law and Order report, the UAE is ranked among the top 10 countries of the world in terms of security and personal safety. Do petty crimes such as pickpocketing, sexual harassment and scams are there however it should not be of much concern if you maintain the general code of conduct while touring round the popular places to visit in UAE.
Newly Added UAE Experience
23 January 2021
Amazing experience I enjoyed Burj Khalifa and underwater zoo alot. Thanks Thrillophilia for advance tickets booking options.
"it was a great experience. I was bit apprehensive, when I booked through thrillophilia. but, they really organized it well. I booked a VIP package (costing 3800 per person). they arranged for private pick up in Nissan Petrol. They took us to camp, which is little far but better than Al Avir. \n\nLocal operator Mr. Danyal is a nice person. He took a great care of us. \n\nwe were provided land cruiser for dune bashing. then quad bike for 20-25 mins. after that, we did horse ride and camel ride. although camel ride and horse ride were namesake only. they would allow for 2 mins only and if you want to take a longer ride, you need to pay extra. so I skipped it. \n\nCamp had good performances like belly dance, Tanura show, Fire show and Jumba. Food was served on the table. Food quality was average.\n\nalthough, In the camp, they would try to get you money through multiple activities like sand art, Premium fruit salad, premium desserts, handbags, photo printouts, photo with eagle etc. And one needs to hard bargain. like I paid 20 dhiram for photos, they started with 150 dhiram."
02 March 2020
Awesome experience with a very close view of such big fishes. Underwater zoo is also very big and needs atleast 2 hours to complete. Super package deal. Please go for it.
aniketsdixit Burj Khalifa Tickets
"It was perfect site seeing experience managed by Thrillophilia. Special mention for lowest prices for tickets of Burz Khalifa."
"both the tours were really amazing.\nDubai city tour was nice, learned a lot about their history.\ndesert Safari was awesome but the food was ok ok .\nthe shows were awesome only if the food and drinks were organized well it would have been more fun"
Amazing journey with fast service and great host
25 February 2021
Very Good
Park is fine. Shopping inside is much expensive. Swimming costumes were more than expected price.
"Good Service.. Every tour was perfectly planeed"
10 February 2021
Sandeep Madisetty Dubai Dolphinarium Tickets
A definite watch. This is awesome. Thanks to thrillophilia for a very quick service. This is the cheapest price I found across various sites and I'm amazed with that.
04 February 2021
Just loved the experience. the dune bashing was amazing and we were well informed in time about everything.

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