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Mumbai to Ladakh

Mumbai to Leh Ladakh trip itself seems an adventure on its own because of a great distance, transition from various locations, a smell of different climates and finally, a view that will rock the soul. One can take this astounding route of Mumbai to Leh either by car or bike and cherish this amazing road trip of life forever. 

This near to soul search route seeks no excuse to delay anymore and expanded roads, local people, cultural stopovers, delicious cuisines will make the path not only exciting but helps in making aware of the Indian diversity with a whole new perspective during your trip to Leh Ladakh.

It is not necessary to catch only the roads for a journey of Mumbai to Ladakh but multiple connectivities like air and rail can also be taken for an easy swift. This totally depends upon your time limit and budget that suits the pocket.
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Best Time To Visit

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Since Mumbai has a very humid climate and is almost reversible than the dry and barren Ladakh, one must look for the best time slot to cover Mumbai to Ladakh distance easy. The summer months between May to September is one of the best time slots to land in Leh, take drives on unhindered but dusty roads and get mesmerized with each view followed by various monasteries that fall on its way. If chilled winters are your real call with snowfall and frozen lakes, then visit Ladakh in months of November to March.

 But one has to note that roads are blocked during the season due to heavy snowfall and blocked roads. Also, one needs to take only flight as a medium to commute for reaching Leh airport. So, winters could be harsh on your trip making the sightseeing a lot more difficult. Hence, we recommend taking a visit during the months of May-September. In this also, consider monsoon months of August-September which can make the roads slippery. Be prepared with the cautions and move ahead safely.

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How to reach Leh From Mumbai?


By Air

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Well, you cannot find a direct flight to Leh from Mumbai and have to catch a connecting one from Delhi airport. Almost all major domestic flights have options for the same. The good part is that flight will save your time for the most amongst all other sources. Flight tickets range from Rs.4800 and above which are not a pinch on the pockets as compared to the other journeys.

Checkout & Book: Leh Ladakh Tour Package with flights

Click here to check out the list of hotels in Leh-Ladakh and which will make your stay wonderful.
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By Rail

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Again, no direct trains will help you land in Leh. The closest railway station to Leh is Jammu Tawi which is approximately 710 km from here. After this, one has to take the amazing road trip to Leh and cover the leftover distance with sightseeing all through the way. A little longer time than expected, one has to travel for 30 hours to reach Jammu.

Only 2 trains travel this route on selected days. One may also need to break the journey if in case, the days are not falling in sync. From a General ticket to AC-II tier, the price ranges from Rs. 419 to Rs. 2830. 

Click Here to Book: Leh Ladakh Group Trip Packages
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By Road

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This is definitely the most time-consuming route but most thrilling in a way. Surprisingly, Mumbai to Leh distance runs around 2418 km via NH 48 and driving through it is a challenge on its own, for sure. A maximum of 3-5 days will cover the whole distance from one side, mostly depending upon the number of stopovers and capability to drive.

The price of the whole trip needs to be calculated by yourself by including the type of bike or car rental, stopover stays, petrol or diesel, food consumed and other mechanical issues that cannot be totally ignored. We would just say ‘Let the adventure begin!'

Click Here to Book: Ladakh Trip Packages From Delhi

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Mumbai to Ladakh Road Trip Route


Route 1: Mumbai - Manali - Leh

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A distance of approx 2418 km in straight North direction will lead you to Leh through Manali. Now, this is also your choice and craze whether you wish to add new stopovers in between to cover multiple other places.

Route: Mumbai – Surat – Baroda – Ajmer – Jaipur – Delhi – Kurukshetra – Chandigarh – Mandi – Manali – Keylong – Leh is the most followed route to reach Leh with good road conditions, a variety of cuisines, new wildlife experiences, a variety of shopping locations and beautiful architecture to notice it.

Start the journey in the early morning and head out with a prepared packing a day earlier. You will be covering ‘Aamchi Mumbai' to Baroda very easy in a day as the distance is approx. 420 km and requires 7-8 hours drive. If wish to cover ahead, one can drop at Ajmer which is 610 km more from here. 

Move ahead with Jaipur, the royal city and observe the pink city even from the beginning of the fortress and old highways. Keep moving ahead with Delhi which is approximately 6 hours drive from Jaipur. The Aravalis will follow your route smartly and you can see them finishing in Delhi's crowd. 

