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Tourist Places to See in Srinagar in Winter

Dal Lake, Shalimar Bagh, Shankaracharya Temple, Tulip Garden, Nishat Bagh, Nigeen Lake, Dachigam National Park, Hazratbal Masjid
Nehru Garden and many more.

In Srinagar, the winter season has its unique allure. Many beautiful Indian landscapes are blanketed with white glittering snow, providing the ground for adventurers to enjoy skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and other winter sports. For snow lovers, the cool breeze of the mountains and the falling snow are always a sight to behold.

Nestled at the very heart of the city, Dal Lake stands out as a top attraction. Apart from the severest of winter days, when temperatures go up to 15 degrees below the freezing point, Dal remains unfrozen, with the shikaras ambling throughout its length. The adjacent Nigeen Lake is another beautiful addition to it, offering a quieter repose than its sister. The gardens of Kashmir keep their gates open throughout the year as well, with the Mughal Gardens, the Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden and the Nehru Botanical Garden being some of the most beautiful visits here.

Here are some of the Places to See in Srinagar During Winters:

Image description
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Char Chinar

Char Chinar is an island in Srinagar's Dal Lake that is encircled on all sides by Chinar trees. The Char Chinar trees, which are native to Kashmir, are long-lived and stunningly beautiful. It was built by Murad Baksh, the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb's brother, and is also known as Char Chinari and Rupa Lank. A shikara ride on the Dal Lake is the greatest way to see the Char Chinar.

4V38+7M8, Rainawari, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir 190001

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Betaab Valley

Located in Pahalgam, Betaab offers an excellent excursion from the capital city. Betaab is regarded as one of the most beautiful locations in Kashmir, and quite rightfully so. With the river Lidder meandering through towering peaks, the Valley is a green paradise during spring, and a winter wonderland during the colder months.

Horse riding is a popular activity in the valley, and a great way to explore the valley as well. Wintertime brings with it thick blankets of snow, making it an ideal spot for sports such as skiing and heliskiing as well.

Location: Pahalgam, Jammu and Kashmir

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Wular Lake

The largest freshwater lake in Asia, Wular Lake is famed for its sunsets. One of the most beautiful places to visit in Srinagar in winter, the banks of Wular serves as a popular picnic spot as well. The trees that surround Wular are generally always thronging with birds, especially as the sun sets and the flocks fly back home.

The landscape at Wular is often dotted with fishing boats lined up along the bank, as fishing is a prominent means of livelihood here. Wular is a popular spot for watersports as well.

Location: Bandipora District, Jammu and Kashmir

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Pari Mahal

Perched on the Zabarwan mountain ranges, the Pari Mahal is seven terraced gardens overlooking the city of Srinagar.

The gardens, which resemble the reigning style of architecture during the Mughal era, served as a refuge for Price Dara Shikoh, who often escaped here to study. The stone walls which surround the gardens on all sides are preserved in their nearly original state, and stand as shining examples of their Islamic heritage.

Location: Dal Lake, Near Chashme Shahi Garden, Pari Mahal Road, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir (State) 190001

Timings: 07.00 AM- 07.30 PM on all days

Entry Fee: Rs. 10 per person

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Nehru Garden

Kashmir’s biggest botanical gardens, the Jawaharlal Nehru Botanical Gardens sits snugly in the center of the city. Nestled just beside the Dal Lake, the Nehru Gardens form a spectacular sight when the flowers here are in bloom.

The gardens are home to a stunning variety of plants, including about 15,000 ornamental varieties and few rare Kashmiri species as well. Well paved pedestrian walkways snake their way across the botanical gardens, and while the Gardens are best witnessed in Spring, it is unarguably one of the most romantic places to visit in Srinagar in winter as well.

Location: Cheshma Shahi Rd, Muja Gund Ghat, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir (State) 190001

Timings: 09.30 AM- 06.30 PM on all days

Entry Fee:
For children below 5 years: Rs. 5 per person
For children above 5 and adults: Rs. 10 per person

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Manasbal Lake

Manasbal Lake is regarded as one of Kashmir's most beautiful lakes. However, only a few people are aware of this lake, which appears to be straight out of a postcard.