The next destination takes you to Kurukshetra which is just 2 hours drive away from Delhi. Once on crossing the city and start moving towards Chandigarh, one gets jazzed up with the proximity of Himalayan foothills. Don't forget to visit Rock garden which explains the value of recyclable materials deeply. 

On the same day when you started from Delhi, if your vehicle, body and time permits, hop on towards Mandi. Mandi will tell you straight that the cooler weather will greet you soon and hill peaks begin to play peek-a-boo with every passing kilometer. 

Manali or the major stopover of the Mumbai to Ladakh route and is just 4 hours away. A drive of approximately 12 hours will bring you close to Leh. You will be traveling Manali – Gramphu – Khokhsar – Sissu – Keylong – Jispa – ZingZing Bar – Sarchu – Pang – Tanglang La – Miru – Upshi – Karu – Leh to cover the rest of the path.

From soothing views to beautiful temples, green peaks to cloudy weather; all will be your companion on this route. Near to Leh, barren lands and dusty mounts will greet with a huge smile and open arms. Now you have actually crossed a journey of an altitude ranging from 14 m to 3500 m. Isn’t that a Wow?

Don't forget to check out the Delhi to Leh guide before you start planning your next trip.

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Route 2: Mumbai - Srinagar - Leh

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Mumbai – Surat – Baroda - Ahmedabad - Pali - Bathinda - Amritsar - Jammu - Srinagar - Kargil - Lamayuru - Leh is another set of a path that one can follow for Mumbai-Leh trip and pass through another set of major to minor cities. From humid to scorching dusty roads, you are going to catch barren lands of Ladakh soon.
The route needs to take a diversion from Baroda. After reaching here, the ways will be taking a completely new phase unlike described above. From here, drive towards Ahmedabad and take a stop to visit Gandhi Ashram, Adalaj stepwell, and Kankaria Lake. A total of 530 km has to be covered to reach Ahmedabad from Mumbai.

Move ahead to reach Pali, Bathinda, and Amritsar. It takes at least 2 days to reach Bathinda or Amritsar while covering major attractions due to a good distance of approx 1700 km. You will be covering some major parts of Rajasthan and Punjab with this route once again but just with names of other cities. 

Jammu is your another store after leaving Amritsar. It is approximately 5 hours away and easy to cover even within half-day. From here, Srinagar is a heaven waiting for you at a distance of 270km with Dal lake, ‘shikaras’ and architectural monuments. The drive could be a little longer despite moderate distance due to varying terrains. You can also get a chance to visit Kargil museum, Lamayuru monastery on the way before finally reaching Leh. This route from Srinagar to Leh is also a little tricky as compared to the plains from where you belong and you need to cover a good distance of 812 km to reach the destination you have been waiting for.

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Things To Know For Mumbai- Ladakh Road Trip


Petrol Pumps on Manali-Leh Highway

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While taking Manali to Leh highway, one can get petrol pump at Tandi which is 110 km from Manali, Karu at 340 km from Manali and another pump, little 30 km before Leh. Moreover, after reaching Leh, one can get a good number of petrol pumps within the city itself. Make sure your tanks are already full before heading to your destination.

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Petrol Pumps on Srinagar Leh Highway

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This route is very much crossing the major to intermediate cities and it is not tough to find petrol filling stations here. At various locations including Nagbal, Ganderbal, Kargil, and Khalsi, one can find petrol pumps easily. Moreover, at Srinagar only, many gas stations are present to keep the journey quick, moving and swift.

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ATMs on Manali-Leh Highway

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On this highway, one may not find any ATM except for Manali and Leh only. It is best to carry enough cash beforehand if you are planning to enjoy food and fill tanks on the way. For other things needed like mechanics or any other urgency, cash is the sole winner here. Be prepared and get the cash dispensed beforehand.

If you are looking for some real adventure experience, check out the best trekking trails in Leh-Ladakh and feel the adrenaline rush.
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Explore All (112)

ATMs on Srinagar Leh Highway

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ATM services are available in the town of Kargil with SBI, HDFC and J&K Bank branches. But the only irony you might face is the availability of cash in the ATMs. So, a safe side would recommend you to take good cash in Srinagar only. Also, Petrol pumps in Kargil do not accept any kind of credit or debit cards as well.

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Mechanics on Manali-Leh Highway

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 At multiple locations like Khoksar, Tandi, Keylong, Darcha, Sarchu, and Upshi, one might find the mechanics on the main road only. A very typical problem in your vehicle might not be able to be handled by them but some issues can surely be resolved. So it is advised that you pick up on some skills to handle your vehicle on your trip and complete your adventure hustle free.