It is recognised as Kashmir's "Supreme Gem of All Lakes." The name Manasbal is derived from the Tibetan Mansarovar Lake, perhaps this is one of the reasons the lake appears to be so tranquil. Despite being only 30 kilometers from Srinagar, the lake is not as busy as the other lakes.

Location: Safapora Ganderbal, Kashmir

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The Hari Parbat

A small hill overlooking the capital city, Hari Parbat is one of the most interesting places to visit in Srinagar in winter. The Parbat is a melting pot of history and culture. The most impressive structure on the hill is the Durrani Fort, established by Mughal Emperor Akbar in the 16th century.

Now occupied by the Indian military, the fort is open to the public for tours as well. The Shakti Temple is another prominent site here, and is regarded as sacred by Kashmiri Pandits. The hill is also home to some prominent mosques and gurudwara, each boasting of a rich history of their own.

Location: Zabarwan Mountain range, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India

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Hazratbal Masjid

Also known as the Dargah Sharif, the Hazratbal Masjid is considered to be Kashmir's holiest Muslim shrine. This historic mosque is situated at the edge of Dal Lake. The Mosque is widely regarded for its unique architecture, and is one of the most visited places in Kashmir.

The mosque reflects a blend of local Kashmiri and Islamic designs, and is the only domed mosque in the state. This mosque gets its name from the Persian term 'Hazrat,' which means 'revered,' and the Kashmiri word 'bal', which means 'place.' This monument has a fascinating history dating back to the seventeenth century, and houses the relic Moi-e-Muqqadas, which is the Prophet Muhammad's sanctified beard hair, making it one of the best religious places to visit in Srinagar in winter.

Location: Dal Lake, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir (State)

Timings: 09.30 AM- 05.30 PM on all days 

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Dachigam National Park

Located just a little outside the capital Srinagar, Dachigam is one of the biggest wildlife hotspots in Kashmir. It’s name literally translates to “the ten villages”, which could be a tribute to the villages that had to be relocated to accommodate the National Park.

Today, it is the only place in the world that is known to house the endangered Kashmiri stag. If you visit in winter, you might get the chance to witness the National Park blanketed entirely in snow, offering a mesmerizing sight.

Location: Near Harwan Mughal Garden, Dachigam Road, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir (State) 191202

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Nigeen Lake

An offshoot of the main Dal, Nigeen Lake is a clear, eutrophic lake in the heart of Srinagar. It’s name is a local version of the word ‘nageena’, and literally translates to “a jewel in the ring”. Being comparatively cleaner and less crowded than Dal, Nigeen is often sought after for its tranquility. Tourists often resort to swimming here as well, owing to its greater depth and cleanliness. The lovely little lake is ringed by willow and poplar trees, offering a pleasant promenade, making it one of the most romantic places to visit in Srinagar in winter. The Lake features some houseboats as well, for those that prefer a quieter repose as to that offered on the Dal.

Location: Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India

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Nishat Bagh

With the Zabarwan as a backdrop, Nishat Bagh is one of the most enchanting places to visit in Srinagar in winter. The name of the gardens literally translates to the Garden of Joy, or the Garden of Gladness. The garden is designed after the Persian model, with minor modifications.

The layout is divided into twelve terraces, with each level revealing something new. The eleventh terrace is said to be the most impressive one, housing twenty five separate fountains in a pool. The gardens are impressively manicured, with lilacs and pansies bordering the walkways. Post sunset, Nishat Bagh is lit up by hundreds of lighted lamps, casting a fairytale like glow.

Location: Boulevard Road, Nishat, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir (State) 190001

Timings: 09.00 AM- 07.00 PM on all days

Entry fee: Rs. 10 per person

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Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden

The largest tulip garden in all of Asia, the Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden is indubitably among the most beautiful places to visit in Srinagar in winter. Set on terraced slopes by the Dal Lake, the flower gardens, accompanied by the HImalayas on one end and the lake on the other, form a mesmerizing sight.

Apart from several acres worth of tulips, the gardens also feature some colored hyacinths, daffodils and ranunculus plants. If one decides to elongate their stay from winter into early spring, they might also be able to attend the annual tulip festival organized here each spring.