Must Checkout & Book: Ladakh Trip Packages From Hyderabad
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Mechanics On Srinagar Leh Highway

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Major towns become a savior here with the presence of mechanics at Kangan, Gund, Baltal, Lamayuru, Mulbekh, Nimmu, Ganderbal, Sonamarg, Drass and Kargil who can remove punctures and take care of itsy-bitsy issues in the bikes or cars.

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Must Visit Places in Ladakh


Khardung La

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While you perceive the vision of visiting Nubra valley or Shyok, this highest motorable road is also welcoming the visitors with an open arm.

About the Place: At an elevation of 5,360 m, this pass is a breathtaking picturesque location and tied with colorful flags around which adds charm to the glory of the surroundings. One of the must-visit mountain passes in Leh, Khardung La pass is supported by dramatic landscape and splendid weather. The roads might get a little disruptive in winters, so make sure you drive safe and happy.

Distance from Leh:
40 Km North

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Shanti Stupa

Shanti Stupa is not only very scenic but also perfect for peace and meditation with the charm of the Himalayas supporting from all around.

About the Place:
Built-in 20th century only, relics of Buddha are present inside the ‘anda’ of the construction which was enshrined by 14th Dalai Lama. This high altitude stupa has its own charm and grand with two grand floors. 

Distance from Leh:
5km North of Leh

Check out the festivals of Ladakh to witness the culture of this region on your next trip.
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Pangong Lake

Undoubtedly the most beautiful locations in Ladakh, Pangong is studded with clean and shiny but salty waters. 

About the Place:
Soothing to eyes and soul, the lake attracts hundreds of visitors and bird-watchers who relish the view in midst of the scenic Himalayas around. Also, when the lake freezes in harsh winters, it gives a very different feeling of a frozen river or ‘chadar’.

Distance from Leh:
225 km South East of Leh
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Nubra Valley

Drop dead beautiful valley, is marked by Shyok and Nubra river within. The location of Nubra is itself very much beautiful with the whole sight colored in 2 major colors i.e. brown and green. People living here celebrate their festivities making it look more colorful. The Tibetan flags at multiple places make it look cooler and appealing from all the angles, ever noticed.

Distance from Leh: 160 km North of Leh

Don't forget to check out the list of things to carry on your Leh-Ladakh trip and enjoy a hustle free vacation.
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Tso Moriri Lake

Clear, beautiful and pure endorheic lake with the beautiful landscape at the backdrop is a spellbinding charm within the barren surroundings. 

About the Place:
Tso Moriri lake has brackish but clean waters which also freezes in winters despite the conditions, just like Pangong. One can also give a treat to their eyes with the sights of migratory birds and distinct species around the lake and capture the best scenic moments in their cameras and eyes.

Distance from Leh:
220 km Southeast of Leh
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Royal Leh Palace

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Standing tall and high, this nine-story high building shows the grandeur with its architecture and is the famed Palace that stands with its head high on a cliff top. The upper floor is still accommodated by the royal family and the members giving it a diligent royal style. Quite contrary to exteriors, the interiors of the palace make one mesmerizing with colorful pictures and paintings making it a must-visit place during your Manali Leh bike expedition. There is a beautiful monastery staying behind the palace giving it importance at another level.

Distance from Leh:
2.5 km from the city center
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Magnetic Hill

This patch, which is a half an hour drive away from Leh, brings you close to Magnetic Hill. 

About the Place: It is said that the magnetic properties of earth attract the vehicles as if they start to move uphill by itself while defying gravity. Various theories attaching to the same makes it more interesting. It is also said that optical illusion is behind the self-moving vehicle uphill. Whatever it is, its prominence has made the location a major attraction in Ladakh itself.

Distance from Leh:
40 km West of Leh

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Tso Kar

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Liked for its depth and grand size, Tso Kar is another salt lake in the southern zone of Ladakh region. Even after the salt and harsh nature, some pondweeds and variety of vegetation spring up here. There are also a few yak sheds, a monastery and a couple of nomadic families in the surrounding. It is surely recommended that one stay here in overnight camping. A large variety of birds for bird lovers is also seen at the location and is a place not to be missed by anyone during their Manali Leh Srinagar bike expedition.

Distance from Leh:
153km Southeast of Leh
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Lamayuru Monastery

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Lamayuru village has its own grace and charm due to the presence of Lamayuru monastery in it.