Location: Cheshma Shahi Road, Rainawari, Anchar, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir (State) 190001

Timings: 07.00 AM- 07.30 PM on all days

Entry fee:
For Adults: Rs. 50 per person
For Children: Rs. 25 per person

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Shankaracharya Temple

Nestled atop a hill by the same name, the Shankaracharya Temple is one of Srinagar’s biggest Hindu temples. The edifice is dedicated to Lord Shiva, and is regarded as a monument of national importance. Shankaracharya Temple is the oldest temple in Kashmir, and is associated with multiple faiths. A few ancient Persian inscriptions on the inner walls of the temple reflect the Islamic past.

Today, the temple serves as a prominent Hindu pilgrimage, especially during the Amarnath Yatra and Mahashivaratri. The fantastic location of Shankaracharya Temple, however, forms half the allure. Perched right above the Srinagar valley, the temple offers resplendent views of the beauty below.

Location: Temple Path, Durgjan, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir (State) 190001

Timings: 07.00 AM- 08.00 PM on all days

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Shalimar Bagh Mughal Garden

Nestled in the northern end of the Dal Lake, Shalimar Bagh epitomizes the brilliance of Mughal horticulture. Like the Taj Mahal, these gardens were built by Shah Kahan for his eternal love, Noor Jahan, and remains one of the best places to visit in Srinagar in winter.

The gardens are styled after the typical Persian gardens, with four separating arms connecting at a water source at the center. Strolling through, one comes across elaborately carved arches and waterfalls, which add to the elegance of the place. Another unique feature of Shalimar Bagh are the Baradaris, or massive gates supported by pillars, which are said to be the remnants of an ancient temple that had been demolished by Shah Jahan.

Location: Nishat Harwan Road, Shalimar, Rainawari, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir (State) 190025

April to October: 09.00 AM- 07.00 PM
November to March: 10.00 AM- 05.00 PM

Entry fee: Rs. 10 per person

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Dal Lake

A jewel in the crown of Kashmir, the Dal Lake is one of the most enchanting places to visit in Srinagar in winter. While the glittering blue lake appears beautiful in every season, the backdrop of shining white Himalayan peaks during the colder months makes it all the more enticing.

Shikara rides offer short tours of the lake, although if you are traveling in winter, do ensure that you put on clothes that are warm enough for the journey. The road around the lake is well paved, and offers a scenic pedestrian route that meanders through local markets. In the most severe winter days, the Dal freezes over, appearing as a shiny white patch on the ground.

Srinagar, Kashmir

People Also Ask About Jammu and Kashmir

  1. What are the best outdoor activities to do in Srinagar in Winter?

    1. Take a Shikara ride on the Dal Lake: Taking a boat tour of the Dal is definitely at the top of one’s list when in Srinagar, and the winter season yields no exception. The traditional shikara boat idles gently along the waters of the lake, opening up marvelous vistas to the mountains beyond.

    2. Take a stroll through Shalimar Bagh: A token of love from Emperor Shah Jahan to his wife, the Shalimar Bagh gardens is definitely one of the most romantic places to visit in Srinagar in winter. The gardens, flanked by flower patches and fountains on all sides, offer a charming retreat into nature. The Gardens feature a few excellent architectural features as well, including pillars preserved from an ancient temple.

    3. Have a picnic by the Wular Lake: A little outside main Srinagar, the magnificent Wular Lake is well known for its resplendent sunsets. One of the best ways to spend one’s time here would be to spread a mat by the banks and enjoy a lovely winter’s picnic, ending the day with a marvelous view of the sky changing shades.

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  2. Which are the best sightseeing places in Srinagar during winter?

    1. Dal Lake: Srinagar’s prime attraction, Dal Lake is as alluring in winter as it is in summer. Especially resplendent against the backdrop of the stark white mountains, Dal Lake shines in all its brilliance. Houseboats are in abundance here, and shikara rides offer a great way to explore the lake as well.

    2. Hazratbal Masjid: Shining out in its stunning white brilliance, Hazratbal Mosque is one of the top places to visit in Srinagar in winter. Nestled on the northern bank of Dal Lake, it is said to be the biggest mosque in the state. The mosque is known for its striking architecture, and is the only domed mosque in all of Kashmir.