About the Place: 
This Buddhist Gompa was built in old 10th century and is studded with beautiful colors and murals on walls, from the entrance to interior locations. Wooden structures, rocky ruins, are another feature to look at within the Lamayuru monastery. This is also famous for biannually masked dance in respective festivals.

Distance from Leh:
115 Km West of Leh
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Alchi Monastery

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With a high hill gem in Alchi village, the monastery is surrounded by hills from all the sides.

About the Place: 
The huge complex of the monastery is well marked with details in and out. It is a breathtaking experience to view the tall structure of Tara in Manjushri. The beautiful murals are filled with colors that are photogenic as well as soothing at the same time.

Distance from Leh:
66 km Northwest of Leh

Leh-Ladakh is a region full of natural beauty and attractions. Check out the lakes in Leh-Ladakh which you must visit on your trip.
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Shey Monastery

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Built-in 1655 and mostly in ruins now, Shey monastery is attracting thousands of visitors from all over the world, even those who wish to only pass through takes a stop here for sure. The most gracious feature within its complex is 12 m statue of Shakyamuni Buddha that makes go awestruck. Here also, 2 festivals take place in the first month of the Tibetan calendar and these are the major occasions to attract local from around the Ladakh region.

Distance from Leh: 12.5 km Northwest of Leh
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Hemis National Park

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One of the highest altitude National Park in the world, Hemis is one of the most beautiful parks with a most dangerous set of species. 

About the Place:
Settled in higher regions of eastern Ladakh, it is famous for snow leopards, the most. This park also offers nature lovers a varied landscape, the mountains of various shapes and sizes, vast flatlands, cold deserts, and more. The snow clad peaks and rugged mountains make it more interesting to visit.

Distance from Leh:
40 km 
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Namgyal Monastery

Founded long back in the 15th century, the bright white color peeking out from barren hills is a major attraction. 

About the Place:
A solid gold color Buddha statue of approx 3 stories makes it most famous amidst all. The colored frescoes and detailed paintings support the interiors exclusively and attract visitors from all over the world. Tibetan flags will surely greet you as well from far away from making the location more picturesque.

Distance from Leh:
4.5 km from Leh city center

Check out the list of Manali Leh packages and start planning your trip to this amazing place.
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Spituk Gompa

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Settled at a breathtaking location near to the Indus river, the Gompa gives a beautiful and amazing expression of religion and scenery at the same time. Gustor Festival is something which is held every year and is a must to attend a festival to know the depth of local culture.

Distance from Leh:
6.7 km southwest of Leh
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Sangam Point

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Sangam point or the confluence of Zanskar and Indus is a breathtaking meeting to look at. When two variants of rivers catch together, they make another new path which is a combo of dusty and clear waters and shines with a new glory like it has got a refreshed life. Surrounded by barren mountains around with beachy area below is a place worth to watch for and click multiple pictures at the same time. This is what makes it a must-visit place during your Manali Leh jeep safari.

Distance from Leh: 
35 km west of Leh

Click here to Book: Leh Ladakh Bike Trip
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Gurudwara Pathar Sahib

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The blessings of Guru Nanak comes alive at the Gurudwara and this is one of the reasons people come to visit it from far away locations. 

About the Place
: This famous pilgrimage center is known for a famous stone statue within the shrine. The shrine is also being protected by the Indian Army for a long time and the perfect view from its campus is a plus.

Distance from Leh: 34 km west of Leh

There are plenty of camps in Nubra Valley for a peaceful stay during your trip to Leh-Ladakh.

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The Hall of Fame

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We are sure you are proud of your nation and will be more with a visit to Hall of Fame. 

About the Place
: This museum is marked by grand entrance leading to the galleries displaying arms, ammunition seized by Indian Army from Pakistan, pictures of war heroes and stories of their pride. The museum also helps in remembering those who lost their precious lives in the war while saving the country from enemies.

Distance from Leh: 4.5 km Southwest of Leh

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Thiksey Monastery

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The grandeur of Thiksey leads to the top by Thiksey monastery. About the Place: This 12-story complex houses many many artifacts related to Buddhism like statues, thangkas, wall paintings, swords, and much more. Apart from the amazing architecture, one can also view in peace a 2-story statue of Maitreya Buddha that will just make you go awe. Beautiful interiors, amazing view from balconies and building style is an added glory to the monastery. This places is among the best places to visit in Leh during your trip.