    3. Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden: The largest tulip garden in Asia, the Indira Garden Tulip Garden is a sight to behold when in bloom. The gardens, brimming with tulips of every color, appear especially stunning when backed by the tower of snow-capped Himalayas during winter.

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  3. Why is Srinagar famous?

    The summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir, Srinagar is best known for its natural surroundings, gardens, waterfronts, and houseboats. It is also famous for traditional Kashmiri handicrafts, such as Pashmina shawls. These locally spun shawls are renowned throughout the world for their superior quality and comfort, and epitomizes the artistic brilliance of local tradesmen.

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  4. Which is the best time to Visit Srinagar?

    The best time to visit Srinagar would be during the summer months, roughly between April and August. The weather here being inherently cold, the warmer months are ideally suited to sightseeing around the city.

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  5. Is it safe to visit Srinagar?

    It is perfectly safe to visit Srinagar, throughout the year. The locals here are considerably hospitable tourists, and crimes are relatively less. However, one should always keep in mind all basic precaution measures needed when touring any city across the country.
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United States Dollar
SGD - $
Singapore Dollar
AUD - $
Australian Dollar
GBP - £
British Pound
AED - د.إ
United Arab Emirates Dirham
All Other Currencies
Albanian Lek
AMD - դր.
Armenian Dram
ARS - $
Argentine Peso
AWG - ƒ
Aruban Florin
BBD - $
Barbadian Dollar
Bangladeshi Taka
BMD - $
Bermudian Dollar
BND - $
Brunei Dollar
BOB - Bs.
Bolivian Boliviano
BSD - $
Bahamian Dollar
Botswana Pula
BZD - $
Belize Dollar
CAD - $
Canadian Dollar
Swiss Franc
CNY - ¥
Chinese Renminbi Yuan
COP - $
Colombian Peso
Costa Rican Colón
Czech Koruna
DKK - kr.
Danish Krone
DOP - $
Dominican Peso
DZD - د.ج
Algerian Dinar
EGP - ج.م
Egyptian Pound
ETB - Br
Ethiopian Birr
FJD - $
Fijian Dollar
Ghanaian Cedi
GIP - £
Gibraltar Pound
Gambian Dalasi
Guatemalan Quetzal
GYD - $
Guyanese Dollar
HKD - $
Hong Kong Dollar
Honduran Lempira
HRK - kn
Croatian Kuna
Haitian Gourde
HUF - Ft
Hungarian Forint
IDR - Rp
Indonesian Rupiah
Israeli New Sheqel
JMD - $
Jamaican Dollar
Kenyan Shilling
KGS - som
Kyrgyzstani Som
Cambodian Riel
KYD - $
Cayman Islands Dollar
Kazakhstani Tenge
Lao Kip
LBP - ل.ل
Lebanese Pound
Sri Lankan Rupee
LRD - $
Liberian Dollar
Lesotho Loti
MAD - د.م.
Moroccan Dirham
Moldovan Leu
MKD - ден
Macedonian Denar
Myanmar Kyat
Mongolian Tögrög
Macanese Pataca
Mauritian Rupee
Maldivian Rufiyaa
Malawian Kwacha
MXN - $
Mexican Peso
Malaysian Ringgit
NAD - $
Namibian Dollar
NIO - C$
Nicaraguan Córdoba
NOK - kr
Norwegian Krone
NPR - Rs.
Nepalese Rupee
NZD - $
New Zealand Dollar
PEN - S/
Peruvian Sol
Papua New Guinean Kina
Philippine Peso
Pakistani Rupee
QAR - ر.ق
Qatari Riyal
Russian Ruble
SAR - ر.س
Saudi Riyal
Seychellois Rupee
SEK - kr
Swedish Krona
SLL - Le
Sierra Leonean Leone
SOS - Sh
Somali Shilling
Salvadoran Colón
Swazi Lilangeni
THB - ฿
Thai Baht
TTD - $
Trinidad and Tobago Dollar
TZS - Sh
Tanzanian Shilling
UYU - $U
Uruguayan Peso
UZS - so'm
Uzbekistan Som
Yemeni Rial
South African Rand
JPY - ¥
Japanese Yen
Vietnamese dong