Distance from Le
h: 17.5 km Southeast of Leh
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Diskit Monastery

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One of the oldest and largest Buddhist monasteries in Nubra Valley can amuse anyone with its grace. 

About the Place:
From detailed and colored interiors which is loaded with murals to wow exteriors makes the place a must to visit. What catches the eyes most is a 32-meter tall Buddha statue which settles the mind of a visitor with just a quick view. A not to miss monastery has to be stepped in when one crosses Diskit village.

Distance from Leh:
116 km North of Leh
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Hemis Monastery

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Standing still with a grand compound and brilliant colors in Himalayan laps, Hemis is a highly soulful place. The big statue of Buddha is sitting calmly inside the shrine and offers a location for peaceful meditation. The amazing place is studded with mural paintings, almost live Buddha statue and one can enjoy the occasional dance of monks at Hemis festival. This is a must visit places for adventurers who are on their bike trip to Leh-Ladakh.

Distance from Leh: 
40 km Southeast of Leh
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People Also Ask About Ladakh

  1. How much time does it take for Mumbai to Ladakh trip?

    One can take a Mumbai to Ladakh trip either by road or by flight. The travel distance by road is 2448kms and takes approximately 45-hour drive considering an average speed of 60kmph. A direct flight from Mumbai to Leh takes 2.50 hours, but most flights are one-stop flights with a stop at Delhi or Srinagar.

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  2. What is the cheapest way to travel from Mumbai to Ladakh?

    The cheapest way to travel from Mumbai to Leh is by train from Mumbai to Jammu and then from Jammu to Leh by road.
     People can hitchhike or make use of buses to travel via road.
     Buses operate between Srinagar or Jammu to Leh throughout the season.

    Checkout & Book: Leh Ladakh Bike Trip from Delhi
  3. How much will a trip to Ladakh from Mumbai cost?

    If you are traveling by flight, the direct flight costs anywhere between Rs7500/- to Rs10000/- depending on the time of the year.
    A car road trip one way about 3000kms from Mumbai to Leh at Rs15/- per km should cost around Rs 45000.00 for a 5 seater, i.e. Rs10000 per person. 
    Food lodging and boarding extra will cost extra apart from these charges.
  4. What things should I keep in mind while taking a road trip from Mumbai to Ladakh?

    Here is a list of things to consider before embarking on the Mumbai-Ladakh road trip: 

    1. When you are planning to travel:
    You must have a good idea of the weather along the route during your planned trip.
    2. Plan your itinerary: It is important to plan your route, the stops along the way, and generally know the terrain.
    3. Choose your vehicle: If you are choosing a two-wheeler, it is best to choose a motorcycle. If your choice is a four-wheeler, a 4 wheel drive with a high road clearance or an SUV is a better choice.
    4. Choose your company: The road drive can be quite taxing, mentally, and physically. If on a self-drive, it is best to either consider driving or riding in a group or hire a local driver who is well aware of the terrain and landscape.
    5. Essentials to keep: it is a good idea to make a list of what all essentials you may need before you venture on your road trip from Mumbai to Leh. For starters, road map, flashlight, first aid kit, spare tires and tubes, Jerry can for fuel, and a reliable Mobile equipped with a Sim card is a good idea.

    Planning a trip to Ladakh with your partner, Checkout: Leh Ladakh Package For Couple
  5. How can I go to Ladakh from Mumbai?

    The best and fastest way to cover the Mumbai to Ladakh distance is by air. There are several flights that go from Mumbai to Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport in Leh Ladakh. Major airlines plying this route include GoAir and Air India

    Mumbai to Leh Ladakh by Road - If you are up for some adventure you can take a road trip all the way to Ladakh. The Mumbai to Ladakh distance is 2448 km which can be covered in 3 to 5 days

    Mumbai to Ladakh by train - There are no direct trains from Mumbai to Leh Ladakh. The nearest station is Jammu Tawi. The best way to travel by train would be Mumbai to Chandigarh then take a bus or book a cab till Ladakh.

    Checkout & Book: Ladakh Tour Packages From Kolkata

  6. How far is Ladakh from Mumbai?

    By Road, Ladakh is 2448 km away from Mumbai via NH 48. There are various routes that one could opt for to reach Ladakh by road from Mumbai. The most popular route is Leh through Manali route. The aerial distance from Mumbai to Ladakh is 1740 km.

    Click Here to Book: Ladakh Packages from Mumbai
  7. Is Ladakh trip safe?

    Yes, a Ladakh trip is absolutely safe even for female solo travellers. The people of Ladakh are very friendly and helpful and the hotels are prepared for the influx of tourists especially during the summer season. The only thing that visitors should really be prepared for is altitude sickness or mountain sickness.

    Checkout & Book: Leh Ladakh Tour Packages from Bangalore
  8. How can I go to Ladakh from Mumbai by train?

    There are no direct trains from Mumbai to Leh Ladakh. The best way to travel from Mumbai to Ladakh by train is to take a train to Jammu Tawi. The nearest railway station to Ladakh is Jammu Tawi. From here board a bus or book a taxi to Leh Ladakh.

    Click Here to Book: Manali To Leh Cycling Tour
  9. Is there a direct flight from Mumbai to Leh?

    No, there are no direct flights from Mumbai to Leh. There are about 20 flights from Mumbai to Leh but all are connecting flights. The major airlines plying on this route are GoAir, Jet Airways, SpiceJet and Air India.
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"the experience was awesome. The whole thing organized by Thrillophilia was great. Our tour operator Jigmet sir and the whole crew were 1 no. SHAMAAASS. Julley.
11 July 2019
We went for Manali to srinagar Bike tour. It was the best bike trip of my entire life It all started with the person named Shubham from thrillophilia who helped me in selecting the best trip and processed with my booking, all thanks to him! Without him I wouldn’t have been able to experience the best trip of my life. On arrival there, we met our tour guide Tani and our Mechanic Shashi about whom I have read a lot at thrillophilia reviews. These 2 guys were so supportive during the entire tour that no matter what happened they were always there to look after us. They always made sure we are safe and we are following them and there is no overtaking taking place. Tani, the tour guide, one chilled out person he is! Make sure you get him as your tour guide and Shashi as the mechanic as these guys will always make sure that they are there for you no matter what. And in the end, it’s all the Main man behind everything, Jimmy Sir. Thanks a lot Sir for making me experience the best trip of my life! Without you and your team this wouldn’t have been possible. Thanks for helping us out in every way possible. The roads here are difficult terrain to ride on. You gotta be careful. You gotta carry your gum boots during water logging which is the most difficult to cross. But these guys made sure that we were all safe and had sound health till we reached home. Not even a single person was hurt. Our group was a mixture of all age groups, I’m fact we even got to meet 2 people From the Indian navy as well. One mad kickass experience! Unbelievable. Reaching the worlds highest Pass, Khardungla Top, was the highest achievement of my life till date which happened on this trip! And if at all you wish to go, don’t forget to ask Tani and Shashi as your tour guide and mechanic, and go only through Jimmy Sir as he has the best team! Thanks a lot to everyone out there for which I thought the best way would be to write at thrillophilia reviews.
16 July 2019
We had a wonderful experience with Thrillophilia Out tour was Leh-Ladakh 6N7D, which includes Leh Sightseen, Nubra Valley Overnight Stay, Pangong Overnight Night. 1. First of all you should know that Thrillophilia doesn't have its own Travel Team. Thrillophilia actually linked up with several local Travel Agency. Once your Tour is booked Thrillophilia tagged one local Travel Agency for your Tour and that particular travel agency will take care of your entire tour. Our travel manager is Lobzang Tseldon. She is very helpful and you will not face any problem in your entire tour. 1. Hotel provided in Leh: Ladakh Heights. The hotel was very good,neat and clean.It is a new hotel so you don't found any pics in the internet. But lobzang will send you the pics of the Hotel. There is a canteen within the hotel where you will be having complimentary breakfast and dinner. Non Vegetarian please let Lobzang know that you want non-veg items as well.they generally prepare veg items only.but on request they will provide you omlette in breakfast and chicken/mutton in dinner. So if anyone wants to book Thrillophilia please ask Thrillophilia to tag you to the travel agency that offers non veg items too. The Hotel Ladakh Heights is a bit far from the main city but don't worry Lobzang will provide you car for visit to Leh market whenever required and she will not charge you for that. You will get a beautiful view from this hotel but if you want to stay near the main city you will not get any view from the hotel. 2. The stay at Nubra Valley was awesome. They have Royal Camp in Nubhra and it's is a nature-friendly camp. You will love it, I can guarantee you. 3. They stay at Pangong was okay. You can understand that at that altitude you will not get luxury.so the camp provided at Pangong was good for 1 night stay. Overall my experience with Thrillophilia was very good. We enjoyed a lot. Thanks a lot to Lobzang Tseldon for the wonderful arrangements of our tour.